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First Wave

Season 1

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 1] Subject 117
Shown 9 Sep 98

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) is a security consultant who used to be a professional burglar. He stumbles on a conspiracy, so the conspirators murder his wife and frame him.

The conspirators are Aliens who look like humans. As in The Invaders , they disentigrate when they die. Very inconvenient for our hero!

This was produced by big-screen Francis Ford Coppola. The story is a cross between The Invaders and The Fugitive.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 2] Crazy Eddie
Shown 16 Sep 98

This introduces the Paranoid Times zine. Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) recruits his first ally, a sidekick known as Crazy Eddie (Rob Labelle).

This week Foster and his nerdy pal take on the aliens. Apparently the bad guys have perfected a system of cloning.

We also get a bit of exposition about the series. It is apparently based on the predictions of Nostradamus, who said that the end of the world would come in three waves. The Third wave is armageddon, and the Second wave is invasion. The First wave is ... already among us.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 3] Mata Hari
Shown 23 Sep 98

A Boston genius is murdered by a TeleKinetic babe.

The NSA offer to expunge Cade's murder conviction if he helps them to capture an escaped Telekinetic woman who is now working as an Assassin for the Aliens.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 4] Hypnotic
Shown 30 Sep 98

Nicole the waitress ( Keegan Connor Tracey ) and her boyfriend go on a romantic trip to a Cabin in the Woods . Then she has flashbacks of an alien abduction.

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) visits a psychiatrist who runs an encounter group for victims of Alien Abduction Syndrome. However, each victim claims to have been abducted by a different alien species. Has the shrink faked the whole thing by implanting false memories so she can sell a book about it?

Memorable dialogue:
Cade Foster: What's the lasagne like?

Nicole the waitress: The chef's name is Juan.

Cade Foster: I'll have the Ranchos Nuevos

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 5] Elixir
Shown 7 Oct 98

A woman who has never seen The Accused does a Sexy Sadie dance in a redneck bar in Michigan. Then it suddenly goes wrong ... and she drops dead of old age.

Foster goes undercover, posing as the dead woman's nephew from Alaska. He discovers that a local salesman, Trevor Hyams (Garwin Sanford - Stargate SG-1 ), has discovered Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth ... and bottled it for sale to OAPs.

The town Sheriff is visited by the Colonel and the MIBs from Episode Three. He cheated his way to power in the last election, which makes his vulnerable to blackmail by the MIBs.

The Gua plan is to de-age the Baby Boomer generation (even though the oldest would only be fifty-five years old in 2000AD) so they will be young and healthy slaves after the invasion. The villain has a superpower - he is a telekinetic Firestarter .

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 6] Speaking in Tongues
Shown 14 Oct 98

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) visits Ohio, and joins a Koresh-type cult. He finds it is run by a renegade Alien played by Gordon Currie ( Codename Eternity ), and since the Aliens are closing in on him he intends to kill himself and his followers. Can Cade save the Cult and find the evidence of Alien technology that he needs?

The Cultist is bunkered down with his first Disciple, Zachary (George Buza - Adventures of Sinbad (1996) ). They are visited by Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ), the Gua's top assassin.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 7] Lungfish
Shown Oct 1998
Reviewed 14th December 2005 - Wednesday

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) goes to investigate genetic mutations among fish and humans in rural Indiana, USA. Fish are growing skin, and humans are growing gills! Raphael (Paul McGillion - Stargate: Atlantis ) is hiding something.

The MIBs, specifically led by the female US Army Colonel from a prior ep, are searching for Foster himself!

The boy who found the fish lives with his big sister, Esther ( Emmanuelle vaugier ). She spends a lot of time in the bath-tub, like the wife in Invasion .

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 8] Book Of Shadows
Shown Oct 1998
Reviewed 21st December 2005 - Wednesday

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) goes to investigate a series of fatal poisonings. The suspect is a teenage goth-chick, and she is accused of witchcraft. Yes, witch-trials in Salem - Oregon. Cade signs up as Investigator for a lawyer defending the Wiccan girl against charges of Murder.

There are a couple of twists, and we get more background on the aliens.

The killings were foretold by Nostradamus, and Cade suspects the girl is an Alien. She claims the people she killed were Demons...

