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Veronica Mars

Season 1

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 8th January 2006 [Sunday]

This is a very impressive intro into a hot new series. It fills the void left by Buffy - a smart, tough teenage girl in modern-day California. She is not a Slayer, but a part-time Private Eye (she helps her dad out). Kristen Bell (most notable for a memorable 2-ep role in Deadwood) decried the lack of strong female roles when she took the job - hmm ... Alias, Buffy, Charmed, Dark Angel ... Xena ?

Veronica is a schoolgirl - the actress is 25, acting 10 years younger, but that is standard in the US TV industry. And anyway, she is so short she looks the part.

She is too mature, though. I mean, Veronica spends the ep getting petty revenge on people who dissed her (latino biker kids, the rich asshole of a school bully and the scumbag redneck sheriff) ... but she is too mature, too smart and well-adjusted for a teenage girl.

The plot is great, though. Not only do we meet the main characters, but we get a glimpse of a plot arc. Daddy (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) lost his job as sheriff for apparently bungling a murder investigation. The victim was Lilly Kane ( Amanda Seyfried ), Veronica's best friend. However, it might be safe to assume that the aforementioned redneck lawman framed an innocent man, who is currently on Death Row ...

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 2] Credit Where Credit's Due
Shown 15th January 2006 [Sunday]

Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) the school bully faces off with Weevil the biker thug. Sheriff Lamb is only interested in confiscating their beer so he can hold a party with it. However, the Latina house-keeper grandma is busted for credit card fraud, and it looks like the biker grandson is responsible.

Veronica is hired to clear granny's name, even if it means her biker acquaintance gets jailed. She has other issues to deal with - the new boy Troy (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) takes an interest in her, but his best buddy Duncan (her ex) wants her too.

Paris Hilton guest-stars as a spoilt rich-bitch. Not exactly acting, is it? Though she's more realistic here than in The Simple Life.

Veronica discovers an interesting fact about her best pal Lilly's murder. Sheriff Lamb may know what she is up to ...

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 3] Meet John Smith
Shown 22nd January 2006 [Sunday]

Veronica is hired by one of the nerds at her school to find his missing father, the John Smith of the title. This resonates with her own runaway mother.

The ex-BF, Duncan, is under pressure from his pushy dad, Jake Kane (Kyle Secor - Philly). He secretly goes off his meds. Not only does he get self-destructively jealous when he sees Veronica hotting up with his buddy Troy (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ), he also halucinates about his dead sister Lilly.

Veronica's dad (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) seems to be hotting up for the school guidance counsellor lady. She looks a bit young for him, but who cares?

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 4] The Wrath of Con
Shown 29th January 2006 [Sunday]

The token black guy's girlfriend was conned out of 3,000 dollars. Veronica goes undercover, in some sexy disguises, to out-con the con-men. And unlike Syd in Alias , she kinda pulls it off!

Since her new BF, Troy (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ), has asked her to the Homecoming Dance, Veronica has flashbacks to last year's one. She video'd herself, Lilly ( Amanda Seyfried ), Duncan and Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) on their night out together. Which comes in useful, since Logan is compiling a memorial video for Lilly.

Not only do we get more of Lilly, but we begin to see Logan's human side. Also, we get a hint about Weevil's role in their past.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 5] You Think You Know Somebody
Shown February 2006 [Sunday]

Veronica's BF Troy (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ), her arch-enemy Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and a third guy take a trip to Mexico. On their way back, the car gets stolen. They hire Veronica to steal it back.

Turns out the BF has something to hide.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 6] Return of the Kane
Shown 24th February 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica's fellow outsider-girl runs for Student President. Her ex-BF Duncan runs too, put up to it by his selfish buddy Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ). Veronica suspects there has been vote-tampering.

Logan has problems of his own. His new sport, bum-fighting, has led to public embarassment for his family. His dad, an apparent nice-guy Hollywood actor, is Aaron Echols (Harry Hamlin - Clash of the Titans ). And it is a mark of the show's greatness that Hamlin, excellent as always, does not manage to entirely steal the show.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 7] The Girl Next Door
Shown 4th March 2006 [Saturday]

The ep starts with an ambulance crew stretchering an injured person from the apartment upstairs from Veronica and her dad (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ). She blames herself. The rest of the ep is shown in flashback.

Veronica is worried about Sarah Williams ( Jessica Chastain ), the girl living upstairs from her. The girl is pregnant, fights with her boyfriend, and is alarmed when she hears her parents are coming to visit. Then she disappears ...

Veronica gets some business for her dad. She even does most of the work for him. But she misses the most blatantly obvious clues!

