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The Magicians

Season 1

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 1] Unauthorized Magic
Shown 16 Dec 15

The protagonist Quentin and his gal-pal Julia ( Stella Maeve ) are a pair of tweenagers who live in New York City. Quentin is a big fan of a series of stories about Fillory, which is this universe's version of Narnia.

Quentin and Julia discover that magic is real. They get shortlisted for Magic College named Brakebills, basically a more grown-up form of Hogwarts. No, not like the Unseen University. More like a magical version of the college in Rules of Engagement - with added magic!

Quentin is accepted into Brakebills. His room-mate is a bully named Penny (Arjun Gupta - ). Luckily he is mentored by an older student, Eliot Waugh (Hale Appleman), and his girl friday Margo Hanson ( Summer Bishil ). They are much toned down from their more OTT selves in later Seasons.

Quentin also gets apotential love interest, a blonde girl named Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ). She gets him to help her with a secret spell that will help her find what happened to her brother.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 2] The Source of Magic
Shown 25 Jan 16

The magic spell went horribly wrong, and a monster broke through from the Dungeon Dimensions. Our protagonist Quentin the Nerd is threatened with expulsion by Prof. Pearl Sunderland ( Anne Dudek ). She calls in a specialist ( Esme Bianco ) to blank his memory. However, the specialist has her own agenda.

Elsewhere, gal-pal Julia ( Stella Maeve ) gets involved in the magical underworld. Yes, because the grown-up Hogwarts only deals with strong magic-users who are post-puberty there must be a lot who fall through the cracks.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 3] Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting
Shown 01 Feb 16

The blonde girl, Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ), is still obsessed with finding her dead brother. She gets Quentin the protagonist to help again. They track his fate to the magic fountain in the centre of the quad. Soon, unpleasant things start to happen there. Not to be put off, she decides to have a THIRD go.

Quentin gets roped into helping find a missing book. Much like the books in the library of the Unseen University, the magic books in this college can flap around on their own. This is useful when it comes to tracking them down.

Gal-pal Julia ( Stella Maeve ) is trying to live a normal life with her boyfriend and keep her magic use on the down-low. She also manages to bump into her old buddy Quentin.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 4] The World in the Walls
Shown 08 Feb 16

Quentin the protagonist wakes up in a mental hospital. His classmates are fellow inmates - the blonde girl Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) thinks she is living out the plot of Star Trek: TOS pilot episode The Cage, and Penny the Jock is a janitor. It turns out that the protagonist must have halucinated the previous episodes.

Quentin still halucinates about the Narnia girl, Jane Chapman. This turns out to be useful, which means that it may not be just a halucination.

Marina ( Kacey Rohl ) and the hedge-wizards might seem like a gang of wannabes, but they actually have much more potential than they have previously shown.

Gal-pal Julia ( Stella Maeve ) has learned that magic is addictive. But she also has been accepted by Yale, so if she actually made the effort she should be able to build a life in the mundane world.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 5] Mendings, Major and Minor
Shown 15 Feb 16

Quentin the protagonist goes home to see his father, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. The good news is, strong magic comes from emotional pain.

The blonde girl, Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ), returns to Brakebills College for Alumni Week. Her aunt ( Denise Crosby ) is a well-respected magic-user, so the other college students want her as a mentor.

Penny the Jock gets a mentor (MC Gainey - Lost ). The mentor's best advice is to get a magic tattoo that prevents accidental teleportation. However, some astral projection reveals that three plotlines - the butterfly monster man, the missing Third Year class, Fillory the Narnia-type alternate universe - are all somehow linked.

Keegan Connor Tracy pops up briefly at the end as a member of the tecahing staff.

Julia ( Stella Maeve ), the hedge witch gal-pal, is getting out of control. Her magical cravings have driven her to extreme lengths, but she still thinks she can make things work with her mundane pretty-boy boyfriend.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 6] Impractical Applications
Shown 22 Feb 16

The Fillory/Narnia universe gets a brief mention, but it is left in the background. The main storyline this episode concerns the First Year students' examinations. These are conducted by the senior students, while the Faculty staff take the day off.