The school's mean girl ( Katherine Isabelle ) testifies, and we get extended flashbacks. It turns out that the accused girl was a man-hater with a strong case of entitlement.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 9] Joshua
Shown 4 Nov 98

Cade Foster is on the run in the wilds of Idaho, USA. The Sheriff briefs Forest Ranger Jodie Nolan ( Christina Cox ) and a familiar-looking US Marshal ... Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ), the Gua's top assassin.

Cade finally gets the chance to learn something about the other side. They are from a cluster of galaxies far, far away - and they travelled to Earth via white holes. In their human bodies they can heal quickly, and salt works like morphine on them.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 10] Marker 262
Shown Nov 1998
Reviewed 4th January 2006 [Wednesday]

A hot-rodder (and his car) go missing on a highway in rural USA. Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) investigates, posing as a Dept of Transportation agent.

Ingrid Kavelaars is the missing driver's ex-girlfriend. Her new boyfriend is Kavan Smith ( Eureka ).

The Gua aliens have built a mini Bermuda Triangle into a mile-post!

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 11] Motel California
Shown Nov 1998
Reviewed 11th January 2006 [Wednesday]

As always so far, the show has a strong reliance on female guest stars to make up for the lack of females in the regular cast. This episode starts with a middle-aged man trapped in a fantasy about a dominatrix ... while he is being arrested by a female police officer.

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) gets a lift with a wannabe big game hunter (Ty Olsson - Supernatural ). He investigates the mysterious motel the victim stayed in, by checking into the man's room ...

Cade's desires are catered for. But what is real, and what is a halucination?

Ironically, the familiar names are in the supporting cast list. The motel's maid is Natassia Malthe , while the waitress is Stephanie Von Pfetten .

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 12] Breeding Ground
Shown Nov 1998
Reviewed 18th January 2006 [Wednesday]

In this extended Carrie rip-off, Nicki the mean girl ( Tanja Reichert ) bullies Julia the Femcel (Female Incel). It turns out that Julia is a Firestarter .

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) uncovers another Gwa plot. He poses as a gymn teacher at the school, a top-class boarding school named the Bradbury Academy. The kids there all look about ten years older than they should be, and even the FemCel is unrealistically attractive.

The Gwa are experimenting with human DNA. This time, they want to build a super-warrior.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 13] Blue Agave
Shown 2 Dec 98

Cade Foster goes to New York, where the twin towers of the WTC are still standing. He meets with Susan ( Rachel Hayward ), his dead wife's best friend. She is a millionaire with a rich lawyer. Unfortunately, her favourite nightclub is run by aliens who want to use mind-control brain-slugs on the regulars.

Cade stays in Eddie's trailer, in a dodgy area filled with homeless people. He has to dodge a tabloid journalist, who is stalking Susan for a gossip column story.

Sasha the barmaid ( Claudette Mink ) targets Cade as a host for a brain-slug. When Cade's cover is blown, Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) gets called in to deal with him.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 14] Cul-De-Sac
Shown Dec 1998
Reviewed 1st February 2006 [Wednesday]

In suburbia a blonde seductress ( Brandy Ledford ) and her chubby middle-aged BF are shot dead by the BF's jilted wife. Then a teenage peeper sees the seductress heal her bullet-wounds!

The teenager is a fan of Eddie's website, and has printed off Cade's on-line journals. This was back in the late 1990s, when only nerds used the Net and parents were in fear of pervs grooming their offspring.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 15] The Box
Shown Dec 1998
Reviewed 8th February 2006 [Wednesday]

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) visits his wife's grave. Naturally the cops are waiting there, and nab him.

Back in the station, Foster sees this as his chance to spread the word about the Aliens. The cops just want to make him out as a serial killer, and improve their clean-up rate by pinning their unsolved murders on him.

The Aliens come after Foster again. But he gets a chance to avenge his wife.

The aliens experimented on humans in Chicago, instead of doing it in a crappy third-world country. Equally stupid, the humans would rather frame Foster for murder than fight the aliens!

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 16] Undesirables
Shown Dec 1998
Reviewed 15th February 2006 [Wednesday]

Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) is now knocking off potential traitors in the Gua ranks. One was the Preacher, a few episodes ago, and another is an old friend who became a salt junkie. He is becoming more and more disenchanted with his duty, though. As a result, the lady boss has other acolytes to help out. One of them is Steve Bacic ( Andromeda ).

The next target is a defector who fell in love with a human scientist (Robert Wisden - X-Files ). The scientist understands FTL travel, so Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) tries to protect him.

