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  • Joel Gretsch ( V: 2010 ) as Tom Baldwin
  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Diana Skouris
  • Mahershalalhashbaz Ali ( ) as Richard Tyler
  • Laura Allen as Lily Moore
  • Patrick Flueger as Shawn Farrell
  • Chad Faust as Kyle Baldwin
  • Conchita Campbell as Maia Rutledge
  • Samantha Ferris as Nina Jarvis [ 2 ]
  • Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Danny Farrell [ 1 ]
  • Brooke Nevin as Nikki Hudson [ 1 ]
  • Peter Coyote ( E.T. ) as Dennis Ryland [ 1 ]
  • Michael Moriarty ( Q: The Winged Serpent ) as Orson Bailey [ 1 ]

    Season 1

  • The 4400 The 4400 [Season 1, Episode 1-2] Pilot (1-2)
    Shown 11 Jul 04

    A Comet flies past Earth, and 4400 disappeared people appear in Washington State, USA. some FBI types investigate. Peter Coyote is in charge, like he was in E.T. . His best agents, a Mulder/Scully pair, are smart/tough FBI guy Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) and Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline McKenzie - the babe from Odyssey 5 ). The Mulder character's son is in a coma (yes, the old personal motive cliche).

    The returnees have psi powers (see the future, heal a dead bird, shatter glass and skulls). They mostly live in Seattle (a good excuse, the show is probably filmed in Vancouver).

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 1, Episode 3] The New & Improved Carl Morrissey
    Shown 18 Jul 04

    An average guy becomes a superstrong vigilante.

    The subplots involve Maya (the 6-year-old girl) and the mixed-race couple.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 1, Episode 4] Becoming
    Shown 25 Jul 04

    Lee Tergesen (Oz, Weird Science ) is a suspected serial killer, maybe using psi powers. Is a Pattern developing?

    The Fed's nephew Shawn has a flashback to his abduction. Denis Ryland (Peter Coyote - E.T. ) faces off with a journalist.

    The businessman Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) sets up a Corporation to help other abductees. He gives Richard the black guy a job.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 1, Episode 5] Trial by Fire
    Shown 1 Aug 04

    This ep was written by Robert Hewitt Wolfe ( Andromeda ).

    Redneck terrorists bomb some returnees. The Token Black Guy moves into the Megacorp estate.

    Mark Valley ( Fringe ) is the FBI supremo sent to check on the heroes. He threatens to reassign sculder and mulley - Seattle has five other investigative teams.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 1, Episode 6 - Finale] White Light
    Shown 8 Aug 04

    Coma-son goes MIA. The climax is when we discover what is going on.

    The Billionaire Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) tries to control the pregnant woman.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3 , Episode 1 ]
    Shown th August 2006 [Wednesday]

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  • Season 2

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 1-2] Wake-Up Call
    Shown 29th September 2005 - Thursday

    Season Two opens with a two-parter, compiled into a feature-length ep. A year after the end of Season One, a lot of things have changed. The tough-guy MIB Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) is trapped in desk-work, and the MIBs have their own nerds. Denis Ryland (Peter Coyote - E.T. ) has been replaced as head MIB by a complete bitch, possibly inspired by Madeline in La Femme Nikita . A pity, since the character in 24: Season 4 was far more obviously derivative and yet achieved much better characterisation in the five-minute trailer to that show!

    Tess ( Summer Glau ) is a mentally unstable psychic, not unlike the one she played in Firefly . Trapped in a lunatic asylum with the likes of Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ), run by Crazy Eddie ( First Wave, Smallville ) she has them build an antenna so she can return home ... Not unlike Glory in Buffy: Season 5 . Yes, they certainly stole a lot of ideas from Joss Whedon !

    Meanwhile, the interracial couple are hiding out in a remote area. They fall foul of the local rednecks, and then get chased into the woods.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 3] Voices Carry
    Shown 4th October 2005 - Tuesday

    The tycoon Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) is making a secret deal with creepy gangster type Stephen McHattie ( X-Files ). The MIBs send in a telepathic 4400 guy to listen in on their thoughts.

