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  • Bret Harrison ( V (2009) ) as Sam
  • Missy Peregrym as Andi
  • Tyler Labine ( Dead Last ) as Bert Sock Wysocki
  • Rick Gonzalez as Ben
  • Ray Wise ( Twin Peaks ) as the Devil
  • Valarie Rae Millar as Josie

    Season 1

  • Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
    Shown 25 Sep 07
    Reviewed 23rd January 2008 [Wednesday]

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) is a slacker with a shelf-stacking job at a hardware store. But on his 21st Birthday he discovers that his father sold his soul to the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ). Sam is now the Devil's Bounty Hunter, and his mission is to return escaped sould back to hell. Like Ghost Rider or Brimstone , with a bit of Dead Like Me thrown in for good measure.

    Kevin Smith ( Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back ) is the brains behind this.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 2] Charged
    Shown 2 Oct 07
    Reviewed 30th January 2008 [Wednesday]

    A soul has come back from Hell, and is electrocuting people. The vessel to capture him is ... a remote-control dumper-truck!

    Sam's mother suspects something is wrong.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 3] All Mine
    Shown 9 Oct 07
    Reviewed 6th February 2008 [Wednesday]

    The guys have to hunt a Soul who uses insects to murder people. Unfortunately the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ) does not give photos of the Souls. The main suspect is Robert Foxworthy ( B5, DS9, Outer Limits ), and the vessel is a toaster.

    Meanwhile, Andi ( Missy Peregrym ) wants to quit work and go back to College.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 4] Magic
    Shown 16 Oct 07
    Reviewed 13th February 2008 [Wednesday]

    The Soul is an English stage-magician who hates his unappreciative audiences, and kills anyone who volunteers to help on stage.

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) wants the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ) to give him a copy of The Contract. And some help with Andi ( Missy Peregrym ) ...

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 5] What About Blob
    Shown 23 Oct 07
    Reviewed 20th February 2008 [Wednesday]

    The Soul is a man made of slime ... And the vessel is a hideous-looking poncho!

    The Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ) gives Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) the inside scoop about his rival's love-life. And Sam's Dad offers to look through The Contract ... is there something he does not want Sam to see?

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 6] Leon
    Shown 30 Oct 07
    Reviewed 27th February 2008 [Wednesday]

    The guys go after a soul named Leon. He claims to have changed for the better, but they capture him with the vessel (a snow-globe). Unfortunately it is Hallowe'en, and the Demons get the day off. They have to take Leon with them on their next mission.

    The big job of the week is a serial killer named The Butcher. The vessel is a meat thermometer.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 7] Love, Bullets and Blacktop
    Shown 6 Nov 07
    Reviewed 6th March 2008 [Wednesday]

    Mercedes McNab and her hot-rodder BF are back from the dead. They are causing car crashes, and Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) must use an 8-track tape to stop them.

    The guys must befriend a creepy co-worker in order to save the day.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 8] The Cop
    Shown 13 Nov 07
    Reviewed 13th March 2008 [Wednesday]

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) competes with a police detective (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ) to catch a murderous Soul - a serial killer who was executed. We get to see Original Sindy ( Valarie Rae Millar ) at work - in the DA's office! The vessel is a tazer.

    Sock (Tyler Labine - Dead Last ) starts stalking Gladys the demon.

    Andi's BF is a twit who wants to hold a surprise birthday party for her, even though she says she does not want a party.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 9] Ashes to Ashes
    Shown 27 Nov 07
    Reviewed 20th March 2008 [Wednesday]

    This week's Evil Soul's body was cremated after his death. He can only manifest himself by reanimating the ashes of the deceased ...

    Mindy Clarke guest-stars.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 10] Cash Out
    Shown 4 Dec 07
    Reviewed 27th March 2008 [Wednesday]

    The guys go after two undead bank robbers who can walk through walls, with a zippo lighter as a vessel. The souls are after the money they stole - but it corrupted them, and will corrupt Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) or anyone else who keeps it. Donating it to a charitable cause would be a bad idea, then.

    Sam dates Candy, who may be daughter of the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks )!

