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Season 1

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 09/Sep/08

FBI Special Agent Olivia ( Anna Torv , who looks like a younger version of fellow Aussie Cate Blanchett ) and Human Target Mark Valley investigate a plane-load of passengers who melted. Olivia is seconded to an FBI unit commanded by the Lieutenant from The Wire.

The only one who understands the science involved is mad scientist Walter Bishop. Unfortunately he is an inmate in a lunatic asylum, and the only one who can sign him out is his son Peter (Joshua Jackson - Dawson's creek).

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 2] The Same Old Story
Shown 16/Sep/08

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 3] The Ghost Network
Shown 23/Sep/08

An eccentric man has visions of Pattern-related incidents before they happen. Is he involved more involved? Can Walter operate on the man's brain to find more info?

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 4] The Arrival
Shown 30/Sep/08

It turns out that Walter met the Observer at a pivotal point in his and Peter's lives. And Broyles has a secret unit working to track the Observer's known appearances.

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 5] Power Hungry
Shown 14/Oct/08

A bike messenger has the power to generate electricity with his own body. However, he cannot control it - which means he makes machines go haywire, with often lethal results.

Broyles has extra info - a mad scientist is after the Power guy. And the friendly ghost provides even more info to Olivia.

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 6] The Cure
Shown 21/Oct/08

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 7] In Which We Meet Mr. Jones
Shown 11/Nov/08

An FBI agent in the Fringe Division is contaminated with an enormous parasite. The only person who has any idea of how to cure the infection is the mysterious Mr Jones (Jared Harris - Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows ), currently in a top-security prison.

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 8] The Equation
Shown 18/Nov/08

Someone has abducted a young boy who is a genius at music. This matches the abduction of other Geniuses, who were eventually released but went insane. The best witness is an old friend of Walter's, from the Asylum.

Walter must go back to the asylum, as an inmate again. William Sadler ( Roswell ) is the shrink in charge of the asylum. He has an agenda of his own, to keep Walter inside!

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 9] The Dreamscape
Shown 25/Nov/08

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 10] Safe
Shown 02/Dec/08

A team of robbers is raiding safety deposit boxes. They use technology that lets them pass through solid objects. Naturally there are side-effects, such as the risk of getting stuck inside a wall.

The mysterious Mr Jones (Jared Harris - Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows ), currently in a top-security prison, is visited by his lawyer (rent-a-villain James Frain - The Cape, Invasion ).

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 11] Bound
Shown 20/Jan/09

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 12] The No-Brainer
Shown 27/Jan/09

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 13] The Transformation
Shown 03/Feb/09

A guy on a plane Hulks out, and becomes a murderous Porc-u-swine. The Fringe team are called in to investigate.

Olivia has John's memories. He knew the Porc-u-hulk, and may know the next victim. Can they track down the virus and counteragent in time?

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 14] Ability
Shown 10/Feb/09

The team are still looking for Mr Jones. His terrorist movement seems to have been inspired by a mysterious tech manual. Peter tries to use his contacts to track down a copy. The premise seems to be that technology will lead to mankind's destruction.

Someone releases a bio-weapon on a victim in NYC. It seals every orifice in the victim's body, suffocating him. Can they stop Jones from using it on a vast scale?

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 15] Inner Child
Shown 07/Apr/09

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 16] Unleashed
Shown 14/Apr/09

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 17] Bad Dreams
Shown 21/Apr/09

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 18] Midnight
Shown 28/Apr/09

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 19] The Road Not Taken
Shown 05/May/09

Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 20] There's More Than One of Everything
Shown 12/May/09

The Terrorists' end-game is in sight. They want to get at William Bell, boss of Massive Dynamic.

Walter realises what the Terrorists have been doing. This sets up an amazing twist for the next Season.






Fringe Fringe [Season 1, Episode 1 ]


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  • Season 2

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 1] A New Day in the Old Town
    Shown 17/Sep/09

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 2] Night of Desirable Objects
    Shown 24/Sep/09

    People are disappearing from rural corn-fields. They aren't snatched by a big-budget flying monster like in Jeepers Creepers , but by a low-budget underground tunnelling monster like in Smallville .

