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Season 1

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 1] Welcome to Haven
Shown 09/Jul/10

FBI agent Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) goes looking for a fugitive in a small Maine town named Haven. Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is a suspicious-looking character who is one of Audrey's potential love interests. Nicole de Boer is one of the suspects in the fugitive's disappearance.

This is loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid. The town is full of people with supernatural abilities - like Smallville , but creepier - as an episode of X-Files . As the opening credits imply, the town was founded by Randall Flagg - AKA Satan in King's epic The Stand !

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 2] Butterfly
Shown 16/Jul/10

The Reverend (rent-a-villain Stephen McHattie - ) and his family are targeted by supernatural events.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 3] Harmony
Shown 23/Jul/10

Three patients escape from the local mental home. They appear to be cured, while their doctor is psychotic.

The Troubled person has a musical ability that affects anyone who hears it.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 4] Consumed
Shown 30/Jul/10

Locally-produced foods suddenly turn rotten. The effect is limited to certain lines of produce, but extends up the supply chain to the extend of killing specific milk-cows!

The Troubled person affects whatever food they ate while under stressed.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 5] Ball and Chain
Shown 06/Aug/10

Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) investigates the case of a man who died of accelerated aging. It turns out he got the life sucked out of him after he had sex with a supernaturally beautiful woman. And one of Audrey's love interests is also targeted by this woman ...

The Troubled person has a double identity, and creates children from the victims.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 6] Fur
Shown 13/Aug/10

The members of the local Hunting lodge are getting bumped off one by one in apparent animal attacks. A female anti-hunting protester is suspected of involvement. Nathan gets involved with her.

The Troubled person resurrects stuffed animals.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 7] Sketchy
Shown 20/Aug/10

Mysterious deaths seem to be linked to a greedy thug's power grab.

The Troubled person creates sketches that affect the original subject.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 8] Ain't No Sunshine
Shown 27/Aug/10

People are murdered by The Dark Man, a killer who nobody can give a clear description of.

The Troubled person's shadow acts out its owner's negative desires.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 9] As You Were
Shown 10/Sep/10

Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) is finally accepted as one of the locals. She spends the weekend in a remote hotel with her local friends - including Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ), Nathan, Police Chief Wournos, the Newspaper editors, the lady doctor ... All is well until they discover that one of them is a murderous shapeshifter. They must find the killer before they are bumped off one at a time.

One of the characters makes reference to the events in Misery - he got the author to sign a book before that woman cut his leg off.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 10] The Hand You're Dealt
Shown 17/Sep/10

Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) makes progress on identifying the folks in the photo of the Colorado Kid and the mystery woman she thinks is her mother. The young boy has no recollection of the events of that day, and the photographer blames it all on the Crab Men. But the boy's babysitter was there too ...

The babysitter claims she sees things before they happen. Specifically, a series of mysterious and unlikely deaths ...

Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) learns how he will die. Killed like The Colorado Kid, by a man with a mysterious tattoo.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 11] The Trial Of Audrey Parker
Shown 24/Sep/10

Audrey's FBI boss comes to town. He finds her at a poker game aboard Duke's boat. Then the boat gets hijacked by someone who wants a package that Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) was smuggling.

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 12] Resurfacing
Shown 01/Oct/10

Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is in trouble because someone tampered with a package he was smuggling. He has to turn to Nathan for help.

Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) investigates a fishing boat that sank 25 years previously, when Lucy was in town. The wreck was washed ashore, with human remains aboard. And the dead sailor's ghost starts to appear ...

Haven Haven [Season 1, Episode 13] Spiral
Shown 08/Oct/10

A stranger comes to town. It turns out he has been paroled, after 25 years in Shawshank for killing The Colorado Kid. He has unfinished business with Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ), who recognises his tattoo as belonging to the man who will kill him. He also has business with the Police Chief and his son.

We discover who is causing the cracks. But the tattoo mystery deepens. And in a lead-on into Season Two, we discover why Haven [Season 2, Episode 1] is called A Tale of Two Audreys !






Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 1 ]


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  • Season 2

  • Dwight the village handyman (WWE wrestler The Edge from Sanctuary )
  • Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 1] A Tale of Two Audreys
    Shown 15/Jul/11

    The cop, the Fed and the spare Audrey (Dr Amanda Perry from Stargate: Universe ) investigate the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

    Duke's old flame Evie ( Vinessa Antoine , the token black chick from Being Erica ), is in town. She is a professional thief with her own agenda.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 2] Fear & Loathing
    Shown 22/Jul/11

    People's worst fears are coming to life. The Two Audreys try to track down the Troubled person responsible. They are also trying to work out which one is the real Audrey.

