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Being Human (USA)

Season 1

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 1] There Goes the Neighborhood (1)
Shown 17/Jan/11

This starts like the original BBC ep, but with certain updates for the US audience. Our protagonists (a werewolf and a vamp) have trouble fitting in with human society. They rent a house together, but discover they have a third housemate - the ghost of an attractive young woman who died there.

The lads' monsterous habits mean they have to keep a low profile. The Werewolf is recognised by his hot lesbian sister. The Vamp (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) needs the help of the leader of the vamp community, Bishop (Mark Pellegrino - Lost, Supernatural, Revolution ).

The big differences between this and the BBC version? Well, this is adapted for the American drama format - instead of being a self-contained episode, this ends on a cliffhanger.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 2] There Goes the Neighborhood (2)
Shown 24/Jan/11

The trio all wrestle with their problems. The wolf tries not to eat his sister. The vamp (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) dodges an obsessive ex. The Ghost cannot handle the fact her widower will not pay her any attention.

This is quite uninspired compared to the original. The actors lack the necessary ... except Mark Pellegrino, who plays the same character he always does.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 3] Some Thing To Watch Over Me
Shown 31/Jan/11

The flatmates start a local neighbourhood watch, so they can catch a graffiti tagger and bond with the locals. Unfortunately, the local cop recognises Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ). Yep, if you murder a man and let his young son, the only witness, survive ... and if you live in the same city for three decades ... sooner or later, he will come after you!

The guys introduce the ghost to another ghost - a guy they met who died in the 1980s. He tries to show her how to get along in the afterlife, but all she wants to do is watch her ex-fiance sleep. When Edward the vamp did it in Twilight it was creepy, but this is meant to be romantic. Has the fiance moved on? And why does he leave as soon as he sees the cop hanging around?

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 4] Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)
Shown 07/Feb/11

Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) meets another werewolf, who starts to teach him a few coping mechanisms. How to transform safely, how to seduce beautiful(-ish) women, how to pick fights with vamps and live to talk about it.

The new werewolf is a middle-aged douchebag with a Southern accent. But he gives Sally the Ghost some tips on stalking her ex, so she is okay with him crashing at the house for a few days. Meanwhile, she practises Rentaghost -ing (they do not call it that, because the show never aired in the USA) and preventing her ex from dating her BFF.

Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) meets with his crazy ex, and they try to go cold turkey together. This is not as easy as it sounds. However, since they both keep their underwear on during sex, anything is possible.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 5] The End Of The World As We Knew It
Shown 14/Feb/11

Yet more toned down American versions of excellent British scripts. There are three main plots this ep, for each of the three main protagonists. And each one is lacklustre, perhaps due to poor casting choices. Everything is so bland!

Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) discovers that the hospital chaplain is recruiting terminal patients to become vamps.

The Werewolf has to deal with the house-guest from hell.

The Ghost discovers the true circumstances of her demise.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 6] It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong
Shown 21/Feb/11

Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) is getting stalked by his ex. She makes a sex tape of her killing a victim. Unlike the UK version, vamps can apparently appear in cameras (and thus, to mirrors). This means that the sex tape is all about HER, with no male nudity on display.

The wolf's annoying lesbian sister decides to crash at his place. How can this POSSIBLY go wrong?

The ghost is obsessing about revenge.

Bishop (Mark Pellegrino - Lost, Supernatural, Revolution ) is nowhere to be seen, but his annoying minion is around to be a pain in the ass.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 7] I See Your True Colors . . . And That's Why I Hate You
Shown 28/Feb/11

Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) sends Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) and his sister out of town, in the hope that Marcus will not attack them again. They go to their parents' house, where Josh is subject to a different type of onslaught.

Sally the ghost tries to split up her ex and her BFF. But these ploys only backfire.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 8] Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things
Shown 07/Mar/11

Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) befriends a young boy who lives locally. The kid's hot single MILF is Cindy Sampson , best known as Dean's baby-momma from Supernatural . This cannot end well.

Sally the ghost visits the hospital, where ghosts congregate. There is a message board there, for ghosts to arrange meet-ups with other ghosts.

Josh the werewolf (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys )makes progress with Nora the blonde nurse.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 9] I Want You Back (from The Dead)
Shown 14/Mar/11

Sally gets a ghost BF who takes her mind off her ex.

