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Season 9

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 1] Savior
Shown 25/Sep/09

Lois arrives back from the future, but a Ninja assassin woman is after her.

Chloe wants Jimmy back, but Clark knows better than to mess around with time-travel. Olly has quit the hero business, and become a bare-knuckle boxer.

Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) meets Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ). He's trying to control a small army of fellow Kryptonians, who have landed on Earth but strangely have no powers.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 2] Metallo
Shown 02/Oct/09

Lois' new partner, the Blur-hating John Corben, turns out to be a real-life Terminator. Nice reference to the actor's previous show, Sarah Connor Chronicles .

Chloe is feeling left out of the loop. Clark is not just doing his vigilante stuff solo - he is ditched the red-blue for a cool black trench coat. Worse, he calls Lois anonymously to give her exclusive stories.

Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) investigates Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ). He is trying to get his Kryptonian powers.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 3] Rabid
Shown 09/Oct/09

Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) has lost track of Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ) and his men, but she has bigger problems. Her mansion gets overrun by intruders, and she forgets she has a safe room. Worse, she will have to recruit yet more bodyguards!

Metropolis is overrun with Fast zombies. Can Doctor Cameron Bancroft ( Codename Eternity ) save the day?

Chloe's pet Doctor (Alessandro Juliani - Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) learns yet more about Clark. Can he be trusted? Well, he is the one who discovers that the Zombie plague was manufactured from Davis Bloom's blood.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 4] Echo
Shown 16/Oct/09

The Toy Bomber is back, blowing up buildings owned by Olly Queen. Clark tries to stop him. But an explosion gives him the ability to read peoples' surface thoughts. Will he use this new superpower for the greater good, or will he squander it by dating Lois?

Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) dresses up as Lara Croft and goes to rescue Oliver Queen from himself.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 5] Roulette
Shown 23/Oct/09

Olly's on another binge, this time in a casino. He takes a bet from a strange woman, and finds himself in a series of dangerous situations. Why is someone manipulating him? Revenge or extortion? There are similarities to the film The Game.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 6] Crossfire
Shown 30/Oct/09

Lois and Clark apply for positions as breakfast TV presenters. They have to do a video article on ...

Olly helps a female bare-knuckle boxer who is also works as a Pretty Woman street-whore. Her greedy pimp is like an evil version of Tyler Labine ( Dead Set, Invasion, Reaper ).

The climax boasts SPFX that seek to surpass the movie Superman Returns . They certainly are not the weakest thing about this episode.

Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) falls out with Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ), who seems to have outwitted her. But she has hidden defences against his forces ...

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 7] Kandor
Shown 06/Nov/09

Jor-El (Julian Glover - Stargate S9-10 ) arrives to get help from Clark. We discover why Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ) and the others do not have their powers.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 8] Idol
Shown 13/Nov/09

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 9] Pandora
Shown 20/Nov/09

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 10] Disciple
Shown 29/Jan/10

A mysterious archer is in town, taking shots at Olly's friends. It turns out that Blaize (Steve Bacic - Andromeda ), Olly's embittered mentor, is in town.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 11] Absolute Justice (120 min)
Shown 05/Feb/10

Chloe meets a new superhero, who is attacked by a villain - the Icicle. It turns out that there was a group of Golden Age superheroes in Metropolis in the 1950s. Hawkman (Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1 ) and his colleagues are driven out of retirement before the killer bumps them off one at a time.

In Part 2, Clark and his super-friends (well, the Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow) team up with the Golden Age JSA.

We finally meet the Icicle's mysterious boss. Someone wants to control the JLA the way they could never control the JSA.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 12] Warrior
Shown 12/Feb/10

Lois and Clark attend a comic-book convention - on-duty as Reporters. Lois goes in costume, although not as Princess Leia.

A young boy steals the first ever copy of Warrior Angel. Unfortunately Zaranna's father cursed it, and whoever reads it first will act out the story. The boy becomes Warrior Angel - And Chloe becomes his love interest!

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 13] Persuasion
Shown 19/Feb/10

Valentine's day, and Zod's solar tower is about to become operational.