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 3] Fracture
    Shown 01/Oct/09

    A train station explodes. The cause turns out to be a man whose body turned to crystal, then exploded. This was caused by an implanted device. But who is responsible, and why?

    Peter and Walter are looking for a new apartment.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 4] Momentum Deferred
    Shown 08/Oct/09

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 5] Dream Logic
    Shown 15/Oct/09

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 6] Earthling
    Shown 05/Nov/09

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 7] Of Human Action
    Shown 12/Nov/09

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 8] August
    Shown 19/Nov/09

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 9] Snakehead
    Shown 03/Dec/09

    A Chinese Triad is using illegal immigrants to smuggle parasitic worms into USA. Someone has genetically modified the parasites. A huge leap forward in biotech - but deadly for the hosts!

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 10] Grey Matters
    Shown 10/Dec/09

    The villains break into an asylum to cure schizophrenia. Newton (Sebastian Roche - Roar, Odyssey 5 ) has Roger R Cross ( First Wave ) to back him up.

    In Season One, the villain hired a team of robbers to steal the scattered parts of one of Walter's inventions. Here, Walter's discoveries are also the target of the villains. We get a flashback to William Bell (Leonard Nimoy - Star Trek: TOS ) performing a certain operation on Walter.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 11] Unearthed
    Shown 11/Jan/10

    The Team investigate the disappearance of a US Naval Officer. A teenage girl may have the clues, thanks to an unknown scientific occurrence helped by US Government experimental treatments.

    This ep was filmed in Season One, but was broadcast out of chronology in Season Two.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 12] Johari Window
    Shown 14/Jan/10

    A State Trooper discovers a young boy who is facially disfigured. Soon a posse of inbred-looking gunmen turn up.

    The FBI investigate. They discover a military cover-up like something out of the X-Files .

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 12] What Lies Below
    Shown 21/Jan/10

    There is a spectacular disease outbreak in an office building. Skulder and Mulley are quarantined.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 14] The Bishop Revival
    Shown 28/Jan/10

    A terrorist uses chemical warfare against civilian targets in USA. It turns out that Walter's dad was a Nazi War Criminal who defected to the USA, which explains a lot.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 15] Jacksonville
    Shown 04/Feb/10

    A building arrives, from the Alternate Universe. However, to balance things out, a building of equal mass will disappear.

    Olivia's superpower is to see a halo around things from the alternate universe. This leads to a twist ending.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 16] Peter
    Shown 01/Apr/10

    Walter tells the story of what happened to Peter. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 17] Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.
    Shown 08/Apr/10

    Diane Kruger contracts lethal cancer in a thirty-minute period. The team investigate.

    The victims were all Walter's test subjects in childhood ... just like Olivia. Can she catch the killer before he gets her?

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 18] White Tulip
    Shown 15/Apr/10

    Dr Peck (Peter Weller - Robocop ) wants to go back in time to prevent his fiance getting killed in an RTA. Unfortunately the time-travel field kills everyone within a certain radius, so the Fringe squad have to stop him.

    Walter can relate to Peck's dilemma. He tries to talk his fellow mad scientist out of it, alluding to his own trip to the other universe.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 19] The Man from the Other Side
    Shown 22/Apr/10

    Newton (Sebastian Roche - Roar, Odyssey 5 ) has a couple of shapeshifters as backup, and three props that look like the Neuraliser from Men In Black . His plan is to open a portal to a parallel universe.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 20] Brown Betty
    Shown 29/Apr/10

    This is a JJ Abrams show, though it's nowhere as near as good as Lost or Alias .

    Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek) has discovered his true origins. As a result he's gone walkabout.

    The crazy old scientist is left babysitting a wee girl, who makes him tell her a fairy tale. He delivers a Film Noir sci-fi effort about a lady detective searching for a clockwork heart. The plot is certainly reminiscent of an episode of Alias , to say the least.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 21] Northwest Passage
    Shown 06/May/10

    Joshua Jackson is off the grid, travelling light through Washington State. But Sebastian Roche is on his tail. And when Mr Roche uses his shapeshifters and memory-stealing machines, that means women who JJ met end up dead.

