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  • Colin Ferguson ( Haven ) as Marshal Jack Carter
  • Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Agent Allison Blake
  • Joe Morton ( Terminator 2 ) as Henry Deacon
  • Debrah Farentino as Beverly Barlowe
  • Ed Quinn as Nathan Stark
  • Jordan Hinson as Zoe Carter
  • Erica Cerra as Deputy Jo Lupo
  • Matt Frewer ( Max Headroom ) as Jim Taggart
  • Shayn Solberg as Spencer
  • Neil Grayston as Douglas Fargo

    Season One

  • Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 1-2] Pilot (1-2)
    Shown 18 Jul 06
    Shown 2nd August 2006 [Wednesday]

    A US Federal Marshal, Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ), is driving a teenage girl. It is a dark and rainy night, so they get lost and end up in a small remote town where things happen. Like Eerie Indiana, Smallville, Twin Peaks ...

    The Marshall runs foul of a couple of stroppy law-enforcement women, the Deputy and the DOD Agent. However, when Sheriff Maury Chaykin ( Stargate: SG-1 ) is inconvenienced, the Marshal has to help find out what is wrong.

    Gregg Germann ( Down To Earth ) is head scientist, Joe Morton ( Terminator 2 ) is a NASA-trained car mechanic, and Rob Labelle (Crazy Eddie in First Wave ) is ... kinda crazy.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 3] Many Happy Returns
    Shown 25 Jul 06
    Shown 9th August 2006 [Wednesday]

    The new Sheriff, Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ), attends Crazy Eddie widow's funeral. Then he discovers that they are ghosts ... kinda.

    Greg Germann has been replaced as Head of research by the DOD Agent's ex-husband, Starke. Although they have not actually got the divorce yet.

    The Sheriff gets a new house. It is fully automated, run by an AI called Sarah (named after Sarah Michelle Gellar ). Since they do not have the budget, Sarah's voice is that of Fargo (Neil Grayston) impersonating the actress.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 4] Before I Forget
    Shown 1 Aug 06
    Shown 16th August 2006 [Wednesday]

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) shoots Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ). But nobody remembers why!

    In a flashback, we discover that Joe's best friends are a fellow scientist and his wife Kim ( Tamlyn Tomita ). The sheriff takes a dislike to the friend, but mysteriously he can get no proof against him.

    The sheriff's daughter Zoe takes drama class at school. She is very good at Shakespeare.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 5] Alienated
    Shown 8 Aug 06

    Deputy Jo is resentful of Carter's seniority. She will not let him qualify for weapons use.

    A handful of regular characters watch an Alien Invasion movie in super hi-def. The next day, they act as if they are living out the events of the film. Worse, this group includes Jo and Taggart (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) - the only two weapons proficient folk in town.

    A Senator from Oversight is visting the town. He has the power to shut GD down. Guess who the Alienated gang think is an alien?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 6] Invincible
    Shown 15 Aug 06

    Dr. Carl Carlson (Saul Rubinek, who also plays Artie in sister-show Warehouse 13 ) is a researcher in Eureka. Naturally, things go wrong.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 7] Dr. Nobel
    Shown 22 Aug 06

    Fargo accidentally activates a 1950s doomsday device. The crew only have 24 hours to stop it ...

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 8] Blink (AKA Callister Raynes)
    Shown 29 Aug 06

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 9] Right as Raynes
    Shown 5 Sep 06

    Callister Raynes, a former resident of Eureka, returns home. He befriends Zoe, the sheriff's wayward teenage daughter, and things go downhill from there ...

    Gadgets around the town start going haywire. Raynes, an expert programmer (and Starke's former assistant) is the main suspect. Naturally the response is more complex, and involves Starke's greatest untold success.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 10] Primal
    Shown 12 Sep 06

    Fargo installs a device that gives the user remote control over nearby machines, activated purely by thought. Elsewhere, Taggart (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) accidentally lets his medical nanites escape. They pick up on the remote control's signal, and start acting out the Boss's subconscious desires. Unfortunately, the boss has just been handed divorce papers by Allison, Carter's love interest, so he is somewhat preoccupied.

