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Season 1

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 1] A Stitch in Time
Shown 27/May/12

In the year 2072, Vancouver is capital of the Corporate States of North America. Democracy is a thing of the past, and Big Money rules openly. Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) is a Fascist law-enforcer, assigned to keep down the revolting plebs.

While the rich people are all Caucasian, the rebels are a mixed bag of mixed races. Kagame (Tony Breytag Amendola - Stargate SG-1 ) is their glorious leader, while Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) and Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) round out the cast.

The Liber8 rebels stage a 9-11 style attack, destroying sky-scrapers in order to assassinate the global dictators. They are sentenced to death, but manage to time-travel back to the year 2012. Our heroine comes after them, using her hi-tech gear to even the odds. She has a truth serum, a bulletproof bodysuit which has an invisibility mode, and an implanted audio-visual implant. The only person who she can talk to on the airwaves is Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ), the nerd who invented the tech. She also partners up with local cop Carlos (Victor Webster - Mutant X ). This allows for a comparison with proper police procedural shows.

Lurking in the background is William B Davis ( X-Files ) as a mysterious, duplicitous figure. Is he a fascist dictator or a secret leader of the Resistance?

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 2] Fast Times
Shown 03/Jun/12

Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) and Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) lead the freedom fighters constructing a new time machine, but they need a power source. They plan to hijack a nuclear reactor.

The local cops wise up to the fact that Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) is not who she says she is. They try to feed her into the system, ignoring the fact that feeding her into the database will potentially blow her cover.

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 3] Wasting Time
Shown 10/Jun/12

Travis the terrorist cell leader (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) is dying. His GF Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) harvests pineal glands from horny guys in order to create a steroid that can heal him. Nobody cares that this may change the future. Paradoxes be damned!

Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ), one of the freedom fighters, decides to play both ends against the middle. He sets Kiera the lady fascist ( Rachel Nichols ) up against the most violent of the terrorists. But he does not come across as manipulative - he is the most intelligent and relatable character in the whole sorry mess.

Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) the geek persuades the lady fascist to use a Bluetooth headset, to avoid Quantum Leap syndrome. But she doesn't seem to understand the idea.

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 4] Matter of Time
Shown 17/Jun/12

The Protector Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) investigates a hi-tech crime that does not seem linked to the Liber8 terrorists. A scientist has invented a new power source that the US military wants to use as a super-weapon. The inventor ends up dead, and the suspects include Peace protestors who have similar beliefs to Liber8 (but different, apparently peaceful tactics).

The Liber8 Gang are busy setting up a new safe house. They start by beating to death a gang of cannabis-growing skinheads. Since the violence is bloodless and the victims are Caucasian males, it is deemed acceptable family viewing. Also, it is Girl Power since Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) and the nerd sit this out, letting Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) and Garza the other babe do all the work.

Kagame (Tony Breytag Amendola - Stargate SG-1 ) finally appears from the time rift. He is alone, disorientated, and the Protector soon gets a bead on him.

Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) the deserter starts to feather his nest-egg by investing in the stock market. He also invests in canned food and shotguns, alarming his broker than an apocalypse might be on the way. He even befriends his own grandmother.

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 5] A Test of Time
Shown 24/Jun/12

With Kagame (Tony Amendola - Stargate SG-1 ) back in charge of Liber8, the game takes a new direction. They adopt the Terminator strategy, and target the Protector's grandmother.

Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) tries to buy his way back into the Liber8 cell. But he is a fool if he thinks Kagame will trust him

The Protector Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) has googled her grandmother's name. She assumes the old lady is the one comes up first in the list - the successful career lady. But when she starts taking the targets into protective custody, she gets a shock.

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 6] Time's Up
Shown 08/Jul/12

The Liber8 freedom fighters get back to their main objective - attacking the rich, powerful and corrupt. They kidnap a lady CEO, and make their demands. The first is a Robin Hood style redistribution of wealth. The second is a Social Media vote on whether or not they should kill the victim …

The nerd-boy's stepbrother Julian (Richard Harmon - The 100 ) heeds his advice, and joins a gang of Anarchists who turn an Occupy protest into a riot.

Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) the ex-terrorist is still in town. He is stalking the Protector Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ), while helping her against their mutual enemy.

The most telling scene of all is the flashback to the Protector's riot control duties. The MegaCorps have started to hoard supplies, leading to food riots.

