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12 Monkeys

Season 1

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 1] Splinter
Shown 16/Jan/15

James Cole (Aaron Stanford - Nikita) narrates this. He lives in 2043, a post-Apocalyptic world reminiscent of The Walking Dead . A massive pandemic has killed over 99 percent of the human race.

Back in 2013, Dr. Cassandra Railly ( Amanda Schull ) is a scientist who knows that a massive pandemic is inevitable. She is kidnapped by Cole, who time-travelled in order to prevent the pandemic. His mission is to assassinate Leland Frost (Zjelko Ivanek - Hannibal ).

This is based on the 1995 film, directed by Terry Gilliam , which was itself based on a short film by a French director. However, this TV show is a reboot that has re-invented the concept. The time-travel aspect owes a lot to different shows, for example the destruction paradox shown in TimeCop .

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 2] Mentally Divergent
Shown 23/Jan/15

Cole returns to the future, where he is debriefed about his failed mission. Luckily he has his friend Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) to watch his back.

Back in 2015, the lady doctor has a nasty encounter with the Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ). He is more than happy to kill anyone who gets in his way, although he strangely decides to let her off with a warning.

Cole is sent back again, this time to locate Leland's daughter Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ). She has been in a mental institution for a decade. The events that sent her there in the first place involved the Slender Man ...

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 3] Cassandra Complex
Shown 30/Jan/15

Cole goes back to 2014 to interrogate the other survivor that the Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ) missed at the massacre. Unfortunately, the survivor is a CDC doctor in plague-ridden Haiti, which is a dangerous place even at the best of times. Worse, the lady doctor is there as well - on the edge of a nervous breakdown, because of what Cole told her the first time they met.

Cole's friend Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) goes on patrol with a military goon (Tobias from Hannibal). They encounter a young woman from Cole's past. Apparently they were part of a group of marauders - real Walking Dead stuff. She claims to have left the marauders - but will the villains attack the Time Travel centre?

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 4] Atari
Shown 06/Feb/15

In a follow-up to the previous episode, the time travel complex is attacked by the marauders. Despite the well-guarded perimeter, the marauders use superior numbers and diversionary tactics - along with an unexpected entrance which implies inside information. This is an apocalyptic ending for our post-apocalyptic heroes ...

Cole jumps back in time in order to escape. Unfortunately, he ends up micro-jumping into the recent past. The machine is usually lucky to land people within a year of their targeted date.

There are also flashbacks to a couple of years previously, when Cole and Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) first teamed up with the marauders. The boss's plan was to steal food from smaller, weaker gangs of survivors. Worse, he insisted on killing as many of the victims as possible so they could not come back to seek revenge. But worst of all, Ramsey may have had problems with this policy but Cole was happy enough to go along with whatever would make his life easier.

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 5] The Night Room
Shown 13/Feb/15

Our heroes go looking for the secret lab where the virus was developed. Can they get there before the Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ) and his SWAT team arrive? Will the Slender man break Jennifer and make her talk?

The Slender Man is typically murderous towards supporting characters. Will the main characters be safe from his wrath? And what about Leland’s security team? They should be working for his successor - his business partner, or whoever is executor until Jennifer can inherit his resources.

The Slender Man reveals the identities of a couple of Cole’s victims to his companions.

In the future, Cole’s ex-GF points out to Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) that they know nothing about the German lady scientist or her time-travel project. It seems unlikely that they got it working first time for Cole. So what happened to the previous test-pilots?

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 6] The Red Forest
Shown 20/Feb/15

Cole find himself in an alternate universe, like John Connor in the cliffhanger of Sarah Connor Chronicles . There has been a regime change, and luckily Cole finds a sympathetic ear. It turns out that the facility was not always a nice place - the guards would have beaten Cole to death when he first arrived, had his name not been mentioned on the CDC tape.

Cole must travel back and prevent the time-stream from splitting. However, he is weakened by his ordeal. Like in The Butterfly Effect , his mind is suffering from experiencing two separate time-streams.

Back in 2015, Cole teams up with the only uninvolved person who wants to help the CDC lady - her ex-BF, and Cole’s former co-star from Nikita.

The Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ) takes the Lady Doctor to his boss. The boss has a brainwashing technique that involves implanting a mental image of a red forest ...