    Taggart and Jo appear to be developing a relationship. Also, Carter's daughter Zoe has made herself manager of a teenage Disk Jockey boy.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 11] Purple Haze
    Shown 19 Sep 06

    Henry installs the best cellular/wifi signal tower in the world. People start to act in an unusual manner. For example, Doctor Allison becomes flirtatious and feminine. Deputy Jo lets her hair down and becomes fun. Almost as if their inhibitions have been removed.

    Fargo's neighbour causes a noise complaint by playing Ride of the Valkyries at top volume all night. Fargo calls the Sheriff, who orders the neighbour to stop playing it after 6pm. Naturally, the neighbour defies the Sheriff's order. However, Sheriff Carter then arrests FARGO for trespassing!

    Taggart (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) is still in town, or technically in the forests around the town. He has taken up nudism to commune with nature.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 12] H.O.U.S.E. Rules
    Shown 26 Sep 06

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) and the town VIPs are in his house when the AI goes wonky. It starts playing games with them. Fargo did not build it from scratch, he based it on interrogation software! Seems like it was not a good idea to make a house out of an impenetrable bunker, or to reprogramme an over-active interrogation AI as a housemaid. Allison, Fargo, Beverly and Starke are trapped there too. There is even a guy in a red shirt - a pizza delivery dude.

    Deputy Jo and Hunter Taggart (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) go out paintballing in the woods. They are the only ones who can rescue our heroes. can they stop bickering/flirting long enough to pull it off?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 1, Episode 13] Once in a Lifetime
    Shown 3 Oct 06

    Kim ( Tamlyn Tomita ) is involved in a lab accident. Then Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) wakes up, three years later ...

    The future looks good. Sarah's voice sounds like a real girl's. Taggart (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) and Jo are a couple. Carter and Allison are a couple - while Nathan Stark has retired to San Francisco. Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) is now running GD. But something is wrong in paradise.

    Carter has to go back and change time. As we all know, this actually made things worse for almost everyone.


    Eureka Eureka [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]


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    Season Two

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 1] Phoenix Rising
    Shown 10 Jul 07

    Something starts to incinerate certain workers at GD. Taggart (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) the Cryptozoologist blames the Phoenix. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) uncovers a link to the explosion that supposedly destroyed the alien artefact.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 2] Try, Try Again
    Shown 17 Jul 07

    After the events of the last couple of episodes, Starke is removed as head of GD. His replacement is ... Allison, Carter's love interest who was originally just a DOD agent.

    Fargo tries on a personal forcefield. Unfortunately, the forcefield was shelved because the last user ended up dead. Can Starke help, or will the show lose TWO regulars?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 3] Unpredictable
    Shown 24 Jul 07

    The weather turns flukey ... and deadly. Deputy Jo wants a promotion, so she investigates.

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) has personal problems to distract him. His ex-wife is in town, and wants custody of their daughter Zoe.

    Starke is still in town, hanging out with his Ex (who replaced him at his job). Could this have something to do with her autistic son?

    Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) is closing in on the Mole. He wants to take over his ex-GF's lab.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 4] Games People Play
    Shown 31 Jul 07

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) is worried because his ex-wife wants custody of their daughter Zoe. Also, a mysterious swirling light is abducting people - and nobody else remembers that the missing person even existed.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 5] Duck, Duck Goose
    Shown 7 Aug 07

    A meteorite crashes through the engine-block of the Sheriff's cruiser. His replacement vehicle is a self-driving car piloted by his house's AI, Sarah. There is even more space junk on its way down to Eureka.

    The local High School is having its annual science fair. This is generally the most dangerous event of the year, since it combines teenage geniuses with next-generation technology. Carter's daughter Zoe is one of the contestants.

    Taggart is trying to train his geese to fly. These are not natural or even genetically engineered creatures, they are robots. Camouflaged drones for military purposes, he says. The geese have faulty navigation systems, and we are half way through the episode before anyone realises this could be connected to the space junk. Yes, nobody realises that a giant magnet would interfere with the navigation. And they do not connect it to the School Science Fair until even later.

    The subtext of the episode is Carter's relationship with his daughter Zoe. He learns to improve his parenting skills by watching Taggart play daddy to his geese.