Veronica also discovers that her MIA mother was the GF of Jake Kane (Kyle Secor - Philly), the father of Veronica's ex-BF Duncan.

Meanwhile, rival thugs Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and Weevil get put in detention together. They start to bond. Logan is not such a bad guy. And they have someone in common, though Weevil makes sure not to say that.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 8] Like a Virgin
Shown 11th March 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica is on the receiving end of the school's female bully. Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) is nowhere to be seen, but she is an 09er like him.

Someone posts a Purity Test on-line, and everyone at school does it. Then someone leaks the supposedly confidential results. Veronica gets hired to find out who did the dirty deed.

Veronica's dad (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) helps her buddy's single mom evict an irritating lawyer.

Veronica manages to visit the death-row convict, Abel Koontz. He is a cross between Philip Seymour Hoffman and Hannibal , and he manages to impart some scary info to her!

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 9] Drinking the Kool-Aid
Shown 18th March 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica is hired to go undercover at a hippy cult that a classmate has joined. The regular school chums - Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ), Weevil and so on - are strangely absent.

The hippies seem like OK people. The kid's actual relatives, OTOH, are money-grubbing types.

The subtext, naturally, concerns Veronica's own parentage. Will she open the DNA test results, to face the possibility that Jake Kane (Kyle Secor - Philly) might be her real dad?

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 10] An Echolls Family Christmas
Shown 25th March 2006 [Saturday]

Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) is hired by Logan Echolls' mother ( Lisa Rinna ). Someone is stalking Echolls Senior, Aaron Echols (Harry Hamlin - Clash of the Titans ).

Veronica volunteers her services to discover who stole the cash from a 5k-USD poker match. Weevil won, but took Veronica's ex-BF Duncan's Laptop as compensation. And since the laptop has intimate info about her on it, she works for free to get it back!

The cases come together at the Echolls Annual Xmas Do. Veronica makes the guys play another hi-stakes Poker game ...

Veronica corners Jake Kane (Kyle Secor - Philly) with her info on him, but it is more complex than she thought.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 11] Silence of the Lamb
Shown 1st April 2006 [Saturday]

There is a serial killer on the loose. The Mayor is so worried, he hires Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) to help the Sheriff's Department.

Veronica starts a business checking up on the parents of teenagers. But when she dishes the dirt on a schoolmate's fossils, she discovers that the schoolmate was swopped at birth!

As the schoolmate wrestles with the fact that she should have a different family, this is mirrored by Veronica's suspicions that she is not a blood relative of the man she has always regarded as her father.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 12] Clash of the Tritons
Shown 8th April 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica is framed for selling fake IDs at school- a grade 2 felony. She investigates a secret society called The Tritons. her ex-BF Duncan is a pledge member!

Veronica spies on the School Guidance counsellor, bugging the office. She listens in on confidential confessions from Weevil, Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and Duncan. Nice exposition of their arcs, delivering to her what we the viewers have picked up over the last 12 eps. This leaves more unanswered questions - what are Duncan's pills for?

Logan's life is screwed up as ever, thanks to the events of An Echolls Family Christmas . His dad is being bad-mouthed in the tabloids. Harry Hamlin guest-stars, ironic since the title is a pun on his most famous film, Clash of the Titans .

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 13] Lord of the Bling
Shown 15th April 2006 [Saturday]

Hip-Hop music producer Anthony Andrews ( Kangaroo Jack ) discovers that his daughter Yolanda is missing, so he hires Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) to get her back.

Veronica remembers the good old days. She and Lilly Kane ( Amanda Seyfried ) used to hang out with Yolanda. Until Veronica saw Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) kiss Yolanda at a party ...

Logan is under a lot of stress. His mother's car was found abandoned at the end of the last ep, just as Yolanda's was in this ep. And everyone writes Mrs Echolls off as dead. They even have a funeral for her, without a body.

Logan tends to be whiny and self-pitying. If we did not know what a scumbag his dad Aaron Echols (Harry Hamlin - Clash of the Titans ) is, we might easily side against him.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 14] Mars vs. Mars
Shown 22nd April 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica's favourite teacher is accused to screwing the school's scheming bitch. Veronica takes the case on its merits - she likes one, hates the other.

Unfortunately, Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) is hired to investigate the Teacher. Now, Veronica must outsmart daddy.

As always, the case is not automatically open and shut. Veronica loves to get petty revenge on people she takes a dislike to, even if her victim has a young child to support.

Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) asks Veronica to help him find his mother ( Lisa Rinna ). Weevil helps out.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 15] Ruskie Business
Shown 29th April 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica helps a Russian Mail-Order Bride find her missing fiance. Missing persons and soul-mates is the theme of the ep.

