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Season 0

Season Zero consisted of eight Webisodes.

Season 1

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 1] Sanctuary for All (1)
Shown 3rd October 2008

Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) is called in by the American Police. He solves crimes, a bit like Psych ...

The shrink investigates a multiple homicide. He discovers that a witness is also being pursued by Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping with brown hair and an English accent).

We get to glimpse a few other characters. Helen's sidekick is a gorgeous blonde girl named Ashley ( Emilie Ullerup ) who kicks ass. Meanwhile, a suspicious-looking bald man (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) is trying to infiltrate their base ,,,

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 2] Sanctuary for All (2)
Shown 3rd October 2008

Blondie ( Emilie Ullerup ) and Baldie (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) fight. The result is painfully predicable ...

Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) gets a job offer. This is basically the setup for the rest of the Season.

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 3] Fata Morgana
Shown 10th October 2008

The Morrigun, the Keltic triple Goddess of death, gets a facelift and a rewritten background. When Helen's team rescue three women from a crypt in Scotland, they do not know what to do with them ...

A team of Mercenaries working for rich and powerful types are after the women.

Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) actually turns out useful in this episode!

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 4] Folding Man
Shown 17th October 2008

The team investigate a series of murderous robberies. The robbers escape by squeezing through tiny vents, not unlike Tooms in X-Files .

Blondie ( Emilie Ullerup ) meets up with a contact, an Abnormal crime-boss named Mr Jones. The robberies are not a small-scale crime spree, they are part of a takeover attempt of the local crime market.

Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) interrogates a suspect, a junkie who was coerced into joining the gang of robbers. The result is a well-acted, well-written story. Best episode so far.

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 5] Kush
Shown 24th October 2008

Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) are in the Hindu Kush Mountains in Asia. They capture a magical beastie that has never been caught before. Unfortunately, on their way home the cargo plane crashes in the mountains ... with them aboard.

Our heroes are trapped in the plane wreck, and the beastie is on the loose. Then they work out why it has never been caught before!

The situation devolves into something similar to The Thing . The monster is hiding among the survivors, including David Nykl ( Stargate: Atlantis ). Instead of a shape-shifter it is a telepath, and causes the victims to halucinate as a way of distracting them. For example, Magnus must re-live scenes from her Victorian marriage to Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ).

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 6] Nubbins
Shown 7th November 2008

The Sanctuary rescue chopper closes in on a vehicle containing a dangerous abnormal. But this is not the end of the previous episode, it is the identical start to a new story. The vehicle contains a host of lovely little creatures that get nicknamed Nubbins. Apparently this is also the name for an extra nipple, but who cares? As is typical of lovely little creatures in this kind of thing, they have a nasty side. And they quickly pose a threat to our heroes.

The sanctuary also plays host to Katherine Isabelle , whose deceased grandfather was an Empath.

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 7] The Five
Shown 14th November 2008

Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) is giving a public lecture when she sees an old friend - Nichola Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ), famous Victorian scientist and secret Vampire! The Cabal's gunmen are after them. Yes, the villains from Fata Morgana are back.

Ashley ( Emilie Ullerup ) has another run-in with Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ). He gives them the background on his relationship with her mother - as well as Tesla and Dr Watson (Peter Wingate - Highlander: The Series ) ...

Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ), Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) and the caveman are left to run Sanctuary. Some kind of super-intelligent beastie has infiltrated the complex, and they have to hunt it down. This is just a setup for further storylines ...

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 8] Edward
Shown 21st November 2008

The Sanctuary team must solve a mystery. A man supposedly killed himself - but was it stranger danger or domestic violence? The survivor, a boy with a deadly superpower, must decide whether to subdue his inhuman nature.

Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) is trying to cope with his own problems.

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 9] Requiem
Shown 28th November 2008

Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) take their Nautilus submarine (yes, a big sub, not a tiny minisub) to the Bermuda Triangle. The area's mermen and mermaids have been acting strangely ...

Helen gets infected with a parasitic infestation that affects her personality. We get a bottle show, a conflict limited between the two main characters ... no plot arc, no guest stars, nothing of interest really.

