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Season 1

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Reviewed 24th January 2006 [Monday]

Sam Winchester is in law school, engaged to Jessica ( Adrianne Palicki ). His brother Dean (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) pays a visit with some startling news. They set off to find their father, who disappeared while hunting the Yellow-Eyed monster that killed their mother. Luckily, the boys are a pair of gun-toting redneck ghost-busters.

The small town of Jericho is haunted by the Lady in White ( Sarah Shahi ). The brothers must deal with her before they can find their dad. Steve Railsback ( The Visitor ) appears briefly as the ghost's widower.

It is nice to see Ackles promoted from the supporting roles. The real shock is at the end of the ep, when we discover that the hunters might also become the hunted!

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 2] Wendigo
Reviewed 31st January 2006 [Monday]

Something is making campers disappear in the woods. A girl ( Gina Holden ) hires a hunter to help find her brother (Alden Ehrenreich - Hail Caesar ) and his buddy Gary (Cory Monteith - The Invisible ). The ghost-busting brothers tag along.

The plot, reminiscent of Blair Witch Project and Dog Soldiers , features them being chased through the woods by a Wendigo. Just like in Ravenous , this follows the story that a cannibal becomes a superhuman monster. Compare this with the similar episode of Bones, where the murderer only THINKS he gets superhuman powers!

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 3] Dead in the Water
Reviewed 7th February 2006 [Monday]

A teenage girl gets dragged under in a lake in Wisconsin. A cliched scene reminiscent of Jaws, though the creature's POV is monochrome.

The brothers go investigating, as US Wildlife Marshals Ford and Hamill. Amy Acker is the sheriff's daughter. Her son is named Lucas. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) takes a liking to her. He tries to bond with the kid - after all, they have a lot in common.

Acker is a pretty decent actress, when given the chance to do something more of a stretch than her character in Angel . And she shows her dancer's figure in the bath scene!

The monster is a water-ghost. This leads on to tension-based scenes like Dark Water and a conclusion similar to What Lies Beneath .

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 4] Phantom Traveler
Reviewed 14th February 2006 [Monday]

The boys get a call from a pal of their dad's. He wants them to investigate a series of mysterious airplane crashes.

It turns out a Japanese disaster-causing demon might be responsible. The only way they can stop it is by getting onto a doomed plane!

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 5] Bloody Mary
Reviewed 21st February 2006 [Monday]

In an urban myth similar to Candyman , if you say Bloody Mary three times in front of a mirror, you die horribly.

The brothers investigate, and find there is a pattern. She attacks people who have a secret involving someone's death.

Sam, the younger bro, has a secret about his GF's death. He is still haunted by her, more so than in previous eps. The reason, which he does not tell Dean (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ), is that he had premonitions before her death!

This week the Jap horror-thriller that gets ripped off is Ringu . Pity, since the trick can only really be used once. But it is a nice try.

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 6] Skin
Reviewed 28th February 2006 [Monday]

This starts with a police SWAT team cornering a dangerous torturer ... Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville )!

The rest of the story is told in flashback, starting one week earlier.

An old GF calls the boys in to help. Her brother has been arrested for torturing his girlfriend, but either he was in two places at the same time, or there is a shapeshifter in town.

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 7] Hook Man
Reviewed 7th March 2006 [Monday]

The boys are still looking for their dad, to no avail. But they do find out about a murder which resembles an Urban legend - the victim is killed by an invisible Hook Man.

The boys investigate, and find that the murders are focused around a college girl. Her dad is the local preacher (Bulldog from Frasier).

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 8] Bugs
Reviewed 13th March 2006 [Sunday]

The brothers go to a suburb where people are being killed by insect swarms. Turns out, the land is subject to a Native American curse.

The brothers have a dispute about their father. College Boy Sam felt neglected because he wanted to learn and better himself instead of being an hunter like his dad.

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 9] Home
Reviewed 20th March 2006 [Sunday]

College Boy Sam has a psychic hunch. Something nasty is attacking the family in the house the brothers used to live in.

The boys make a tiny step towards finding the thing that killed their mother. They find an ally, and we get a glimpse of their parents. This looks like the start of a story arc ...

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 10] Asylum
Reviewed 27th March 2006 [Sunday]

The brothers visit a haunted Asylum - not unlike House on Haunted Hill (1999) . Seems that a ghost is possessing people who visit, resulting in murder-suicide sprees.

The building is also frequented by horny teenagers.

The brothers still have issues with each other, and have to work their anger out ...

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 11] Scarecrow
Shown 10 Jan 06
Reviewed 2nd April 2006 [Sunday]

A teenage couple (including Sherman from American Pie) on a road-trip have their car break down. In an orchard in Indiana, in the middle of the night. With a creepy murderous scarecrow nearby, like in Jeepers Creepers 2 or Slash .

The boys get a phone call from ther dad. He orders them to stop blowing his cover, and to investigate the disappearances.

College boy decides to hitchhike to California, and disrupt dad's hunt for the story-arc demon. He meets a gorgeous blonde, Meg ( Nicki Aycox ), also hitching.

Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) stays in hick county, hunting alone for the monster. William B Davis ( X-Files ) is a Professor who helps him research pagan gods.

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 12] Faith
Shown 17 Jan 06
Reviewed 9th April 2006 [Sunday]

Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) tazers a freak. Unfortunately they are both in a puddle at the time, so Dean gets electrocuted. His heart is so badly damaged that he will be dead within 24 hours.

College Boy Sam takes him to a faith-healer. Dean is dubious about it, despite all the unnatural stuff he has seen. He gets cured, of course - and discovers there is a Reaper behind it.

The healer is trading one life for another. Does he have the right to do that? And even if he does not, does Dean have the right to stop him?

Since Julie Benz is dying of a brain tumour, the moral question takes on a different angle.

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 13] Route 666
Shown 31 Jan 06
Reviewed 16th April 2006 [Sunday]

A mysterious truck is killing African-American men in Missouri. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) is called in to investigate. His ex-GF is daughter of one of the murder victims.

The interracial couple steam things up. This somewhat explicit romp explains all the ITV Scary just got sexy trailers that have been on UK TV for this show.

It turns out that the ghost-truck comes from something nasty that happened in the town. Not centuries ago, but in the 1960s. Only a generation back, but in the Deep South that is not very long ago at all!

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 14] Nightmare
Reviewed 23rd April 2006 [Sunday]

College-boy has a nightmare about a man being killed by an invisible force. He and his brother drive there to investigate.

College-boy's powers of premonition are growing. He has telekinesis as well!

The story, and the climax, is somewhat reminiscent of Carrie .

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 15] The Benders
Reviewed 30th April 2006 [Sunday]

The brothers (in stolen State Trooper uniforms) investigate a missing persons case, because the witness was a wee boy watching a Godzilla movie. But that night, college-boy goes MIA from the same parking lot. So much for his psi visions!

Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) teams up with County Mountie Jessica Steen .

The kidnappers are not demonic. They are a family of rednecks who like playing The Most Dangerous Game.

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 16] Shadow
Reviewed 7th May 2006 [Sunday]

Chicago. A shadow is following people to their homes at night, then ripping their hearts out and leaving a strange symbol drawn in their blood.

The brothers check out the bar where the latest victim worked. College Boy recognises Meg ( Nicki Aycox ), from Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 11] Scarecrow. And he is actually smart enough be suspicious of the coincidence.

The forces of eeevil are after the boys' dad - and they will not give up without a fight.

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 17] Hell House
Reviewed 14th May 2006 [Sunday]

Texas. A disused farmhouse is site of a hideous haunting. But the ghost does not conform to existing protocols ...

The brothers are tailed by a pair of ghost-facers who run a website. Freakylinks , anyone? The amateurs are called Spengler and Zedmore, a reference to Ghostbusters .

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 18] Something Wicked
Reviewed 21st May 2006 [Sunday]

The boys investigate an epidemic among small kids in a small town. Turns out a monster climbs in their windows at night, and sucks the life-essence from them.

The monster once attacked College-boy, when he was very young. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) blames himself for not killing it back then.

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 19] Provenance
Reviewed 28th May 2006 [Sunday]

A creepy old family portrait is coming to life and murdering people.

College-boy has a new love interest - Sarah Blake, the babe who helps her dad run the auction house. The amazing thing is, despite the cliches, the new girl is actually incredibly likeable. She is Taylor Cole , best known as the bad girl in The Event .

This is a very good thing, plot-wise. When the inevitable happens and she is put in mortal jeopardy, we actually CARE!

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 20] Dead Man's Blood
Reviewed 4th June 2006 [Sunday]

The boys are not the only demon-hunters in the USA. A pal of their dad's is killed by some Vamps, who make off with his magic revolver.

The boys team up with their dad (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) to avenge the hunter, and more importantly to retrieve the gun. They need it to kill the Big Bad!

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 21] Salvation
Reviewed 11th June 2006 [Sunday]

Meg ( Nicki Aycox ), the blonde demoness, is killing off all the Hunters. She threatens to continue, unless Pa Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) hands over the magic gun.

Pa heads off to meet her. Unfortunately she has backup in the shape of Sebastian Spence ( First Wave ).

Meanwhile, the two boys lay a trap for The Demon. They know the next victim will be Monica ( Erin Karpluk ), thanks to Pa's sleuthing and psi-boy's visions.

Serinda Swan pops up as a hospital receptionist.

Supernatural Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 22] Devil's Trap
Reviewed 18th June 2006 [Sunday]

The boys set off to save their dad, who is held prisoner by Sebastian Spence ( First Wave ). But first, they have to deal with Meg.

Freeing Dad is one thing. But is it really him, or is he possessed by The Yellow-Eyed Demon?

Luckily the boys have one of their father's old friends to help them. Missouri, the woman who helped in a previous episode, is unavailable. However, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) makes his first appearance.




Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2017 [Sunday]


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  • Season 2

  • Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown - Alias, Tarzan )
  • Jo ( Alonal Tal )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 1] In My Time of Dying
    Shown 28 Sep 06
    Reviewed 15th July 2007 [Sunday]

    The Winchesters survive their last run-in with the Yellow-Eyed Demon (YED), but they end up in hospital. Dean is comatose - and his spirit wanders about, chased by the Grim Reaper. He befriends a female ghost - yes, even while comatose he has a love interest!

    Pa Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) has a plan of his own. He can bring Dean back from the brink of death, but must make a deal with the YED to do so.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 2] Everybody Loves A Clown
    Shown 5 Oct 06
    Reviewed 20th July 2007 [Friday]

    Dean has issues, thanks to his father's choice last ep.

    The boys go hunting a killer clown.

    This episode is the first appearance of Jo ( Alonal Tal ).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 3] Bloodlust
    Shown 12 Oct 06
    Reviewed 27th July 2007 [Friday]

    Someone is decapitating people in a tiny redneck town. Worse, there are cattle mutilations! Sam and Dean turn up to investigate - and find out that a rogue demon-hunter is after some vamps.

    Dean's bloodlust is taking control. He starts to bond with the other Hunter, Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown - Alias, Tarzan ). But maybe the hunter likes his work too much ...

    Lenore ( Amber Benson ) is the vampires' leader. It looks like Tara McClay has changed sides, because this is a wonderful counter-argument to Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 4] Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
    Shown 19 Oct 06
    Reviewed 3rd August 2007 [Friday]

    With their dad gone, the boys visit their mother's grave. It is Sam's idea - Dean wants to go Hunting, and stumbles across a desecrated grave. Is it a real Hunt, or is he just over-reacting to distract himself from issues he will not address?

    A beautiful girl died in a car crash. Now, her cheating boyfriend thinks he sees her everywhere. Is she a ghost ... or something worse?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 5] Simon Said
    Shown 26 Oct 06
    Reviewed 10th August 2007 [Friday]

    Sam gets visions of Blu Mankuma ( Dead Zone ) killing himself. It seems that another psychic boy might be involved ...

    The boys investigate, and discover that the suspect can telepathically influence people. Sam thinks he is the killer, but Dean likes the guy's style and wants to give him a chance.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 6] No Exit
    Shown 2 Nov 06
    Reviewed 17th August 2007 [Friday]

    The boys are up against the ghost of America's first serial killer, HH Holmes, who haunts a set of underground passages in Philadelphia.

    Not only do they have their own kick-ass style, they also have a beautiful girl to help them out. She is Jo ( Alonal Tal ), the daughter of the Roadhouse owner.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 7] The Usual Suspects
    Shown 9 Nov 06
    Reviewed 24th August 2007 [Friday]

    Sam and Dean go to a small town to investigate ghost sightings. Every time someone sees the ghost, there is a murder. Looks like a vengeful spirit is on a killing spree!

    Unfortunately, Dean is still wanted for a murder he did not commit. When the cops pick the boys up and run their prints, it looks like Sam and Dean will end up in jail permanently.

    This ep guest-stars Keegan Connor Tracy .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 8] Crossroad Blues
    Shown 16 Nov 06
    Reviewed 1st September 2007 [Friday]

    Talented people are going crazy, halucinating and then killing themselves. It turns out that ten years ago, they made a deal with a demon at a crossroads. And since they have had their ten years of success, they must pay their debt.

    Sam and Dean decide to involve themselves. And naturally, Dean discovers a lot more about his father's death than he wanted to know.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 9] Croatoan
    Shown 7 Dec 06

    Sammy has a dream of Dean executing a hostage in cold blood. The boys go to visit a small town and investigate some goings-on. The dream starts to come true ...

    The Town has been infected by a demon - possibly the one responsible for Roanoake. The result is a typical Bodysnatchers style encounter.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 10] Hunted
    Shown 11 Jan 07

    Someone is murdering psychic teenagers. Sammy is next on the hit list. Ava Wilson ( Katharine Isabelle ) is a Hunter's daughter, and may be on the hit-list too.

    It turns out the killer is an old acquaintance of the boys. Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown - Alias, Tarzan ) is back in business!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 11] Playthings
    Shown 18 Jan 07
    Reviewed 22nd September 2007 [Friday]

    An old hotel is being sold. But the workmen start dying in mysterious accidents ...

    The brothers turn up, and discover that voodoo is involved. But it might be a Poltergeist instead.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 12] Nightshifter
    Shown 25 Jan 07
    Reviewed 22nd April 2007 [Sunday]

    The boys go after another shapeshifter. He is going to rob a bank, so they go undercover there. Unfortunately, another hunter (Chris Gautier - Eureka ) takes a more direct approach. Unfortunately he is both amateurish and paranoid.

    The boys end up besieged by the cops (and Dean is still a wanted man, after the last time they met a shapeshifter). Worse, they have no idea who the shifter is!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 13] Houses of the Holy
    Shown 1 Feb 07
    Reviewed 29th April 2007 [Sunday]

    An Angel is telling people to kill. Like in the film Frailty .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 14] Born Under a Bad Sign
    Shown 8 Feb 07
    Reviewed 6th May 2007 [Sunday]

    Dean is looking for his brother. It turns out Sam is possessed, and is killing off Hunters ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 15] Tall Tales
    Shown 15 Feb 07
    Reviewed 13th May 2007 [Sunday]

    The boys are stumped by a series of mysterious deaths, so they call in their dad's pal Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) to help. They narrate the flashbacks, which allows for some hilarious characterisation.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 16] Roadkill
    Shown 15 Mar 07
    Reviewed 20th May 2007 [Sunday]

    Trish Helfer (AKA Trish The Dish) and her hubby are driving along a deserted road at night. They swerve to avoid a pedestrian, and crash. Trish wakes up alone, and is chased by a psychotic hillbilly.

    Sam and Dean try to save Trish, but it is mostly told from her perspective. She has her natural hair colour, which makes her almost unrecognisable. She is also a great actress! Dean makes disparaging references to Ghost Whisperer , a subtle hint in itself ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 17] Heart
    Shown 22 Mar 07
    Reviewed 27th May 2007 [Sunday]

    Emanuelle Vaugnier is mugged. Later, Sam and Dean turn up to investigate a series of brutal murders. Looks like there is a werewolf in town ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 18] Hollywood Babylon
    Shown 19 Apr 07
    Reviewed 3rd June 2007 [Sunday]

    A series of mysterious deaths on the set of a B-Movie draws the attention of our heroes. Gary Cole ( American Gothic ) is the Producer.

    There are lots of in-jokes and cameos. The writer, director and producer all plug their own work.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 19] Folsom Prison Blues
    Shown 26 Apr 07
    Reviewed 10th June 2007 [Sunday]

    Sam and Dean get themselves arrested to get into a haunted jail. Dean, predictably, fits in rather well in his new environment.

    The FBI Agents from Nightshifter are still after them. Luckily the brothers have a good lawyer ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 20] What Is and What Should Never Be
    Shown 3 May 07
    Reviewed 17th June 2007 [Sunday]

    Dean goes after a Djinn - alone! He gets zapped by its wish-granting power ... and wakes up in an alternate universe.

    What if Dean's mother had not been killed by a demon? Well, the boys would never have become Hunters. Sam would have been back in law school, engaged to Jessica ( Adrianne Palicki ). They would have been happier - but at what cost?

    The resolution is a bit too straight-forward, too typically action-adventure to fit the moral dilemma that Sam faces. He has to choose, but in fact the choice is already made for him.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 21] All Hell Breaks Loose (1)
    Shown 10 May 07
    Reviewed 24th June 2007 [Sunday]

    Sam is abducted by the Demon and placed with four other psychic kids, including Ava Wilson ( Katharine Isabelle ). Then they get picked off, one by one ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 22] All Hell Breaks Loose (2)
    Shown 17 May 07
    Reviewed 2nd July 2007 [Sunday]

    The cliffhanger ending gets a new twist. This allows the Hunters to get a face-off against the Demons, and we get re-matches ...

    A new element is introduced - a plot device the Demons want. It fits in with other ideas used in the show, but there is no foreshadowing prior to the first part of this double-ep. Yes, this story does close the Season ... but it is tying up loose ends rather than giving a climax to the story arc. The writers have stolen a key plot device from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - but not the actual structure of a story arc!

    Season 3

  • Ruby ( Katie Cassiday )
  • Bela ( Lauren Cohan )
  • Lisa ( Cindy Sampson )
  • Rufus Turner (Steve Williams - X-Files )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 1] The Magnificent Seven
    Shown 4 Oct 07
    Reviewed 28th January 2008 [Sunday]

    It is a week after the mass breakout from Hell, and the demons have not gone on a full-scale rampage yet. The boys are in a rut - Dean is living life to the maximum, while Sam is trying to find a way out of the soul-selling deal.

    A new demon is in town, with an atypical modus operandi. A couple of other Hunters are on the case as well. And the demons are better organised than anyone expected. They are the Seven Deadly Sins!

    There is another player in town as well. A Rogue Demon-Slayer with long blonde hair, not unlike Buffy the Vampire Slayer . If she looks familiar it is because she is played by Katie Cassiday .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 2] The Kids Are Alright
    Shown 11 Oct 07
    Reviewed 3rd February 2008 [Sunday]

    Dean's dying wish this week is to visit Lisa ( Cindy Sampson ) - a Yoga Teacher he has not seen in 8 years. Of course, he assumes that she will be just as care-free as he is after all this time. The obvious plot-twist is taken a step further ... with hilarious (if quite worrying) results!

    The Yoga-chick's suburb is, by strange coincidence, full of creepy little kids. Midwich Cuckoos , anyone? This sub-plot has a scene-stealing performance by the lady scientist from Stargate Universe as a woman who suspects that her daughter has changed ...

    Sam meets Ruby the Demon-Slayer ( Katie Cassiday ) again. She tells him who she is, and offers him a deal he cannot refuse ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 3] Bad Day at Black Rock
    Shown 18 Oct 07
    Reviewed 10th February 2008 [Sunday]

    The boys receive a phone-call intended for their dad. Someone burglarised his secret lock-up garage, so they investigate. The perps have made off with a magical rabbits's foot, which gives amazingly good luck to the owner ... But when you eventually lose it, you end up re-living Final Destination !

    The antagonist of the week is a gorgeous thief named Bela ( Lauren Cohan ), a light-fingered bitch who steals-to-order magical artefacts. Worse, a rival Hunter (Michael Massee - 24) is on their trail. He is a psychotic Jesus-lover who is also a friend of Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown - Alias, Tarzan ), the vamp-hating African American. They want to kill Sam, because he might be a key figure in the coming apocalypse ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 4] Sin City
    Shown 25 Oct 07
    Reviewed 17th February 2008 [Sunday]

    The ep title refers to a town the brothers visit, where everyone has given in to the sins of lust and greed. It is also ironic, since Jensen Ackles' co-star from Dark Angel appeared in the movie of the same name.

    The main beneficiary of the so-called Sin is crooked businessman Don Davis ( Stargate SG-1 ).

    Sam gets trapped with a demon, and discovers that things were not as clear-cut as he thought. The show has taken a step away from the generic Buffy -style demonic entities and ancient folklore, and has now adopted a Judeo-Xian world-view. The Demons worship Lucifer, the Yellow-Eyed Demon was Azazael, and now there is a battle for the succession.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 5] Bedtime Stories
    Shown 1 Nov 07
    Reviewed 24th February 2008 [Sunday]

    Smalltown USA, and people are being murdered in ways that resemble Fairy Tales. The boys investigate, and trace it back to a little girl in a coma, who develops psychic powers. If this sounds familiar, it is because it was in Buffy: Season One . It is also similar to the plot of new film Freakdog (formerly Red Mist) , due for release in Summer 2009!

    Sam has his own plans to get Dean out of The Deal. They have the Gun again - what can possibly go wrong?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 6] Red Sky at Morning
    Shown 8 Nov 07
    Reviewed 2nd March 2008 [Sunday]

    The boys investigate a Ghost Ship that acts as a death omen.

    Bela ( Lauren Cohan ), the thieving bitch from the Rabbits Foot story, is in town. She is working an angle, so the boys have to team up with her. Naturally, there is a bit of sexual tension between her and Dean. Sam gets a love interest as well!

    The ghost behind the curse is only killing a specific kind of victim. This inadvertently reveals another hint about Bela's past.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 7] Fresh Blood
    Shown 15 Nov 07
    Reviewed 9th March 2008 [Sunday]

    The Winchester boys are hunting Vampires. Mercedes McNab , to start with!

    Meanwhile, Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown - Alias, Tarzan ) the Vampire Hunter has busted out of prison. He wants revenge on the boys, and takes the opportunity to do some vamps too. The result is terrifyingly ironic ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 8] A Very Supernatural Christmas
    Shown 13 Dec 07
    Reviewed 16th March 2008 [Sunday]

    Evil Santa is on the prowl. The boys discover that an ancient Pagan god is responsible for the carnage.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 9] Malleus Maleficarum
    Shown 31 Jan 08
    Reviewed 23rd March 2008 [Sunday]

    The boys investigate unpleasant goings-on. It turns out there is a witches coven in suburbia. Witches of Eastwick kind of stuff.

    We get to find out a bit more about Ruby's past. Ruby ( Katie Cassiday ) was human once - as were all demons. And if Dean spends long enough in Hell, the experience will turn him into a demon too!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 10] Dream A Little Dream Of Me
    Reviewed 30th March 2008 [Sunday]

    Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) is in a coma. The boys try to hunt down the person responsible, someone who can invade a victim's dreams. All he needs is some DNA and a mystical African root. And the only one who can obtain the root at short notice is Bela ( Lauren Cohan ) ...

    Sam and Dean must enter Bobby's dreams in order to save him. Bela pops up briefly, to establish for the audience that Sam has the hots for her.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 11] Mystery Spot
    Shown 14 Feb 2008
    Reviewed 6th April 2008 [Sunday]

    Sammy starts re-living the day. And every day, Dean gets killed. In a variety of ways, some quite funny ...

    This is the reappearance of a more light-hearted villain.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 12] Jus In Bello
    Shown 21 Feb 08
    Reviewed 13th April 2008 [Sunday]

    The brothers are on Bela's trail. Unfortunately she has arranged for the FBI Agent from last Season to catch them.