Clark gets infected with a new type of Kryptonite, which forces everyone who inhales his breath to do what he says. Lois stops being a 1940s career gal and becomes a 1950s housewife wannabe.

Clark wants payback for the death of Jor-El. He and Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ) must both work out where they stand. Chloe and Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) finally get a catfight!

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 14] Conspiracy
Shown 26/Feb/10

Crazed scientist JR Bourne ( Teen Wolf ) kidnaps a couple of Kandorians, so he can reveal that the world has been invaded by aliens. He then approaches Lois Lane to break the story ...

Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ) and Clark launch seperate investigations. Which one has the superior skills? The Kansas farmboy may have superpowers, but Zod is smarter.

Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) tells Olly that there is an embezzler in the Corporation. He discovers that Chloe has looted the petty cash to create a slush fund. she has a backup plan, in case the Kandorians get their powers back.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 15] Escape
Shown 02/Apr/10

Lois and Clark go a wee Scottish-themed B&B in the countryside. They bump into Olly and Chloe. Could this GET any more uncomfortable? Actually, oh yes it will!

Unfortunately the supposedly Scottish theme is spoiled by an Irish curse. A man-killing spirit called Silver Banshee possesses the female guests. First Chloe's old feelings for Clark are awakened … then Lois lures Olly into the woods.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 16] Checkmate
Shown 09/Apr/10

This is an impressive piece of work by first-time director Tim Scanlan. If the rest of this Season is as good, it is small wonder that ratings for the show have gone up.

Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) goes on the run from secret agents. Green Arrow comes to save her ...

The Martian Manhunter has his powers back. But he is not working for Checkmate OR for Clark and his pals.

Pam Grier is head of Checkmate, a secret US Government Agency tasked with recruiting superheroes to fight Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ). Their tactics are a bit extreme - they take the Bushite view of you are for us or against us, and view any refusal as support for Zod. Very black and white, which befits the chessboard symbolism of the group. See how it works on more than one level?

Tess Mercer has been retconned as having even more of an unnecessary backstory. And when she and Olly confront each other about their secret activities, he gets all judgemental on her!

Chloe has recovered from being widowed, and has a new BF - Olly! She knows Clark's secret again, as does everyone else it seems.

Lois looks incredibly beautiful as a brunette. Pity she does not actually appear anywhere in this episode.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 17] Upgrade
Shown 16/Apr/10

Lois goes undercover at Tess's secret lab, where Brian Austin Green ( Sarah Connor Chronicles ) is being re-animated as a kryptonite-powered super-soldier.

Chloe and Ollie have been stockpiling Kryptonite to use as weapons against Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ). Clark gets infected with Red Krypto, and teams up with Zod against his friends!

Chloe teams up with Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ), who is apparently on the run from Checkmate. She's not exactly low-key, for someone supposedly in fear for her life.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 18] Charade
Shown 23/Apr/10

The corrupt DA is after Lois again - and she is after him. He's after the Blur as well ...

Gil Bellows ( She Creature ) is a manipulative mind-reader in the pay of Checkmate.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 19] Sacrifice
Shown 30/Apr/10

Chloe and Luthor-babe get locked in Watchtower. Checkmate is on the prowl, trying to find them.

Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ) has a mini-rebellion on his hands. Some of his people have followed Clark's plan of integration, not segregation. Will this make them vulnerable to Checkmate? Or will Checkmate be vulnerable to Zod?

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 20] Hostage
Shown 07/May/10

Clark and Lois are back in the farmhouse, sacked from the Planet a couple of eps ago. Clark's Senator mom ( Annette O'Toole ) turns up with her new BF - Perry White (O'Toole's RL Husband, Michael McKean).

Clark, Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) and what is left of Checkmate are all after the Kryptonian bible. Chloe has a few laptops on-line, but nothing as powerful as watchtower. Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ) now has all the Kryptonians under his command.

The Red Queen's identity is revealed. It is a bit of a non-sequitor, and looks like a dead end in terms of the plot.

Smallville Smallville [Season 9, Episode 21] Salvation
Shown 14/May/10

Clark's mother helped him last week. Apparently she inherited Lionel's mantle as mentor, though she has been out of town for so long it is a wonder her son remembers what she looks like. Perry White's name is being put on the Daily Planet. Lois and Clark have their old jobs back. But Perry offers Lois a promotion overseas.

Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) the Luthor babe is wise to Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ) and his tricks. But can she take him out? She falls out with Zod again, and gets left for dead.

Lois wants to help the Blur. But which Kryptonian will she trust - Zod or Kal-El?

The JLA are dispersed around the world in order to fight the Candorians. Chloe and Olly get the JLA on-line for some brainstorming. But while they're all talking, they rely on Clark to do all the work.

Clark takes on Zod and the Candorians in a final battle.

To be Continued ...






Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2010 [Wednesday]


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    Season 10

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 1] Lazarus
    Shown 24/Sep/10

    Clark returns from the dead, but has to win the support of his two fathers. Lois has discovered his secret, but she does not let him know this.

    Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) wakes up in a medical lab. It is run by and for Lex clones - like something out of Alien: Resurrection . Apparently Tess is meant to be Lex's most loyal follower, despite the fact that she betrayed him with malice of forethought a couple of Seasons ago. It looks like the Zod plot has been ended for good, and the Lex plot is back.

    One of the botched clones is out for revenge on Clark. His plan? To make Clark choose between his two loves - either he saves the Daily Planet building or he saves Lois. Like in Spiderman, The Dark Knight or at least one other episode of this show!

    Green Arrow is tortured by a thug, a conspiracy theorist who is joining the dots.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 2] Shield
    Shown 01/Oct/10

    Lois Lane is in Egypt, helping archaeologist Daniel Jackson ( Stargate SG-1 ) look for artefacts from the sun god Ra.

    Clark is forced to work with a new partner - Kat Grant, who now looks like Keri Lynn Pratt instead of Emilie Ullerup . She is a rookie reporter who hates costumed vigilantes. Unfortunately, someone hired a super-assassin named Deadshot to go after her.

    Chloe is missing. Green Arrow asks Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) to help find her.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 3] Supergirl
    Shown 08/Oct/10

    Chloe is still gone, no longer a main character. But Lois Lane is back from Egypt, and Kara is in Metropolis too. She makes a big public appearance in order to lure out a monster.

    A Black Smoke Monster (like in Lost or Supernatural ) appears, and possesses a radio Shock-Jock. In only THREE WEEKS he writes and publishes a book! He leads the hero-haters, believing in an elected democracy instead of a might-makes-right Quango of rich gits (Olly Queen) and illegal aliens (Klark K. Kent).

    Lois goes undercover to smear the shock-jock. He lets her interview him, but half an hour later he somehow does not notice that she is also the dominatrix who seduces him at a fetish club.

    The hypocrisy of our so-called heroes is evident. Lois is supposed to be pure of spirit, despite the fact that she falsifies a story and smears a political opponent in the tabloid media. Clark is shown as being far more flawed. His murderous rage may be the reason that Jor-El no longer trusts him.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 4] Homecoming
    Shown 15/Oct/10

    Lois talks Clark into attending their High School Reunion. He gets flashbacks to key moments, but this is more than just a clip show. This is more like A Christmas Carol , with Brainiac as the ghosts!

    Ollie Queen has to live with the results of outing himself as a hero. Why he is not charged with the Green Arrow Bandit's crimes is not explained. But there are enough hero-haters (oxymorons?) in the crowd for the DA to justify an arrest.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 5] Isis
    Shown 22/Oct/10

    Hawkman (Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1 ) sends the mystical Amulet of Isis to Metropolis museum, where Erica Cerra is guest-curator on loan from the Sheriff's Dept in Eureka . But Lois steals it, and gets possessed by the spirit of Isis. She wants to revive her long-dead lover, and open tghe gates to the Underworld.

    The theme of the episode is Love. Clark must come clean with Lois about his secret. And Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) must decide on the best way to raise Clone Lex.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 6] Harvest
    Shown 29/Oct/10

    Lois is up to speed on Clark's secret, but she still thinks she can take care of herself when it comes to superhuman peril. Then their car breaks down in the middle of a desert. Clark is left alone with an unbelieving policeman.