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 7] The Politics of Time
Shown 15/Jul/12

Carlos (Victor Webster - Mutant X ) gets a booty call from a lady journalist. By weird coincidence, he gets to investigate the case next morning when she is murdered. In good old Film Noir style, he has to solve the murder before he is revealed as a suspect.

By strange coincidence, the other main suspect is Helo ( BSG, Dollhouse ). He is accused of financial irregularities in his campaign. Yes, he is running for election in a Trade Union.

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 8] Playtime
Shown 22/Jul/12

In the future, the Protector Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) is invited to participate in the MegaCorp's test of a new weapon. Just like the ED-209 display in RoboCop , there are a few bugs in the system. But the technology is basically workable. It allows them to electronically brainwash a victim. And the scientist in charge is one of the Liber8 group!

Back in 2012, some video-game Beta-testers go on murder-suicide rampages. Naturally, the police investigate. However, if a brainwashed civilian is dangerous then what will happen if the Protector gets brainwashed?

Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) bumps into an old friend - Lucas the Liber8 scientist. Our man takes it upon himself to sabotage their villainous plan. After all, they tried to murder him - TWICE!

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 9] Family Time
Shown 29/Jul/12

We find Kellog's background story. He is a victim, dragged into association with Kagame (Tony Amendola - Stargate SG-1 ) entirely by chance. Not only is he the victim of excessive force by the cops (who use military weaponry to destroy a building rather than try to arrest fleeing and unarmed suspects), but he also gets the death penalty despite having nothing to do with Kagame's plan. The basic patrol cops have built-in lie detectors, so they must have known when they took him downtown that he was innocent. Of course the so-called heroine Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) does not question this.

Back in 2012, Kagame's plan for generating leaderless resistance is paying off. The heroine and Carlos (Victor Webster - Mutant X ) visit farms that have ordered fertiliser. Someone might be making an Ammonium Nitrate bomb. And when they get to the nerd kid's farm, things get a turn for the worse.

The step-brother Julian (Richard Harmon - The 100 ) is politically radicalised, and has not learned from his bad experience at the riots. The result is a stand-off situation. Carlos is put out of action, so the heroine must be the man of the situation. Naturally, the cops turn up and the situation becomes a Ruby Ridge fiasco. Surprise, surprise.

Kagame is not directly involved. But he watches with interest as things develop.

Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 10] Endtime
Shown 05/Aug/12

It is the day of the first public Liber8 attack. They will blow up a skyscraper, using some stolen C4. Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) the nerd's disaffected step-brother Julian (Richard Harmon - The 100 ) is a key player.

The Protector Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) meets a fellow time-traveller (Ian Tracey - Sanctuary S3 ). He was a guard in the prison when the Liber8 team went back. Unfortunately he landed in 1992, and has spent the last 20 years in a lunatic asylum. He has built a working time machine, and offers the Protector a chance to go home with him. However, she decides to try and prevent the Liber8 attack. But can she change history?

Kagame (Tony Amendola - Stargate SG-1 ) has a secret plan. He sends Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) off on a secret errand. Travis (Roger R Cross - Arrow ) wants to take over as boss, and is unhappy that secrets are being kept from him.






Continuum Continuum [Season 1, Episode 1 ]


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    Season 2

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 1] Second Chances
    Shown 21/Apr/13

    We start where Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) and Travis Verta (Roger Cross - First Wave ) left off. The Liber8 team has a change of management - and since Cross is so violent he can take out an entire surgical team whose only crime is to save his life, this is a good thing for everyone.

    Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) has gone off the reservation. She has gone solo as a vigilante, without the police to back her up. She is helped by the fact that her skinsuit has been repaired and now gives her total invisibility. Unfortunately, it only works when the plot needs it to.

    The Mayor is assassinated, and Kiera is put on the case. A local gangster is implicated, in the clumsiest frame-up job in history (or the future). Unfortunately, political pressure means that the cops need a quick arrest, so the framed gangster is for the high jump. The Man in Black (Nicholas Lea - X-Files ) is still interfering in the police investigation.

    Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) the young nerd moves out of his parents' basement and moves in with some college friends. He has to work out a lot of issues, thanks to the message from his future self (William B Davis - X-Files ). However, this is not an excuse for abandoning his mother.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 2] Split Second
    Shown 28/Apr/13

    Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) ends up killing half a dozen other inmates. He is set up for transfer, which will be the perfect opportunity for a rescue attempt - or an assassination.

    In the flashbacks we get to see how Travis met Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ), and how they rebelled against the corrupt Corporations.

    Special Agent Nicholas Lea ( X-Files ) does not trust Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ). yes, he was the one who covered for her when the local cops suspected her - but now the city cops like her again, and strangely he does not. Worse, someone in the Police unit seems to be leaking info to Liber8. Is it him?

    Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) the young nerd gets a job in an electronics store, like Chuck . But Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) the futuristic renegade tries to recruit him as a new partner.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 3] Second Thoughts
    Shown 05/May/13

    Kiera's flashback reveals that her sister was a junkie, addicted to a drug named Flash. Is this a reference to Lexa Doig 's other show, Andromeda ?

    Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) makes a deal with the local Bikers. She gives them Flash, and they give her protection from Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ). Unfortunately, once the Flash is for sale on the street, Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) falls foul of its influence.

    Ian Tracey ( Sanctuary S3 ) is back. He seems to have come to terms with the fact his home-made time machine did not work. Now he is paranoid that Freelancers are after him. But are they Time Cop s or Time Bandits ?

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 4] Second Skin
    Shown 12/May/13

    There is another signal, which means there is another super-suit ... and another time-traveller! Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ), Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) and Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) all race each other to find the suit.

    Kiera meets her old partner. Unfortunately, unpredictable time-travel has its drawbacks.

    The climactic fight shows why this show is getting better all the time. Great action sequence, despite the limits of a SyFy channel TV budget.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 5] Second Opinion
    Shown 26/May/13

    Internal Affairs conducts a major crackdown on the office. The head cop is fired, and everyone else is confined to the building. Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) loses her temper with Nicholas Lea (who is the same kind of rat-boy he played in X-Files ), and gets a whole new kind of lockdown.

    There is an AI built into her biomechanical improvements. It acts as a psychiatrist, suspending all her technical assets (including comms) until it is satisfied she is fit for duty again. From a management position this must be a great idea, but not to someone trapped in a hostile environment ...

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 6] Second Truths
    Shown 02/Jun/13

    Liber8 have taken the week off. But a serial killer has re-emerged. Carlos (Victor Webster - Mutant X ) investigated the original series of killings, and he digs out his Cold Case notes. In the future the serial killer has not been caught, and is known only by the name Ouru-bouros (using a strange pronunciation).

    Mr Escher finally introduces himself. He is acting as a rival to Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) the nerdy kid's financier, Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ). He has other problems. The nerdy kid has a girlfriend named Emily (from Caprica ), who he takes to see Time Travel movie Looper . But she is interested in getting a tour of the secret hi-tech lab ...

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 7] Second Degree
    Shown 09/Jun/13

    The heroine Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) discovers that someone is stealing the bodies of time travellers. Three dead so far ... And worst of all, now she has to team up with rat-boy (Nicholas Lea - X-Files ).

    Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) the nerd kid's GF Emily has a run-in with a suspicious character. We all know that she was too good to be true, but the interrogation scene reveals a lot more of her.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 8] Second Listen
    Shown 16/Jun/13

    The flashback shows Jasmine Garza and her first encounter with Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ). They both served under the elderly Alec (William B Davis - X-Files ), so to speak ...

    Kiera and Rat-boy (Nicholas Lea - X-Files ) close in on the Freelancers. These renegade cops are willing to torture info out of suspects, and then dumb enough to arrest them. So when the suspects die in custody under mysterious circumstances, and Kiera does not even try to help them, Internal Affairs should have a field day. Well, it is completely overlooked this time!

    Garza starts operating outside the Liber8 agenda, due to a deal she made with the older Alec (William B Davis). She goes after his younger self, to ensure the dystopia never happens.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 9] Seconds
    Shown 07/Jul/13

    Alec's brother Julian (Richard Harmon - The 100 ) is released from prison. He is both innocent (until proven guilty) and a child (under the age of 18), but the cops want payback. Despite the fact that the cops make him their top priority, someone tries to do a Jack Ruby on him. Then he is contacted by BOTH factions of Liber8, who manage to stay unaware of each other. It even looks like the Freelancers are getting in on the act.