Meanwhile, Julia ( Stella Maeve ) the hedge witch has hit rock bottom. She has burned all her bridges, but now she makes a new friend. It turns out that she is not the only one at the bottom. Together with her new ally she plans to heist some magic books.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 7] The Mayakovsky Circumstances
Shown 29 Feb 16

The First Year students get sent to the south pole campus. They have to pair off, then learn to share their secrets with each other. Quentin the Nerd and Alice the Prude ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) get along well. However, Penny the Jock's girlfriend Kady ( Jade Tailor ) has her own problems.

Julia ( Stella Maeve ) the Junkie is in rehab. She meets the facility's Preacher, who has a completely different approach to magic.

The senior students use magic to make some gin. Unfortunately they mis-translated an Arabic manuscript, and they end up with a Djinn instead. The good news is, the gay student gets a new boyfriend.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 8] The Strangled Heart
Shown 07 Mar 16

Eliot, the gay student, has a boyfriend who is too good to be true. The Headmaster, Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy - Supernatural ), calls in the specialist ( Esme Bianco ) to investigate.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 9] The Writing Room
Shown 14 Mar 16

In order to get a magic button that will allow them to travel to Fillory (AKA Narnia), the junior students go to the house in England where the books were written. It turns out that the CS Lewis character has a much more sinister reason for hanging around with children. How cynical we have become in the Twenty-First Century!

Julia ( Stella Maeve ) the Junkie helps the Preacher with one of his patients. The patient has Locked-In Syndrome, so the Junkie must Inception into her mind in order to speak with her.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 10] Homecoming
Shown 21 Mar 16

Penny the Jock accidentally teleported himself to another world. In fact, technically it is a world between worlds - like in The Magician's Nephew, first book in the Fillory/Narnia series. However, this is the evil version so he soon runs into trouble. The bad news is, he is trapped. The good news is, he can still telepathically enter Quentin the Nerd's sex dreams.

Julia ( Stella Maeve ) the Junkie is now part of the Preacher's magic club. They meet up at her apartment to conduct some rituals, but she discovers exactly how small the city's magic-user community is.

The Prude, Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ), takes Quentin the nerd to meet her parents, who are re-enacting an ancient Roman orgy. Their boyfriend knows a ritual that will help them guide the Jock back to Earth. Unfortunately it is sex magic, so the Nerd and the Prude have to work out a way to orgasm at the same time.

The senior students investigate an unprotected ritual. Margo ( Summer Bishil ) ends up with a gollem - a Mar-Gollem! Will she keep it with her Djinn, which has not been mentioned since the episode it was introduced in?

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 11] Remedial Battle Magic
Shown 28 Mar 16

The college students have run out of good ideas. They run a series of probability spells, and discover that no matter what the Beast will come for them in seven days time. Unless they go on the offensive and invade Fillory (the Narnia world). However, they need some illegal battle magic first. This leads on to a crossover with the hedge wizards subplot, because who better to ask about illegal magic?

The hedge wizards are trying to locate a goddess. They ask a vampire (Colin Cunningham - Falling Skies ), who knows more about the underworld.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 12] Thirty-Nine Graves
Shown 04 Apr 16

Our heroes go on the offensive. They do not bring any powerful magic like the Djinn or Margollem, but they do take a map and their emotion bottles.

Quentin gets stuck on Earth. He discovers what is really going on, and goes to his old friend Julia ( Stella Maeve ). She is the only one powerful enough to help.

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 13] Have You Brought Me Little Cakes
Shown 11 Apr 16

This episode is structured like a book, in a series of chapters narrated by Quentin. It starts with him confronting a Mr Tumnus character, then flashes back so we can see the whole story unfold in sequence.

Quentin and Julia ( Stella Maeve ) make it to Fillory/Narnia, via a portal in a telephone box. They even compare it to the Tardis in Doctor Who . They then confront a couple of local characters, including a blacksmith (Ryan Robbins - Sanctuary ) who can make them a magical blade powerful enough to kill the Beast. The price is that one of the humans must become the new Ruler of the Kingdom, and produce heirs. However, the one who gets chosen is a surprise!

Julia should have called on the power of her Goddess to get them to Fillory or fight the beast. Instead, she only mentions to her godly encounter in the past tense. It turns out that there is a patch in her memory, and she is inadvertently an untruthful narrator. This is all buildup to Season Two.