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 7] The Keys
Shown 27/Feb/15

Cole has limited jumps left, so he tries to live life to the fullest. The lady doctor has to come to terms with the fact that he probably will not survive his mission.

The Army of the Twelve Monkeys failed to intercept the bio-weapon virus at the lab. Now their new plan is to intercept it on an actual CIA mission. The CIA plan to use it to take out an Edward Snowdon-type whistleblower who is hiding out in Chechnya, which is technically Russian territory.

Cole takes advantage of both time-travel and satellite phone technology. This means he can phone anyone anywhere at any time, and does not have to do things in chronological order. He can try to snatch the virus from the courier before the Monkeys get it. But will he destroy it in time?

Ironically, the Whistleblower already knew all about both the bio-weapon virus and the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 8] Yesterday
Shown 06/Mar/15

Two weeks after the event, the lady doctor still needs closure. She manages to get her BF’s boss the Congressman to get her special permission to enter the area, even though the Russian military have cordoned off the blast site. She would probably never have gotten a visa to enter Russia in the first place, but never mind.

Cole somehow survived the bombing, but is trapped in the rubble. Luckily he only has minor injuries, nothing that would have made him bleed to death. Of course, if a human can survive supposed total destruction of the building then the virus could also survive. Also, if he was unconscious for a fortnight without medical care he would probably have died. But all these quibbles are explained at the end of the episode.

In the future, the power core is worn out. The scientist woman knows where to find a replacement. Mad colonel Xander Berkley ( Barb Wire ) has all the other scientists under lock and key. It looks like paradise, but in post-apocalyptic worlds like Walking Dead this is shorthand for being a honeytrap.

Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Agents of Shield: Season 2 ) discovers that he has a lady friend among the lab techs. She also has a son, born nine months after Ramsey had unprotected sex with her ...

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 9] Tomorrow
Shown 13/Mar/15

Ramsey’s woman tries to convince him that the Mad Colonel (Xander Berkley - Barb Wire ) has found the cure. The German woman insists the Colonel is lying in order to control his people with hope. But is SHE guilty of the same misdeeds? Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) is in a tough spot, because the flashbacks show us that he was the one who talked Cole into joining the time-travel crew.

The Colonel still trusts the German woman, and wants her on his team. His overconfidence is his weakness.

Cole is trapped in 2017. Luckily a US military officer (the nurse/medium from Being Human USA ) is expecting him. She flies him out of Russia to the Boston CDC, where he has a tear-filled reunion with the lady doctor. But the sight of the plague in full effect convinces him of the importance of his mission. Just at the same time that Ramsey is questioning it.

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 10] Divine Move
Shown 20/Mar/15

Cole's friend Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) decides to put his woman and kid above everything else. He deserts his post and goes off with her group, who have fled the compound. Then he encounters a group of wanderers, led by one of the survivors of the original plague ...

Unfortunately, Ramsey's goal is now in opposition to Cole's. If Cole prevents the plague, Ramsey will never meet his woman or have a child with her. He convinces himself that the child is better off in a post-Apocalyptic wasteland without a father or mother to care for it, than potentially never being born (while the Apocalypse itself is averted).

This is all set up for the final confrontation in the show's Season Finale.

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 11] Shonin
Shown 27/Mar/15

Cole makes it to the nightclub in Tokyo. Leland (Zjelko Ivanek - Hannibal ) is in town to make a purchase, and the club-owner offers to sell him the Tibetan iceman. Then Cole and Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) turn up ...

Cole's friend Ramsey has no identification and no way home. He ends up doing hard time in a local prison. But this is old news to Kirk Acevedo, whose big break was prison drama Oz. And he gets some care packages - educational books and heart-felt letters - from a familiar party. Yes, he is groomed to be a player in a self-fulfilling prophecy! Luckily, three decades later he has not visibly aged a day!

Back in the future, there is no purpose in them proceding any longer. without the means to use Cole, they have no hope of preventing the epidemic.

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 12] Paradox
Shown 03/Apr/15

Cole is in 2015, but he is dying. The lady doctor can patch up his wounds, but the time travel itself is killing him. Luckily, in his trip to the future she gave him the address of the German lady. Paradoxes aside, now the two female scientists must team up to save the uneducated white heterosexual male. Elsewhere, Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) the female Brad Pitt character has plans of her own. And let us not forget the fact that the Army of the Twelve Monkeys is led by a woman!