    The twist, laid out in the prelude to the episode, is this. The future that Alec created, and that he feels so guilty about, is one where workers are enslaved in factories. It is not a mere debtors prison: they implant a brain-chip that turns the workers into zombies.

    The bottom line is that Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) is unknowingly the villain of the piece. It has always been apparent that she was working for the villains, but it has never been so blatant as now.

    Kiera is not the only murderous cop in the Precinct. But despite the fact that Liber8 still have a Mole in place, nobody thinks to tell them (and thus save Theseus).

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 10] Second Hand AKA Second Wave
    Shown 14/Jul/13

    Nerd-boy Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) gets his super-computer on-line. It processes data from all sources at incredible speed, allowing facial recognition of CCTV footage at real-time speeds. Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) captures Garza as a result!

    Police Chief Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ) gives Kiera carte blanche to interrogate the prisoner. Even Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) notes that the cops are not acting like police any more, they are behaving like a private army. And what Kiera forgets is that they are answerable only to Escher, not to the law. Although, in her time money and justice are the same thing.

    Kiera goes after Travis, but she gets caught up in a Theseus demo, and falls foul of the Freelancers. Yes, there are so many conspiracies at work here it is difficult to keep them all straight.

    Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) was working with Helo the Politician last week. Now she is talking with Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) the businessman. She does not trust him, but her ex-BF Travis wants both of them dead. And Kellog is being outmanouevred by Mr Escher, who makes his move on Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) the nerd-boy.

    Sonya's sidekick, who was willing to betray her when it comes to Theseus (Richard Harmon - The 100 ), has visions of his dead colleague Chen.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 11] Second Sight AKA Second Guess
    Shown 21/Jul/13

    Lucas the Liber8 tech dude is hallucinating. He uses Arc tech stolen from Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) to remove everyone's privacy on the Internet.

    Helo the Mayor is pressured by both Liber8 factions - Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) and Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ).

    The sides seem to be consolidating. Yes, the mass of shifting alliances seem to be settling down for the Season climax.

    Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) is the only one to realise that Escher is the real villain.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 12] The Happiest Seconds of My Life AKA Second Last
    Shown 28/Jul/13

    Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) the businessman has been bankrolling Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ). And now she has made up with Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ), what's left of the old Liber8 gang is back in action. They want the spare Protector super-suit, and Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) must reactivate Travis' CMR, so he can fight the Protector Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) on an equal basis.

    The real McGuffin this ep is the Time Travel Globe. Alec has it fixed, but with Travis after him (and the Freelancers after the Globe) ...

    Continuum Continuum [Season 2, Episode 13] My Final Second AKA Second Time
    Shown 04/Aug/13

    Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) faces a couple of shocking revelations about his family.

    Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) wants Escher dead, but Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) cares more about getting rid of the Protector. So Kellog tells the Protector Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) where to find Escher, then sends Travis after them both.

    The Freelancers are still in play - the fourth team that nobody guarded against. Their MO is to protect the stagnant timeline. This leads on to an awesome cliffhanger.


    Season 3

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 1] Minute By Minute
    Shown 16/Mar/14

    Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) and the Liber8 team are captive of the Freelancers. She and Garza the blonde assassin try a break-out, involving one of the most brutal fights this show has seen so far.

    Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) evaded capture, and goes back in time to save his GF. However, this means there are now two of him – and two time-travel devices. He changes history, creating a new timeline.

    Kiera makes a deal with the Freelancers. To get back to her home (a fascist dystopia) she must join them.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 2] Minute Man
    Shown 23/Mar/14

    Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) finds her family home, which brings back some memories. She grew up in a world with a Fahrenheit 451 attitude towards analogue media, and was always a fascist at heart. She never understood why her mother and sister valued freedom. And today, she continues to use coercion and blackmail to get what she wants.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 3] Minute To Win It
    Shown 30/Mar/14

    Lucas, the Liber8 tech genius, breaks out. He has a technology that allows him to hijack a person's brain and body. Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) does not see a moral problem with such tech, because her own CVI implant allowed her masters in the dystopia to make her a murderer.

    A series of bank robberies takes place. They are well-armed, but strapped with suicide vests. Is Liber8 manipulating them? And if so, what is Liber8 after?

    Past Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) discovers Emily was working for his dad, and he breaks up with her. But Future Alec still wants to be with her.