Our heroes finally discover who the Beast is, and team up to fight him. Of course, he has already defeated them thirty-nine times so he knows exactly what to expect. However, we get an unexpected cliffhanger





The Magicians

The Magicians The Magicians [Season 4, Episode 1 ]
Shown th February 2018

Reviewed in our special supplement The Magicians

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    Season 2

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 1] Night of Crowns
    Shown 25 Jan 17

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) and the Beast (Charles Mesure - V (2009) ) make a deal. He helps her trap and kill Reynard, and she gives him a stay of execution. In all fairness, he should take advantage of the situation. He needs her as much as she needs him. Unfortunately since he has been in Fillory since the 1940s he will not understand the reference Always two there are ... Master and Apprentice.

    The other tweenagers recover from their horrible deaths. Penny is still mutilated, so he needs a magical cure to get his hands stitched back on. Unfortunately he discovers that his real problem is his personality.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 2] Hotel Spa Potions
    Shown 1st February 2017

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) and the Beast (Charles Mesure - V (2009) ) need bait to lure out Reynard. The obvious candidate is Marina ( Kacey Rohl ), the most powerful of the local hedge-witches. She does not want to get involved in a suicide mission, so she seeks shelter from other sources such as Brakebills and the other covens.

    The tweenagers get back to Brakebills. Unfortunately the place was demilitarised years ago, and all the books on battle magic have been hidden. However, Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy - Supernatural ) and Prof. Pearl Sunderland ( Anne Dudek ) help the heroes arm up.

    King Eliot discovers that Fillory has major problems now that magic is fading. The farmers have no idea how to actually work the land and grow food. Luckily, Eliot's humble roots give him an insight into how to help.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 3] Divine Elimination
    Shown 8th February 2017

    The tweenagers return to Fillory to check up on Eliot. The bad news is, they fall foul of the Beast's curse. When they sit upon their thrones, they are given the insane urge to kill each other. The worse news is, they loaded up on battle magic in the previous episode. The good news is, one of the Magicians is unaffected by the curse. The bad news is, it is Penny.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) and the Beast (Charles Mesure - V (2009) ) use Marina ( Kacey Rohl ) as their bait. However, Reynard is too smart to fall straight into a trap.

    The tweenagers' plan for petty vengeance against the Beast collides with Julia's quest to defeat Reynard and free the world of an evil god.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 4] The Flying Forest
    Shown 15th February 2017

    The tweenagers have to find a way to rule Fillory. Magic is fading, and the taxpayers are revolting. However, Eliot finds a loophole in his marriage contract. He can send a gollem to Earth, and swap his mind between it and his real body.

    Quentin and Penny are looked after by a centaur doctor (Alessandro Juliani - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ). However, they go on a quest to catch a magical creature. If they catch her, she must grant them a wish.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) tries to get another ally. Reynard is only targeting hedge-witches, so Brakebills will never bother dealing with him. She has to rely on a fellow hedge.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 5] Cheat Day
    Shown 22nd February 2017

    Eliot and Margo ( Summer Bishil ) have a new problem. The peasants are revolting. The aristocrats are even worse, but at least they are not in rebellion. A servant tries to assassinate Eliot, and claims to be part of a resistance movement. They oppose the rule of Children of Earth, and want a native to sit on the throne. The aristocrats want to give the offender a brutal public execution. Margo is uncomfortable at being the least snobby person in the room.

    Penny has his hands back, but cannot use them to cast magic. Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy - Supernatural ) sends him to see a specialist. Unfortunately it is the crazy South Pole professor from The Magicians [Season 1, Episode 7] The Mayakovsky Circumstances. As a result he has to do a few strange and exhausting chores. Is this a case of wax on, wax off ... or is he just being used for cheap labour by a Russian psychopath?

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) has morning sickness. She makes an appointment to have Reynard's demonic offspring terminated.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 6] The Cock Barrens
    Shown 01 Mar 17

    Prince Ess of Loria, neighbour of Fillory, drops by to pay a visit. He offers a good deal, but wants to marry Margo ( Summer Bishil ). Eliot points out that he had to submit to arranged marriage, but Margo is a vain and arrogant person who thinks she is too good for it. As a result, Ess has his magician hijack the entire castle and transport it away to a wilderness of phallic rocks.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) tracks down the witch who defeated Reynard a generation ago. Unfortunately she is not very trusting towards strangers.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 7] Plan B
    Shown 8th March 2017

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) wants to get rid of her unwanted demi-god foetus. The magical abortionist demands a million dollars payment.