    Nathan's curse seems to be lifted. Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is asked to take an old friend to Canada.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 3] Love Machine
    Shown 29/Jul/11

    Machines go crazy, as if they have a life of their own. Not like the friendly yet naughty AIs in Eureka - these are more like the murderous ones in the Emilio Estevez film Maximum Overdrive (which was also written by Stephen King ).

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) takes the Second Audrey off exploring, to follow up a lead on her past. This leads on to the main plot arc, which climaxes in Season 3.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 4] Sparks and Recreation
    Shown 05/Aug/11

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) the lady cop attends a local baseball game. Despite the previous episode's focus on ice-hockey, it turns out the whole town loves baseball. Audrey witnesses the unnatural adoration everyone gives the Mayor. Then electrical faults start up, wherever the mayor is. Is he the cause, or the intended victim?

      The Mayor's estranged son (Jason Priestley - Jeremiah ) is a suspect. Another new face is Dwight the village handyman (WWE wrestler The Edge from Sanctuary ). Yes, despite the previous ep focusing on an English handyman, Dwight is also the town's Cleaner.

    The subplot sees Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and his wife Evie ( Vinessa Antoine ) go on a treasure hunt. Duke's FBI file indicates that there is a way to defeat the tattoo people. He has to locate a magic box.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 5] Roots
    Shown 12/Aug/11

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) the lady cop and the new Mayor (Jason Priestley - Jeremiah ) go to a wedding in a scenic outdoors area. Unfortunately something dangerous is living in the woods. It seems the trees themselves are on a kill-crazy rampage.

    The subplot sees Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and his wife Evie ( Vinessa Antoine ) try to get their magic box valued.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 6] Audrey Parker's Day Off
    Shown 19/Aug/11

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) our heroine wakes up after a passionate night with the new Mayor (Jason Priestley - Jeremiah ). However, her romantic day off is marred with tragedy. Luckily, she is trapped in a time loop so she can try to avert the tragedy. Unfortunately, every time she does it she just makes it worse.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 7] The Tides That Bind
    Shown 26/Aug/11

    A man is washed up dead, and his son is missing. The cops interview cult leader Kenneth Walsh (Windom Earle in Twin Peaks ). It turns out that some of the locals have a specific mutation: the men of their clan can only breathe underwater.

    The Rev (Stephen McHattie - ) gets involved, trying to incite a lynch mob against the mutant clan.

    The mutants have the tattoo that the smuggler Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) fears. He sends his wifeling Evie ( Vinessa Antoine ) undercover among the Rev’s crew. But she has her own agenda.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 8] Friend or Faux
    Shown 02/Sep/11

    The cops go to a hotel that is still under construction. They have to find a runaway boy, who is witness to a crime. The smuggler Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) helps them. Unfortunately, there is a killer on the loose. He has a lot of guns, and the power to somehow duplicate himself.

    The question is, which man is the duplicate and which is the original? The very question that Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) had to ask herself a few episodes ago.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 9] Lockdown
    Shown 09/Sep/11

    Finally, the show has a Desperate Hours episode. The heroes are trapped in a Police Station. Luckily, they have someone who might rescue them - the village handyman Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge from Sanctuary ).

    This is a chance for the writers to get rid of some recurring characters.

    The new Police Chief was selected by The Reverend (Stephen McHattie - ). But this is only the tip of the conspiracy.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 10] Who, What, Where, Wendigo?
    Shown 16/Sep/11

    Wendigos are in the forest, eating people. The cops pull together a hunting party, including the Newspaper brothers. But the Rev (Stephen McHattie - ) has a hunting party of his own, with his own agenda. And Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) the smuggler is now listening to the Rev.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 11] Business As Usual
    Shown 23/Sep/11

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) the smuggler investigates his magic box. He shows it to the Newspaper brothers, who have a secret rivalry over it.

    Duke's superpower (it would be unfair to call it a curse or a trouble) is revealed, as is the heroine's.

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Episode 12] Sins of the Fathers
    Shown 30/Sep/11

    The Dead rise from the grave, finishing old business. Duke's dad (Helo from BattleStar Galactica (2003) ) and the Rev have an evil plan they want him to participate in.

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) the Heroine cannot see the ghosts. She is immune to the Troubles ...

    Haven Haven [Season 2, Special] Christmas Episode
    Shown Dec/11

    It is Christmas, and everyone in Haven starts to celebrate. Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) is the only one who realises that it is not December. Then people start to disappear, and nobody remembers that they even existed. Audrey has to find out how to reverse the curse, or everyone will stay gone. With Curses like this around, no wonder that Duke's superpower could come in useful.