Aiden's pre-teen friend is involved in an RTA. This leads on to a crisis of conscience for him. The storyline has been stretched out from the original story, where it was less than half an episode.

The increased budget allows for better SPFX, improving both the wolf and ghost scenes. This is perhaps the only way in which this is better than the original.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 10] Dog Eat Dog
Shown 21/Mar/11

Bishop's Vamp Coven is visited by a group of Vamp elders, led by Jaegerman (Terry Kinney - Oz). Bishop (Mark Pellegrino - Lost, Supernatural, Revolution ) decides to give them some entertainment - a dog-fight. This is taken from the later seasons of the UK show, so the writers are obviously mixing and matching to pad things out.

Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) is kidnapped by Bishop's vamps, to be one of the dogs in the fight. Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) must make a deal with Bishop. But the Elders have plans of their own.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 11] Going Dutch
Shown 28/Mar/11

Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) gets some bad - well, surprising - news. His girlfriend Nora is pregnant. But is the kid a boy or a wolf?

Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) gets worse news. He is back at Bishop's right hand, while Jaegerman (Terry Kinney - Oz) and the Elders conduct their inspection. But as monstrous as Bishop (Mark Pellegrino - Lost, Supernatural, Revolution ) is, the Elders are far worse. Will Aiden back the more humane Bishop, with his plans for conquest, or the Elders who love butchery and secrecy?

With the guys out of the house, the landlord decides to conduct an exorcism. Sally laughs, until she discovers that salt affects her just like it affects ghosts in Supernatural !

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 12] You're the One That I Haunt
Shown 04/Apr/11

Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) is on the lookout for Bishop (Mark Pellegrino - Lost, Supernatural, Revolution ) and his minions, who want revenge for his betrayal. But instead he meets an old flame, who he met when she was in her 20s ... decades ago!

Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) and his GF Nora get the ultrasound scan.

Sally the Ghost's ex, the absentee landlord, slips in when the guys are at work. His plan ... burn the place to the ground.

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 1, Episode 13] A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Me Killing You
Shown 11/Apr/11

Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) is recovering from Bishop's attack. Bishop (Mark Pellegrino - Lost, Supernatural, Revolution ) has to recover as well, but he is willing to feed on humans so he can recover much faster.

Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) has another plan. Everyone who has seen the original will know what it is.





Being Human (USA)

Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2010 [Wednesday]

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    Season 2

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 1] Turn This Mother Out
    Shown 16/Jan/12

    Bishop (Mark Pellegrino - Lost, Supernatural, Revolution ) created more vamps than the city could maintain, so there are a lot of bloodthirsty mouths to be fed. Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) will have to set up a soup-kitchen of sorts ...

    The Vamp elders come to town, led by Jaegerman (Terry Kinney - Oz). They bring with them the Vamp Matriarch known as The Mother, who has to okay every decision the council makes. She has her own agenda, involving demoting Aiden and culling the extra vamps. Aiden is regarded as a heretic for hanging out with a Werewolf. The Mother does not realise that he would rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

    Sally the Ghost goes to her High School reunion. She meets up with a friend who committed suicide in junior year. However, the Head Girl who always overshadowed them is now a ghost too. Even in death she overshadows them!

    Nora the Lady Doctor still conceals the fact she got scratched. She questions Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) repeatedly about what it is like to be a werewolf. Will she change with tonight's full moon?

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 2] Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
    Shown 23/Jan/12

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) digs up Mother’s daughter, who has been buried since the 1930s. He lines up a lot of blood donors for her, and when she gets her looks back she is Dichen Lachman , the Nepalese-Australian girl from Dollhouse . The first piece of business they have to get through is recruiting a new cop to do cover-up work, like Bishop used to take care of.

    The werewolf avoids death at the hands of Jaegermann the Vamp Elder (Terry Kinney), because of the intervention of his GF Nora. But now he has to help his GF come to terms with what happened. She takes her new abilities as a curse rather than as a superpower.

