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Season 1

  • Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois
  • Jake Weber ( American Gothic ) as Joe Dubois
  • Miguel Sandoval as D.A. Devalos
  • Sofia Vassilieva as Ariel Dubois
  • Maria Lark as Bridget Dubois
  • April Grace as Balinda Alexander
  • David Cubitt ( Siren ) as Det. Lee Scanlon
  • mad Cockney doctor serial killer's ghost (Mark Sheppard - Supernatural )
  • recurring Defence Lawyer (Conor O'Farrell - Dark Skies )
  • Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
    Shown 3 Jan 05

    Law student Allison Dubois ( Patricia Arquette ) has strange nightmares. Eventually she realises she can talk to ghosts.

    Allison goes to Texas to help Captain Push of the Texas Rangers to prosecute a 17-year-old boy.

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 2] Suspicions and Certainties
    Shown 10 Jan 05

    Allison's vision is of some vanilla sex - one male, one female, one bed, missionary position … But the man looks like the Todd from Scrubs, and hopefully he used protection.

    The victim of this episode is a necrophiliac. He is obviously suffering from severe delusions, and needs medical help. But District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) and Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) want to slaughter him in order to keep the world safe for The Walking Dead . They are obviously not fans of Twiglit - I mean, Twilight - Edward is obviously the victim of rape, since he is dead and thus cannot give consent.

    Allison does not acknowledge the long-term consequences of the facts that some dreams are misleading. She actually dreams that a murderer can skip bail and leave the country AFTER he has been found guilty!

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 3] A Couple of Choices
    Reviewed 20th September 2005 - Tuesday

    In Phoenix, Arizona, a police detective is investigating a series of suicide pacts by married couples.

    District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) calls in help - a law student named Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) who can talk to ghosts.

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 4] Night of the Wolf
    Reviewed 20th September 2005 - Tuesday

    A babelicious murder-witness gives a description to the police sketch artist. However, Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) discovers that she deliberately described the wrong man.

    The villain's name is Wolfe, so the babe disguises herself by wearing a red riding hood!

    Meanwhile, home life with Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) is also busy. Their youngest daughter has a new friend that nobody can see. It seems that seeing ghosts is hereditary!

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 5] In Sickness And In Adultery
    Reviewed 4th October 2005 - Tuesday

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) is worried about her husband. His behaviour becomes erratic. She visits a fellow psychic, to see if he has a bad future.

    The recurring Defence Lawyer (Conor O'Farrell - Dark Skies ) has a brief appearance this week.

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 6] Coming Soon
    Reviewed 27th September 2005 - Tuesday

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) keeps getting visions of a man (Reed Diamond - Dollhouse ) killing a woman. But somehow, the evidence to back up her visions is never there.

    Allison may be pregnant again. Could her hormones be messing up her visions?

    Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ), the eldest daughter, can read her dad's mind when he helps with the homework. This ability to cheat only gets mentioned in one or two other eps in the show's entire run!

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 6] Jump Start
    Shown 14 Feb 05

    A young woman's body is found in a ravine. Was it suicide or murder? Her boyfriend is Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie). His father, recurring Defence Lawyer Conor O'Farrell ( Dark Skies ), is the main suspect.

    In the domestic subplot, Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) drives her husband Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) to work. She discovers that his co-worker Brett Carter (Joey Slotnik) will soon dies of a heart attack. Can Joe convince his friend to adopt a healthier lifestyle?

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 8] Lucky
    Reviewed 26th October 2005- Wednesday

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams that her brother Michael (Ryan Hurst - Walking Dead ), a soldier, is dying. Then he turns up at their front door.

    It is interesting to learn that a psychic must listen to a walkman while in a hospital. The reason being, there is a huge mortality rate every 24 hours in American hospitals, and all ghosts automatically sense when a Psychic is near.

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 9] Coded
    Reviewed 8th November 2005 - Tuesday

    The creepy daughter, the one who sees dead people, has strange nightmares. Are they just dreams inspired by fairytales?

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has to consider the possibility that her daughter has a psychic conection with a murdered child. But maybe the victim is still alive ...

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 10] The Other Side of the Tracks
    Reviewed 8th November 2005 - Tuesday

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) is bombarded with dreams of two young boys running to catch a train. It seems that one of the boys will die. Can she save him?

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 11] I Married A Mind-Reader
    Reviewed 15th November 2005 - Tuesday

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has dreams about an old 1950s US TV show named I Married A Mind-Reader. She dreams she is one of the Production Crew, and participates in the events leading up to a real-life murder.

    Unfortunately (and illogically) at the moment of the actual murder she does not know what her character is doing, as she is remembering what a completely different witness is doing!

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 12] A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium walk into an Execution Chamber ...
    Reviewed 22nd November 2005 - Tuesday

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) attends a lethal injection killing of a Latino drug kingpin. However, she cannot see the man's soul after death. She dreams about other crimes, though - the kidnappings of a man and a young boy.

    The man's ex-girlfriend is murdered. The main suspect calls in lawyer Conor O'Farrell ( Dark Skies ), and says that she was killed by the ghost of the executed man.

    The answer to this riddle is so obvious, the only shock is that it takes Allison so long to work it out!

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 13] Being Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
    Reviewed 29th November 2005 - Tuesday

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) suspects a pilot of killing his wife. But she also thinks he is the only one who can prevent a plane crash!

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 14] In The Rough
    Reviewed 29th November 2005 - Tuesday

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) suspects her detective buddy guy Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) of framing an innocent man for a murder that was actually a suicide!

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 15] Penny For Your Thoughts
    Reviewed 6th December 2005 - Tuesday

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has a dream about a doctor ( Amityville 3-D ) murdering one of his patients. It is disturbing not merely because of the gore - shocking in a relatively blood-free series like this - but the performance of the doctor. The actor manages to steal at least three scenes.

    Allison is as dim-witted as ever. She knows the doc was not guilty by means of insanity, but still wonders why he was put in an asylum rather than a prison. Also, she never even considers the possibility that an eeevil ghost (Mark Sheppard - Supernatural ) might be responsible. Not unlike a time-travelling Jack the Ripper.

    Although not Jack. And not using time-travel.

    Meanwhile, her daughter Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ) gets in trouble with her maths teacher. When she gets a test right, he thinks she is cheating!

    Medium Medium [Season 1, Episode 16] When Push Comes to Shove (1)
    Reviewed 10th January 2006 [Tuesday]

    A Biblical serial-killer is on the loose.

    A Texas Ranger help the investigation. Unfortuately, he has a potentially fatal heart condition!

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 1 ]
    Reviewed th July 2007 [Sunday]


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  • Season 2

  • Bob (Kelsey Gammar - Frasier)

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 1] When Push Comes to Shove (2)
    Reviewed 17th January 2006 [Tuesday]

    The serial-killer is still on the loose.