    Sam, Dean and the Agent end up trapped in a police station, besieged by an entire town of possessed folk. Ruby ( Katie Cassiday ) has a plan, but it involves massive loss of life ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 13] Ghostfacers
    Shown 24 Apr 08
    Reviewed 8th June 2008 [Sunday]

    As the WGA went on strike and the TV Networks replaced Dramas with Reality TV, we get this wonderful parody of the genre. The show is from the perspective of the amateur parapsychologists from Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 17] Hell House. Their cameraman is JT from Beauty and the Beast (2012) . They investigate the most haunted house in America ...

    Naturally, Sam and Dean turn up. And things take a turn for the creepy!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 14] Long-Distance Call
    Shown 1 May 08
    Reviewed 15th June 2008 [Sunday]

    Bela's trail has gone cold, so the boys have to go back to hunting the freak of the Week. This time it is a suicide that followed a mysterious phone call. Their cover names? Mr Raimi and Mr Campbell!

    It turns out that dead people are calling their relatives. Dean gets a call from his dad! The old man claims his advice will help them kill the Demon who holds Dean's marker. Sam has to work out what is going on ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 15] Time Is On My Side
    Shown 8 May 08
    Reviewed 22nd June 2008 [Sunday]

    Kavan Smith ( Eureka ) is attacked, and has a vital organ ripped out of him. Sam goes hunting after a mad Doctor (Billy Drago - Vamp ) who has discovered the secret of immortality. Unfortunately it involves stealing spare parts from healthy victims, but the doctor does his best to make his patients comfortable. His medical knowledge is limited to nineteenth century technology (ether, silk sutures, maggots), but at least one of the victims lives.

    Dean makes a reference to Dr Quinn: Medicine Zombie - ironic, since she was his mother in Smallville . But more importantly ...

    Meanwhile, Dean goes after Bela ( Lauren Cohan ). He visits Rufus Turner (Steve Williams - X-Files ). Can he get the Colt back? Will he find out who her customer was? Will she get her come-uppance?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 16] No Rest for the Wicked
    Shown 15 May 08
    Reviewed 29th June 2008 [Sunday]

    The boys find out where Lillith is, and go hunting. They team up with Bobby, and summon Ruby ( Katie Cassiday ) ...

    The climax of the Season is a cliffhanger. Instead of answering questions, it just asks a lot more.

    Season 4

  • Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse )
  • Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese )
  • Grandpa Campbell (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files )
  • Demon arch-Inquisitor Alastair (Mark Rolston - Shawshank Redemption )
  • Arch-demon Alastair (Christopher Heyerdahl - Sanctuary )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 1] Lazarus Rising
    Shown 18 Sep 08

    Dean gets pulled out of Hell. He wakes up in his coffin, buried in a clearing in the woods. First he has to convince Bobby and Sam he is not a monster. Sam is shacked up with a hoochie ( Genevieve Cortese ).

    They have to discover the monster that raised him from Hell. Bobby introduces them to Pamela Barnes, a beautiful psychic. She conducts a seance for them, and tells them the monster's name - Castiel. This is the most horrendous monster so far - it is virtually unkillable, and has absolutely no conscience. Since Hell and demons are real, it seems that Heaven and Angels are too!

    As a side-note, nice to see that Dean's favourite website (BustyAsianBeauties.com) has a printed magazine too.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 2] Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
    Shown 25 Sep 08

    Ghosts are killing hunters. The boys go to help Bobby.

    It turns out that the vengeful ghosts are the spirits of the people that the hunters could not save in time. Meg ( Nicki Aycox ) makes a re-appearance - the human one, not the demon who possessed her. Other familiar faces include the FBI Agent killed by Lillith, and Ronald Reznik (Chris Gautier - Eureka ) the bank-robbing idiot who was killed by the FBI. Yet more guilt for Dean!

    Meg points out how badly the hunters treat the victims of demonic possession.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 3] In the Beginning
    Shown 2 Oct 08

    Dean finds himself back in the 1970s, before he was even born. After a couple of references to Back to the Future , Dean realises he has to make sure his parents get together.

    The Yellow-Eye Demon comes to town, looking to further his own agenda. And though the YED is out of the picture, his plan might be a major part of this Season's story arc.

    His maternal Grandpa is Mitch Pileggi ( X-Files ).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 4] Metamorphosis
    Shown 9 Oct 08

    Dean is back, and he discovers what Sammy has been up to. For the last five months, Sam and Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese ) have been hunting demons. Sam's slayer power (from demon-blood, not unlike Buffy's) means he can exorcise a demon just by using his mind. The Angels are against him using his power, and Dean is none too happy about it either. Never mind him shacking up with Ruby!

    The brothers are called in to help a Hunter who has discovered a man who has begun a slow metamorphosis into a flesh-eating monster. Dean assumes the man will turn evil regardless, and should be killed ASAP. Sam sees that the man has a good side, and should be allowed a chance to control the monster within him. A blatant metaphor for the situation Sam himself is in, of course.

    Joanne Kelly is the suspect's wife.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 5] Monster Movie
    Shown 16 Oct 08

    This ep is in b&w, a parody of the classic 1930s Universal Studios horror films. It was directed by Producer Robert Singer.

    The brothers travel to Pennsylvania, where Oktoberfest is in full swing. The place has been transformed into somewhere in a Universal Studios film, complete with beer wenches. It has been invaded by a handful of classic movie monsters - Dracula, the Wolfman and the Mummy. The diabolical trio start killing random extras, but the Winchesters are on the case now.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 6] Yellow Fever
    Shown 23 Oct 08

    Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) gets infected with Ghost Sickness, a supernatural illness which makes the victim gradually become more and more frightened for 24 hours until they die! This is the closest thing to The Grudge the brothers have dealt with so far. The fact that they do it in a comedy episode indicates that even the Winchesters could not win against it. Of course, look at how long Sarah Michelle Gellar lasted in the Grudge series!

    Jensen Ackles gives a wonderful performance. And keep watching til the end, for his Eye of the Tiger lipsynch!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 7] It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
    Shown 30 Oct 08

    Halloween is coming, and people in small-town USA start dying in urban myths. Sam and Dean investigate, and discover that a witch is trying to raise the Halloween demon, Samhain.

    Castiel comes to town with a sidekick, Uriel. They plan to destroy the entire town to prevent Samhain's arrival, which is one of the 66 seals.

    Sam can take demons with his psychic mojo. This leaves Dean to defeat a zombie apocalypse single-handed.

    Dean is still unhappy about Sam using his superpower, believing it to be the path to the Dark Side. But Uriel tells Sam that Dean is lying about his time in Hell. What is Dean covering up?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 8] Wishful Thinking
    Shown 6 Nov 08

    The boys arrive in a small town where wishes come true. A teddy-bear comes to life, and Ted Raimi ( Xena: Warrior Princess ) dates a beautiful girl. But as always in this kind of thing, it is a case of Be Careful What You Wish For!

    This is a great humourous episode. Reminiscent of the Trickster ones, in fact.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 9] I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Shown 13 Nov 08
    Reviewed 15th March 2009 [Sunday]

    A girl named Anna Milton is in a mental health facility. Demons want to get her, so she escapes and goes on the run.

    Sam tells Dean about an encounter with a Crossroads demon after Dean went to Hell. But Sam says nothing about his time with Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese ) - and Dean says nothing about his time in Hell.

    The Demons send their arch-Inquisitor, Alastair (Mark Rolston - Shawshank Redemption ), after Anna. He and Dean spent a lot of time together in Hell.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 10] Heaven and Hell
    Shown 20 Nov 08

    This is part 2 of the story started last week. Castiel and his kill-happy associate, Uriel, are on Anna's tail as well.

    Dean bonds with Anna. They have a lot in common. Will Dean lose his man-hymen again?

    Sam and Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese ) have been up to no good together. And Dean confesses to Sam about his own fall to the Dark Side. Yes, they are both ashamed of what they Did Last Summer.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 11] Family Remains
    Shown 15 Jan 09

    The brothers go to a remote country house to investigate a story about a man murdered in a locked room. They think it is a ghost, but the explanation is far creepier.

    A family arrive with a moving truck - they have bought the murder-scene house. Helen Slater plays the housewife of the bunch. The Winchesters try to dissuade them from moving in. But everyone ends up trapped inside, besieged by horrors. There is a lot of suspense, it is an excellent episode - we know the Winchesters will (probably) survive, but the family are in genuine jeopardy.

    The ending has a tinge of moral ambiguity. That writing, combined with the suspenseful directing, makes this one of the best episodes of the show.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 12] Criss Angel Is A Douchebag
    Shown 22 Jan 09

    Barry Bostwick ( Rocky Horror Picture Show ) is involved in mysterious goings on at a Convention for stage illusionists. Someone may have introduced real magic into the show. The Brothers investigate.

    After the previous, serious ep, this is slightly more light-hearted. But it has a darker side. Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese ) is in town, tempting Sam with the power to kill Lillith.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 13] After School Special
    Shown 29 Jan 09

    Something is possessing kids at a High School in the Midwest, then making them kill and mutilate bullies like Marie Avgeropolous . The Winchesters investigate ...

    The boys have flashbacks to the few weeks they spent at that school, when their dad left them there while he was off monster-hunting. Their relationships with classmates show how they developed into the dysfunctional pair we all know and love.

    Candice Accola is Dean's High School sweetheart. She then went on to play a non-human Cheerleader in Vampire Diaries .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 14] Sex and Violence
    Shown 5 Feb 09

    Something is pushing domestic disputes to the next level. The boys investigate, even though their relationship is not at its best. Dean is suspicious of Sam's secret phonecalls with Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese ).

    A Siren is seducing men and turning them against the people they love the most. Sam meets a beautiful lady doctor, while Dean teams up with a genuine FBI agent who shares his interests (Hoyt in True Blood , who looks like a young Vincent D'Onofrio - Men in Black ). Could one of them be the Siren?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 15] Death Takes a Holiday
    Shown 12 Mar 09

    The Bros investigate a town where nobody has died. The Lycian guy from Stargate Universe survives a 9mm bullet to the heart at point-blank range. Arch-demon Alastair is in town, now using the form of Christopher Heyerdahl ( Sanctuary ). Is this a coincidence?

    Please note, Alastair states that his previous host was incinerated but his demonic form survived. At no point do the Brothers express remorse at killing the hosts of Demons, nor do they intend to stop killing the hosts.

    The boys call in a blind woman who is an expert in the spirit world. She helps them astral project, so they can talk to the ghost of the last person to die in the town. The Demons want to kill a couple of Reapers in order to open one of the Seals. One of the Reapers was Dean's love interest in Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 1] In My Time of Dying.

    The ep (and the entire Season) is dedicated to Kim Manners, a Producer/Director who worked on the show.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 16] On the Head of a Pin
    Shown 19 Mar 09

    Someone is killing Angels. Supposedly this is impossible, but it looks like the Demons have found a way to do this. Bearing in mind that supposedly unkillable Demons (i.e. Fallen Angels) have been Final Death'd, it should not be too much of a stretch.

    This follows on directly from the previous ep, showing that it actually had consequences. The Angels have Alastair the Arch-Demon (Christopher Heyerdahl - Sanctuary ) in custody. But who can torture the torturer? Dean gets called in, of course. He is reluctant, but the Angels do not leave him much choice.

    Anna pops up to talk Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) out of it. She still uses the likeness of her human body. That said, she is still on Heaven's hit-list as a deserter. But Castiel never suspects her of being the traitor.

    Meanwhile, Sam calls on Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese ) for help. We find out what they were doing when Dean was away, and how Ruby is boosting Sam's super-power.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 17] It's a Terrible Life
    Shown 26 Mar 09

    Dean is a sales executive and Sam is a customer service operator in a big city MegaCorp. Unfortunately they do not remember each other - but they have to team up to face the resident ghost. It is in room 1444, a nice reference to the film 1408 .

    Zecharias (Kurt Fuller - Wayne's World ) makes his first appearance.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 18] The Monster at the End of This Book
    Shown 2 Apr 09

    The brothers visit a Sci-Fi shop, and discover someone wrote a series of pulp novels about them. This is a wonderful piece of self-parody, with the novels named after episode titles in the show. The brothers discover their on-line fan-base, including Wincest fan-fic.

    Lillith is on the prowl, and she wants a special deal with Sammy. Can Dean find a way to defeat her?

    This ep guest-stars Keegan Connor Tracy .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 19] Jump the Shark
    Shown 23 Apr 09

    The boys get a call from someone who claims to be their brother. They investigate, and discover ghoulish goings-on related to a case their dad finished almost twenty years previously.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 20] The Rapture
    Shown 30 Apr 09

    Anna the Angel fills in on Castiel's normal role, providing exposition in handy chunks. Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) has been dragged back to Heaven to be punished for getting too involved with the Winchesters. His vessel, a man named Jimmy, now has control of his own body again.

    Sammy's addiction to Demon blood starts to become a problem.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 21] When The Levee Breaks
    Shown 7 May 09

    Dean and Bobby try to make Sam go cold turkey, to get him off the demon blood. But he needs the demon blood to increase his superpower so he can take on Lillith. Instead, he hallucinates that he is being tortured by Alastair the Arch-Demon (Christopher Heyerdahl - Sanctuary ).

    Sam escapes, and goes on the run with Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese ). She has a lead on Lillith's personal chef.

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is now working for his superiors again. They have plans for Sam, Dean and Anna.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 22] Lucifer Rising
    Shown 14 May 09

    Azazael started his plan in 1972, when he possessed a Priest (Crazy Eddie from First Wave ) and gutted a bunch of nuns. Their convent is the site of Lucifer's prison, and that is where Lillith plans to break the final seal.

    Sam and Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese ) take out the Personal Chef. Sam gets queasy when he realises he has to torture the VESSEL, not just the Demon. Ruby points out that he has killed a LOT of vessels so far.

    The Angels abduct Dean, and monologue him with their plans. They WANT Lucifer to get out and take Sam as his meat suit. This is the setup for the next Season.

    Season 5

  • Lucifer/Nick (Mark Pelligrino - Lost )
  • Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Firefly, Medium, Dr Who )
  • Zecharias (Kurt Fuller - Wayne's World )
  • Meg ( Rachel Miner )
  • Super-fan Becky Rosen ( Emily Perkins )
  • Pestilence (Matt Frewer - Eureka )
  • Death (Julian Richings - War of the Worlds S2 )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 1] Sympathy for the Devil
    Shown 10 Sep 09

    The boys have tied up the loose ends of the previous Season. But a new super-villain is on the loose - Lucifer himself! He needs a host body, so he targets Nick (Mark Pelligrino - Jacob in Lost ) and his wife Bellamy Young . And he seems to be a much nicer person than the un-fallen Angels are!

    The Brothers team up with Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ), Carver the Prophet and Becky Rosen ( Emily Perkins ) - the webmistress of their fan-site (who also writes Wincest fan-fic). They have to find the Sword of St Michael, the only magical artefact powerful enough to defeat Lucifer. Unfortunately they also have to deal with Demon Meg ( Rachel Miner ) and the ass-hat Angels too.

    Luckily, it seems that if you use the magic knife to stab a demon-possessed human in a non-fatal place, the demon dies but the human host lives. A pity they did not bother experimenting with this years ago, they could have saved a dozen human hosts if they had even cared enough to try.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 2] Good God, Y'all
    Shown 17 Sep 09

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) has been cut off from Heaven, so he cannot cure Bobby. His new plan - find God!

    Rufus Turner (Steve Williams - X-Files ) calls for help. The Winchesters go along to small-town Colorado, and discover the place has been overrun with demons. Naturally, the course of action they take is to kill the hosts.

    Rufus called for other backup too - Jo ( Alonal Tal ) and her mother - last seen in Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 6]No Exit . However, Jo is MIA and her mother is holed up in a basement with some survivors. One of them is Titus Welliver, best known as a monsterous villain in Lost: Season 6 . And since he was brother to Mark Pelligrino (the vessel for Lucifer!) the obvious assumption is that he is up to no good.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 3] Free to Be You and Me
    Shown 24 Sep 09

    Sam plays The Fugitive - he goes off the grid and gets a low-paying menial job in a bar. A local girl takes an interest in him, and all is going well. But then some other Hunters drop by. The Winchesters were never popular with other Hunters, but now the brothers inadvertently caused the Apocalypse they will not be making any new friends.

    Dean teams up with Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) for some hunting. They are on the trail of the Arch-Angel Raphael, who may know where God is. And when they have some spare time, Dean takes Castiel to a whore-house - with predictably hilarious consequences.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 4] The End
    Shown 1 Oct 09

    Zecharias (Kurt Fuller - Wayne's World ) chooses to change Dean's mind by showing him the consequences of his choice. He transports him foward in time five years. The Croatoan virus has been unleashed upon the world.

    Lexa Doig and Chuck the prophet are both part of the Militia. Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is a love guru. And Future Dean has the Colt. Which means that if Dean can find it in time he can avert the apocalypse.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 5] Fallen Idols
    Shown 8 Oct 09

    The doctor from Stargate: Atlantis and a friend mess around with James Dean's car, Little bastard. Then somehow Dean's death is replicated - while the car is parked!

    Paris Hilton guest-stars as a pagan goddess who has updated idolatry and human sacrifice to the 21st century.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 6] I Believe the Children Are Our Future
    Shown 15 Oct 09

    The boys investigate the case of the dead babysitter. They discover a cluster of strange fatalities, centring around a very gullible young boy. They uncover a demonic plot to develop an Anti-Christ who can destroy Angels with his mind.

    Cas wants to kill the boy. But the Winchesters know where to draw the moral line. However, will the boy feel the same way? People died in accidents while he was happy, so what will he do when he is angry?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 7] The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester
    Shown 29 Oct 09

    The boys start hunting a he-witch who gambles with the years of peoples' lives - literally! The he-witch challenges suckers to a game of poker, with poker-chips which represent years of the owner's life. If you win, the he-witch makes you younger. If you lose ...

    Bobby finds the he-witch before the Brothers do, and tries to get his legs back. But he is not as good a player as he thought he was. And then Dean tries to get Bobby's years back ...

    The episode title is a reference to the film The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button , as Dean has to live as a young man in the body of an eighty-year-old. There is some wonderful interplay between Dean and Bobby, as Dean discovers how the other side lives. There is also a very sympathetic villain in the form of Patrick the he-witch.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 8] Changing Channels
    Shown 5 Nov 09

    We start with an extended preview of the Angel Arc and Trickster episodes. Then we get to the opening credits - which now look like a cheesy sitcom!

    The Trickster traps the boys in parodies of shows like Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Knight Rider. For some reason, Dean has a pseudo-gay obsession with the Grey's Anatomy show.

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) tries to save the boys, but the Trickster easily overpowers him. Apparently this is odd, because even a mere footsoldier Angel should easily match a Pagan (Demi-)God. And the Trickster's motive in wanting the Apocalypse to happen is mysterious. However, these things are explained within the episode - the Trickster's backstory is completely rewritten. Unfortunately, this completely ignores the character's career as a serial killer.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 9] The Real Ghostbusters
    Shown 12 Nov 09

    The Brothers visit Chuck the Prophet and Becky Rosen ( Emily Perkins ) - the webmistress of their fan-site (who also writes wincest fan-fic). They get lured to the First Annual Supernatural Convention!

    Sam and Dean whine constantly about the number of costumed imitators there. But the LARP is based on a real haunting, so they have to do some REAL ghostbusting.

    Finally, the guys get a real clue about what Bela did with the Colt.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 10] Abandon All Hope...
    Shown 19 Nov 09

    The boys close in on the Colt, last seen in the hands of a demon named Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Firefly, Medium, Dr Who ). He has his own perspective on events, which is refreshingly new.

    The boys go in team-handed. Yes, unlike a lot of shows these guys know the meaning of the term backup. They recruit the owner of the former roadhouse, and her daughter Jo ( Alonal Tal ) - last seen in Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 2] Good God, Y'all.

    While the boys are after Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ), he has plans of his own. He is raising the Angel of Death, leader of the Four Horsemen. He also has Meg ( Rachel Miner ) and some invisible Hell-Hounds ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 11] Sam, Interrupted
    Shown 21 Jan 10

    In an asylum, something is creeping through the air ducts and eating peoples' brains. Not unlike Eugene Victor Tooms in X-Files . The Head Shrink writes the massive death toll off as suicides. Sam and Dean go undercover (as in Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 19]Folsom Prison Blues ) just by being themselves.

    Unfortunately, the guys have more to deal with than just another monster. They also have to confront their own mental health issues. A fellow inmate is a former Hunter, and it seems evident that he is one of the few Hunters of his generation still alive. Insanity or death seem the only ways out of the job.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 12] Swap Meat
    Shown 28 Jan 10

    We start mid-story, as we often do. Sam acts like a teenager, because someone else has possessed his body, like in Freaky Friday . Yes, the good old body swap has happened. However, it is not a cliche because we do not have Dean and Sam playing each other's characters. A group of Teenagers gave Sam a body-swop so they can claim the bounty from Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ).

    The teenage boy in Sam's body loves all the same things Dean does - heavy metal music, kicking monsters' asses and picking up chicks in bars. This is a commentary on Dean's teenage maturity level. How long will it take for Dean to realise that he has a new co-pilot?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 13] The Song Remains the Same
    Shown 4 Feb 10

    Anna the Angel is back. Cas sold her out to the Heavenly Host, who have brainwashed her. She now believes that the only way to defeat Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) is to destroy his Vessel - Sam Winchester!

    With Cas around, Anna cannot get near the Winchesters to kill them. Instead, she time-travels back in order to kill their parents. The Winchesters go back after her. Naturally this ep is full of references to movies. However, the fact that they end up in 1978 is barely mentioned. Compare this to the 1969 episode in Stargate SG-1 , or even to the Survivors who join the Dharma Initiative in Lost .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 14] My Bloody Valentine
    Shown 11 Feb 10

    The title is taken from a recent horror film starring Jensen Ackles.

    Small-town USA, and people start dying in unusual ways. Looks like they have been cursed - by an angel. Dean calls in Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ), who has now the official sidekick. Yes, after the female love interests have all been written off (blame the fangirls' jealousy), an average-looking man in Columbo's trench-coat is the new hanger-on.

    It looks like Cupid has gone renegade. Worse, we get to meet one of the Four Horsemen - Famine! Sam has to go cold turkey again.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 15] Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
    Shown 25 Mar 10

    The dead start to rise from their graves. About fifteen of them, in small-town USA. Bobby gets a chance for some closure with his wife.

    This is another plot by the Horsemen. They are not pleased at the outcome of the confrontation with Famine, so they are taking a personal interest in everyone who helps the Winchester boys.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 16] Dark Side of the Moon
    Shown 1 Apr 10

    Dean and Sam get murdered by rival Hunters. They end up in heaven, which is composed of their favourite memories. Unfortunately their best memories are from when they were apart.

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is still exiled from Heaven, but he tells the Brothers how to contact God. But Zecharias (Kurt Fuller - Wayne's World ), cold-blooded middle-management Angel, is after them.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 17] 99 Problems
    Shown 8 Apr 10

    The brothers get rescued by Michael Shanks ( Stargate SG-1 ) and the Lutheran militia, who have a water-cannon that fires Holy Water. How Lutherans got hold of Holy Water is never questioned, but that is the first sign that something is wrong.

    The town Prophet says that the Angels want to ban everything that is fun. Dean accepts this without question - which signals Sam that something is wrong with his brother. Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) lends a hand, even though he is an alcoholic. The Whore of Babylon is on the loose.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 18] Point of No Return
    Shown 15 Apr 10

    Zecharias (Kurt Fuller - Wayne's World ), cold-blooded middle-management Angel, gets his old job back. He has to manipulate Dean Winchester into accepting possession by the Archangel Michael. This involves resurrecting the third Winchester Brother.