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 11] Hungry for Fame
    Shown 13 Mar 08
    Reviewed 3rd April 2008 [Wednesday]

    The Soul the boys are after is a flesh-hungry monster.

    The Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ) has a new victim, an idiot who is willing to swop his soul for fame and fortune. Can the boys talk him out of it?

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 12] Unseen
    Shown 20 Mar 08
    Reviewed 10th April 2008 [Wednesday]

    The three guys move into an apartment on their own. The neighbours are a friendly Yuppie gay couple, including Ken Marino ( Veronica Mars ). However, the Yuppies have a secret ...

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 13] Acid Queen
    Shown 27 Mar 08
    Reviewed 17th April 2008 [Wednesday]

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) and his pals must capture a beauty queen ( Erica Cerra ) who uses acid to disfigure her rivals. The vessel this week is a bottle of bubble mixture!

    The situation with the neighbours takes a turn for the worse. Satan does not like them, and they know Gladys (so they know about Sam's job) ...

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 14] Rebellion
    Shown 22 April 2008
    Reviewed 24th April 2008 [Wednesday]

    The demons plot against Satan. Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) is dragged into their plot ...

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 15] Coming To Grips
    Shown 29 April 2008
    Reviewed 31st April 2008 [Wednesday]

    The boys go after a Soul who helps lonely women by impregnating them. Unfortunately, Andi ( Missy Peregrym ) sees more than she should when she lets curiousity get the better of her, and follows the guys. The perp this time is a harmless-looking guy who impregnates women - his superpower is that he can regenerate in his entirety from a severed limb. The vessel is a scythe - not exactly low-key.

    Ben the Mexican dude gives up on his perfect woman, and agrees to a Green Card marriage with the irritating blonde from The Office. Unfortunately this is before he meets guest-star Kandyse McClure .

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 16] Greg, Schmeg
    Shown 6th May 2008
    Reviewed 7th May 2008 [Wednesday]

    Andi's old BF, Greg, is back in town. He displays a supernatural ability of charm her!

    The soul is a hockey-mask wearing, chainsaw-wielding psycho!

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 17] The Leak
    Shown 13 May 2008
    Reviewed 14th May 2008 [Wednesday]

    A sleazy seducer keeps escaping from Hell, and the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ) thinks it is an inside job. How terrible that anything that makes people happy turns out to be a so-called sin!

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) gets his parents to hand over the Contract they signed with Satan. Dead Demon Steve promises to have one of his friends look at it. But it makes the Demons more suspicious than ever about Sam.

    The annoying English bitch and her so-called husband get caught lying to the Immigration man. They are facing criminal charges ...

    Reaper Reaper [Season 1, Episode 18] Cancun
    Shown 20 May 2008
    Reviewed 4th June 2008 [Wednesday]

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) is being stalked by dead Demon Steve. Meanwhile, he has to hunt a woman who sold her soul in exchange for fortune-telling powers. She is not evil or murderous, but who cares? The Vessel is a baseball.

    Ben, the surviving rebel demon, has a new plan and some new Demon helpers.

    Sock (Tyler Labine - Dead Last ) gets dumped by his GF, Original Sindy ( Valarie Rae Millar ). Again. He also discovers that a Succubus Demon can give you superhuman strength, but you lose a year off your lifespan. Cindy Sampson guest-stars as Marlena the Demon.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 1 ]
    Reviewed th February 2009 [Wednesday]


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  • Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 1] ... A New Hope
    Shown 3 Mar 09

    The boys are back from their road trip. Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) did not invite Andi ( Missy Peregrym ), so she is not happy with him.

    Sock (Tyler Labine - Dead Last ) returns to his mother's house, and discovers that a hot oriental girl has moved in. His mother has re-married, and Sock has a step-sister ...

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 2] Dirty Sexy Mongol
    Shown 10 Mar 09

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) must Reap a Mongol from the 13th Century, using a spear. However, he is preoccupied by the knowledge that Alan (Sean Patrick Thomas - ) has successfully cheated the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ).

    Sock (Tyler Labine - Dead Last ) gets insanely jealous when a rich guy named Topher dates his sexy Asian step-sister.