    The Texas Ranger gives Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) clues to the killer's motive. And she gets repeated flashbacks to a sordid sexual encounter. Repeated so many times, in fact, that one suspects they put it in to pad out the ep's running time.

  • Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 2] The Song Remains The Same
    Reviewed 25th January 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) helps look for a missing co-ed. The local priest may know something about her disappearance, but naturally is forbidden from divulging the secrets of the confessional.

    She also has visions of an impending plane crash. With a hell of a budget! Problem is, her husband wants to take the family to his sister's wedding - on the doomed flight!

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 3] Time Out of Mind
    Reviewed 31st January 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) hallucinates about getting imprisoned in an asylum. Suddenly it is the 1950s, and everyone calls her by a different name.

    This is one of the best eps of the show. Best so far, anyhow.

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 4] Light Sleeper
    Reviewed 7th February 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) becomes a sleepwalker. She becomes obsessed with collecting fifteen million dollars ...

    A millionaire and his young son have gone MIA. The greedy ex-wife ( Alicia Coppola ) accuses the man, in absentia, of kidnapping his own child!

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 5] Sweet Dreams
    Reviewed 14th February 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has a dream about a High School friend of hers - back when Young Allison looked like Jessy Schram . The silly girl-friend wanted to get out of hicksville and have a good life. How dare she!

    The Senator's daughter goes MIA. Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) spends her time criticising the poor man's lifestyle. His wife died eleven years previously, and he was left to raise the girl alone. He is overwrought at losing her, but Allison does not care.

    This is just low-brow moralising to promote home-town family values. It could not be crasser if Allison quit her job and decided that A woman's place is in the home.

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 6] Dead Aim
    Reviewed 21st February 2006 [Tuesday]

    District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) is fitting someone up for murder, even though they know the death was accidental. The problem is, Defence Attorney Conor O'Farrell ( Dark Skies ) is winning the case. Worse, it is election year. If the DA cannot even convict an innocent man, his career is in trouble!

    O'Farrell is using a psychic advisor. Even though the DA ignores his legal obligation to divulge all relevant facts, and the Judge is clearly taking the DA's side (and thus breaking the impartiality rule), O'Farrell gets what he needs.

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) gets psi flashes of a first-person-shooter killing spree in the DA's offices. Can this be linked to the case?

    Her hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) is designing a new microchip for beardy Harry Groener ( Buffy S3 ). It's not for a bomb, he tells his wife, We're an aerospace company!

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 7] Judge, Jury & Executioner
    Reviewed 7th March 2006 [Tuesday]

    The husband is on jury duty. It is a murder case, a man accused of killing his wife. And naturally, Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) cannot interfere.

    District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) does not make his case very well. But the suspect is secretly eeevil. Just like all suspects in this show. Even though 40% of all defendants are innocent - something this show does not acknowledge!

    Ronny Cox ( Robocop, Total Recall ) appears as the victim's father.

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 8] Too Close to Call
    Shown 14 Nov 05
    Reviewed 20th June 2006 [Tuesday]

    It is election time for the DA's office. Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) gets her children to stuff envelopes for Davalos' publicity campaign, but she cannot guarantee her boss will still be DA ...

    The political rival will run a dirty campaign that accuses Davalos of being soft on crime. This is exactly the reason that the DA should be appointed on merit, rather than be subject to the whims of the electoral process. Since the advert will name a specific person as a murder suspect, Allison ropes in Detective Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) to help. They even make a reference to the Tom Cruise pre-crimes movie Minority Report .

    Hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) bumps into Karen ( Perry Reeves ), an old GF he has not seen in fifteen years. Allison gets psychic flashes of the two of them having sex, and she becomes jealous. She also considers that the ex-GF might be an obsessed stalker!

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 9] Still Life
    Reviewed 14th March 2006 [Tuesday]

    The show's producers include Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) and Rene Echeverria ( Star Trek: VGR ). This episode was directed by Trek Actor Robert Duncan McNeill - and he does quite a good job of it!

    A woman is believed to have been murdered. The suspect is an oil-painter - whose dad is millionaire John Shea ( Lois and Clark, Mutant X ).

    The husband's dad calls by - well, his ghost does. Harry Groener ( Buffy S3 ) is setting up his own company, and wants hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) to join. But the ghost gives a warning ...

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 10] The Reckoning
    Shown 28 Nov 05

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams that she is driving a car when it hits a young woman who does not obey the Green Cross Code. Apparently telling people to look both ways before crossing the road counts as victim-blaming these days.

    The ghost giving Allison dreams was a coward while alive, and a bully when dead. We are meant to empathise with the passive-aggressive bitch!

    If the ghosts in this show could tell Allison about crimes BEFORE they happen, the show would be more like Strange Luck . Yes, this would also make it a crappier version of Tru Calling , but who cares?

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 11] Method to his Madness
    Shown 2 Jan 06
    Reviewed 11th July 2006 [Tuesday]

    A psycho is cutting up women. Worse, Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) suspects there is a copycat!

    Hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) is worried about Allison's erratic behaviour, so he sends the daughters away.

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 12] Doctor's Orders
    Shown 9 Jan 06
    Reviewed 11th April 2006 [Tuesday]

    This is a sequel to Medium [Season 1, Episode 15] Penny For Your Thoughts . Yes, the eeevil ghost (Mark Sheppard - Supernatural ) is back.

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams about the ghost and a butcher. Unfortunately, she is in jail. The main story is told in flashback.

    The eldest daughter ( Sofia Vassilieva ) wants to go on a date with a boy who is a couple of years older than her. The parents will not allow it, but a helpful English librarian at school gives her advice.

    Allison suspects that the ghost is targeting her daughter, using the boy's father as his next proxy. It takes Allison's husband to work things out.

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 13] Raising Cain
    Shown 23 Jan 06

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams that a young boy will go on a Columbine-style kill-crazy rampage at school. In reality, a boy is kidnapped, shot and left for dead. It is the same boy!

    Allison thinks there is a moral conundrum - should she let the murderer try again, if it should prevent a massacre? Luckily District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) does not over-think it.

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 14] A Changed Man
    Shown 6 Feb 06

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has a mental episode, so she gets an MRI scan. But another patient's memories involve him murdering a series of prostitutes.

    Can a person be redeemed if they repent? Are they to be judged if their brain damage lobotomised them, removing their capacity for evil (as well as their memories of it)? Who cares?

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 15] Sweet Child O' Mine
    Shown 27 Feb 06
    Reviewed 8th August 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams that as well as the two annoying daughters, she has an annoying fourteen-year-old son ...

    The boy is real - and a suspect in a murder. District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) threatens to prosecute him as an adult!

    Meanwhile, the youngest girl makes an addition to the family. A mangy old stray dog!

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 16] Allison Wonderland
    Shown 6 Mar 06
    Reviewed 4th May 2006 [Thursday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has visions of an old man in a black suit. This is confusing, but comes in at the end. It still does not make sense, but who cares?