    Fillory is bankrupt. They are now at war, but cannot afford to pay their bills. As a result, they need a lot of gold.

    The tweenagers team up to rob a bank on Earth. The bad news is, the banks all have magical defences.

    Worse, there is an invisible ogre after Julia. It wants to kill her before her demon seed can hurt any more innocents.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 8] Word As Bond
    Shown 15th March 2017

    Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) takes advantage of her deal with Quentin. She is planning something, and uses their agreement to take control of his body while he is asleep.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) is suffering side-effects from the operation. Quentin gets her to hide out in Fillory, where she gets bored and helps Margo ( Summer Bishil ) negotiate with the talking trees. However, the tree people are not interested in negotiating. Worse, Eliot is still to recover from the previous episode.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 9] Lesser Evils
    Shown 22nd March 2017

    Penny and his girlfriend Kady ( Jade Tailor ) have found Reynard's son, so they break Julia ( Stella Maeve ) out of house-arrest in Fillory. She is relatively evil, because she has begun to show cleavage. The offspring has grown up to become a US politician (Christopher Gorham - Jake 2.0 ). He gives off more magical energy than anyone else on Earth, but somehow he was never talent-scouted for Brakebills.

    Fillory is losing its war with its neighbour, Loria. Eliot has a new solution - single combat with Loria's King. His wife gives him a magical sword, but he thinks this is not enough. Margo ( Summer Bishil ) wants to boost his confidence, so she magically compels everyone to perform a musical number from Les Miserables .

    Quentin is dying, thanks to Alice's presence. Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy - Supernatural ) has him caged in the dungeon, next to a victim of sexually-transmitted lycanthropy.

    The well-spring, source of all magic on Fillory and Earth, is failing. This means Eliot's magic sword is at risk, not to mention Brakebill's security system which is the only thing keeping Reynard at bay. Margo tries to talk the Fairies into repairing it, but they want something in return.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 10] The Girl Who Told Time (60 min)
    Shown 29th March 2017

    Quentin hangs out with Eliot and Margo ( Summer Bishil ) in Fillory. Three months have passed there, so Eliot's child must be near its delivery date.

    Margo is not the only one who made a terrible deal. Penny sold himself to the Library, which sounds like a great thing but Penny is not a book-lover. Can they use the Library to find a way to defeat Reynard?

    Quentin self-medicates with magical hash-brownies, and dreams that Julia's shade is floating about somewhere on Earth. He abandons Fillory and goes back to help Julia. Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy - Supernatural ) has begun to write up his memoirs. After all, he is the only one who can remember his lifetimes from the thirty-nine previous time loops.

    The Library sends Penny out to collect overdue books. He still cannot cast spells by himself, so he takes his girlfriend Kady ( Jade Tailor ) along. The first book is in the hands of Marlee Maitlin , who runs a clickbait website.

    Eliot's approval rating is only 26 percent. To raise his popularity he plans a royal wedding. Unfortunately the Foo Fighters have a plan of their own.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 11] The Rattening (60 min)
    Shown 05 Apr 17

    Quentin and Julia ( Stella Maeve ) make a deal with a Dragon. She sends them to the underworld, where they only have 24 hours to find her soul. At least she knows a few people there who can help her.

    Penny is assigned a new job - re-shelving books in the Library. His new supervisor is a stroppy child. However, at least he can have Inception style dream sex with his girlfriend Kady ( Jade Tailor ) back at Brakebills.

    Reynard has given up on killing hedge-witches. Instead he spends all day helping his son (Christopher Gorham - Jake 2.0 ). But is he helping him or corrupting him? And will the son take after his father? After all, he is the spawn of a trickster god.

    Eliot prepares for his new marriage. However, someone turns most of the mortals in the castle into rodents. Margo ( Summer Bishil ) suspects the Fairies are behind it, but there might be another power at work.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 12] Ramifications (60 min)
    Shown 12 Apr 17

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) has gotten back from the Underworld. Now she and Quentin set out on a new project - raise Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) from the dead. They recruit the Russian professor, Makovsky, to help.