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) admits he once took an IQ test, and got a score of 111. He assumes that means he got over 100%. However, none of this actually rings true. He may not have the vocabulary of a scientist, but he exhibits a natural flair for problem-solving that meets the definition of having a high IQ. Later he says that 111 turns out to be average, but in reality the average is exactly 100. Of course, the show also says that a 157 IQ would be only in the 92nd percentile.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 6] Noche de Sueños
    Shown 14 Aug 07

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) saves Fargo from an RTA. Unfortunately, this does not prevent a toxic spill.

    Carter has an embarrassing dream, which other people somehow share. It seems that everyone in town starts to share dreams. Worse, the die in a dream and you die in Reality cliche is used.

    Starke is helping Allison with her son. This takes the form of creepy experiments in accessing his subconscious. The boy has the key to Einstein's unified field theory locked in his autistic brain.

    Carter also remembers Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) wiping his memories. Of course, he cannot remember WHAT got wiped, just that something did.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 7] Family Reunion
    Shown 21 Aug 07

    A Cryo-pod from the founding days of Eureka is discovered. Inside, perfectly preserved, is Fargo's grandfather. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) has to work out who put him in the pod.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 8] E=MC...?
    Shown 28 Aug 07

    A new scientist is recruited. Unfortunately he is a compulsive felon named Zane, so he is the problem of Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ). He is also a pretty-boy who flirts with Deputy Jo.

    Unfortunately Zane’s contribution is an experiment that might go supernova. Everyone is stupid, except the Sheriff and Zane. Can they save the town?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 9] Sight Unseen
    Shown 4 Sep 07

    A mysterious thief can steal things without turning up on CCTV. It seems someone has done a Hollow Man - he is invisible, but cannot cure himself.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 10] God Is in the Details
    Shown 11 Sep 07

    Miraculous happenings take place. Dr Fraser ( Stargate SG-1 ) is the church organist, perhaps this is no coincidence.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 11] Maneater
    Shown 18 Sep 07

    Lexa Doig delivers a seminar on sexy harassment. Unfortunately, Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) soon ends up sexually irresistible to women, like Xander in Buffy: Season 2 . Can Taggart (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) save him?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 12] All That Glitters (1)
    Shown 25 Sep 07

    All that glitters is not gold - but when items in Eureka start turning into gold, Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) must discover why. Mad sculptor Michael Shanks (the third guest-star from Stargate SG-1 in as many episodes) reveals the source of this modern-day curse of Midas.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 2, Episode 13] A Night at Global Dynamics (2)
    Shown 2 Oct 07

    GD is in lock-down because the Midas bacteria are attacking humans now. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ), Taggart (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) and Starke must infiltrate to rescue the trapped staff.

    The Mayor (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ), the traitor, the lady doctor and the autistic boy are all trapped in the Director's office. Luckily they have an illegal teleporter. The ep is the climax of the Season Arc, and has repercussions ...

    Season Three

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 1] Bad to the Drone
    Shown 29 Jul 08

    The military have insisted in a shake-up in leadership. They send in a Corporate down-sizer ( Frances Fisher ) to check things out.

    Fargo and Zane test their new Anti-Aircraft artillery. Unfortunately the new target-drone goes MIA. She has become an AI, with the attitude of a teenager. Which is lucky, because she can befriend the Sheriff's teenage daughter Zoe. She also has invisibility mode, and tank-busting weaponry ...

    The drone's designer (and father-figure) is a scruffier version of Tesla from Sanctuary . It turns out that he has successfully created an Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately the Fixer thinks it is a threat, and orders it permanently dismantled. Of course, this only makes the drone angry.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 2] What About Bob?
    Shown 5 Aug 08

    Bob is a scientist in a massive biodome in the basement. Then he goes missing ...

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) and Allison the lady doctor enter the sealed environment to interview the suspects. The only expert can help is Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ), who is otherwise detained ...

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 3] Best in Faux
    Shown 12 Aug 08

    The town has its annual dog-show. The dogs are all robots, of course. Lexa Doig is one of the dog owners. Someone must be cheating, because the robot dogs start to explode. 