Veronica helps a skool-pal, Meg Manning ( Alonal Tal ), find out who her mystery Valentine is. And the deputy is still interested in her, jailbait though she is.

Someone's using Mrs Echoll's credit cards. Alyson Hannigan guest-stars as Logan's bitchy step-sister.

Veronica discovers her mother. This might not be a good thing ...

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 16] Betty and Veronica
Shown 6th May 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica recovers from meeting her mom. The encounter is shown in flashback, so we get arc exposition peacemeal. The paternity test bit is resurrected ...

Deputy luurve interest smuggles Veronica out the interrogation tapes from the Lilly Kane murder case.

Someone kidnapped Polly the Neptune school mascot. Veronica goes undercover at the rival school as Betty. Someone's fixing the gambling odds - is Weevil the villain?

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 17] Kanes and Abel's
Shown 13th May 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica is hired to help an academic over-achiever whose study sessions are being sabotaged. At stake is a Kane scholarship to the college of their choice.

Veronica discovers Abel's daughter, and hides her away from Kane's security goon. Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) is oddly supportive of Veronica.

Turns out that there is another PI in town - Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino - Reaper ). He is a low-down fellow, who has no truck with ethics.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 18] Weapons of Class Destruction
Shown 20th May 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica investigates a bomb threat at the school. It is potentially quite dangerous, but luckily she has Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) to protect her. He is becoming quite close to her ...

Wallace's widowed mom is cosying up to Veronica's seperated dad (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ), which leads to friction between them. Worse, Duncan is less than happy to discover that Veronica regards his family as suspects in the death of his sister Lilly!

The BATF get involved in the bomb threat. Veronica has to make a tough decision.

Joey Lauren Adams guest-stars. .

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 19] Hot Dogs
Shown 27th May 2006 [Saturday]

Veronica helps a girl find her lost dog. Someone is dognapping them, and claiming large lost and found rewards.

Weevil gets caught breaking into Lilly's bedroom. And Veronica remembers that Lilly had a secret message-pen. Weevil wants Veronica to get him out, but her dad (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) disapproves of the friendship.

Logan's half-sister ( Alyson Hannigan ) claims that her BF wants help with making his movie. She manipulates Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and his dad, Aaron Echols (Harry Hamlin - Clash of the Titans ), with unexpected consequences. Turns out the old man loves his widdle pwincess, no matter how bad he treats his own son!

Logan now has cash of his own, since his mother's will was read. And Veronica tells the Deputy that she cannot date him.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 20] M.A.D.
Shown 26 Apr 05

A Latino babe decides to dump her 09er BF. He blackmails her with a digital video of her mastubating - but he is a twit and she is frigid, so Veronica helps the girl using her own brand of petty revenge.

This parallels Veronica's own relationship with Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ). Things look like they are going on okay, but there is a sense of uneasiness ...

Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) tracks down Duncan Kane.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 21] A Trip to the Dentist
Shown 3 May 05

Veronica ties up the Season's loose ends as she tracks down whoever she lost her cherry to. This involves interrogating 09ers - including Logan's chums, who we discover are named Dick (Ryan Hansen - Friday The 13th (2009) ) and Beaver (Kyle Gallner - Beautiful Creatures ). There is lots of petty revenge, which is what she excells in.

Veronica's relationship with Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) comes under a lot of strain, as he is a major suspect.

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 22] Leave It to Beaver
Shown 10 May 05

Lots of loose ends are tied up, as we discover the results of Veronica's paternity test. Veronica has to sort out her father's love life, and her own. Her mother is back in town ...

Veronica closes in on Lilly's killer. Logan's pal Beaver (Kyle Gallner - Beautiful Creatures ) ruins his alibi, making him a suspect. Duncan, Lilly's brother is the other main suspect ...

As in Murder One, there is actually a secret videotape showing the murderer. But Veronica has to get the tape away from the kller ...

There is some real physical jeopardy in this ep, unusual for this show - which gives the ep a real climactic feel. This is not Veronica's usual petty revenge stuff, it is life-or-death!





Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars

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    Season 2

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 1] Normal is the Watchword
    Shown 28 Sep 05
    Reviewed 8th June 2006 [Thursday]

    Three months after the end of S1, Veronica is getting on with her life. She has a new job, at a restuarant, and a rich BF. But the town is now split along a vicious divide, ever since Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) escaped prosecution for allegedly killing a PCH biker!

    Dick and Beaver (Kyle Gallner - Beautiful Creatures ) are now in the credits. Logan is having a secret affair with their stepmom Kendal ( Charisma Carpenter ), who looks great in a bikini!