    Meanwhile, not-Scully AKA Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) leaves her daughter Maya (the little blonde girl who can see the future) in the care of her sister ( Natasha Gregson Wagner , the compulsive gambler). Can anyone see how this might go horribly wrong? It ends up like an episode of the Simpsons , where Lisa helps Homer bet on the horses.

    Also, the interracial couple find their superpowered child is still using its powers. The problem is, this could lead to big trouble in the future!

    The teenage son starts at college. Lexa Doig is his lecturer!

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 4] Weight of the World
    Shown 11th October 2005 - Tuesday

    Robert Picardo ( Star Trek: Voyager ) has a protein that helps people lose weight. He has obviously never seen the film Thinner , because he wants a big pharmaceuticals company to bottle it and sell it!

    The mixed-race couple hide out with some African-American friends. They even consider settling down permanently. However, inter-personal relationships predictably complicate things.

    Maya the wee girl visits the tattoo parlour of the Female Agent's sister ( Natasha Gregson Wagner ). She is still having visions - and the Female Agent Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline McKenzie ) secretly tells her partner Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ).

    The Male Agent's son is still flirting with his lecturer, Lexa Doig . Also, he has a missing time experience that indicates he may have an unknown and unwanted power of his own.

    Finally, the Corporate guy Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) is giving Special Treatment to a sexy female celebrity. This spreads discord among his inner circle of employees. Those jealous bastards!

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 5] Suffer The Children
    Shown 18th October 2005 - Tuesday

    A schoolteacher helps a few of her pupils uncover their hidden artistic talents. The jealous parents of the untalented kids have her arrested for Child Abuse!

    The Billionaire Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) is still injured, but claims to have been enlightened by the injuries. He claims to have changed his ways, and offers to make peace with the mixed-race couple. Can he be trusted? Will the baby add him to its list of victims?

    The MIB's son is still having blackouts. Meanwhile, cousin Shawn hooks up with sexy homeless babe Lindy Booth . Poor girl, she always plays the teenage girlfriend - what happened to her career? And will the on-screen relationship last?

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 6] As Fate Would Have It
    Shown 25th October 2005 - Tuesday

    The psychic kid predicts that Corporate guy Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) will be assassinated. The MIBs pull out all the stops to protect him. Suddenly he seems more sympathetic - which makes you wonder, who is trying to kill him?

    The MIB's son is having more blackouts. And when we find out more about them, yet more questions are raised.

    The US Government subpoenas the wee girl Maya's diary.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 7] Life Interrupted
    Shown 1st November 2005 - Tuesday

    The MIB guy Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) finds himself in an alternate reality where the 4400 do not exist. He has a wife ( Karina Lombard ) - and a feeling that all might not be as it seems. Will he stay in this perfect existence, or try to return to the world he is used to?

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 8] Carrier
    Shown 8th November 2005 - Tuesday

    One of the 4400 ( Sherilyn Fenn ) has a communicable super-disease. She thinks the people who sent her back infected her on purpose, and want her to spread the disease.

    Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) shows herself willing to do some rather extreme things when she has to. Her MIB partner Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) is still with his wife Alana ( Karina Lombard ), and his son is recovering his memory.

    The cousin, now running the Foundation, decides to help Lindy Booth 's homeless friends. The suggestion is actually from the mixed-race couple woman, and the Foundation flunky (Garret Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ) who helps seems to have an agenda of his own.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 9] Rebirth
    Shown 15th November 2005 - Tuesday

    A War Criminal has been given the power to cure unborn foetuses. Unfortunately for him, every time he heals one he weakens himself. But if he does not heal them, the US Government will extradite him for his crimes.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 10] Hidden
    Shown 22nd November 2005 - Tuesday

    MIB/FBI guy Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) discovers clues to the disappearance of his son.

    Lindy Booth 's addiction recovery hits a bump in the road.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 11] Lockdown
    Shown 29th November 2005 - Tuesday

    MIB HQ is subjected to a sonic weapon that puts all men in testosterone overdrive. The lady bitch - I mean Boss - gets put out of action, and Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) locks herself up with the female non-combatants. The male doc tries to sedate himself, but since the lady MIB is probably too puny to tie him up or bludgeon him unconscious they discuss her shooting him in the head instead!