    There is unusual seismic activity. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) calls on local volcanologist Alan Ruck, who (despite appearing in Star Trek: Generations ) studies volcanoes, not vulcans. The origin of the earthquakes is man-made, of course. And the two plots overlap.

    In the ongoing sub-plot, Starke and Allison the Lady Doc are preparing to get married again. Carter must team up with Starke, his love rival, in order to save the town in an underground adventure like The Core .

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 4] I Do Over
    Shown 19 Aug 08

    It is the day that Starke and Allison the Lady Doc get married again. And Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) starts re-living the day, much to his annoyance. After all, the Lady Doc was his love interest too!

    The time-quakes are getting worse. It looks like the Fixer ( Frances Fisher ) is plotting something. Could she be responsible?

    The ending has repercussions for the regular characters.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 5] Show Me the Mummy
    Shown 26 Aug 08

    A scientist opens the casket of an ancient Egyptian mummy. But there is no sign of the mummy, and the mummy's curse seems to have descended upon the town.

    The sheriff's sister is still in town, and her hippy music comes in useful.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 6] Phased and Confused
    Shown 9 Sep 08

    An idiot builds a suit that lets him phase-shift through solid matter. While this may sound like a good idea, he has trouble with re-materialisation.

    Zane locates the secret underground base from the 1930s. Unfortunately he gets himself and Zoe trapped in it. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) must locate and rescue them.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 7] Here Come the Suns
    Shown 16 Sep 08

    The town holds an election for a new mayor, and as always it gets very competitive. Fargo nominates the coffee-shop owner (Chris Gautier - ). Zoe nominates her BF. The main candidate is a scientist who can control the clouds and make it rain.

    A second sun appears, a thousand feet in the sky. Unfortunately this will create a localised heatwave.

    The Fixer ( Frances Fisher ) plans to destroy all evidence in the secret underground base from the 1930s. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) must outsmart her.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 8] From Fear to Eternity
    Shown 23 Sep 08

    The Fixer ( Frances Fisher ) plans to destroy all evidence in the secret underground base from the 1930s. The plan is to bury it with self-sealing rock-crete. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) must outsmart her.

    Zoe got infected with something while in the underground base. The others must find a cure. But the only clues are underground.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 9] Welcome Back, Carter
    Shown 10 Jul 09

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) was fired in the previous episode, so he is looking for a new job. His replacement is an experimental android, Sheriff Andy (Kavan Smith - Stargate: Atlantis ).

    Trees start to fall over for no apparent reason. It seems one of the experiments in the town is responsible. But which one?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 10] Your Face or Mine
    Shown 17 Jul 09

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) is put in a special testing room. Deputy Jo is left in charge. She starts acting strangely. It turns out she is the victim of experimental body-swop tech.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 11] Insane in the P-Brane
    Shown 24 Jul 09

    A scientist detects strange signals, and assumes it is ghostly spirits. Of course, a new lady scientist has arrived in town to reactivate an old experiment. Perhaps this could have something to do with it ...

    The Sheriff's Pregnant sister's ex is in town. She has not told him that he is the father, and she goes to extreme lengths to conceal her pregnancy from him.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 12] It's Not Easy Being Green
    Shown 31 Jul 09

    Fargo captains the town bowling team. They are having the annual contest against the Area 51 team. Naturally, everyone is very competitive so there are lots of childish pranks involving hi-tech scifi technology.

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) tracks down a carnivorous blob. Luckily his sister’s fiancé the medical doctor is in town.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 13] If You Build It...
    Shown 7 Aug 09

    The town's teenagers act like possessed zombies, stealing apparently random pieces of tech ... Worse, they are using it to construct an enormous machine. Something is controlling their minds. Could it be the mysterious object approaching from outer space?

    Meanwhile, the resident geeky super-genius has forgotten he has a GF. He gets rid of his car, which has a female AI running it. Unfortunately, she is a bunny-boiler - and so-called hilarity ensues. Michael Knight never had this kind of trouble!

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 14] Ship Happens
    Shown 14 Aug 09

    Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) is rejoined by a clone of his science partner, Kim ( Tamlyn Tomita ).