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) gets to fight a lot of Angels, but he accepts that this is probably a suicide mission.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 19] Hammer of the Gods
    Shown 22/Apr/10

    Bad weather forces the Winchester Brothers to spend the night in a remote 4-star hotel. It is more than a little reminiscent of the setting for The Shining , with the creepy goings-on.

    The Brothers become guest-ages at a conference of Pagan deities, who want to decide which course of action to take during the Judeo-Christian Apocalypse. Shockingly, their only hope appears to be their old frenemie The Trickster!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 20] The Devil You Know
    Shown 29/Apr/10

    The Brothers are after the final two rings. Renegade uber-demon Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) offers to help, and points them towards the Horsemens' stable-boy, Brady (Eric Johnson - Smallville ).

    There is a problem. Brady was an old college pal of Sam's, and boasts about being the one behind the GF's death in Season One. Yes, it is all a bit tacked-on - Sam is constantly falling from grace, and this ep is just another example.

    Crowley visits Bobby, and gives him an offer he cannot refuse.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 21] Two Minutes to Midnight
    Shown 06/May/10

    Pestilence (Matt Frewer - Eureka ) is running an Old Folks home. Sam and Dean pay him a visit, to get the ring.

    Bobby and Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) make a deal for Death (Julian Richings - War of the Worlds S2 ). Crowley gives the boys Death's location. Is Crowley trustworthy? And can Dean get Death's ring?

    Sam, Bobby and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) go after the Croatoan virus that is stockpiled at the chemical plant from the previous episode.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 22] Swan Song
    Shown 13/May/10

    Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) infests Sam, and Michael takes over the Third Brother. Dean, Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) and Bobby are the only ones left to stop Armageddon. Luckily, Dean has a Def Leppard tape in the car.

    The ending ties up a few loose ends. But it looks like there will be another Season ... Pity that nobody notices the words in the ep's Metal tune are It's better to burn out ... than fade away!

    Season 6

  • Balthazar (Sebastian Roche - Odyssey 5 )
  • Cousin Campbell (Corin Nemec - Stargate SG-1 )
  • Alpha Vamp (Rick Worthy - The Magicians )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 1] Exile On Main St.
    Shown 24/Sep/10

    It is a year since the Winchester Brothers saved the World. Dean has settled down in suburbia with Lisa ( Cindy Sampson ), but he gets the feeling the monsters are coming for him. Like the Yellow-Eyed Demon ...

    Sam has teamed up with their mother's family, the Campbells. Grandpa Campbell (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ) has not aged a day since the 1970s flashback ep Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 3] In the Beginning . Cousin Corin Nemec ( Stargate SG-1 ) is along for the ride. They face off against the Djinn, as in Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 20] What Is and What Should Never Be. One of the Djinn is Nina from Alphas .

    As a relaunch to the series, this goes back to the dilemma of the pilot episode. This time it is Sam who is the hunter, and Dean who has an actual life.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 2] Two and a Half Men
    Shown 01/Oct/10

    Sam goes hunting a shapeshifter, and rescues a baby. He calls Dean for help, but the pair of them are not exactlty cut out for parental duties. It is worse for Dean, because he has been doing his best with his new family.

    Pursued by shapeshifters, the boys find sanctuary with Grandpa Campbell (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ). But Dean suspects the old man has his own agenda ... and wonders is Sam in on it as well?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 3] The Third Man
    Shown 08/Oct/10

    Police Officers get killed off by the Biblical Plagues, so the Winchesters investigate. They summon their angelic sidekick, Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ).

    The Archangel Raphael has started a civil war in heaven, so he can kick-start the Apocalypse again. Castiel's pal Balthazar (Sebastian Roche - Odyssey 5 ) has followed Cas's example. Will he be a recurring character?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 4] Weekend at Bobby's
    Shown 15/Oct/10

    Jensen Ackles makes his directorial debut with this effort, and he does a damn good job of it. Since Dean is behind the camera, he and Sam have relatively little screen time. As the title suggests, we get the chance to see what Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) gets up to at the Weekend when the Winchesters are not around. Well, they are constantly phoning him for help with a Lamia Demon (and the ep even makes a direct mention of Drag Me To Hell ). And since the title is a reference to Weekend at Bernies, there is a body that comes back to life.

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) Has changed his mind about returning Bobby's soul. So Bobby has spent the last year planning a way to force the Demon to fulfill the deal. Crowley, as highest-ranking Demon (Lucifer, Azazael, Lillith, Aleister and Ruby are all gone) is not just King of the Crossroads - he is King of Hell. So if he was still friendly with the Hunters, the show would have a lack of necessary conflict. A pity the writers had to make the character a bigger douche than before, but they want to squeeze as many years out of the story as they can.

    Rufus Turner (Steve Williams - X-Files ) drops by for some help from Bobby.

    Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) is still unhappy about Sam's changes in behaviour. But Bobby brushes it off, worried about his own problems.

    It turns out that Crowley's real name is Fergus MacLeod. This allows for a wonderful visual reference to the film Highlander - the castle of Eileen Donan on the Isle of Skye.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 5] Live Free or Twihard
    Shown 22/Oct/10

    Since Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - Dark Angel, Smallville ) had little on-screen time last episode, this time the story centres around him. He gets infected by a vamp, and must Live Free or Twihard ...

    Teenage white women are going missing. Dean and Sam track them to a vampire-themed bar, like the one in Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 2, Episode 7] Lie To Me . Of course, that story parodied Dracula, Interview With The Vampire while this one targets Twilight .

    Grandpa Campbell (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ) gets called in to help, while Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) gets the weekend off. Sam helps Grandpa with their secret agenda of finding the Alpha Monsters. It seems that Sam is willing to go to more extreme lengths than the old man is!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 6] You Can't Handle the Truth
    Shown 29/Oct/10

    The boys go to a town where random folks are being cursed with truthfulness to the point of suicide. One victim's Roommate is Laura Bertram . Dean takes the opportunity to test Sam. But he gets some unexpected results ...

    The villainess is Veritas ( Serinda Swan ), a Pagan Goddess who apparently was not able to attend the conclave that Lucifer annihilated last Season. She is a cat lady, in more ways than one.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 7] Family Matters
    Shown 05/Nov/10

    Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) discover what happened to Sam. But they also have to find out HOW and WHY.

    The boys join Grandpa Campbell (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ) and the Clan on the hunt for the Alpha Vamp (Rick Worthy - The Magicians ). He answers their questions in the usual Silence of the Lambs style. We discover who Grandpa was working for. And this is not as bad as it seems, because he is not doing anything the boys did not (or would not) do.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 8] All Dogs Go to Heaven
    Shown 12/Nov/10

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) offers the boys a deal - one more Alpha in exchange for Sam's soul. He sends them hunting for werewolves. They uncover a sleeper cell ...

    Dean does not like Sam without his soul, but will not go to the trouble of getting the soul back. Worse, he is almost willing to allow the monsters to run around killing people just to he can spite Crowley!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 9] Clap Your Hands If You Believe...
    Shown 19/Nov/10

    The opening credits are an X-Files homage, as the dynamic duo investigate crop circles. Dean gets abducted by Aliens (Or is it Oberon, King of the Faeries?), and gets to fight Tinkerbell. Sam does not have a soul, so he spends all day trying to get laid.

    Robert Picardo ( Star Trek: Voyager ) is on hand as a self-proclaimed UFOlogist.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 10] Caged Heat
    Shown 03/Dec/10

    Sam and Dean are sick of working for Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ), even though they get to hunt monsters and he kills the damn things for them. Instead they team up with their longest-surviving foe, Meg ( Rachel Miner ).

    Grandpa Campbell (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ) is still in town. He is not impressed when he discovers what Cas has been up to. Cousin Campbell (Corin Nemec - Stargate SG-1 ) is still possessed by one of Crowley's demon minions. A certain Djinn (Nina from Alphas ) is still in Crowley's cells.

    The double-crosses are predictable. But this show has a terrible habit of permanently killing off the recurring villains. Who is for the chop this week?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 11] Appointment in Samarra
    Shown 10/Dec/10

    The title is a reference to a famous myth from Arabia, about a man who had a fateful appointment with Death (Julian Richings - War of the Worlds S2 ). Dean visits a black-market surgeon (Robert Englund - Nightmare on Elm Street ) and gets his heart temporarily stopped. He wants to meet Death, because only the Horseman has the power to restore Sam's soul. But Death will only help Dean if he wins a bet. Dean must wear Death's ring, and thus assume his duties (and powers). This results in some very tough choices, even for a sadist like Dean.

    Sam has no soul, but he realises (thanks to Crowley and Cas agreeing on something) that he does not WANT his soul back. He gets advice from Balthazar (Sebastian Roche - Odyssey 5 ) on how to scour his vessel. The key is to commit patricide - and the nearest thing he has to a father is Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - )!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 12] Like a Virgin
    Shown 04/Feb/11

    Flying fire-breathing clawed monsters are snatching virgins. Sam and Dean investigate. This is their first job together since Sam's operation. Can they save the virgins before the Dragons open the door to purgatory?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 13] Unforgiven
    Shown 11/Feb/11

    The brothers visit a town where there are a series of mysterious disappearances. It turns out that a year previously, Sam and Grandpa Campbell (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ) visited while investigating similar disappearances. The solution to the mystery is in Sam's memory ... but if his memory comes back then the wall in his mind collapses, and he will become lobotomised!

    The answer, call Grandpa and ask him, is not mentioned. Instead we get gradual flashbacks from Sam's memory. The monster behind the attacks is after him personally!

    The brothers get help from the Sheriff's wife - Miranda Frigon from Primeval: New World , with her hair dyed black.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 14] Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
    Shown 18/Feb/11

    Sam recovers from his Hell-fit long enough to help investigate the next case. A janitor is murdered in a school science lab. It seems that plastic mannequins are coming to life. Not like Kim Cattrall in the 1980s rom-com. More like the creepy classic Dr Who adventure Attack of the Autons.

    Dean gets called back to his family home. It looks like he is needed there, for family business.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 15] The French Mistake
    Shown 25/Feb/11

    Castiel's pal Balthazar (Sebastian Roche - Odyssey 5 ) pops up, gives a message to the brothers, and hurls them through a window.

    Sam and Dean discover they are actors named Jensen and Jared, on the set of a TV show named Supernatural. Just like the book series, of course - hell, the guys even went to the Convention, but they do not seem to remember that either.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 16] ...And Then There Were None
    Shown 04/Mar/11

    Bobby has discovered a concentration of Monster activity. They trace it to the Mother of all Monsters. She calls herself Eve, and she has been linked to a cannery plant in town.

    A bunch of other Hunters are also on Eve's tail. Rufus Turner (Steve Williams - X-Files ) is in town, as are Gwen and Grandpa Campbell (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ). They all end up at the cannery plant. However, Eve's newest monster is a Brain-slug that possesses its victims and gets them to go on killing sprees. Which of the recurring characters will be possessed, and which ones will be wiped out?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 17] My Heart Will Go On
    Shown 15/Apr/11

    Somehow, the fabric of reality has been changed. It has something to do with descendants of people who successfully emigrated to the USA in April 1912, on the Titanic.

    Castiel's pal Balthazar (Sebastian Roche - Odyssey 5 ) is involved. He seems to be the new Crowley (himself the new Trickster), an entertaining and morally ambiguous pseudo-ally.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 18] Frontierland
    Shown 22/Apr/11

    We start with some phony jeopardy. Dean is in a wild-west High Noon showdown. But the real action starts two days earlier ...

    The boys have inherited the Campbell family library. They discover Sam Colt's journal, and a clue as to how they can kill The Mother.

    Sam and Dean go back in time to the wild west. Dean thinks he is an expert in the period, but it seems he just watched too many western movies. Sam gets to meet Sam Colt, and Dean has a lethal shoot-out at high noon with a man-shaped Phoenix. Hey, dragons look like stuntmen, why can't a phoenix?

    Elsewhere, Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is leader of the Rebel Angels. But his Second in Command discovers something about Cas that is so terrible she turns against him. Will he still have the strength to save the Winchesters from being trapped forever in the Wild West?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 19] Mommy Dearest
    Shown 29/Apr/11

    The brothers summon Tara the Veggie Vampire ( Amber Benson ) so they can locate Eve. It turns out the Mother of All Monsters is making a new breed, so she can face off against Crowley’s demon army. Dean names the monsters Jefferson Starships - presumably he did not like the Star Wars Holiday Special either.

    The brothers now suspect that Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is still alive. But how could Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) have been duped?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 20] The Man Who Would Be King
    Shown 06/May/11

    The ep is narrated by Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ), who explains that his rival angel Raphael staged a coup in heaven. Castiel had no choice but to start a civil war among the Angels, with Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) as a secret ally.

    The Winchesters are still obsessed with killing Crowley. They do not care that he is helping them by using demons to fight monsters. They do not even care that some other demon will just replace him, as he replaced Lilith, Aleister, Azazel and Lucifer. Who will be next ruler of hell – Meg?

    Castiel has no option but to work with Crowley. After all, the Winchesters have no solution to the Raphael problem!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 21] Let It Bleed
    Shown 20/May/11

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) takes Ben and Lisa hostage. Balthazar gets called in to help, since praying to Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) would be pointless. He understands Cas best of all, and still sides with Dean. His knowledge means that his opinion matters a lot more than the Winchesters’ does.

    Dean is still a demon-trained expert torturer, but ignores the fact that he is torturing the HOST, not the actual Demon!

    Bobby investigates the HP Lovecraft angle – yes, the 1930s horror writer found the gate to purgatory!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 22] The Man Who Knew Too Much
    Shown 20/May/11

    Sam wakes up with amnesia. Luckily barmaid Erica Cerra helps him out. But he is hunted by his doppelganger – the soulless version of himself from earlier in the Season.

    Dean and Bobby try to stop Cas from opening Purgatory. But they STILL have no plan to defeat Raphael and save the world. Is it really a good idea to interfere with Cas?

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) turns out to be a bigger backstabber than either Balthazar or Crowley could have predicted. And Raphael turns up for the endgame as well. But the real revelation is who the villain for NEXT Season is set up to be!

    Season 7

  • Garth Fitzgerald IV (DJ Qualls - The Core )
  • Frank Devereux (Kevin McNally - Pirates of the Carribean )
  • uber-hacker Charlie ( Felicia Day )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 1] Meet the New Boss
    Shown 23/Sep/11

    Cas sets himself up as the new Jehovah, and goes around smiting unbelievers. Unfortunately his vessel cannot hold up to the abuse.

    Sam is suffering flashbacks to The Pit. Basically he is hallucinating bits from the Hellraiser Series, with Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) instead of Pinhead.

    Dean, Sam and Bobby call in backup - Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) and Death (Julian Richings - War of the Worlds S2 ). There has to be a way to return all the Souls to Purgatory. But Cas swallowed something worse than Souls. The Leviathans are inside him as well, trying to take over. From the description, they could be something like Cthulhu ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 2] Hello, Cruel World
    Shown 30/Sep/11

    Castiel's vessel is burning out, so the Leviathans need new vessels. They start taking over people in the nearby town, but they need to feed ... on human flesh!

    Bobby's friend the lady Sheriff discovers something is wrong at the hospital. Unfortunately she is a patient there - and a potential victim. Dr Sexy (Cameron Bancroft - Codename: Eternity ) is on the rampage.

    Sammy's hallucinations are getting worse. He cannot tell what's real any more. Can Dean snap him out of it?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 3] The Girl Next Door
    Shown 07/Oct/11

    The cliff-hanger from the previous ep is ended abruptly, and the boys go on the run. This seems an attempt to get the show back to its roots, before the 3-Season Angel-War arc.

    Sammy goes AWOL, and Dean thinks that it is Lucifer's influence again. But Sam is having flashbacks to 1998, to when he helped research a monster in the local library. The boy playing Sam is remarkably young - especially considering that the show started in 2005.

    Jewel Staite pops up as a damsel in need of Sam's help. Dean is a sonovabitch, however. This show might be going back to its roots, but Sam and Dean had the discussion years ago when they met the Veggie Vampires.

    Dean: We kill monsters!
    Sam: No, we fight evil!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 4] Defending Your Life
    Shown 14/Oct/11

    The Winchesters investigate a series of mysterious deaths. The victims were all targeted because they have a sense of guilt. Dean's investigations include flirting with barmaid Emilie Ullerup .

    Dean is put on trial by one of the few surviving pagan gods. Despite the familiar premise, this is not a clip show. Jo ( Alonal Tal ) gets called as a witness for the Prosecution.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 5] Shut Up, Dr. Phil
    Shown 21/Oct/11

    The Winchesters investigate a series of mysterious deaths. The victims were all targeted because they have links to local businessman James Marsters ( Angel, Smallville, Torchwood ). His wife ( Charisma Carpenter ) is angry that he cheated on her ...

    Dean talks to Bobby repeatedly on the phone, but for budgetary or scheduling reasons we do not get to see Bobby at the other end of the line.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 6] Slash Fiction
    Shown 28/Oct/11

    The shapeshifting monsters duplicate Sam and Dean, then go on kill-crazy rampages filled with references to 1990s classic movies (Pulp Fiction, Heat). Dean got framed in Season 1, but this is on a bigger scale. The monsters start hitting the towns the boys did jobs in, and in the same order.

    Bobby is in the basement, testing tortures on Chet the Leviathan they caught last time. He only has a couple of days before the spell wears off, but the monster laughs off everything he throws at it. Then the lady sheriff, Jody Mills, drops by for a visit.

    The Winchesters meet up with one of Bobby's associates, Frank Devereux (Kevin McNally - Pirates of the Carribean ). Unfortunately they also run into Sheriff Osborne (Michael Hogan - Teen Wolf ). Can they convince the Sheriff to help, before the monsters kill everyone in the police station? This seems reminiscent of the episode Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 12] Jus In Bello , on top of all the other references to previous episodes.

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) appears again, testing the waters with the Leviathans' boss. It appears the war may get a bit more complex.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 7] The Mentalists
    Shown 04/Nov/11

    Gary from Stargate SG-1 attends a Séance, but the Medium is killed by an angry Poltergeist.

    The Winchesters reluctantly team up again. They have to save a gorgeous brunette woman from the monsters, just like in the good old days.

    Dean and Sam get psycho-analysed a lot. Sammy is moody for the third time - first when he was Lucifer's vessel-to-be, then when he was soulless ... And Dean's character development has likewise been stunted. This ep is almost interchangeable with something from Season 2 or 3, before the stupid Angel War storyline ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 8] Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!
    Shown 11/Nov/11

    Sam and Dean have split up for a couple of days. When they meet up again - Sam is getting married!

    Super-fan Becky Rosen ( Emily Perkins ) is back. She is getting hitched to Sam. Dean thinks something fishy is going on, but he cannot prove it. He calls in some backup, but Bobby is busy so he ends up with Garth (DJ Quails - The Core ).

    It looks like a Crossroads Demon is responsible, but the contracts barely last ten days, not ten years. Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) claims to be a man of his word - even though he double-crossed Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) last year. However, this time Crowley wants the Winchesters on his side in the coming war against the Leviathans.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 9] How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters aka Influence People
    Shown 18/Nov/11

    Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) joins the boys on a hunt for the Jersey Devil. We have not seen this myth on TV (not counting the Found Footage film The Last Broadcast ) since Season One of X-Files . It has a bit of a flash-back to the Wendigo days.

    Bobby was missing last week, but he makes up for it this ep. Almost as if he is being put up for a fall.

    The Leviathans are in town. Doctor Sexy is now doing medical research. The Leviathan boss is a big supporter of the NRA, which means he has something in common with Bobby Singer. Is this an example of irony at work?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 10] Death’s Door
    Shown 02/Dec/11

    Bobby is comatose, dying. A Reaper is after him, so his spirit escapes down memory lane. His old partner, Rufus Turner (Steve Williams - X-Files ), joins him in a tour of his worst (and thus, most dramatic) memories.

    The Reaper gives Bobby a choice ... linger as a ghost, or pass on to the next life.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 11] Adventures in Babysitting
    Shown 06/Jan/12

    Ian Tracey ( Continuum ) is hunting Red Riding Hood from Once Upon A Time . He goes MIA, so his daughter calls Sam for help.

    Dean teams up with the crazy conspiracy theorist, Frank Devereux (Kevin McNally - Pirates of the Carribean ). They have a clue to the Leviathans' plans. However, Dean is mentally beginning to unravel. This is like when he was recovering from spending decades in Hell - well, it is worse now for some reason.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 12] Time After Time
    Shown 13/Jan/12

    This starts with some phoney jeopardy, as Dean disappears in a flash of light. Then we get an extended flashback of the events leading up to that scene. The Lady Sheriff stands in for Bobby Singer. She directs the boys to a town where there have been multiple strange killings, all happening in threes. This pattern has shades of Tooms ( X-Files ).

    Dean ends up in 1944, where he teams up with monster-hunter Elliot Ness (Nicholas Lea - X-Files ). As with the Sam Colt episode, Dean's knowledge of history comes mainly from movies.

    They discover they are hunting Kronos, God of Time (Jason Doring - Veronica Mars ). Technically, Kronos was a Titan, but that does not matter. The main pantheon were so weak that Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) could wipe them out in one fell swoop. Can the Winchesters become god-slayers? But first, Sam has to use Kronos to pull Dean back from 1944.

    The villain is a sympathetic one, killing only because he needs to use his time-travel power. But as has been established in this Season, killing humans means a non-human is marked for death.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 13] The Slice Girls
    Shown 03/Feb/12

    The Leviathans storyline is still on hold for the moment. Someone is butchering men who visited a Singles bar. Will Dean wander into the main plot by accident? His newest crisis is still on-going. Luckily, he bumps into Sarah Canning .

    This week's Bobby stand-in is a corrupt professor of Greek Antiquities - Harry Groener ( Buffy: S3 ).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 14] Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie
    Shown 10/Feb/12

    This ep starts with phony jeopardy. Sam is on the run, chased by Killer clowns - his all-time worst fear. Yes, we get another attempt to revive a classic episode from the early Seasons.

    The Winchesters have gone back to Freak-of-the-Week cases. A series of unusual deaths in a small Midwest town involves children's worst fears coming to life. This traces back to a children's' restaurant, with a clown theme. The name is even reminiscent of Pennywise, the killer clown in Stephen King's It .

    Sammy can see Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) again. This phantom is even moderately useful in saving the day. But he has yet to do anything that indicates knowledge outside of Sam's subconscious.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 15] Repo Man
    Shown 17/Feb/12

    The ep starts with a flashback to The Wendigo Days, when the brothers exorcised a freak-of-the-week demon. But now a serial killer is copying the Demon's MO - it seems the Demon may be back.

    The boys finally revisit one of their victims. Yes, people do not necessarily get better after a visit from the Winchesters.

    Dean's moment as the dysfunctional one of the pair seems to be over. Sam teams up with his hallucination of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 16] Out With The Old
    Shown 16/Mar/12

    The boys investigate a cursed pair of Ballet shoes. We discover that, just as he watched Titanic purely for Winslet's Rack, Dean watched Black Swan for the hot tutu-on-tutu action - twice!

    Frank Whaley ( Vacancy ) has taken over his mother's antique shop, and is selling off the stuff she hoarded. This turns the show into a darker version of Warehouse 13 - more like the 1980s TV show Friday the 13th .

    The Leviathans pop up. Their plan seems a lot more long-term than we had assumed, and they have gone to extreme lengths to stay low-key.

    Frank Devereux (Kevin McNally - Pirates of the Carribean ) is the new Bobby Singer. But how long can this last for?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 17] The Born-Again Identity
    Shown 23/Mar/12

    Sam had sleep deprivation last ep, but he ends up hospitalised as a result. Dean goes looking for a faith healer named Emanuel. The Demons are also looking for him - Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) seems to have changed his mind about the hands-off order, and Meg ( Rachel Miner ) is still on the loose.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 18] Party on, Garth
    Shown 30/Mar/12

    Garth (DJ Quails – The Core ), a fellow hunter, gives the boys a call to investigate a murderous ghost. A Japanese spirit is murdering the children of the owner of a micro-brewery. The spirit can only be seen if you are drunk!