    The military are called in - Roger R Cross ( First Wave, Taken ) leads a hit-team to execute any 4400 members they find. Only the nerd who likes the female MIB can save the day. Will she repay his kindness?

    A strange disease begins to affect certain 4400 members. Also, the attack on the MIBs is on Jordan Collier's birthday!

    The 4400 Centre gets revamped to make it less like a Cult, and Kevin the 4400-linked scientist (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ) makes a reappearance.

    Kyle dates his college study-buddy (Deputy Jo from Eureka ).

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 12] The Fifth Page
    Shown 6th December 2005 - Tuesday

    A strange disease begins to affect certain 4400 members. Jaqueline Mackenzie 's daughter Maya, her partner's wife Alana ( Karina Lombard ) and nephew Shawn ...

    Denis Ryland (Peter Coyote - E.T. ) is back as head MIB, and has all the 4400 quarantined. But some of them are not happy about this.

    Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ) seems to be the only man who can find a cure.

    The psycho who is accused of murdering Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) is going to trial. His girlfriend, who should be wearing a white coat in the MIB labs, is Keegan Connor Tracey . She gets Kyle to feel guilty.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 2, Episode 13 - Finale] Mommy's Bosses
    Shown 13th December 2005 - Tuesday

    The two MIBs know the source of the infection, but still have to find a cure. However, Denis Ryland (Peter Coyote - E.T. ) has blackmail info!

    Meanwhile, the eeevil baby is causing her mommy to hallucinate.

    Kyle is under yet more pressure. He has befriended the girlfriend ( Keegan Connor Tracey ) of the poor sap who the cops have fitted up for Collier's murder. Will Kyle confess to save an innocent man, or keep his mouth shut to save himself?

    Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) finally hots up for the helpful Nerd. However, the ending just leads on to more trouble. The baby and the dead guy, Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ), are somehow linked ...

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 1-2] The New World (1-2)
    Shown 9th August 2006 [Wednesday]

    Season 3 opens with a two-parter, compiled into a feature-length ep. Denis Ryland (Peter Coyote - E.T. ) is on trial for giving the mutants their medicine. A terrorist group, Nova, tries to assassinate him.

    The baby becomes a teenage girl, like the Star-child in V . Her mother ages rapidly, and Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ) tries to find a cure. He is also experimenting on himself - he is trying to develop superpowers like the 4400, but his transformation seems more reminiscent of Jeff Goldblum's in The Fly !

    The African-American mind-reader from a previous ep is called in to help find the terrorists. One of them is a Beastmaster - she can make household pets attack and kill their owners! Armand (Ian Tracey - Continuum ) is the terrorists' leader.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 3] Being Tom Baldwin
    Shown 18/Jun/06

    There is only one person in police custody who can implicate Terrorist leader Armand (Ian Tracey ). Top cop Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) pays the suspect a visit, and she ends up dead. Strangely, for a unit that investigates terrorists with superpowers nobody suspects that there may be a shape-shifter at work.

    Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) looks after Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ), who has started to experiment on his own brain. He wants to artificially generate Promicin, the hormone that creates superpowers in the 4400 returnees.

    Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ), all grown up, has a self-destructive streak. Luckily she is pretty much indestructible, so she does not accidentally drown. Her father has to take her mother's ashes for interrment. Shawn, leader of the 4400, offers to teach her how to swim. Creepy Foundation flunky (Garret Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ) has his own agenda involving the star-child.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 4] Gone (1)
    Shown 25/Jun/06

    Maya's sister ( Alice Krige ) comes to town. The Feds uncover a series of abductions of 4400 Children.

    It turns out that Shawn accidentally donated money to the Nova Group. The Foundation flunky (Garret Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ) tries to use this as an excuse for a sneaky coup d'etat ..

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 5] Gone (2)
    Shown 02/Jul/06

    At the end of the previous episode, all physical evidence of Maya's existence was removed by Alice Krige . Presumably this was a re-writing of history itself, because nobody even remembers who Maya was. However, somehow her foster-mother Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) subconsciously realises that something is wrong. She becomes obsessive and emotional, quite out of character for a cold-blooded FBI Agent.

    Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) has a day-trip to an alternate world with his wife ( Karina Lombard ). They encounter a mysterious child - a faceless girl.

    Eventually they put all the clues together. Diana becomes obsessed, and insists on visiting an alternate world so she can see Maya. However, she refuses to leave there. She would rather stay in dreamland while her body wastes away in a hospital bed than live without her foster-daughter.

    Tom gets the attention of the future people by attempting suicide. This means that he is a key part of their plans, because they will not let him die. He gets a face-to-face with them, and gets an idea of their plan. The 4400 were sent back to avert a major catastrophe, but it turns out that their enemies have adapted to the new situation. Plan B is to send the children back in time even further. One will invent synthetic fuel, and another will build colonies on the moon. Unfortunately Maya ends up in the Donner party, but no plan is perfect. Tom manages to talk the future people into trying Plan A again. However, this means he will have to defeat their enemies' plan himself.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 6] Graduation Day
    Shown 09/Jul/06

    Shawn, leader of the 4400, develops schizophrenia. Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ), all grown up and now Shawn's obsessive GF, goes on a kill-crazy rampage to cure him. Terrorist leader Armand (Ian Tracey - Continuum ) is the target of her rage. Creepy Foundation flunky (Garret Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ) also reveals his agenda, for all the good it does him.

    Top cop Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ), Shawn's uncle, has been forewarned from the future. He knows that the starchild is a pawn for the anti-4400 faction. He also has the means to kill her. But will he become a murderer? After all, he does not know if the 4400 will prevent the catastrophe or cause it.

    The teenage boy from Surface tells the cop's wife Alana ( Karina Lombard ) that Kurt Fuller ( Scary Movie ) was the drunk-driver who killed her first family. Of course, no good can come of this revelation ...

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 7] The Home Front
    Shown 16/Jul/06

    There is only one Nova Group terrorist left. The NTAC try to arrest him, but he evades capture just before they surround the place. He is a mind-reader, but they assume he did not detect the SWAT team's The biggest suspect is the cop's wife Alana ( Karina Lombard ).

    The man in charge of the NSA's investigation is Denis Ryland (Peter Coyote - E.T. ). This is a bit of a conflict of interest, because Ryland was the victim of a murder attempt by the suspect. However, he pulls rank and offers Tom a deal. All charges against Alana will be dropped if Tom brings the terrorist to justice.

    Ryland is portrayed as a villain. He gave the 4400 a vaccine that temporarily inhibited their ability to become supervillains. Unfortunately there was an unforseen side-effect, and half a percent (only one in two hundred) died. However, that is not the same thing as murder. Alana claims that the dead people could have changed the world for the better. This is not automatically the case. All they would do is fulfill the objectives of the far-future conspiracy that

    In the subplot, Shawn has split up with Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ). He has started to warm things up with an old friend ( Brooke Nevin ). However, Isabelle is the most powerful creature on Earth and she has the emotional maturity of a toddler. If she throws another hissy-fit, innocent people could get hurt.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 8] Blink
    Shown 23/Jul/06

    NTAC is called in to help a DEA case. There is a new street-drug named Blink, created using an ingredient from a 4400 person. The drug's effect is to make the user hallucinate that they are with a person they have unresolved emotional issues with.

    To make the story more exciting, the protagonists get afflicted with the drug. Top cop Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) sees his long-dead father (Brian Dennehy - ). Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) sees her ex-fiance. This would be a great opportunity for both characters to get over their issues. However, they resist this as long as dramatic tension will allow. On the other hand, the partners split up and partner off with their halucinations.

    Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ) insists that Shawn marry her. He squirms, because she is a super-powered bunny-boiler. However, she tells him the truth - or part of it. He is the one that is keeping her from doing great evil. Of course, she does not tell him everything. She keeps him in the dark about the futuristic counter-plot, which has created her as a weapon to kill the 4400. Also, whatever happened to Tom's counter-counter plot to kill her first?

