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Season 1

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 03 Oct 16

Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) is a history professor - even though she has not gotten tenure yet. Yes, this show has the same approach to academic rules as How I Met Your Mother. In real life, a college professor is the head of a department ... not a first-year lecturer who does not have tenure.

Our heroine's academic career is not going so well. Luckily she gets a better job offer. The US Government teams her up with a scientist and a soldier, and makes them travel back in time. Their mission is to prevent an enigmatic criminal named Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) from disrupting America's past with a time machine stolen from Connor Mason (Patterson Joseph - Neverwhere ).

Their first stop is at a great transatlantic disaster in the first half of the Twentieth Century. No, not the Titanic - yes, this is one of the few time-travel stories that does not mention it. Instead, the villain targets the Hindenberg. However, his mission is to save lives (like Belthazar in Supernatural ). He must put right what once went wrong (yes, straight out of Quantum Leap ). Our heroes are meant to stop him and maintain the timeline. They are not very good at this - the soldier's first move is an attempt to save a beautiful woman who is destined to die in the crash.

Worst of all, the scientist chosen to pilot the heroes' time-vessel is an African-American man. It turns out that every single white man in America's history is a racist bigot.

The good news is that there is a lot going on under the surface. Each of the three main characters has a backstory. Also, it turns out that changing the past actually has an effect on the characters' lives.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 2] The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Shown 10 Oct 16

Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) has experienced changes in her own personal history. However, despite having learned how bad it is to alter the timeline she still gives serious consideration to saving Abe Lincoln from his date with destiny.

The token black guy has another race-oriented episode. This time he meets some Buffalo soldiers, who expect to get free land once Lincoln enforces Reconstruction. It is implied that Lincoln's death itself is what prevented the posthumous success of his policies.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 3] Atomic City
Shown 17 Oct 16

Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) and her friends are sent back in time. They go to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1962. JFK is in town, as is Sam Giancana of the Cosa Nostra.

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) and his team took a hostage, Anthony (Matt Frewer - Eureka ). The Feds now suspect that he might be a defector. This is the focus of the Token Black Guy's storyline this week.

Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter - Star-Crossed ) is still obsessed with altering history to save his dead wife. He tries the old Back to the Future 2 technique.

The story focuses on a woman who looks like Lorelei the seductress from Agents of SHIELD . Is she an innocent victim or a Mata Hari type seductress? After all, she has complete access to the office of the President, the head of the Mafia, and other VIPs. Worse, before modern-day clear-desk security policies they probably did not even bother to lock their desk drawers.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 4] Party at Castle Varlar
Shown 24 Oct 16

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) goes back to 1944. The trio follow him to a Nazi-held castle, where he meets with Werner Von Braun.

Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter - Star-Crossed ) would rather kill Von Braun than risk him falling into enemy hands. In fact, since he is currently engaged in the V2 program then he is regarded as a legitimate target.

There is a British secret agent in the area, an unlawful combatant not dressed in a British uniform, and he helps out. His name is Fleming - Ian Fleming. In reality Ian was a desk man, and his brother Peter did the field work. When the trio get home they discover Fleming wrote a book about their adventure, and it was filmed instead of Goldfinger . Ironically, in real life Otto Skorzeny and the V2 rockets inspired the book Moonraker !

Token Black Guy speaks with both Fleming and Von Braun about their decisions. They are both cold-blooded and ruthless about achieving their objectives. Unfortunately he is not capable of doing what they do.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 5] The Alamo
Shown 31 Oct 16

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) goes back to help Santa Ana capture the Alamo. If he can prevent the Texans from rising up, he will do serious damage to the Manifest Destiny expansion westward.

Token Black Guy bonds with Davy Crockett (Jeff Kober - Tank Girl ). They do not have much in common, but that is the point. Crockett is a teller of tall tales, while TBG has problems telling an everyday lie to save his family.

Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter - Star-Crossed ) is a Texan, and he has a natural affinity with the Texican libertarians. Also, as an employee of the Federal Government he spent a lot of time fighting wars in foreign deserts. Now he has PTSD flashbacks to a time when he and his unit were besieged by a superior force. Typical of the US Military-Industrial complex, to portray the most powerful army in the world as being victims.

Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) must re-write Colonel Travis' famous letter that inspired the Texans to revolt. She cannot manage his manly prose, but will a politically correct version be equally inspirational?

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 6] The Watergate Tape
Shown 14 Nov 16

Token Black Guy is carrying the idiot ball this week. His job is to be clueless about the Watergate scandal, so Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) the historian can lay exposition on him.

The theme of the episode is secrets being uncovered. Flynn gets the missing 18 minutes of audio tape, and it substantiates his claim of the existence of Rittenhouse. How long before Token Black Guy's secret is revealed?

Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter - Star-Crossed ) is abducted by Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ). The other two have a choice - find Nixon's missing Doc, or Flynn will kill Logan. Of course, Flynn has the advantage because he has the historian's future journal.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 7] Stranded
Shown 21 Nov 16

This starts with the mission already underway. Yes, all the pointless technobabble and soap opera bickering has been avoided, and we go straight to the heroes running for their lives from historical characters.

The team have chased Flynn back to 1754. Since Rittenhouse was founded in 1798, this seems a bit premature. The natural target in the area would be George Washington, then serving as a British officer. As always in this kind of show, the role of the British Empire in securing the safety of the American colonies is ignored.

Token Black Guy complains about being a slave. Well, he complains about everything, especially his cover jobs in historical times. Somehow the White hetero male patriarchy is responsible for the fact that there were no rocket scientists (black, lesbian or cripple) in the 1750s. They could always do a Princess Caraboo , dress him as Ali Baba and pretend he is the Prince of Kaffiristan. Given the lack of geographical knowledge of the average American in any given era, up to and including the present, they could easily get away with it.

The team get trapped in 1754. The time machine is damaged, and TBG has to repair it with 1750s technology. The nearest settlement is a French-occupied fort, but luckily Lucy can speak fluent French. They also run into some native americans who hate white people. Luckily, TBG can pass himself off as a black slave.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 8] Space Race
Shown 28 Nov 16

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) and Anthony (Matt Frewer - Eureka ) have a new target - the NASA moon landings.

Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter - Star-Crossed ) still has no idea what the Apollo 11 mission was, so Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) has to explain it all. Werner Von Braun is not even mentioned.

Token Black Guy complains that his only possible cover in NASA is as a janitor. This outdated view of the organisation was disproven by Hidden Faces , the film about a black woman mathematician named Katherine Johnston. Ironically, TBG gets Katherine to help debug the NASA mainframe computer. She is still portrayed as being the only African-American woman in the building, which was most likely not the case. There are certainly lots of white women, although their job description seems to be making coffee. This was probably changed when the automatic coffee dispenser was invented. Lucy complains about the Mad Men culture of men calling women affectionate terms (baby, sweetheart) instead of "Hey, you!" ...

TBG is angry at Anthony for helping Flynn maroon the team in 1754 last week. In all fairness, this was more humane than the team's policy of just shooting dead anyone who gets in their way. Someone with a modern education, along with centuries of fore-knowledge, could be incredibly successful in previous centuries. However, TBG might actually end up murdering his old friend in revenge.

In a subplot, Flynn befriends a mysterious woman at a US military-industrial contractor. She is just a coffee-making secretary, but much like Katherine's Hidden Figures and the Mad Women she is talented and oppressed. Will Flynn be merciful or sadistic in his endgame? And will the team side with him or Rittenhouse?

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 9] Last Ride Of Bonnie & Clyde
Shown 05 Dec 16

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) goes back to Depression-era USA. He poses as a bounty-hunter, and helps the cops chase Bonnie ( Katie McGrath ) and Clyde. Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) and Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter - Star-Crossed ) get caught in the crossfire, and team up with the desperados so they can work out what is going on.