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 10] Warriors
Shown 5th December 2008

Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and her team investigate a cage-fighting club who make non-humans fight each other. Joe Byrne ( Highlander ) is involved - he claims to have amnesia, but Dr Magnus thinks he is her father!

Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) must control his own violent urges. He ends up as a cage-fighter, fighting against a friend of his!

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 11] Instinct
Shown 12th December 2008

A TV Weathergirl gets her first assignment as a news journalist. She and her cameraman investigate a report of a man-eating monster in a warehouse.

This is a Blair Witch style effort, showing the Sanctuary team in action from an outsider's perspective. That said, X-Files did their X-Cops episode about ten years ago. It seems that this show's writers are running out of ideas!

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 12] Revelations (1)
Shown 2 Jan 09

Non-humans in Alaska are going crazy and attacking humans. Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) assumes the villains are responsible, so she summons The Five.

Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) appears, as requested, and claims to be under truce. Dr Watson (Peter Wingate - Highlander: The Series ) arrives from England, where he has been head of London Sanctuary for over a century. The Invisible Man is dead, but his gorgeous granddaughter can be persuaded to help. Nikola Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ), apparently a bigger supervillain than Druitt, is more reluctant ...

Unfortunately, the villains have a plan of their own ...

Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 13] Revelations (2)
Shown 9 Jan 09

The Five (and the shrink) must enter a labyrinth under the ruins of the vampire city. Dr Magnus' father left a number of McGuffins there, so the protagonists must split into pairs for dramatic conflict.

Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) and Dr Watson (Peter Wingate - Highlander: The Series ) muse over their former friendship, from the days of Jack the Ripper. Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) compare notes over their own plans. Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) and the Invisible Girl have some Sexual Tension(tm).

Elsewhere, the villains interrogate Blondie and the geek. Yes, these characters (who were played up in the pilot episode, then neglected in most other episodes) have finally got something to do!






Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 1, Episode 1 ]
Shown th 2009


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  • Season 2

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 1] End of Nights (1)
    Shown 9 Oct 09

    The villainous Cabal has Ashley ( Emilie Ullerup ), and they modify her to give her extra powers. This is only their first step in their attack on the Sanctuary.

    The Cabal are using an Asian babe named Kate Freelander to snatch more test subjects.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 2] End of Nights (2)
    Shown 16 Oct 09

    The Cabal send their assault team against the Sanctuary's houses. Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and her people have makeshift defences, but no follow-up. Then Magnus asks Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) to make an effective weapon.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 3] Eulogy
    Shown 23 Oct 09

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) is obsessed with finding Ashley ( Emilie Ullerup ). Could she have survived teleporting into the EM field?

    Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) and Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) counterattack the Cabal. It seems that without their half-dozen super-soldiers, they have no defences.

    Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) and the others try to find a baby Stego. It escaped, gorged itself and is now growing. Kate agrees to help, in exchange for a pair of Stego tusks.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 4] Hero
    Shown 30 Oct 09

    A flying superhero named Walter (Chris Gaultier - Eureka ) is stalking the city. Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) try to find the source of his powers.

    The English Sanctuary head, Declan, and his team are in town to cover Ashley's shifts. They have to hunt a monster. Who is covering for them in London?

    Kate the Asian babe gets a call from her younger brother. He is in debt to her ex-partner, Constantine. She offers him the Stego tusks she won last week, but he gets greedy ...

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 5] Pavor Nocturnus
    Shown 6 Nov 09

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) wakes up alone, and discovers that the Sanctuary is in ruins.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 6] Fragments
    Shown 13 Nov 09

    Henry's lady friend is attacked by an Abnormal she is looking after. She could be contaminated with deadly infectious spores. Her husband arrives home after a business trip, and has anger issues.

    Kate and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) investigate the physical evidence. She compares his old job to the tv show C.S.I. ... he tells her that In the real world, forensics is understaffed, underfunded and backlogged to the nines.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 7] Veritas
    Shown 20 Nov 09

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) develops extreme Paranoia, apparently killing a co-worker. Declan calls in the Triad, a trio of telepathic interrogators led by Emma ( Erica Cerra ).

    Magnus has been concealing info on an enormous Abnormal called Big Bertha.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 8] Next Tuesday
    Shown 4 Dec 09

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) takes Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) to collect a vampire squid from an oil rig. Naturally, things go wrong. The chopper crashes, and our dynamic duo are trapped with an insanely violent cephalopod!

