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Season 1

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 25 Jan 16

Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis - Merlin ) has quit his job as Prince of Hell and is now owner/manager of a night club in Los Angeles. His sidekick, Maze ( Lesley-Ann Brandt ), is a demon posing as a bartender.

A rival angel, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ), drops by to remind Lucifer of his responsibilities. However, he would rather hang out with his former employee Delilah ( Kayla Ewell ). She did not have to sell her soul to become a celebrity, because Lucifer gave it all to her for free.

Lucifer decides to play detective. The LAPD officer in charge of the case is Chloe Decker ( Lauren German ), and ironically her ex-husband Dan (Kevin Alejandro - Arrow: Season 2 ) is a cow-orker of hers.

Lucifer's superpowers seem limited. He can recover instantly from a hail of bullets, and escape with ease from a pair of handcuffs. However, he cannot read minds or uncover sins - merely persuade people to tell him their deepest desires. Also, he is willing to prostitute himself to women, providing sexual favours in exchange for information. If only women were treated as equal to men, and thus behaved with equal sexual availability.

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 2] Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.
Shown 01 Feb 16

Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis - Merlin ) is still prostituting himself to Dr. Linda Martin ( Rachael Harris ) in exchange for psychiatric advice. LAPD Detective Chloe Decker ( Lauren German ) is still interested in solving the mystery of how Lucifer is bulletproof. Neither of them believe him when he confesses that he is the Dveil.

Lucifer is obsessed with Chloe too. He accompanies her to a crime scene, and they both involve themselves in a police investigation. The actual investigating officer is Dan (Kevin Alejandro - Arrow: Season 2 ), and neither Lucifer nor Chloe is allowed to be involved with the case. Of course, this will not prevent them.

A paparazzo (Jeremy Davies - Lost ) has confessed to causing a car crash in a Princess Diana type pursuit. Chloe has a grudge against him from her earlier days as an actress. However, she takes it upon herself to clear the man's name and find the real killer.

Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ) reveals that Lucifer's stay among mortals has weakened him. He has begun to show empathy towards victims.

Lucifer is portrayed as a likeable rogue because of his sex-positive attitude. Unfortunately the reactionary TV network that this show is made for is not the kind to tolerate a similar attitude from the female protagonist. Chloe's backstory is that she was an actress when she was younger, and became famous for an amazing topless scene. However, she is portrayed as a victim whose life was ruined and may have problems raising her child because of her on-screen nudity. The real slut-shaming is aimed at the paparazzos (and their audience), who are obsessed with nip slips and upskirt shots.

Lucifer's powers are inconsistent, a problem prevalent in superpower stories. They allow him to abduct a suspect from police custody, but he can only get a confession from the suspect when the plot demands it. Despite being an archangel he cannot slow time, although a lesser angel like Amenadiel can do it. Finally, he complains that sinners will not be punished in the afterlife so he takes it upon himself to do in on Earth instead. Surely this is what the police, courts and prisons are for. Hell is therefore unnecessary duplication of the American justice system.

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 3] The Would-Be Prince of Darkness
Shown 08 Feb 16

guest-starring Sofia Vassilieva and Jodi Lynn O'Keefe

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 4] Manly Whatnots
Shown 15 Feb 16

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 5] Sweet Kicks
Shown 22 Feb 16

Lucifer and his bodyguard, Maze ( Lesley-Ann Brandt ), are at a fashion show when it gets shot up.

The suspects include a Latina girl ( Alyssa Diaz ) who is affiliated with a street-gang.

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 6] Favorite Son
Shown 29 Feb 16

Someone steals a shipping container from a dockside warehouse. Lucifer does not care, until Maze ( Lesley-Ann Brandt ) tells him that the container had his property in it.

The suspects include Hank Cutter (Tom Sizemore - Red Planet ).

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 7] Wingman
Shown 07 Mar 16

Lucifer's wings are missing. He asks his brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ) to help look for them.

The wings turn up at an illicit auction of magical items. Unfortunately, the FBI intend to raid the place and seize all the items as evidence. Lucifer and Amenadiel team up and visit the auction as bidders.

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 8] Et Tu, Doctor?
Shown 14 Mar 16

A psychiatrist is murdered. Lucifer gets his own shrink, Dr. Linda Martin ( Rachael Harris ), assigned to help the case. His personal agenda is to get her to work on his sidekick, Chloe Decker ( Lauren German ). This predictably backfires on him.

One of the suspects is the dead man's patient - Jim Rash (Community).

Chloe seems to be warming up towards her ex-husband Dan (Kevin Alejandro - Arrow: Season 2 ).

The ongoing plotline about the crooked cop is yet to be tied up. It seems the main suspect is now Valmuchi (Lochlyn Monro - Jason Vs Freddy ).