    People are dying in mysterious electrocutions.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 15] Shower the People
    Shown 21 Aug 09

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) investigates a spate of dry-land drownings. Is it related to super-water that's being manufactured in the town's labs?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 16] You Don't Know Jack
    Shown 28 Aug 09

    The Sheriff's GF ( Jamie Ray Newman ) has invented a device that allows people to download their memories. Unfortunately the citizens of Eureka are then hit with a wave of amnesia. The answer is to replay clips of the best bits of the show. But this is much better than the average clip show, it actually has a decent story.

    The base is shut for a sonic cleaning. This will kill any bacteria or other life-forms in the building. Naturally, Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) and Allison the pregnant Lady doctor are locked inside. Worse, she is just about to give birth any second now ...

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 17] Have an Ice Day
    Shown 11 Sep 09

    Eureka Eureka [Season 3, Episode 18] What Goes Around Comes Around
    Shown 18 Sep 09

    Zoe, the Sheriff's daughter, gets an acceptance letter from Harvard. But her dad is not happy that she is heading away next semester, and Lucas her BF is jealous because he was not accepted on the course.

    An invisible electro-magnetic storm hovers over the town, making things go haywire. Luckily a technology introduced in this ep can be used to stop the storm.

    Season Four

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 1] Founder's Day
    Shown 09/Jul/10

    It is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the town of Eureka. Unfortunately, five key characters (Carter, Allison, Fargo, Jo and Henry) all get zapped back in time to 1947. They have to work out how to get home, while dodging paranoid Cold War goons. All without changing history.

    Dr Grant (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) is the town's founder.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 2] A New World
    Shown 16/Jul/10

    The main five characters get back from 1947, and discover that a few things are different. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) and Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) have the same jobs, but their domestic situations have changed. The ex-GF ( Jamie Ray Newman ) and the wrench wench ( Tembi Locke ) are now recurring characters. Deputy Andy now looks like Ty Olssen ( Supernatural ). The Deputy and Nerd have both had a boost in their careers. The Lady Doctor's son is no longer autistic.

    Also, there has been a stowaway. Dr Grant (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) has come forward from the 1940s. Is he to blame for the positronic overloads in the town? Or is it Zane, Deputy Jo's former fiance (who, without her influence, never cleaned up his act)? Or is it a secret project at GD?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 3] All the Rage
    Shown 23/Jul/10

    Fargo's arch-rival, Dr. Isaac Parrish (Wil Wheaton - Star Trek: TNG ), is in town.

    The population of GD get enraged, and riot.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 4] The Story of O2
    Shown 30/Jul/10

    The scientists hold their annual Rocket race. With Jamie Kennedy ( Scream ) and Dr Grant (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) in town, it will be a tight contest. But as usual, something goes wrong and threatens to destroy the entire town.

    This was directed by the actor who plays Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ). As a result, the Sheriff is out of town for most of the ep. He visits his daughter Zoe at Yale ... and they spend their time chasing an invisible cat.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 5] Crossing Over
    Shown 06/Aug/10

    Claudia from Warehouse 13 visits to do an inspection. Fargo and she develop a few sparks.

    Unfortunately, a wormhole opens up to 1947. The two time periods seem to be merging, so it will destroy the world (or something).

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 6] Momstrosity
    Shown 13/Aug/10

    Something infects the town's AIs with emotions. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) goes on a camping trip with the ex-autistic boy, Fargo and Dr Grant (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica 2003 ). They get hunted by Tiny the psychotic Titan Probe, who last went berzerk in Eureka [Season 4, Episode 2] A New World.

    Deputy Andy (Kavan Smith - Stargate: Atlantis ) and Sarah the sheriff's house have some UST ...

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 7] Stoned
    Shown 20/Aug/10

    Something starts turning people to stone.

    Zoe is back from college, and has her eyes on a new man. It is Jo's ex-BF, the un-reformed Zane!

    The DOD is investigating Baltar AKA Dr Grant (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica 2003 ).

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 8] The Ex-files
    Shown 27/Aug/10

    The team's old flames come to town. Unfortunately, everyone can only see their own ... so it is a mass hallucination.