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 9] Penance
    Shown 11 Dec 09

    Jimmy (Michael Shanks - Stargate SG-1 ) helps Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) to make up for his time as a gangster. But some super-powered thugs are after his cargo.

    Jimmy and Kate the Asian babe get trapped together. They start to bond, but his past catches up with him ...

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 10] Sleepers
    Shown 18 Dec 09

    The prodigal offspring of rich families are disappearing under mysterious circumstances. An investigation shows that they all got treatment at a detox clinic run by Dr Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ). Yes, our favourite super-villain has tried to revive the vampire race again.

    Meghan Ory guest-stars.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 11] Haunted
    Shown 8 Jan 10

    Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) has been slaking his blood-lust by hunting down the remaining Cabal members in revenge for what happened to his daughter. But when he gets called to teleport a group of empaths from a sinking ship into Dr Magnus' Sanctuary, he loses control of his darker side.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 12] Kali (1)
    Shown 15 Jan 10

    The team investigate a series of strange panic reactions among specific abnormals worldwide. They end up focusing on a slum in India.

    Mason from Dead Like Me leads a team of thugs. They are after a spider - actually a parasite that communicates with the largest abnormal in the world. This was first referred to in Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 7]Veritas.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 2, Episode 13] Kali (2)
    Shown 15 Jan 10

    Mason ( Dead Like Me ) controls the super-spider (it only has 4 legs), and uses it for his eevil plan. He has basically stolen Lex Luthor's idea from Superman Returns (though to be fair, Cobra did it in the 1980s GI Joe comics first).

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ), faced with the greatest peril the world has seen, is also undermined by her minions. She does not even bother calling in the super-team who saved things the last time - including Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) and Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ).

    Luckily, pretty-boy has visions of an Asian babe - Kali (!!!) - who wants him to dance for her. Dance Bollywood style, that is, not Chippendale style!

    Season 3

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 1] Kali (3)
    Shown 15/Oct/10

    Mason ( Dead Like Me ) and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) are both dying. Big Bertha, under attack from the Sanctuary's private navy, starts a tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Can Kate the Asian babe evacuate the slums of Bombay before they get washed away?

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) gets lost at sea. Will she return in time to save the world?

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 2] Firewall
    Shown 22/Oct/10

    Kali may be under sedation, but Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) is having problems recovering from death. He is sleeping on the job, but cannot sleep at night. The others want him off the Mission list, before he gets someone killed.

    The shrink thinks he is getting probed by Reticulan-looking abnormals. Is he an alien abductee, or just going crazy?

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 3] Bank Job
    Shown 29/Oct/10

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ), Kate and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) visit a small-town bank where a Abnormal egg is kept in a safety deposit box. But the thing has hatched prematurely, and taken one of the bank staff or customers as a host. Kate stages a bank robbery, and the trio take all the suspects as hostages. Can they locate the host, neutralise the Abnormal and escape before the FBI come in shooting?

    Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) is in the surveillance bus outside. The Big Guy is nowhere to be seen, presumably back running the Sanctuary. And the Bank teller? It is Gary the Stargate operator from Stargate SG-1 !

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 4] Trail Of Blood
    Shown 05/Nov/10

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ), Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) and Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) answer Nikola Tesla's emergency signal from the highlands of Colombia. Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) has found a disused secret Cabal lab.

    The caveman and Kate the Asian babe investigate the murder of a local priest who did a good deed in 1951. That was the year the caveman first joined Sanctuary. There appears to be a new arch-villain and story arc!

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 5] Hero II: Broken Arrow
    Shown 12/Nov/10

    The bug-suit once worn by Walter the overweight superhero (Chris Gaultier - Eureka ) is stolen. Kate the Asian babe is infected with the parasitic organism which turns the user into a superhero. Unfortunately she also has temporary brain damage, which removes her conscience and makes her a super-VILLAIN! Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) brings in the super-suit's original wearer.

    The suit's creator, a duplicitous weapon designer, wants it back. And he is willing to do whatever it takes.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 6] Animus
    Shown 19/Nov/10

    Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) always thought he was unique, until he hears about werewolf sightings in a small town in England. He and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) go to investigate, and end up temporarily putting Henry in the custody of the local asylum. Something strange is going on there, and Henry investigates.