    The EM detector should work in finding spirits and ghosts, but around Dean (who is always carrying Bobby's liquor flask) it always picks up a signal. The mysterious poltergeist activities continue. Is Bobby haunting them?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 19] Of Grave Importance
    Shown 20/Apr/12

    Jamie Luner , a fellow hunter, gives the boys a call to investigate a murderous ghost. When they turn up, Bobby's ghost tags along. The boys cannot see the ghosts, so Bobby and Jamie must solve the case themselves.

    This maintains much of the ghost lore from Death takes a Holiday. However, we get to see a ghost kill living humans (though he repeatedly fails to use this technique on the Winchesters!) and even kill other ghosts! This may create jeopardy for guest-star ghosts Bobby and Jamie, but the Winchesters seem strangely impervious.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 20] The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
    Shown 27/Apr/12

    Frank (Kevin McNally - Pirates of the Carribean ) has been written off, but the boys do not care because they have Bobby's ghost. However, someone is trying to decrypt Frank's Hard drive. The boys track down uber-hacker Charlie ( Felicia Day ).

    Bobby's ghost wants some payback on Dick.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 21] Reading is Fundamental
    Shown 04/May/12

    The boys try to decipher the tablet. Meg ( Rachel Miner ) summons them back to Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ).

    Another prophet has been called.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 22] There Will Be Blood
    Shown 11/May/12

    The Brothers need to wash their weapon in the blood of a fallen Angel (Castiel), the King of Demons (Crowley) and an Alpha monster ...

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) points the brothers in the direction of the Alpha Vamp (Rick Worthy - The Magicians ), who staged a jailbreak before Cas destroyed Crowley's Alpha prison. Unfortunately, the Alpha remembers that their Grandpa Campbell (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ) sold him to Crowley in the first place.

    Edgar the Leviathan is on the Alpha's trail too.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 23] Survival of the Fittest
    Shown 18/May/12

    The brothers have a team - a demon (Meg), an angel (Cas), a ghost (Bobby) ...

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is offered a Deal by Dick - and Crowley is the King of Deals. Will he sell out the Winchesters in exchange for Canada?

    Meg ( Rachel Miner ) still wants to start a demon civil war with Crowley. Castiel is a pacifist, and Bobby is going vengeful.

    This is a great end to the Season. As always, it ends on a cliff-hanger.

    Season 8

  • Abaddon the Hell Knight ( Alaina Huffman )
  • Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds)
  • Naomi ( Amanda Tapping )
  • Benny (Ty Olssen - Continuum: S5 )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 1] We Need to Talk About Kevin
    Shown 03/Oct/12

    Dean is back - like at the start of Season 4 . And he is shocked to discover that Sam has retired, after finding a girl (and a dog) ... like Dean at the start of Season 6 .

    The brothers discover that Kevin (the Prophet) has escaped from Crowley (King of Hell). They must locate and protect the boy. Unfortunately, Crowley is up to his old tricks - using demons to possess people that Kevin cares about. Of course, the brothers kill people at random, regardless of Kevin's feelings.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 2] What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
    Shown 10/Oct/12

    The brothers must locate and retrieve a magic tablet containing the word of God - specifically, the answer to all their Demon problems. But Kevin insists in bringing his mother along.

    The tablet ends up in an auction. Unfortunately they have nothing to bid, so they have to come up with another plan. And Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is bidding against them. He offers the REAL Mona Lisa ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 3] Heartache
    Shown 17/Oct/12

    The brothers investigate a series of murders that involve the victim's heart getting ripped out. They discover a link to transplant recipients ...

    This is the third episode directed by Jensen Ackles. One of the police detectives is played by his father. The cast also includes Kyra Zagorsky .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 4] Bitten
    Shown 24/Oct/12

    The boys investigate a suspected werewolf attack.

    The story is told via Found Footage, featuring a Lindy Booth lookalike.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 5] Blood Brother
    Shown 31/Oct/12

    Dean gets a call from his pal Benny (Ty Olssen - Continuum: S5 ). He makes his excuses, and heads off to take on some vampire pirates - the Vampyrates!

    Sam is left on his own in Kevin's old motel room. He starts to flashback about how he met his GF.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 6] Southern Comfort
    Shown 07/Nov/12

    The boys investigate a killing in Missouri. They bump into a Texas Ranger - it is Garth (DJ Quails - The Core ), who is also the new Bobby Singer.

    They link the killings to a spectre, from the tomb of the unknown soldier ... of the Confederacy! Since the Winchesters are from Kansas, they evidently support the North.

    As always, one of the Brothers falls victim to the curse they are fighting. Dean is still harbouring a lot of resentment against Sam, going back to his time with Ruby. That was four or five Seasons ago!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 7] A Little Slice of Kevin
    Shown 14/Nov/12

    Seemingly random people are being abducted by demons. Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is planning something, and the Mesopotamian tablet is key to his plans.

    Kevin and his mother have plans of their own. They buy black-market magical items off a witch. Is she any more trustworthy than Bela was?

    Dean gets glimpses of Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ). Has the angel, who Dean evidently left for dead, made it out of Purgatory? And if so - who had the power to pull him out? Naomi ( Amanda Tapping ) knows the answer ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 8] Hunteri Heroici
    Shown 28/Nov/12

    People start dying in mysterious ways - like something out of a cartoon. This is a relatively jokey episode, given the subject matter, but with typical focus on the more gruesome aspects. Shockingly, what stands out the most is the plethora of Canadian accents!

    Normally the reshaping of reality is due to a psychokinetic kid in a coma, like in Buffy Season 1 . This time it involves a senile OAP (Mike Farrell from M.A.S.H.).

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) resigns as an Angel, and decides to join the Winchesters as a trainee Hunter instead. He is driven by guilt for what he did to the other Angels, and refuses to have anything to do with Heaven. Of course, this is not a two-way street. Heaven's new management have their own plans. And we discover the truth of how Cas got left behind in Purgatory.

    Sam has flashbacks to when his GF introduced him to her daddy (Brian Markinson - Continuum ). The guy is a controlling asshole, but he sees that Sam has a lot of psychological damage from being a Hunter.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 9] Citizen Fang
    Shown 05/Dec/12

    Benny (Ty Olssen - Continuum: S5 ) is in trouble. He is working as a chef in a Louisiana diner, where his employer is the haunted mother from Supernatural [Season 3, Episode 2] The Kids Are Alright . Then someone shows up dead with vampire bite-marks on his throat!

    Sam has asked mostly-sane Martin ( Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 11] Sam, Interrupted ) to keep Benny under surveillance. Poor old Dean has to clear up the mess.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 10] Torn and Frayed
    Shown 16/Jan/13

    Naomi ( Amanda Tapping ) sends Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) to rescue the pizza-boy Angel from Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 2] What's Up, Tiger Mommy? . The poor kid has been getting tortured by Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ), and will give up secrets he does not even know that he has.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 11] LARP and the Real Girl
    Shown 23/Jan/13

    Nerds get bumped off in mysterious circumstances. The one thing they have in common is a LARP. Someone in the LARP is using REAL magic!

    The brothers go undercover, and discover a familiar face. The LARP Queen is Charlie ( Felicia Day ), who uses her status to act like a predatory lesbian.

    The brothers are helped by the nerdy guy from Popular - no, not Jake 2.0 , the other nerdy guy.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 12] As Time Goes By
    Shown 30/Jan/13

    Remember when the Cupid said that the Winchesters were predestined, and that Heaven had insisted on their parents' coupling? Well, it turns out that this was not to make Sam into Lucifer's vessel. No, there was another agenda. This is all shoehorned in, but it seems to work. As long as you do not actually think about it.

    Grandpa Winchester time-travels from the 1950s. He is pursued by uber-demon Abaddon ( Alaina Huffman ). She is apparently unkillable by normal means - apparently Lucifer made his Hell Knights more powerful than Lillith! The boys' method of dealing with her is gruesomely sadistic, and typically shows no compassion whatsoever for the host!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 13] Everybody Hates Hitler
    Shown 06/Feb/13

    The brothers settle down into their new digs - the secret bunker of the Men of Letters.

    Unfortunately, a Rabbi is assassinated by the Nazi Thule cult (Made famous by the movie Hellboy , adapted from a British comic-book). The brothers investigate, and come face to face with a Golem ...

    The Thule Cult are supposed to be an uber-powerful gang of mystics. But their leader is a monologuing idiot, and even without the Golem it does not take the brothers long to wipe the Nazis out. Never to be heard of again, no doubt.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 14] Trial and Error
    Shown 13/Feb/13

    Kevin has deciphered part of the tablet. The boys have to complete three herculean tasks before they can shut the gates of Hell. The first is to bathe in the blood of a Hellhound. They stake out a family who made deals with a crossroads demon ten years ago.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 15] Man's Best Friend with Benefits
    Shown 20/Feb/13

    The boys get a call for help from a police detective who saved their lives years ago. It turns out he has taken up witchcraft as a hobby, which makes him the best police detective in town. Unfortunately, this has earned him enemies. Has he flipped out and become a serial killer, or is a rival magic-user framing him?

    The cop's familiar is a greyhound - who takes the form of a beautiful woman.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 16] Remember the Titans
    Shown 27/Feb/13

    Dean is bored, so Sammy takes him on a zombie hunt. A man keeps coming back from the dead, even after a buzzard pecks out his liver.

    It turns out that Lucifer's slaughter of Norse and Hindu gods missed the Greek Pantheon! Prometheus, Artemis and Zeus are all running around. Will a villainous godling monologue our heroes long enough for them to become god-slayers yet again?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 17] Goodbye Stranger
    Shown 20/Mar/13

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is sent to get the Angel Tablet.

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has been torturing Meg ( Rachel Miner ), and she wants revenge.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 18] Freaks and Geeks
    Shown 27/Mar/13

    The Winchesters bump into a trio of teenage hunters, including Ian Tracey's daughter from the previous Season. The tweenies are hunting vamps, but something does not seem right to the Winchesters.

    With this Season's habit of killing off recurring characters just to get a cheap reaction from the audience, what are the chances one of the Hunters will be killed off?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 19] Taxi Driver
    Shown 03/Apr/13

    The Second Trial is to save a soul from Hell. Of course, most people damned to Hell must have done something to deserve it. Ironically, Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has had the hate on for Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) ever since Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 4] Weekend at Bobby's . Yes, when Bobby the Leviathan-hating ghost was set free of Earth-realm, he ended up in Crowley's clutches.

    Luckily, corrupt Reapers can get you in and out of Hell free of charge. What use is money to a Reaper? They take a backdoor route via Purgatory. Why did not Crowley just ask Death, or one of the corrupt Reapers, about Purgatory instead of starting a war with the Mother of all Monsters?

    The Hell that Sam finds Bobby in does not resemble the streamlined, modern hell that Crowley showed Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) a few seasons back.

    Sam and Bobby run into problems. Dean calls on the only person who knows how to escape Purgatory - Benny (Ty Olssen - Continuum: S5 ).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 20] Pac-Man Fever
    Shown 24/Apr/13

    D&D girl Charlie ( Felicia Day ) is back, and the guys tell her where their new secret lair is, even though they suspect she is hiding secrets from them.

    The team go undercover as Feds to hunt a Djinn sub-species. However, they run into a pain-in-the-ass coroner. Finally, someone who will not let fake Feds walk all over a case. Actually, this is the SECOND time they have been caught out - the other time was this season's previous D&D girl ep. Must be that whoever is writing her character also pays attention to realism. Or online feedback, at least.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 21] The Great Escapist
    Shown 01/May/13

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is trying to trick Kevin into talking. Unfortunately his Beware of the Dog routine has a major flaw - Kevin is completely paranoid!

    Sam and Dean go looking for Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) at a Native American casino in Colorado. Metatron has been keeping himself busy with escapist fiction, although until the 1950s it was theoretically possible to read every book ever printed in the English language within one human lifetime! Either he is a very slow reader, or he has read the older books so many times he must know them by heart.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 22] Clip Show
    Shown 08/May/13

    The Winchesters try the third trial - to save a demon. By strange coincidence, they happen to uncover records from one of the Men of Letters who tried the same thing. All they need is a demon, so they decide to dig up Abaddon ( Alaina Huffman ). Let us hope she magically has not rotted at all.

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has a plan to stop the trials - he will extort the Winchesters by wiping out people that they saved. Yes, in keeping with the episode's title we get to see some victims from Season One. But did not the Leviathans already do this last year? He picks up where they left off, and targets Sarah Blake ( Taylor Cole ).

    Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) offers to teach Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) the trials for closing the doors of Heaven.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 23] Sacrifice
    Shown 15/May/13

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is extorting the Winchesters. Have they got a double-cross planned?

    Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) makes Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) do immoral things - is he really as pure as Castiel thinks?

    Season 9

  • Gadreel (Helo from BSG 2003 )
  • Cain (Timothy Omundsen - Xena: Warrior Princess )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 1] I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
    Shown 08/Oct/13

    Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) has locked the Angels out of Heaven, but that is the least of Dean’s problems. Sam is dying, and this time it might be for good. Sam’s visions include a couple of familiar faces – Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) and the Grim Reaper himself (Julian Richings - War of the Worlds S2 ).

    Dean is desperate to save Sam. When Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) does not respond to prayers, Dean summons any angel who will listen. Unfortunately, every angel within an hour’s travel seems to be hostile. The exception is Helo from Battlestar Galactica (2003) , who calls himself Ezekiel and tries to heal Sam.

    Castiel is somewhere in rural USA, without his grace or Angel superpowers. The soul who formerly inhabited the body (Jimmy the Plumber or whoever) must have gone to Heaven a couple of years ago, or else the show-runners do not care about making a clear rule on vessels and souls. Cas is befriended by an Angel in the body of Rebekah’s friend from Vampire Diaries .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 2] Devil May Care
    Shown 15/Oct/13

    Sammy is back, so the brothers can get back to what they do best. They get Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) out of the trunk of the car (where the weapons are kept!) and lock him up in the bunker. They do not have a prison cell, just a corner at the back of the library. However, letting Crowley’s conscience eat away at him is the best torture possible.

    Abaddon the Hell Knight ( Alaina Huffman ) is back as well, and she is building herself an army to take over Hell. Crowley ruled by fear, so nobody is loyal to him, but until they see proof he is dead they will not move against him. Her next step is to get an actual army, by having her minions possess some US Army soldiers. Their old meat-suits are abandoned, apparently long-dead of old injuries. Perhaps Second Ruby is not the only one to settle for possessing a recent corpse instead of a victim who might try to resist. This would make Sam and Deans’ willingness to kill possession victims a lot more understandable, although they do not hesitate against the possessed soldiers.

    Glen is back home at the bunker. With Bobby (and Garth too, apparently) out of the picture he is the new back-room boy the Winchester brothers call when they need someone to impersonate a high-ranking FBI official. He also does research in the library where Crowley is tied up. Naturally, Crowley starts to play mind-games with him. Is Glen’s mother really dead? Will Glen fall for Crowley’s tricks?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 3] I'm No Angel
    Shown 22/Oct/13

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is living like a homeless hobo, hitching lifts from city to city, using the name Clarence. He is unaware of the reference to It’s A Wonderful Life , he only uses it because that is what Meg used to call him. He still has a thing for the ladies - Shannen Lucio takes him in. But given the fate of the last female Samaritan who helped him ...

    The Angels call in some Bounty Hunters – renegade reapers, to be precise. Yes, the gang with the back-door into Purgatory were not the only bunch of freelancers. Poor old Death, he must not be running a very tight ship with so many willing to break his rules. Even Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has more control over his own kind, and the Winchesters have him in solitary confinement in their library!

    Meanwhile, the Winchesters discover a way to locate Castiel. They give a freelancer the Zero Dark Thirty treatment that they threatened Crowley with. All this proves is that they are ruthless when it comes to easy prey, but that they soft-footed it when it came to their old pal Crowley!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 4] Slumber Party
    Shown 29/Oct/13

    Sam and Dean are getting used to their new home, the Bunker. They uncover a 1950s computer that runs the place. To help fix it, they call in Charlie ( Felicia Day ).

    They accidentally unleash the Wicked Witch of the West. Luckily, Dorothy Baum was a hunter, and she got trapped with the Witch. Now the boys and girls must hunt down the unkillable bitch, who can turn to smoke and travel through the air vents.

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is now chained up, but at least he has a table. The Winchesters are not torturing him the way they did to that Bounty Hunter last week, but they still have not had the decency to cut a deal with him. After all, do they REALLY want Abaddon the Hell Knight ( Alaina Huffman ) to become Queen of Hell?

    Dorothy and Charlie have a lot in common. Dorothy is quite butch, and Charlie is a friend of Dorothy. More importantly, Charlie wants to go on a quest in a magical land - like in Game of Thrones ). Will this end up being a spin-off show? Once Upon A Time in Wonderland ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 5] Dog Dean Afternoon
    Shown 05/Nov/13

    A killer snake-man (the English guy from Crossing Jordan) is stealing bits of dead animals. The only witness is a dog.

    Dean casts a spell so he can communicate with the dog. Unfortunately, he starts to act like a dog himself. Same difference, right? There has to be a deliberate reference to Alec in Dark Angel .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 6] Heaven Can't Wait
    Shown 12/Nov/13

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) calls for help - there have been mysterious deaths in town. Dean leaves Sammy to look after Kevin and Crowley.

    Castiel is working as a clerk (ok, sales associate) at a convenience store. He has adapted to the situation surprisingly well. He even has a certain relationship with his lady boss.

    Crowley demands that Sam let him make a call to Abaddon the Hell Knight ( Alaina Huffman ). After all, if people think the Throne of Hell is vacant then there will be an uprising. But Crowley may have another motive as well. He wants to inject himself with Sam’s blood, which will temporarily return his humanity. Does he genuinely want to be human, or is it a plot to escape the demon wardings?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 7] Bad Boys
    Shown 19/Nov/13

    Colonel Maybourne from Stargate SG-1 is on duty as night warden at a home for naughty schoolboys. He meets an untimely end. Luckily, his boss is an old friend of Dean’s. Despite Dean not having seen the guy in two decades, he has a phone number that still works.

    Sam and Dean go on a road trip, just like in the good-old days. Dean has several flashbacks to his time in the reform home, which it turns out was the most normal (and happiest) days of his life. We even get to see the first girl he fell for – and her grown-up self ( Erin Karpluk who previously appeared in Supernatural [Season 1, Episode 21] Salvation ). The actor playing the young Dean is the best so far, and totally sells the storyline.

    The Freak of the Week is basically taken from the movie Mama , where a lonely orphaned child is ... never mind. But the purpose of this episode is not to show off a cool new monster, it is to give some character development to Dean Winchester.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 8] Rock and a Hard Place
    Shown 26/Nov/13

    Sheriff Jody calls the boys in to investigate some mysterious disappearances. It may be more Dragons, taking virgins. Sam and Dean become born-again Virgins at the local Church group run by Lindy Booth .

    The identity of the killer is quite obvious, but it is nice to see her play something other than her typical type of character.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 9] Holy Terror
    Shown 03/Dec/13

    There is a civil war among the angels. Two power-bases have emerged, and they are happy to wipe out each others hosts. Sam and Dean investigate, using their FBI covers. Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) has had the same idea, which is unfortunate since the Angels are all hunting for him.

    Sam has realised he has recurring blackouts, so Dean has to give a convincing explanation. Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) is the only one who knows who Sam is playing host to ... But Metatron has an agenda of his own.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 10] Road Trip
    Shown 14/Jan/14

    Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) go after the Angel who hijacked Sam’s body. They take Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) along to help. Yes, the King of the Crossroads waited it out and got leverage to gain his freedom.

    Crowley has a demon in the NSA. She has retasked a spy satellite to listen in on Angel Radio. Also, she can run the plates on Sam and Dean’s car (the black Impala) and find out wherever any traffic camera picked it up. Yes, she can track them using human methods even if they are magically warded against Angels and demons!

    Can Dean and Castiel force the Angel from Sam’s head? Once again they need Crowley’s help, as both torturer and possessor. Will they repay him by helping him defeat Abaddon the Hell Knight ( Alaina Huffman ) and retaking the throne of Hell? Or will they treat him with contempt, as per usual? Except for the double-cross he pulled in Weekend At Bobby's, Crowley has been careful never to break a deal with the boys. In fact, Castiel has betrayed them just as much as Crowley ever did.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 11] First Born
    Shown 21/Jan/14

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has to kill Abaddon the Hell Knight ( Alaina Huffman ) in order to secure the throne of Hell. He needs a magical dagger, but only a human can wield it. So he picks Dean Winchester as his partner-in-crime. Yes, all is forgotten and forgiven - the kidnapping, the torture, everything. But how long can this buddy-cop pastiche carry on?

    The dynamic duo run into Cain (Timothy Omundsen - Xena: Warrior Princess ), the father of murder. Cain is now the equivalent of the Saint of Killers in Preacher . He is incredibly powerful, even more than the King of Hell, but considers himself retired and refuses to get involved.

    Elsewhere, Sam has teamed up with Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) to hunt the renegade Angel.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 12] Sharp Teeth
    Shown 28/Jan/14

    Sam discovers that Bobby’s protégé Garth (DJ Quails - The Core ) is in hospital. He visits, and discovers Dean has beaten him to it. Garth is suspect in some cattle mutilations, which may have something to do with the reason he stopped answering his phone six months previously.

    Within the werewolf community there is a Norse tradition about Ragnarok. Why they did not do anything about it when Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) appeared six Seasons ago is not mentioned.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 13] The Purge
    Shown 04/Feb/14

    Sam and Dean got to investigate a mysterious death, just like in the good old days. They dress up in their FBI suits, even though Dean does not bother to shave. Luckily, they are dealing with a hick sheriff’s department so nobody cares.

    The victims die because they have all the fat sucked out of them. The trail leads to a nearby clinic that has a special method of removing excess fat. Sam and Dean go undercover as a yoga instructor and a canteen worker. They befriend a ditzy blonde named Donna who is also the local sheriff.

    As with last week, the friendly monster trope is explored again. Dean seems overly eager to kill a creature that basically HELPS people by taking away their obesity - something that is reaching epidemic proportions in the USA, and might kill the victim faster than any monster would.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 14] Captives
    Shown 25/Feb/14

    The Men of Letters’ bunker has a ghost. The good news is, it is Kevin Tran! And he has a clue as to where Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) stashed Mrs Tran ( Lauren Tom ). He sends the bickering brothers to find her. They run into one of Crowley’s interns. Will they conduct an exorcism and give the host a chance of survival?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 15] #THINMAN
    Shown 04/Mar/14

    Sam and Dean investigate #ThinMan, their equivalent of The Slender Man. They have rivals in the investigation - yes, the Ghost Facers are back! The sidekicks are gone - after all, the big guy is now a scientist on Beauty and the Beast . However, the dynamic duo are still in action. They get a lot more screen time, so we can learn about their personal lives.

    The real core of the episode is not the monster hunt - but then, it never is. Sam has still not forgiven Dean for saving his life. The Ghost-facers also have a falling out which mirrors this. The question is ... is the problem truly unforgivable?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 16] Blade Runners
    Shown 18/Mar/14

    The Winchesters still need the magic knife before they can kill Abaddon the Hell Knight ( Alaina Huffman ). Unfortunately, the only one who can find it is Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) - and he is MIA. It turns out that he has become a junkie, injecting human blood the way Sam used to ingest demon juice. The Winchesters must give him an intervention and help him dry out. After all, they were the ones who got him addicted as part of the interrogation process they subjected him to.