    Dr Grant (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) claims he can see a leggy blonde in a slinky red dress - a reference to Number 6 ( Tricia Helfer ). In fact, he sees a co-conspirator from 1947. Will he get dragged into the conspiracy again?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 9] I'll Be Seeing You
    Shown 10/Sep/10

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) and Dr Grant (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) return to 1947. Can they put right what once went wrong?

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 10] O' Little Town...
    Shown 07/Dec/10

    It is Xmas, and Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) tells some kids a story. Once he had to deal with an Australian Santa-Ologist (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ).

    A giant Crystal appears to be growing. Either that, or the entire town is shrinking ...

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 11] Liftoff
    Shown 11/Jul/11

    Fargo and Zane are trapped in a space rocket. Can they get down safely? Fargo the nerd handles the crisis, while tough-guy Zane goes to pieces.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 12] Reprise
    Shown 18/Jul/11

    Holly ( Felicia Day ) arrives in town to do an inspection. Unfortunately, everyone starts obeying the lyrics of their favourite songs. Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) and his wife ( Tembi Locke ) trigger a statis field that will give the town All The time In The World. Worse, someone plays I shot the sheriff ...

    Elsewhere, the Sheriff's love interest lady scientist Allison has an adventure of her own, rescuing Cameron Bancroft ( Codename Eternity ) from a car crash.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 13] Glimpse
    Shown 25/Jul/11

    GD has been commissioned to send a manned mission to Titan, the moon of Saturn. Fargo and his new love interest, Holly ( Felicia Day ), must interview all astronaut candidates. Fargo's rival, Dr. Isaac Parrish (Wil Wheaton - Star Trek: TNG ), is eager for a place on the team. Generalissimo Stan Lee ( Mallrats ) has been experimenting with Gamma radiation, and gets to use the immortal line you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!.

    Jo and Zane are back together, sort of. Zane has built a pair of contact lenses that allow the wearer to see the future. It is actually more complicated - they wirelessly connect with a central supercomputer that calculates all data and provides probability outcomes. Unfortunately the computer predicts a catastrophic explosion within the next few hours.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 14] Up In The Air
    Shown 01/Aug/11

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) investigates a bank robbery. The bank has disappeared, as if it floated off.

    Jo acts as Drill Instructor to the prospective astronauts. Fargo has to compete, and not just for a seat in the spaceship. He has forgotten about Claudia from Warehouse 13 and has strangely transferred his affections to Holly ( Felicia Day ). However, Fargo has a rival - Dr. Isaac Parrish (Wil Wheaton - Star Trek: TNG ), who turned evil in Big Bang Theory.

    Allison the lady doctor has flashes of missing time. This is her first clue that something is wrong ...

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 15] Omega Girls
    Shown 08/Aug/11

    Fargo steps down as head of GD, and the lady doctor takes over. But her brain is now being controlled by sinister forces ... Can Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) work things out in time?

    Jo goes to pick up the sheriff's daughter Zoe from the airport. This means they are the Omega Girls - a reference to Charleton Heston in The Omega Man , the last man alive in a post-apocalyptic world.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 16] Of Mites And Men
    Shown 15/Aug/11

    Jo passes her written exam somehow. Then she, Fargo, Holly ( Felicia Day ) and Dr. Isaac Parrish (Wil Wheaton - Star Trek: TNG ) are locked in an isolation chamber as a stress test to replicate the effect of nine months in outer space. To add to the stress, Zane stows away to be with Jo.

    The building's titanium starts to disappear. The spaceship was built by construction nano-mites, and naturally they exceed their orders. The only person who can reprogramme them is Zane, who is trapped in the isolation pod. And the only person who can guide Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) there is Allison the Lady Doctor, who is still under suspicion after the events of the previous episode.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 17] Clash Of The Titans
    Shown 22/Aug/11

    The Titan Probe returns, but things get explosive. It turns out that elements from Titan's atmosphere are poisoning Eureka's soil and air.