    JJ and the local lady sheriff (yes, the new cliche - lady redneck sheriffs) must catch the shapeshifter.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 22] Over There, Part 1
    Shown 13/May/10

    Joshua Jackson is on the Other Side. The mad scientist and the lady Fed team up with a superpowered trio to save him. Unfortunately these makeshift superheroes are more of a liability than anything else. And their opposite equivalents on the Other Side are a trigger-happy bunch.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 2, Episode 23] Over There, Part 2
    Shown 20/May/10

    The Feds are in the parallel universe. To get back they team up with Leonard Nimoy (in his last acting role before officially retiring). The lady Fed confronts her duplicate, and we get a great cat-fight.

    This is the finale of Season Two. Naturally, there's enough storyline left over for a start to next season.

    Season 3

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 1] Olivia
    Shown 23/Sep/10

    Olivia is imprisoned in the alternate universe. They implant false memories in order to make her believe she is the alternate. Then, of course, she tries to escape. Will she get home before the new memories kick in?

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 2] The Box
    Shown 30/Sep/10

    The team on Earth Prime investigate some unusual deaths. Someone has developed a sonic weapon that is fatal to everyone in hearing range. Naturally, this is part of a plot from the Alternate Universe.

    Unfortunately, nobody realises that the Olivia on their team is a duplicate. She's ruthless and willing to do anything it takes to get what she wants.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 3] The Plateau
    Shown 07/Oct/10

    The team go back to what they do best - investigating mysteries. This is a good old-fashioned X-Files style murder-mystery with a killer who has (almost) supernatural powers. In this case, he can mentally calculate probabilities and then use the butterfly effect to cause fatal accidents for his victims!

    What makes this story different is the sub-plot. The story is set in an alternate universe, and the Scully character is a brainwashed replacement! But when will she realise that she does not belong there?

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 4] Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?
    Shown 14/Oct/10

    The real-world Fringe team close in on Newton (Sebastian Roche - Roar, Odyssey 5 ). He also faces problems with his shapeshifters - they have been mimicking human emotions for so long that they now start to feel them for real.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 5] Amber 31422
    Shown 04/Nov/10

    In the parallel world, the team investigate a pair of twins. Yes, Shawn and Aaron Ashmore ( Smallville ) actually have a chance to act together.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 6] 6955 kHZ
    Shown 11/Nov/10

    This episode has the hallmarks of a typical JJ Abrams show. The characters even use the Internet nickname convention of referring to the arch-villain, the evil alternate universe version of Walter, as Walternate.

    People get amnesia while listening to a mysterious radio broadcast of numbers (like in Lost ). The villain is Marshall from Alias !

    Peter has shacked up in domestic bliss with Olivia. He is also working on rebuilding the Machine.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 7] The Abducted
    Shown 18/Nov/10

    Livia and the Alternate team go after a Preacher who is abducting kids in order to make a de-aging serum.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 8] Entrada
    Shown 2nd Dec 2010

    Both Olivias try to escape. Which will succeed? Whose Vagenda has the best kung-fu?

    Will the alternate Lieutenant do the right thing?

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 9] Marrionette
    Shown 9th Dec 2010

    The Team investigate a man who is cuting up organ recipients to retrieve the organs that were donated to them.

    Meanwhile, Olivia tries to re-adjust. But her evil twin was playing with Peter (and the rest of her stuff) ...

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 10] The Firefly
    Shown 21/Jan/11

    The Observer is back. He manipulates Walter in order to test him. They must put the timeline back on track.

    Christopher Loyd ( Back to the Future ) is walter's favourite musician, who has been given a message.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 11] Reciprocity
    Shown 28/Jan/11

    Someone is assassinating shape-shifters. Whoever is doing it has intimate knowledge of their plans, as concealed in the diary of Fauxlivia. Unfortunately, the diary also contains intimate info about her relationship with Peter. Will this damage Peter's relationship with his co-workers?