Nice character development of Joshua. And we learn a lot more about the Gua, as we get to see them as something other than two-dimensional villains.

A few years later, Cross was partnered with Bacic again in X-Files . They played FBI agents, after a hitman played by Robert Wisden!

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 17] Second Wave
Shown Dec 1998
Reviewed 22nd February 2006 [Wednesday]

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) follows up clues about alien activity in a suburban neighbourhood. A nosy neighbour (Gerard Plunkett - ) tells Foster There's a storm coming ... perhaps a reference to the final scene in Terminator (1984) .

However, the Second Wave invades Earth! Foster and a handful of locals get trapped in the storm cellar. Paranoia sets in, as they suspect there may be a traitor in their midst.

Mr Tran (Hiro Kanagawa - Lost ) turns up, and the group fights among itself even more.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 18] Blind Witness
Shown 6 Jan 99

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) fakes illness so he can be admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles. He makes contact with a blind girl who is undergoing a mysterious surgerical process that can apparently restore her sight.

The aliens have taken over a disused wing of the hospital, and are using the basement for experiments on humans. This asks a lot more questions than it answers.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 19] Deluge
Shown Jan 1999
Reviewed 22nd March 2006 [Wednesday]

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) poses as a Bounty Hunter chasing a serial killer. He visits Athlone, a redneck town in Washington State, where it has rained constantly for two years.

The rednecks are Irish-American, with a Pagan religion right out of The Wicker Man - and not just insofar as it is being remade in the Pacific NorthWest. They conduct human sacrifice of murderers - and Cade is still a wanted man!

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 20] Melody
Shown 20 Jan 99

Cade Foster goes to Detroit, Michigan, to check out the local music scene. Not African-American Mo-Town music, which Detroit is famous for, but Seattle-style grunge rock music played by white boys. The Gua may be using music to make young people violent, like Jerry Orbach did in the Space Disco episode of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century . The grunge band's drummer, Billy (Tyler Labine - Invasion ), corrects Foster on his mis-assumption.

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 21] The Aftertime
Shown 23 Jun 99

Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) catches a teenage computer-hacker. Just then, Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) turns up with a gang of Gua henchmen. One of the Gua shoots Foster ...

The story starts a day before. Joshua contacted Cade via Fast Eddie's website, so presumably they just use regular e-mail. A human hacker has intercepted some Gua transmissions, so Cade has the chance to save the hacker before the Gua get him. All Joshua wants is the computer disk, a 1.44MB floppy, which has some super-secret Gua data on it.

The story proceeds as in the opening sequence. However, just before Foster's death a female warrior named Elizabeth ( Kathrin Nicholson ) emerges through a time portal and beats up the Gua hit-team. She gives exposition about her future, similar to Kyle Reese's lines in Terminator (1984) . Rather than change history entirely, she wants to take Foster back with her to lead the Resistance.

Cade believes the woman because he sees her come through the portal. Fast Eddie demands technical details of the time-travel process.

Elizabeth read Cade's journals, just like Kyle Reese had the polaroid of Sarah Connor. Will Cade return to the future with Elizabeth? Will she stay in the current time with him? Will Joshua keep his word to exchange human hostages for the disk?

First Wave First Wave [Season 1, Episode 22] The Decision
Shown June 1999
Reviewed 12th April 2006 [Wednesday]

In the previous episode, the McGuffin was a NOC list - the names of two hundred undercover Gua operatives. Presumably that was the invitation list for a Gua conference about the future of the invasion. Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) attends the conference, and states the case that Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) proves that the invasion is untenable.

This is basically a clip show. We get to see the best bits of the first Season. However, there is a good reason. This leds up to the cliffhanger ending of the season ...





First Wave

First Wave First Wave [Season 2 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th June 2006 [Wednesday]

This was reviewed in our special supplement

First Wave

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  • Season 2

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 1] Target 117
    Shown Sept 1999
    Reviewed 19th April 2006 [Wednesday]

    The Gua send their greatest warrior after Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ). She is a gorgeous blonde ( Sable ), and takes a liking to Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ).

    Foster is lured to a junkyard island. Eddie (Rob Labelle) discovers it is a trap, and rushes to the rescue. Of course, it does not work out as he intended. At least he gets to do some field-work this episode.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 2] Deepthroat
    Shown 29 Sep 99

    Eddie gets contacted by a friend, an astronomer who has photographs of an alien ship arriving though a white hole. Unfortunately the Gua clean-up crew are on his tail. The only surviving copy of the evidence was in a package sent to a politician in Washington DC - the man on the Senate sub-committee in charge of funding the US Space Program.