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 9] The Ballad Of Kevin & Tess
    Shown 30/Jul/06

    Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ) has perfected an artificial version of the superpower drug, Promicin. There is only one slight side-effect - mild monsterism.

    Kevin's former cell-mate, Tess ( Summer Glau ), has been successfully medicated for her schizophrenia. All this means is that she will not use her supervillain powers accidentally. However, since she is not being medicated with a promicin inhibitor there is absolutely nothing to stop her being a supervillain on purpose.

    Kevin is pursued by mysterious government agents. Since they are not NTAC agents, they are probably on Ryland's NSA team. Kevin goes on the run with Tess. Kavan Smith (Deputy Andy from Eureka ) is in charge of the NTAC MIBs chasing them.

    Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) was trying to help Kevin. Now he has Tess control her telepathically so he can test his promicin drug on her. Will she get duperpowers, monsterism or both?

    Shawn is meant to be preparing for his arranged marriage. Instead he gets sidetracked when he meets his hero at the 4400 centre - a drug-addicted rock star with an English accent: Charlie's brother from Lost ! Unfortunately the druggie starts to use Shawn as a crutch.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 10] The Starzl Mutation
    Shown 06/Aug/06

    Shawn gets a gift from an old friend, Brian George (Big Bang Theory). The man's superpower is similar to that of the little old lady in The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 8] Blink. The differences are that instead of growing vegetables the man harvests tobacco, and instead of providing ghosts of the past he provides visions of the smoker's possible future. Shawn takes a few puffs every time he wants to test a new timeline. However, he does not need superpowers to know that his bride-to-be is a bunny boiler. After all, she threatens to redecorate his apartment!

    Top cop Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) and Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) investigate a series of murders that seem 4400-related. Despite being dumped as Diana's love-toy, the office nerd still virtually solves the case single-handedly.

    The killer has a superpower, but is not one of the returnees. Instead he is a former US Army Ranger. The cops identify his partner as John Shaffner (J. August Richards - Angel ). Their suspicion is that Denis Ryland (Peter Coyote - E.T. ) has somehow obtained promicin, and used it to create super-soldiers. They act as if this was a terrible thing, but the weaponisation of superpowers is a natural extension of the military-industrial complex as well as the law-enforcement complex they themselves are part of.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 11] The Gospel According To Collier
    Shown 13/Aug/06

    The tycoon Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) is back from the dead. This disrupts the wedding ceremony, and Shawn has an excuse not to get hitched to bunny-boiler Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ).

    Meanwhile, not-Scully AKA Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) is joined by her sister ( Natasha Gregson Wagner , the compulsive gambler) and her fiance. Diana's daughter Maya (the little blonde girl who can see the future) reveals that Diana is destined to hook up with the sister's fiance. This actually seems like a creepy manipulation on the child's part. She guilts Diana into getting her a daddy.

    Top cop Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) wants his son exhonorated for murder, since the supposed victim is no longer dead. His wife Alana ( Karina Lombard ) can save the day, but she is on the run in Canada. Can he get her a free pass for her treasonous activities?

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 12] Terrible Swift Sword
    Shown 20/Aug/06

    Someone with 4400 abilities launches an attack on the NTAC HQ, and rescues the Nova Group terrorists who were imprisoned there. It was not a break-out, because the prisoners were all dosed with the promicin inhibitor. Top cop Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) is put in charge of the investigation. Since the Nova Group used violence to promote the 4400 agenda, and the back-from-the-dead tycoon Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) is in charge of that agenda, there is an obvious suspect. Tom's wife Alana ( Karina Lombard ) is still in town after last week, and helps her husband again.

    Luckily, Denis Ryland (Peter Coyote - E.T. ) is preparing a new batch of super-soldiers. He even has Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ) as his personal bodyguard.

    Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ) and Tess ( Summer Glau ) get pulled out of retirement.