    Rebecca Gayheart 's brother has gone MIA. He is a bit of a Beautiful Mind His spirit manifests itself in the image of David Carradine ( Kill Bill ), and claims he was murdered on behalf of his brother-in-law.

    District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval), normally a fascist prick, refuses to trouble the family without much proof. First time yet!

    The youngest daughter claims to have talked to her favourite dead author. Is she transcribing the dead, or just writing her own material?

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 17] Lucky in Love
    Shown 10 Apr 06
    Reviewed 16th May 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has a dream about her brother Michael (Ryan Hurst - Walking Dead ) is a bank robber. Then he drives into town ...

    The robbers kidnapped a lady hostage. The cops discover a headless corpse that could be her. However, Allison's brother goes on a date with a mysterious woman ...

    This is derivative of a couple of other films. Naming them will give the ending away, that is how derivative it is!

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 18] S.O.S.
    Shown 17 Apr 06
    Reviewed 23rd May 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams about young women in peril. Then they wind up dead. No other connection. Did someone somehow hunt them down and murder them?

    Tania Raymonde (Krelboyne Girl from Malcolm in the Middle) is stalked by an intruder. Can Allison save her?

    Unfortunately, it looks like Allison's cover might be blown. She must issue a fake statement from the DA's office, explaining her apparent ability to predict the future. Also, her daughter wants to tell everyone at school how mommy earns her living.

    The murderer looks a bit like the Defence Lawyer Conor Farrell ( Dark Skies ) in previous eps. Maybe he was too busy working to go on a murder spree earlier!

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 19] Knowing Her
    Shown 24 Apr 06
    Reviewed 30th May 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams that the tame cop is a dope fiend.

    Three young women are murdered. It looks like they were drug mules, and the cop is somehow involved.

    The eldest daughter ( Sofia Vassilieva ) wins a competition in school. But thanks to her mind-reading, she understands what the teacher really thinks.

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 20] The Darkness is Light Enough
    Shown 1 May 06

    A blind woman ( Molly Ringwald ) is being stalked by a middle-aged man.

    Meanwhile, Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) is involved in the case of a convict who is up for parole. He claims to be innocent - of course ... and the two cases seem to be linked (typically convenient for the TV show).

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 21] Death Takes a Policy
    Shown 8 May 06
    Reviewed 11th July 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) sees the Angel of Death. His name is Bob, and he looks like Kelsey Gammar (Frasier). He is an Insurance Agent.

    Allison, fascist bitch that she is, wants Bob arrested. Nature is taking its course, so someone must be blamed!

    Medium Medium [Season 2, Episode 22] Twice Upon A Time
    Shown 22 May 06
    Reviewed 18th July 2006 [Tuesday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) helps District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) in a case where Peter Wingfield ( Highlander, SG1, Queen of Swords ) is accused of murder. There is not even a body, but who cares?

    Allison wishes she had never developed psychic powers. Before you can say It's A wonderful Life she is in a parallel universe where she went to Law School and married the guy from JAG. She works for the villainous defence lawyer, Conor O'Farrell ( Dark Skies ) - we know they are villains, because they believe in presumption of innocence and reasonable doubt.

    Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) is her defence witness, a mathematician who will give expert testimony. But he tells her to trust her instincts ...

    Season 3

  • Jason Priestly ( Jeremiah )
  • Allison's friend ( Neve Campbell )
  • Medium Medium [Season 3, Episode 1] Four Dreams (1)
    Shown 15 Nov 06

    Alison's ex-BF pays a visit. He is a ghost, but that does not make it any better.

    A gang is murdering people. Alison's annoying daughter sees visions of it - but the visions are in cartoon style and portray killer monkeys, so she cannot exactly pick suspects out of a line-up.

    Medium Medium [Season 3, Episode 2] Four Dreams (2)
    Shown 15 Nov 06

    Medium Medium [Season 3, Episode 3] Be Kind, Rewind
    Shown 22 Nov 06

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 4] Blood Relations
    Shown 29 Nov 06
    Reviewed 10th June 2007 [Sunday]

    The mad Cockney doctor serial killer's ghost (Mark Sheppard - Supernatural ) is back again. Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) gets dreams of his backstory, in the Wild West.

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 5] Ghost in the Machine
    Shown Dec 06
    Reviewed 17th June 2007 [Sunday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) buys a camcorder from Tim Guinee. It is a gift for her husband Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ), but predictably it is haunted. It shows her ghost movies of a woman ( Kathleen Robertson ) and her lover plotting a murder ...

    A sniper shoots at a car on the highway. Allison does not have any clues about it. And it never occurs to anyone that the two cases might be linked.

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 6] Profiles in Terror
    Shown 13 Dec 06
    Reviewed 24th June 2007 [Sunday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) teams up with an FBI Profiler (Kurtwood Smith - Robocop ). Unfortunately, he might take his job too seriously ...

    They find a suspect in a murder case. Unfortunately, all they have on him is the DNA in some dog hair. They do not admit that shed hairs do not have follicles, which is what you need to extract DNA for testing.

    This episode indicates the moral problem with Allison. She basically picks and chooses which murders she solves and which lives she saves. It is already established that she does not believe in the sanctity of life, since she is a supporter of the death penalty. But now we discover that she is willing to turn a blind eye to a Dexter type, a serial killer who works within the system and sabotages investigations so he can murder suspects who would otherwise get life without parole.

    Meanwhile, Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) thinks that the youngest daughter is autistic. She constantly watches a TV channel that is only static. It turns out that it is a subscription-only cable TV channel, and she is illegally unscrambling it with her psychic powers. Yes, it turns out there is no personal gain clause - although since her mother uses her powers in her day job this should not be a surprise.

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 7] Mother's Little Helper
    Reviewed 1st July 2007 [Sunday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) and her eldest daughter ( Sofia Vassilieva ) go to a dress shop, and stumble upon a murder scene. Wow, that is a hell of a coincidence!

    Mother and daughter start to dream of the murders, each from a different perspective. Allison takes the dead mother's perspective, while her daughter sees what the dead daughter ( Jennifer Lawrence ) saw.

    There is a predictable theme: the suspects are all men. Was the killer:

  • the Mother's boyfriend?
  • the Daughter's boyfriend?
  • the Customer's boyfriend?
  • Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 8] The Whole Truth
    Shown 3 Jan 07
    Reviewed 8th July 2007 [Sunday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) and District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) help cover up a strange death. A Politician may have been victim of autoerotic asphyxiation, although Allison (dozy vanilla bint) refers to it as suicide.

    Allison's visions help her find a twelve-year-old boy who fell down a hole. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that.

    Allison's aim is always to punish someone, to hurt whoever she can. The more suffering she inflicts, the more she lashes out, the better she feels. Small wonder the TV show Dexter (a serial-killer who works for the cops) is also popular!