The plan is to create a paradox within Cole, by injecting him with the blood of his younger self. Since he is dying anyway, they have nothing to lose. They track down his younger self, meeting his father (another uneducated white heterosexual male) and discovering clues about his mother. There is also a visual homage to the original films, which makes it a pity that this was never foreshadowed in the previous episodes.

Back in the future, the German lady’s minions discover a red fern in the time travel mechanism. The machine is not where the red fern grows, so it must have come through the machine as the result of the paradox that created the red forest. She is re-invigorated, and starts to rebuild everything that was destroyed.

Unfortunately, a new army is on the horizon. They plan to attack the installation, not that this would make any difference since Cole has no way of interacting with it.

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 1, Episode 13] Arms of Mine
Shown 10/Apr/15

In the future, the remaining forces in the lab prepare for the next attack. They lost men in the West Seven attack, then in the fight with Spearhead, then with Ramsey’s kill-crazy rampage, then the go-it-alone plan. It is a wonder there is anyone left to put up a fight! The future forces facing them are a team-up between the leader of West 7, the tech support of Spearhead, and the silver-faced monk-hooded types.

Back in 2015, Cole has somehow caught Aaron. Poor old Aaron had planned to leave town, and when the Lady Doctor chose to save the human race he should have either joined her or kept running. Cole is willing to torture Aaron for whatever info he has.

The road leads back to Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ), the crazy daughter of the financier. We all know the role Brad Pitt’s character played in the movie, but this new version of the character may be a further twist on the tale.





12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 1 ]

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  • Season 2

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 1] Year of the Monkey
    Shown 18 Apr 16

    Cole's friend Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) is still alive, even though he was fated to die. As a result, the Army of the Twelve Monkeys wants to hunt him down and kill him. They manage to corner him in Budapest, on the exotic bridge in the middle of the city.

    Dr. Cassandra Railly ( Amanda Schull ) is now in the future. The good news is, now she finally gets to meet the German woman. The bad news is, they are both prisoners of the Twelve Monkeys and the marauders. Can she prevent the villains from using the time machine for their own cause?

    Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) is in New York City. She plans to release the virus on Chinese New Year. After all, it is the first day in the Year of the Monkey.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 2] Primary
    Shown 25 Apr 16

    Dr. Cassandra Railly ( Amanda Schull ) is now back from the future. However, the eight months she spent in a post-apocalyptic wasteland have toughened her beyond belief. She wants to kill Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ), and has Cole's friend Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) tortured for info he probably does not have.

    Cole goes on the run with Jennifer. He tries to get Jones the German woman to help him, but she has other problems. However, Cole does not take time-travel into account. A time-traveller can set things up decades in advance, or live long enough to deliver a message in the future in person.

    Cole and Cassandra manage to make history slightly better. They delayed the plague by three years, which allowed the CDC to save a few hundred thousand lives. This means that the staff of Jones' base has been boosted. Colonel Tigh ( Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) is now on staff, even though she has no memory of him. Worse, he claims to be her lover.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 3] One Hundred Years
    Shown 02 May 16

    Even though Colonel Tigh ( Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) is now on staff, the German woman in 2044 has made no further progress. It seems that the very fabric of the space-time continuum is unravelling. The obvious explanation, as per the revelation in the previous episode, is that the Twelve Monkeys sent their messengers back to 1944. Now the good guys have to go back and face them.

    Dr. Cassandra Railly ( Amanda Schull ) is Cole's partner on the mission. It turns out that she spent eight months as Deacon's protege. This explains why she is such a cold-hearted bitch. However, she still has issues about the death of her boyfriend in Season One. After all, Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) and Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) have both done what he did, and yet Cole was more than happy to spare their lives.

    Back in 1944, there is a mixed-gender pair of fanatics on a murder mission. Their target is Tommy (Erik Knudsen - Continuum ), who is the 1940s version of Jennifer Goines. This helps with the exposition of the show's back-story. However, our heroes also have to deal with the FBI in the shape of Jay Karnes (The Shield).

    Meanwhile, Deacon wants to get rid of Ramsey. The German woman, despite her assurances to Cole, has her own agenda.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 4] Emergence
    Shown 09 May 16

    Cole and Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) are trapped in 1944, courtesy of FBI Agent Jay Karnes (The Shield). However, the Fed is smart enough to realise that they are not Nazis. He wants to find out what really happened.