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 9] A Priest Walks Into A Bar
Shown 21 March 2016

A priest, Father Frank, visits the bar and asks Lucifer for help. Apparently a drug dealer is operating out of the priest's youth centre. Lucifer enlists his favourite police detective and goes off to help the dealer prove that Father frank is up to no good. Of course, Lucifer discovers a dead body so the detective gets to do her real job of investigating homicides.

Lucifer reluctantly starts to bond with Father Frank, even though the priest stands for everything that Lucifer is against. They are both skilled piano players. Nice to see friendship crossing the divide in different moral outlooks.

Lucifer's brother, the angel Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ), has another plan to force Lucifer back into Hell. This involves the corrupt cops in the local precinct. He is able to manipulate them with the threat of Hell. Of course, by obeying him they are hardly taking the path towards Heaven.

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 10] Pops
Shown 28 Mar 16

The title character is the deceased, the owner of a restuarant. The suspects include the dead man's prodigal son and his girlfriend, a former waitress named Naomi Austin ( Alessandra Torresani ).

Lucifer meets Chloe's mother ( Rebecca De Mornay ). It turns out that Chloe's relationship with her parent is almost as fraught as Lucifer's. This illustrates the episode's underlying theme.

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 11] St. Lucifer
Shown 04 Apr 16

Chloe acts out of character by getting drunk and horny. Lucifer acts out of character by refusing the opportunity. He feels so good about it that he decides to do more good deeds. This is his comedy-relief aspect for the episode.

The murder victim of the week is a philanthropist. Mirroring Lucifer's status, he is a bad-boy made good.

Maze ( Lesley-Ann Brandt ) sleeps with Lucifer's brother, the angel Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ). She is trying to play both sides.

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 12] #TeamLucifer
Shown 11 Apr 16

Someone is killing Satanists. They are sacrificed in the name of Lucifer.

The killer's true identity is a bit of a let-down. However, the actor's performance is amazing.

Lucifer Lucifer [Season 1, Episode 13] Take Me Back To Hell
Shown 25th April 2016 [Wednesday]

Lucifer has been framed for murder. His only ally is Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ).

Chloe and some uniformed cops see Lucifer apparently teleport out of a room, but nobody thinks it is in any way unusual. Her ex-husband Dan (Kevin Alejandro - Arrow: Season 2 ) has to come clean about what happened in previous episodes. Will honesty be rewarded or punished?






Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Lucifer

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    Season 2

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 1] Everything's Coming Up Lucifer
    Shown 19 Sep 16

    The team has a new CSI, a quirky young lady named Ella Lopez ( Aimee Garcia ). She is so good at crime-solving that Lucifer is almost superfluous to the plot.

    Lucifer assumes this week's murder was committed by his mother. However, she is in a borrowed human body and he will have no idea which one until he confronts her face-to-face.

    Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ) discovers his powers are fading. He cannot freeze time the way he used to. Well, this is a good thing from a story-telling perspective, much like Lucifer becoming vulnerable around Chloe. After all, if the characters are impossible to defeat then there is no sense of urgency to the plot.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 2] Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire
    Shown 03 Oct 16

    Lucifer's mother arrives at the bar. Her soul is in the body of a woman named Charlotte ( Tricia Helfer ) who was murdered. Luckily there were other bodies, so Chloe has a case to investigate.

    Maze ( Lesley-Ann Brandt ) is left to babysit to her old charge. This episode certainly passes the Bechdel test.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 3] Sin-Eater
    Shown 10 Oct 16

    The victim of the week was burned at the stake. Lucifer is personally offended, as he regards punishment as his personal line of work. The first suspect is the victim's work supervisor, Leila Simms ( Robin Givens ). Her cow-orker is the token Asian guy from Chuck, so he is a suspect as well.

    It turns out that a serial killer is on the loose. The victims are people who played cruel practical jokes on people, and uploaded the videos to an internet social media site.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 4] Lady Parts
    Shown 17 Oct 16

    A couple of young women are found dead, and it turns out they were given poisonous drinks while on a night out.

    It seems that the sole purpose of the character of Maze ( Lesley-Ann Brandt ) is to interact mainly with other named female characters, so as to ensure every episode passes the Bechdel test. This time she doubles down. First she pays a visit to her old charge, Charlotte ( Tricia Helfer ). Then she cajoles Chloe into having a drunken girls' night out. The Shrink and the new CSI girl all tag along.

    The main suspect is Yuri (Robert Picardo - Star Trek: Voyager ).

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 5] The Weaponizer
    Shown 24 Oct 16

    It turns out that Chloe's accident was caused by Uriel (Michael Imperioli - Sopranos), an angel who can see patterns and thus mess with probabilities to cause accidents. He delivers an ultimatum - hand over Charlotte ( Tricia Helfer ) or Chloe will get killed.