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 9] Better Off Dead
    Reviewed 15th July 2007 [Sunday]

    Two ghosts meet and strike up a friendship. One was murdered by his wife. The other is a loner who says he was killed by a mugger.

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) investigates the deaths. One was not as straightforward as it seems.

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 10] Very Merry Molly
    Shown 1 Jan 07
    Reviewed 22nd July 2007 [Sunday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) wakes up to discover that she and her family are all dolls!

    District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) and his wife cope with the anniversary of their daughter's suicide.

    It seems that Allison only catches murderers when she is in the mood. Her taste for justice is quite arbitrary!

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 11] Apocalypse, Push
    Reviewed 8th July 2007 [Sunday]

    Texas Ranger Captain Push has dreams. He thinks he is becoming psychic, and goes to Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) for help.

    Normally there is an unfair bias in this show - supernatural vs mortal. However, there is slightly more balance in this ep.

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 12] The One Behind the Wheel
    Shown 14 Feb 07
    Reviewed 5th August 2007 [Sunday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) wakes up and thinks that she is someone else. She is possessed by a really annoying, selfish, arrogant rich bitch. Poor Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) wants his wife back, but she does not even know him! And when she looks in the mirror, she thinks she sees herself.

    It turns out that the dead woman's husband is better off now. Will Allison interfere? After all, she did not get involved a couple of episodes previously.

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 13] Second Opinion
    Shown 21 Feb 07
    Reviewed 12th August 2007 [Sunday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has a vision that in twenty years time, one of the daughters will have Leukemia. She wakes up and demands that the family move house. Her hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) brings her down to reality, pointing out that it is just not practical to save everyone from everything, ever. Allison visits Estate Agent Alan Ruck ( Star Trek: Generations ) to get a new house.

    Detective Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) attends Alcoholics Anonymous. However, his sponsoree - a Junkie Medical Student - has a relapse. What are the chances these events are related?

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 14] We Had A Dream
    Shown 28 Feb 07
    Reviewed 19th August 2007 [Sunday]

    The psychic serial-killer (Eric Stoltz - The Fly II ) that Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) caught by accident offers to show the cops where the body is. Of course, he has a plan ...

    The killer gets away, due to being in the right place at the right time. And of course, he comes after Allison.

    The Detective and his men have a shoot-on-sight policy. No damn technicalities will get in his way. But a sexy new female Deputy Mayor debriefs him - about the nature of Allison's help in his cases!

    This is one of the few eps where the cops actually think for themselves.

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 15] The Boy Next Door
    Shown 7 Mar 07

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) helps interview a suspected murderer. She remembers years ago when he lived next door to her, when she looked like Jessy Schram and he looked like Kyle Gallner (her co-star Beaver from Veronica Mars ).

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 16] Whatever Possessed You
    Shown 28 Mar 07
    Reviewed 2nd September 2007 [Sunday]

    Priest Robert Beltran ( Star Trek: Vgr ) visits a bedbound parishioner, Gina Philips . Then he experiences a moment out of The Exorcist , and ends up at the bottom of the stairs with a broken neck. Naturally, Allison must investigate.

    Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) goes to his boss and asks to be promoted to the secret Mars project. The boss denies such a project exists, but has Jope take a lie detector test anyway. When it comes to the question if his wife and kids can find out about his secret work ... he fails!

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 17] Joe Day Afternoon
    Shown 4 Apr 07

    Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) and a handful of co-workers are held hostage by a gun-toting psycho in their office.

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 18] 1-900-LUCKY
    Shown 11 Apr 07
    Reviewed 15th September 2007 [Sunday]

    A woman discovers her husband has been murdered, so she phones her favourite phone psychic and brings him in to help the cops. Luckily he is Allison's slacker brother (Ryan Hurst - The Walking Dead ), so he is easy for her to control.

    The murdered man's ghost appears to the Brother. He solves the case eaily. Too easily, of course. This is a test of the Brother's moral fibre ... can he destroy the lives of good people, just because of an unfortunate mistake that sent a man - as the Brother puts it - to hotter weather?

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 19] No One to Watch Over Me
    Shown 25 Apr 07
    Reviewed 21st August 2007 [Tuesday]

    Allison's dreams are confusing. Even more so than usual. Elizabeth Moss is reported missing, but the timeline is confusing.

    Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) is suffering PTSD after the events a couple of episodes back.

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 20] Head Games
    Shown 2 May 07
    Reviewed 29th September 2007 [Sunday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has recurring dreams about Jason Priestly ( Jeremiah ) killing his nagging wife. She then barks at her boss until he rejects a plea-bargain. Unfortunately, she forgets that the dead wife never saw the killer's face ... And thus, she never knows the real killer's identity!

    Meanwhile, Allison makes friends with Neve Campbell . Yes, the workaholic neo-nazi mother-of-three actually attempts to get a social life. But of course, this will naturally tie in with the rest of the plot ...

    Continued in the next episode!

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 21] Heads Will Roll
    Shown 9 May 07
    Reviewed 7th October 2007 [Sunday]

    The D.A. is being targeted by the Press (he is not a Detective, it is hardly his fault the cops cannot catch a serial killer!) and will lose his job after five or six women die. Allison's friend Neve Campbell is still in danger, so Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has Detective Square-jaw Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) protect her. Things take a turn for the worse when Allison tries to warn Neve ...

    Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) talks with the ambulance-chasing lawyer (Ayre Gross), who actually makes Joe feel better about himself. Is there a morality issue at stake here? The moral of this show is always Conform! Submit to Authority! - so is Joe meant to consider rebellion, then eventually bend over and let his boss abuse him? Well ... turns out, the employer is not portrayed as flatteringly as you would expect!

    Continued in the next episode!

    Medium Season 3 Medium [Season 3, Episode 22] Everything Comes To A Head
    Shown 16 May 07
    Reviewed 14th October 2007 [Sunday]

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) and her family suffer the consequences of public exposure. She, District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) and the Detective all face losing their jobs. Her husband's credibility is gone as well.

    Allison has a vision which explains the plot. It is incredibly predictable, but while the audience can easily guess what is going on, Allison needs the villains to explain their own plot out loud!

    It turns out that Allison is responsible for a self-fulfilling prophecy. What a bitch!

    Season 4

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 1] And Then
    Shown 7 Jan 08

    After the events of the previous Season, Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) no longer has a job. Likewise, her husband is between jobs. They have a gang of kids to feed. This show could turn into Malcolm In The Middle, but with annoying brattish girls instead of playful young boys.

    Allison dreams about a young boy getting abducted from a grocery store. She tries calling the police, but she is persona non grata with her law enforcement buddies. Luckily she lives in the land of free enterprise. Cynthia ( Angelica Houston ), a Private investigator, hires Allison to solve the case. Yes, she is back doing what she does best. Using her superpower for personal gain!