    Mayoral candidate Woody (Steve Gutenberg - Short Circuit ) arranges for the schoolkids to have an outing. The 09ers ride in a limo, while the poor kids ride in a school-bus. Lilly's ghost ( Amanda Seyfried ) wants Veronica to reconcile with Weevil. This also leads Veronica to have a near-miss ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 2] Driver Ed
    Shown 5 Oct 05
    Reviewed 15th June 2006 [Thursday]

    Veronica is pretty tramatised about her near-miss. She tries to get over it by solving the mystery of why the bus crash happened. Kevin Smith guest-stars as a Clerk!

    Logan's affair is on the verge of being discovered.

    Wallace helps a girl named Jackie ( Tessa Thompson ) discover who dented her dad's car. She is gorgeous, her dad is rich, and she is in the credits so she must be his love interest!

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 3] Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang
    Shown 12 Oct 05
    Reviewed 22nd June 2006 [Thursday]

    Beaver (Kyle Gallner - Beautiful Creatures ) hires Veronica to investigate his stepmom, Kendal ( Charisma Carpenter ). It turns out that she is not just a pretty face.

    Veronica discovers the reason behind the bus crash.

    Wallace's new girlfriend Jackie ( Tessa Thompson ) has her own agenda. And his mother, on vacation with Veronica's dad (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ), has a mysterious admirer ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 4] Green-Eyed Monster
    Shown 19 Oct 05
    Reviewed 29th June 2006 [Thursday]

    Veronica fills in for her dad (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ), and takes a case without his knowledge. The client is an ultra-jealous rich-girl who wants her fiance checked out. Veronica plays out the honeypot routine ...

    Wallace's mom has a stalker. Mr Mars involves Sheriff Lamb, who mistakenly starts to fight dirty in the election campaign.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 5] Blast From the Past
    Shown 26 Oct 05
    Reviewed 6th July 2006 [Thursday]

    Veronica uncovers clues as to how the bus crash was arranged. But Sheriff Lamb does not want to investigate, instead preferring to blame Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ).

    Veronica helps Wallace's GF. Given the complex relationships involved, this could be very good or very bad.

    Wallace's relationship with his dad starts.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 6] Rat Saw God
    Shown 9 Nov 05
    Reviewed 13th July 2006 [Thursday]

    Abel Koontz asks Veronica to find his daughter.

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) is arrested for killing the biker. This time someone claim to be a witness. And Weevil's gang is out to get him. But at least he gets to confront his dad.

    Joss Whedon ( Buffy, Angel, Firefly ) is manager of a car-rental place.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 7] Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
    Shown 16 Nov 05
    Reviewed 20th July 2006 [Thursday]

    Veronica and Duncan settle down, as do Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and Kendal ( Charisma Carpenter ). And everything looks nice for Ms Carpenter. Apparently she is only 25! But she is cut off from her fugitive husband's fortune, so she has to earn a living somehow ...

    Logan hires Veronica to check out the witness who accused him of murder. But something fishy is going-on, and it may be drug-related.

    Duncan and Veronica investigate comatose Meg's allegations of child abuse. Veronica starts as a babysitter for neurotic teachers and Mayor Woody (Steve Gutenberg - Short Circuit ). But the revelation about Sheriff Lamb is shocking indeed.

    Wallace is still not answering his e-mails.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 8] Ahoy, Mateys!
    Shown 23 Nov 05
    Reviewed 27th July 2006 [Thursday]

    A couple whose son died in the bus crash are being harrassed. They think the school authorities are behind it, and hire Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) to prove it.

    Mac ( Tina Majorino ) the Computer-chick introduces Veronica to the local Pirate Radio station, Ahoy, Mateys!.

    Veronica and Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) track the murder frame-up back to Fitzpatrick (Rodney Rowland - Space: Above and beyond ), a coke-dealing Irish-American.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 9] My Mother, the Fiend
    Shown 30 Nov 05
    Reviewed 3rd August 2006 [Thursday]

    The School VP puts Veronica in detention, so she checks her mother's school file. Turns out that even before mom hit the bottle she was in trouble with the authorities. Veronica digs deeper, to find out why.

    The two bitchy Slayerettes, Charisma Carpenter and Allyson Hannigan , go head to head.

    Mac ( Tina Majorino ) the Computer-chick has a crush on Beaver (Kyle Gallner - Beautiful Creatures ), who starts his own company and uses his step-mom as CEO.

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and Weevil have a long-awaited confrontation.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 10] One Angry Veronica
    Shown 7 Dec 05
    Reviewed 10th August 2006 [Thursday]

    Veronica's on Jury Duty, along with The Todd from Scrubs. Like in the movie 12 Angry Men, the lawyers did a bad job so the Jury must solve the crime themselves. A couple of 09ers are accused of beating up a Mexican woman, and while they appear innocent there are some unexplained facts.

