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Tru Calling
  • Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies
  • Shawn Reaves as Harrison Davies
  • Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) as Davis
  • Jessica Collins as Meredith Davies [ 1 ]
  • A.J. Cook as Lindsay Walker [ 1 ]
  • Jason Priestley ( Jeremiah ) as Jack Harper [ ep 14+ ]
Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 0] Pilot [v1]
Shown - Unaired

Eliza Dushku plays a Med student who becomes a morgue attendant. Her name is Tru and she has a Calling - a mission in life. Dead people ask for her help. Then she skips back in time 24 hours, which gives her enough time to prevent the victim's death. Yes, just like Early Edition - complete with moralising and plot-holes.

Hudson Leick is the victim of a fatal shooting. It's good to see her in a role that is neither angel nor demon, and she acquits herself well. Tru is an athletic track star, so she spends a lot of time running around in homages to Run, Lola, Run . But these filler scenes don't make up for the poor plotting.

Season 1

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot [v2]
Shown 30 Oct 03

This is virtually identical to the original pilot. However, it uses the morgue boss instead of the gamer character for pre-mortem info. Yes, an entire character was written out due to negative feedback. Also, the Run, Lola, Run aspect is now gone.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 2] Putting Out Fires
Shown 6 Nov 03

Is Tru's BF cheating? Her love life is in flux, she's much younger than him.

Tru must save a firefighter from a fire in a building. Was it arson?

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 3] Brother's Keeper
Shown 13 Nov 03

The show has a new trailer - Tru has a goth hair look.

The title could be Tru suspects Harrison. Tru's Brother's GF is Cobie Smulders (the Canadian girl from How I Met Your Mother), who is married to the Tom Paris character from Stargate: Atlantis . He is murdered, and Harrison is the only suspect.

Meanwhile, Tru's BF is cheating on her with Andi from Reaper .

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 4] Past Tense
Shown 20 Nov 03

Meredith has her drug test.

Tru must prevent 5 fatalities at a bachelor party.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 5] Haunted
Shown 4 Dec 04

The ep is about a female medical student. Copying the movie Flatliners , she has to deal with recovered memory of child abuse.

The story arc involves Tru's boss, and new guy Luke.

Tru does her final exams.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 6] Star Crossed
Shown 11 Dec 03

Romeo and Juliet type characters were destroyed by a car crash.

Tru must investigate illegal street-racing.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 7] Morning After
Shown 18 Dec 03

It's Tru's Day off, so she has a housewarming party. Her ex gatecrashes. Evangeline Lilly is one of the party guests.

After her ex's death, her brother and friend are suspects.

This ep starts the relationship between Tru and Luc. They've been working together for a couple of eps, now they start regular dating.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 8] Closure
Shown 8 Jan 03

Tru's dad phones home. Her Sister dates Davis.

Tru must introduce a soldier (Ryan Kwanten - True Blood ) to his ex-GF ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead ). Her dad is a SG1 alien.

Luke stays over at Tru's flat.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 9] Murder in the Morgue
Shown 15 Jan 03

Trouble for Tru and Davis [and Meredith].

Tru must help a bride and ex-BF.

She learns that helping sometimes makes it worse.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 10] Reunion
Shown 22 Jan 03

It is Tru's high-school 5-year reunion. Tru takes Luke.

Her best pal dates her old BF! Her new best pal dates her brother. Tru's sister is in rehab.

Jodi Lynn O'Keefe [Nash Bridges, Prison Break] is Candace.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 11] The Longest Day
Shown 5 Feb 03

There is an ARV, and Tru has to save the robber. There doesn't seem to be any uber-morality.

There are multiple repeats.

She can't change fate, just events.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 12] Valentine
Shown 12 Feb 03

Tru and Luc and Harrison and GF go to a remote motel.

There is a Serial killer on the loose!

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 13] Drop Dead Gorgeous
Shown 18 Mar 03

There's a beauty pageant. Clare Kramer [Eliza's co-star in Bring it On] and Alexandra Holden are contestants.

The reporter nosing about Tru had a predecessor.

Tru and Luc have split up.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 14] Daddy's Girl
Shown 25 Mar 04

Jason Priestly is now listed in the credits.

Tru's dad is in town. She flashbacks to her mom's murder.

we meet her dad - was mom killed because of her calling or because of Tru's dad?

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 15] The Getaway
Shown 1 Apr 04

A Journalist babe is hanging around. She'll be a recurring character.

Jack the 90210 guy is still acting suspicious.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 16] Two Pair
Shown 8 Apr 04

Tru wears lots of eye-makeup [to shelve corpses?]. She helps Davis move his stuff.

Jack is very creepy, and checks up on Davis [not how old he is] - married 13 years ago?

Tru must save 2 gamblers - a student is murdered, and a businessman (Jeffery Dean Morgan - Watchmen, The Losers ) commits suicide.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 17] Death Becomes Her
Shown 15 Apr 04

Tru gives a twenty-something actress a tour of the morgue. But that night, the actress is killed in an apparent RTA. Tru must save the girl from stalkers, blackmailers and suchlike.

Jack corrupts Tru's annoying brother, breaking him up with his GF. But we see Jack stare down a mugger, with a complete lack of fear.

Tru's boss knows about her mother - and her hereditary gift. She also has to contend with a creepy, nosy co-worker.

The show is finally finding its feet.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 18] Rear Window
Shown 22 Apr 04

Tru suspects a nerdy neighbour of murder.

A girl is stalked.

Jack's background is revealed.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 19] D.O.A.
Shown 29 Apr 04

This is the penultimate ep.

Tru reveals her secret to Jack. They try to save multiple persons - teamwork. Davis doesn't trust Jack - jealousy? paranoia?

Nick Wechsler [ Roswell ] is a DOA's son. Julie Benz is a suicide victim.

Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 1, Episode 20] Two Weddings and a Funeral
Shown 29 Apr 04

This is the end of S1.

Jack quit job and left his apartment. Jack is very manipulative [makes him unsympathetic]. We meet his mentor [nice twist].

Harrison gets shot by a woman's jealous husband [like earlier ep reversed]. Lyndsey's marriage. Tru's dad reappears.

We get the climax of the Tru/Luc story.

Season 2

  • Liz Vassey as Dr. Carrie Allen [ 2 ]
  • Cotter Smith as Richard Davies [ 2 ]
  • Lizzy Caplan as Avery Bishop [ 2 ]
  • Eric Christian Olsen as Jensen Ritchie [ 2 ]
  • Parry Shen as Tyler Li [ 2 ]
  • Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 2, Episode 1] Perfect Storm
    Shown 31 Mar 05

    Jack is back in town. He romances coastguard Carly Pope so she can drown heroically.

    Both Tru's blonde buddy and big sister have disappeared from the show. Her dad is back in town, but ignores the loss of the elder sister. And Tru now has enough time to audit some med-school classes.

    Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 2, Episode 2] Grace
    Shown 31 Mar 05

    Someone murders a psychiatrist. When Tru tries to save him, Jack frames her for the murder. Tru needs Davis and her brother to help her dodge the cops, all the while trying to catch a killer.

    Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 2, Episode 3] In the Dark
    Shown 7 Apr 05

    Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 2, Episode 4] Last Good Day
    Shown 14 Apr 05

    Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 2, Episode 5] Enough
    Shown 21 Apr 05

    Tru Calling Tru Calling [Season 2, Episode 6] 'Twas the Night Before Christmas...Again