Naturally, Bonnie and Clyde are not members of Rittenhouse. However, somehow Flynn found out that they had a special key. It was originally the property of Henry Ford, and was a Rittenhouse heirloom.

Back in the future, the FBI woman overheard a conversation that Connor Mason (Patterson Joseph - Neverwhere ) had on his mobile phone. She decides to put him under surveillance, and discovers that he is meeting with the creepy old man.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 10] The Capture of Benedict Arnold (59 min)
Shown 12th December 2016

Just like in an episode of rival Time Travel show Legends of Tomorrow , the villains go back in time to the colonial rebellion of 1776.

Back in the modern day, our heroine Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) has not spent any time with her own family. Instead she spends time with the FBI woman and her lesbian wife. Yes, despite being part of the US Government the Fed is also an outsider, not part of the stale male pale conspiracy.

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) goes back to kidnap Benedict Arnold. While in real life Arnold was a hero who tried to defend the colonies from enemies both foreign (the French) and domestic (the revolting), here he is one of the original twelve in the USA's shadow government.

The protagonists come face to face with the original Rittenhouse (Armin Shimmerman - Star Trek: DS9 ). He is a slave-owner, just like Washington and Jefferson. As well as his wealth, presumably inherited, he has the skills of a clock-maker. This has given him a certain perspective - he views people as cogs in a machine,

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 11] The World's Columbian Exposition
Shown 16 Jan 17

The team get back home. Well, most of them, anyway. Despite a historical figure's death in the previous episode, there does not appear to be any change in the timeline.

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) still has one henchman alive. The two of them take Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) to the World's Faire in Chicago, 1893. She convinces them to press-gang the young Harry Houdini into their escapade.

A couple of episodes ago we learned that Henry Ford was a member of Rittenhouse. It turns out that he has a meeting in 1893 with his boss Thomas Edison and his financier JP Morgan. Flynn's plan is to kill all three of them with a bomb. This would probably put a noticeable dent in the timeline, although in this show it does not matter. Well, not as long as the character is deemed to be villainous in nature.

The men in the team follow Flynn's henchman to a hotel. John Hensley ( Witchblade ) lurks around in the background. Naturally the place turns out to be the Murder Castle, built by America's first known serial killer - H.H. Holmes.

The two men in the team are a world-class soldier and engineer. Surely they must have some idea of how to overcome physical obstacles. Or will they need a woman to do all the thinking for them? Luckily there is MIT's first female architect to help them, as well as Lucy herself.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 12] The Murder Of Jesse James
Shown 23 Jan 17

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) goes back in time and saves Jesse James from being shot in the back. Not for humanitarian reasons, but because he needs some expert muscle and a guide into the Oklahoma territory. James is portayed as a one-dimensional thug who kills purely for pleasure, because this show would never dare to be sympathetic towards someone who fought for the South.

Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) and her team go back to catch Flynn. They team up with the lawman who inspired the Lone Ranger - Bass Reeves, yet another role model for the team's Token Black Guy. His motto is Bring 'em back alive - partly because Judge Parker wants to publicly hang the suspects, but mostly because if you killed a person you had to pay for their funeral.

Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter - Star-Crossed ) is in a murderous mood. Thanks to Flynn he has confronted his wife's killer, but he still has a need for closure. His plan is to take it out on Jesse James. Remember, TBG is still feeling bad about shooting Flynn's henchman in Vegas. Have the white folk got what it takes to shoot a wounded, unarmed, defenceless prisoner in the back?

The Rittenhouse backstory takes another twist. It turns out that Anthony (Matt Frewer - Eureka ) was not the first test-pilot. His predecessor was Annie Wersching , who went missing presumed dead. Worse still, Rittenhouse has insisted on having a new pilot trained up. That way the TBG's protection will be gone. And to make certain he does not protect himself by killing his replacement, they recruit his girlfriend for the task! Luckily she is smart enough to realise when she is being manipulated, although she has absolutely no idea why.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 13] Karma Chameleon
Shown 30 Jan 17

Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter - Star-Crossed ) takes the time machine on a joyride. He drags Rufus along to pilot the machine, and to be his wingman on the mission. The plan is to save his wife by ensuring the serial killer is never born. Rufus compares it to a reverse Back to the Future , but there is always the risk it could end up like Terminator .