    Ben obsesses over his new pet - King Charles the rabbit. Ben is also stalked by a demon named Nina ...

    Ted the annoying manager tries flirting with a frigid man-hating customer. Things do not work out well for him.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 3] The Sweet Science
    Shown 17 Mar 09

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) must reap a Boxer. The Soul is a nice guy, but Sam has a job to do.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 4] The Favorite
    Shown 24 Mar 09

    Morgan (Armie Hammer - Mirror, Mirror ), one of the Devil's many sons, is in town. Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) must show him the ropes.

    Sock (Tyler Labine - Dead Last ) gets Ted (the ex-manager) to do his work for him at the store. Andi ( Missy Peregrym ) is now the manager ...

    Ben realises that Nina (his Demon GF) is holding back on him. He offers to have sex with her in her demon form ...

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 5] I Want My Baby Back
    Shown 31 Mar 09

    The guys are sent to Reap a woman who used to murder people and drink their blood. Now she has real vampire powers ... and a baby!

    Morgan (Armie Hammer - Mirror, Mirror ), the Devil's spoilt git of a son, tries to seduce Andi ( Missy Peregrym ).

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 6] Underbelly
    Shown 7 Apr 09

    The Devil (Ray Wise - Robocop ) sends Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) and his team to a little town he compares to something out of a David Lynch movie - nice reference to Twin Peaks !

    Sock (Tyler Labine - Dead Last ) finally sorts things out with his step-sister.

    Ben and Nina are still having problems. She thinks he is too needy, and she has a thing for bad boys ... like Sam?

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 7] The Good Soil
    Shown 14 Apr 09

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) and the boys must give a Soul a chance to lose his virginity. We also discover that if a Soul breaks the rules then a soul-eater chases it, much like the Reapers in Dr Who (2005) . Not that this was used in any other episode ...

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 8] The Home Stretch
    Shown 21 Apr 09

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) and Morgan (Armie Hammer - Mirror, Mirror ) are forced to compete.

    Ben and Sock (Tyler Labine - Dead Last ) try to get ten thousand dollars from a dead woman's estate.

    Sam closes in on Alan (Sean Patrick Thomas), the Soul who escaped from the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ).

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 9] No Reaper Left Behind
    Shown 28 Apr 09

    Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) is sent to take care of the Devil's new GF.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 10] My Brother's Reaper
    Shown 5 May 09

    Morgan (Armie Hammer - Mirror, Mirror ), the Devil's spoilt git of a son, has been disinherited, so he crashes with Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) and tries to seduce Nina. She has moved in with Ben, but she has a thing for bad boys ...

    Sam is assigned to get a contract signed by a really selfish guy who sold his soul to the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ). Can the Way of Steve teach him how to turn his life around?

    Sock (Tyler Labine - Dead Last ) and Ben arrange a Batchelor Party ... and invent the concept of stripper-clowns!

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 11] To Sprong, With Love
    Shown 12 May 09

    The Team are sent after a dangerous soul. Their old school-teacher's name is on the folder, and he is even more of an asshole than they remember. But they did not bother reading the file properly!

    Mina is in heat, and gets multiple demon males attempting to seduce her.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 12] Business Casualty
    Shown 19 May 09

    Sam's dad is in hell, but he has found a way to defeat the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ). But to get the secret scroll, Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) must find a gateway to Hell. He becomes a Yuppie in a demonic corporation.

    Sock (Tyler Labine - Dead Last ) meets a female demon who looks a bit like Sarah Silverman . When she boasts that she can shape-shift to look like any woman she wants, he decides to create the image of his perfect woman.

    Reaper Reaper [Season 2, Episode 13] The Devil and Sam Oliver
    Shown 26 May 09

    The team deal with a plague of narcotic-sweating toads. Then Sam (Bret Harrison - V (2009) ) tries to defeat the Devil (Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ) at a game in order to win his soul back. Of course, he needs leverage. So he pulls in help from demons and angels alike, for all the good it does him.

    Ben's crazy grandma wants Mina to have an exorcism.