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Season 1

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 1] Purgatory
Shown 01 Apr 16

A pair of siblings in the Midwest USA use a magical Colt revolver to fight demons. If this sounds familiar, it is because this show basically takes the premise for Supernatural (2005) and gender-swaps it so the protagonists are sisters instead of brothers. It is all set in a single town, instead of a different setting each week, which may be a symptom of a much lower budget. Certainly the opening credits sequence seems quite basic and low-budget compared to other shows. That said, this is based on a comic so at least the viewers should expect a plot arc and decent backstory.

The story is simple. The protagonists are descended from Wyatt Earp, and have inherited his demon-killing revolver. They also have an ally in the form of a US Marshal, part of a demon-hunting department of the US Justice system that Wyatt set up.

The demons mostly keep to their trailer park, far outside the town. They only come at Wynonna a few at a time, so it seems like a fair fight. Also there is a mysterious stranger who acts and dresses like someone from the old West.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 2] Keep the Home Fires Burning
Shown 08 Apr 16

Wynonna goes on her first mission as an official US Marshal. The real Marshal is the Token Black Guy, so the rules of US TV dictate he will not be a love interest.

The town has a new Deputy, Nicole Haught ( Katherine Barrell ). She does not seem to know what happened to her predecessor, who was britally slaughtered by a demon. Even if she did know she would probably not care, because she is too preoccupied with Wynonna's younger, hotter sister.

This week the demons' plan is to send a Reaper after her. It is a big shadowy CGI creature with a black cloak and glowing red eyes, the kind of thing we have seen many times before.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 3] Leavin' on Your Mind
Shown 15 Apr 16

The demons take some humans hostage. They have a plan to escape from the deadly triangle. It turns out that they have someone on the outside - a powerful witch. Is this the woman that Doc Holliday is obsessed with finding?

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 4] The Blade
Shown 22 Apr 16

A ghostly serial-killer is on the loose. This one only appears in mirrors, and targets people who have done something unforgivable. Naturally, one of the regular characters becomes his main target because nobody cares if a one-off character is put in jeopardy.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 5] Diggin' Up Bones
Shown 29 Apr 16

The Marshals decide to arrest Bo-Bo, head of the Revenants. They play everything by the book, and we get some exposition as to why this must be the case.

Bo-Bo's lawyer is Ce-Ce Stone. It turns out that she is lawyer by day, witch by night. Yes, she is the Stone Witch that Doc Holliday has been searching for. However, despite her making herself easy for him to find she is certainly not easy to defeat.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 6] Constant Cravings
Shown 06 May 16

Wynonna and her boss go looking for two more of the Revenants who killed her dad. They uncover a Donner Party style family that eats its victims.

Wynonna's sister Waverly sorts out their uncle's will. It turns out that Waverly has a destiny of her own. Uncle paid for her online courses in supernatural history, and now she is keeper of the bones. This may have something to do with Bo-Bo's plan, which is to recover parts of specific a human skeleton for trade with the Stone Witch.

We discover that the Marshall boss has a secret of his own. Well, why not? After all, everyone else's secret has been exposed (half-way through the Season) so he will need one of his own in order to draw out the rest of the Season.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 7] Walkin' After Midnight
Shown 13 May 16

Wynonna and the lesbian Deputy start to bond. Their bosses are away, so they get drunk together and try to solve a series of mysterious murders.

Wynonna's little sister dumped her loser boyfriend last week, so it looks like the Deputy might have a chance. However, this week little sister is hosting a batchelorette party for her friends. She only has two friends left, it seems - it is a small town, and the local death rate has had a serious spike since Wynonna returned. Luckily, Doc Holliday has nothing better to do than hang around and brighten things up.

The Stone Witch is back. She has a couple of thugs, and leaves a trail of bodies in her wake. It seems she is after the skull that little sister was made guardian of last week. Wow, what a convenient plot device and lack of subtle build-up or foreshadowing.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 8] Two-Faced Jack
Shown 20 May 16

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 9] Bury Me With My Guns On
Shown 27 May 16

Wynonna is suffering from PTSD after the events of the previous episode. She gets suspended from duty as a Black Badge US Marshal.

Doc Holliday's arch-enemy, the Stone Witch, is at her weakest. She has had a falling out with Bobo, and without allies she is at a severe disadvantage. Luckily she has an uzi and can take out twenty opponents with only thirty bullets, so even on full automatic she must make a deadly shot at least two times out of three!

It turns out that in this universe, just like in Supernatural (2005) , if you burn a demon's bones you also destroy their soul. Yet another point of similarity between the two shows.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 10] She Wouldn't Be Gone
Shown 03 Jun 16

Bobo's arch-rival is in town. Wynonna goes looking for him, to try and make a deal. Unfortunately he is now an insane Cult leader, with a shape-shifter as muscle.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 11] Landslide
Shown 10 Jun 16

Bobo has a couple of new helpers. They are twins in dominatrix-style corsets, with a vampiric bloodlust and powers of seduction. However, it only works on men.

Wynonna has a helper of her own. Her elder sister, the original heir to Wyatt Earp's demon-killing legacy, is back.

With his arch-enemy no longer a threat, Doc Holliday takes her car and leaves town. However, he ends up with a broken fan-belt at a remote location. Can he rely on a mysterious stranger to help him out?

Someone hires a gang of gun-toting thugs to assassinate Marshal Dolls, Wynonna's boss.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 12] House of Memories
Shown 17 Jun 16

Bobo has what he wants, so he holds a big party for everyone in town to attend. The Earps turn up in evening attire in the hope of foiling his mysterious plan.

Doc Holliday is tied up ... in a torturer's basement.

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 1, Episode 13] I Walk the Line
Shown 24 Jun 16

Wynonna and Waverly try to stop Bobo and his accomplice from escaping. But first they have to evade the entire town's population.

Doc and Special Agent Dolls team up to take on the Revenants. It turns out that, as the Stone Witch showed a few episodes ago, you do not need a supernatural Colt peacemaker to kille them. Yes, regular bullets seem to work just fine.





Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp [Season 2, Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

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