Annie Wersching divulges Rittenhouse's secret plan to Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ). It turns out that they want to use it as an evil Seven Days , where they can retroactively alter the timeline so things that went against their interests can have a do-over. Anthony (Matt Frewer - Eureka ) decides the best plan is to destroy both time machines. With Rufus away on the joyride, can Anthony persuade Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ) to help?

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 14] The Lost Generation
Shown 06 Feb 17

Annie Wersching and Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) go back and abduct Charles Lindburgh. It turns out that he is a legacy member of Ritterhouse, just like Lucy Preston ( Abigail Spencer ). Flynn knows all this, as well as the identities of several other members. It should be a simple matter for him to research their geneologies, and thus identify every past and present member of the conspiracy.

Lucy and Rufus go back to save Lindburgh. They have a new henchman there to provide muscle. He has decided to use a period-authentic weapon, in this case a six-shooter. It seems his skills are insufficient to cover for the weapon's perceived inadequacies. Luckily our heroes make friends with some famous locals - Ernest Hemmingway and Josephine Baker.

Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter - Star-Crossed ) is in a supposedly secure prison cell. After all, he did take a time machine for a joyride. Unfortunately his misdeed allows Rittenhouse an excuse to move in. They have the FBI Lesbian replaced by a more senior agent, Jim Beaver ( Supernatural ).

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 15] Public Enemy No. 1
Shown 13 Feb 17

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) is having second thoughts about his mission. After everything he has done, success seems further away than ever.

FBI agent Jim Beaver ( Supernatural ) orders the team to beat Flynn at his own game. They are to go back to the Sixties and prevent his birth. Rather than the ball-blocking exercise a couple of episodes ago, Rittenhouse has chosen the more direct method from Terminator . The team object to deliberate assassination of a civilian, although they are more than happy to allow the risk of collateral damage. Nobody invokes the concept of acceptable losses, as in the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Ironic, since their entire mission has always been one of assassination. There are only three seats in their time machine, so there is no room for any prisoners. This is not a case of Bring 'Em Back Alive!

Flynn goes back in time and teams up with Al Capone. Surely this sounds familiar. The episode title It's Deja Vu All Over Again is superfluous in a show about time travel, but this is a blatant steal from another show. Okay, this show even steals from itself - Flynn previously visited the Great Depression during Bonnie and Clyde's crime spree. But this episode is more reminiscent of rival show Legends of Tomorrow . Not too surprising, because they already both covered the American Revolution.

The good guys team up with Elliot Ness (Misha Collins - Supernatural ). Not only is this the second major recurring actor from that show to make an appearance here, the Winchesters actually travelled back in time and met Capone in their own show.

The story ends in a cliffhanger for the big Season ending next week.

Timeless Timeless [Season 1, Episode 16] The Red Scare
Shown 20 Feb 17

Rufus manages to steer the time machine home while being unconscious by loss of blood. They cannot take him to a hospital. Luckily Lucy's pseudo-fiance is a trauma surgeon. Despite the fact she totally ignored him for the past dozen episodes, he is willing to break the law and help her out.

Our heroes go back to the 1950s. They try to compromise Joe McCarthy, but he seems quite irrelevant to the main plot. Then they go after Lucy's paternal grandfather. They find him in a secret gay bar, and assume he is deep in the closet rather than simply bi-curious.

This is the last episode of the Season. However, it is deliberately left open for the next Season. This means there are a couple of completely illogical twists.






Timeless Timeless [Season 2 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th December 2016 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Timeless

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    Season 2

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 1] The War to End All Wars
    Shown 11 Mar 18

    Lucy and her mother ( Susanah Thompson ) take the Mothership back to 1918. Their mission is to save a US soldier who has been wounded in battle.