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) and the Lady Doc have officially announced their relationship to their superiors. Now they have to submit to an assessment by a Relationship Assessor (Wallace Shawn - Princess Bride ). Everyone else tries to sort their own relationships out:

  • Jo and Zane
  • Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) and his wrench wench wife ( Tembi Locke )
  • Fargo and Holly ( Felicia Day )
  • Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 18] This One Time At Space Camp
    Shown 29/Aug/11

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) and Allison the Lady Doc have requested a re-assessment. Once again the Relationship Assessor is Wallace Shawn ( Princess Bride ). His brainwaves are electronically linked to Sheriff Carter's. Now, how could this go wrong?

    The Astraeus candidates are mind-probed while they are interviewed about why they want to go to Titan. Fargo and his rival both went to Space Camp, where their rivalry began.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 19] One Small Step
    Shown 12/Sep/11

    A cow gets melted. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) investigates, and his jeep is melted next. Taggart (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) helps.

    Deputy Andy (Kavan Smith - Stargate: Atlantis ) gets stranded on Titan in a teleportation accident. There is no backup of his A.I. programme, or even spare parts to build a new one.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 20] One Giant Leap
    Shown 19/Sep/11

    The Astreus ship is about to take off. Unfortunately the preparations accidentally create a black hole in the sky above the lake. The sheriff's car is, predictably, a casualty. Luckily there is some anti-matter left over in the bank vault.

    There is a cliffhanger ending ...

    Eureka Eureka [Season 4, Episode 21] Do You See What I See?
    Shown 06/Dec/11

    It is Xmas again, and once again we get an Xmas-themed episode that has no relation to the Season arc.

    The town gets turned into a series of animations. It is CGI, a cartoon (with homages to Simpsons, South Park, Scooby Doo ), claymation and even anime!

    Season Five

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 1] Lost
    Shown 16/Apr/12

    The lady Doc wakes up strapped into the pilot's seat in the Astraeus ship. The ship is about to crash-land, so she wakes the command crew. And as you will know from the trailers, they end up back at Eureka after being gone for four years!

    The town has been put in the charge of new management. Fargo and his Second in Command were both on the Astraeus when it went MIA, and Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) took the blame for it. Andy (Kavan Smith - Stargate: Atlantis ) is now head of Security at GD, and he has a sinister side. They made a whole army of androids in his image, obeying his every command. And the flying drones keep the population in check.

    The epilogue gives an explanation that covers all the unanswered questions. We also get a story arc set up for the Season.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 2] The Real Thing
    Shown 23/Apr/12

    The Astraeus crew cannot understand what went wrong with the mission. The Captain is denied permission to look through the documentation.

    The Matrix is breaking down because the extra person is overloading it. There are tiny glitches. And when Jo mentions Smaug in The Hobbit , an actual Dragon appears aboard the ship.

    Back in reality, Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) wants to continue the search, but he is overruled. His teen stepson designs a detector that can follow the ship's path. But this involves scavenging parts from all over the town. Some of those parts are held under lock and key by the Military. And the Senator (Camille from Stargate: Universe ) tries to micro-manage the town.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 3] Force Quit
    Shown 30/Apr/12

    A defector brings word that the Astraeus crew are being held in a Matrix -type VR simulation. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) is sent in to save them.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 4] Friendly Fire
    Shown 07/May/12

    The Astraeus crew are getting over the stresses they endured in the Matrix. Fargo undergoes bereavement counselling, and even gets an arm-patch. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) feels very uncomfortable around Jo - as do Zane and Allison.

    Dr. Isaac Parrish (Wil Wheaton - Star Trek: TNG ) accidentally unleashes a swarm of nanites. They alternate between setting fires and putting them out.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 5] Jack Of All Trades
    Shown 14/May/12

    The overseer (Wallace Shawn - Princess Bride ) is in town to interview all the Astraeus crew. Unfortunately, they start body-swapping with Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ).

    This brings out Carter's difficulties with Allison, and especially the Carter/Jo/Zane problem.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 6] Worst Case Scenario
    Shown 21/May/12

    The Government insists that GD runs disaster-preparedness drills, to ensure the Astraeus event does not happen again. Unfortunately this involves simulated disasters that become too realistic for comfort.