    The police detective follows Allison's leads. It seems that the boy may have wandered off by himself into a storage area, and accidentally eaten some rat-poison that had been set down for vermin. Will the show accept this harmless, blameless ending or will it demand that there be brutal execution-style gun-play?

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 2] But for the Grace of God
    Shown 14 Jan 08

    Cynthia ( Angelica Houston ) hires Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) to find the missing daughter of a millionaire. However, the only dreams she has are about her eldest daughter Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ) probably being in a car crash in a few years time.

    Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ) has dreams about being Allison's BFF back in the 1980s. The hair and makeup are excessive, of course. Young Allison is an overly made-up Jennifer Lawrence in one of her first roles.

    And what are the chances that the episode's A and B plots will over lap? Does Allison realise that her daughter's dreams will conveniently lead her to the kidnapper?

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 3] To Have and to Hold
    Shown 21 Jan 08

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has a dream about an unhappily married couple who are not enjoying a second honeymoon in Paris.

    Joe is still out of work. He will only take a job as an engineer, because low-skill work like cooking and cleaning is only for poor folk, women and Latinos. Unfortunately there are only a couple of engineering firms in town, and if they do not hire him then the family will have to move to Oregon. One of the companies is the one that fired him for habving PTSD. The other is run by Michael Gross ( Tremors ).

    Joe's new prospective boss invites Joe and Allison to a social function. He wants to introduce Allison to his wife, who is a big fan of superstition. Allison also meets the boss's daughter ... the unhappy wife from her dreams.

    Later, the daughter goes missing. The boss asks Allison for help, and even hires three private investigators. None of them is Cynthia ( Angelica Houston ), so she misses out on a potential payday. Allison does not think of pushing some business her way, despite Cynthia hiring her for the previous two episodes.

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 4] Do You Hear What I Hear
    Shown 18 Feb 08

    Just like in the previous ep, someone kidnaps a female. However, this week the victim is deaf - and Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) starts to develop sympathetic deafness!

    Cynthia ( Angelica Houston ) deals with the victim's father, Stephen Culp (JAG).

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 5] Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
    Shown 25 Feb 08

    Defence Attorney Conor O'Farrell ( Dark Skies ) hires Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) to help defend Bill Sadler ( Roswell ). But her visions indicate the true events on the night of the murder, and she has a crisis of conscience. Can she let a killer get away with it?

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 6] Aftertaste
    Shown 3 Mar 08

    District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) is running for election, but he needs the backing of Gregory Itzin. Yes, the slimy politician from 24 is back again ... and this time, Allison's visions make him out to be a cannibalistic murderer as well!

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 7] Burn Baby Burn (1)
    Shown 10 Mar 08

    The eldest daughter ( Sofia Vassilieva ) is at school when she has a vision of a classmate's mother ( Gretchen Egolf ) setting herself on fire.

    Cynthia ( Angelica Houston ) hires Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) for Missing persons work. She shows her a photo of a missing girl.

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 8] Burn Baby Burn (2)
    Shown 17 Mar 08

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams about the missing girl. She was a prostitute who got picked up by a dentist. He performed surgery on her ...

    This story seems as predictable as anything. Allison, thick bitch that she is, needs lots more dreams to clue her up. Even more unlikely is the idea of a suspect in a Capital Murder case being extradited from an E.U. country!

    Joe's mother is ill. She does not tell Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ), but she wants Allison to tell her if she will make it through the operation.

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 9] Wicked Game (1)
    Shown 24 Mar 08

    Cynthia ( Angelica Houston ) became a P.I. after her own daughter went missing. It turns out that the missing girl was abducted and murdered. Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has visions of the murder. Lily Rabe guest-stars as a fellow abductee.

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 10] Wicked Game (2)
    Shown 31 Mar 08

    This is the conclusion of a two-parter, and takes up where the last ep left off. Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) knows who the killer is, but instead of trusting her police detective buddy she instead feeds more and more info to the distraught and obsessive parent of the dead girl.

    Cynthia ( Angelica Houston ) is a big movie star, and thus was never destined to be a regular in this series.

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 11] Lady Killer
    Shown 7 Apr 08

    Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) is after a serial killer - a Cougar who is seducing and killing younger men. Rosanna Arquette is the main suspect!

    What a shame that DNA evidence apparently does not exist. Just as well that a Medium can see the murders before they happen. However, the killer's identity may not be shown in the dreams ...

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 12] Partners in Crime
    Shown 14 Apr 08

    FBI fascist Agent Cooper (KurtWood Smith - Robocop ) is back in town. This time he is hunting another serial killer. Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has to chose what is right and wrong.

    Hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) finds business support from venture capitalist Meghan Doyle ( Kelly Preston ).

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 13] A Cure for What Ails You
    Shown 21 Apr 08

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) uses her visions to round up people who thought they had committed The Perfect Crime. Never mind that these people had each suffered so much in their lives that they had nothing to lose.

    Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) has to help one of the daughters get glasses. The problem is, she keeps reading the optician's mind!

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 14] Car Trouble
    Shown 28 Apr 08

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) gets a rental car. Unfortunately the GPS seems to be on the fritz, and keeps sending her to the wrong place.

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 15] Being Joey Carmichael
    Shown 5 May 08

    A Drug Kingpin is assassinated by Joey (Miguel Ferrer - Robocop ) - or is it by the ghost of Joey's dead twin?

    Hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) must sort out his business relationship with Meghan Doyle ( Kelly Preston ).

    Medium Season 4 Medium [Season 4, Episode 16] Drowned World
    Shown 12 May 08

    Allison is hired to help a woman who claims her house is haunted by a baby that drowned there.

    Someone ends up dead, and Allison betrays her employers so she can work for free for the cops. In all fairness, the old DA is on his way out and Devalos gets his job back.

    Hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) sorts out his business relationship with Meghan Doyle ( Kelly Preston ). She buys him out, and he gets a job interview with a powerful industrialist.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 1] Soul Survivor
    Shown 2 Feb 09

    Bridget, the chubby and annoyingly whiney middle child, compulsively draws nude pictures of her school-teacher. Daddy has to deal with this sub-plot, while Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) handles the main story of the episode.

    The DA's office is asked to investigate a cold case. A rich man's widow, now on her rebound husband, wants to know who killed her sister. Naturally Allison dreams about the soap opera that preceded the woman's death. Verbal seduction is apparently a bad thing, while adultery is not. Strange concept of morality this show is forcing upon the unwary.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 2] Things to Do in Phoenix When You're Dead
    Shown 9 Feb 09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) the annoying blonde woman dreams of a killing. A strange killing, in fact - the killer commits murder to cover up for the death of the person he murdered. This is witnessed by a ghost, but the ghost will not help the cops. Instead he helps a blackmailer. And although this might come under the Personal Gain clause, Allison does not exactly work for the D.A. for free!