    Season 3

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 1] 301
    Shown 21/Sep/12

    As the two male leads slug it out, our heroine has been taken hostage by someone who wants to know where The Colorado Kid is. Yes, after two Seasons we finally get a hint of a story arc involving the short story this show is based on.

    A witness claims that Aliens were behind the abduction. However, he is a conspiracy theorist and his Trouble power is to make his beliefs come true. But the last item on his list is an Alien attack that will devastate the town!

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 2] Stay
    Shown 28/Sep/12

    The town is overrun by naked feral men with a hunger for raw meat.

    There is a new face in town. The Police have a psychiatrist on staff, who wants to interview Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ).

    Audrey still wonders who or what The Hunter is. The only obvious answer is that it is a cool nickname for Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ). As a result, the troubled folk are all suspicious of him. However, it turns out that there is another answer. This puts the town under a time limit.

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 3] The Farmer
    Shown 05/Oct/12

    Someone starts to waylay citizens and suck their bodily organs out of their mouths. Disused, diseased organs are discarded - like in Jeepers Creepers . The victims share DNA thanks to an overactive donor at a fertility clinic - like in Reaper .

    A mysterious African-American guy is in town, hanging around crime scenes and interviewing witnesses.

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is brought along for the ride. Will he do what Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) wants, and be her puppy dog? Will he chicken out, and let people suffer? Or will she treat him like a monster anyway?

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 4] Over My Head
    Shown 12/Oct/12

    Someone is bringing peoples' phobias to life. Sharks, tidal waves, spiders.

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is hanging around, following Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ). She realises she may need his help. However, Sheriff Nathan is unhappy about Duke's involvement. He is worried that Duke will kill the woman who is causing the deaths.

    The newspaper editors are also shut out of the Sheriff's loop. They target the new detective instead. His defensiveness indicates that he has something to hide.

    The bolt-gun killer leaves his first clue. He has the Guard tattoo, so he is probably linked to a reclusive secret society of Troubled folks. Just like the man who will kill Duke. The sheriff is also closing in on the secret society who have the tattoo of Duke's killer-to-be.

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 5] Double Jeopardy
    Shown 19/Oct/12

    A sexy girl vigilante is in town. She attacks people who have avoided conviction for misdemeanours, because they are Monsters who got away with it. So much for being innocent (until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt).

    The vigilante is after Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ). Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) covers him.

    Sheriff Nathan goes undercover with the Guard girl again.

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 6] Real Estate
    Shown 26/Oct/12

    It is Hallowe'en, and as always there must be an appropriately scary event. Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) is summoned to the local haunted house. She takes Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ), the new cop, the lady shrink and a couple of expendable teenagers. Who dies first?

    Sheriff Nathan and his new girlfriend are also summoned, just to thicken the plot. And they soon uncover each other's secrets.

    The phone call originated from the house, which summoned them into a trap - like House on Haunted Hill (1999) . The interior of the house tends to shift, like Rose Red - a major inspiration for this ep, since it was also written by Stephen King .

    The aim of the ghost (Ian Glen - Game of Thrones ) is to make Audrey's friends kill each other. This is entirely plausible. Not only do they hate and fear each other, but the show could easily let lesser characters get killed. After all, it is Audrey's story.

    Audrey herself has flashbacks to when she visited the house, 27 years earlier. She was accompanied by the Colorado Kid - and now she has her first clues to his actual identity.

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 7] Magic Hour (1) Dig, Lazarus, Dig!
    Shown 02/Nov/12

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) knows who the Colorado Kid is. Well, who he WAS 27 years ago. She and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) go looking for him. This means going to Colorado and staying in a dodgy motel together, but any price for a mission like this. After all, she has to find him before the Hunter meteor storm arrives.

    Sheriff Nathan and the new Detective investigate an extortionist who can raise victims from the dead. If their next-of-kin pays the ransom, of course. Claudia Black pops up ...

    The Guard girl goes looking for the bolt-gun serial killer. She gets Dwight (The Edge - Sanctuary ) to help. They uncover a possible link between the killer and the Haven Police.

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 8] Magic Hour (2)
    Shown 09/Nov/12

    The previous ep had a huge cliffhanger. Luckily, one of the supporting characters can raise people from the dead. But she has to lay her bare hands on them before sunset.

    The newspaper editors get a clue to the bolt-gun killer's identity.

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) has to force a person's Trouble to manifest itself.

