ORBzine - Taken TV Review

  • Steve Burton as Russell Keys
  • Joel Gretsch ( The 4400 ) as Capt. Owen Crawford
  • Tina Holmes as Anne Crawford
  • Anton Yelchin as Jacob Clarke
  • Chad Donella as Jacob Clarke (as an adult)
  • James N. Kirk as Jesse Keys
  • Desmond Harrington as Jesse Keys (as an adult)
  • Ryan Hurst as Tom Clarke
  • Chad Morgan as Becky Clarke
  • Dakota Fanning as Allie Keys
  • Willie Garson ( Stargate SG-1 ) as Dr. Kreutz
  • Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 1] Beyond the Sky
    Shown 2nd December 2002

    This is Steven Spielberg 's epic version of Close Encounters . it starts with Foo Fighters over German in 1944, then goes day-by-day at Roswell in 1947.

    Army wife Julie Benz is visited by stranger Eric Close ( Dark Skies ). Colonel Michael Moriarty tries to cover things up. Rob Labelle ( First Wave ) and Ian Tracey guest-star.

    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 2] Jacob and Jesse
    Shown 3rd December 2002

    Part 2, this is set in 1958-9. This ep follows the abductions of 2 kids - one by the Grays, one by MIB Colonel Crawford (Joel Gretsch - The 4400 ).

    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 3] High Hopes
    Shown 4th December 2002

    Oct 1962. Brain tumours are caused by alien implants. A pilot and his son contact the MIBs.

    The MIB sidekicks get killed.

    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 4] Acid Tests
    Shown 5th December 2002

    1970, Alaska. The MIB Colonel Crawford (Joel Gretsch - The 4400 ) is losing power, so his sons take over.

    Brent Stait ( Andromeda ), the chip-in-head guy, is in Nam.

    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 5] Maintenance
    Shown 6th December 2002

    1980. The alien-f*cker is on her deathbed. Her daughter and Crawford jnr have a son.

    A UFO skeptic has turned into a Ufologist.

    The man with a chip in his head has surgery.

    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 6] Charlie and Lisa
    Shown 9th December 2002

    1986. The MIBs are unemployed. But they regroup and get more funding again when the Aliens mess with an SDI space-shuttle mission. Matt Frewer ( Max Headroom ) is the new scientific advisor. Crawford's son gets divorced, thanks to his bitchy daughter ( Heather Donahoe ).

    The alien's granddaughter ( Emily Bergl ) meets the abductee's grandson. Unfortunately they are just breeding stock in the Aliens' experiment.

    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 7] God's Equation
    Shown 10th December 2002

    1992. Heather Donahoe is Crawford's granddaughter. Her fellow MIBs are Matt Frewer ( Max Headroom ) and General James McDaniel (NYPD Blue),

    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 8] Dropping the Dishes
    Shown 11th December 2002

    The wee girl, Allie ( Dakota Fanning ) is taken by Heather Donahoe , but she is usurped by General James McDaniel (NYPD Blue).

    Roger R Cross ( First Wave ) leads the Green Beret team assigned to capture a flying saucer.

    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 9] John
    Shown 12th December 2002

    Eric Close ( Dark Skies ) is back. The sinister Mulder and Scully are closing in.

    This was directed by John Fawcett .

    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 10] Taken
    Shown 13th December 2002

    Heather Donahoe and Matt Frewer ( Max Headroom ) chase Allie ( Dakota Fanning ).

    This is the last episode, with all plot-lines conveniently tied up. It's typical Spielberg schmaltz.

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    PAL - UK


    Taken Taken [Season 1, Episode 10]
    Shown th October 2010 [Wednesday]


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