    Meanwhile, eldest daughter Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ) gets Sex Prevention class at school. Instead of being taught how to use contraception and enjoy safe sex, they are given a baby doll which keeps them awake at night.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 3] A Person of Interest
    Shown 16 Feb 09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has visions about a right-wing extremist (Xander Berkeley - Terminator 2 ). Then she has an uncontrollable urge to build an enormous bomb.

    The Husband's first employee, a young engineer, causes Allison to have psychic flashes. She starts to build a bomb ...

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 4] ...About Last Night
    Shown 23 Feb 09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has a blackout, and wakes up missing her car and purse. As she starts to recover her memory, she suspects she may have done something naughty.

    Hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) takes the eldest daughter ( Sofia Vassilieva ) for some driving lessons. She can read his surface thoughts, so it is a difficult experience. The actress is really gifted, though.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 5] A Taste of Her Own Medicine
    Shown 2 Mar 09

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 6] Apocalypse...Now?
    Shown 9 Mar 09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams about a man and woman trapped in a survival bunker after a nuclear war.

    As usual, Allison becomes affected by the dream. This time she becomes a survivalist, stocking up on supplies. She even considers buying a gun, in case the pretty-boy police thug is not around to protect her kids. Hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) claims that she would be more likely to shoot herself than a villain (yeah - by SUICIDE!). That said, her kids cannot even be trusted with chocolate bars, so a gun would be a bad idea.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 7] A Necessary Evil
    Shown 23 Mar 09

    Agent Cooper (Kurtwood Smith - Robocop ) is back. In fact, it seems he never left. He has been keeping track of local serial offenders. Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams about a teenage boy who forces people to commit suicide at gunpoint. This is a lot more morally grey than the usual cases, though Allison sees in black and white.

    The eldest daughter ( Sofia Vassilieva ) conveys info from a plagiarised inventor to her dad. The ghost did not get royalties on his unpatented work, and now wants to deprive his co-worker of a means to earn a living.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 8] Truth Be Told
    Shown 30 Mar 09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams about a TV gameshow involving a lie detector. It turns into a nightmare about a home invasion.

    Next day she is called to the home she dreamt about, which is now the scene of a double homicide. But the facts do not match up with what she dreamt about. Luckily, she can hear a buzzer sound when anyone lies to her.

    District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) is honest with Allison, but despite the endless help she's done him he is extremely rude to her. She solved at least two murders every week for the previous five years, and got him re-elected, but he dismisses her like she is a stranger.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 9] All In the Family
    Shown 06/Apr/09

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 10] Then... and Again
    Shown 13/Apr/09

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 11] The Devil Inside (1)
    Shown 20/Apr/09

    Tony the Ginger ( League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ) plays a lot of villains these days. This time he is a religious maniac who points out, rightfully, that Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) is upsetting the balance of good and evil. She helps the police cheat, so he decides to even the odds. He is a nasty bastard - but it is nice to see a villain on the show who actually has some personality. And one of the victims gets to say something too.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 12] The Devil Inside (2)
    Shown 27/Apr/09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) forgets that her visions only show her what the ghost wants her to see. She never wondered what would happen if a ghost wanted to deliberately deceive her.

    The cops are after a serial killer. Yes, ANOTHER one. Phoenix has more than its fair share, it seems. Allison has to find him before he kills again.

    Hubby Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) decides to buy his own company back from his investor. Since Allison's visions are untrustworthy, he has to rely on the children's instead.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 13] How to Make a Killing in Big Business (1)
    Shown 04/May/09

    Billionaire Mr Lydekker (David Morse - Green Mile ) wants Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) to work for his company.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 14] How to Make a Killing in Big Business (2)
    Shown 04/May/09

    Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ) is harrassed by a serial killer's victim. She receives vague visions about the death of a temp teacher ... but always during class or exams! Luckily, there is ADHD medication that can prevent visions and allow Ariel to do her exams.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 15] How to Make a Killing in Big Business (3)
    Shown 11/May/09

    Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ) has visions of her temp teacher getting murdered. The main suspect is her over-protective BF. Naturally, all victims are women and all murderers are men.

    The show comes to a predictable conclusion. Everyone who disagrees with Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) is dead or in jail. The logic behind their motives is never explained.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 16] The Man in the Mirror
    Shown 11/May/09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) goes into a coma, and wakes up in the body of fellow patient Jeffrey Tambor. Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) is slowly accepting of the situation. However, Ariel is a complete and utter bitch. She lacks the milk of human kindness, to put it bluntly, and does not embrace the spirit of neighbourliness.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 17] The First Bite Is the Deepest
    Shown 18/May/09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams about an old kidnapping case investigated by Cynthia ( Angelica Houston ). She is up for parole soon - I mean, it has been a whole year or so. District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) is willing to help her, because all she did was cold-blooded pre-meditated murder.

    Rumer Willis is a slutty redhead stalking Balthazar Getty ( Alias ).

    Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) is offered a great opportunity on the enginnering project. But he will have to move to San Diego.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 18] The Talented Ms. Boddicker
    Shown 25/May/09

    Ms Boddicker works in a bank, and reports a dream that it will be robbed. When the robbery actually happens, she is teamed with Allison ( Patricia Arquette ).

    Detective Lee Scanlon's GF is heavily pregnant. She wants to name the child after her, because it is gender-neutral. Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) has issues about his own father, who was abusive.

    Medium Medium [Season 5, Episode 19] Bring Me the Head of Oswaldo Castillo
    Shown 01/Jun/09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams that her family will be assassinated by Oswaldo Castillo, the main enforcer for a Mexican Drug Cartel. She makes it her mission to hunt him down.

    Allison has a brain tumour. If she gets the cure, she will not be able to have any more visions.

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 1] Déjà Vu All Over Again
    Shown 25/Sep/09

    Yes, it is back - the episode title so cliched that it seems every US TV show ever made has used it at least once!

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has recovered from the brain surgery, although she acts like Verbal Kint. She does not have visions any more, and she actually has a nice hairstyle for a change!

    A rich man is murdered. Is his gold-digging wife involved? Or is the poor little lady the victim of a rapacious stalker?

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 2] Who's That Girl?
    Shown 02/Oct/09

    The eldest daughter, Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ), is possessed by the spirit of a murdered stripper-cum-whore. She is out for revenge, intending to murder the blackmail victim who killed her. Unfortunately, District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) will not be able to accept a plea of Spiritual Possession. Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) must work out a way to prevent her daughter from being arrested for homicide!

    This gives the teenager an opportunity to show off her acting skills for a change. Nice work!

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 3] Pain Killer
    Shown 09/Oct/09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) suspects that the surgeon who saved her life (Oded Fehr - The Mummy ) is mercy-killing some of the patients. She reports him to the Hospital administrator, Bruce McGill ( Quantum Leap ).

    Meanwhile, Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) is applying for jobs. But the middle daughter has a dream ...

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 4] The Medium is the Message
    Shown 16/Oct/09

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 5] Baby Fever
    Shown 23/Oct/09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) becomes obsessed with having another baby. Scanlon's new wife has recently squirted out their first daughter, so he is suffering the indignities of parenthood too.