    The Echolls sex tapes are missing from the Police lock-up. Mayor Woody (Steve Gutenberg - Short Circuit ) hires Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) to find out who stole them.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 11] Donut Run
    Shown 25 Jan 06
    Reviewed 17th August 2006 [Thursday]

    Duncan disappears with Meg's baby. FBI Agent Morris ( Lucy Lawless ) is called in to track him down. She and Sheriff Lamb try to pressure Veronica into betraying him.

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and Weevil close in on the rogue PCHer.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 12] Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle
    Shown 1 Feb 06
    Reviewed 10th April 2007 [Tuesday]

    Wallace tries to come clean about what happened between him and buddy Rashard, but Rashard's uncle (and Manager) does everything possible to stop this. And Jackie ( Tessa Thompson ) is back in Wallace's life.

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and Weevil figure out the link between the PCHers and the Fitzies. But they need Veronica's help to prove it!

    Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) investigates the crash. He digs up some evidence, and a new suspect is revealed.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 13] Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough
    Shown 8 Feb 06
    Reviewed 11th April 2007 [Wednesday]

    The school holds a carnival to raise funds for a class trip to Magic Mountain. But someone steals the cash-box while it is in Veronica's care. Her arch-enemies this week are a bitchy teacher and a swotty classmate - who were remarkably absent from previous eps!

    Jackie ( Tessa Thompson ) is a suspect - worse, she is blacklisted because her dad is now a murder suspect. And while Veronica is investigating, the two dads get drunk together.

    Beaver (Kyle Gallner - Beautiful Creatures ) is hanging out with the Willow type, Mac ( Tina Majorino ). And Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) spends the whole ep flirting with a blonde girl, Hannah ( Jessy Schram ) ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 14] Versatile Toppings
    Shown 15 Mar 06
    Reviewed 11th March 2007 [Sunday]

    Someone is mugging pizza delivery boys and blackmailing the secret gang of closet-gay high-school pupils. Veronica is hired to find the perp!

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) gets a new GF - a generic pretty blonde, Hannah ( Jessy Schram ). Her dad is a familiar face ...

    The sports player, Jackie's father, is now the main suspect in the bus explosion. Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) is hired to prove his alibi, which involves a seedy casino ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 15] The Quick and the Wed
    Shown 22 Mar 06
    Reviewed October 2006 [Saturday]

    Kendal ( Charisma Carpenter ) is plotting.

    Wallace's new GF's sister has gone MIA before her wedding. They hire Veronica to locate her.

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) is enacting an eevil plan, to stop the frame-up against him. Unfortunately, he may have outsmarted himself.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 16] The Rapes of Graff
    Shown 29 Mar 06
    Reviewed 14th April 2007 [Saturday]

    Veronica visits the local College, where she will be attending next year. She meets her old BF, Troy (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) - who later gets accused of Date Rape. She has to prove his innocence, and takes the opportunity to disempower every heterosexual male she meets. Michael Cera (The star of Scott Pilgrim ) guest-stars.

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) rethinks his decision regarding his love life with Hannah ( Jessy Schram ). Unfortunately, other people have opinions on the subject too.

    Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) helps the lawyer track down a hooker who stole the Logan Echols murder case files. They also discover Sheriff Lamb's secret.

    It turns out that the Fitzpatricks may have had the opportunity to steal some C4, such as was used in the bus bomb and the frame-up.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 17] Plan B
    Shown 5 Apr 06

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) wins an essay competition (he plagiarises Easy Rider) and gets to be temporary honorary Deputy Mayor. He gets to spend quality time with Mayor Woody (Steve Gutenberg - Short Circuit ), who has a few skeletons in his closet. A stalker has sent Woody a DVD, and Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) is hired to find out who did it.

    Weevil gets Veronica to help prove who really killed his cousin.

    Beaver (Kyle Gallner - Beautiful Creatures ) prefers interior decorating to sexual contact with his GF, Mac ( Tina Majorino ). Disturbingly, this is actually foreshadowing!

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 18] I Am God
    Shown 11 Apr 06
    Reviewed 16th April 2007 [Monday]

    Veronica is having nightmares about the bus crash. This leads to references to Ghost Whisperer and Season One co-star, Paris Hilton.

    It turns out that someone, possibly the killer, scrawled I Am God on the back of one of the seats. Veronica investigates a janitor named Lucky.

    Mr Wu, science teacher, assigns Wallace and Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) as lab partners!