    Lois wanders off to an Amish village. But this is not Witness, it is obviously The Wicker Man . Yes, our damsel is in distress ... And worse, the meteor shower in 1989 infected the water supply (and the locals) with Blue Kryptonite!

    Elsewhere, Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) holds a birthday party for Clone Lex - I mean, Alexander. She has Doctor Lexa Doig on hand in an attempt to cure the clone's genetic abnormality of rapid aging. But Lex's memories start to assert themselves.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 7] Ambush
    Shown 05/Nov/10

    It is Thanksgiving, and Lois' family drop by to celebrate. Yes, Clark's mom gets a brief mention but we actually get to see the General (Michael Ironside - Total Recall ) and Lucy Lane (last seen dodging eurotrash half a decade ago). The General is not merely a military-grade psycho-dad for whom no suitor is good enough for his little girl. No, he is also a Senate advisor on the Vigilante Registration Act. Worse, Lois becomes a complete Daddy's girl.

    The Suicide Squad are in town too. They view the anti-Hero propaganda as an act of war against mutants. Instead of taking the Lois approach of tabloid slandering of their political opponents, the SS decide just to kill them in order to shut them up.

    One would think that with all the Meteor Freaks locked in Belle Reeve, some kind of Mutant registration would be in order. The General's attitude, that real heroes did not need superpowers, echoes Clark's own statement when Whitney was killed in action serving in the USMC in Season 2.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 8] Abandoned
    Shown 12/Nov/10

    Someone breaks into Luthor mansion. Have they NEVER fixed their security? The mysterious intruder left a birthday gift for Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) identical to something she dreamt about ... and it is not her birthday. or is it?

    Tess and Clark Kent go to an orphanage. She discovers a lot about her personal history.

    Lois digs into her own personal history. She discovers a video message from her mother ( Teri Hatcher ), and even meets holograms of Clark's parents - Jor-El (Julian Glover - Warlock ) and Helen Slater .

    We also get a hint at the identity of the Season's villain - he is referred to as Lord Darkseid. We also discover a secret in Tess Mercer's past.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 9] Patriot
    Shown 19/Nov/10

    Aquaman and his new wife ( Elena Satine ) have gone rogue, taking out suspicious oil rigs. They are making superhero vigilantes look unpatriotic. Clark investigates.

    Back in Smallville [Season 10, Episode 7] Ambush we learned that Lois' father (AKA The General) is also a Senate advisor on the Vigilante Registration Act. Lois is an investigative reporter, but pretends to be a complete Daddy's girl. It turns out that US military brasshat Colonel Tigh ( Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) is plotting some anti-hero manoeuvres.

    Green Arrow has already been outed as a vigilante, so he has no secret identity left to lose. He volunteers to sign up for the VRA, to see how other volunatry registrants will be treated by the Government.

    Can Clark rescue his friends from the Government's secret prison? After all, it was specifically fortified against superpowered persons.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 10] Luthor
    Shown 03/Dec/10

    Clark swops places with a version of himself from an alternate universe. This is better than a simple Mirror, Mirror effort: there is a logical explanation for this.

    Alternate Clark was found and raised by Lionel Luthor. He became the son and heir that Lionel had always wanted. Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ), his foster-sister, is also his lover. Lois Lane is his arch-enemy.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 11] Icarus
    Shown 10/Dec/10

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 12] Collateral
    Shown 04/Feb/11

    The heroes' powers are gone. After Colonel Tigh and the oil rigs were blown up, can the Government's anti-vigilante fringe still take on the Supers?

    Clark, Olly and Dinah have had their powers somehow stripped from them. The only thing they can remember was being on a medical table, with Chloe standing over them!

    Chloe claims they are in The Matrix , and the only way into reality is to jump off the roof of the Daily Planet building. Not unlike Inception . But remember ... If you die in a dream, you die in reality. Can Clark trust Chloe or the Suicide Squad?

    Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) is nowhere to be seen.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 13] Beacon
    Shown 11/Feb/11

    Lionel Luthor is back. Yes, he is from an alternate universe, so he was never vessel for Jor-El. Thus he is eeeevil!