    Massive Dynamic's doctors run a series of tests on Peter, to see if they can determine why the machine reacts to him.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 12] Concentrate and Ask Again
    Shown 04/Feb/11

    Someone is using a US military chemical weapon to assassinate people. Forget Agent Orange - this is Agent Blue, and if inhaled it dissolves your bones!

    The team need a mind-reader. Luckily, one of the kids Walter experimented on has developed psi powers. He grew up and became a reclusive hermit.

    Olivia must employ shoot-to-kill tactics against a suicide bomber. This makes her as cold-blooded as her alternate self. And since Peter has to choose between them, this is not a good thing.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 13] Immortality
    Shown 11/Feb/11

    In the Alternate universe, Olivia and the team investigate bugs eating people from the inside out. Like X-Files [Season 7, Episode 18] Brand X .

    The scariest thing about this ep? Walternate isn't the evil twin. He's the GOOD one!

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 14] 6B
    Shown 18/Feb/11

    An old lady sees a spectre of her recently-deceased husband. He looks like Gerard, the former partner of Mountie Fraser Snr in Due South .

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 15] Subject 13
    Shown 25/Feb/11

    The show starts with a 1980s-style credits sequence, fitting because the ep is set in the 1980s.

    Walter is experimenting with children in the hope of training one to cross between worlds. His best hope is a Subject 13 - a little girl named Olivia.

    Walternate's marriage is falling apart due to his obsession with finding Peter. And he gets a clue from the most unexpected source!

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 16] Os
    Shown 11/Mar/11

    The team are after a gang of cat-burglars who can defy gravity. Alan Ruck ( Star Trek: Generations ) has something to so with it.

    Walter also explores the idea that his friend, Mr Bell, may have left a final gift ... a Soul Magnet.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 17] Stowaway
    Shown 18/Mar/11

    Paula Malcolmson is trying to commit suicide. Unfortunately she seems to be immortal.

    Mr Bell is still in Olivia - and Walter's having a great time!

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 18] Bloodline
    Shown 25/Mar/11

    Alternate Universe Olivia is heavily pregnant, due to a medical conspiracy. But she has a medical condition which will probably kill her when she gives birth.

    The actress must be having the time of her life, playing two versions of the same character who are undergoing traumatic life changes and character development in very different .

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 19] Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
    Shown 15/Apr/11

    Walter and Bell try desperately to save Olivia before she is lost forever.

    Walter and JJ enter into Olivia's subconscious. Like Inception , only weird.

    Meanwhile, the Lootenant accidentally consumes LSD.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 20]
    Shown 22/Apr/11

    Walternate uses his grandson's DNA to activate the machine. Apocalypse - Now?

    Alternative Oliva objects, but will her plan work?

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 21] The Last Sam Weiss
    Shown 29/Apr/11

    Olivia recruits Sam Weiss, the only person who has any idea how to get Peter into the machine.

    Peter recovers from his injuries - well, physically. He has amnesia, and goes walkabout.

    Walter tries to find a solution to the Machine problem.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 3, Episode 22] The Day We Died
    Shown 06/May/11

    It is ten years since Peter destroyed the other world. But now his world is being destroyed as well. Terrorist Brad Dourif ( Alien: Resurrection ) is making it worse by detonating suitcase nuke-style reality bombs.

    Walter's in prison for helping. He is the only one who can defuse the bombs. Can he formulate a plan to save the day?

    Season 4

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 1] Neither Here Nor There
    Shown 23 Sept 2011

    A Newbie joins the team as Olivia's new partner. He wants revenge for the death of his partner (Joe Flanagan from Stargate Atlantis ). Nobody can remember Peter, and nobody wonders why she has not had an FBI partner since Charlie died in Season One. But the Newbie is the double of Fauxlivia's team leader in the Alternate Universe.

    The Feds also have a B-Team, to help out with heavy lifting and to go into dangerous situations without backup. These two redshirts are the token black guy and his partner, Stephen Lobo (Kellog in Continuum ).

    The monster of the week is a shapeshifter. This one is different from the previous ones ...