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 19] Nevermind the Buttocks
    Shown 18 Apr 06
    Reviewed 17th April 2007 [Tuesday]

    Weevil is now Veronica's main suspect. Can he convince her to help him against the Fitzpatricks?

    Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) investigates Kendal ( Charisma Carpenter ), who is also a major suspect.

    Meanwhile, Veronica is hired to catch a dog-killing driver. This turns out to link into another investigation ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 20] Look Who's Stalking
    Shown 25 Apr 06
    Reviewed 11th November 2006 [Saturday]

    The Mayor's daughter ( Kristen Ritter ) hires Veronica to find out who is stalking her.

    Mayor Woody (Steve Gutenberg - Short Circuit ) has his Incorporation idea up for a vote. Veronica's dad (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) suspects there is a conspiracy afoot.

    The Prom's cancelled, so Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) holds his own. Wallace and Jackie ( Tessa Thompson ) finally get their relationship sorted out. Meanwhile, Veronica and Logan have to sort theirs out ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 21] Happy Go Lucky
    Shown 2 May 06
    Reviewed 19th April 2007 [Thursday]

    Exam time, and Weevil hires Beaver (Kyle Gallner - Beautiful Creatures ) and Mac ( Tina Majorino ) to tutor him in maths.

    Mayor Woody (Steve Gutenberg - Short Circuit ) always seemed like such a nice guy, but now his evil secret is uncovered.

    The verdict is out on the trial of Aaron Echols (Harry Hamlin - Clash of the Titans )!

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 2, Episode 22] Not Pictured
    Shown 9 May 06
    Reviewed 20th April 2007 [Friday]

    Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) goes after Mayor Woody (Steve Gutenberg - Short Circuit ). There is a reward financed by Meg's parents - that is hypocrisy if anything!

    Veronica uncovers a new suspect, and gets a rooftop confrontation with him. It is a bit cliched, but the suspect's acting is so incredible it makes the scene worthwhile.

    If anything, this ep just feels like it is tying up a lot of loose ends. Nothing was foreshadowed for more than a couple of episodes, and everything else seems retrofitted.

    Season 3

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 1] Welcome Wagon
    Shown 3 Oct 06

    To mark that this is a new Season, we get new intro credits. The theme song is slowed, not a good sign!

    Veronica goes to College. Her supervillain arch-enemy was dealt with in Season 2, but she is keen to make new enemies. It is a great college - the other students include:

    Veronica is hired by a friend of a friend named Piz. He was burglarized, and will pay her $500 to catch the crooks and get his stuff back.

    Her dad (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) tries to tie up some of last Season's loose ends. He is tasked with escorting one of the Fitzpatricks to a clandestine meeting with Kendal ( Charisma Carpenter ) to sort out her dodgy deals. Unfortunately, Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino - Reaper ) is still working in town.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 2] My Big Fat Greek Rush Week
    Shown 10 Oct 06
    Reviewed 10th May 2007 [Thursday]

    Veronica's roomie is the new victim of the shaver-raper. Naturally, Veronica goes undercover in a Sorority. This allows her to bump into a few familiar faces, and further the Newspaper Editor's scheme to destroy the Frats and Sororities!

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and Wallace engage in a battle of wits during a Psychology roleplaying session.

    Pa Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) gets chased by the eeevil Fitzies. Nothing too surprising ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 3] Witchita Linebacker
    Shown 17 Oct 06

    Veronica talks Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) into hiring Weevil as his assistant. This works out better than expected.

    Kurt (Armie Hammer - The Man from UNCLE (2015) ), a Football player on scholarship, has lost the team's playbook. He will get kicked out of college unless he can recover it, and he is willing to pay Veronica to recover it.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 4] Charlie Don't Surf
    Shown 24 Oct 06

    One of the girls from Lilith House (the man-hating Feminazis) claims she was shaver-raped after attending a Pi-Sig Party. Veronica is hired to find the Raper ... by the Frat boys! Yes, Dick and Chip Diller realise that she is the best one for the job. She over-charges them horrendously, of course, but she is a bitch.

    Lilith House (including the sexy rape victim) are not interested in catching the real rapist. They just want to smash the Greek system and harass fun-loving Frat-boys.

    Papa Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) is hired by a woman ( Lauren San Giacomo ) to see if her husband is cheating on her.

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) has the Mars family investigate as to where his money is going to. He discovers that he has a half-brother ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 5] President Evil
    Shown 31 Oct 06
    Reviewed 26th July 2007 [Thursday]

    Veronica is still looking for the shaver-raper. His newest victim was photographed standing near an Asian man, so he is her new suspect.