    Eliot has been banished from Fillory. Presumably the idea of mixing a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliamentary system was taken as some kind of abdication. Since Penny has been recruited by the Library, the only way back to Fillory would be with Quentin's magic button. Of course, Quentin has traded it to get Julia and Alice back. Together they try to find the original portal - not a wardrobe, but a grandfather clock.

    Josh the drug-dealer is trapped in Fillory. Luckily, as the only Earth-person left he is the default High King. And this is lucky indeed, because he is actually good at it.

    Margo ( Summer Bishil ) has gone to the Fairy realm in order to free Fenn, the pregnant girl. To cut on costs we do not see the realm itself. All we see is what Josh sees.

    Penny and his supervisor, Sybil, go looking for the Poison room. It is a secret world where the most dangerous books are kept. Sybil suspects that the secrets there will reveal an apocalyptic event due to occur within the next few weeks.

    Julia and Kady ( Jade Tailor ) go after Reynard. To lure him in, they make him think that Persephone ( Garcelle Beauvais ) is back.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 2, Episode 13] We Have Brought You Little Cakes (60 min)
    Shown 19 Apr 17

    Reynard is out of the way. However, there is another capricious god to deal with - Ember. He narrates the voiceover at the start of the episode, which explains the backstory as well as the main story so far. There is an element of Deus Ex Machina, literally - because Ember turns out to have a brother, Umber.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) is back on the team again, despite what she did in last Season's climactic battle. Somehow she no longer has the pistol with the god-killing bullet - it mysteriously disappeared off-screen during the previous episode's climax. However, she still has the know-how of how to make such a weapon.

    Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) is unable to help. She may be back from the dead, but she had a taste of power and the withdrawl syndrome is terrible. Quentin has tried everything to cheer her up - except tantric sex magic.

    It turns out that there are consequences to killing a god. They are the spawn of the Elder Gods, and no moral should wish to come to the attention of those in authority.

    The Magicians

    Season 3

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 1] The Tale of the Seven Keys
    Shown 10 Jan 18

    Quentin and Julia ( Stella Maeve ) try to get magic restored. Luckily they get a lead on a God who happens to be hanging out on Earth. Can they convince him to fix things?

    Eliot and Margo ( Summer Bishil ) are trying to run things in Fillory. Unfortunately the palace has been overrun by Fairies, which only the two Magicians can see. Somehow the Fairies know everything that the Magicians plot. Luckily, the Earthlings communicate through pop culture references. For those who do not get the references, there are subtitles!

    Penny has it even worse. He is slowly dying of cancer, and his symptoms get worse if he spends over an hour away from the Library. Worse than that, the Library is being sucked into a black hole.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 2] Heroes and Morons
    Shown 17 Jan 18

    Quentin and Julia ( Stella Maeve ) get the book and discover what the quest is. They must recover seven magical keys in order to access a magical castle.

    Eliot sets off to find the first key, aboard a magical boat crewed by Admiral Akbar (Roger Cross - The Strain ). His wife wants to come along, even though she is now acting like the Log Lady from Twin Peaks .

    Once again, Eliot and Margo ( Summer Bishil ) have a pop-culture reference chat. This time it is to mock the trope of the baby that suddenly becomes a teenager. The reason for this referencing the cliche is that the Fairy Queen ( Candis Cayne ) returns Eliot's daughter to him as a teenager. Unfortunately the girl's only loyalty is to the Fairies that raised her.

    Quentin and the team try to find Makovsky's magical batteries. They bump into Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ), who is also after the batteries so she can save herself from the monster pursuing her.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 3] The Losses of Magic
    Shown 24 Jan 18

    Eliot's boat is boarded by pirates. The Admiral (Roger R Cross - The Strain ) and Fillory's best swordsman probably do a bit of fighting off-screen, but apparently their combined efforts are not enough.

    Margot ( Summer Bishil ) comes to the rescue. She talks the Fairy Queen ( Candis Cayne ) into taking her and a couple of minions by Pegasus to the pirate vessel. The Pirate King ( Daniella Alonso ) is willing to negotiate, and Margot is bisexual enough to flirt with her (and potentially whore herself out). The real problem is the sentient ships. The pirate ship is male and seeks to mate, while the Royal ship is female and (unlike Margot) reluctant to whore herself.