    The murder case of the week is an action movie star who seems to be based on Wesley Snipes. The suspects include his ex-wife ( Charisma Carpenter ) and his rival, Van Damme (Mark Dacascos - Crow: Stairway to Heaven ).

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 6] Monster
    Shown 31 Oct 16

    Lucifer has terrible emotional problems, as a result of his guilt over what happened to Uriel (Michael Imperioli - Sopranos). This distracts him from his usual process of crime-solving.

    The murder case of the week is the bride at a zombie-themed wedding. It turns out that she is just the first in a killing spree.

    Chloe is too busy to look after her own child, so she gets her new house-mate to take the kid trick-or-treating. Unfortunately her house-mate is Maze. What could possibly go wrong?

    The shrink realises that Lucifer is adopting an avoidance strategy when it comes to dealing with his emotional problems. She has always assumed that his references to celestial beings was use of metaphor to similarly avoid reality. She gets him to reveal his true face to her.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 7] My Little Monkey
    Shown 07 Nov 16

    Lucifer tries to cope with his emotional turmoil. His shrink does not want to see him again. To cope, he tries to become more like Detective Dan.

    The murder case of the week is a convict who was on day release. He was assassinated by someone who also took out the driver. Unfortunately Chloe has a conflict of interest, because the victim was in prison for killing her father sixteen years ago.

    Lucifer and Dan go undercover to catch a Russian mobster.

    Maze is depressed because she cannot find a job that suits her talents. Worse, her only friend - Linda the Shrink - will not let her into the office because of her new racist no-demons-allowed policy.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 8] Trip to Stabby Town
    Shown 14 Nov 16

    Lucifer is back at the shrink's office again. However, she does not exactly feel comfortable with him. She cares more about his backstory than his actual problems.

    The murder case of the week is a female cyclist. The killer used Azrael's blade. yes, someone dug up Uriel's unmarked grave and stole the murder weapon. Lucifer calls in Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ) and Maze to help find it. After all, it is a magical artefact and causes people to fixate on tiny grudges until they are murderous.

    Lucifer's mother is hard at work as a lady lawyer. She is busy multi-tasking, as she has discovered reverse cowgirl position. Nobody realises that she is one of only three people who knew where the body was buried.

    Lucifer gets the CSI girl to help him out. However, Chloe realises that they spend a lot of time together and assumes they are having an unprofessional relationship. That said, she gets somewhat jealous.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 9] Homewrecker
    Shown 21 Nov 16

    Lucifer comes to grips with the fact that, since he never belonged in either Heaven or Hell, Los Angeles is his home. No sooner has he done this than his home is in jeopardy.

    The murder case of the week is the landlord who owned the land that Lucifer's night-club is on. Unfortunately the dead man's son now wants to evict Lucifer. Luckily Maze is still hanging around the night-club, even though she quit ages ago and is now a professional bounty-hunter.

    Maze suspects that Lucifer's mother is probably connected to the murder. However, Lucifer and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ) do not see how manipulative she is.

    Lucifer is told that his lease is not legally valid because it is written in lipstick on a stripper's thong. He does not bother to contact a lawyer, although the only lawyer he knows is his mother and she wants to destroy his home so he has to return to Heaven with her. And despite hijacking a bus tour and giving the tourists a top-class education on the downtown area, he never thinks of having his building declared a historical monument.

    Lucifer's mother has a few evil plans. Her first one is to blow up the nightclub. Next she seduces Detective Dan. Well, they actually have a lot in common. Finally, she tries to assassinate Chloe.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 10] Quid Pro Ho
    Shown 28 Nov 16

    Chloe's mother Penelope ( Rebecca De Mornay ) is back in town. This time it is to attend the trial of the man arrested in Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 7] My Little Monkey for the murder of her husband, Chloe's dad.

    Lucifer's mother Charlotte is the defence lawyer. This is bad news for Detective Dan, whose hook-up with her last week now seems like a bad idea.

    Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside - Buffy: Season 7 ) tries to clean up his mother's mess. Unfortunately this means he falls foul of Maze. No good deed goes unpunished.

    Lucifer takes Dan and Maze on a trip to follow a lead. Once again, Maze gets to do a fight scene. Yes, she is good for something other than passing the Bechdel test.

    Amenadiel recognises Penelope. We finally get to find out why Chloe has at least one supernatural power, specifically the power to make Lucifer physically vulnerable.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 11] Stewardess Interruptus
    Shown 16 Jan 17

    Someone is killing off Lucifer's ex-lovers. Chloe assumes one of them is jealous and has started killing the competition, so she interviews his most recent one-night stands.

    Lucifer and Chloe visit a party hosted by Andy Kleinburg (Jamie Kennedy - Ghost Whisperer ).