    The German woman sends back the only other time-traveller, Cole's friend Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ). She also seeks wisdom from the elderly version of Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ), and has visions courtesy of some tea brewed from plants in the red forest.

    A couple of secondary characters stay in 1944. One result is the Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ). Other side-effects may show up later.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 5] Bodies of Water
    Shown 16 May 16

    Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) gets sent back to 2016 to get the next clue from Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ). However, Jennifer is now on prescription medication so she no longer halucinates. Well, hardly ever - but her link to the other primaries is cut.

    The Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ) is back in business. However, most of the villains that Cassie and Jennifer face this time are female. Yes, at least this episode can pass the Bechdel test.

    Back in 2044, Deacon's old enemy the Foreman is in town. Cole and Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) are unhappy about this, and decide that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This means adopting Deacon's tactics, and becoming as immoral as he is.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 6] Immortal
    Shown 23 May 16

    The German woman sends Cole and Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) back to New York City in 1975. Their plan is to save a Primary from the Messengers. The story becomes a lot more complicated, involving a waitress as well as the time-travelling assassin. Yes, it has a few references to Terminator .

    Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) is back in 2016, doctoring to Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) in the Emerson Hotel. However, their repeated use of the hotel as a safe-house has rendered it unsafe. Worse, ever since Cassie was doped by the villains last week she has been linked to the Witness. He monologues her, attempting to seduce her by sharing his goal with her. He wants to end all suffering - by ending time itself.

    The Primary is the main suspect in a serial murder case. The chief investigator is David Marciano ( Due South ), ironically also a co-star of Jay Karnes in Police Procedural show The Shield.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 7] Meltdown
    Shown 30 May 16

    Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) gets back to 2046, but she is still affected by her encounter with the Witness. The others try to piece together the facts from her account, because the villains had dosed her with a very powerful halucinogen.

    Cole's friend Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) is successfully bonding with his motherless son. The German woman is also bonding with her alternate self's lover, Colonel Tigh ( Battlestar Galactica 2003 ). In typical Soap Opera fashion, both these characters will be jeopardised in the climax.

    Someone mysteriously sabotages the time-machine. This will be a double-whammy success for the villains. Firstly they will destroy the good guys' ability to save the world. Secondly the machine might overload and destroy the timestream all by itself.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 8] Lullaby
    Shown 06 Jun 16

    Deacon wakes Cole with bad news. The German woman wants to commit retroactive suicide. She has sent Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) back to 2020, to the day her daughter died. Cassie's job is to kill the grieving mother.

    Cole tries to save the day. However, he discovers that they are stuck in a time loop. Every time they try to change the German woman's past, they revert back to their point of entry.

    They are in Spearhead, run by Xander Berkley ( Barb Wire ) back when he was just a mad Lieutenant. Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) is a prisoner in the quarantine area. As a Prime, she knows how they can manipulate time and work their way out of the loop.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 9] Hyena
    Shown 13th June 2016

    Back in 2016, Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) sent up her own army to fight the Twelve Monkeys. She called them the Hyenas, and recruited them from the inmates in her old asylum. Eve Harlow is prominent among their number. Cole goes back in time to help them take on The Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ).

    In 2044, Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) and Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) go looking for clues about Titan - the location of the Witness, that Cassie saw in a vision. The only person who can get them information is an obsessive (Christopher Heyderdahl - Sanctuary ) who has lethal uses for a polygraph machine.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 10] Fatherland
    Shown 20th June 2016

    Cole agrees to go back to the last Prime, in the 1950s. However, Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) and Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) want to go to 1961, to catch a Nazi War Criminal (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ). Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with this plan. Firstly, he is in East Berlin. Secondly, the East Germans have just started to put up the Berlin wall. Thirdly, an Israeli team is hot on the man's tail. Finally, this is all based on a CIA document that is mainly redacted. In other words, they are heading completely into the unknown.

    Cole calls in the only person he can trust - FBI Agent Jay Karnes (The Shield). Together they get to Berlin and stage a rescue mission. It turns out that the Army of the Twelve Monkeys' genetic immunity to the plague, as well as their superhuman strength, may be a combination of Nazi eugenics and time-travel paradox.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 11] Resurrection
    Shown 27th June 2016

    Cole wants to go to the last Prime, in the 1950s. However, Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) and Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) still want to go to Titan. They stage yet another mutiny in the facility.