    Carlos (Victor Webster - Mutant X ) is letting the stress get to him. He starts using police brutality more than usual.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 4] Minute Changes
    Shown 06/Apr/14

    The cops investigate some peace protestors. Yes, a couple of naughty teenagers put an anti-war banner on a building owned by the largest war profiteer in the country. One of them, a mouthy tweenage girl, is the daughter of Police Captain Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ).

    There is unrest at the local College. Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) investigates a shooting incident, and uncovers police corruption.

    Carlos (Victor Webster - Mutant X ) has a run-in with Julian (Richard Harmon - The 100 ).

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 5] 30 Minutes To Air
    Shown 13/Apr/14

    Liber8 take over a TV station. Police Chief Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ) ends up as one of the hostages.

    Since Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) has inherited Escher's business, Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) now wants a seat at the table. Unfortunately, now Alec is rich he does not care about anyone except himself.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 6] Wasted Minute
    Shown 27/Apr/14

    Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) has Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) working on the CMR recording from her dead alter-ego. Will she discover who killed her parallel self?

    Liber8 steal a chemical from a manufacturing plant. Kiera and Carlos (Victor Webster - Mutant X ) investigate. Kiera’s implant can detect when the security guard is covering things up, but not when the Corporate CEO is lying to her face.

    In the future, the MegaCorp will release a cure to a toxic gas weapon. But Liber8 know what Kiera does not – that it was the MegaCorp who developed and sold the chemical weapon in the first place. Yes, and everyone refers to Liber8 as being the terrorists!

    Kiera has to choose between the two Alecs (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ). Luckily for her, one of them makes it an easy choice. They are quite different, despite being separated by only a weeks worth of decisions. But the rich one, Escher’s heir, is already a cold-hearted SOB.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 7] Waning Minutes
    Shown 04/May/14

    Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) has found her killer, although his motives remain unclear. When he is incarcerated, she sees a familiar face – a man who was once a member of Liber8. The rest of the episode is an extended flashback (or flash-forward) to Kiera’s time as a Corporate Protector. That said, there are several scenes where Kiera is not present, so had no way of knowing what happened.

    Kiera arrested a Liber8 hitman, but their cheaply-made chopper crashes in the desert. She and the prisoner survive, but the beacon was destroyed in the crash. The hitman realises what she does not – that the MegaCorp only cares about profits, so there is no expensive rescue mission on the way. Luckily, there are some farmers living nearby. The farm makes organic produce, which is technically illegal. Will Kiera be convinced that the hippie way of life is better?

    The farm plays host to a couple of familiar faces. Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) is a drop-out, before she joined the super-soldier program and rescued Travis. Kagame (Tony Amendola - Stargate SG-1 ) is on the run, number one on the MegaCorp’s hit-list. Why the two Liber8 men do not team up together, or are not lumped in together by the farmers, is not explained.

    In the concluding scene, Kiera blames Kagame for the events. However, she says that she does not understand why he did it. The truth is, it was Evil Alec (William B Davis – X-Files ) who was ultimately responsible. And Kagame’s motive was to get Sonya off the fence. If he had really succeeded, Kiera herself would have realised exactly how evil the system she works for is.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 8] So Do Our Minutes Hasten
    Shown 11/May/14

    Someone doses a corporation’s executives with poison gas. Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) and everyone else assumes Liber8 is responsible.

    Betty the computer tech wants to get back into the Department’s good graces. Kiera is the only one who treats her with decency, perhaps because the Protector herself is now (after 3 Seasons) having a few doubts about the evil dictatorship she worked for in the future.

    Carlos (Victor Webster - Mutant X ) the cop teams up with Julian (Richard Harmon - The 100 ). They have uncovered some corruption in the MegaCorps.

    Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) gets confronted by an old frenemy. They have a lot in common – they are both outcasts, with nowhere else to turn. Kellog has a plan to get on the inside of Alec’s Corporation,

    In a subplot, it is mentioned that Liber8 have recruited a new player. Chief Dillon’s daughter is assumed to be the person involved.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 9] Minute of Silence
    Shown 25/May/14

    A stranger wakes up from a coma. He is Ryan Robbins (Henry from Sanctuary ), one of the most prolific actors on Canadian TV. The only thing he remembers is the name Kiera Cameron. Since she has been given the day off work (after being banned from investigating her co-worker’s murder) she helps him out.

    Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) remembers that he already has a hold on Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) – the non-compete agreement he signed when he worked for Kellog. Yes, finally we get some continuity – and kellog gets some justice.

    A hi-tech thief is stealing secrets from MegaCorps. He uses free-running, an invisibility cloak and advanced computer-hacking skills. Chief Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ) suspects Liber8, but it seems more like leaderless resistance (or freelance thievery). It could also be a front for more corporate espionage, like last week.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 10] Revolutions Per Minute
    Shown 01/Jun/14

    With Betty gone, Police Captain Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ) loses his nerve. He reveals his secret plan to Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ), and orders her to extract his daughter. She has infiltrated a pharma-tech company that is working on a new cure for alzheimers.

    Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) gets his secret product working. However, he falls foul of the old rich men who run the MegaCorps. Yes, even though the Corporations have not officially united, they are still working as an oligopoly. Luckily he has Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) on his side.

    Alec finds out who really killed the other Kiera.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 11] 3 Minutes to Midnight
    Shown 08/Jun/14

    Liber8 are back! Yes, they have laid low for weeks, but now they come after the Protector and her new friend.

    In a several-way confrontation we finally get some exposition concerning the time war. It seems that Liber8 win, but the Corporations are destroyed and Government cannot cope. The economy goes under, replacing the hi-tech dystopia with a post-apocalyptic one. The Freelancers were the only ones with time travel tech, which was left over from the other time-lines.

    Alec’s new wonder-product, the Halo medical bracelet, has an unfortunate side-effect. It sends a small proportion of users into a murderous frenzy. Naturally, Detective Carlos (Victor Webster - Mutant X ) hears of this. Captain Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ) covers it up, so Carlos blabs to Theseus (Richard Harmon - The 100 ) instead.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 12] The Dying Minutes
    Shown 15/Jun/14

    Despite the time-travellers all meeting up last episode, things seem more confused than ever. Sonya Valentine ( Lexa Doig ) is somehow convinced that Liber8 has increased the power of the MegaCorps, the opposite of her intentions. She has her own plan to destabilise the MegaCorps, by undermining public confidence in Alec’s Halo bracelet. Since Captain Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ) plans to use it as a means of social control, this is a good idea.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 3, Episode 13] Last Minute
    Shown 22/Jun/14

    Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) is about to launch the Halo wrist-band, the first step in what will become the ultimate dystopian dictatorship. After all, if everyone in the population wears a GPS-fitted WiFi-enabled polygraph 24/7, the MegaCorp will track their moods as well as their physical location. Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) is there, helping keep him on track.

    The Protector has finally had a change of heart. Somehow, probably because of her new love interest, she has actually realised that she was working for the bad guys all along. Now she teams up with what is left of Liber8 in order to derail the Halo launch. Emily and Alternate Alec are also aboard, although the Love Interest (Ryan Robbins - Sanctuary ) keeps his hands clean.

    Predictably, the ending is the setup for yet another Season!


    Season 4

    Continuum Continuum [Season 4, Episode 1] Lost Hours
    Shown 04 Sep 15

    As of the climax of the previous episode, everyone has what they want. Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) teamed up with the Liber8 rebels and they prevented the Dark Future from happening. It still seems a bit convenient that she had a change of heart only when the plot demanded it, but at least now the story makes a bit more sense. There is only one Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ), but he has gotten himself kicked out of the Corporation. Yes, Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) the heroic underdog has taken over the future.

    Alec teams up with Theseus (Richard Harmon - The 100 ) and the Liber8 nerd to stage a DNS attack on Kellog’s computer server. Kiera and Carlos (an older-looking Victor Webster – Mutant X ) gatecrash Kellog’s launch party and beat up a security guard, even though Kellog has made it perfectly clear that Kiera is welcome at all his events. And the religious fanatics send Chen to deal with Kellog, one way or the other.

    Brad (Ryan Robbins – Sanctuary ) is reunited with his boss (Ty Olsson – Supernatural ) and their team of power-armoured soldiers. Their mission is to help their future boss Kellog by taking out a hit-list of his enemies. Naturally, Kiera Cameron is at the top of the list.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 4, Episode 2] Rush Hour
    Shown 11 Sep 15

    Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) had a couple of goons kidnap Emily the tweenage assassin girl. Normally she could take out a couple of thugs without breaking a sweat, but the plot demands that she stays kidnapped for most of the episode. Carlos (Victor Webster – Mutant X ) pressurizes Kellog, Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) stalls him and Alec (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) tries to stage a one-man rescue.

    Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ) is back. He survived total bodily destruction with only mild facial scarring, nothing as bad as Denis O’Hare had in American Horror Story: Murder house . Now he has quit the Police (giving Carlos a promotion) and is head of Kellog’s security team. Just as well, because Liber8 have taken Chen’s advice and have set up a hit on Kellog.

    As Kiera struggles to save Kellog’s life, Alec and Emily fight off Kellog’s goons and Carlos takes on Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) in bloody hand-to-hand combat. All in all, a well-choreographed sequence of mayhem.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 4, Episode 3] Power Hour
    Shown 18 Sep 15

    Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) is in police custody. Carlos (Victor Webster – Mutant X ) keeps a close eye on him.

    Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen - Jericho ) gets a job in the Police Department. However, his loyalties are conflicted. Carlos and Kiera have decided to use different strategies.

    Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) teams up with Garza and Lucas. The plan is to infiltrate the super-soldiers' HQ. It is a purely recon mission, but Garza does not feel like obeying Kiera's orders. Naturally, things go bad.

    Julian (Richard Harmon - The 100 ) destroys his Theseus Manifesto so he can avoid inspiring future freedom fighters to resist evil. However, someone posts it online without his consent, thus breaching his copyright. It turns out that Chen has an agenda that involves radicalising the young Kagame, so at least part of the original future will still come to pass.

    Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) has a new bodyguard, a tall athletic woman. She and Kiera have a couple of face-offs - perhaps we will get to see yet another cat-fight.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 4, Episode 4] Zero Hour
    Shown 25 Sep 15

    Carlos (Victor Webster – Mutant X ) and his police team raid a storage locker and discover a special item the super-soldiers stole.

    Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) finally realises why his future self wants him intact.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 4, Episode 5] The Desperate Hours
    Shown 02 Oct 15

    Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ) rats out his boss, Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ). Somehow, there is a recording of Kellog conspiring with Emily to kill Escher. Carlos (Victor Webster – Mutant X ) does not care that Emily is Alec's girlfriend, or that Escher was a supervillain. Nor does he care that Kellog is the only one who can help Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) defeat the super-soldiers. No, he just arrests Kellog and throws him in a cell.

    The super-soldiers start an all-out assault on the police station to rescue Kellog. Luckily, Carlos has a super-soldier of his own. Yes, Travis (Roger R Cross - First Wave ) is still in police custody. Ironically, Carlos would rather team up with Travis (a murderous terrorist) than with Kellog (a successful businessman).

    The super-soldier attack on the police station makes the one in Terminator look cheap and amateurish in comparison. Clearly the special effects industry has come forward in leaps and bounds over the last thirty years. Also, the show is about to end so it is a case of use it or lose it when it comes to the budget.

    Continuum Continuum [Season 4, Episode 6] Final Hour
    Shown 09 Oct 15

    Carlos (Victor Webster – Mutant X ) gets permission from HQ to launch an all-out attack on the super-soldiers' base. Because the time machine has an anti-matter reactor that would take out the entire city, launching an air-strike is out of the question. Instead, he must lead a SWAT team into the building. Luckily, Dillon (Brian Markinson - Caprica ) comes along to help out. Unfortunately the resultant shoot-out is nowhere near as exciting as the one in the previous episode, making this something of an anti-climax.

    Kellog (Stephen Lobo – Fringe ) tries to talk his way out of trouble, as always. He has an agenda of his own, as this Season has led this character astray. After all, he was a victim of the fascists in the future, not to mention the bloodthirsty Liber8 gang. Will he be given a chance to build a better future?

    Kiera Cameron ( Rachel Nichols ) builds a future of her own - or at least, gets credit for it. Alec Sadler thanks her for preventing his evil future from happening, and tells her she did more than Liber8 ever could. But she LIKED her evil future, and it was only by chance that Alec did not create it. The Corporate takeover was deemed inevitable, although if Alec was not in charge then the anarchists would win the revolution. All this is ignored.