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 2] One Night in October
    Shown 30 Sept 2011

    The team are asked to help out with an Alternate Universe investigation into a serial killer. The killer steals his victim's memories.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 3] Alone in the World
    Shown 7/Oct/11

    The team investigate a deadly mould - like in X-Files . But is THIS mould intelligent?

    Walter thinks Peter II drowned just after he rescued him. William Sadler ( Roswell ) is the FBI shrink sent to assess him.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 4] Subject 9
    Shown 14/Oct/11

    Walter joins Olivia in the field again, hunting the spectre that’s been haunting them. Their suspect is an astral projector, whose powers match the spectre’s MO.

    Olivia has to report on Walter’s mental state. Will he be sent back to the Hospital for good?

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 5] Novation
    Shown 04/Nov/11

    Peter is back, but his past has been erased from reality so nobody believes him. Walter suspects he is from a third universe, but Walter is in denial. Peter is the only one who realises that his return to reality may be a symptom of a greater problem.

    A shape-shifter is on the loose. It tricks scientist Ayre Gross to heal its DNA-sensitive skin. But it could have a bigger agenda than mere self-preservation.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 6] And Those We've Left Behind
    Shown 11/Nov/11

    Disasters start to happen, with the cause of the danger suddenly appearing in a time-warp from 4 years ago. Peter suspects he may be the cause, especially as he starts to jump between moments himself. The cause of the disasters is a well-meaning genius who only wants to keep his family together. Sound like anyone else in the show?

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 7] Wallflower
    Shown 18/Nov/11

    Olivia starts to bond with the Newbie. He has a lot more success with her than their counterparts do in the alternate universe. She begins to wonder if her childhood left her emotionally stunted.

    The team investigate a series of murders by an invisible man. He was born with a genetic pigmentation abnormality, and he was secretly experimented on by a certain corporation. Surprise surprise.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 8] Back to Where You've Never Been
    Shown 13/Jan/12

    Peter and the Newbie take a jump across to the alternate universe. They have their own reasons for wanting to get to Walternate's HQ. Peter wants to meet his father, and the newbie wants to get info on the shapeshifters.

    The Alternate Fringe unit have their suspicions about the shifters. Whoever is using them is now deploying them in the alternate universe too.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 9] Enemy of My Enemy
    Shown 20/Jan/12

    Peter and the Newbie are still in the Alternate universe, helping the Fringe team hunt the man behind the shapeshifters.

    It turns out to be a familiar face, who was never punished because Peter did not exist in the new timeline. Which means that even though the villains are several steps ahead, Peter is the one variable they never planned for!

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 10] Forced Perspective
    Shown 27/Jan/12

    A man dies in an Omen -style accident involving an I-beam on a construction site. Fringe recovers a sketch predicting the incident. They try to locate the artist, a teenage girl.

    Precognitive ability is standard throughout the typical ESP powers shown in TV shows like this. Naturally, such a god-like power renders story-telling more difficult. To balance it out, either the visions are blurry and out of context ... Or the Precog is cursed by knowing the circumstances of their own death.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 11] Making Angels
    Shown 03/Feb/12

    Someone is bumping off people with a poison that was never invented. The Fringe team call in their alternate selves. Olivia and Fauxlivia do the field-work, while Alternate Astrid helps Walter in the lab.

    The killer can see the future. He's evidently using a technique that The Observers have perfected. This asks more questions than it answers.

    It's great to see a new side to Astrid. Blu Mankuma has a cameo as her father, which helps round out her character. We realise that after four Seasons we still know very little about a key character!

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 12] Welcome to Westfield
    Shown 10/Feb/12

    Olivia is beginning to remember her life with Peter.

    Olivia, Peter and Walter enter a town. It is like an evil version of Brigadoon .

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 13] A Better Human Being
    Shown 17/Feb/12

    Olivia's memories of Peter are coming back. Walter investigates.

    A young man in a mental institution hears voices talking about a murder. The doctors think he is schizophrenic, but the murder was real. He has a psychic connection with the killers.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 14] The End of All Things
    Shown 24/Feb/12

    Peter tries a mind meld with the dying Observer.