    The ghost-girl spends the day hanging out with her new ghost friends, a gang of teenage Lost Boys (as in Peter Pan , not as in the 1988 movie with Jason Patric). They teach her how to possess a human body, which is a great thing for the ghost if not for the human. It is portrayed as having terribly negative consequences, but it is shown from the ghosts’ perspective so thankfully it is a metaphor for drug addiction rather than sexual assault.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 3] All Out Of Blood
    Shown 30/Jan/12

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) has to please his new boss (and former lover) Dichen Lachman . Their first order of business is to find a tame cop to replace Bishop. Rather than find a cop who is already a vamp, Aiden’s boss decides to make a new one.

    Sally the Ghost has decided she should not hang around, with the evil spirit that emerged from her dream door in a dream. She goes to the hospital to reincarnate herself as a young baby. The post-natal ward is guarded by a psychic nurse.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 4] (I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons
    Shown 06/Feb/12

    The Princess ( Dichen Lachman ) has a new suggestion. Rather than get a tame cop to help with cover-ups, they could recruit a gangster. Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) has flashbacks to the last time he tried to help her, back in the 1920s. She was a manipulative bitch back then, too. But at least Aiden has his best buddy Henry (Kyle Schmid - also Henry the vamp in Blood Ties ) to help him.

    The Wolf meets a strange couple in the hospital. Brynn ( Tracey Spiridakos ) and her brother are pure-bloods - they were born as werewolves, and have to live permanently repressing their wolf nature. They were also born rich, so they can finance the search for a cure.

    The Ghost has given up on reincarnation, but still hangs out with the nurse. She even tries to play match-maker, teaching the frustrated psychic nurse how to flirt with Doctor McSexy.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 5] Addicted to Love
    Shown 13/Feb/12

    Mother of Vamps is back, and she orders Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) and the Princess ( Dichen Lachman ) to wipe out the Orphan vamps that Bishop created. The uncontrolled Orphans are murdering humans, bringing far too much attention.

    Sally starts possessing Janet, Dr McSexy's girlfriend. But she becomes addicted, and then gets stuck ...

    Josh the Wolf (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) has to confront his animalistic nature. His blonde girlfriend Nora had an abusive ex, and he is now in town. Josh wants to beat the guy up, but the blonde's wolf-side has far darker urges. Brynn ( Tracey Spiridakos ) and her brother are a bad influence.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 6] Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These
    Shown 20/Feb/12

    Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) realises what his GF Nora has done, under the influence of the Twins. His first clue is when the cops knock on his door asking questions about what happened to her ex. He calls in Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ), and asks to have the tame Vamp cop take care of things.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 7] The Ties That Blind
    Shown 27/Feb/12

    The tame Vamp cop has been unsuccessful. After all, what kind of show would it be if the important conflicts were easily resolved off-screen by minor characters? Now, Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) must clean up the wolves’ mess. At least he has someone to pin Jaegerman’s disappearance on.

    Sally the ghost is being haunted by a poltergeist. Is it the Reaper, or something even worse?

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 8] I've Got You Under Your Skin
    Shown 05/Mar/12

    Aiden’s protégé Henry (Kyle Schmidt - Blood Ties ) is back in town. Just as well, because Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) needs help getting rid of the orphan vamps. After all, the World Of Darkness guidelines state there should only be one vamp for every hundred thousand humans, so the city is completely over-crowded. The Princess ( Dichen Lachman ) enacts a vicious plan to kill them all in one go. But she demands a sacrifice from Kyle ... not a pound of flesh, as such …

    Sally the ghost girl is recruited as a Reaper. Her first assignment is to take out a ghost who has been shredding other ghosts. Can she reap a friend?

    The wolf-man’s GF Nora is out of sight at the moment. However, his ex Julia ( Natalie Brown ), who he ditched at the altar when he secretly discovered he was a werewolf, has taken a job as a doctor at his hospital!

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 9] When I Think About You I Shred Myself
    Shown 12/Mar/12

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) has to look after his protégé Henry (Kyle Schmidt - Blood Ties ), who is still missing his skin. The plan is to invite a couple of babes back, glamour them and only take as much blood as necessary to heal. Each donor can provide two pints, so they should be okay ...

    Aiden also has flashbacks to when he first met Henry. It was during the First World War, when Aiden became a casualty at the aid station Henry worked at. Naturally, having a vamp surrounded by bleeding people is not going to end well. But Henry, who started as a kindly individual, appears to have been corrupted by his life as a vamp.