    Crowley leads the brothers to a remote location where a former Man of Letters is hiding out. He is a powerful wizard, and uses magic to keep himself looking like Kavan Smith (the Major from Stargate Atlantis ). He is also a collector of artefacts and monsters. Unfortunately, he prefers the idea of having Dean (bearer of the Mark of Cain) in his collection! The wizard’s name is Doctor Magnus, he uses magic to keep himself young, and lives in a secret zoo filled with monsters. Perhaps this is an homage to the Canadian TV show Sanctuary ! After all, producer/star Amanda Tapping was a recurring villain in the previous season.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 17] Mother's Little Helper
    Shown 25/Mar/14

    A series of mysterious murders happen in a small town. Sammy investigates alone, posing as an FBI agent despite his long hair and unshaven face. He discovers the murders are due to Abaddon's evil plot to ensnare more souls. Her plan started in 1958, when the Men of letters sent Henry (AKA Grandpa Winchester) and Josie ( Alaina Huffman ) to investigate.

    Dean pretends to be doing research, but he is hanging out with Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 18] Meta Fiction
    Shown 15/Apr/14

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) discovers that Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) is building an army of fallen angels. Any who refuse to join him are massacred. They seem to get massacred a lot these days. Castiel still resists becoming leader of the renegade faction – after all, he was a bit TOO good at leadership when he ruled Heaven himself in Season 6.

    Sam and Dean close in on Gadreel (Helo from BSG 2003 ), the renegade angel who helped Sam. They try torturing him, and Dean gets a bit carried away. Is it his normal Dean Winchester rage, or is the Mark of Cain having an unpleasant effect on him?

    Castiel meets a familiar face ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 19] Alex Annie Alexis Ann
    Shown 22/Apr/14

    The boys get a call from Sheriff Jodie Mills, that old friend of Bobby Singer’s who pops up once a Season. She has caught a runaway teenage girl who is being hunted by a clan of redneck vamps.

    Dean is kill-crazy, and Sam actually takes notice of this. But then, this is the alternating situation between the two when one of them always has something off about him, a source of fraternal conflict. At least they have put aside Sammy’s childish I’m not talking to you, I don’t want to be brothers attitude. Now it is My brother has lost his Soul/got post-Hell PTSD/whatever (as a result of the mark of Cain).

    Dean is not the only one to get a few kills in. Sheriff Mills graphically decapitates TWO vamps. It makes you wonder how good Highlander: The Series could have been if MacLeod’s decapitations and quickenings could have been just as graphic!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 20] Tribes AKA Bloodlines
    Shown 29/Apr/14

    This is told from an outsider’s perspective, and the Winchesters only appear as supporting characters. This may be a back-door pilot for another show, since the main show itself was in its ninth Season (and was renewed for at least one more).

    A secret nightclub that caters to supernatural entities is attacked by a mysterious creature. A human woman is killed in the melee, and her boyfriend seeks vengeance. He hits a dead end (almost literally) until he meets a couple of unshaven scruffy-looking FBI agents (AKA the Winchesters).

    This is the first time the Winchesters have been in Chicago since they met Death there at the end of Season 5. They seem out of their element in the big city, they are much more comfortable in small towns in the Midwest. Now they discover that the city’s underworld is run by five monster families – Shapeshifters, Werewolves, Djinn and so on.

    There is also a Romeo and Juliet subplot concerning a male shapeshifter (Cole from Vampire Diaries ) and a female werewolf. Nice to see some non-human supporting characters actually get fleshed out. Again, if this is a back-door pilot then presumably the characters would be returning.

    There is one problem with the episode’s ending. The guest protagonist finds the killer’s motivation and remorse to be inadequate. However, he also decides to take up the killer’s cause. This means risking the lives of more innocent bystanders. And if he (and a gang of hunters the Winchesters refer to) go after the Five Families, does that not amount to a genocidal attack on the monsters’ ethnic communities? How many innocents will die?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 21] King of the Damned
    Shown 06/May/14

    The Angel War is simmering nicely. Castiel’s gang capture Gordon Michael Wolvett ( Andromeda ), who is boasting about working for Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds). Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) asks the Winchesters to interrogate him. They get a few ideas about what Metatron is up to. He has a secret team working on Earth ...

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) gives them a call. He wants them to retrieve the dagger and meet him to kill Abaddon ( Alaina Huffman ). It all seems too easy ...

    Abaddon apparently had enough magic to travel back to the early 1700s. She kidnapped Crowley’s son (last seen as a ghost in Weekend at Bobby’s).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 22] Stairway to Heaven
    Shown 13/May/14

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) discovers someone is using a super-weapon against his Angels. He calls in the Winchesters, giving them the cover of FBI Agents Spears and Aguilera! They discover someone has turned Angels into suicide bombers, and Castiel is accused of being the mastermind. After all, the Angels follow him as if he is leader of a religious cult.

    Dean is left to find the suicide bomber cell, and discovers a familiar face among the suspects. Tessa the Reaper is back. She was Dean’s love interest of the week many Seasons ago, back when a Reaper was a supernatural harvester of souls answerable to Death himself. Now a Reaper is a kind of Angel, so how they can enter Purgatory at will but Castiel (even at his most powerful) could not is never explained. Remember when every other week a recurring character was brought back only to be quickly killed for the shock value?

    There are a few questions tied up at the end. Will Gadreel (Helo from BSG 2003 ) stay loyal to Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) or defect to Castiel? What was the mission of Metatron’s Special projects team? Will anyone realise in time that Dean Winchester is not left-handed?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 23] Do You Believe in Miracles?
    Shown 20/May/14

    Sam and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) lock Dean up where he cannot do any harm. Then they patch up Gadreel (Helo from BSG 2003 ) and go cruising for Metatron’s rear entry. So to speak. Castiel has a pair of handcuffs on him, for unexplained reasons, but they come in handy.

    Dean calls in the only one he can trust to help him. Yes, despite being back on the throne of Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) still finds time for his buddy Squirrel. The two of them go on a road trip together, hunting Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds).

    Metatron disguises himself as a homeless man named Marv, and starts performing miracles. Pretty soon he has a gang of murderous hobos as his disciples. But he also has the tablet of God stashed in his office. That makes him invulnerable, even to Mark-Of-Cain Dean.

    Season 10

  • Rowena ( Ruth Connell )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 1] Black
    Shown 07/Oct/14

    Sammy is psycho now that Dean has gone. He tears the place (and a female demon) apart looking for his brother. He even considers teaming up with Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) again.

    Castiel is under the weather, slowly dying because his Grace is fading. He teams up with a female Angel to retrieve a couple of renegades. The Heavenly Host have decided to take a dictatorial attitude to their own people. After a series of dictators like Raphael, Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) and Castiel himself, it is no surprise that the lower-ranking Angels are authoritarian idiots too.

    Dean is in his version of heaven – a dodgy redneck roadhouse filled with skanky barmaids and cheap beer. After a few months of drunken karaoke and bar-fights, he is still not tired of it. Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is just there for the company, and amuses himself by sending the occasional Abaddon fanatic after Dean.

    There is someone else after Dean – a well-armed hunter with a personal grudge. This character will be part of the plot arc this Season.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 2] Reichenbach
    Shown 14/Oct/14

    Sammy conveniently manages to escape from the Hunter, and keeps looking for Dean. It never occurs to him that it is just too damn easy.

    Dean is a total douche to everyone, even to Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ). This is a bad idea, because Hell hath no fury like a King of Hell scorned. Okay, that means that Hell HATH Fury, but that has already been used as an episode title in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace .

    The Hunter’s back-story is revealed. When he was thirteen, he thought he saw Dean kill his dad. He never asked WHY, he only wants revenge. The kid’s claim to be ex-Military Special Forces is strange considering his youth.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 3] Soul Survivor
    Shown 21/Oct/14

    Sam has Dean chained up in the demon cell they held Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) in. The next step is to consecrate some human blood and then inject it into the victim. Will it cure Dean or kill him?

    Dean knows the secret that Sammy has been hiding from himself. The murder-for-soul deal from last week was arranged by the crossroads demon that Sammy trapped and tortured. Yes, Sammy was willing to talk a loser into selling his soul just to get slightly nearer to finding Crowley!

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) and his female partner are driving across the USA to get to the not-so-secret bunker. Cas needs his grace back, or he will die. Worse, they never dealt with the renegade angel from a couple of episodes ago.

    Crowley is back on the throne of Hell, but all he cares about is killing Abaddon’s followers. The demons are not impressed with his lack of leadership skills.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 4] Paper Moon
    Shown 28/Oct/14

    The brothers try relaxing for a change, and go for a beer-filled picnic under a No Hunting sign. However, a spate of animal attacks has made local headline news so they go to investigate.

    The killer's modus operandi, the eating of human hearts, is typical of werewolves. It turns out that this werewolf is a recurring character from a previous episode. Should they kill her, or is there more to this case? After all, the Winchesters know that not all werewolves are uncontrollable killers. For example, Garth (DJ Quails – The Core ) discovered a pack of relatively tame ones.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 5] Fan Fiction
    Shown 11/Nov/14

    This is the 200th episode, which in the US TV industry is traditionally a self-indulgent and light-hearted look back at the previous highlights of the show. Although the show Jumped The Shark a long time ago, there is still a lot of depth to it.

    Sam and Dean investigate a mysterious disappearance at an all-girls school. A bunch of teenage girls are planning a stage musical based on the books by Carver Edlund. All the highlights of the first Five Seasons are touched on, portrayed through the lense of fan-fiction.

    The villain of the week is a scarecrow monster that abducts anyone who tries to stop the play. It is controlled by Calliope, the muse best known as the wife of the comic-book character Morpheus in Sandman by Neil Gaiman .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 6] Ask Jeeves
    Shown 18/Nov/14

    The boys answer a call meant for Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ). They attend the reading of a rich woman's will. Unfortunately they get stuck in a mansion with her relatives, a group of hateful individuals. And then someone starts to bump them off, one at a time.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 7] Girls, Girls, Girls
    Shown 25/Nov/14

    Dean has taken up on-line dating. He lies on his profile, pretending he is only 35 years old. His date for the night lies too – she says she is 26, but the actress ( Elysia Rutara ) is really 31. Also, she is a hooker working for demon pimps that collect the Johns’ souls. Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) does not approve of such tacky endeavours, but he was too busy obsessing about Dean’s friendship to care.

    Worse, there is a new player in town. A red-haired Scottish witch named Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) is on the rampage, killing demons and humans alike in order to take what she wants. She has an actual genuine Scottish accent, not a Yankee imitation of one. Both Crowley and the Winchesters want to stop her. Unfortunately, the Winchesters love killing demons more than they love killing Witches, so their priorities are in the wrong order. They should focus on the greater threat, before she comes after them.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 8] Hibbing 911
    Shown 02/Dec/14

    The boys get a call from Sheriff Jodie Mills, that old friend of Bobby Singer’s who pops up once a Season. She is at a convention for Sheriffs, where she has been partnered with the blonde sheriff that Sam and Dean met at the clinic in Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 13] The Purge . However, there is now a series of brutal animal attacks in town.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 9] The Things We Left Behind
    Shown 09/Dec/14

    After the last Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) storyline, he has begun to re-examine his relationship with his vessel. It turns out that Jimmy the host was killed when Castiel was disentigrated by the Archangel in Season 5. Now his daughter is in a mixed-gender borstal.

    Jimmy gets the daughter out of borstal, but she has no interest in playing happy families with an angel who wears her father as a meat suit. She goes MIA, so he calls in the Winchesters for backup. But Dean is still recovering from his life as a Demon, and the Mark of Cain still exerts a power over him.

    Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has family problems of his own. He has had Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) in a dungeon since Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 7] Girls, Girls, Girls. However, she is a tricky, sneaky little mind-gamer.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 10] The Hunter Games
    Shown 20/Jan/15

    Dean is still suffering from the Mark of Cain, so the guys try to find a way to remove it from him. Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) gets the loan of Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds), who was last seen being bricked up in a cell in Heaven's High Security wing. He is willing to cooperate, for a price. However, Dean is a bloodthirsty madman and the others are too amateurish to keep him under control.

    Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has become paranoid about dissent and rebellion in the demon ranks. He has released Rowena ( Ruth Connell ), but he is too smart to trust her. However, she knows his weaknesses - and even though he is the King of Hell, he is apparently still vulnerable to her hexbags!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 11] There's No Place Like Home
    Shown 27/Jan/15

    Charlie ( Felicia Day ) is back. The doctor from Stargate: Atlantis is back too, last seen in Supernatural [Season 5, Episode 5] Fallen Idols . This time he is a District Attorney, and Charlie tortures him for info - and pleasure. Yes, she is now channelling Mr Blonde from Reservoir Dogs.

    It turns out that The Wizard of Oz split Charlie into two versions, like Kirk in that episode of Star Trek: TOS . Strangely the evil version of Charlie has somehow developed ninja-level martial arts skills that make her a better hunter than Dorothy, and allowed her to win the Oz civil war single-handedly. In contrast, the nice, boring Charlie did not magically develop any new skills. Also, Dean is surpressing his own evil side - the Mark of Cain. It is implied he is having trouble with it, and he will be in trouble if he drinks alcohol. However, he manages to hold back so well that he will not hit a girl, even a murderous one, and as a result gets his ass kicked repeatedly.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 12] About a Boy
    Shown 03/Feb/15

    The Winchesters put on their cheap suits and pretend to be FBI agents again. They are investigating a series of mysterious disappearances. As always, there is a supernatural reason. And to up the stakes, one of the regular characters falls victim to it. Of course, this is because it is just too much work for the writers to create one-off characters we care about. Will the Winchesters save the regular character in time?

    This time it is Dean who has the bad luck. Previously he was abducted by Fairies, but this time it is witches. The cook woman from Downtown Abbey is in town to deal with her rival, Rowena ( Ruth Connell ). And we find out what happened to Hansel and Gretal.

    As always, the show has an element of humour. The younger version of Dean states he liked a Taylor Swift song, to indicate that his tastes have become less mature. The ending of the show features the Taylor Swift song Shake It Off. YouTube channel The Hillywood Show features a Supernatural Parody of that song, with many actors from the show appearing in the video!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 13] Halt & Catch Fire
    Shown 10/Feb/15

    The Winchesters put on their cheap suits and pretend to be FBI agents again. They are investigating a series of mysterious deaths on a college campus. It turns out to be a vengeful ghost. This time, the spirit is travelling by WiFi. Can the brothers find a place with no WiFi signal, and remove all WiFi-equipped devices?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 14] The Executioner's Song
    Shown 17/Feb/15

    Cain (Timothy Omundsen - Xena: Warrior Princess ), the father of murder, is back. His bloodline tainted, so he wants to kill everyone who is descended from him. This would be an estimated ten percent of the human race.

    The only item that can kill Cain is the First Dagger, which Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has hidden on behalf of the Winchesters. Will they play on Crowley's friendship with them, or will they lie to him and humiliate him even more? After all, the more they abuse him then the further he falls into Rowena's clutches.

    Can Dean take Cain in a fight? And if he wins ... will Dean fall to the Dark Side and become an unstoppable killing machine?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 15] The Things They Carried
    Shown 18/Mar/15

    Dean wants to take his minds off the events of the previous episode, The Winchesters put on their cheap suits and pretend to be FBI agents again. They investigate a murder-suicide in a military town, and discover there is another potential victim. Also, the suspect is the best buddy of Cole - the bloodthirsty ex-Marine who spent several episodes trying to hunt and kill Dean! However, Cole agrees to help the Winchesters hunt his friend as long as they promise to take him alive.

    The monster turns out to be similar to the brain-slug in Supernatural [Season 6, Episode 16] ...And Then There Were None . That one possessed the victim and mind-controlled it, while this one just drives the victim insane with thirst. Predictably, one of the hunters gets infected so we care more about the outcome. It is not Dean - he had his turn at being the victim in Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 12] About a Boy . And since this show has a history of killing off the recurring characters, there is a genuine risk of the victim getting written out.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 16] Paint it Black
    Shown 25/Mar/15

    Sam and Dean investigate a suicide cluster around a Catholic church. The suspect is a ghost nun who was an artist's model in Renaissance Florence. He put her in the Friendzone, and she turned out to be a bunny-boiler. One can take a moment to reflect upon how in such circumstances the male (AKA the victim) is generally expected to apologise to the female (AKA the Perp). And yet we are also told that victim-blaming is wrong.

    In the Court of Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) decides to do Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) a favour. He hands over her arch-rival Olivette ( Teryl Rothery ), who is now the leader of the Grand Coven.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 17] Inside Man
    Shown 01/Apr/15

    Sam and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) decide that Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) is the only one who can help Dean. Hannah refuses to hand Metatron over again, and with good reason. Last time, Dean nearly killed him. Worse, Metatron is smart enough to escape at the first opportunity.

    Sam gets in touch with a psychic who used to work for the Men of Letters. This is the first time we have seen an actual atheist on this show! The plan is to contact Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ), get him to organise a riot in Heaven, and use the confusion to bust Metatron out of solitary confinement. Yes, it turns out that Heaven's jail is a short walk from everywhere else in Heaven!

    Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) goes after Dean, with predictable results. Her plan is to set Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) against his former best buddy. Will Dean apologise for being a jerk? Will Crowley get his revenge? Will they make up?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 18] Book of the Damned
    Shown 15/Apr/15

    Charlie ( Felicia Day ) has found the Book of the Damned. Unfortunately, some other Hunters are after it too. She does not know who they are, but she chooses lethal force instead of getting direct answers. Dean does the research, and discovers their double-headed eagle symbol is not the Romanov one. They are the Stein family from Louisiana, and apparently they helped the NSDAP in the 1920s until the magic book was lost. Now they want it back.

    The Winchesters arrange to meet Charlie at a cabin Bobby used as a safe house in Iowa. Sam and Charlie have trouble decoding the book. It is written in an obscure Sumerian dialect. The smart thing to do is to get a specialist or magic-user to interpret it. Will they get one of the Steins to help, or will Sam team up with someone even worse?

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is still on his road trip with Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds), who promises to hand over Castiel's stolen grace. Cas almost cares more about revenge than the grace, and rebuffs all Metatron's attempts at friendship and reconciliation. After all, Metatron is a duplicitous manipulator who is bound to have an escape plan.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 19] The Werther Project
    Shown 22/Apr/15

    Sam makes a deal to get the mark removed. However, the key to decoding the spellbook is in another book, locked in a safe under a house that the Men of Letters used to own. The safe was enchanted by a rogue Man of Letters - Magnus (Kavan Smith - Eureka ). Unfortunately he has already been decapitated by Dean. So when Sam goes to defuse the spell he has no idea how to do it.

    The curse is like the Despair Squid from Red Dwarf . Sam sees a ghost, but they it is easily dispelled by his new ally. Dean, however, is under a deep halucination that he is back in Purgatory. Not only is that the worst place he has ever been in his life, it also plays upon his guilt for leaving Benny there.

    Sam's moral compass is severely tested this episode. He makes a deal with a mortal enemy, he promises to kill Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ), but worst of all he misleads Dean (while making Dean promise not to work solo again).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 20] Angel Heart
    Shown 29/Apr/15

    We find out what happened to Jimmy's daughter after we last saw her in Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 9] The Things We Left Behind . She has been looking for her mother, who was looking for Castiel the Angel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ). Of course, she could just have PRAYED to Castiel and he would have come running, but that would be just too easy.

    Dean is left in charge of the teen daughter. Despite the fact she tried to have him killed, they still have a lot in common so they bond well. The only other option for looking after a wayward teen girl would be Sheriff Jody Mills. After all, she is still looking after the vampire groupie from the previous Season.

    Sam and Castiel go looking for the monster-of-the-week. It turns out she found a renegade Angel after all - a Watcher Angel, armed with a magic sword!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 21] Dark Dynasty
    Shown 06/May/15

    Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) is taking her time decoding the magic book. Sam gets Charlie ( Felicia Day ) to take charge of the project, and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) to referee. This is unfortunate, because the Stein family are looking for her and the book.

    Sam and Dean stumble across a messy murder that one of the Steins messed up. They end up catching one of the guys, and they take him back to the Bunker for interrogation. This is untypically sloppy of them - but then, they always tended to reveal the Bunker's existence to everyone and anyone! There is an exchange of information. Dean learns what Stein is short for, and that the magic book has a secret property.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 22] The Prisoner
    Shown 13/May/15

    Dean goes on a revenge-crazed killing-spree. The Styne family may be the Big Bads on this Season, but they do not survive the episode. Somehow they got through many centuries of turmoil, but their defences are practically non-existent. Dean has the Mark of Cain, so he can out-fight them all - and drive faster than Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) can teleport. He even seemingly summons Ruby's knife from whereever Sam left it.

    Sam has what Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) needs to decode the spell book. However, she calls in her price - Sam must kill Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ). Of course, Sam was going to do this sooner or later. Can he manage to kill the King of Hell? This fight might be a bit less even than MOC-Dean versus Fallen Angel Castiel, but it is still a confrontation that has been long awaited.

    Finally, the bunker is targeted by the Stynes. Despite being an unbreachable fortification they get in with remarkable ease. But everything about this episode is dumbed down. The place is only a short drive from their home in Louisiana, with no apparent time lag for people commuting between the two places. Nobody except for Castiel, that is, because he consistently arrives just dramatically too late to be any use to anyone.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 23] Brother's Keeper
    Shown 20/May/15

    Dean calls in an old buddy - Death (Julian Richings - War of the Worlds S2 ). They make a deal, but it involves a final confrontation with Sam.

    Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) calls in her marker with Sam. She wants him to kill Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ), although he has been looking for an excuse to do it for years. Finally they get to unleash some repressed emotions.

    Season 11

  • Amara ( Emily Swallow )
  • Donatello (Keith Sjarabaka - Angel: season 3 )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 1] Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
    Shown 7th October 2015

    It turns out that Death was telling the truth. Dean's Mark of Cain, the first curse, was a seal. Just like the seals that kept Lucifer imprisoned, they kept The Darkness at bay. Now it is loose. The good news, which Dean does not share, is that he has met the Darkness. She is in the form of a beautiful young woman named Mara, with the most cleavage-revealing dress since Outlander: Season 2 .

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is back, having survived the attempt on his life. He finds a new meat-suit, then gets side-tracked in an orgy ...

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is still alive, but he is on the run again. Just like at the start of all the recent Seasons.

    Sam and Dean discover that the Darkness has started a Fast Zombie apocalypse. Sam seems to have lost his nerve, and hides rather than shoot an infected man - even though a baby is at risk.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 2] Form and Void
    Shown 14 Oct 15

    Sam is in Nebraska. He builds a home-made tazer, and sets out to catch a Fast Zombie to use as a guinee pig. He needs to find a cure to the Darkness infection ASAP. Luckily he has a copy of Night of the Hunter on his I-Touch.

    Dean leaves the lady cop at her home in Iowa. Unfortunately her mother is Granny Goodness from Smallville (S10) . How long will it be until they work out the baby is a female Damien? She does not have the 666 birthmark from The Omen , she has the Mark of Cain (AKA an inverted smiley face). Dean returns to discover that an exorcist has been called - Father Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium )!

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is captured by a couple of Angels. They torture him to find out where Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) is hiding. After all, he easily gave Castiel the slip - after only spending thousands of years hiding among humans, always ready to go on the run. Naturally, the Darkness is not their main priority right now.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 3] The Bad Seed
    Shown 21 Oct 15

    Sam and Dean have Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) back, but he is still messed up by Rowena's hex. The boys track her down and try to get her to fix him. However, he goes on a rampage again.

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is busy with the mysterious Darkness. She eats souls, and that includes demon-smoke. As a result, he has to sacrifice a lot of his court. It seems that demons are better off as his enemies than as his obedient servants. So how come the others have not teamed up against him yet?

    The Darkness is also known as Amara. Perhaps this is the wife of Jehovah. After all, she acts as if she is his equal and she certainly predates most of Creation. Hopefully the show will reveal the truth about the Xian pantheon. After all, Gabriel became known as Loki the trickster god of the pagans. In real life, the Biblical character of JHVH was Jupiter, and his most-loved son Lucifer the Morningstar was Apollo the Light-Bringer.