    The youngest daughter is a prodigy with the clarinet. A ghost may be involved, of course. But the middle child feels neglected.

    A Latina nanny and the baby she looks after go missing. The birth-mother ( Abby Breslin ) is strangely calm, in Allison's expert opinion. She is probably self-medicating, but Allison and the ghosts know different. Is it Munchausen's Syndrome by-proxy?

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 6] Bite Me
    Shown 30/Oct/09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has dreams based on the classic zombie movie Night of the Living Dead . It is public domain, so anyone can use clips from it.

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 7] New Terrain
    Shown 06/Nov/09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) lends her car to the eldest girl ( Sofia Vassilieva ), and it gets in a school-related accident. Allison rents a new car, with Sat-Nav and other perks. It allows her to magically eavesdrop on other peoples' conversations, so it is not eeevil or anything. It just has no concept of boundaries or privacy. Neither does Allison, but she does not have the excuse of being a metal box on wheels.

    The new car is a brand called Terrain, and this episode is basically an exercise in product placement. When it originally aired, adverts for the car aired in the commercial breaks.

    There is also a crime-of-the-week storyline. Allison helps the police hunt a man who builds explosive vests and robs banks. Her daughter tries to save a school-mate from an RTA that has not happened yet.

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 8] Once in a Lifetime
    Shown 13/Nov/09

    Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ) brings home her first official BF. Mom goes completely paranoid, suspecting him of doing something naughty. And based on her paranoid dream (which everyone KNOWS will be incomplete and potentially misleading) she STILL gets Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) to shake the young lad down.

    Is the young lad the reincarnation of a murder victim?

    We get to see what a total bitch Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) is, using blackmail to coerce and extort a confession out of a suspect.

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 9] The Future's So Bright
    Shown 20/Nov/09

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) becomes very light-sensitive. When she wears her sun-glasses she sees numbers indicating people's life-expectancy. So like in The Frighteners , she can tell if people are going to die soon.

    Joe's dad drops by to give some advice. Joe (Jake Weber - American Gothic ) has to start doing exercises. This brings him to the attention of his new boss (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ).

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 10] You Give Me Fever
    Shown 04/Dec/09

    Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) gets a top-secret briefing about a deadly virus going missing from a Government lab. By incredible coincidence, Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) meets a suicidal man who may be infected!

    There is a predictable twist, as always. Luckily it all gets wrapped up in a got-you-last prologue, because thanks to the mainstream US TV conspiracy no character EVER defies the US Government's laws and gets away with it.

    Allison is a completely amoral bitch as usual. She is willing to harass, coerce, extort and blackmail to further her fascist agenda, but someone who wants to strengthen defences against disease and germ warfare is portrayed as being worse than her!

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 11] An Everlasting Love
    Shown 08/Jan/10

    Joe's slacker boss asks him to proof-read a 900-page Fantasy novel. This is the night before Joe's performance appraisal. Naturally, things do not go well.

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) hunts yet ANOTHER serial killer. Yep, it is more fem-jep. But she is haunted by the ghost of a suspect. He wants to help, but is he misleading her?

    Things we learn about Arizona:

  • misdemeanour possession of a single joint for personal use counts as a Third Strike
  • the sentence for one-off attempted abduction (a blatant case of entrapment) is death, without the usual decade worth of appeals.
  • Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 12] Dear Dad...
    Shown 15/Jan/10

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 13] Psych
    Shown 29/Jan/10

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams about a teenage girl who exhibits symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. Later she and Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) investigate the case of an inmate who escaped from a mental hospital. Things get complicated, with frame-ups, double-crosses ... and a final twist that makes no real sense at all.

    Allison is something of a hypocrite, since most of the victims turn out to be criminally-inclined. And why she is assigned to a missing persons case is never explained.

    At home, the annoying middle child thinks she might like a boy. Although she is not certain.

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 14] Will The Real Fred Rovick Please Stand Up
    Shown 05/Feb/10

    A beautiful young woman ( Ellen Holloman ) married a very old, very rich man. And when his cancer went into remission, she put him out of his misery anyway. Surprised?

    Meanwhile, Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) begins to see everyone now wear the face of Dietrich Bader. Mildly confusing for her, especially when one of them is her husband!

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 15] How To Beat A Bad Guy
    Shown 05/Mar/10

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) gets mugged, so she joins up with self-defence instructor Laura Prepon .

    Detective Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) takes it upon himself to investigate a Sexy Victims Unit case. The suspect is his own next of kin, his brother (Dean Norris - Medium )! Worse, the undercover Vice cop assigned to the case has gone MIA. It turns out that the Detective is more like the villains that he would ever admit.

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 16] Allison Rolen Got Married
    Shown 12/Mar/10

    The whole episode is a flashback to Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) and Joe's wedding weekend. Ms Arquette scrubs up well, and is convincingly twenty years younger. Allison is as annoying as ever, unable to make her mind up or formulate a plan of action.

    This time, Allison's mystical powers come to fruition due to her pregnancy. She has to get used to the visions. And they show Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ), who she is pregnant with, getting murdered! Can she arrange for the killer to get caught for his prior murder?

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 17] There Will Be Blood... Type A

    A homeless girl has Medium powers, like Allison ( Patricia Arquette ). She uses them to steal food from dead peoples' houses!

    Typically, there is yet ANOTHER serial killer on the loose.

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 18] There Will Be Blood...Type B
    Shown 09/Apr/10

    The serial killer goes after the homeless girl.

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) and the homeless girl help the cops close in on the blood-thief. We learn why the girl sees things from the Killer's POV. Dead Zone did this SO much better!

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 19] Sal
    Shown 30/Apr/10

    Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ) the eldest Daughter has her Ivy League College Interview. A friendly ghost (Gregg Germann, last seen as a ghost in Ghost Whisperer ) offers to help. But he has his own agenda, of course. Will Ariel hold up her end of the bargain?

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 20] Time Keeps on Slipping
    Shown 07/May/10

    Ariel ( Sofia Vassilieva ) has blackouts, and sees herself hopping forwards in time. She gets a career, a rich husband and a daughter with no Medium powers. Of course, the actress is talented but she is still playing a whiny teenager.

    The ending is the usual crap. A statutory rapist gets away with it, and a gunman is too dumb to get a lawyer or talk his way out of trouble. And whatever happened to the rule of a Psychic being unable to forsee their own death?

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 21] Dead Meat
    Shown 14/May/10

    Medium Medium [Season 6, Episode 22] It's a Wonderful Death
    Shown 21/May/10

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 1] Bring Your Daughter to Work Day
    Shown 24/Sep/10

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) and chubby middle child have a Freaky Friday Body-swap, and have to live each others' lives for a few days. They cannot explain this to District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval), so they have to bumble through. The acting is great - it turns out that the middle child is MEANT to be annoying, it is not the fault of the actress.