    Olivia is interrogated by the villains.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 15] A Short Story About Love
    Shown 23/Mar/12

    Walter and Peter discover that The Observer left a clue. If Peter follows it, he may get back to his original timeline.

    Olivia hunts a facially-disfigured rent-a-villain who is murdering couples. Like the serial killer in Perfume: the story of a murderer he seeks to make the ultimate perfume from his victims' pheromones. However, he targets the men as his primary victims.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 16] Nothing as It Seems
    Shown 30/Mar/12

    This starts with a recap of the original show's pilot episode, where we get the first appearance of the Porcupine-man. But in this new timeline, so things happen differently.

    Olivia, with 40% of her memory rewritten back to the original timeline, has been suspended from duty until the FBI works out what to do with her.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 17] Everything In Its Right Place
    Shown 06/Apr/12

    The Newbie is stressed out with his current assignment. Peter and Walter take their cow grazing, while Astrid takes a day with her dad. Olivia's new memories mean she has forgotten the months of bonding she had with the newbie. So he jumps at the chance to visit the Other Side.

    A vigilante is killing muggers. Newbie helps Fauxlivia and his alternate self to investigate. The answer may help them fight Jones and his network of shapeshifters.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 18] The Consultant
    Shown 13/Apr/12

    A few people die of injuries from a plane crash - but they were not in a plane at the time! Walter realises this has something to do with the alternate universe. He heads over there, to help deduce what has gone wrong.

    Fauxlivia is hunting the mole.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 19] Letters of Transit
    Shown 20/Apr/12

    The ep starts with an infodump scroll, like in a Dystopian thriller movie. In 2015 the Observers stopped just Observing, and have now taken over the entire planet. In the year 2036, Fringe Division are collaborators in a fascist society. But a small band of Resistance fighters uncover the original Fringe team - their new hope!

    Desmond from Lost leads the Resistance cell. But the real star of the show is Walter himself. However temporarily, he gets his sanity back.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 20] Worlds Apart
    Shown 27/Apr/12

    Walter realises what Mr Jones intends to do. Unfortunately the revelation came to him in a dream - so the others have difficulty taking him seriously. Peter must reactivate the machine.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 21] Brave New World (1)
    Shown 04/May/12

    Jones unleashes a nanite plague. Walter experiments on Rebecca Mader in the hope of finding a cure.

    Jones has apparently run out of henchmen. He has to do his own wet-work these days.

    As the Season draws to a close, we get a new villain set up for Season Five. We never found out who was behind William Bell's mysterious death ...

    Fringe Fringe [Season 4, Episode 22] Brave New World (2)
    Shown 11/May/12

    Rebecca Mader phones Olivia for help. She is being stalked by an Observer. This leads to a couple of revelations. There are a couple of weapons proficient against an Observer. One is a magic rune, like a demon trap in Supernatural . Another is a super-gun. Yes, we find out how The Observer got shot.

    The supervillain has Walter prisoner, and takes him to see the end of the worlds. The power to destroy a planet is insignificant compared to the power to destroy TWO planets.

    Season 5

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 1] Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
    Shown 28/Sep/12

    The new Season takes up 20 years in the future. The Observers have taken over the world, and it is now a cliched example of post-Apocalyptic anti-fascist storytelling. Walter has a plan to defeat the Observers. But first the team must rescue Olivia, and obtain the components necessary for the masterplan.

    Unfortunately the show appears to have jumped the shark. This is a clear case of running out of ideas.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 2] In Absentia
    Shown 05/Oct/12

    Walter has amnesia. But he may have left notes in his lab in Harvard. The team break into the facility to find his notes.

    They capture a Loyalist guard. Walter's granddaughter interrogates him, in a disturbingly brutal fashion. Olivia tries to show some humanity.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 3] The Recordist
    Shown 12/Oct/12

    The team continue their quest. They travel to the distant parts of western Pennsylvania, where they meet the Tree People led by the wee Scottish doctor from Stargate Atlantis .

    The Tree People have archives of everything important in recent years.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 4] The Bullet That Saved The World
    Shown 26/Oct/12

    The baldies send in their best human detective – Broyles. After all, he ran things in The Wire and then the FBI, so he should know how to catch our heroes. But what side is he on?