    Of note, this episode was directed by Jensen Ackles.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 4] Baby
    Shown 28 Oct 15

    This episode starts with some phony jeopardy. Dean is unconscious in the back seat of his car, and there is the sound of a train rapidly approaching. This episode, as the title suggests, is centred around the brothers' Chevy Impala. We know that Dean is bound to live through literally anything, but the beloved car could easily become a casualty of war.

    The brothers go on a road trip to Oregon to investigate a suspicious animal attack. Of course, we have seen the storyline before dozens of times. They go to small-town USA, trick the sheriff's office into thinking they are FBI, and stumble across the monsterous killers. What is different is that every scene takes place in the car itself. Even Castiel's delivery of research info takes place entirely on Dean's end of the phone call.

    The monsters of the week are an obscure ghoul-vampire hybrid. They have ditched the low-profile approach since the arrival of the Darkness because they are building an army. This is reminiscent of the Monsters versus Demons war from five Seasons ago.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 5] Thin Lizzie
    Shown 04 Nov 15

    A couple of teenagers spend the night in the Lizzie Borden Guest House/Museum. They even mention the Ghost-Facers show. However, their stay is cut short by a shadowy figure with an axe.

    Sam assumes the killer is Lizzie Borden's ghost. Dean discovers that a teenage Amara is in the area, eating peoples' souls. Presumably Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) got sick of her tantrums and kicked her out. Is the killer a soulless person on a rampage?

    Winn Wolfhard ( Stranger things ) guest-stars.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 6] Our Little World
    Shown 11th November 2015

    Sam and Dean are still in Massachussets, looking for more soulless bodies. All they have to do is follow the trail of bodies and they will find Crowley's base of operations. Thanks to Amara, his defences are practically non-existent. Worse, she is a nasty spiteful little teenager. Whatever poor Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) does to help her, she rejects him. Given how he now feels about Dean, he might react badly to this in the long run. After all, Crowley deliberately broke a deal and double-crossed the Leviathans out of pure spite.

    Dean is kill-crazy as usual. However, Sam has actually started to handcuff demons. In fact, he even considers exorcising a demon in order to try saving the meat-suit.

    As a side note, the crossroads demons have spotted a fall in soul-sales in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. They put this down to the decriminalisation of marijuana. Perhaps it has more to do with the Winchesters wiping out the local sales force!

    Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) has his own problems. He has run out of Game of Thrones episodes to watch no Netflix, and has started watching reruns of the Jenny Jones show. Dean persuades him to try some field-work again, but he is crippled by PTSD. However, he gets a lead on where Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) is hiding out. Yes, the former scribe of God is living as a Nightcrawler style video-journalist.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 7] Plush
    Shown 18th November 2015

    Dean and Sam get a call from the lady sheriff. Not Jody Mills, the blonde one. Yes, this is a more light-hearted stand-alone episode to make up for the serious story-arc one last week.

    A man was murdered by someone with an enormous furry rabbit-head. No, it is not a repeat of the plush toy comes to life subplot in Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 8] Wishful Thinking. A series of fancy dress costumes are possessed by a vengeful spirit. Luckily his early victims seem to deserve it, but in the final act there are some innocent victims to be saved.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 8] Just My Imagination
    Shown 02 Dec 15

    Someone is killing childrens' imaginary friends. Sam and Dean get called in to find the perp. Dean is not keen to take the job, because he is prejudiced against non-humans. He is friendly enough with Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ), so he may be over-compensating due to his strange relationship with The Darkness. Sam is happy enough, because the imaginary childhood friend they are trying to save is his own.

    The ending is somewhat unsatisfying. This reviewer cannot say more without giving spoilers, but one cannot say that justice is done.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 9] O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Shown 09 Dec 15

    Amara is back, and now she is a full-grown woman ( Emily Swallow ). She visits a series of Xian preachers, but they cannot help her find God. Dean comes looking for her.

    Sam has another plan. He teams up with Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) and Rowena ( Ruth Connell ). Yes, after the end of the previous Season there can hardly be a less-likely team-up. Except for Sam and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ), that is. Yes, Sam gets Crowley to guide him to the Cage where Lucifer is imprisoned. With a bit of warding from the Book of the Dead, translated by Rowena, Sam actually gets a face-to-face with the being who almost caused the apocalypse. Can it possibly get any worse? After all, the Winchesters spent the first five Seasons fighting Lucifer's minions and how they have unleashed Amara - a being so evil they will team up with Lucifer to face her.

    Whatever happened to Lucifer's brother that he was trapped in the Cage with? And what about the third Winchester Brother who was used as a vessel?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 10] The Devil in the Details
    Shown 20 Jan 16

    Sam is locked in the cage with Lucifer. It seems he was not the only one who had visions in his dreams. This explains why Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) was so eager to work with Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ), despite going to such extreme lengths to kill him last Season.

    Dean is on his way to save Sam. This means delegating the search for Amara to Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ). After all, only an angel can live in an area poisoned with magical fallout. Heaven has sent its own scout, a young oriental woman who represents Castiel's fandom.

    We get a mention of what happened to Lucifer's brother. Apparently he has gone stir-crazy in the cage. The third Winchester brother is not mentioned, but presumably he ascended to heaven the same way Jimmy (Castiel's host) did.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 11] The Sound of Silence
    Shown 27 Jan 16

    Sam and Dean go hunting an evil Banshee. This one is not just a death-omen, it uses its scream to drive its victims insane. It is stalking the inhabitants of an old folks home, and it targets the most vulnerable person it can find.

    Dean strikes the interest of a little old lady ( Dee Wallace ), while Sam makes sign-language conversation with a young woman. Is one a potential victim, a host for the Banshee, or something else?

    It turns out that angels can tell when Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is possessed by Lucifer. However, Dean has no idea so he spills his guts about the Darkness. Also, one would think they had upped their security in the bunker a bit since last Season. Perhaps with a bit of warding to keep out angels.

    The brothers do learn something new this week, however. A fellow Men-Of-Letters legacy teaches them how to do blood-magic sigils. Previously this only worked in terms of Enochian letters warding off angels, or the demon-traps that are now on every ceiling the Winchesters encounter. Now they also know one that works on humans and banshees.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 12] Don't You Forget About Me
    Shown 03 Feb 16

    Sam and Dean are at a loose end. They have no leads on Amara, so they are lucky to get a call from Sheriff Jodie. This gives them an opportunity to get out of the bunker for a few days, with the bonus of some delicious home-cooked food for a change.

    Jodie is now foster-mother to a pair of teenage girls, both rescued from monsters in previous Seasons. One of them is a popular kid at school, perhaps because she spends a lot of time on her appearance but maybe just by osmosis from the sports jock she is dating. The other girl is a college drop-out who is a wannabe Hunter.

    There have been a few people drop out of sight in town lately. Sheriff Jodie refuses to classify them as Mysterious disappearances because there are more realistic reasons involved, but then a very public murder occurs. The Winchesters put on their FBI suits to help investigate, and discover that the local High School does not do very good background checks on people.

    This was intended as a back-door pilot for a spin-off series, to feature Jodie and her two foster-daughters as the next generation of Hunters. The spin-off was cancelled due to a poor reception by the viewers, and in all fairness the episode was mediocre at best and the concept is not really strong enough to base an entire show on. Also, the previous episode introduced another female Hunter who was a legacy of the old Men of Letters network. Perhaps a better idea for a spin-off would be a (Wo)men of Letters show, which would combine the best of both ideas. In fact, despite Garth and Kevin both being written out it is a pity Sam and Dean have not gotten someone to fill Bobby Singer's shoes as telephone operator in a reactivated network.

    Supernatural Suernatural [Season 11, Episode 13] Love Hurts
    Shown 10 Feb 16

    This starts with a flashback to a couple of previous episodes, one concerning the Pagan Gods of Xmas and one with a cherub. However, it turns out that this episode has nothing to do with either creature and has an entirely unrelated storyline.

    A monster is killing people. The Winchesters investigate, using their FBI cover. After a couple of victims they discover what is causing the deaths. They protect the next victim, but one of the brothers becomes affected. Yes, the brothers find themselves targeted by the monster.

    What makes this different from all the other times this storyline has been used is the original nature of the monster itself. It is a Persian creature that appears as the person its victim most desires, and the victim is selected by a curse spread by kissing. Yes, this is basically a toned-down version of It Follows , one of the most talked-about horror movies of recent years.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 14] The Vessel
    Shown 17 Feb 16

    Sam and Dean need to find a magical artefact powerful enough to kill Amara. The research indicates that a Men of Letters agent stole one from the Nazi Thule Cult in 1943. Unfortunately it was sent to the USA aboard a submarine that was sunk en route.

    Sam and Dean summon Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) so he can send them back in time. What they do not know yet is that Castiel is possessed. The good news is, he now has the power of an Archangel. The bad news is, he is secretly evil and wants them dead. He has even enslaved Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) and chained him up like a dog.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 15] Beyond The Mat
    Shown 24 Feb 16

    Sam and Dean attend the funeral of a childhood hero of theirs. He was a wrestler, so the brothers meet all his old friends and co-workers. The result is something like the Wrestling version of Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 12] Criss Angel Is A Douchebag .

    Meanwhile, Lucifer still has Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) chained up like a dog. One of the Demons offers to help her former boss. After all, if he has one of the Hand-of-God artefacts stashed somewhere he might actually be able to destroy the fallen Archangel with it.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 16] Safe House
    Shown 23 Mar 16

    Sam and Dean go ghost-hunting. It turns out that several years ago Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) and Rufus Turner (Steve Williams - X-Files ) did a ghost-hunt at the same house. The modern-day hunt is mirrored in flashback scenes to the previous hunt.

    This episode has a reference to the Amara, Lucifer and Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) situation. However, the story is quite self-contained with no scenes from those recurring characters.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 17] Red Meat
    Shown 30 Mar 16

    This starts with an action scene, then flips back to 48 hours earlier. However, the earlier bit is just for some exposition. After that, we are in the here and now.

    Sam and Dean go werewolf-hunting. They save a hiker and his wife (the little blonde from Alphas: Season 2 ). One of the brothers gets left for dead, and the other contacts a Reaper in order to save him. However, it is the Reaper who guards the gate to Hell in Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 9] O Brother, Where Art Thou? so she does not have any sympathy with their plight.

    As with last week there is a reference to the Amara, Lucifer and Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) situation. However, the story is quite self-contained with no scenes from those recurring characters.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 18] Hell's Angel
    Shown 06 Apr 16

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has a lead on yet another Hand of God artefact. This one is the horn of Joshua, which destroyed the walls of Jericho. Normally a supervillain would refuse to hold up his end of the bargain, and would just kill everyone and take whatever he wants. However, Crowley manages to surprise us in a couple of ways. He also displays a level of power that would enable him to quickly defeat the Winchesters if necessary.

    The Winchesters are not keen to take out Lucifer. They want to let him take care of Amara first. Meanwhile, Amara has been healed by her new ally. Yes, Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) is back from the dead. Yes, everyone hates Lucifer - but can they defeat him without killing Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) too? In fact, can they do it at all? The last time it took an entire Season.

    Lucifer has plans of his own. He visits Heaven (presumably their security has not been improved, despite Amara being on the loose) and offers his services to the senior members of the Angelhood. Since they have gone through a long list of inadequate managers in the last few years, he might actually have a shot at pulling it off. Remember, they actually took Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) as their leader a few years ago.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 19] The Chitters
    Shown 27 Apr 16

    Back in 1989, a couple of teenage boys were attacked by a monster in the woods. Now, twenty-seven years later, people are going missing again. The Winchesters do their FBI routine, and help Sheriff Kandsye McClure solve the mystery.

    The boys team up with a couple of other hunters who have a personal vendetta against this monsters. This is the first time that the Winchesters have actually considered getting reinforcements in their perpetual battle against evil. After all, they could have re-founded the Men of Letters and restored it as a powerful network. Also, they complain that there is a lack of lore on the Monsters of the Week. It is a pity that the Winchesters do not bother to make any notes on their cases, even when posing as professional Law Enforcement investigators. After all, they would have created their own store of lore, something akin to their father's journal or the Men of Letters' archive. But it seems the Winchesters are not bothered about leaving a legacy for future hunters.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 20] Don't Call me Shurley
    Shown 04 May 16

    Chuck, last seen at the end of Supernatural [Season 10, Episode 5] Fan Fiction , is back in the story again. He has been working on a new project, Revolution . As Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) points out, Maybe titles aren't your thing.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 21] All In The Family
    Shown 11 May 16

    Donatello (Keith Sjarabaka - Angel: season 3 ) has been appointed as the new prophet.

    Metatron (Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds) decides to help the good guys for a change.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 22] We Happy Few
    Shown 18 May 16

    Lucifer is back, but he wants his father to apologise. However, God does not want to do that. As a result, Lucifer locks himself in his room (okay, Dean's room) and plays Heavy Metal music at top volume. The Winchesters have to do a Dr Phil and get the warring family back together again.

    Even with God and Lucifer working together, they will need reinforcements to take out Amara. The other Archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, are no use to anyone. Lucifer and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) try to recruit the angels. Dean pays Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) a visit. Sam attempts to convince Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) to join the fight. None of these supervillains has been able to consolidate their individual powerbase, and they all hate each others' guts, but together they might be able to help. The only problem is, can the Winchesters and their arch-enemies work together?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 11, Episode 23] Alpha And Omega
    Shown 25 May 16

    Chuck is dying, and Amara has started to snuff out the sun. Yes, this is the apocalypse that will end all creation in the universe. Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) Rowena to create a bomb. Sam and Dean go to an old asylum full of crazy ghosts. Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) finds that Hell has been looted by rebellious Demons, while Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) says Heaven has been barricaded by the cowardly Angels. Luckily Billie the unfriendly Reaper has a liking for Crowley, possibly because he puts so much business in her direction.

    The episode's bookends concern a snobby young Englishwoman ( Elizabeth Blackmore ). If she looks familiar, she was a morally dubious character in Vampire Diaries and we are uncertain as to what side she is on. What we know about her from the outset is that she or her backers have major financial and political clout, she has skills with both magic and weapons, and she has knowledge of the apocalypse. However, she is not a Deus-ex-machina to end this Season's plot. Instead she will lead into the next Season's plot. This asks even more questions than it answers.

    Season 12

  • Lady Mary ( Elizabeth Blackmore )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 1] Keep Calm And Carry On
    Shown 13th October 2016

    Dean has a new sidekick - his mother. She has been revived from her death, thirty three years ago. Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) soon joins them, and identifies the bunker as being in Lawrence, Kansas. Their mission this week is to find Sam.

    Sam has been abducted by the snobby young Englishwoman, Lady Mary ( Elizabeth Blackmore ). She takes him to a safe house in nearby Missouri, and has him tortured for information. It turns out that the London chapter of the Men of Letters is very well organised. Not only have they prevented any monster-related fatalities in England for over fifty years, they have also apparently been keeping track of the Winchesters' activities for the last six Seasons. The new plan is to rebuild the North American network. However, if they had really been keeping track of the Winchesters they would know there IS no network. They should know that the roadhouse is gone, as are Bobby and Garth. Almost every other hunter the Winchesters have met is dead too.

    The torturer is Belfast-based actress Bronagh Waugh , best known as the wife of the serial killer in The Fall. If she was to appear in a supernatural thriller show shot in Vancouver we would have expected her to choose X-Files , where she could hob-nob with her former co-star Gillian Anderson . Here she has even ditched her native Ulster accent and adopted a mainstream British accent, Recieved Pronunciation.

    Meanwhile, Lucifer is still on the run. He is jumping from vessel to vessel, with a demonic clean-up crew to dispose of the bodies before the cops turn up. However, Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) is on their tail - intent on killing his only rival to the throne of Hell.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 2] Mamma Mia
    Shown 20 Oct 16

    Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) has retired from witchcraft, and wants to marry millionaire tycoon Lochlyn Munro ( Freddy Vs Jason ). However, Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) pulls her out for one last job. He needs her as backup so they can send Lucifer back into the cage. After all, the Winchesters and the Angels have better things to do.

    Sam is still being interrogated by the English Person of Letters ( Elizabeth Blackmore ). She does not trust the Winchesters because of their former allies - Ruby the Demon, Benny the Vampire, etc.

    Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) track down the kidnapper's safe house. Their only advantage is the element of suprise - after all, nobody except them knows that Dean's mother is alive again. So naturally, Dean goes in alone. What could possibly go wrong?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 3] The Foundry
    Shown 27 Oct 16

    Ma Winchester has problems adjusting to her new living situation. Much like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 6) she has found herself ripped out of heaven. Her answer is to go off on a hunt. The boys tag along, and find themselves up against a haunted house. Naturally they forget to keep an eye on their mother, and she goes off to do some hunting on her own.

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) goes hunting for Lucifer. He ends up partnering himself with Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ). Will they manage to save Rowena ( Ruth Connell )? She is an unlikely damsel in distress.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 4] American Nightmare
    Shown 03 Nov 16

    Momma Winchester has taken a time out. Dean is somewhat distracted, and off his game. As a result, Sam has to do the heavy lifting this episode.

    A woman dies of the Stigmata . Sam and Dean investigate, because the religious nature of the incident means it might be a clue to Lucifer's whereabouts. Dean, despite being a life-long heavy metal fan, hates the 1980s metal singer that Lucifer has now possessed. Sam is more true to his musical tastes.

    Dean thinks a witch is responsible for the death, although there were no hex bags to be found. Sam thinks it was a ghost. However, we get to find out what happened to the psychic kids. Sam was one of them, back in the early Seasons, when Azazel was growing them as potential vessels for Lucifer. Apparently he had another one, presumably the youngest of the lot, who only exhibited her psychic powers in Season Seven. Poor Sam could do with his psychic powers again.

    Sam and Dean are being stalked by a mysterious motorcyclist. Predictably he is Mr Ketch, the Englist executioner named after Jack Ketch (who botched the beheading of the Duke of Monmouth). Yes, the English Chapter of the Men of Letters is still involved, although for the moment they prefer to observe and not interfere.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 5] The One You've Been Waiting For
    Shown 10 Nov 16

    This is a sequel to Supernatural [Season 8, Episode 13] Everybody Hates Hitler . The Thule Cult is back in business. They are still a power in central Europe, although the Rabbi and the Golem have worked their way through the hit-list. The English branch of the Men of Letters have not bothered themselves, and this week Jack Ketch is mysteriously absent.

    The Nazis have a plot to bring Hitler back from the dead. Apparently this story caused a lot of unhappiness in the USA, but nobody complained when Wonder Woman faced the same threat in Anschluss 77 .

    The Thule involve the next generation of Nazi descendants. One is the son of the commanding officer. The other is a grand-niece of Hitler himself.

    The climac confrontation of the story is something of an anti-climax. This is a stand-alone story with the minimum of guest-stars and no real impact. In other words, it is a completely wasted opportunity.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 6] Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox
    Shown 17 Nov 16

    The brothers accompany Jodie Mills to the funeral of a friend. He was a Hunter - yes, it seems Jodie is better at networking with Hunters than they are. Despite their knowledge of the successful procedures of the London Men of Letters, they have made absolutely no attempt to build up their own network. Garth did a better job when he was around. They have not even got any Men of Letters business cards printed, which would be useful to hand around during the wake.

    The wake takes a turn for the worse. Someone magically seals everyone in the house - like in that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 6) . Then the inmates start to get bumped off, one at a time. Can the Winchesters find the body-jumping demon before it kills all the guest-stars?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 7] Rock Never Dies
    Shown 01 Dec 16

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) have traced Lucifer to Los Angeles. He has decided to re-launch his rock band. Dean and Sam get called in to help stop him.

    Sam is ambivalent about stopping a Hard Rock legend, but Dean is dismissive of what he calls Hair Metal. This is despite the show's soundtrack consisting of classic rock from the 1970s and 80s. The brothers only have a handful of tapes that they listen to in endless succession as they drive across America. The best example would be Rock of Ages, a Def Leppard song from the album Pyromania, being used at the climactic scene of the Apocalypse episode at the end of Season Five.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 8] Lotus
    Shown 08 Dec 16

    The team have destroyed Lucifer's previous vessel, but now they need to find his new one. Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) are still in the team. After all, after the previous years of war neither is welcome in their own homes.

    Lucifer chooses the Vice President of the USA. Luckily for him the man is a fanatical Xian, and believes Lucifer's lies. This may be a reference to Mike Pence, the sitting VPOTUS at time of broadcast. After all, the show's main audience is young women - natural Liberals.

    Lucifer sends his top bodyguard (Stephen Lobo - Continuum ) to get the Winchesters before they can get him. After all, they are an amateurish bunch compared to, for instance, the English Men of letters. On a related note, whatever happened to Mr Ketch - the sinister hitman who used to follow them about?

    Lucifer also gets the chance of some recreational sex. His previous hosts included a widower, a Cardinal and Sam Winchester so none of them got any sex. Now he gets the chance to create something - a Nephilim, a hybrid human/angel creature.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 9] First Blood
    Shown 26 Jan 17

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) has lost the Winchesters. Apparently he has lost whatever Angel powers he still had, despite being able to mind-wipe people in the previous episode. He contacts their mother, Mary Winchester, who decides to fix the blame instead of the problem. She refuses to take responsibility for abandoning them, or question their own apparent inability to plan an exit strategy.

    The good guys find that allies are in short supply. Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) does not know where the brothers are, and is in no hurry to find out. The Hunter community are over-stretched as it is, with vampires and werewolves running wild all over Dixie-land. Despite this, the English Men of Letters are completely unsuccessful in their new recruitment campaign.

    POTUS's top bodyguard (Stephen Lobo - Continuum ) holds Sam and Dean in a secret prison. It seems to have very few guards, but when the boys make their breakout he has a SWAT team to help him. Can the Winchesters take out the SWAT team without killing anyone?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 10] Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets
    Shown 2 Feb. 2017

    Lily Sunder ( Alicia Witt ) is after a group of Angels who killed her family in 1901. She has Angel-proofed herself somehow, although neither witchcraft or a demonic pact would be powerful enough. It turns out she was a Professor, fluent in the Angelic language Enochian ... so she can use Angel magic herself!

    The leader of the Angel unit, Isham, is played by Ian Tracey ( Continuum ) - previously seen as a Hunter in Supernatural [Season 7, Episode 11] Adventures in Babysitting.

    Once again the Winchesters get the chance to recruit a powerful demon-fighter to their cause. As always, they do not bother to exchange business cards or phone numbers.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 11] Regarding Dean
    Shown 9th February 2017

    The episode's title is a reference to the film Regarding Henry, which features Harrison Ford as a vicious lawyer who gets brain damage and loses his memory, resulting in his personality shifting for the better. In this episode Dean is hexed by a witch, and his memory degrades. Luckily they are able to retrace his steps by checking CCTV footage. No wonder the English Men of Letters are worried about these sloppy amateurs, if they leave video footage of magical events all over the place.

    The director is John Badham , but the writer is a woman - and it shows. Dean has not been shown this vulnerable since Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 6] Yellow Fever. His interactions with female characters also get special attention this week. Also, Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) gets some screen time. She wants payback on the witches, which allows this episode to pass the Bechdel test.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 12] Stuck in the Middle (With You)
    Shown 16th February 2017

    As the title would suggest, this episode owes quite a bit to cult neo-noir film Reservoir Dogs. It is told in a series of flashbacks from different characters perspectives. There are some other nods to the work of director Quentin Tarantino . The villain resembles regular collaborator Christoph Waltz ( Django Unchained ), and the central plot device is a mysterious object in a case that glows when opened.

    Mary has been secretly working for the English Men of Letters. This is a sensible arrangement, although most hunters would not admit it. They would rather trawl the tabloids in search of serial killer stories instead of taking a pro-active approach with world-class Intelligence. Most monsters take at least three victims before the hunters can get close. The Winchesters oppose being bankrolled by the English, although they were previously bankrolled by Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) against Lucifer, the Monsters and the Leviathans.