    Fargo illegally re-enters the Matrix to find Holly ( Felicia Day ). Zane helps, but has to lie to Jo. And Jo is angry at Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) for rebuffing her - unaware that he was mind-swapped with Allison at the time.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 7] Ex-Machina
    Shown 04/Jun/12

    The team attend Holly's funeral. Fargo, her BF, is not overly upset - leading Jo to believe he is in denial. Only he and Zane know that Holly's mind is preserved on the Matrix HDD.

    Jo's old military buddy Roger R Cross ( First Wave ) and some fellow Defense Dept flunkies turn up to install a new security system and to remove the Matrix hardware. They are just replacing one fascist control system with another, but Fargo has bigger things to worry about. The goons will erase the HDD with Holly's mind on it.

    Jo insists that she and Zane have a relationship policy of complete honesty. This will not turn out for the best for her.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 8] In Too Deep
    Shown 11/Jun/12

    It is the local equivalent of April Fools Day. Jo tries to keep it all under control, despite Zane repeatedly turning her clothes into a skin-tight leather catsuit.

    Dr Allison opts out, and tries to get some alone time in an underwater lab. Things naturally take a turn for the worst. A romantic encounter ends up with her and Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) trapped on the lake bed.

    Fargo wants to spend as much time with Holly ( Felicia Day ) the Hologram as possible. She does not know that her matrix is unstable, and she may not last long.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 9] Smarter Carter
    Shown 18/Jun/12

    Allison's brother comes to town. He is an intellectual snob, so Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) has to brush up on Science. Unfortunately, Carter becomes super-smart at the cost of his emotions. He tries to upgrade Deputy Andy (Kavan Smith - Stargate: Atlantis ), who develops the same problem.

    Zane and Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) try to build Holly ( Felicia Day ) a new body. Deputy Jo runs interference for them, while Dr. Isaac Parrish (Wil Wheaton - Star Trek: TNG ) is suspicious of them.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 10] The Honeymooners
    Shown 25/Jun/12

    Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) takes his new bride, Dr Allison, to the old Sheriff's remote log cabin for a romantic honeymoon. She prefers the luxuries of urban living, and naturally everything that can go wrong does so.

    Carter discovers an old safe, and inside it is a laser-disc with the old Sheriff's records. Deputy Jo and Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) examine it, and discover there was a spy conspiracy in GD. They investigate further. But they are from a parallel timeline, they have no idea what their doubles did in the current timeline!

    Zane and Tembi Locke get Holly ( Felicia Day ) a new body. But she is paranoid that she is still in The Matrix ...

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 11] Mirror, Mirror
    Shown 02/Jul/12

    Fargo wants to end climate change by seeding the atmosphere with smart-dust. But naturally, something goes wrong. Has Fargo's legacy become Farmageddon?

    Jo has the suspected spy in custody. DOD goon Roger R Cross ( First Wave ) arrives to take charge of the suspect and the evidence. Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) wants to turn himself in for what his parallel self supposedly did. But Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ), Jo and Zane want to give him time to think things over.

    Holly ( Felicia Day ) gets a subliminal email, and starts acting funny. Just like in that episode of Smallville . This leads on to a wonderful cliff-hanger.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 12] Double Take
    Shown 09/Jul/12

    GD is being taken over. However, this time it is pod people instead of brainwashing. The NPCs from the Matrix are replacing their original selves, and plugging the originals into the Matrix.

    Allison and Fargo work out what is going on. Can they defeat their respective spouses?

    Zane teams up with Dr. Isaac Parrish (Wil Wheaton - Star Trek: TNG ). As unlikely as it sounds, this partnership actually works out.

    Eureka Eureka [Season 5, Episode 13] Just Another Day
    Shown 16/Jul/12

    The previous ep's cliff-hanger left Eureka's fate in the balance. GD's funding is cut, it is being sold off and privatised. The crew are being re-employed elsewhere. Not good ...

    Will every happy couple get their happy ever after? Andy (Kavan Smith - Stargate: Atlantis ) and Sarah, Fargo and Holly ( Felicia Day ), Zane and Jo, Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson - Haven ) and Allison, Mayor Henry (Joe Morton - Terminator 2 ) and his wife?

    This is a great chance to tie up all the loose ends and to say goodbye to a lot of recurring characters. Not bad, for a show that lasted five Seasons on a single premise.