    Meanwhile, Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) discover a map of the city built into Magnus' office. It seems that her father, who built the place, still has a few secrets for them to discover.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 7] Breach
    Shown 26/Nov/10

    The ep starts with false tension - a climactic encounter between Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and a masked stranger. We then return to the start of the episode, where Magnus and her team are lured to a remote building. Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) and Kate are first to leave, which is lucky for them because only Magnus, the intended target, is trapped.

    Magnus faces off against an attacker who has martial arts skills and can teleport. He is like a ninja who can literally walk through walls.

    We find out who sent the two Greys who invaded Sanctuary a few eps ago. This is part of the overall Season Arc, involving the map of the hidden city. And we discover that there was another member of Magnus' group - Adam (Ian Tracey - The 4400 ) AKA Dr Jekyll. But it is Mr Hyde who controls him now.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 8] For King & Country
    Shown 03/Dec/10

    The team get their prisoner back to Sanctuary. Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) has to perform surgery on him. Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) hangs around, helping out. He even offers to bring Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) back to help them out.

    Adam (Ian Tracey - The 4400 ) taunts the Sanctuary crew. As his history with Magnus is revealed, we get flashbacks to Oxford in the days of Queen Victoria.

    The Five were recruited as Victorian Secret Agents to save London from a super-villain. But the term For King & Country is irrelevant, because Victoria was a Queen!

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 9] Vigilante
    Shown 10/Dec/10

    The only way to save Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) is to get Adam (Ian Tracey - The 4400 ) to show them the way to Hollow Earth. But they will need him to look at the map. Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) thinks it is worth the risk.

    Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) teleports Magnus to various locations around the globe, on their quest to find the McGuffin. He tries to bond with her a bit - understandable, considering her life expectancy.

    The Big Guy wants time off to attend the memorial service for the Priest who got murdered a few eps previously. By strange coincidence, an FBI profiler named Abby gives Zimmerman some Cold Case files to look at. One of them is the unexplained death of the man who murdered the priest. It turns out there is a pattern of similar unexplained deaths!

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 10] Hollow Men
    Shown 17/Dec/10

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) takes her team to explore an abandoned underground city. They get separated - she gets trapped with Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ), while Kate the Asian babe and Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) are stuck together.

    Back at base, Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) and Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) hold Adam (Ian Tracey - The 4400 ) prisoner.

    Polly Walker guest-stars.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 11] Pax Romana
    Shown 15/Apr/11

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) tries to convince Polly Walker that she is not in league with Adam (Ian Tracey - The 4400 ). They have to team up to save a giant abnormal. Magnus also discovers what happened to her father (Joe Byrne - Highlander ).

    Adam and his Greys are after an energy source. Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) and the city's security force try to stop them. But Adam has planned for this.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 12] Hangover
    Shown 22/Apr/11

    After the serious, Arc-intensive storyline in the previous episode we get a more light-hearted stand-alone story.

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) arrives home from a weekend excursion to discover security has been compromised. The team have gone somewhat loopy and turned on each other. Worse, a UN Security Inspector ( Francoise Yip ) is due to arrive at any moment.

    The team all have partial amnesia, so Magnus retraces their steps. Not unlike the movie that this episode shares a title with.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 13] One Night
    Shown 25/Apr/11

    Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) goes on a date with Abby the FBI Profiler chick. They actually have a lot in common. Including the fact that neither is very combat-oriented, Which is a pity because they are kidnapped by gangsters called the Vendetta Crew. These low-level thugs are going up in the world, getting more deeply involved with Abnormals. Wow, the number of people who know about this supposedly secret underworld is increasing all the time!

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 14] Metamorphosis
    Shown 02/May/11

    Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) gets bitten by something, and starts to turn into a lizard-man. He makes the most of it, dusting the chandeliers while they are still hanging from the ceiling. No danger of an Only Fools And horses catastrophe, then!

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 15] Wingman
    Shown 09/May/11

    In a sequel to the episode One Night, Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) and Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) go on a double date. But Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) coerced them into delivering a Mothman en route. And naturally, things go violently wrong.