    The episode starts with the team having some dialogue over breakfast at a diner. Mary has called in Dean, Sammy, Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) and a sidekick named Wally. Their mission is supposedly very simple, just an assassination of a peace-loving retired demon. All this in spite of their supposed ceasefire with Crowley. And since Mary has single-handedly taken out six vamp nests and four werewolf packs in the last few months, does she really need three men and an angel to back her up?

    The mission goes badly wrong. Castiel ends up lying on the floor of a barn, bleeding to death from a perforated abdomen. Yes, despite using five people on a one-person job the team still found themselves completely out-matched. It turns out that Azazel was not the only yellow-eyed demon.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 13] Family Feud
    Shown 23rd February 2017

    The episode starts with a creepy stalk-and-kill scene. This harks back to Season One, when the show's advertising tagline was scary just got sexy.

    The Winchesters are a notoriously dysfunctional family. Their mother is off on her own, conducting secret missions.

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) has Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) as his prisoner. Of course, this leads on to Lucifer's own dysfunctional family. His baby-momma has eluded Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ), although a couple of proper angels have tracked her down. So has one of the Princes of Hell.

    The Winchesters link a series of ghost-related murders to the shipwreck that Crowley's son originally died on. Of course, Crowley altered history to save his son in Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 21] King of the Damned. Now the twenty-something Crowley Junior wanders the Earth, a man out of time. Worse, the ghostly killings are indirectly his fault. The good news is, he gets to meet his paternal grandmother Rowena ( Ruth Connell ). Will she try to keep him alive, or send him back to face his original death?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 14] The Raid
    Shown 2nd March 2017

    Mary Winchester takes Sam on a guided tour of the English Men of Letters' USA base. They have a plan in the offing, to wipe out the last vampire nest in North America. Unfortunately the only hunter to join the team-up is a Louisiana redneck, played by Chief Tyroll from Battlestar Galactica (2003) .

    Ketch pays the bunker a visit, and starts to bromance Dean. Not dinner and a movie, but scotch and a vamp-hunt. We get a few more glimpses of why Ketch is meant to be a villainous character. For example, he tortures info out of a blood-thirsty vampire. A FEMALE vampire, that is, so he is portrayed as a misogynist. Worse, he gets an over-educated minion to clean his gun for him. Nobody complains when James Bond treats Desmond Lewellyn like a skivvy!

    The Men of Letters have ignored the Alpha Vamp (Rick Worthy - The Magicians ), because they relied on out-dated info about him living in Tunisia. Sam proves that in many ways, the Men of Letters need the Winchesters more than the other way round.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 15] Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
    Shown 9th March 2017

    A mysterious wolf-like creature snacks on a couple of campers. Normally we would assume it was a werewolf (or a wendigo), but the survivor states the monster was invisible. That means it was a hell-hound, so the Winchesters call in Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) to lend a hand.

    Crowley has problems of his own. He has spent so long torturing Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) that he has let the paperwork of Hell back up. The demons rely on the King of Hell to settle disputes between them. Also, he has not delegated his responsibilities as King of the Crossroads, so there are literally hundreds of crossroads deals that need his final approval.

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is in Ohio, searching for Lucifer's unborn spawn. He meets up with a fellow angel who is on the same hunt. They know they are up against a Prince of Hell, so there is no option for them but a team-up. If Castiel makes a deal, he might even get accepted back into Heaven again.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 16] Ladies Drink Free
    Shown 30 Mar 17

    A mysterious werewolf-like creature snacks on a couple of teenagers. The English Men of Letters nerd gives the case to the Winchester brothers, then invites himself along for some on-the-job training. They do not object to getting their travel expenses paid, but there is some friction when it comes to ruthlessness. Traditionally Dean has always been the cold-hearted killer, but now he is a dumbed-down damsel-saving White Knight.

    As the title suggests, this is a girl-power episode. The guest-star of the week is the blonde girl who is foster-daughter of the woman sheriff. She has decided to go hunting alone, with no help or backup. The killer is after young women, and girl-power girl has a thing for bashing creepers - any straight males who have not been trapped in a relationship.

    The Winchesters have been happy to kill werewolves at any opportunity. Remember the fate that befell Emanuelle Vaugnier at the end of Supernatural [Season 2, Episode 17] Heart ? However, ever since the Garth episode they have taken a more liberal view. What makes this episode a bit more predictable is that a young woman's life is on the line. Obviously, as a female she is deemed much more valuable than a mere male would be.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 17] The British Invasion
    Shown 6th April 2017

    The episode focuses on the Englishman who is the Winchesters' liaison officer. We discover a bit about his background. He tells the yanks a sob story straight out of Oliver Twist, about how he spend his childhood as a homeless pickpocket until he got recruited for the secret society's elite boarding school. How much of this is true is a matter for debate, but we do get a flashback to the school's selection procedure. They do not use the 11+ examination (the UK equivalent of SATs), instead they have a fight-to-the-death last-boy-standing system. The result is that the liaison still has nightmares about it, and he drinks so much alcohol that his tolerance far exceeds Dean's.

    Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) thinks he has crushed Lucifer's will, and turned him into the perfect obedient servant. However, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) still has a lot of followers among the demons. After all, Lucifer rewards success while Crowley just kills his own minions. No wonder that he has had so many challengers for the throne of Hell. Also, it turns out that Lucifer has a telepathic link with Dagon, the Prince of Hell who is guarding the Nephilim.

    One of the Winchesters' unofficial network of Hunters pulls up a lead on Dagon and her charge. This goes to show how successful they could be if they just formalised the structure a bit more. They invite the liaison, because he is the best they can do. He is unhappy to discover that they knew about the Nephilim all along, and yet they never bothered to inform him or ask for his help. After all, this is end-of-the-world stuff and they need all the help they can get.

    Meanwhile, Mama Winchester is off on a hunting expedition with Ketch. They have a lot in common, and things take a turn for the weird. Also, Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is not answering his phone messages. In other words, the brothers cannot expect any backup. If only they were better organised ...

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 18] The Memory Remains
    Shown 13th April 2017

    The Winchesters get a message from Mick's phone, pointing them towards a tweenager's disappearance in a small town. Naturally they investigate, Although the town sheriff tells them the boy probably just ran away from home. Since the sheriff would rather work on his taxidermy, Norman Bates style, than investigate suspicious goings on then he is obviously their main suspect.

    Meanwhile, Ketch and his crew pay a secret visit to the bunker. It has to be the most un-secure secret headquarters in history. Anyway, they search it to get info on the Winchesters and with the hope of retrieving the Colt. For some reason Dean took it with him on the case, despite the killer being most likely either a satyr or a man in a goat mask.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 19] The Future
    Shown 20th April 2017

    This show is renowned for having female villains, and this Season it is Dagon the Princess of Hell. However, at least this episode cannot be accused of sexism. The director is Amanda Tapping , and she manages to make it pass the Bechdel test with a conversation between Dagon and Kelly, the woman pregnant with Lucifer's seed.

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) returns to the Winchesters in their bunker. Dean is especially upset that Cas did not answer his phone calls. However, it turns out that Cas still has a secret deal with the Angels.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 20] Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes
    Shown 27th April 2017

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) is still out of contact. As a result, the main story arc is on pause. This week we get a filler story, a freak-of-the-week stand-alone episode.

    The Winchesters get a call intended for their mother. It is from the witch twins they met at Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 6] Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox. It turns out that their mother has done more networking than either of them. She is off working for the English Men of Letters - and discovers that they, too, know a lot more about the American Hunters. For example, they know where Garth is and they are keeping tabs on him.

    The twins' mother has not reported in. The Winchesters come along as backup in the search for her.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 21] There's Something About Mary
    Shown 18 May 17

    A recurring character is killed off. Jodie gets word to the Winchesters - maybe SHE should be running the USA Men of Letters. Eventually the boys realise that there is something wrong, and the English Men of Letters may be involved.

    Lady Mary ( Elizabeth Blackmore ) is back in town. She uses an electronic brainwashing system on Mama Winchester, and turns her into an obedient assassin. Ketch, himself an emotionless killer, seems uncomfortable about this turn of events.

    The Nephilim has gone off the grid. This makes Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) even more eager to escape from Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 22] Who We Are
    Shown 18 May 17

    The boys are locked in the bunker with Lady Mary ( Elizabeth Blackmore ). If they had bothered to watch Mythbusters, they could have learned how to escape in relative safety.

    Mama Winchester is still brainwashed. She is given a hit-list, and Jody Mills is the last name on it. Can Dean get Lady Mary to undo the brainwashing before something bad happens?

    The Winchesters set up their own little army of hunters. Well, they can certainly get organised when they are sufficiently incentivised. If they had only done such a good job a few years ago, they could have wiped out the monsters in North America and the English Men of Letters would never have arrived.

    Sam gives his army an inspiring Henry V type speach. He states that his side are simple folk who were taken in by the flashy gadgets and big budget of an international superpower. This is incredibly ironic, because the show is shot in Canada (as the supporting cast's accents prove). There is a plethora of shows about the American Revolution, such as Sleepy Hollow , Timeless and Legends of Tomorrow . They all have the same basic narrative - tough gritty rednecks against a superpower. How ironic this is, especially in today's world where those self-same rednecks bought into a shyster's sales pitch about rebuilding America's military. The reality is that the rednecks pay a massive amount of their taxes into the biggest military-industrial complex on Earth, while their NATO allies like Canada and the UK are the tough gritty fighters.

    Can a gang of disorganised rednecks with pistols take on a well-trained unit who have SWAT armour and assault rifles? Will they be civilised and take prisoners? Or will they destroy the only group capable of stopping Lucifer and the Nephilim?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 12, Episode 23] All Along The Watchtower
    Shown 18 May 17

    Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) is on the loose yet again, and starts on his hit-list of enemies. Luckily for the Winchesters they are not even at the top! Crowley (Mark Sheppard - Medium ) and Rowena have that dubious honour.

    Their one chance is to get to the Nephilim before Lucifer. The baby-mama is guarded by Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ), and she is about to give birth.

    The Nephilim's power tears a hole in the universe. The boys get to see what the world would look like if they were never born. The bad news is, post-apocalyptic Earth is not a nice place to live. The good news is, they get to see an old friend again.

    This episode has a massive body count. However, it is also open-ended. Yes, instead of tying up all the story-lines they are left dangling for the inevitable next Season.

    Season 13

  • Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow )
  • Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 1] Lost and Found
    Shown 12 Oct 17

    This takes up where the previous Season's cliffhanger left off. The Winchesters, as the central characters, are still alive and kicking. However their allies and co-stars are all gone.

    The half-angel child, the Nephilim, arrives. He is full-grown and male, some eye-candy for the majority-female audience. The actor is Alexander Calvert, who played recurring villain Lonnie Machin in Arrow . He wanders around naked, like Schwartzenegger at the start of Terminator .

    Just like every small Kansas town since Smallville , the town has a lady Sheriff. She takes the naked suspect into custody.

    Sam and Dean bump into a drunk girl ( Carlena Britch ). If she looks familiar, recently she was Juliet La Avispa Bocanegra in The X-Files: Nothing Lasts Forever (2018) .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 2] The Rising Sun
    Shown 19 Oct 17

    With Crowley gone, one of the former Princes of Hell makes a comeback. This one is Asmodeus, and we know he is eeevil because of his aristocratic Dixie-land accent.

    Asmodeus wants to harness the Nephilim's power for his own uses. To start with, he wants to unleash a breed of hell-beast so nasty that even Lucifer feared them.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 3] Patience
    Shown 26 Oct 17

    A Medium named Dede ( Chelsey Reist ) is targeted by a monster. The creature's next intended victim is Missouri, Pa Winchester's friend from Season One .

    Sam and Dean are tasked with protecting Missouri's granddaughter, Patience. Like her grandmother, Patience has the Second Sight - but she is much younger, which makes her more acceptable to the show's target audience of young females.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 4] The Big Empty
    Shown 02 Nov 17

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) wakes up. He is still dead, his soul warehoused with all the other dead angels in a zone outside of the universe itself. The guardian appears as a mirror image of Castiel, which allows the actor to step away from his Rain Man act.

    The Winchesters investigate a series of murders that have apparentyly been committed by dead people. The first suspicion is ghosts, but it turns out that a Shapeshifter was involved.

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) tags along, and the boys pay a visit to a grief counsellor. This seems reminiscent of the episode where Dean gets committed to an asylum, and passes himself off as insane by telling the truth. It seems the boys can only confront their issues when they are undercover.

    The villain is the kind of low-level monster the Winchesters faced in Season One. Despite having saved the universe half a dozen times, they still have trouble defeating such a basic foe.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 5] Advanced Thanatology
    Shown 09 Nov 17

    A teenage boy goes missing, and his friend is traumatised. The friend's mother is Alisen Downs , who is a major villain in 12 Monkeys but here is reduced to status of housewife and home-maker. Not that this is not an important career choice in real life, but it seems a waste to use such a talented actress in a tiny walk-on role.

    The Winchesters have to deal with a haunted house. Unfortunately this brings them to the attention of the Reapers. It turns out that ever since Dean killed their boss, there has been a reshuffle in the upper management. The new Death is an old enemy of theirs, although strangely she seems to have mellowed slightly. Perhaps the promotion has improved her outlook on (after)life.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 6] Tombstone
    Shown 16 Nov 17

    The Kid has found a case for the team to investigate. A grave has been dug up in Dodge City, Kansas. Dean, being a fan of the Old West, is enthusiastic to visit the famous town. Sam, concerned at his brother's previous depression, agrees to the mission.

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) and the Kid tag along. They get to do some father-son bonding, which is good because the Winchesters needed a babysitter.

    The title is not just a reference to the monster's grave-robbing. It is also a reference to Dean's favourite Wild West movie, which he made Castiel watch.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 7] War of the Worlds
    Shown 23 Nov 17

    The Winchesters investigate a series of murders. The victims are all witches. Their killer was looking for Rowena, Crowley's mother.

    The suspect is a lookalike for Ketch, last Season's villain. Is he a clone or a doppelganger? He claims to be Ketch's twin brother, who dropped out of the Men of Letters and now uses the skills they taught him to survive as a rogue demon-hunter. Sort of like Wesley in Angel .

    Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino - Lost ) is a prisoner in the alternate Universe. His captor, a fellow Archangel, plans to invade the Winchesters' universe with the aid of a tame prophet - Kevin Tran.

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) has teamed up with a fellow angel ( Erica Cerra ), but it looks like her loyalty is still with Heaven. Now Cas must find a new partner. Luckily, Lucifer makes it back to Earth.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 8] The Scorpion and the Frog
    Shown 30 Nov 17

    The new King of the Crossroads (David Cubitt - Medium ) is yet another Merkin with an English accent and an angel blade. He hires the Winchesters to do a heist for him. Of course, they have no intention of building an alliance as they did with Crowley. Instead they just play along until they can double-cross him.

    The team includes a nerdy girl. Yes, she seems to be the new Charlie.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 9] The Bad Place
    Shown 07 Dec 17

    The brothers go looking for Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ). He is easy to track, because he is after a Native American dream-walker and leaves a trail of bodies in his wake.

    The King of Hell and his demon army have not been seen for a few episodes. This week it is the Angels who are after the Nephilim.

    An otherwise lacklustre episode is livened up by a couple of aerial shots. Presumably the camera was on a drone, rather than on an expensive helicopter.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 10] Wayward Sisters
    Shown 18 Jan 18

    The brothers are MIA and need to be rescued. Luckily, Sheriff Jody still has the tweenage girls hanging around. They also team up with Missouri's granddaughter Patience, and the blonde Sheriff woman from Minnesota. Yes, the rescue team is all-female.

    This could be yet another back-door pilot, because although the show got renewed for yet ANOTHER Season there is no guarantee it can run forever.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 11] The Midnight Train AKA Breakdown
    Shown 25 Jan 18

    The Winchesters get a call from the blonde Sheriff woman from Minnesota. Her niece has gone missing. Yes, good old-fashioned fem-jep (female jeopardy).

    This is not the usual kind of case the Winchesters help on. Or is it? In principle, they are meant to save people who are in danger. Well, Dean thinks they just kill monsters but Sam prefers to think of it as fighting evil.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 12] Various & Sundry Villains
    Shown 01 Feb 18

    A pair of twenty-something witch girls are on a crime spree. They target Dean with a seduction spell, and get him to hand over the Grand Grimoire.

    Luckily it turns out that Rowena is still alive. Yes, even after the second time Lucifer killed her the spell she used still worked. She is back in search of the Grimoire too, so she has enough power to stand a chance against Lucifer if he comes back for a third try. Sam is actually sympathetic towards her, since he was also Lucifer's victim.

    Meanwhile, Lucifer is locked up with Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ). Can they quit bickering long enough to team up and break out?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 13] Devil's Bargain
    Shown 08 Feb 18

    Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) meets up with the Winchesters again, and brings them up to date on what happened to him.

    Lucifer is also on the loose. Unfortunately for him, without his Grace he is basically a human. He is hungry for human food, never mind Grace. Luckily he manages to track down a rogue angel named Jo ( Danneel Ackles ), and make a deal with her. Instead of draining her, he can feed on her a bit at a time.

    The Winchesters are close on Lucifer's tail. He leaves a trail of bodies behind him, and the Winchesters have their fake FBI IDs. They run into someone else who is also looking for Lucifer. Instead of teaming up with this former enemy, as they did with Crowley and Rowena, they abduct the poor man with the intent of murdering him.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 14] Good Intentions
    Shown 01 Mar 18

    Sam and Dean call in the Prophet (Keith Sjarabaka - Angel ) to decipher the tablet. He sends Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) off on a quest to slay Gog and Magog.

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) is in the other universe with Mary Winchester. They escape from the Angels, and team up with Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ). Unfortunately there is no sign of Rufus, which is a pity because it would have been nice to see them in action together.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 15] A Most Holy Man
    Shown 08 Mar 18

    The Winchesters are on the quest to find the ingredients for the spell. The next thing is the blood of a most holy man. This is a bit vague, so they go after the blood of a Roman Catholic saint. Instead of finding a living person who has been sanctified, they go after the blood of a historical figure.

    The first stop is with Mary Astor ( Leanne Lapp ), an antiquities dealer who seems like the new Bella. She like to extort sexual favours from the young men she works with, and for some reason she chooses Sam instead of Dean.

    Astor sends the Winchesters to Mr Greenstreet, who seems to be inspired by villains played by character actor Sidney Greenstreet. He sends them to Seattle, to steal something for him.

    The Winchesters meet a creepy man who claims to be a Catholic Priest from Malta. However, he is obviously deceptive because he is clearly Italian and not Maltese.

    The story has lots of double-crosses, and ends in a sub-Tarantinoesque Mexican stand-off.

    This episode was directed by Amanda Tapping . It has her visual trademark, lots of camera movement. For example, there are several steadicam sequences of Sam and Dean walking down the street while they talk. Unfortunately what lets the episode down is the climactic fire-fight. What should have been a John Woo style shootout, with lots of steadicam work, becomes a quickly edited montage. This smacks of haste caused by production difficulties.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 16] ScoobyNatural
    Shown 29 Mar 18

    Sam and Dean save a shopkeeper from a possessed item of merchandise. He rewards them with a massive flat-screen television. They learn that accepting gifts from a shop of cursed items is a bad idea.

    The Winchesters get sucked into a cartoon, and end up as cartoon figures themselves. Yes, the abrupt change in format (like a musical episode) usually indicates a jump-the-shark moment. However, this show is so past the shark that due to the curvature of the Earth's surface it is no longer visible in the rear-view mirror.

    The cartoon is Scooby Doo , a classic from the late 1960s.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 17] The Thing
    Shown 05 Apr 18

    The guys discover a Men Of Letters bunker that was abandoned in the 1950s. It is not as big as the HQ one they live in - it was just an outpost. If they had actually done any research over the last few years into the vast amount of resources they have had access to, they could have found this network years ago and put it to good use.

    When they explore the outpost, they discover a prisoner who has been there since the 1950s. She is a young woman in her 20s.

    Elsewhere, Ketch has problems with his new boss Asmodeus. Luckily, Asmodeus slips up and lets Ketch know about his other prisoner. Yes, although Lucifer and Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) escaped, there is an even more high-value inmate in Hell's Earth outpost.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 18] Bring 'em Back Alive
    Shown 12 Apr 18

    Dean goes through the portal to the apocalypse world. Ketch comes along as backup. They discover an old ally – the local version of Charlie ( Felicia Day ).

    Meanwhile, Asmodeus comes looking for his missing Archangel.

    Jo ( Danneel Ackles ) makes a guest appearance.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 19] Funeralia
    Shown 19 Apr 18

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 20] Unfinished Business
    Shown 26 Apr 18

    This episode was directed by the Trickster himself. He wants to take revenge on the Pagan gods who sold him out to Asmodeus. The result is a Tarantino-esque series of action sequences and set-pieces.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 21] Beat the Devil
    Shown 03 May 18

    The Winchesters need Lucifer so they can cross over into the apocalypse world. He is not likely to help them. However, they have Gabriel and Rowena to help them capture and compel him.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 22] Exodus
    Shown 10 May 18

    Lucifer (Mark Pelligrino - Being Human USA ) has joined the good guys. He and Gabriel should be strong enough to take on Michael.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 13, Episode 23] Let the Good Times Roll
    Shown 17 May 18

    Alternate Universe Bobby takes note of the new world he is in. The polar icecaps are melting, and the idiot from The Apprentice is in charge. Which is the Hell-world?

    The sidekicks all head off on their own adventures. This leaves the regular characters to save the world un-aided.

    Season 14

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 1] Stranger in a Strange Land
    Shown 11 Oct 18

    Things have settled down after the events of the previous Season. The immigrants from the alternate universe are still living in the bunker. Sam has started to organise them as a team. Yes, it has taken a few years but the USA Men of Letters are getting organised.

    Alt-Bobby has started to train Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ), who has lost his superhuman powers. Together they help Castiel (Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse ) take on the new King of Hell.

    Jo ( Danneel Ackles ) makes a guest appearance.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 2] Gods and Monsters
    Shown 18th October 2018

    Michael, still in the body of Dean, allows himself to get tracked down by Sam and Mama Winchester. Unfortunately for the good guys, Michael has managed to make werewolves immune to silver.

    Lucifer's former host, Nick (Mark Pelligrino - Being Human USA ), has joined the good guys. He decides to go back to his former life, and see if he can solve the mystery of who murdered his wife.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 3] The Scar
    Shown 25th October 2018

    Dean remembers how Michael got a mysterious scar - from a god-slaying super-weapon in the hands of a ninja girl. By incredible coincidence, the ninja girl is now killing super-vamps in the jurisdiction of Sheriff Jody. Dean and Sam join up with their buddy again.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 4] Mint Condition
    Shown 1st November 2018

    A plastic action figure from a comic-book store comes to life and attacks a thieving employee. Obviously, a ghost is responsible.

    It is Halloween, and Dean is watching a movie marathon of his favourite horror series. But when he hears about the haunted store, he agrees to help Sam solve the case. This time they pose as insurance adjustors instead of the FBI, having learnt the error of their ways many years ago.

    This is a fun episode, a nice break from the more serious arc-related ones. Predictably, Dean bonds with the most unlikely person ... and gets to take on a lifesize version of the movie marathon monster. To think, ten years ago there was talk of Jason Vorhees making an appearance on the show. That was before Jared Padalecki starred in the Friday the Thirteenth (2009) reboot, of course.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 5] Nightmare Logic
    Shown 8th November 2018

    A tweenage hunter named Maggie has not called in with HQ, so Sam and Dean go looking for her. It turns out that Momma Winchester has teamed up with Alt-Bobby. Well, she was married to his best friend - and her previous lover (Ketch) is back in England.