    Meanwhile, not-Scully AKA Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) is still secretly dating the ex-lover of her sister ( Natasha Gregson Wagner ). In fact, they skipped the three-date minimum and went straight to the sex. The show has upped the stakes of the main storyline, with a forthcoming war between the 4400 and the USA Government, but the female characters are stuck in a soap opera sub-plot that falls far short of passing the Bechdel test.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 3, Episode 13] Fifty-Fifty
    Shown 27/Aug/06

    Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) and his minions have stolen a Promicin supply from the US Government's secret lab. The plan is to make it available to the public, so anyone who wants to develop superpowers can have a go. He has Will (Tom McBeath - Stargate: SG-1 ) handing it out on street corners. Unfortunately, they did not realise that the survival rate was only 50%!

    Denis Ryland (Peter Coyote - E.T. ) was in charge of the US Secret Project, intended to create super-soldiers with super-powers. He wants his Promicin back, and is not above torture to get it. He also has a secret weapon - the Starchild!

    Unfortunately, the Starchild has a mind of her own. Collier is willing to use suicide bomb tactics, and considers human lives to be expendable collateral damage. As a result, the Starchild throws a typical tantrum and decides to draw Collier out by making a full frontal assault on the 4400 Centre. This is the apocalyptic event that was shown in the flash-forwards.

    The epilogue sets up the start of the next Season.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 1] The Wrath of Graham
    Shown 17/Jun/07

    Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ) is safely locked in a cell. Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) is MIA, however. She secretly took an unofficial vacation, and is sunning it up with a greasy lothario and her adopted daughter.

    Richard is on the run, in hiding somewhere. Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) is in hiding with Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ) and Tess ( Summer Glau ). They have mass-marketed the superpower drug, Promicin, and now anyone can get superpowers.

    One person who took the drug is a High School loner. Suddenly he becomes the most popular person at school, and everyone else wants to be his friend. The result is a cult of personality - like Jasmine in Angel: S4 .

    Tom's wife Alana ( Karina Lombard ) is missing, re-abducted by the future people. His son spent most of the previous Season in prison, where he was off-screen because his father never visited him. Until the son was exhonorated, and then took a job out-of-town the very next episode. Now it looks like Tom is all alone.

    There is a new boss at NTAC, a beautiful woman who looks younger than her employees. Unfortunately, NTAC still only has brute force and ignorance as its weapons. They want to imprison anyone who has Promicin in their bloodstream. This is useless when it comes to fighting the schoolboy's army of brainwashed goons. But luckily, Jordan Collier is extremely jealous of the young lad's Cult success.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 2] Fear Itself
    Shown 24/Jun/07

    Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ) is tested, and turns out to have a Promicin allergy.

    An Autistic boy gets the Promicin shot from his father (Colin Cunningham - Falling Skies ). Unfortunately the boy's power is that he gives people terrifying hallucinations. The Fed's new partner (Kavan Smith - Eureka ) is affected. Luckily, his old partner Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) is back in town.

    Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) has also worked out what happened to his wife Alana. It is not a matter of WHERE the future-people put her, but WHEN. Can he contact them and get them to bring her back?

    Tom's son finds the girl who gave him the idea of curing his cousin. With her help he also tracks down a Cult who think Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) is a Messiah. But there is something strange about her ...

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 3] Audrey Parker's Come and Gone
    Shown 01/Jul/07

    The Audrey Parker of the title is not the character from Haven . She is an elderly house-bound woman who suffers from arthritis. When she took a promicin shot she developed the power of astral projection, using a younger version of herself ( Laura Mennell ). She blogs anonymously about her experiences.

    Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) is broadly sympathetic with the suspect. After all, Diana's foster-daughter is one of the original 4400 and her sister took the promicin shot. However, it is illegal to use either promicin or a 4400 ability. If the blog encourages people to use promicin, half of them will die - and half the survivors will become supervillains.

    The old lady is found dead, and Diana takes an unusual interest in her. After all, it seems that the two of them were kindred spirits. The lady was astrally projecting when her body died, so the projection is trapped and fading. She tries to communicate with Diana, so they can solve the mystery of her death.

    Unlike other 4400s, Tom's son Kyle is stressed out by his ability. The problem is that it actually has a human interface - a woman that only he can see. She makes him go back to the cultist's house to get the book. But at least Kyle has some idea of what is going on. Normally when someone has visions there is no interface, so the Medium gets very confused.