    Cole calls in the only person he can trust - Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ). The good news is, she has her own army. The bad news is, the day of her death has been pre-ordained. However, the whole point of the show is that the heroes want to reset time.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 12] Blood Washed Away
    Shown 11th July 2016

    Cole and Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) go to the last Prime, in the 1950s. They blend in and get jobs in the factory where the paradox is meant to happen. Cole adapts well to life as a manual labourer in the pre-digital era, if only because it is a step up from life in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Cassie, on the other hand, is stressed out by the Mad Men level of sexual harrassment.

    Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) and Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo - Fringe ) are en route to Titan. They have lost a few redshirts along the way, but all the recognisable supporting characters have made it. The Daughters are unwilling to follow Jennifer any more. However, Ramsey and Deacon are able to take on the Witness.

    Back in the 1950s, Cole is still sleeping on the couch. Yes, he and Cassie spend eleven months in a hotel room and they have still not been intimate. This is actually the biggest question that this episode poses - not will either team defeat the villains, but will Cole and Cassie finally get laid?

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 2, Episode 13] Memory of Tomorrow
    Shown 18th July 2016

    Cole and Cassie settle in nicely in 1959. However, it turns out there is yet another Primary - Madeline Stowe ! She gives Cole a tip about how he can time-travel again. If he eats leaves from the Red Forest his mind will bounce around in his personal past. This could easily have turned into a cliched clip show. Instead it is evocative of the original film, with Cole bouncing about until he gets a chance to reset time.

    Our heroes try a final assault on Titan. Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) tries to give a St Swithens Day speech, quoting a series of classic movies - Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure !

    Season 3

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 1] Mother
    Shown 28 Jul 17

    This starts with an extended voice-over by the German woman, which delivers exposition about the story so far. Token Black Guy is back in uniform, the Mad Max rejects have gone, and their role in security is now filled by Jennifer's army. Cole and the German woman's daughter, Hannah ( Brooke Williams ), go back to look for their missing friends again. She is reluctant because she has no interest in changing history or saving the world.

    Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) is trapped in Titan, city of the time-travelling villains run by Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ) and Mallick (Faran Tahir - Flight World War II ). She tries to escape, but forgets that time-travellers can have a do-over.

    Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) is the key to everything. Unfortunately she is trapped in World War One. She gets captured by a trigger-happy German officer, who has so much ammunition to spare that he shoots prisoners rather than just bayonet them. Luckily, she knows all the lyrics to 99 Red Balloons ... in German! This leads on to a music video sequence that is the high point of the show so far.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 2] Guardians

    Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) ended up trapped in France during the First World War. Luckily she was fluent in French as well as German, so managed to earn a living as an actress in Paris. She wrote and performed a series of one-woman plays, including Jaws and Alien . This totally cements her position as the best thing about this show. The nearest comparison is Lenny in Legion - a male character re-cast as a crazy pixie girl.

    It turns out that the Twelve Monkeys' new super-soldiers are in Paris at that time too. Jennifer calls them the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but they are actually the guardians of the infant Witness. Just like in the previous episode, they have personal time-travel devices. At the end of the first Season, re-writing the timeline was a major thing. Now we have villains who can do it on a whim.

    Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) has given birth, but the baby has been taken from her. She begs Mallick (Faran Tahir - Flight World War II ) to show her the child.

    Ramsey is still alive. He has reluctantly teamed up with Olivia, sister of the Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ) and leader of a renegade faction of the Twelve Monkeys. She has promised to reunite him with his son.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 3] Enemy

    Ramsey shows up with a gift - he has taken Olivia prisoner. She is their enemy's enemy, ever since her brother the Slender Pallid Man (Tom Noonan - Robocop 2 ) took over leadership of the Army of the Twelve Monkeys. However, nobody attempts to negotiate for her wealth of insider info. Instead they just torture her for it.

    We find out what happened to Deacon after the climax of the previous Season. It seemed as if he had been written out, sacrificing one of the show's best characters in order to save a bit of money. Also, it seems illogical that the villains would have recruited Ramsey but killed Deacon without a thought. However, Mallick (Faran Tahir - Flight World War II ) has kept him alive. This plot is a lot more complex than it first appeared.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 4] Brothers

    Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) has started to nest in the time-travel HQ. She cannot sleep, so she sketches her visions. Of all the people on the team, she is the only one who does not trust Olivia.