    Stephanie Von Pfetten , last seen as a waitress in Hotel California, is now a photo-journalist investigating political corruption. She has a secret informant, the Deep Throat of the title.

    Crazy Eddie is out of town. A well-funded hate-group in Delaware has received a large financial donation from overseas, and for some reason Eddie has to go there in person so he can divert some of that money and use it to subsidise the Paranoid Times.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 3] The Apostles
    Shown 6 Oct 99

    A biker gang are riding around a redneck town, abducting and killing specific townsfolk. The good news is that they are only targeting aliens. The bad news is that they do not care about collateral damage.

    Cade turns up to investigate, posing as a journalist working for Independent Biker Magazine. He uncovers an alien conspiracy to obtain quartz crystals which will give them vastly superior computing technology.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 4] Susperience
    Shown 13 Oct 99

    Prescott, Maine. A young woman died mysteriously in her sleep. Cade crashes the funeral, and discovers she was involved in paranormal research.

    The episode title is an abbreviation for Suspect Experience. This is a method that the aliens have that is like Inception . It relies on infiltrating the victim's family and scaring them to death in a dream, like in Dreamscape (1984) .

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 5] The Channel
    Shown 20th Oct 1999
    Reviewed 17th May 2006 [Wednesday]

    Sarah Chalke has a near-death experience, and starts spouting Nostradamus prophecies.

    Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) visits, but falls foul of her gal-pal Katharine Isabelle .

    Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) is sent to lead a unit posing as a news crew. They all have .44 Automag pistols!

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 6] Red Flag
    Shown 27th Oct 1999
    Reviewed 24th May 2006 [Wednesday]

    Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) goes undercover on a top secret US Military selection course. One of the candidates is a Gua spy, intending to get fast-track promotion to the Pentagon.

    The characters are the usual stock cliches. One of them is a Vasquez-type Latino woman.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 7] Prayer for the White Man
    Shown Nov 1999
    Reviewed 31st May 2006 [Wednesday]

    Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) investigates a casino built on the Winchella Native American reservation. The theme is that gambling creates drunkeness and destroys spirituality. Unlike in the real world, where the problem is poverty!

    The Casino is opposed by Lonetree (Graham Greene - Wolf Lake ), in a role similar to those he played in Thunderheart and Dances With Wolves.

    The Casino owner (Adam Beach - Suicide Squad ) has a gorgeous sidekick who has a voice like Lexa Doig . It is not her, of course - it is Carmen Moore , who has appeared in many of the same Sci-Fi shows as her.

    A mysterious stranger (Brent Stait - Andromeda ) is looking for Cade Foster. It turns out someone has put a huge bounty on his head.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 8] The Purge
    Shown Nov 1999
    Reviewed 7th June 2006 [Wednesday]

    The Gua HQ in USA is visited by The Minister (William DeVry), second in command of the Gua Race. He is in town to weed out radicals and so on.

    Someone tries to assassinate the Minister. Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) is assigned to find the killer.

    Joshua does not approve of the Minister and his cruel ways. But the Radicals could be even worse. Joshua must make a choice ...

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 9] Lost Souls
    Shown 17 Nov 99

    An albino woman is dug out of concrete, where she has been buried alive since 1945. Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) goes undercover, posing as her grandson.

    Blu Mankuma and a black girl are the African-American Mulder and Scully!

    There are two more people who disappeared in 1945. Foster has to investigate. One of them is Olivia ( Ona Grauer ), a credited appearance by an actress who later became better-known ... but who actually has no lines, and barely any screen time. In fact, she is under so much makeup as to be virtually unrecognisable.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 10] The Heist
    Shown 24 Nov 99

    Cade Foster joins up with his old heist crew. The token girl, Harley ( Monika Schnarre ), is his ex-lover and a potential love interest for him - and her gun-toting boyfriend is less than happy at the thought. They break into a vault on a steal-to-order mission. However, the blueprints are wrong and the place is boobytrapped. They end up running around a maze of traps, like in Cube .

    The characters begin to act strangely under the stress. Since we have not seen the guest stars before, we do not know how different this is from their normal behaviour. This is not straightforward stress-induced drama, like Blair Witch Project . Instead, we know that Cade and the others are being manipulated by the aliens because Cade starts to halucinate. Since we know exactly what is going on, there is no real suspense.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 11] Ohio Players
    Shown 1 Dec 99

    A High School football player dies in Fairvale, Ohio. Foster poses as a sports team scout from California University, and investigates the team's unlikely winning streak.