    There are an awful lot of flashbacks in this ep, but it is much better than the average clip show.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 16] Awakening
    Shown 16/May/11

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) takes Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) on a hiking tour around the ruins of the last Praxian city. Tesla gets mortally wounded, but that is not the worst thing to happen. They uncover the tomb of the last Queen of the Vampires ( Aliyah O'Brien ). But as in the movie Queen of the Damned , things take a turn for the worse.

    Kate discovers that an old criminal acquaintance of hers is smuggling Abnormals again. She gets the Sanctuary team to help her bust them. We have covered this ground before, with her confronting her criminal past. It is pitiful to watch her turning on her old friends.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 17] Normandy
    Shown 23/May/11

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and the original Fringe team helped the OSS during the Normandy invasion, 1944. The Nazis had an abnormal they planned to use as a superweapon, though they did not think the plan out very well.

    Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) was working for the Gestapo. Or was he a double agent? After all, Evil has standards ...

    Rent-a-villain Douglas O'Keefe is a Wehrmacht Colonel.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 18] Carentan
    Shown 06/Jun/11

    A mysterious lockout has happened around the town where Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) imprisoned the Fire Elemental in 1944. All Intelligence agencies refuse to provide Magnus with info, so she takes a couple of sidekicks to France so they can investigate first-hand.

    The area is cordoned off by a paramilitary unit of private security contractors. It looks like they are the hired henchmen of an international conspiracy. But who is behind the conspiracy?

    Magnus and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) get into the French town. But they discover they have no way of escaping.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 19] Out of the Blue
    Shown 13/Jun/11

    Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) is happily married, and Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) is the cat lady next door. They have no memory of the Sanctuary.

    Farscape did this kind of thing so much better.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 3, Episode 20] Into the Black
    Shown 20/Jun/11

    A couple of hundred abnormals emerge from the hollow Earth. Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) persuades UN Rep Francoise Yip and the military dude (Colonel Maybourne from Stargate SG-1 ) to allow her to set up a refugee camp. What could possibly go wrong?

    Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) returns to Magnus, and tells her that Adam (Ian Tracey - The 4400 ) is building a time machine in the hollow Earth. Magnus joins him on a mission to stop Adam from changing the past.

    Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) and the others have to persuade the Abnormals not to riot. But WWE Superstar The Edge ( Haven ) is an argumentative fellow, looking for an excuse to start trouble ...

    Season 4

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 1] Tempus
    Shown 07/Oct/11

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) travels back to Victorian London, 1888. She must stop Adam (Ian Tracey - The 4400 ) before he can change history. She gets help from Dr Watson (Peter Wingate - Highlander: The Series ).

    Jack the Ripper stalks the streets. Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) is the main suspect - but there turns out to be an abnormal named Spring-Heeled Jack ... Surely Primeval did this already, with a velociraptor? And does this not undermine the basic backstory of a main character?

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 2] Uprising
    Shown 14/Oct/11

    The Sanctuary team try to keep order in the refugee camp. WWE Superstar The Edge ( Haven ) is not much of a problem - it looks like the Abnormals' internal politics are convoluted.

    Colonel Maybourn wants to use cruise missiles against the new groups of refugees from Hollow Earth. Not only would this be genocide, it might be playing into the hands of the Abnormals' master-plan.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 3] Untouchable
    Shown 21/Oct/11

    The Sanctuary is audited by a UN investigator - Brian Markinson (the detective from Caprica ). He threatens to cut all UN backing if Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and the crew do not cooperate.

    Magnus and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) narrate flashbacks to an encounter in Asia. They tried to capture a telepathic Abnormal. But the UN sent a SWAT team in, and it became a bloodbath.

    Magnus has her own agenda. She has been planning her next move since 1888. She has enough money to run Sanctuary herself. But she would have no input in the UN's operations ...

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 4] Monsoon
    Shown 28/Oct/11

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) goes to meet a reclusive broker. But she and her fellow customers (including Sandrine Holt ) are held prisoner by a gang of super-powered goons. She goes Die Hard on them.

    In a very unexpected plot development, Helen Magnus may have a new love interest.

    Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) are on a routine pickup when they run into unexpected rivals. The FBI is now running anti-Abnormal teams, and Profiler Abby has been promoted to Field Agent duty.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 5] Resistance
    Shown 04/Nov/11

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) break into Area 51, where the US government is imprisoning Abnormals. They get caught, but the Director needs them to help him. There is a more serious breech - a tentacled monster from another dimension is attacking the facility.

    Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) and the walking carpet try to house an Abnormal (Trick from Lost Girl ). But he is a difficult one to work with.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 6] Homecoming
    Shown 11/Nov/11

    Sanctuary is visited by a bickering pair of bat-people. They ask Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and the others to help them do some good deeds. But they may have an untrustworthy agenda of their own.

    Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) is off on a different mission in Africa. He gets concussed, and has to spend a few days drugging himself. He flashbacks to his dodgy childhood, raised by his criminally-inclined father. However, one wonders how he passed the background checks to work with law enforcement when his only living relative was a career criminal.

    Nice cinematography, courtesy of Dunne in his directorial debut.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 7] Icebreaker (40 min)
    Shown 18/Nov/11

    Henry and a few redshirts shelter on an icebreaker ship icebound in the Arctic. They are the B-team, from the London Sanctuary. The ship was supposed to contain a crew of Russian smugglers and a cargo of Abnormals from Hollow Earth. Unfortunately everyone is dead, in a psychotic massacre like in Event Horizon .

    Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and Will join the redshirts, just so we have more familiar faces. She agrees to a controlled thaw of one of the mysterious frozen creatures they discover.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 8] Fugue
    Shown 25/Nov/11

    Abby, the FBI Profiler lady, gets infected by an Abnormal. It starts to take over her personality. Not unlike the smurf girl in Angel: S5 .

    She is possessed by a parasite which affects certain parts of her brain. As a result, she can only communicate through song. Everyone else starts singing too, but their lines do not rhyme - it is just dialogue set to music.

    It is a truth long held self-evident that the generic Musical episode is a sign that the creators have run out of new ideas. The term Jump The Shark is used ...

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 9] Chimera
    Shown 29/Nov/11

    Something has gone wrong with the Sanctuary's mainframe. Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) use a VR interface to investigate. The system has an interface based on Adam (Ian Tracey - The 4400 ). It has the more positive aspects of his personality, but not his memories. Not yet, anyway.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 10] Acolyte
    Shown 09/Dec/11

    Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) race against time to prevent a terrorist bombing. But the UN has a security perimeter that slows them ...

    The real story starts three days earlier. Yes, we get a phony cliffhanger to build up the tension.

    Sanctuary has been cut off from all Intelligence Networks worldwide. Kate returns from Hollow Earth, and brings word of a forthcoming terrorist attack. It turns out that there may be a traitor among the Sanctuary crew!

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 11] The Depths
    Shown 16/Dec/11

    The UN scientists try to capture Q the winged serpent in Bolivia. Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) intervene, and get trapped. Luckily they discover the fountain of life. But its effects are temporary, and addictive. Magnus is immune, so she must pump the wounded Zimmerman full of the stuff - then put up with his withdrawal symptoms.

    Back home, Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) makes a video-diary for his unborn child. Light-hearted stuff, to counter the stress of the ep's main plot. Henry carries it well, though. Kate and the Big Guy are nowhere in sight.

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 12] Sanctuary for None: Part 1
    Shown 23/Dec/11

    Sanctuary Sanctuary [Season 4, Episode 13] Sanctuary for None: Part 2
    Shown 30/Dec/11

    The UN have contained all the Abnormal refugees in a concentration camp. How soon before they establish a policy of extermination?

    Caleb (Gil Bellows - Shawshank Redemption ) and his Abnormal terrorists are planning a bio-attack against the human race.

    Dr Helen Magnus ( Amanda Tapping ) and her team are caught in the middle. Tesla (Jonathon Young - The Fog (2005 ) helps Henry the nerd (Ryan Robbins - Continuum: S3 ) develop countermeasures to the WMDs. Kate and the Big Guy are in the concentration camp, keeping an eye on the terrorists.

    The ending is something of a non-sequitor. It requires Magnus and Will the Shrink (Robin Dunne - Defiance ) making certain choices ...