    Cole and Ramsey are a team again. They go back to NYC in 2007. Their mission is to assassinate the Witness, but Ramsey has a secret side-mission. It involves a certain medical doctor, who was once vital to the plot because she would help the CDC find a cure for the disease. Now all that has been forgotten.

    Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) and Deacon attempt to escape from Titan.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 5] Causality

    After the serious events of the previous episode, this time we have a more light-hearted story. Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) plans a heist, and narrates an awesome exposition montage.

    As the story goes on, it turns into an episode of Leverage - except with a team of time-travellers led by a crazy woman. Jennifer is not the only one to make Ghostbusters references, either. Deacon refers to Olivia as Gozer. Maybe they could work out as a couple.

    With the main cast all away in 1989, the German woman relies on Hannah ( Brooke Williams ) and the Token Black guy to defend the base.

    Ramsey's absense is not ignored. Deacon comments on it, and Cole feels it. Perhaps they will time-travel and fix things in a forthcoming episode.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 6] Nature

    Our heroes go back to 1953, where they team up with FBI agent Jay Karnes (The Shield). A mysterious preacher (Christopher Lloyd - Back To The Future ) has founded a cult among America's disenfranchised - the rustbelt workers of the white middle class. Totally unlike any real-life villains, of course. They attend his gathering in the hope of infiltrating the enemy.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 7] Nurture

    The team go back to the 1950s again, this time in the hope of assassinating the Witness as a child. Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) takes point, as a sexy nerd girl.

    Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) refuses to go on the main mission, even though all the surviving recurring characters have gone along. Instead she goes back to 1991 and meets a psychologist so she can get a psychological profile on The Witness.

    The climax is an assault on Monkey Mansion. However, our heroes have to accept that casualties are inevitable.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 8] Masks

    The Witness (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ) and his final guardian hide out in London in 1879. They are both a decade older, so they have been on the run for many years. He draws out the manuscript in order to make sense of his cluttered visions.

    The survivors of the German woman's team catch a train in 1945. They are not after the Witness - they want to kill the deserters! The German woman is so keen to find them, she even starts to trust Olivia.

    Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) covers for her friends. However, she has to make a decision regarding her pet tortoise.

    Cole and Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) head to London, 1899, to see a play based on Poe's story Masque of the Red Death . They have a charming montage sequence together, in which he teaches her how to pickpocket like a Dickensian orphan and she teaches him to dance like a Dickinsenian beau.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 9] Thief

    Cole and Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) discover the Witness's home in London, 1899. His diaries reveal that he is now Athan (James Callis - BattleStar Galactica (3002) ).

    The diary tells of his time in the late Victorian period. He met a woman in 1891, a somewhat anachronistic female doctor. They fell in love, but it inevitably turned into the Guy Pearce version of The Time Machine . Naturally this kind of heartbreak is the kind of thing that turns a normal time-traveller into a time-destroying madman.

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 3, Episode 10] Witness

    Cole and Cassandra ( Amanda Schull ) catch up with the Witness (James Callis - BattleStar Galactica (3002) ). The German woman is on their tail, and she has her army with her. Since both versions of Jennifer Goines ( Emily Hampshire ) are now gone, Hannah ( Brooke Williams ) is in charge of the Sisters.

    Finally, Olivia gets to play a major part in the story. And we get to see why Mallick (Faran Tahir - Flight World War II ) helped Cassie and Deacon.

    Season 4

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 1] The End
    Shown 15 Jun 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 2] Ouroboros
    Shown 15 Jun 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 3] 45 RPM
    Shown 15 Jun 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 4] Legacy
    Shown 22 Jun 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 5] After
    Shown 22 Jun 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 6] Die Glocke
    Shown 22 Jun 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 7] Daughters
    Shown 29 Jun 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 8] Demons
    Shown 29 Jun 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 9] One Minute More
    Shown 29 Jun 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 10] The Beginning Part 1
    Shown 06 Jul 18

    12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys [Season 4, Episode 11] The Beginning Part 2
    Shown 06 Jul 18