    The three women from 2018 are incapable of completing their mission, some simple battlefield surgery. They need an X-ray machine. Luckily Marie Curie happens to be nearby. Well, presumably the nearest African American historical figure was busy so they used the next best substitute, a female role model who can encourage girls to go into STEM.

    Pretty-boy discovers that the Mothership is in 1918. He and Rufus go looking for Lucy.

    The big reveal is that Rittenhouse has deep-cover agents. Yes, one of them was sitting around in the past for ten YEARS waiting for something to happen. All this seems a bit excessive when one considers that the conspiracy has been around for two centuries and is run by the most powerful people in the USA in each era.

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 2] The Darlington 500
    Shown 18 Mar 18

    Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) has been locked up in the basement for the last few months. He is the FBI's best potential source of info, although they have written him off as being insane. This is in spite of the fact that his conspiracy theory turns out to have been true all along. In fact, he knew of Lucy's family ties to Rittenhouse long before she did. Obviously retro-fitted, but this is a time-travel show so we can expect this kind of thing.

    Flynn reveals that Rittenhouse have an agent in South Carolina, 1955. White-boy is a Texan, so he knows a lot about Nascar racing. The others - women and people of colour - know nothing of the sport. He calls them coastal elites, but they point out he is a stone-cold nerd when it comes to cars.

    The marginalised historical figure of the week is Wendel Scott, an African-American who turns out to be a real-life Han Solo.

    Lucy and white-boy start to bond. They get smuggled together in a tight compartment, and the intimacy is not just physical. After all, they both have parents who disappointed them.

    The Rittenhouse plot is to take over the US automotive industry. Well, they could not have done a worse job than the real-life industrialists who were out-maneuvred when German and Japanese competitors produced more fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly cars.

    The 2018 industrialist, Connor Mason (Patterson Joseph - Neverwhere ), tries to get his life back by accepting a job as a speaker in a technology conference. The FBI woman orders him not to, because everyone has to keep a low profile.

    The asian babe starts to get a storyline of her own. After getting caught in a time-warp or something, she now seems to have visions of the future.

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 3] Hollywoodland
    Shown 25 Mar 18

    Rittenhouse has moved on from its original idea, created by its namesake - a real-life historical figure so obscure that there is a public square in Philadelphia named after him. Now they have a mad prophet who has a massive plan to rewrite history. This seems to have been stolen from a far superior time-travel TV show, 12 Monkeys .

    The good guys need some exposition, so they go to Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ). He is not in the secure basement any more, he is in gen-pop in a federal prison. Of course, Rittenhouse have targeted him for assassination. If they are smart they would also have the prison under surveillance, in the hope they could follow the Feds back to their new base. Ironic that the Feds ordered Connor Mason (Patterson Joseph - Neverwhere ) to keep a low profile, but are willing to sacrifice their most valuable player. Not only is he a world-class field agent - wasted as a Hannibal Lector character - but he was fighting Rittenhouse before the others even knew it exited, and conveniently picked up clues about every episode's plot.

    The other potential source of exposition is the South Asian woman, who is having halucinations. The Fed woman insists she gets a examined by a doctor.

    Our heroes go back to Los Angeles in 1941. The obscure African-American historical figure who gets mentioned this week is Langston Hughes, a screenwriter who was unjustly obscured from history because of his colour. As a bonus, we also get a guest appearance by Hedy Lamarr ( ). That said, she was previously used to inspire a character in Agent Carter so she is not exactly obscure.

    Rittenhouse begins to discover the problem with their strategy. When you send someone undercover for a decade, there is a good chance they will go native. This week's sleeper agent is a movie producer. Yes, he is a bad man because he likes women who want to sleep their way to the top.

    The Rittenhouse plot is to steal Citizen Kane before Welles can release it, then sell it to William Randolph Hearst in exchange for a weekly gossip column. Yes, the sweet smell of success!

    Rufus the scientist bonds with Hedy Lamarr. Meanwhile, the white couple explore their sexual tension. This is a breach of the first rule of time travel: no shagging in the TARDIS. Also, what happened to the subplot about pretty-boy trying to change history and save his dead wife?