    Weevil is working at the College, as a maintenance man. Like in Good Will Hunting. Then a couple of thugs in Nixon and Carter masks (as in Point Break) and rob the on-campus illicit casino. All they do is scare a few spoilt Frat-boys ... and steal Lilly's necklace from Veronica. She is out for payback, and Weevil is her main suspect.

    Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) and the sleezy lawyer are hired by College Dean Ed Begly Jr to track down his wife's ex-husband (Richard Grieco - Teen Agent ).

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 6] Hi, Infidelity
    Shown 7 Nov 06
    Reviewed 3rd August 2007 [Thursday]

    Veronica is accused of plagiarising her class essay. Her accuser is a nerdy guy, angry at her for always dating rich, powerful guys.

    Veronica helps Parker, the raped room-mate, get on with her life. This leads to a new suspect.

    Veronica discovers that a bunch of men are being deceptive.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 7] Of Vice and Men
    Shown 14 Nov 06
    Reviewed 10th August 2007 [Thursday]

    Veronica has a couple of cases to solve. She must find an alibi for Logan's friend, the suspected Raper. Secondly, she must solve a missing persons case. A college boy did not turn up to meet his GF at the airport ...

    Veronica is still judging all the men in her life. Many offer to help her - Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ), her father (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ), her Prof, Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino - Reaper ) AKA the Human Tripod ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 8] Lord of the Pi's
    Shown 21 Nov 06
    Reviewed 19th June 2008 [Thursday]

    Veronica is still shaken by the events of the previous ep. Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) gets over-protective, which could be the beginning of the end for their relationship.

    Chip, the ep's title character (a Frat boy and former rape suspect) is found - drugged, stripped, shaved and sodomised with an easter egg! Veronica is curious, but does not bother punishing the Feminazi coven responsible.

    Mrs Rose Hearst (played by RL infamous heiress Patty Hearst) goes MIA at a College function. She had the casting vote on whether to remove the Fraternities from the Campus. Veronica has to find her in order to maintain the status quo - all the wealth and power in the hands of the Female elite.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 9] Spit & Eggs
    Shown 28 Nov 06
    Reviewed 24th august 2007 [Thursday]

    The Dean (Ed Begly Jr) reinstates the Greek System, and the Frats are back in business. They decide to have a big party to celebrate. However, the shaver-raper makes an announcement that he will get his next victim at the party. Veronica goes on the hunt, with Wallace and Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) to help.

    We get to find out who the raper is. He is smug and arrogant - as well as making the public (albeit anonymous) announcement, he also monologues his victim. What a moron!

    Meanwhile, Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) discovers the Dean's wife's secret, and tells his client. This may be a setup for the rest of the Season.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 10] Show Me the Monkey
    Shown 23 Jan 07
    Reviewed 30th August 2007 [Thursday]

    Veronica is called in to recover a research monkey, after the campus animal experimentation lab is trashed. She, Mac ( Tina Majorino ) and Parker go undercover as Animal Rights activists. They also do a bit of socialising, to help get over their turbulent love-lives.

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) does some socialising of his own, surfing with Dick.

    Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) investigates the apparent suicide. It is out of character for the victim, and resembles Veronica's plan for the Perfect Murder.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 11] Poughkeepsie, Tramps & Thieves
    Shown 30 Jan 07
    Reviewed 6th September 2007 [Thursday]

    Max, the exam-cheat expert, hires Veronica to trace a girl he fell in love with. Finding the girl is actually quite easy - but she brings unforseen complications to everyone's life!

    Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) digs out his Sheriff's uniform, and investigates the Dean's death. Some Feminazi activists egged his windows ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 12] There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill
    Shown 6 Feb 07

    Bonnie got pregnant, but someone slipped her the Morning After pill and she miscarried. The suspects include her BF (Tim the TA) and her fling (Dick the dumb blonde).

    Veronica discovers that Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) slept with Madison (her High School nemesis) while they were broken up. She breaks up with him again, and this time it seems to be for good. Then she goes stalking Madison.

    Keith and the dog investigate the Dean's death. Tim the TA is also investigating.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 13] Postgame Mortem
    Shown 13 Feb 07
    Reviewed 20th September 2007 [Thursday]

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) is plumbing the depths of depression and self-pity. So naturally, Dick takes his GF to Vegas and leaves Logan to babysit her kid sister, Heather.

    Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) is close to solving the Dean's murder. He is so busy on it that he gives the newest murder case to Veronica. Yes, there is yet ANOTHER murder in that tiny little town.

    The College Team's coach is dead. His son is in the frame. Can Veronica solve the murder? As well as solving the Dean's murder at the same time, that is.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 14] Mars, Bars
    Shown 20 Feb 07
    Reviewed 27th September 2007 [Thursday]

    Veronica is in clink, suspected of helping a murder suspect escape. When she gets out, she has to solve the murder. The problem is, because the suspect fled there is a good chance he is guilty!