    Senator mom ( Annette O'Toole ) Martha Kent is in town to give a pro-Meteor Freak speech. Someone takes a shot at her. It turns out that Alexander, the now-teenage Lex Clone, is out for revenge!

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 14] Masquerade
    Shown 18/Feb/11

    Clark and Lois are caught between the demands of his self-inflicted International hero-dom and her insistence on a public life and big wedding. Somebody Saaaave Meeee!

    The lacklustre teaser is followed by more domestic stuff, as Chloe and Olly go on a date. They accidentally stumble into an FBI investigation into a serial killer. Yes, the main plot is discovered entirely by coincidence.

    The killer is a psychic who is recruiting an army for Darkseid. Chloe has probably seen the movie Seven , because she realises his obvious temptation of the seven deadly sins. Ollie, however, is a vengeful sadist.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 15] Fortune
    Shown 25/Feb/11

    It is finally time for Clark's bachelor party and Lois' Hen Party. They do a combined unisex party - and they all wake up with amnesia, as in The Hangover.

    Lois and Green Arrow go undercover as Casino showgirls. Chloe kicks ass - again! This is more fan-wank than anything, it makes no sense for the character to be good in a fight. Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) and the nerdy Doctor (Alessandro Juliani - Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) get together.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 16] Scion
    Shown 04/Mar/11

    Alternate Lionel wants to get back his clone-son, Alexander. But Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) has schemes of her own, to get the company back.

    It turns out that half of Alexander's clone DNA was Clark's. Therefore he has superpowers, and Clark is the only one who can teach him to use them responsibly. But he is also susceptible to red Kryptonite, so he becomes a klepto with an obsession for Lois.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 17] Kent
    Shown 15/Apr/11

    Clark Luthor from the parallel world arrives. He takes over Clark Kent's life, and exiles Clark Kent to the other world. CK turns to the embittered Papa Kent, who never died in that world.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 18] Booster
    Shown 22/Apr/11

    A super-powered show-off arrives - Booster Gold. Not only does the Man of Steel have a rival, so does Lois Lane. Kat Grant ( Keri Lynn Pratt ) ingratiates herself into Booster's confidence, eager to upstage Lois as the Daily Planet's top reporter.

    Arms Dealer Sebastian Spence ( First Wave ) has lost a prototype dangerous weapon. It is a bio-suit that attaches itself to a teen boy, and turns him into Blue Beetle.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 19] Dominion
    Shown 29/Apr/11

    Clark and Olly visit the Phantom Zone. But Major Zod (Callum Blue - Dead Like Me ) is now in control of it, in alliance with DarkSeid.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 20] Prophecy
    Shown 06/May/11

    Lois and Clark want Jor-El’s blessing. He swaps their powers, so each can live the other’s lifestyle.

    The Toymaker (Chris Gautier - Eureka ) has formed a conspiracy of supervillains.

    Supergirl and Green Arrow meet while questing for a magic arrow, in a cave somewhere that looks like the Antrim coast.

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 21] Finale (120 min)
    Shown 13/May/11

    It is the day of Lois and Clark’s wedding. Senator mom ( Annette O'Toole ) and ghost dad both turn up, though the bride’s dad has urgent Pentagon business elsewhere.

    Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) discovers that the Apocalypse is on its way.

    Chloe and Olly are the key to victory ...

    Smallville Smallville [Season 10, Episode 22] Finale (Part 2)
    Shown 13/May/11

    This is the climax of a decade of story-telling, but it is really just a chance to tie up a few loose ends.

    Tess Mercer ( Cassidy Freeman ) has a final confrontation with Lionel, who needs a Luthor heart to revive Lex. Yes, we get to see Michael Rosenbaum once again!

    The US President plans to nuke DarkSeid’s world before it hits Earth. This will not stop DarkSeid, it will just irradiate his victims. Lois sneaks aboard Air Force One to stop the nuke launch. Luckily there is only one (yes, ONE) Secret Service man on guard, and he is easily distracted by her going look over there!

    Why did she not just call her dad, who could have persuaded his colleagues to call it off?

    Clark’s ten years of trials are at an end. He is finally ready to wear the special suit.

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