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 4] The Salem Witch Hunt
    Shown 08 Apr 18

    The pretty-boy is distracted because he has his wife back from the dead. It turns out that Rittenhouse must have saved her, presumably in order to disrupt his performance and give them leverage over him.

    The rest of the team have to go on a mission without him. For some reason, Rittenhouse have an operative at the Salem witch trials in 1692, a century before the original Rittenhouse set out his plan. Unfortunately, as Lucy points out, a woman and a black man would not have much influence in the Puritan era. Luckily they have another field agent handy. Yes, Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) is back at what he does best!

    In 1692, the team meet a young atheist girl named Abby Franklin ( Sophia Vassilatos ). She turns out to be the mother of the as-yet-unborn Benjamin Franklin. Naturally, she also turns out to be the target. Yes, Rittenhouse has used the Terminator strategy of killing the mother before the son is conceived.

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 5] The Kennedy Curse
    Shown 15 Apr 18

    Rittenhouse has targeted the young JFK. They want to remove him from history, so that Nixon or someone more corruptible is in charge during the turbulent 1960s.

    Pretty-boy takes his wife, the not-dead waitress, to his workplace. Yes, he brings a civilian into a secret bunker to see a time machine. Seriously.

    The good guys bring JFK to the future, and maroon Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) in 1934. JFK goes stir-crazy in the bunker, and decides to go walkabout. Well, he assumes he has been kidnapped - and he has no reason to think otherwise.

    The Kennedy family all died relatively young - except for Ted, who survived Chappaquiddick even if the woman he was with did not. This theme, of supernatural curses and predestination, has recurred through this Season. Rufus wants to cheat the curse, change history and save JFK. However, his girlfriend suspects that her visions might be sent by a higher power. This would make the show more like Quantum Leap .

    The so-called good guys are happy enough to change history when they think it suits them, regardless of the potential consequences. If Hedy Lamar had founded the world's first computer tech company, it would have attracted top-notch female employees like Katherine Johnson. This means she would not have been a NASA employee, and could not have helped in Timeless [Season 1, Episode 8] Space Race. Also, if the Salem Witch Trials had become the Witch Revolt then there would have been harsher punishments for opponents of the Xian Right - and no Liberal fear of witch-hunts.

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 6] The King of the Delta Blues
    Shown 22 Apr 18

    Connor Mason (Patterson Joseph - Neverwhere ) is deeply depressed because he is losing control of his company. However, he is vital to the storyline of this episode. An extra seat has been added to the Lifeboat, so the three-person team can now bring along Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) as backup. Connor takes Wyatt's seat, because he is the only one who knows the details of the mission.

    The mission is to San Antonio, 1936, to save a Blues singer. If Rittenhouse wins, they will destroy the history of music and thus disempower the culture that drove social revolution in the 1960s.

    The singer claims to have been supernaturally blessed with talent, and his mention of making a deal with the devil may not be metaphor. Unfortunately he now feels himself to be cursed. The good news is that this is in keeping with this Season's supernatural undertones.

    Wyatt gets sent off on a mission of his own. The FBI woman has traced the warehouse where she was held for eight hours in the previous episode. Instead of calling in an entire SWAT team, she sends Wyatt in all by himself. Well, he has a helmet camera like the marines in Aliens so she can command him from the safety of the bunker. Luckily, he is tougher than all the Rittenhouse security staff put together. He only has problems when confronted with characters who are important enough to the storyline that they have names and dialogue. In all fairness, normally the villains are the ones with the SWAT armour and the automatic weapons, while the hero is usually limited to a pistol and business suit.

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 7] Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
    Shown 29 Apr 18

    There are a couple of marginalised historical persons this episode. The title refers to Mary Grace Quackenbos, a real-life Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. She was a freelance consulting detective who helped the NYPD.

    The villains plan to destroy the Womens' Suffrage movement in the USA. This implies that women had no political influence in the era. However, in real life the female-dominated Temperance movement managed to pass the Prohibition Act BEFORE Female suffrage was legal in all States.