    Mr Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) helps Veronica solve the Coach's murder. But he also tries to solve the Dean's murder. Sheriff Lamb closes in on a suspect, with help from Mr Mars.

    Mac ( Tina Majorino ) and her boyfriend take Parker and Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) on a treasure hunt. Both couples get along well ...

    Weevil, trainee janitor, pops up briefly to discover a clue ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 15] Papa's Cabin
    Shown 27 Feb 07
    Reviewed 4th October 2007 [Thursday]

    So, who killed the Dean (Ed Begly Jr)? The Professor (Patrick Fabian - The Last Exorcism ), his girlfriend or the GF's ex-husband (Richard Grieco - Teen Agent )? Well, the layers of frame-ups and red herrings are peeled away.

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) and Parker continue bonding. However, they feel uncomfortable about carrying on without Veronica's approval ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 16] Un-American Graffiti
    Shown 1 May 07
    Reviewed 11th October 2007 [Thursday]

    A College student gets so drunk he can hardly walk, and gets hit by a car while crossing the road! Sheriff Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) is shocked - the student was 19, underage for drinking ... as if a 21-year-old getting hit by a car would be acceptable! He starts a crackdown on the local bars, which leads to a crackdown on police corruption!

    Veronica is hired to find racists who put graffiti on the restaurant of her Arab school-friend. She does some gun-control stuff, and acts all Feminazi. Apparently teenage girls develop relatively worthless skills like Maths faster than boys do. She mocks boys for being potential Firefighters - you know, useful members of society!

    Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ) organises a party for Parker, and invites Veronica. Dick invites a couple of MySpace babes, and the supporting characters start to hook up with each other.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 17] Debasement Tapes
    Shown 8 May 07
    Reviewed 18th October 2007 [Thursday]

    The Deputy who got fired in Season 2 brings Sheriff Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) a tip. They come across a heist scheme of the Fitzpatricks - and Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino - Reaper ) is involved.

    Piz babysits a singer who the college radio station has imported to perform live on stage. Unfortunately the backing tapes have gone missing, so Veronica is hired to find them!

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 18] I Know What You'll Do Next Summer
    Shown 15 May 07
    Reviewed 25th October 2007 [Thursday]

    Veronica does her PI exam, but she is still waiting to hear if she got the FBI Internship. Never mind that she is a known associate of the convicted leader of the PCHers, she was a suspect in an FBI kidnapping case, and that her main referee was last seen under arrest for murder ...

    While she is waiting, she takes on another case. A Ugandan student (Lafayette from True Blood ) at her college has written a book about his experiences as a boy-soldier conscript in the LRA. Veronica's client claims to be the boy's father, and Veronica must validate the claim.

    Parker wants to spend the summer break with Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ). However, Logan has pre-booked a surfing holiday in Brazil with Dick. Things get yet more complicated, and Dick finally reveals some depth to his personality.

    Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino - Reaper ) is making progress as Mars' competition in the election for Sheriff. And the Fitzgeralds are still in business ...

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 19] Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down
    Shown 22 May 07
    Reviewed 1st November 2007 [Thursday]

    Weevil gets accused of selling fake IDs at Hearst College. Worse, since the ID cards are linked to payment accounts it is technically a felony. Sheriff Mars (Enrico Colantoni - Galaxy Quest ) arrests Weevil, and Veronica tries to find the real fraudsters. Turns out there are some rich brats who like to con people. Totally motiveless, really, but it is the kind of 09er bashing this show loves to do. One of the suspects is Diana Agron from Glee.

    Parker's only presence is via phone-calls to Logan (Jason Dohring - Moonlight ). Logan is comforting Dick, who is actually feeling bad about his brother's demise. For example, Dick finally stops acting like himself, and actually apologises to Mac ( Tina Majorino ) for being such a git.

    Veronica Mars Veronica Mars [Season 3, Episode 20] The Bitch is Back
    Shown 22 May 07
    Reviewed 8th November 2007 [Thursday]

    Veronica is back at what she does best - petty revenge! Someone made a vid of her sexing Piz ... and posted it on-line! She tracks the conspiracy down. It is The Castle, the local equivalent of secret uber-Frat Skull and Bones. Hey, did we not see all this in Season One, with Veronica Mars [Season 1, Episode 12] Clash of the Tritons?

    Veronica's investigations lead to a natural conclusion - the return of the handful of characters from Season One who are still alive! This also affects the election of the new sheriff ...

    We get some closure for the supporting characters as well.

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