    Josh the wolf-man (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) is visited by the ghost of his best friend (Jay Baruchel - Fanboys ) who was killed in the werewolf attack that infected him. Real American Werewolf in London stuff. But when Jay encourages Josh to hang out more with Julia his Ex ( Natalie Brown ), it turns out that he has an agenda of his own.

    This ep has a couple of pieces of stunt casting, with characters who never appeared in the original UK storyline. Kyle Schmidt also played a vamp named Henry in Blood Ties . Jay Baruchel was Josh's co-star in Fanboys .

    Sally still does not know if the Reaper can be entirely trusted. She never stops to wonder ... why does the Reaper only appear when she is the only one around? This does not bode well for the rest of the ghostly community.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 10] Dream Reaper
    Shown 19/Mar/12

    Sally has been possessed by the Reaper personality. The guys trap her with salt, but how do you exorcise a possessed ghost? They call in the psychic from the maternity ward.

    Evil Sally has a few tricks of her own. She seals the building solidly, trapping her three friends inside. The psychic does not realise it, but Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) has not fed in over a day ... and Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) will turn when the full moon rises – that night! Yes, talk about holding an exorcism at exactly the wrong time!

    The Reaper has Sally believing she lives an alternate life. She looks more glamourous than usual.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 11] Don't Fear The Scott
    Shown 26/Mar/12

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) and the Princess ( Dichen Lachman ) have done everything they could to please Mother, ridding the city of both the murderous Werewolf and the army or orphaned vamps. Will she reward them, or will she be a total bitch? And will Henry (Kyle Schmidt - Blood Ties ) not double-cross Aiden for a change?

    Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) is trying to get things sorted with his new GF Julia ( Natalie Brown ). They even double-date with Aiden and the Princess. Of course, it is bound to go wrong somehow.

    Sally discovers that the woman she possessed, Doctor McDreamy’s GF, is in the psych ward. She tries to set things right, and gets help from an unexpected source.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 12] Partial Eclipse Of The Heart
    Shown 02/Apr/12

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) and the Princess ( Dichen Lachman ) are still on the run, hunted by Henry (Kyle Schmidt - Blood Ties ) and the others. But Aiden has a plan – shack up with the only ones who can defy Mother ... the Elders of the Amish vamps. After all, their new leader owes him a massive favour.

    Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) has to make a crisis decision regarding his relationship. Either he cures his curse, by killing his sire ... Or he tells his better half about his condition.

    Sally tries to get the Psychic nurse’s attention again. Can she ever be forgiven for this? Well, by incredible coincidence there is an unexpected eclipse, which affects two of the flatmates (but apparently not the vamps). Josh starts to turn, in an inconvenient place. The barrier between reality and purgatory is weakened and Sally’s shredding victims reappear, giving her some closure.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 2, Episode 13] It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To
    Shown 09/Apr/12

    This episode illustrates the US adaptation’s strengths and weaknesses. It brings each of the series’ character arcs to a head, in a series of tightly-plotted developments. Unfortunately this means there are three completely separate plots and cliffhangers, as if the characters live their lives apart from each other.

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) recruits Henry to help him kill Mother. It is the only way they can free her daughter ( Dichen Lachman ). Will the Dutch help?

    Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) realises he can cure himself and his GF Nora by killing his sire. But it will not be that easy.

    Sally helps Josh, but this involves Possessing a human. This brings the Reaper back. Sally becomes obsessed with joining her ex-BF in Limbo, although she does not have an escape route planned. She asks her mother’s ghost for help.

    Being Human (USA)

    Season 3

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 1] It's A Shame About Ray
    Shown 14/Jan/13

    It is a year since the events of the previous episode. Josh’s GF Nora has spent the time trying to find a genuine psychic who can contact her friends on the Other Side. Sally has spent the time trying to rescue her friends and herself from limbo.

    The world has changed a lot in the last year. Despite surviving the Spanish Flu of 1919, the vamps have proved fatally vulnerable to a much milder modern strain of influenza. While no humans apparently died (except those killed by vamps), the vamps are almost extinct as a species. The bad news is that this writes out practically all of Aiden’s co-stars from last Season, and invalidates the entire plot arc. The good news is, the surviving vamps think that Aiden’s blood is the cure, since he has not fed on tainted blood. Unfortunately, Aiden’s solitary confinement has made him hallucinate quite severely.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 2] (dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Shown 21/Jan/13

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) manages to get reunited with his flatmates. Sally and her ghost friends get sorted out, and everyone seems fine.

