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The Dresden Files
  • Paul Blackthorne ( Arrow ) as Harry Dresden
  • Valerie Cruz as Lt. Connie Murphy
  • Terrence Mann ( Critters ) as Bob
  • Conrad Coates as Morgan
  • Raoul Bhaneja as Kirmani

  • The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 1] Birds of a Feather
    Shown 21 Jan 07

    This series is produced by Robert Hewitt Wolfe and based on a series of books by Jim Butcher . It is set in Chicago, in the supernatural crime underworld.

    A young boy is being stalked by a monster. Harry Dresden, a Private Investigator who is also a wizard, is hired to save him. It turns out that the creature is a skinwalker - it wears the skins of its victims so it can pose as them.

    We get flashbacks of Harry's childhood. His father was a stage magician, and his mother had REAL magic.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 2] The Boone Identity
    Shown 28 Jan 07

    Dresden investigates a haunting. The killer was apparently killed by his next potential victim. But Dresden uncovers a conspiracy involving Ancient Egyptian magic. Unfortunately, the lady cop ends up as a hostage.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 3] Hair of the Dog
    Shown 11 Feb 07

    Night-time, a man is chased through the woods by a monster. Next morning, a naked woman is found - scalped and with her canine teeth removed. The cops call Dresden in to consult with them, but then the FBI take over the case. There are a string of similar cases in nearby States.

    Dresden continues to investigate, on the sly. He teams up with the dead girl's room-mate - the spare Emily from Haven: S2 .

    The title of the ep refers to a cure for Lycanthropy. But when the ep ends and the reset button is pushed, somehow Dresden's legal problems are solved too. This is the problem with Spec Fic shows - the police procedural aspects tend to be brushed over. ANd if the mundane stuff is not realistic, suspension of disbelief towards the speculative stuff is a lot more difficult.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 4] Rules of Engagement
    Shown 18 Feb 07

    A woman hires Dresden to find the con-man who stole her relative’s money. But the con-man turns up dead, killed by vengeful Hellion demon Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy). The police start taking an interest when bodies start piling up.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 5] Bad Blood
    Shown 25 Feb 07

    A vampire femme fatale ( Joanne Kelly ) asks for Dresden's help. Her protege is Laura Vandervoort .

    Someone is trying to start a war between the Red Court (vamps) and High Council (the other supernaturals). It concerns a drug named Third Eye, which is a rage-enhancer for the undead.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 6] Soul Beneficiary
    Shown 4 Mar 07

    A man comes to Dresden's office, wanting to hire him to investigate his recurring dream. The man is paranoid that he will drop dead. Then he has a fatal heart attack ...

    The man's widow ( Karen Cliche ) demands an explanation from Dresden. And he uncovers some very dark magic, put to use for a relatively mundane purpose. Luckily his sidekick, Bob the Skull, is an expert in necromantic goings-on.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 7] Walls
    Shown 11 Mar 07

    A woman tries to hire Dresden. But before she can give him any info she is killed!

    Harry investigates the dead girl's boyfriend and his college buddies. It turns out they have been using a cursed object to perform robberies. Can Harry destroy the object in time to save the suckers?

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 8] Storm Front
    Shown 18 Mar 07

    Dresden is framed for murdering a leading figure in the magical realm. He and a lady journalist go on the run, chased by cops and a fire-breathing demon.

    The vampire femme fatale ( Joanne Kelly ) is somehow involved.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 9] The Other Dick
    Shown 25 Mar 07

    Dresden has to resit the PI license exam. He stumbles across a dead body ...

    Dresden teams up with another detective - Claudia Black ! They investigate a fertility clinic. Suspiciously, it is set at a conjunction of ley lines. Worse, the killer's MO is to use an acupuncture needle to perform Jet Li's favourite killing method from Kiss of the Dragon.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 10] What About Bob?
    Shown 1 Apr 07

    Someone steals Bob's skull. This is part of a plot to get revenge on Dresden for the death of his Uncle. Will Bob betray Dresden in exchange for his Mortality.

    The cops get a tip-off that Dresden's uncle was murdered. Despite the enormous conflict of interest, Dresden's lady cop friend gets the mission. She is having nightmares because of a half-remembered encounter in a previous ep, and blames Dresden because he protects her from the bitter truth.

    Finally, we get to see what happened between Dresden and his uncle.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 11] Things That Go Bump
    Shown 8 Apr 07

    The good guys hide out at Dresden’s building. Then the whole building is transported to a Hell Dimension. Someone inside the building is bumping the survivors off one at a time. Whodunit?

    The worst thing is, the lady cop is trapped in the building with Dresden and the other magic-users.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 12] Second City
    Shown 15 Apr 07

    The police babe’s dad is in town. Naturally, he doesn't approve of his daughter associating with a self-proclaimed wizard.

    Dresden investigates a series of mysterious deaths - perps who had a second chance at life.

    The Dresden Files The Dresden Files [Season 1, Episode 10]
    Shown th October 2007 [Wednesday]

    The Dresden Files

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