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 12] Love Handles
    Shown 23 Jan 17

    We discover the purpose of the McGuffin from the previous episode. It was not a mere plot device for the characters to fight over. It contained a selection of designer poisons, and someone has used them on some college students.

    The villain is a Professor (Tim DeKay - Second Chance ). Like Jigsaw in the Saw series, he gives his victims a choice. Either they mutilate themselves, or someone dies.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 13] A Good Day to Die
    Shown 30 Jan 17

    Chloe shows the effects of one of the poisons from the previous episodes. Because the poisons were all custom-made, there is no off-the-shelf antidote that can save her.

    Lucifer goes to Hell to visit the Professor (Tim DeKay - Second Chance ), the only man who knows the exact formula of Chloe's poison. But if the Professor made the poison himself, why did he need to have it smuggled into the country? Anyway, it turns out that every hellish punishment is personalised - it is the victim's worst memory, and they are forced to relive it as long as their own conscience makes them.

    Maze and the Shrink try to resuscitate Lucifer. Unfortunately he has to get out of his own personal hell with Uriel (Michael Imperioli - Sopranos). His mother volunteers to go in and pull him out.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 14] Candy Morningstar
    Shown 01 May 17

    After the events of the previous episode, Lucifer has gone MIA. Now he turns up with a new bride, Candy ( Lindsey Gort ) - an exotic dancer he married in Las Vegas.

    The murder case of the week is the guitarist in a local rock band. One of the suspects is the victim's marital counsellor (Jonathan Togo - SU2 ), so Chloe goes undercover pretending to be Candy.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 15] Deceptive Little Parasite
    Shown 08 May 17

    Lucifer has the magical sword he needs to open the gates of Heaven. Yes, he and his family will be able to return home. However, he cannot use the sword until he can make it glow. To do that, he has to master his emotions.

    The murder case of the week is a woman who was a teacher at an exclusive Primary School that specialises in helping the children to master their emotions. Lucifer becomes obsessed, and takes Trixie along so he can nose around.

    Chloe and Maze go undercover at the school, posing as married Lesbians. It used to be that Maze was merely Lucifer's hench-person, but now she is Chloe's plus-one. This is obviously aimed at passing the Bechdel test. However, all it really does is to adopt sitcom cliches. Maze is no longer a career-woman with a life of her own, she is the Main Girl's ditzy best friend who has no value outside of her friendship with Chloe.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 16] God Johnson
    Shown 15 May 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 17] Sympathy for the Goddess
    Shown 22 May 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 2, Episode 18] The Good, the Bad and the Crispy
    Shown 29 May 17


    Season 3


    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 1] They're Back Again, Aren't They?
    Shown 02 Oct 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 2] The One with the Baby Carrot
    Shown 09 Oct 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 3] Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith
    Shown 16 Oct 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 4] What Would Lucifer Do?
    Shown 23 Oct 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 5] Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards
    Shown 30 Oct 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 6] Vegas with Some Radish
    Shown 06 Nov 17

    Candy ( Lindsey Gort ) is back.

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 7] Off the Record
    Shown 13 Nov 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 8] Chloe Does Lucifer
    Shown 20 Nov 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 9] The Sinnerman
    Shown 04 Dec 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 10] The Sin Bin
    Shown 11 Dec 17

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 11] City of Angels?
    Shown 01 Jan 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 12] All About Her
    Shown 22 Jan 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 13] Til Death Do Us Part
    Shown 29 Jan 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 14] My Brother's Keeper
    Shown 05 Feb 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 15] High School Poppycock
    Shown 26 Feb 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 16] Infernal Guinea Pig
    Shown 05 Mar 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 17] Let Pinhead Sing!
    Shown 12 Mar 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 18] The Last Heartbreak
    Shown 19 Mar 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 19] Orange is the New Maze
    Shown 26 Mar 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 20] The Angel of San Bernardino
    Shown 16 Apr 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 21] Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better
    Shown 23 Apr 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 22] All Hands on Decker
    Shown 30 Apr 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 23] Quintessential Deckerstar
    Shown 07 May 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 24] A Devil of My Word
    Shown 14 May 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 25] Boo Normal
    Shown 28 May 18

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 3, Episode 26] Once Upon a Time
    Shown 28 May 18


    Season 4

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 1] Everything's Okay
    Shown th October 2019

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 2] Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno
    Shown th October 2019

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 3] O, Ye of Little Faith, Father
    Shown th October 2019

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 4] All About Eve
    Shown th October 2019

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 5]
    Shown th October 2019

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 6]
    Shown th October 2019

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 7]
    Shown th October 2019

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 8] Super Bad Boyfriend
    Shown th October 2019

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 9] Save Lucifer
    Shown th October 2019

    Lucifer Lucifer [Season 4, Episode 1 ]
    Shown th October 2019