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Day 5

Season 1

Day 5 Day 5 [Season 1, Episode 1] Waking Nightmare (44 min)
Shown 19 Jun 16

Jake (Jesse C. Boyd) is a drug addict who has an all-night bender. The next day he discovers that he seems to be the only person still alive. Pretty much everyone else has died in their sleep.

Jake teams up with a teenage boy, who has managed to work out a system of survival. If they fall asleep they will die, so everything they do is aimed at staying awake. Instead of dodging zombies or foraging for food, they spend all their time looking for drugs that will keep them conscious.

They meet other survivors, including a pilot who has visited other cities. He has a plan to find the source of the contagion.

Day 5 Day 5 [Season 1, Episode 2] Cognitive Dissonance (42 min)
Shown 26 Jun 16

The survivors travel to the next hospital in order to check the records. They plan to triangulate the epidemic's point of origin.

There is a rave party underway at the hospital. The young woman decides to take a break from the quest, and Jake (Jesse C. Boyd) offers to buddy with her. unfortunately he is overcome with halucinations of his dead daughter, so the woman is left with nobody to look after her.

The survivors discover a radio broadcast of someone offering the cure. Unfortunately it is from Austin, and the source seems to be near Dallas. They must split up in order to achieve both goals ASAP.

Day 5 Day 5 [Season 1, Episode 3] Night Terrors (41 min)
Shown 03 Jul 16

The survivors try to stay awake by quizzing each other on movie trivia. Unfortunately a body falls off an overpass and forces their car to crash. Did the victim jump, or was he pushed?

The man and boy take the woman to safety. Luckily there is a Latino community nearby where the Padre has been sheltering the neighbourhood's children. Unfortunately the maniac who threw the victim off the overpass is still around.

Elsewhere, the pilot is still continuing his mission. He takes a break to listen to the flight recorder from his last commercial flight. The message is all has has left of the life and career he lost five days ago.

Day 5 Day 5 [Season 1, Episode 4] Sweet Dreams (44 min)
Shown 17 Jul 16

The new survivors this episode are a couple of thirty-something weirdos who are out on a date. This has turned out to be the longest date of their lives, since it has lasted five whole days. They drive to Dallas to visit a bakery, but they get trapped by sniper fire. Yes, just like the previous episode there is a mad killer on the loose.

The pilot has gotten to Dallas, and teamed up with a group of other survivors. They all have their own story to tell. One is a Dungeon Master who followed a raven, the mystical messenger bird from fantasy and legend. Another got a phone call to wake her up just a couple of minutes before the sleepers died. The group try to track down the phone number, which is a local Dallas land-line.

Elsewhere, the others get to the building where the radio broadcast from. Unfortunately it has armed guards, so the survivors have to look as non-threatening as possible.

Day 5 Day 5 [Season 1, Episode 5] Beacons in the Dark
Shown 24 Jul 16

The kid tries the sleep treatment. It gives him a flashback to his last day with his father. It seems that the side-effect is that it amplifies subconscious survivors' guilt.

The pilot and his team arrive at the television station where the Emergency broadcast is coming from. The only one left is Alonzo (Joe Estevez, brother of Martin Sheen - Dead Zone ) the on-air talent. He claims not to know anything about the origin of the signal. However, he tells them a rumour he heard about a safe sleep zone somewhere.

Day 5 Day 5 [Season 1, Episode 6] Wide Awake (48 min)
Shown 31 Jul 16

This starts with the Dungeon Master who followed a raven, the mystical messenger bird from fantasy and legend. He volunteers to help the pilot check if taking the signal off-line worked. Was the signal the source? After all, the easy way to survive would be to find an area with no television reception.

Meanwhile, the others are at the hospital trying to find a cure. Just like in the other great post-apocalyptic show, The Walking Dead , we discover that sanctuary is not necessarily a safe place. The human race is all but gone, and the survivors have gone almost a week without sleep. How far will they go in order to survive?





Day 5

Day 5 Day 5 [Season 2 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

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