    A vengeful werewolf named Liam (Xander Berkeley - Barb Wire ) comes to town. He confronts Josh’s GF Nora, who used to run with his daughter, Brynn ( Tracey Spiridakos ). Although he claims he just wants to reunite his family, he really wants revenge on whoever killed his psycho son.

    Speaking of Aiden, the vamp still needs to feed. He starts looking for the usual sources of blood, but everyone is potentially tainted. Worse, gangs of Werewolves now go vamp-hunting at the full moon. Luckily he meets his offspring, Henry (Kyle Schmid – Blood Ties ). But while Henry claims his GF is a willing donor, has he forced her? And will Aiden get judgemental, despite being so desperate he tried to buy baby blood?

    Sally insists Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) take her out for a night on the town. She meets an old flame, and in spite of the rules she starts to flirt …

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 3] The Teens They Are A Changin'
    Shown 28/Jan/13

    Nora has survived the night with her ferocious pack-master. But Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) discovers a new sub-plot for her. A teenage girl checks into hospital with an infection from a claw-mark from a huge dog-like creature. Yes, there is a new wolf-girl in town. But will she be sane like Nora or crazy like Brynn ( Tracey Spiridakos )?

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) is still searching for a new supply of clean blood. Yes, he appears to have doomed both himself and Henry though his unselfish good deed.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 4] I'm So Lonesome I Could Die
    Shown 04/Feb/13

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) is trying to recover from Henry’s loss. After all, he blames himself. To cope, he starts partying with co-eds and bikers and anyone else he can buy a drink for.

    Sally keeps Aiden company on his drinking spree – or is it the other way around? When she sees how far off the rails he has gone, she points out that this Season each of them has gotten their deepest desire. She is human again, as is Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ), while Aiden can live free of interference from the other vamps. Unfortunately each of them must pay the accompanying price.

    Nora takes Josh and the teen girl to meet her parents. Josh’s encounter with her father, and the girl’s encounter with her brother, may lead to complications further on. Nora confesses to Josh that she knows what happened to Brynn ( Tracey Spiridakos ).

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 5] Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth
    Shown 11/Feb/13

    Liam (Xander Berkley – Barb Wire ) is still in town, hunting vamps for sport. He will come after Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ), sooner or later.

    Aiden starts having waking visions about the pair of girls he invited home to heal skinless Henry last year. Yes, it was Henry who murdered them, and yes, it was well over a year ago, but Aiden still feels guilty. He tries to overcome his self-loathing by sampling blood from the boy in the bubble. Unfortunately, the kid has nothing better to do than watch horror movie marathons all night long. He soon suspects that Aiden’s sampling of blood and aversion to garlic are indicators of his secret state.

    Sally has her entirely separate subplot concerning her romance with the undertaker. She takes advantage of not being a ghost by wearing a new outfit – a skimpy top and a pair of hot-pants. But the undertaker is being haunted by his mother, whose intention is to turn him into a 40-year-old virgin. As if working with dead people all the time was not woman repellent enough.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 6] What's Blood Got to Do With It?
    Shown 18/Feb/13

    Sally’s brother drops by the house, looking for the tenants to pay rent. Ever since Sally’s husband was murdered in prison, the house has been legal property of her family. Unfortunately, if Sally bumps into her friends or family then the curse will kill them. Will the witch lift the curse?

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) goes back to work. Bubble boy wants to be a vamp too. How would that work, if the boy was eternally under 21 – too young to drink alcohol, and with no access to uninfected blood?

    The teenage wolf-girl is back, and seems to be on her not-worst behaviour. But she spent a few hours with Liam (Xander Berkley – Barb Wire ), so is she part of his plan to kill Aiden?

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 7] One Is Silver and the Other Pagan
    Shown 25/Feb/13

    Liam (Xander Berkley – Barb Wire ) puts his plan into its next step, with the teen wolf taking on a weakened Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ). But Aiden is still a formidable adversary. Nora takes the wolf-girl’s side, despite barely knowing her. Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) has to take his GF’s side, ignoring Bros before Hoes. They all know that Liam is probably involved, but Nora still has a hate for Aiden.