    Kady ( Jade Tailor ) tries to save Penny by summoning a demon. Julia ( Stella Maeve ) goes along with it, despite knowing that such things usually go horribly wrong. The demon they summon is Julian Ritchings ( Supernatural ).

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 4] Be the Penny
    Shown 31 Jan 18

    Penny's body has died. However, he was astrally projecting when it happened so his soul is still tethered to his body for the next seven days. The Library intends to send a corpse-eater, so that his soul will be sent to the Underworld. Penny tries to communicate using everything at his disposal. A helpful spirit teaches him how to act like a poltergeist - hence the episode's title. He even tries to possess the Margollem.

    Penny can jump to other realms. He discovers what Margo ( Summer Bishil ) is up to on Fillory. Eliot and his women should have taken their chances with the pirates. Instead they are stuck in the Library. Without magic it has been isolated from all other worlds, and with no food it has been overrun by cannibals.

    The Principal, Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy - Supernatural ), has problems of his own. Since Brakebills cannot function, and there is no point in having a magical college without magic, the Board of Governors is going to vote on selling the place off. He gets Quentin and Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) to accompany him on a visit to one of the Governors ( Jamie Ray Newman ), in the hope of getting a stay of execution.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 5] A Life In The Day
    Shown 07 Feb 18

    On Fillory, Margo ( Summer Bishil ) has been auctioned off in marriage. The Fairy Queen ( Candis Cayne ) has made a deal with the Iron Queen ( Dina Meyer ), who rules an army of four thousand spears. Fillory already has an alliance with their biggest neighbour, but this new marriage proposal is making people nervous.

    Quentin and Eliot have the clue to find the next key. They return to Fillory, but they are decades too early. At least this gives them some time to finish the puzzle. Even if it takes them a lifetime, that is.

    Julie has yet another encounter with a possessed person. She takes Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) and the truth key to a bar, and they try to get to the bottom of things. Persephone ( Garcelle Beauvais ) makes a quick appearance to deliver exposition.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 6] Do You Like Teeth?
    Shown 14 Feb 18

    The Stone Queen ( Dina Meyer ) tricks Margo ( Summer Bishil ) into spending time with her new husband. She keeps the lonely teenager at bay by making references to the horror movie Teeth .

    Quentin takes the magic yacht to find the next key. He discovers it around the neck of Poppy Klein ( Felicia Day ), a castaway on a raft. Unfortunately the key is cursed.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) tries to transfer her magic to Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ). Unfortunately this will be more difficult than they realised. Luckily, magical creatures still retain their magic

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 8] Poached Eggs
    Shown 21 Feb 18

    Margo ( Summer Bishil ) holds some of the Fairy eggs hostage. The first stage of the plan is to get the Fairy Queen ( Candis Cayne ) to trade her bathtub to the People of Fillory, so that everyone can see the Fairys.

    Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) is suffering rejection syndrome after the transplant. Julia ( Stella Maeve ) and Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy - Supernatural ) visit Irene ( Jamie Ray Newman ) to get some magic off her. She has some snortable powder she got from an unnamed magical creature.

    Penny goes looking for Kady ( Jade Tailor ), who has been missing for the last episode or two. She is back in the mental asylum, so the team have to break her out. Naturally something goes wrong so the tension is increased.

    The freeloaders boss, Harriet ( ) agrees to help, but wants them to steal a book from the library for her.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 8] Six Short Stories About Magic
    Shown 28 Feb 18

    This was directed by Salli Richardson-Whitfield . The stories are interlinked, but they do not happen at the same time.

    Penny, an astral projection, visits the netherworld. The locals do not have money, so he has to bribe them with spoilers from Game of Thrones .

    Quentin and Poppy Klein ( Felicia Day ) go through the mirror bridge to the library.

    Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) tries to make a deal with the Library.

    In Fillory, the peasants are revolting. Margo ( Summer Bishil ) and Eliot are on trial for their lives, and the magistrate is a wombat. Yes, somehow they were mistakenly given Trial By Wombat.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) investigates Irene( Jamie Ray Newman ), and discover which unnamed magical creature she got the snortable powder from.

    The freeloaders boss, Harriet ( ), gets a subplot of her own. Since she is deaf there is no sound, and the communication is ASL (with subtitles). We discover why she hates the Library so much.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 9] All That Josh
    Shown 07 Mar 18

    Quentin, Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) and Kady ( Jade Tailor ) end up in a pocket universe where magic still exists. It is run by Todd and Josh, and they keep it going by performing musical numbers all the time. If the appearance of Felicia Day in the cast was not enough, the existence of a Musical episode is a certain sign the show has jumped the shark.