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 2] The Match Game
    Shown 01/Oct/10

    There is serial killer in the park.

    Allison's superpower this week is that she can see symbols on peoples' foreheads, and matching symbols mean that people belong together.

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 3] Means and Ends
    Shown 08/Oct/10

    Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) is being haunted by his brother (Dean Norris - Medium ). The cop was always a Means justify the Ends type, as per framing the killer in Season One. But now Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) sees a lot more of Scanlon's dubious behaviour.

    The eldest daughter ( Sofia Vassilieva ) has visions about Missing White Women. Apparently Frank Whalley (Broken Arrow) is the guilty party this week.

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 4] How to Kill a Good Guy
    Shown 15/Oct/10

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams that Scanlon's elder brother was involved in an unsolved murder. She falls out with Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ), who insists his brother was not a killer. Which is a big turn-around, considering the lengths he went to last Season. But what is the agenda of the ghost sending Allison the visions?

    The murder took place across the county line, outside Allison's jurisdiction. The local sheriff (Tom Wopat - Dukes of Hazzard) is a take on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who degrades convicts by making them work in chain gangs. Allison and Devalos are uncomfortable with this, although they are vicious and unforgiving towards the unfortunates they themselves incarcerate.

    Eldest daughter ( Sofia Vassilieva ) is going off to college. Chubby middle daughter is trying to pretend she does not care. But the chubby one is less annoying than usual, and actually makes sense for a change.

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 5] Talk to the Hand
    Shown 22/Oct/10

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) scalds herself, and needs a skin graft on her hand. Naturally, her hand develops a mind of its own. Strangely, despite having experienced these strange coincidences every weekly episode for the last six Seasons Allison does not realise that this is in order to help her solve a murder.

    Chubby middle child has taken up soccer. She is the goalie, which Americans think is a big deal (unlike the British, who value the over-achieving striker as main player). Her secret weapon is a ghost coach!

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 6] Where Were You When...?
    Shown 29/Oct/10

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 7] Native Tongue
    Shown 05/Nov/10

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 8] Smoke Damage
    Shown 12/Nov/10

    District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) considers running for Mayor, and Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) wants to finish Law School and become an Assistant DA. But their careers depend on getting someone to testify against the local Drug Lord.

    Allison must hunt down a contract killer who is an expert arsonist. Her prime suspect is Fire Captain Davenport (Jason Beghe - ). The most unrealistic thing about the episode? Well, the assumption that hair cuttings (without follicles attached!) contain testable DNA.

    Davalos has a friend who is a City Councilman, and intends to run against him for the Mayorship. This could get unpleasant, since as friends they know each others' secrets However, Lily Davalos ( Roxanne Hart ) insists her husband take the risk.

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 9] The People in Your Neighborhood
    Shown 19/Nov/10

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) has a nightmare that a convicted sex offender named Clark Kerwin (Brian F. O'Byrne - The Bone Collector ) has moved into her upper-crust whitebread suburb. Her husband is a complete NIMBY, and their neighbour Susan Collins ( Laura San Giacomo ) has decided to set up a home-owners association.

    The real issue is that the peace of suburbia is disturbed by the residents receiving TMI about their new neighbour. How is the man meant to become rehabilitated into society if he has to put up flyers in the neighbourhood about his criminal record?

    Joe gets a promotion offer from his boss (Mitch Pileggi - The X-Files (1993) ). Unfortunately it is dependent on him going back to college, which would mean that both he and his wife would have to pay to attend college at the same time. Luckily Joe can ask his partner (Sterling K Brown - Supernatural ) for advice.

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 10] Blood on the Tracks
    Shown 03/Dec/10

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) and Scanlon (David Cubitt - Siren ) investigate the death of a man who was hit by a train. Did her fall, or was he pushed?

    The main suspect is a creepy homeless man (Raul Esparza - Hannibal ). Alison points out that rich successful people will ignore the homeless, so it is a good disguise for someone who wants to go unrecognised. This episode also points out the danger of corporate cost-cutting which allows asbestosis to poison the workers, and the corruption which allows big business to tie up class-action lawsuits in court for years.

    Joe visits his mother in hospital, and discovers that she has inoperable brain cancer. She is completely in denial about it, because Alison gave her the all-clear in a previous episode. Unfortunately Alison exaggerated her prognosis, and this puts her in a tight spot. Is it wrong to give a potentially dying person false hope?

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 11] Only Half Lucky
    Shown 07/Jan/11

    It is election year, and Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) dreams that District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval) will lose. His opponent will run a campaign based on the implication that Davalos is Soft on crime. Allison has to prevent high-profile crimes before they can be used to smear her boss. There are several references to Minority Report , of course - a film which worked much better than this show does.

    Allison's brother, Michael 'Lucky' Benoit (who now looks like David Arquette, the star's brother) has teamed up with life-coach Carson Churchill (John Glover - Smallville, Heroes ).

    Ariel Dubois ( Sofia Vassilieva ) is off at college, so she is not present in the episode.

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 12] Labor Pains
    Shown 14/Jan/11

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) goes for a Law School interview. She meets a stalker who wants her to find his missing wife. His methods are extreme, but neither he nor the cops realise that a mobile phone can be traced using GPS.

    Allison thinks that for 24 hours abduction her captor deserves a thousand days in prison - thus making her time a thousand times more important than his. She obviously has not heard of less-than-maximum sentencing or prosecutorial sentencing recommendations, or plea-bargains. Presumably neither has District Attorney Davalos (Miguel Sandoval), which still makes her good material for Law School.

    Medium Medium [Season 7, Episode 13] Me Without You
    Shown 21/Jan/11

    Allison ( Patricia Arquette ) gets a phone call from Joe, who is on a plane back from Hawaii. Unfortunately the plane makes an unexpected stop.

    Seven years later, Allison is Assistant District Attorney prosecuting Amenobar - the suspected head of a cross-border drugs cartel. Her new boss, Dennis (Roger Bart - Hostel 2 ), seems like a nice guy. He even gives her a day off, to commemorate the anniversary of Joe's disappearance. Everyone else in power is a familiar face - Davalos is the Mayor, and Scanlon is Chief of Detectives. Yes, a typical clique.

    Why has Joe's ghost not appeared to Allison in the intervening seven years? It seems he may have survived the crash, and been washed ashore on a Mexican beach. Rather than speak Spanish, which would mean the American audience had to read subtitles, the Mexicans find a pretext to speak in English.

    Allison will do anything to get Joe back. This includes accepting a plea-bargain deal that will see Amenobar serve his sentence in a dodgy Mexican prison. Despite this being a great saving to the US taxpayer, Davalos sees this as being a bad thing.

    Since this is the finale of the show, the end credits have some behind-the-scenes footage of the stars. The episode even has a scene with Ariel Dubois ( Sofia Vassilieva ), even though she was written out as being off at college.