    The boss lady at NTAC warms towards Tom, and tells him that her father is dying. This makes her broadly sympathetic to Shawn the healer when he states he will re-open the 4400 Centre and start healing people again.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 4] The Truth and Nothing But The Truth
    Shown 08/Jul/07

    Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) tracks down her sister ( Natasha Gregson Wagner ). She has a superpower now - she can compel people to tell the truth. However, as using superpowers is outlawed only supervillains have powers. She uses it to blackmail people. Unfortunately, she gets in out of her depth.

    Shawn the nephew has re-started the 4400 Centre, with Jennifer Spence as his receptionist. Senator Kevin Tighe ( Lost ) asks him to run for a local government position. Of course, as a mainstream 4400 politician he must distance himself from Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) and the extremists.

    Tom's son has Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ), and uses her to help decipher the Cultist's book.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 5] Try The Pie
    Shown 15/Jul/07

    Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) knows his son has used the Promicin shot. But the son knows it too. The son takes Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ), and they go on the run. Well, the hike. They walk as far as Jordan Collier's camp.

    The Fed follows police procedure by tracking the GPS in his son's phone. He goes searching in a creepy redneck town, but he forgets procedure and does not call for backup. He even deliberately shuts his partner Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) out of the loop - even though he should be able to trust her more than anyone. After all, her sister ( Natasha Gregson Wagner ) took promicin and her adopted daughter is one of the 4400.

    The Fed's nephew Shawn is running the 4400 centre again. But creepy politician Agent White ( Dark Angel, Smallville ) runs a smear campaign on him in the press. And Maya the psychic girl predicts a Holocaust-type backlash if Agent White gets more political power.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 6] The Marked
    Shown 22/Jul/07

    The Feds investigate the disappearance of a Conspiracy Theorist. Apparently making terrible movies is his 4400 ability. His newest theory was about The Marked - the future elite responsible for sending Isabel to kill Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) and the 4400.

    Collier and his followers move into Seattle. But creepy politician Agent White ( Dark Angel, Smallville ) can still make them out to be a threat to the mundane population.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 7] Till We Have Built Jerusalem
    Shown 29/Jul/07

    The show was created by Star Trek veteran writer Rene Ecchevaria, and this ep was written by his old co-worker (and Andromeda Creator) Robert Hewitt Wolfe.

    Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) leads his metahumans to occupy a polluted rust-belt no-man's-land in Seattle. Was not this how Dark Angel (Season 2) ended? This illegal squat is not left to the landowners to file a court motion for eviction. Instead, the US Federal Government sends super-soldiers to assassinate Collier! Our Special Agent duo tag along, to rescue their respective children. Not that this is a conflict of interest or anything.

    Shawn the nephew sleeps with Kara ( Carly Pope ), the hot daughter of one of the people he cured. But next morning, this alleged abuse of power is in the tabloids. Senator Kevin Tighe ( Lost ) asks his protege to quit the campaign.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 8] No Exit
    Shown 05/Aug/07

    In the previous episode, Maya the creepy little girl prophesised that there would be a war between mundanes and humans, and there would be no winners.

    The main characters are in the Fed HQ when it goes into lock-down, hence the episode title. Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ) and Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) both blame each other. They must team up in order to get out.

    While the main men are doing plot-related stuff, Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) has to get her love life sorted out. Maya corners her and her ex-lover, the nerdy tech-support guy, and asks them straight-up why they never hang around any more. Neither of them has the spine to tell her the truth. SHE was the one who broke them up, by pointing out their relationship had no future and that Diana should steal her own sister's boyfriend instead.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 9] Daddy's Little Girl
    Shown 12/Aug/07

    Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ) and Tess ( Summer Glau ) are not in Collier's safe zone. Presumably they were sent out to recruit more members. Kevin phones the 4400 Centre to get help. He has been trapped in a diner with - Or rather, BY - Tess. She wants to relive the Sweet Sixteen party she never had in the 1950s, but it turns into They Shoot Horses, Don't They?. Yes, her combination of schizophrenia and superpowers is a bad thing.

    Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ) has given up on his wife, and now he needs a new love interest. Luckily his hot lady boss turns up on his doorstep late at night. She comforts him when he worries that he might be one of The Marked.

    Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ) discovers that her father, Richard (the token black guy) is back. He tries to help her by regressing her to childhood. Not just in her memories, but actual physical regression.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 10] One of Us
    Shown 19/Aug/07

    Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch - Taken ), the heroic Government Agent, has vivid nightmares and waking dreams. They involve the Starchild's parents.

    NTAC is visited by Rebecca Parrish ( Penny Johnson Jerrold ), head of the Government's Intelligence setup. She secretly reveals that she knows more about Tom's condition than he does. He is possessed by The Marked - a group of Rebels from the future who want him to kill Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ). Will Diana Skouris ( Jacqueline MacKenzie ) realise before it is too late? The lady boss should be able to work it out, since Tom is sleeping with her.

    The Starchild is still with her father, who reversed her to the age of a toddler. Now he gets visited by the child's mother, who died a couple of years ago. Is she real, a ghost, a projection from the future, or something more sinister?

    Tom's son is manipulated by his own ability, the girl that only he can see. She advises him to keep looking for Isabelle. But is her agenda to help Collier or to serve the Marked?

    Shawn the Nephew plans to develop a test to predict if a person can survive Promicin or not. Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ) has discovered that a person's brain needs to be able to accept the new protein marker. For example, 90% of left-handed people can survive the shot. This means that right-handed people do not have a 50/50 chance or survival, more like a 42/50 chance.

    Collier refuses to stop distributing Promicin, even temporarily. He realises that the test will create a caste system, genetic haves and have-nots, and the result will be an inquisition or a holocaust. His answer is have everyone take the test, thus killing the genetic have-nots in a simple self-induced purge.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 11] Ghost in the Machine
    Shown 26/Aug/07

    Someone is hacking Bank ATMs run by the Ubian Corporation. The target of this Industrial espionage is the CEO, who turns out to be the supposed leader of The Marked.

    Collier's minions kidnap Kevin (Jeffrey Cooms - Star Trek: DS9 ), to stop him from creating a test for Promicin compatibility. Kyle's power wants him to bring about the prophecy, the one in which Collier brings about heaven on Earth. Unfortunately that involves killing half the population. It seems the Marked might not be the bad guys after all.

    Tom has been possessed by The Marked. His mission is to get Isabelle to take her powers back, because she is their best weapon against the 4400. Will Diana realise her partner is up to no good?

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 12] Tiny Machines
    Shown 09/Sep/07

    Shawn gets Tess ( Summer Glau ), and they set out to rescue the kidnapped scientist.

    The Marked send Isabelle the Starchild ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ) after Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell - Rocketeer ). Their plan is to use nannites to transform him into one of them. He can then use his superpower to remove Promicin from everyone on Earth.

    The cops know that their main man Tom is one of the Marked. They plan to cure him. But he knows that they know ...

    Maya prophesies that her mother will shoot Tom. This leads on to a great cliff-hanger ending. Well, it would in a non-SciFi show where getting shot was actually potentially fatal.

    The 4400 The 4400 [Season 4, Episode 13] The Great Leap Forward
    Shown 16/Sep/07

    The city is stricken with a plague outbreak. It turns out that the promicin has gone airborne. Everyone who survives is promicin-positive, except for Diana who was dosed with Kevin's promicin prototype in the previous Season. She goes to the 4400 Centre to get Kevin's help. It turns out the cure is already available in an over-the-counter form.

    Tom is back as one of the good guys. He is the only one who can save Collier, who is still in the hands of The Marked. They want to take radical steps to stop the Positives from taking over the city. Their only weapon is Isabelle, so they send her after her ex-lover Kyle.

    Can NTAC, the 4400 centre and Promise City work together? Can Tom, Collier and Isabelle work together?

    It is not just a case of NTAC using Collier's Positive militia to enforce the law. The NTAC Agents who survive the plague are themselves Positives, so the idea of using them as a police force to imprison Positives is impractical. The final sequence is a montage of the supporting characters developing their new abilities. Tom Baldwin considers taking the Promicin shot himself.

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