    Kady distracts Todd and the party animals with a classy strip-tease act. The others try to get answers out of Josh.

    In Fillory, Eliot and Margo ( Summer Bishil ) get to choose the manner of their execution. Yes, the supposedly peace-loving Fillorians have a long list of painful and degrading forms of state-sponsored murder. The Earthlings go for infinite waterfall, as a way to stall for time. It turns out that pretty much ALL the locals are glad to be rid of them. But it makes no sense that the Fillorians so strongly oppose having an Earthling as a figurehead. Surely all the locals would have to do is distract the nominal rulers with pleasures, and then present them with the appropriate documents to rubber-stamp.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) tries to rescue a Fairy that has been enslaved by Irene ( Jamie Ray Newman ). This subplot is reminiscent of the House Elves in Harry Potter , but predictably it has a much darker tone.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 10] The Art of the Deal
    Shown 14 Mar 18

    The title is taken from a book ghost-written on behalf of Donald Trump, the most-hated man in North America at the time.

    Penny is chained to a trolly in the Underworld's library. He does not like having to work for a living, although in all fairness he is not technically alive. However, he discovers a backdoor out of the place.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) is obsessed with helping the fairies escape. She visits Irene McCallister ( Jamie Ray Newman ), who sends her to her uncle (Michael Hogan - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ) for an Elf-enslaving magical collar.

    Quentin, Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) and Josh join Margo and Eliot on the flying boat. Fillory is now at war with their two neighbours, a sign that the marital alliances were a good thing.

    Julia makes a deal with the Fairy Queen ( Candis Cayne ), who is the arch-villain that everyone else wants to defeat. The whole idea of the Quest is to liberate Fillory. The Fairies play the victim card, despite the fact that they enslaved an entire nation. Now Julia will help wipe out one of Brakebills' most powerful allies.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 11] Twenty-Three
    Shown 21 Mar 18

    The High Kings and Queens of Fillory are in hiding. They send Josh back to Earth, to talk with Julia ( Stella Maeve ).

    Julia and Josh get summoned to Timeline 23. Marina ( Kacey Rohl ) and Alternate Josh want to deal with The Beast. Unfortunately most of the alternate versions of the regular cast are dead or worse.

    The Beast has been asking for Julia by name. Despite her history with him, she does not think of negotiating with him. Since he has been corrupted by a combination of godlike powers and a missing shade, it seems she has given up on him entirely.

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 12] The Fillorian Candidate
    Shown 28 Mar 18

    Alternate Penny has joined the others in the main timeline. Josh narrates a montage about the story so far, like Luis in Ant-Man And The Wasp .

    Fillory is still in the hands of the usurper. The plan is for the Children of Earth to get elected. Eliot runs on a solo ticket as the High King, on the excuse that Fillory is a patriarchal society. If this is true, then because Fillory is a utopia then patriarchy must be the best system. Anyway, Margo ( Summer Bishil ) feels a bit left out by this. Worse, the Fairy Queen ( Candis Cayne ) does not want to make a deal to help them.

    Alice ( Olivia Taylor Dudley ) tries to make a deal with the Library. They want her to use a siphon to steal the last spark of magic for them.

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) needs to find the secret castle at the end of the universe. The only ones who know where it is are the ones who have been there before - the Gods. And the only God that they know is still on Earth is ... Loki!

    The Magicians The Magicians [Season 3, Episode 13] Will You Play with Me?
    Shown 04 Apr 18

    Julia ( Stella Maeve ) has been appointed as a Goddess. Sort of like how Cordelia ascended to a higher plane in Angel (1999) .

    The guys discover where the secret castle has been hidden. It is the prison for the most dangerous monster in the universe. If the heroes are to fulfill the quest and reactivate magic, they must avoid unleashing the monster at all costs.

    The Library, now in control of Brakebills, is still plotting to monopolise magic. Except for Fairy magic, that is. The Fairy Queen ( Candis Cayne ) makes a deal with Irene McCallister ( Jamie Ray Newman ).

    The ending is a cliffhannger setup for the next Season.

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