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 9] Sarah
    Shown 16/Nov/12

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and Sheriff Nathan meet an old man who has the ability to send people through time! He remembers the last time he saw them, and sends them there ... to 1955! Duke meets his grandfather, and discovers that someone was giving him orders. The Sheriff discovers Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ), or Sarah, as she was back then. And we may have a clue who the Colorado kid’s father is!

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 10] Burned
    Shown 30/Nov/12

    Another burned body turns up. Like the Bolt-Gun Killer’s first known victim, this body seems to have been dead for a lot longer than it should be. Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) and Sheriff Nathan close in on the Bolt-Gun killer’s lair. But when they find it, they realise the reason for the killer’s very specific MO. The killer could be anyone!

    The Guard bring a young girl and her daddy to town. The wee girl goes playing with Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ), but it turns out that she is Troubled too.

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 11] Last Goodbyes
    Shown 07/Dec/12

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) wakes up, and discovers that everyone else in town is asleep. In fact, the entire town is comatose - except for one man. And he turns out to be linked to the Bolt-Gun Killer.

    Audrey has flashbacks to the day before. She interviewed a bunch of regular characters, any of whom could be the Bolt-Gun Killer.

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 12] Reunion
    Shown 14/Dec/12

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) discovers who the killer Skinwalker is. Well, who the killer is posing as. She also discovers what the identikit face-mask looks like. Laura Vandervoort guest-stars.

    The Skinwalker has a plan that involves sending Audrey into the Barn for the next 27 years. This seems to be a blatant Twin Peaks rip-off. Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and Sheriff Nathan want to save Audrey. The Guard want to force Audrey to go. But the Skinwalker seems to know more about the Barn than anyone.

    Naturally, there are TWO crazy killers in town this week. The other is bumping off the former High School bullies who are attending the High School Re-Union.

    Haven Haven [Season 3, Episode 13] Thanks for the Memories
    Shown 21/Dec/12

    The barn is back, but it will not take Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) unless she goes willingly. But the Hunter meteor storm will destroy Smallville - err, Haven - unless she enters the Barn ASAP. First, she wants to meet her son, the Colorado kid - and she finds out who his father is.

    The story ties up a number of loose ends. The skinwalker arc is closed, and we find out who is boss of The Guard. But the show manages to end on a cliff-hanger! Even though the show has had its three Seasons, will it be dragged out indefinitely? Jump the shark, much?

    Season 4

  • William (Colin Ferguson - Eureka )
  • Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 1] Fallout
    Shown 13/Sep/13

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) finds himself in Boston, six months after he left town. He gets help from a young woman who has a Trouble of her own. She heard everything that transpired in the Barn, and thus might be the only one who can help find Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ).

    Nathan Wournos has quit as Sheriff. Nobody cares that he is a murderer, but they blame him for not letting Audrey end the Troubles. The Guard want him dead, but Dwight the new Sheriff (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) needs him to solve the mystery of the extreme weather outbreaks.

    Elsewhere, William (Colin Ferguson - Eureka ) locates the young woman formerly known as Audrey. She calls herself Lexi, she tends bar and flirts with total strangers. A gun-toting loser finds her too. But is Ferguson the new Guardian, is he from the Guard, or is he something more sinister?

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 2] Survivors
    Shown 20/Sep/13

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) tries to get his brother to leave town. The Guard are worried about the idea of having TWO Crockers in town, since the brother might share Duke's powers.

    Elsewhere, William (Colin Ferguson - Eureka ) tries to convince Lexi that she is more than just a barmaid. The gun-toting loser is still in town, and comes back with backup.

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 3] Bad Blood
    Shown 27/Sep/13

    With Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) gone and Nathan in the doghouse, the Guard seems to be the main power in Haven now. Whatever happened to the Rev's conspiracy? He had allies, someone must have taken over when he was murdered.

    Something is crawling around the sewers and sucking blood out of people. This is one of the creepiest Troubles so far!

    A Jane Doe is in a local morgue. The journalists must go and identify if she is Audrey or not.

    Audrey is still tending bar. Can William (Colin Ferguson - Eureka ) convince her to believe him?

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 4] Lost and Found
    Shown 04/Oct/13

    Haven PD have to look for some missing children. Like all crime and strange occurrences in Haven, it's the fault of someone's Trouble.

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) teaches the psychic girl some Yoga techniques.

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) must escape from the barn, or she will cease to exist. But even if she gets out, can she end the Troubles? Will she kill Nathan? Will she still love him, or even remember him?

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 5] The New Girl
    Shown 11/Oct/13

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) is back, but she thinks she is still Lexie. They must help her recover her memory, so she can remember who she loves the most - and then kill him! Nathan and her are assigned to solve a Troubles mystery, involving multiple fatalities.