    Aiden has another problem. With his blood reserves contaminated, he must return to Kenny the bubble boy. Unfortunately there is another vamp in town, a femme fatale who agrees to turn him. But she is greedy for blood, and the boy can hardly he expected to feed TWO starving vamps.

    Meanwhile, Sally the ex-ghost meets up with her former best buddy. The friend invites Sally to a Wiccan coven, which have a séance. This does not have much in common with actual Wiccan practices, but this show has never been too precise on details. Unfortunately the séance attracts ghosts, but they are middle-aged working-class blue-collar males – not the kind of person Sally and her bourgeois friends want to associate with.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 8] Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland
    Shown 04/Mar/13

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) is keeping a low profile when Nora is around. She blames him for killing the wolf-girl, and the two ghosts that died when skinless Henry got carried away. Of course, Aiden is now fool and knows that Nora herself has killed more than once.

    Liam (Xander Berkley – Barb Wire ) is still on the warpath. He knows that Aiden was responsible for his son’s fate, and wants to know what happened to Brynn ( Tracey Spiridakos ). Will Aiden rat out Nora? Or will Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) save him in time?

    Sally has started to wear a hat, not to start a 1980s revival but to cover the rot spot on her head. She tries to get help from her boyfriend the mortician. After all, he has access to industrial-strength cover-up for dead skin. But her hunger cravings are getting worse, and her fellow revenant (it would be rude to call them Zombies) is hiding something from her.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 9] Of Mice and Wolfmen
    Shown 11/Mar/13

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) is getting worse. He has only a couple of days to live. His fever dreams include his first wife ( Katherine Isabelle ).

    Sally has cravings for food, but nothing will satisfy her. Then, in a scene straight out of V: The Series , she tries a mouse.

    Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) tries to get used to the idea of becoming a wolf again. Luckily, Nora meets another wolf when she is out for the full moon. His wisdom helps Josh come to terms with his status.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 10] For Those About to Rot
    Shown 18/Mar/13

    Sally gets called in to deal with the aftermath of her friend’s zombie blood-lust. Then she and Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) go to see Tommy the teenage zombie. Has he fallen to the same bloodlust?

    Josh goes to see his hippy wolf-guy for help. But there are horses of starving vamps on the loose. A couple of weeks ago, Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) and Henry were the sole survivors of the species. With Mother’s clique and the Dutch all dead, vamps were virtually extinct. But now there must be dozens of them, untouched by the virus, all hanging around Boston.

    Aiden tries to get a grip on his relationship with Cat. He still has flashbacks to his colonial-era marriage to Katherine Isabelle .

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 11] If I Only Had Raw Brain
    Shown 25/Mar/13

    Sally has worked out that the witch-woman has been manipulating things. But with her zombification getting worse, it seems like the end is inevitable. She will die soon, and the witch-woman will claim her soul.

    With Sally on the way out, Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) and Nora accelerate their marriage plans. Josh has a bachelor party at the local strip-club, inviting his lesbian sister and Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ). Aiden brings Tommy, who has decided to not be a bubble boy any longer. Instead, he wants to be a Lord of the Night.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 12] Always A Bridesmaid, Never Alive
    Shown 01/Apr/13

    It is the day of the wedding. But Sally is quickly expiring, so the wedding gets postponed. The main priority now is to deal with the witch.

    Josh (Sam Huntingdon - Fanboys ) has to confront his former sire, who has returned as a zombie werewolf.

    Being Human (USA) Being Human (USA) [Season 3, Episode 13] Ruh Roh
    Shown 08/Apr/13

    Liam (Xander Berkley – Barb Wire ) is back. Yes, after Sally’s arc villain was dealt with in the previous ep, now Josh’s arc villain must be confronted.

    It turns out that Liam wants help destroying a nest of super-vamps. Yes, the vamps who tasted wolf-blood are now immune to the flu, and have begun to breed again. But their offspring are immune to both flu and wolf-blood, so a new sub-species of super-vamp has been created. And poor Kenny is one of them.

    Aiden (Sam Witwer - Smallville S8 ) thinks back to colonial times, when his wife ( Katherine Isabelle ) was targeted by the superstitious witch-hunting villagers.

    Being Human (USA)

    Season 4

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