    Walter digs out one of the weapons used by a villain in previous episode, and puts it to good use. It is gruesomely violent, when you think about it, but it shows how ruthless our heroes have become.

    The good old days of the war between two universes are gone, and the new direction of the show seems tedious. It is at best reminiscent of the original V: The Series - perhaps a more fitting successor than the more recent V (2009) effort. But when all is said and done, it is not the show that we all loved in the early Seasons.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 5] An Origin Story
    Shown 02/Nov/12

    The Observers open a time portal, and import crates with parts for the atmosphere pollution machine. This will improve things for the Observers, who are used to the heavily polluted air of the future, but it will reduce the average human lifespan to 45 years. Naturally, the Resistance summons our heroes to help disrupt the supply line.

    Our heroes are still suffering from their loss in the previous ep. As a result they are slightly more vicious and distracted than usual.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 6] Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There
    Shown 09/Nov/12

    Walter gets the next tape out of the Amber, and follows the instructions. He ends up inside a pocket universe, where the laws of Physics do not apply. The doors are marked with the mysterious symbols from the title sequence.

    Peter and Olivia are still grieving at their loss. They follow Walter into the pocket universe. The Observers are closing in, too. But Peter has his new skills.

    The goal of Walter's quest is a young boy who featured in a previous episode. Also, a mysterious man named Donald helped Walter hide the boy.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 7] Five-Twenty-Ten
    Shown 16/Nov/12

    Peter alters the future in tiny ways, to push a couple of Observers into a trap. But the implant is giving Peter side-effects, turning him into an emotionless monster.

    Walter and Olivia need to access William Bell's secret storage facility. That is what Walter saved William Bell's hand for. But they need Nina's help. Can she be trusted?

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 8] The Human Kind
    Shown 07/Dec/12

    Walter sends Olivia away to get a giant magnet he stored earlier. The woman who is guarding the magnet seems to be able to tell the future - reminiscent of The Oracle in The Matrix . But people know there is a reward on Olivia's head. Is she walking into a trap herself?

    Peter alters the future in tiny ways, to push the enemy Captain into a trap. However, the Captain is more experienced at creating outcomes. Is Peter setting a trap for himself? And will the implant turn Peter into an emotionless monster like the Captain?

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 9] Black Blotter
    Shown 14/Dec/12

    The radio signal starts. Olivia and Peter track it down, and discover an old friend.

    Walter takes LSD, and hallucinates that he sees his old lab assistant. She shows him where his journal was, from his days as a supervillain. And the old him is coming back, now that his brain is healing itself. Worse, the LSD trip puts him in a Terry Gilliam cartoon, straight out of Monty Python.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 10] Anomaly XB-6783
    Shown 21/Dec/12

    The team have the boy, but they have no way to communicate with him. They take him to Nina, who has access to the Ministry of Technology. But the Observers have realised that she must be the one who helped the team in Fringe [Season 5, Episode 7] Five-Twenty-Ten .

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 11] The Boy Must Live
    Shown 11/Jan/13

    Walter's memory of Donald has been recovered. He knows who and where he is. The team go looking for him.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 12] Liberty:
    Shown 18/Jan/13

    The team have to rescue a friend from the clutches of the Observers. He is being held on Liberty island, which is now an impregnable base. But if Olivia's brain is injected with enough Cortexafan, she can cross over to the other universe. There she teams up with Fauxlivia, and gains back-door access to the base.

    It is good to see the Alternate Universe again. We get to see a few familiar faces for the last time.

    Fringe Fringe [Season 5, Episode 13] An Enemy of Fate
    Shown 18/Jan/13

    The team have to rescue another friend from the clutches of the Observers. This time they use the direct approach, using yet more of the Fringe case material that Walter stockpiled.

    Finally, the time has come to engage Walter and Donald's superweapon. The Captain tries to stop them, leading to a violent showdown with Olivia.

    The show's final episode boils down to an exploration of the show's long-running theme - the relationship between a father and his child. Donald and Michael, Walter and Peter, Peter and Etta.