    The Troubled person can possess people, like in Red Mist .

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) has to do most of the work, because everyone else is distracted.

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 6] Countdown
    Shown 18/Oct/13

    The Guard's femme fatale has recruited Duke's brother. She wants to keep Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ), Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) and Nathan under surveillance. She also wants to take over control of The Guard.

    A new Trouble starts turning people to stone. The incidents are not random - the victims are all linked to a new school for Troubles-free children. Yes, the loss of the Barn means that the there is no end in sight, so the town's residents seek a more permanent form of segregation.

    Jennifer, the new girl, seems to have left town and gone home.

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 7] Lay Me Down
    Shown 25/Oct/13

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) discovers that his brother has been up to no good. Can he save the woman he loves?

    Duke's brother has been clumsy, and Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) knows something is wrong. Will Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) get framed for his sibling's misdeeds?

    Lexi must solve the case of people's dreams coming true. Kandsye McClure has a tiny walk-on part - what are the chances she will be at the centre of the ep's main storyline?

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 8] Crush
    Shown 01/Nov/13

    A bubble of air pressure start to appear in Haven. It expands to be hundreds of feet in diameter, but the pressure increases exponentially towards the centre.

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 9] William
    Shown 08/Nov/13

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) realises that the two thugs from inside The Barn are responsible for peoples' Troubles going wild. She closes in on them, and discovers that they are holding a prisoner - William (Colin Ferguson - Eureka ), her friend from the Barn. He claims to have amnesia, so she lets him help with the investigation.

    The Big Bad this Season is the creator of the Troubles - presumably Randall Flagg himself. And Audrey - well, the original woman who now has Audrey Parker's memories - was his lover.

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 10] The Trouble With The Troubles
    Shown 15/Nov/13

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) wakes up in a world where there are no Troubles. Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is a police officer, and Nathan is a Doctor. They are both well-adjusted people, and the town seems like a little slice of paradise.

    Unfortunately, Audrey is no longer the only one immune to the Troubles. Her paramour is there as well, and he wants things to go back to normal. To do that he has to find the Troubled person who has wished the Troubles away, and he will kill anyone who gets in his way.

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 11] Shot in the Dark AKA Monster's Ball
    Shown 22/Nov/13

    Kris Lemche ( My Little Eye ) and his cameraman are the Darkness Seekers - not unlike the Ghost-Facers in Supernatural . They come to town to investigate mysterious deaths, and threaten to publicise the cover-ups that the local government have perpetrated.

    A Rugaroo is eating the hearts of people born on a certain day. Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) is still in hospital after last episode's cliff-hanger, so Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and Nathan must help the Bullet-Magnet to track down the killer.

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 12] When the Bough Breaks
    Shown 06/Dec/13

    People start to drop dead almost at random. William (Colin Ferguson - Eureka ) explains to Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) that he can help her, but she will probably regain her memory in the process.

    A baby's cry makes people die. The solution is to create a new Trouble - or to restore Duke's.

    It turns out that Audrey's real name is a derivative of Mary. Surprise surprise, since her lover's name is William.

    Haven Haven [Season 4, Episode 13] The Lighthouse
    Shown 13/Dec/13

    The heroes have discovered a way to open the door to another world. Their plan is to push William (Colin Ferguson - Eureka ) through. All they need to do is find a fourth person from the other world. Luckily, a regular character fits the bill. Of course, this means a full rewrite to someone's background, but who cares?

    Duke's power is back, but he has side-effects. This leads on to another cliffhanger.

    Last Season we found out the secret of the Barn, and the identity of the Colorado Kid. That would be a natural end for the show. This Season we discover who created the Troubles, and why. But there is actually ANOTHER Season on its way.

    Season 5

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 1] See No Evil
    shown 11/Sep/14

    The lighthouse exploded, and everyone wakes up in the woods. The Newspaper editors have to get to hospital. Jennifer is MIA.

    Mara, evil alter-ego of Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ), is on the loose.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 2] Speak No Evil
    shown 18/Sep/14

    Mara is still on the rampage, looking for a couple of things. Firstly she wants a way to the Other Side, so she can rescue William (Colin Ferguson – Eureka ). Secondly, she wants to get her balls of Aether back so she can create more Troubles for people.

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is still looking for Jennifer. He has convinced himself that she might have survived, And the Trouble he is exhibiting is triggered by Denial.