    The site seems to have several different monsters. Almost as if their fears are being mobilised against them.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 6] Optimism AKA Curious Cravings
    Shown 15th November 2018

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) talks Dean into going on a hunt together. They visit McCord, Nebraska, where a series of murders has taken place. The victims were all men who dated the town librarian, a pretty girl who liked romance novels. Jack sets himself up as her next love interest, while Dean poses as an FBI Agent.

    In a subplot, Sam is off on a hunt with the alt-universe Charlie ( Felicia Day ). Their monster is more of the comedy kind - a man-sized house-fly that tries to blend in by dressing as a beekeeper.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 7] Unhuman Nature
    Shown 29th November 2018

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) takes a turn for the worse, so Dean takes him out for some father-son bonding.

    Sam calls is Castiel and Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) to help cure Jack. Apparently there is a Shaman who might be able to help, using Gabriel's Archangel grace.

    Nick (Mark Pelligrino - Being Human USA ) tracks down suspects in his wife's murder.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 8] Byzantium
    Shown 6th December 2018

    Sam and Dean call in Lily Sunder ( Veronica Cartwright ). She no longer looks like Alicia Witt because she has stopped using stolen magic to stay young. Now she is dying, so she needs to do a good deed and give herself a chance at Heaven in the afterlife. Since there is no Prophet available, she can translate the Enochian tablets for them.

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) is happy in Heaven with his mother, Kelly Kline ( Courtney Ford ). Castiel visits Heaven to find him, and bumps into his old friend Dumah ( Erica Cerra ). Somehow Naomi ( Amanda Tapping ) is back from the dead, and provides exposition. The Shadow that rules the Emptiness has escaped, and has taken Heaven over. It seeks to destroy Castiel ... but only when he finds his moment of true joy, like Angelus in Buffy the Vampire Slayer .

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 9] The Spear
    Shown 13th December 2018

    Michael has been recruiting werewolves, and giving them a super-soldier serum in exchange for loyalty. Garth Fitzgerald IV (DJ Qualls - Z Nation ) is one of the recruits. Of course, he is really working for the Winchesters.

    Michael has set up base in a skyscraper in Kansas City, Missouri. His plan is to get his vamps and werewolves to bite everyone, thus creating an army of monsters.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 10] Nihilism
    Shown 17th January 2019

    Sam, Castiel and Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) call on the Reapers to intervene, and get Dean back to the bunker. Unfortunately he still has the Archangel Michael in his head. Sam uses the Men of Letters' machine to Inception his brother, and together they try to defeat Michael.

    Sam has contacted the other hunters, and they do what they can to stop Michael's monster army.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 11] Damaged Goods
    Shown 24th January 2019

    Dean goes off to spend some family time with his mother, at Donna's cabin in the woods . In part he is saying goodbye, but he is working on a secret plan to imprison Michael.

    Nick (Mark Pelligrino - Being Human USA ) has discovered who his family's killer was. The good news is, it was a demon named Abraxas. The bad news is, that demon has been imprisoned by a female hunter. The good news is, that hunter has been brought back from the dead. The bad news is, he must abduct Mary Winchester and get her to hand over the demon.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 12] Prophet and Loss
    Shown 31st January 2019

    Sam and Dean investigate a serial killer who carves Enochian into his victims. It turns out that the killer is the next Prophet, driven insane by the messages in his head. This is because he is linked to Donatello (Keith Sjarabaka - Angel: season 3 ).

    The Winchesters have to decide whether or not to switch of Donatello's life-support system. Is euthenasia or assisted suicide a good thing? Since Dean's only plan to defeat Michael is to seal himself in a metal box at the bottom of the Pacific, like Angel at the end of Angel: season 3 , his story thematically parallels Donatello's.

    Nick (Mark Pelligrino - Being Human USA ) escapes from custody, and returns to his old home. It turns out that his wife's ghost has been haunting the place all along. She no longer looks like Bellamy Young , possibly because the original actress is now playing the POTUS in a kerry Washington TV show.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 13] Lebanon
    Shown 7th February 2019

    The Winchesters visit a magic store. It turns out the warlock who runs the place is not merely selling stolen goods, but killing Hunters and stealing their stuff. The Winchesters load his ill-gotten gains, which look like the contents of the safe room in Annabelle Comes Home , into the back seat of their Chevy Impala.

    Sam and Dean drive back to the bunker. En route they stop off at the nearest town - Lebanon, Kansas. There is a sub-plot concerning the local teenagers. One of them messes with the cursed artefacts, and accidentally unleashes the ghost of John Wayne Gacy. As Dean points out, it's a good-bad thing because you love serial killers but you hate clowns. All this is a meaningless piece of filler that pads out the main storyline.

    One of the cursed items is a pearl that manifests the user's deepest desire. Dean thinks his greatest desire is to get rid of St Michael. It turns out that he has a subconscious desire to be reunited with his father, Pa Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ). Lo and behold, daddy is summoned from the year 2003. Ironically, Pa looks like he has spent the last decade fighting The Walking Dead , while in reality Morgan was younger in Season One than Ackles is now.

    Unfortunately, time-travel is not a good thing. The timeline has changed, in part for the better. Numerous apocalypses have been avoided, while Sam graduated from college and became a YouTube guru. Dean has a bounty on his head for multiple decapitations, but he does not seem to care. However, Castiel and Zacharia have been sent to secure the timeline.

    Pa Winchester will have to go back where he came from. In other words, the resolution of this Season's apocalypse will have to wait until the next episode.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 14] Ouroboros
    Shown 07 Mar 19

    The Winchesters are hunting a monster, as per usual. This is just like the good old days, but the monster can see the future and is always one step ahead. Luckily they have three sidekicks squeezed into the back seat of the car. Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) identifies the monster as a Gorgon, a kind of demi-god from ancient Greece. He is incapable of seeing Angels in his visions, so Castiel and Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) get to lead the charge.

    There is a side-quest to get some anti-venom so Rowena can create a magical antidote to the Gorgon's bite. Strangely, Castiel is just as vulnerable to Gorgon venom as anyone.

    The Gorgon gives a monologue about a chicken and a snake. He senses that Jack is one or the other, but does not know which. Basically, the episode is really about Jack. Rowena can sense that he is held together by unstable magic, but the Winchesters refuse to let her help. We are also reminded that not so long ago she was a supervillain, and that characters' loyalties are uncertain in this show.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 15] Peace of Mind
    Shown 14 Mar 19

    The survivors of the previous episode are taking it badly. They have experienced Apocalyptic events many times, but somehow losing a few supporting characters has worn them out.

    Sam tries to cope by going on a Hunt. castiel tags along, to keep him out of trouble. Just as well, since the curse involved only affects humans. Somehow an entire town has turned back time, into a simplistic 1950s-style utopia. Sort of a Make America Great Again moment, but not in the usual heavy-handed way.

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) got his Grace back, but at the cost of most of his soul. He has taken it upon himself to care for the Gorgon's snake. Dean takes him on a road trip, to meet up with the soul-less prophet Donatello (Keith Sjarabaka - Angel: season 3 ).

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 16] Don't Go in the Woods
    Shown 21 Mar 19

    Sam and Dean head off on a monster hunt. A Native American monster is killing people in a forest. The local Sheriff (Adam Beach - Suicide Squad ) refuses to help the Feds to investigate.

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) gets left behind, so he hangs out with the town's teenagers. Yes, the supporting characters introduced a few episodes ago are back.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 17] Game Night
    Shown 04 Apr 19

    Donatello (Keith Sjarabaka - Angel: season 3 ) is abducted by Nick (Mark Pelligrino - Being Human USA ), who claims to have dosed the prophet with Thalium. The Winchesters do not wonder where a fugitive might get such an exotic poison - they merely believe him and meet his requests.

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) teams up with Mary Winchester.

    Castiel enlists Jo ( Danneel Ackles ) to help him summon God.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 18] Absence
    Shown 11 Apr 19

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) tries to revive Mary Winchester, and forces Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) to help him.

    Castiel visits Heaven. Naomi ( Amanda Tapping ) is not available, so Dumah ( Erica Cerra ) shows him around. Mary Winchester and John have been permanently reunited.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 19] Jack in the Box
    Shown 18 Apr 19

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) is on the loose. Bobby and the other Hunters want to bring him down, but they have no weapons or defences against him. Luckily Dean has a plan. They have to persuade Jack to get into the box - the heavily warded coffin they planned to trap Archangel Michael inside.

    Castiel visits Heaven. Naomi ( Amanda Tapping ) has been deposed by Dumah ( Erica Cerra ), who has a taste for power. She uses Jack to assassinate atheists, and to convert Xians into new angels.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 14, Episode 20] Moriah
    Shown 25 Apr 19

    The bad news is that Jack, the unstoppable Nephilim, is on the loose. The good news is that God has answered Castiel's prayer. Instead of engaging Jack directly, God gives the Winchesters a new super-gun ... Then he just steps back to watch the action and excitement.

    Season 15

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 1] Back and to the Future
    Shown 10 Oct 19

    This starts up immediately after the end of the previous Season. The Winchesters and Castiel are trapped in cemetary, surrounded by every monster they have ever sent to Hell. Luckily, a demon named Belthagor possesses Jack's body and offers to help the good guys out. Well, with Crowley and Balthazor long gone the show needs new snark.

    A bunch of familiar ghosts from Season One have started to attack people in the local town. Before they can try to seal the rift to Hell, the good guys must evacuate the town and trap the ghosts.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 2] Raising Hell
    Shown 17 Oct 19

    The ghosts start to organise themselves. Francis Tumelty, this world's version of Jack the Ripper, takes charge. Luckily, the Winchesters discover there is also a friendly ghost among the escapees from Hell.

    Sam and Dean have trouble keeping the human population in control. The story about a benzine pipeline leak does not exactly convince anyone, and the humans want to return to their homes. Luckily, Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) and Ketch turn up to help. They may have met before, but now they have the inclination to become a romantic pairing.

    Chuck runs to his sister Amara ( Emily Swallow ) for help. He was wounded by Sam's bullet, and he is still not at full strength. Given how she behaved in the Season when she was the Big Bad, will she bother to help him?

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 3] The Rupture
    Shown 24 Oct 19

    Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) tries to strengthen the failing walls that are keeping the ghosts at bay. However, as Belthagor said a few episodes ago there are two or three thousand million angry souls on the loose. No witch on Earth can possibly contain them.

    Belthagor has another plan. He and Castiel travel into Hell, to retrieve a secret magical artefact from Lillith's office.

    Half a dozen Seasons ago, this show started to bring back beloved recurring characters just so it could kill them off for emotional resonance. Now this episode – admittedly in the final Season - decides to take out multiple recurring characters!

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 4] Atomic Monsters
    Shown 7 Nov 19

    This begins In Media Res, with Dean defending the bunker from an all-out attack by gun-toting demons.

    After the previous three episodes, with a strong story arc, we get a stand-alone episode directed by Jensen Ackles. This time the Winchesters go on a good old two-man monster-hunt. Specifically, a vampire is targeting cheerleaders at a small town's High School.

    The Winchesters assume that Chuck has left the universe, never to return. Instead he is trapped on Earth, so he goes to see Becky ( Emily Perkins ). She has settled down, with a husband and a few children. Her way of getting over Sam Winchester was to keep writing Supernatural fan-fiction, and she now makes a living by selling bootleg merchandise online.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 5] Proverbs 17:3
    Shown 14 Nov 19

    Some tweenage girls go camping in the woods, but something nasty goes bump in the night. The official story is that it is a mountain lion, though the Sheriff thinks it is a bear with rabies.

    Sam and Dean go hunting. They use their old Wildlife Dept ID badges, which they have not used since Season One. Yes, they are Agents Hamill and Ford again!

    Dean starts to bond with the survivor of a so-called animal attack. With her help, the culprits are easy to find. But something stranger than usual seems to be going on.

    An old enemy is back, in a new body. She has been sent by Chuck himself, and the whole thing is part of his storyline. Yes, this is a Story Arc episode rather than a true standalone. The episode's director is Richard Speight Jnr, formerly the Trickster.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 6] Golden Time
    Shown 21 Nov 19

    Somehow the anti-ghost protective warding on the bunker has failed. Luckily the ghost who turns up is a friendly one, a hearing-impaired woman who was dragged off by a hellhound a few years ago. Sam agrees to save her from a return to Hell, since it has been established that formerly hell-bound souls can never enter Heaven.

    Sam takes the ghost to Rowena's home, where her goods are stashed. Unfortunately another witch ( Keegan Connor Tracey ) and her daughter ( Jodelle Ferland ) also want to loot the place.

    Meanwhile, Castiel is off on vacation in Wyoming. He hears of a suspicious death, and investigates. The local sheriff is dismissive of the many missing persons cases and mysterious deaths in the area. Also he is the first male sheriff we have seen in many years, so he is definitely a potential suspect. Jennifer Spence , mother of a missing boy, is also a suspect.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 7] Last Call
    Shown 05 Dec 19

    A couple of tweenage girls hang out and get drunk together at a late night roadside tavern. In a nice piece of fem-jep, one of them is abducted by a monster that stays off-screen most of the time. Yes, this is not unlike the first scene from a couple of episodes back.

    Dean heads off alone to Texas to investigate the missing girl case. The Sheriff points him in the direction of Swayze's Bar. It turns out that the band's singer, Leo Webb (Christian Kane - Angel (1999) ), is an old buddy of Dean. They used to hunt together, before the events of Season One , so Dean gives him a recap of a few fun cases from years ago. Supernatural [Season 4, Episode 6] Yellow Fever gets a couple of references.

    Sam is hanging out with Eileen, the deaf girl they returned from the dead in the previous episode. Dean has stepped out to avoid getting in the way of this potential coupling. Castiel drops by to get in the way, and repeats a load of exposition about a theory Sam already came up with in a previous episode. Yes, he independently came to the same conclusion that part of Sam's soul is struck in Chuck, and this the two of them are now connected. The good news is that Sam can read Chuck's memories - which allows some exposition for the good guys. The bad news is that Sam will die unless he gets some magical help.

    Luckily Castiel is still owed a favour by the Russian dealer who double-crossed them in the previous Season. Rather than go to visit the Russian, Castiel invites him to visit the Bunker. So much for keeping its location secret from outsiders. Especially from unreliable black-market dealers who have a history of double-crossing the good guys.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 8] Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven
    Shown 12 Dec 19

    Dean digs the Angel tablet out of the Men of Letters archive, and Castiel fetches Donatello the Prophet (Keith Sjarabaka - Angel (1999) ) to decode it. It turns out that Metatron left some notes in the margin about how Chuck imprisoned Amara. The only one still alive who was present at that event is St Michael, who has spent the last decade locked in the Cage at the bottom of Hell. According to Lucifer, Michael went insane - as did his host, the Winchesters' brother Adam.

    Sam, Dean and Castiel visit Hell - where they get their asses handed to them by some female demons. It turns out that the new King of Hell is actually a Queen. The bad news is that when Chuck opened all the doors of hell, this included the Cage.

    Eileen the deaf hunter girl thinks Sam is over-protective because he does not want her to go hunting alone. Although she plays a small role in the main storyline, she has a subplot involving a vampire hunt with her buddy Sue ( Luvia Petersen ).

    The episode's director is Richard Speight Jnr, formerly the Trickster. However, it is a serious episode devoid of humour.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 9] The Trap
    Shown 16 Jan 20

    Sam wakes up to discover he and his girlfriend have been abducted by Chuck. Since they are bound together by their wounds, Chuck has decided he needs to perform extractive surgery on Sam. Unfortunately Sam's resistance prevents success. For the extraction to work, Sam must be forced to abandon all hope. Chuck lets Sam see the sad future of the Winchester brothers.

    Dean and Castiel need to get the Leviathan blossom before they can make a potion to damage Chuck and save Sam. This requires a detour through Purgatory, the only place the blossom grows. Dean takes the chance to ask after his old buddy Benny.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 10] The Heroes' Journey
    Shown 23 Jan 20

    Sam and Dean go to help their old buddy Garth (DJ Qualls - The Core (2003) ). It turns out that they need his help too. Sam has the flu, the Chevy Impala has a set of dodgy spark plugs, and Dean has severe dental issues. Now that Chuck is no longer letting them lived charmed lives, they are beset with normal everyday problems. Yes, they must come to terms with the fact that many of their successes in life, which they totally took for granted, were the result of their Major Character status in Chuck's storylines.

    The monster storyline is about a cage-fighting contest which is live-streamed on the Dark Web. Despite the fact that all the monsters are consenting, and no humans are involved, Sam and Dean go to break it up and murder everyone involved. Of course, with their everyday problems acting up it all goes badly wrong for them.

    As with most of the Garth episodes, this is all played for laughs. After the more serious stuff in the previous episode, this is a good thing.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 11] The Gamblers
    Shown 30 Jan 20

    Sam and Dean follow the lead that Garth gave them in the previous episode, and make a road trip to Alaska. How they got passports to travel through Canada is not explained, since they no longer have Chuck's Main Character protection. Despite running out of money, and getting a flat tyre, they have some good luck when they get a helpful waitress to give them directions. Apparently the place they are looking for is a magical pool hall. Dean fancies himself as an expert pool player, so he is typically overconfident.

    The pool hall is filled with desperate losers. It turns out that the place is secretly owned by the Roman Goddess of Luck. She is living like a parasite, skimming the luck that the players should be winning off each other. Sam has to play her at her own game.

    Castiel is left in charge of the bunker. He answers a phone call from a police officer who has a strange murder case. It seems that Jack has come back from the dead again, is hunting down a group of men, then murdering them and eating their hearts.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 12] Galaxy Brain
    Shown 16 Mar 20

    Jack is back with the team again. Since Chuck is afraid of him, Jack cannot use his powers or he will give away his location. Also, Billie the Grim Reaper is too busy to answer Jack's calls for help in person. At least she sends a minion to help out instead.

    Sheriff Jody Mills calls the Winchesters for help. She has had a run-in with a certain violent girl from the apocalypse world, who demands that the Winchesters make good on their promise to open a portal back to her homeworld. Things get a lot more complicated when it turns out there is someone to be rescued

    Strangely, it turns out that Castiel has never met Jody in person until this episode. That said, now they finally meet they get a great scene together. Castiel's host Jimmy had a daughter named Claire, and Jody is now the girl's foster mother.

    It turns out that Billie has a plan. Her predecessor as Death (Julian Richings - War of the Worlds (1988) ) once told Dean that one day he would reap God ... and it turns out that Billie has the ability to do that.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 13] Destiny's Child
    Shown 23 Mar 20

    The Grim Reaper sends the Winchesters after another secret artefact. It was last seen in the hands of Jo ( Danneel Harris/Ackles ), the fallen angel. It turns out that she once teamed up with Ruby ( Genevieve Cortese/Padalecki ). This is possibly the best female-led spin-off that never happened: the wives of the two leads, playing a bickering Angel and Demon.

    Castiel goes off on a side-quest of his own, to visit Ruby in the Empty Zone outside of reality. He bumps into another female demon - Meg ( Rachel Miner ), or rather the Empty posing as her.

    Ruby stashed the artefact in a church, a reminder that demons can walk on holy ground whenever they feel like it. So can hell-hounds, apparently. Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) is essential to the quest.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 14] Last Holiday
    Shown 8 Oct. 2020

    The bunker may have been state-of-the-art, but it was built in the 1950s and abandoned shortly afterwards. Dean and Sam go into the basement to reboot the system. This accidentally releases Mrs Butters, a tame Wood Nymph who assumes the appearance of a middle-aged housewife and who eagerly takes up her former duties as den-mother.

    Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) discovers that Mrs Butters has a dark side. He finds a cine film of a certain Man of Letters (Kavan Smith - Stargate Atlantis ), last seen in Supernatural [Season 9, Episode 16] Blade Runners. Mrs Butters spent World War Two murdering members of the Thule Cult, and now she passes the time helping the Hunters exterminate anything and anyone she deems to be a monster.

    The biggest shock in the episode is not the fact that Sam and Dean, despite having the run of the bunker for half a dozen years, have done the minimum amount of exploration and did not bother to read up on the files. Somehow Ketch and the others from the English Men of Letters, who are well-organised and had continuity of leadership for decades, did not bother to take over the bunker or reactivate it themselves.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 15] Gimme Shelter
    Shown 15 Oct. 2020

    Sam and Dean go on a road trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey, in search of Amara ( Emily Swallow ). This leaves Castiel and Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) to work the case of the week.

    Someone is killing off people affiliated with a church group. Castiel uses his FBI ID, posing as Agent (Taylor) Swift, and interviews the group's preacher (Steve Bacic - Andromeda ). Meanwhile, Jack goes undercover as a new volunteer in the group.

    The killer appears to be technologically aware, which implies it is a human rather than a supernatural creature. A trip to the nearest crossroads confirms this, when the demon reveals that the new Queen of Hell has changed things. No more deals for souls, it seems. The demons no longer have to meet a sales quota, but at the same time their eternal lives are now incredibly boring. In theory they could now be harnessed as a force for good, although Castiel is far too deeply prejudiced to work with them.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 16] Drag Me Away (From You)
    Shown 22 Oct. 2020

    Sam and Dean go back to a motel they stayed in as kids. There are flashbacks to their childhood - reminiscent of It . However, the title is a reference to Drag Me To Hell - previously referenced in the episode Weekend At Bobby's.

    The monster of the week is none other than Baba Yaga herself. A famous Russian witch, it is not explained what she is doing in the American MidWest.

    It turns out that Dean has been keeping secrets from Sam. After all, Dean is the big brother and he wants to protect his younger sibling from certain terrible truths. Now they are grown men, Dean is still keeping secrets - specifically in regards to Billie's plan for Jack.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 17] Unity
    Shown 29 Oct. 2020

    This is split into a couple of sections, each title-carded with the name of the perspective character.

    Chuck is back, and this is the final world on his hit-list. Amara ( Emily Swallow ) has a section in which she tries to talk some sense into him.

    Dean's section features him taking Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) to meet Adam (Alessandro Juliani - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ), the first human. Although Adam claims to be three hundred thousand years old, the fossil record shows modern humans have been around for less than half that age. It would have been better for them to go with the young earth theory, which uses Bishop Ussher's date of the creation of Earth at 4004BCE.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 18] The Truth AKA Despair
    Shown 5 Nov. 2020

    Billie the Reaper uses Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) to take care of the Empty. Well, that was the plan. But since she started involving herself in office politics, she has made a few enemies by double-crossing people. Chuck (and Amara) are obvious, and the Empty ... but now Dean and Castiel come after her. Remember, Dean is the one who killed her predecessor.

    Charlie ( Felicia Day ) reports that her new lesbian lover has mysteriously vanished. Sam and Jack (Alexander Calvert - Arrow ) assume that it is part of Billie's plan to remove everyone who came from an alternate reality, so they try to get everyone together in a safe space. Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) helps round the people up.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 19] Inherit the Earth
    Shown 12 Nov. 2020

    The Winchesters are the only humans left on Earth now. Luckily they have Jack for company. It turns out that a couple of Archangels have also survived, and are willing to help fight their father. Yes, the Winchesters are asked to trust Lucifer and Michael.

    Chuck insists on messing with the Winchesters. Bad move.

    Supernatural Supernatural [Season 15, Episode 20] Carry On
    Shown 19 Nov. 2020

    The Winchesters settle down after the climactic events of the Season Finale. They get a new case - a vampire hunt, which turns out to be unfinished business from Season One . But this is the Series Finale, so a normal case turns out to be the last one the brothers do together.

    We get one of the most touching funerals in television history, to the tune of Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms. But for the Men of Letters it is business as usual, and the show must go on.

    Heaven is under new management. Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver - ) is the welcome wagon, so it is not a bad place to be. Wayward Son, used in the final episode of each Season, now gets its most impressive playing yet. There is even a cover version with a female vocalist, to even things out.

    This is the long-awaited ending of a show that has lasted fifteen Seasons. It includes a final sequence with the stars addressing the fans, as well as a Babylon 5 style shot of the crew waving goodbye to the audience. Both touching and well performed.