    The Gua have sent a femme fatale to seduce the teenage boys on the team. She has bee-related superpowers, and uses contaminated tattoo-ink to control her victims - reminiscent of an episode of The X-Files .

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 12] Night Falls
    Shown 8 Dec 99

    Foster is in Pittsburg, the city of bridges. He gets chased by local cops - after all, he is Number Nine of the FBI's Most Wanted. In a moment of desperation, he takes a woman ( Ann Marie Loder ) hostage and hides out in her apartment.

    In an example of how badly technology has dated, Eddie mentions his search engine checks 234 web pages and newspapers every day. At least Eddie has something to do this time, rather than just provide exposition. The bad news is that a bounty-hunter is after Foster, and Eddie is not paranoid enough when it comes to security.

    Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) is in town, hunting Foster with the help of a new minion.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 13] Normal, Illinois
    Shown 15 Dec 99

    Horny teenagers are dying in the town of Normal, Illinois. A nerdy X-Files fan reads the Paranoid Times website, and calls Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) in to investigate.

    The fan's girlfriend lives with her psycho-dad (Michael Hogan - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ). The Sheriff (Glenn Morshower - ) takes an interest in Foster's activities. Is one of them an alien?

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 14] All About Eddie
    Shown 22 Dec 99

    Fast Eddie goes to his High School Reunion. Well, since not even Cade can connect Eddie's online persona with the name he had in High School he should be safe. However, the Gua have managed to narrow it down to a few schools. They send teams to each school reunion, and interrogate the most likely suspects. Can Eddie survive without Cade to back him up?

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 15] Playland
    Shown 29 Dec 99

    Port Falls, South Dakota. A spree killer shot nine people dead in a burger joint, then attacked his prison-appointed psychiatrist. Cade and Eddie investigate Playland, the amusement park the killer mentioned in his psychiatric interviews.

    Cade find himself in a pocket universe filled with teenage guest-stars like Tyron Leitso. Since the teens have been trapped there for a couple of years, they have developed their own slang - like the kids in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome . They are fed by a food dispenser, like in Riverworld , but it only works when they have fought each other. Yes, the aliens are training the kids to maximise their small talent for war.

    The moral of the story is that the aliens are wasting their time by creating a pocket universe to turn children into animals. In the real world, mall-cops are likely to give those kids a Rodney King style beating that will alienate them against society anyway.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 16] The Harvest
    Shown 5 Jan 00

    A gigolo in Boston is abducting his rich female clients, but no ransom demands have been received or bodies found. One victim's sister, Miss Ashford ( Lisa Howard ), offers a bounty of a hundred thousand dollars for her sister's return. Cade teams up with her.

    Miss Ashford is a very successful romantic novelist. She is smart and ruthless enough to become a distraction reminiscent of True Lies .

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 17] Rubicon
    Shown 12 Jan 00

    Foster visits Detroit, and tries to steal some alien orbs from a drop-off point. Unfortunately it is booby-trapped ...

    Foster wakes up thirteen days later, guest of honour at a US Counter-Intelligence Agency. They found the orbs in the wreckage, and discovered that this confirmed his online journal. Now their new mission is to help Foster fight the Gua.

    Foster is put in the custody of Dr Heather Leguin ( Teryl Rothery ), a psychiatrist hired by the Agency. She is very supportive of him. However, he has been the victim of Gua mind-screws before. Is this another VR simulation?

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 18] Gladiator
    Shown 17 May 00

    The Gua are generically engineering human clones. They are concentrating on the genes for human aggression. The plan is to mass-produce warrior husks as the army for the Second Wave.

    Foster visits Atlanta, Georgia, and gets involved in the bare-knuckle boxing world. One of the fighters is Foster's former cell-mate, and he reluctantly agrees to participate in a mission. The fighter volunteers as a test subject, while Foster tags along as his trainer. This is slightly better than the cliche of using Foster as the fighter and Eddie as the trainer. However, they also assume that nobody will check up on the fighter's background ... or the trainer.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 19] The Trial of Joshua Bridges
    Shown 24 May 00

    Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) is on trial by the Gua, after the events of First Wave [Season 2, Episode 17] Rubicon.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 20] Underworld
    Shown 31 May 00

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 21] Tomorrow
    Shown 7 Jun 00

    Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) wakes up and discovers that Earth has been conquered by the Gua.

    Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) has a girlfriend ( Victoria Pratt ).

    First Wave First Wave [Season 2, Episode 22] The Believers
    Shown 14 Jun 00

    Season 3

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 1] Mabus
    Shown 13 Sep 00

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 2] Raven Nation
    Shown 20 Sep 00

    Season 3 introduces Jordan ( Traci Lords ) and her small Army, the so-called Raven Nation. She is completely ruthless, using torture against prisoners.

    Eddie tracks down the Raven Nation, and Cade Foster gets a guided tour of their secret base. Mabus sends Joshua to hunt Jordan down too.

    This episode has a flashier feel than the first couple of Seasons. The director ( Holly Dale ) seems to have pushed things up a notch. Perhaps this Season just has a bigger budget, but now the show certainly looks better than it used to.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 3] Comes a Horseman
    Shown 27 Sep 00

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 4] Gulag
    Shown 4 Oct 00

    Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) is in an alternate universe, a Quantum Pocket, trapped in a time loop. Joshua's double also appears.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 5] The Flight of Francis Jeffries
    Shown 11 Oct 00

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 6] Still At Large
    Shown Oct 2000
    Reviewed 7th May 2001 - Monday

    Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) and Special Guest Star Jordan ( Traci Lords ) infiltrate a police station. Foster is made a detective and partnered with Ian Tracey ( Continuum ). Lords uses her skills to fake an orgasm as a diversion in the property room.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 7] Asylum
    Shown 25 Oct 00

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 8] Eyes of the Gua
    Shown 1 Nov 00

    A serial killer in New England leaves his victims' eyes burned out. They were descendants of Nostradamus. Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) is the main suspect!

    The show opens with an expository Voice-over (inferior to Dark Skies , its nearest comparison).

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 9] Skywatchers
    Shown 8th Nov 2000
    Reviewed 28th May 2001 - Monday

    The Raven Nation are involved again. Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) and Special Guest Star Jordan ( Traci Lords ) investigate the suspicious death of one of her colleagues. It seems that small-town USA is covering up for Alien intervention ...

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 10] The Plan
    Shown 15 Nov 00

    The Second Wave is coming. Claudette Mink is the Gua General.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 23, Episode 11] Wednesday's Child
    Shown 22 Nov 00

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 12] Unearthed
    Shown 29 Nov 00

    Nova Scotia, and Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) is after Thor's hammer.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 13] Shadowland
    Shown 6 Dec 00

    Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) has a nightmare. This episode is about childhood trauma. Peter Wingfield and Joe Dawson (from Highlander: The Series ) guest-star.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 14] Legacy
    Shown 13 Dec 00

    Jordan ( Traci Lords ) holds a party, but there is an outbreak of amnesia (Gwa plot). Somehow she has a fiance.

    There are no SPFX – the aliens melt off-screen. This was directed by Rob Labelle.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 15] The Edge
    Shown 20 Dec 00

    Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) is doped with Gwa DNA and slowly transforms. Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) co-stars.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 16] The Vessel
    Shown 27 Dec 00

    Inception software (Microsoft parody) is part of this week's Gua plot. Luckily, Fast Eddie (Rob Labelle) is an expert hacker.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 17] Requiem
    Shown 3 Jan 01

    In a bunker with the Raven Nation's Generals (including Douglas O'Keeffe - Dark Angel ). A chameleon alien downloads people’s memories.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 18] Checkmate
    Shown 10 Jan 01

    Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) must serve Sagon (William B Davis - X-Files ).

    Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) is captured - then Eddie (Rob Labelle) is captured! Jordan ( Traci Lords ) must save the day.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 19] Black Box
    Shown 17 Jan 01

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 20] Beneath The Black Sky
    Shown 14 Feb 01

    This is a sequel to the Childhood ep. Christopher Judge ( Stargate Sg-1 ) is the third species. Eddie (Rob Labelle) and Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) are hunted by the Gwa.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 21] Terminal City
    Shown 21 Feb 01

    Mabus is after the hammer.

    Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence - Supernatural ) is in a parallel universe. Joshua (Roger R. Cross - Taken ) goes through the portal to save Foster.

    First Wave First Wave [Season 3, Episode 22] Twice Bless'd
    Shown 28 Feb 01