    The newspaper editors investigate what really happened in the cave under the lighthouse. It seems they have an hour of missing time. However, the investigation distracts them from running The Guard. Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) decides to play office politics.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 3] Spotlight
    shown 25/Sep/14

    Nathan is keeping Mara prisoner. He wants to get her Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) personality to reassert itself, even though it is just a copy of the real Audrey.

    Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) and the Guard want to kill Mara. Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) manages to stall them. But for how long?

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 4] Much Ado About Mara
    shown 02/Oct/14

    Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) puts Nathan and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) under arrest, then starts to interrogate Mara himself. Of course, she is the one manipulating him. She even offers to cooperate with him, but can she be trusted to cure a deadly Trouble?

    Duke and Nathan must solve the mystery of the dead birds and the boiling water. Duke starts talking gibberish - which of his emotions is causing this particular Trouble?

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 5] The Old Switcheroo (1)
    shown 09/Oct/14

    Dave has ditched his brother Vince, and headed off to investigate his pre-fosterage heritage in North Carolina. Unfortunately, while discovering the meaning of “Croatoan” (he could just have googled it, rather than fly 850 miles south) he activates an unwanted body-swap. The bickering brothers must learn to work together again.

    The cop decides to take Mara with him on a case. Luckily, there are other body-swaps in town. Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) and the lady coroner swap bodies, leading to predictably gender-based jokes.

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) have some alone time. Their encounter in Colorado has been rewritten. Up until last week it was acknowledged that they went all the way, confirmed when Mara stated in from of Nathan and Dwight that it was like being violated by a baboon. But in this episode, it was only a kiss ... and somehow Nathan did not know about it.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 6] The Old Switcheroo (2)
    shown 16/Oct/14

    Because Mara does not know that Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and Nathan switched bodies, and that they are on to her deception, they try to trick her. They want to release Duke’s reincarnation trouble.

    Down in Carolina, the bickering brothers close in on their Troubled suspect. Can they get him to cure them?

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 7] Nowhere Man
    shown 23/Oct/14

    Nathan takes Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) out on a case, to solve the mystery of the atom-bomb shadows. Unfortunately The Guard are on the prowl, looking for trouble. Ever since Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) led the rebellion against the Leader (who is nowhere to be seen, presumably helping his brother avoid gateways to the Hell dimensions) they had no discipline. Worse, Sheriff Dwight is nowhere to be seen either, presumably out of town tidying up after the bad news the pathologist gave him in the previous episode.

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is left with Mara, chained up in the hold of his boat. She refuses to cooperate, which is annoying since Duke is the only thing stopping The Guard from torturing her to death.

    Nathan gets trapped in a ghost dimension with Christopher Masterson ( Scary Movie 2 ).

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 8] Exposure
    shown 31/Oct/14

    Nathan is still MIA, trapped in a spirit realm with Christopher Masterson ( Scary Movie 2 ). Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) does whatever it takes to find him. This includes calling in the ghost-facer (Kris Lemche – My Little Eye ).

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) still has Mara chained up in his hold. She extorts favours from him – she will help solve the mystery, if he tells her about his mother.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 9] Morbidity
    shown 07/Nov/14

    The CDC lady ( Laura Mennell , best known as Nina from Alphas ) is in town. She teams up with Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ), who gets a quick recap of recent events. Luckily Dave has a plan. They get the charisma-enhanced biologist (Jason Priestley - 90210) to skype in an appearance and bluff her about a jellyfish sting. Meanwhile, the lady coroner gets the town statistician (yes, even Audrey wonders why he was never mentioned before) to help cover things up.

    Mara is still trying to bond with her captor, Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ), in the hope of manipulating him. Of course, Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) unintentionally helps her by antagonising Duke and making it look like Mara was right all along.

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) and Nathan try to solve the case of the phantom in the dancing teddy-bear suit. When the phantom removes the costume’s head, his bullet-damaged head (with a massive exit wound) is visible. Not the kind of thing you want the CDC to look at unless you like being dissected.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 10] Mortality
    shown 14/Nov/14

    Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) wants to stop the blight from spreading, and the CDC from sending reinforcements in, so he puts the town in lockdown. He also has to convince the CDC lady ( Laura Mennell ) that the Troubles are real, and then enlist her help in curing the blight.

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) decides that he will have to trust Mara. She conceals any personal motives she may have, and plays along with helping Duke to help the town.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 11] Reflections
    shown 21/Nov/14

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and Mara are on the run together, shacking up in a romantic little shack. She may be playing him, but she is the only one he can trust. His Troubles are bursting to get out, so she helps calm his emotional state. In return, she maintains that the only way she can help is if he gets her a ball of aether. Luckily, even though Duke is on the run he can still wander in and out of the Police Station at will, completely unchallenged.

    Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) keeps working with the CDC lady ( Laura Mennell ).

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 12] Chemistry
    shown 28/Nov/14

    After his night of passion with Mara, Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) goes shopping for breakfast supplies. Unfortunately, someone takes advantage of his convenient absence to abduct Mara. Is it the same person who stole the Aether? Will Duke and Nathan team up again against a common foe?

    Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) enjoys working with the CDC lady ( Laura Mennell ), but Audrey and the newspaper editor are suspicious of her. They start going through her stuff, and make a strange discovery.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 13] Chosen
    shown 5/Dec/14

    Mara’s mother ( Laura Mennell ) seeks to reunite Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) and Mara. But Audrey is dying, and Mara is still on the run.

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) offers to help Mara. They both want the same – transport into the void. But can they trust each other?

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 14] New World Order
    Shown 08 Oct 15

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) frees himself of the burden of generations worth of Troubles. Unfortunately this means spewing them all over an unsuspecting population.

    Mara's mother ( Laura Mennell ) has no cure for the Troubles. She has two options - kill all the Troubled people, or leave town.

    The murderous entity that came through from The Other Side makes itself felt. It induces one of the troubled persons to create an impenetrable barrier around the town. This even blocks off the Bifrost routes to other worlds. But when the population realise they are trapped, they panic ... setting off their Troubles, which leads to more panic ...

    The police cannot cope. Since there are dozens on cops, it makes one wonder what the town's population is. An average police force has one cop per thousand citizens. It seems that Haven is completely over-policed, given its small population size, but the cops do not have the skills to cope with lots of Troubled people. Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) decides to put The Guard in charge instead. Since he is leader of it as well, it is a simple transition.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 15] Power
    Shown 08 Oct 15

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is earning a living working cash-in-hand as a manual labourer in a car repair shop. The head mechanic does not trust anyone who does not have a lengthy criminal record, and Duke’s records (bank, criminal and otherwise) have been wiped from existence. Worse, all traces of Haven itself have been removed. Luckily, an attractive young woman (and potential love interest) arrives. She is daughter of a Troubled person, and may have a power herself.

    Back in Haven, Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) tries to keep everyone together. The power has gone out, and something in the darkness kills people. Dwight rations the batteries, and punishes thieves. Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) is smart enough to use the skills of the Troubled People, but only when it is dramatically essential at the climax of the episode.

    Nathan gets sent off to get the power generator working again. The town apparently has a population of 25,000, which explains why they have a large police department and other municipal facilities. That said, there are only a few dozen people left in Dwight’s care (think Under The Dome: Season 3 ). Nathan’s team includes Audrey’s mother ( Laura Mennell ).

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 16] The Trial of Nathan Wuornos
    Shown 15 Oct 15

    Nathan returns from searching for the aether, and when he is put on a spot about the fate of his companion he cannot risk someone sending a rescue party, so he has to state that she is dead. Unfortunately the woman’s fiance wants revenge. Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) orders that Nathan be put on trial – Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) is at fault, since she suggests it as a delaying tactic. The Newspaper editors are put in charge, since they have nothing else to do. Predictably, it all gets out of control. Nathan’s lifetime of selfless service to the community is ignored as a few incidents are deliberately and selectively misinterpreted.

    Dwight has to go and rescue the girl. He takes Mara’s mother ( Laura Mennell ) along to look after any aether they discover.

    Audrey has to find out who has the Shadows trouble. She has a single clue, but she is distracted by Nathan’s situation.

    Back in the real world, Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is talked into helping his new associate to rob a bank. She is eager to use her superpower for personal gain, the instant career route to being a supervillain. However, Duke prefers to avoid police entanglements - as well as the risk of getting Troubled blood on his skin.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 17] Enter Sandman
    Shown 22 Oct 15

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) is trapped in a dream-world. She is about to get married, and it is the happiest day of her life. Unfortunately she has no ability to realise how many things are out of place in the dream-state.

    Audrey's mother ( Laura Mennell ) volunteers to enter the dream-state to save her daughter. Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) goes along with that despite the fact that she is his love interest - and more importantly, she is the only one who even has the potential to cure the Troubles!

    Back in reality, Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) has been abandoned. Luckily he meets the ghost-facer, Kris Lemeche ( My Little Eye ) who previously visited Haven TWICE. Unfortunately the ghost-facer does not remember either Duke or Haven. When he watches his own video footage of the previous episodes, all he sees is static. Can Duke convince him to investigate the mystery of Haven?