    Emma ( Annie Wersching ) decides to go against the Rittenhouse agenda this time. She claims that she and her mother lived in an abusive household in the 1970s. It is her assertion that if female suffrage was not enacted circa 1920, then women and children would not be protected from abuse fifty years later. This does not really make sense, as children cannot vote and yet have laws made for their protection. And female suffrage was inevitable, started by white settlers in New Zealand in 1895 and spreading across the world in the next few decades.

    The show actually acknowledges the fact that female suffrage was inevitable. It actually indicates that one leader of the movement was immediately replaceable by another, so the Rittenhouse plot was completely unworkable.

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 8] The Day Reagan Was Shot
    Shown 06 May 18

    The team go back to the early 1980s, to the day of an assassination attempt on POTUS Ronald Reagan. The killers do not want to kill Reagan. Their target is one of his bodyguards - a Secret Service Agent who later becomes FBI Agent Christopher.

    The two female field agents go undercover as Police Detectives Cagney and Lacey. They do not just want to save the woman's life, they want to get her to come out to her family as a lesbian. However, she does not want to disappoint her mother. Momma's plans for her daughter seem confused. First she wants her to be a lady doctor, then she wants her to be the WIFE of a doctor.

    The Presidential assassination attempt is pushed into the background. It actually plays into the show's zeitgeist: the real-life shooter was what would today be called an InCel, the new boogeyman of the Female Supremacists. His fantasy involved the actress Jodie Foster, so the empowered female crime-solvers list this as a #MeToo moment even though he did not work in Hollywood. And nobody cares about the POTUS - he was stale, male and pale!

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 9] The General
    Shown 13 May 18

    The team go back to the US Civil War. The marginalised historical person this episode is Harriet Tubman. She is more famous than most, because she ticks the boxes of both Black and Female. In real-life she once used a pistol to threaten a Southern Gentleman: in this version of events, she is a sharp-shooting pistolero who fires from the hip and never misses. The all-black regiment of soldiers she is assigned to help are not much use, but they are only mere men.

    Timeless Timeless [Season 2, Episode 10] Chinatown
    Shown 13 May 18

    After a bunch of stand-alone episodes, this really gets back to the main story arc. Wyatt's wife shows her true allegience. Unfortunately the Rittenhouse plot goes wrong.

    The Asian babe gets stranded in the past for three years. This allows for lots of off-screen character development, so she is now a tougher and more interesting character than before.

    The team go back to San Francisco in the Wild West era. Unfortunately this is when Rufus was prophesied to die. Can he avoid his fate?

    Rittenhouse have their own problems. The mad prophet is torn between his grandaughter ( Susanna Thompson ) and his girlfriend ( Annie Wersching ). Which way will the group go? It started as a vast conspiracy, then became a pseudo-cult like the Army of the 12 Monkeys . Will it enter its third incarnation?

    The epilogue is a cliffhanger, and it is the best scene of the Season. However, the show itself was cancelled soon after. Hopefully there will be a stand-alone movie to tie up the loose ends.

    Xmas Special

    Timeless Timeless [Xmas Special, Episode 1]
    Shown Dec 18

    The show was cancelled on a cliffhanger ending. Luckily, the fans created a petition and got the story ending they wanted. The difference between this and the Game of Thrones (Season 8) situation is that Timeless fans are a woke bunch, while the GOT fans are mainstream scifi nerds.

    Emma ( Annie Wersching ) is now in charge of Rittenhouse. She lures the team into a trap in the wild west. The good news is that they get to meet the real-life Mexican bandito who inspired the Zorro stories.

    Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic - Elektra ) goes back to sort out the pretty-boy's wife.

    Timeless Timeless [Xmas Special, Episode 2]
    Shown Dec 18

    The team are stuck in North Korea, 1950. They are afraid of being murdered by the local commies, even though most of the recorded massacres of civilians were by the US military and their South Korean allies.

    All the loose ends are neatly tied up. Too neatly, perhaps.