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 18] Wild Card
    Shown 29 Oct 15

    Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) and her mother ( Laura Mennell ) go looking for the Aether. If they harvest it, they can cure the Troubles. However, someone is using a tarot-card related Trouble to curse them. Can Nathan and Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) save their girls in time?

    The serial killer is out to stop our heroes. All they know about him is his name (Croatoan) and his ability (to wipe sections of peoples’ memories). Vince and Dave and the Coroner have all got missing time, so they must have come into contact with him recently.

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and Kris Lemche ( My Little Eye ) go looking for a faith healer to suck the aether out of him. Is it the old man who looks like Stephen King ? After all, he had to do a cameo in this show sooner of later.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 19] Perditus
    Shown 05 Nov 15

    Audrey’s mother ( Laura Mennell ) is dead. But in Haven, there is always someone with a Trouble that can do something useful like raise the dead! After all, if she remembers how she died then she can identify Croatoan. It turns out there is a side-effect to the Trouble. When the dead person remembers how they died, they turn into a bloodthirsty zombie.

    Vince and Dave have a detector that will help them locate the bag Croatoan stole. If they find out where the bag is hidden, they can find the killer's identity.

    Back in reality, Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) gets exposition and a dream sequence. He must return to Haven, to help in the climactic final battle.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 20] Just Passing Through
    Shown 12 Nov 15

    The old man with the time-travel trouble has survived the murderous problems. Nathan and Vince go back to the 1980s, to the day that the Colorado Kid was killed. As always with Time Travel, they must avoid changing anything. Haven being what it is, they would only make things worse.

    Nathan must convince his father and Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) - well, her previous incarnation - to help.

    Vince must keep Dave out of trouble.

    Back in the real world, Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) is snatched by some MIBs. They do not arrest him or charge him with anything, so they are obviously not cops. However, Duke does not want to stay around long enough to find out what they want with him.

    This episode was directed by Colin Ferguson ( Eureka ). And from the previews we discover that William is due back next episode.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 21] Close to Home
    Shown 19 Nov 15

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) returns, with the space-shifting girl. Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) tries to talk the girl into helping. However, since she is a career criminal she is basically a wannabe supervillain. Worse, there is another supervillain girl in town. The one with the uncontrollable exploding powers is out to get revenge on Duke. She blames him because he could not control the vast number of Troubles that were forced into him without his consent.

    Nathan travels alone into the void. He encounters the Season 4 villain, William (Colin Ferguson - Eureka ). The unlikely allies must team up to find the controller of the old barn.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 22] A Matter of Time
    Shown 26 Nov 15

    Nathan is trapped alone in the void with William (Colin Ferguson - Eureka ). Will Nathan try to win William's trust by being honest with him, or will he just continue telling a succession of blatant lies?

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ) try to persuade the space-shifting girl to bring Nathan back. However, she has gotten herself into a position that puts her beyond help. She is a classic narcissist and blames Duke for everything, and he is distinctly uncomfortable with what he has to do next.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 23] Blind Spot
    Shown 03 Dec 15

    Croatoan is after Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ), so the Guard fortify the Police Station. Every room is fitted with CCTV cameras, and one of the staff gets the Haunted house trouble so she possesses the building and controls every camera in it. The result is that the episode is shot Found Footage style in Real Time.

    Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - TCM remake ) and Nathan bond over some childhood memories. Because character-building strays from the terrible cliche that everything must further the plot, this kind of emotional scene is usually a build-up to someone being made the centre of the plot.

    Croatoan finally makes his appearance. To avoid spoilers, one can only point out that the opening credits at the start of the episode list the Special Guest Star as ... William Shatner ( Star Trek ). However, this is not the biggest twist of the episode.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 24] The Widening Gyre
    Shown 10 Dec 15

    Croatoan (William Shatner - Star Trek ) confronts Audrey Parker ( Emily Rose ).

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 25] Now
    Shown 17 Dec 15

    Sheriff Dwight (WWE wrestler The Edge - Sanctuary ) does Croatoan's bidding. The good news is, Dwight is a bullet-magnet so even if you do not aim at him, your shot will be instantly re-directed towards his heart. The bad news is that Croatoan regards this Trouble as a superpower. After all, if you protect the heart with Kevlar then the Troubled person is basically invulnerable. This would also work for Vampires, so Buffy the Vampire Slayer is lucky that the vamps did not bother with chest armour.

    Haven Haven [Season 5, Episode 26] Forever
    Shown 24 Dec 15

    In an impressive sequence that ties up a few loose ends, we get to see what happened to the recurring characters who lived outside the town.