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Warehouse 13

Season 1

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot

The US Secret Service sends a couple of mid-twenties-looking pretty people to guard their VIPs. Not the middle-aged ex-Marines of reality, or even the Mulder and Scully of Canadian TV shows, but then this isn't exactly intended to be as serious as X-Files .

Arty (Saul Rubinek - ) pops up and recruits the duo into his secret artefact-retrieving unit. They get their first mission

The pretty people investigate a case of domestic violence in Iowa. A college student hit his GF. It turns out that sometimes he speaks Renaissance-era Italian, and becomes inexplicably violent.

The Professor (TBGG from Spin City) might be covering something up ...

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 2] Resonance

A Gang of bank-robbers are using an artefact as a less-lethal weapon, so they can carry out their raids with minimum violence. Pete and Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) fly in to investigate. They team up with FBI Agent Tricia Helfer .

It turns out that the artefact is a recording of a song. Lindy Booth is receptionist at a music company. Could she be involved?

Myka, despite being a trained Secret Service Agent, does not think of using her sidearm when in pursuit of a gang of dangerous criminals. Luckily, despite outnumbering her four to one the crooks do not gang up on her. They even abandon one of their own!

Meanwhile, Artie is investigating a hacker who is attacking the Warehouse's mainframe. His main suspect is Pete and Myka's ex-boss at the Secret Service.

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 3] Magnetism

Artie (Saul Rubinek) is still trying to track down the mysterious hacker. The attacker has changed strategy, trying to trace the Warehouse on the electricity grid.

The Hollywood versions of Mulder and Scully go to small town Midwest USA, where folks have been acting mighty strange lately. The reason is pseudo-science rather than completely supernatural, and is to do with the victims unleashing their subliminal desires. Hilarity ensues, especially when Ivan from Charmed (S8) develops a breast fixation.

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 4] Claudia

Artie is kidnapped by the Hacker - a teenage girl named Claudia Donovan ( Alison Scagliotti ). She blames him for the disappearance of her brother, who was lost while attempting a teleportation experiment. But he is trapped between dimensions. Can Artie rescue him?

Pete and Myka try to track down Artie and his abductor.

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 5] Elements

The intruder was a teenage girl who wanted the team to get her brother back from Purgatory. Now the siblings are staying around to help the team and repair the damage.

Someone uses a Native American cloak to walk through walls. An art collector (Tom Parris from Stargate: Atlantis ) is a suspect.

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 6] Burnout

Thing-der and Thing-ully investigate when a long-dead Warehouse Agent's body is discovered. They must retrieve the artefact that killed him, a collar that turns its victim into a mindless unstoppable warrior. Naturally, to increase the stakes one of the regular characters falls victim to the collar, leaving the rest of the team to rescue him before he burns out.

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 7] Implosion

The world's greatest samurai sword is taken to Washington DC to be presented to the US government. This means that Pete and Myka, former Secret Service agents, must overcome the Secret Service's defences.

We discover more about Artie's past. He was coerced into joining the Warehouse - just like all other staff, it seems. And the super-villain this week is someone from his past.

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 8] Duped

A couple of con artists (who look like Zane and Jo from Eureka ) are in Las Vegas, using a magical poker chip to see the future. Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) and her partner are sent to retrieve the artefact. But Myka is acting slightly out of character. She's sexy!

Back in the Warehouse, the backup crew discover a magical mirror that appears to have Mykah's reflection in it. Which one is the real Myka?

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 9] Regrets

Sculder and Mulley go to a tropical prison, where the convicts have been hallucinating and going crazy. Joe Morton ( Terminator 2, Eureka ) is a prisoner who claims to have found religion.

Pete and Myka start to hallucinate themselves. Their old regrets come back to haunt them. Myka's BF was a fellow Secret Service Agent who got killed in action. Pete's dad was a fire-fighter who died on the job. Can our heroes overcome their own sense of guilt?

Back in the warehouse, the teenage girl messes around with a super-magnetic lab coat. Can Artie save her before the whole warehouse is destroyed?

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 10] Breakdown

Artie is summoned to HQ, where he is interrogated by Internal Affairs man Mark Sheppard ( Firefly ). Back at the Warehouse, the Agents and the teenage girl must prevent the place from blowing up.

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 11] Nevermore

Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) goes to visit her parents at their bookstore. But her dad (Colonel Tigh from BSG 2003 ) gets infected by Edgar Allan Poe's diary. Can Mulder and the teenage girl avoid Poe-like threats like Pits and Pendulums long enough to recover the writer's raven-quill pen?

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1, Episode 12] MacPherson

The team go after arch-villain MacPherson (Roger Rees). He's trying to auction the artefacts he stole.

It seems the villain may have an accomplice ...





Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2010 [Wednesday]

Warehouse 13

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  • Season 2

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 1] Time Will Tell
    Shown 06/Jul/10

    MacPherson has the run of the Warehouse. He de-bronzes a fellow disgraced Agent - HG Wells, who is an even worse villain than him ...

    Pete and Myka go to the HG Wells museum in London. Pete tries to seduce beautiful tourist Jaime Murray

    Mrs Frederick is hospitalised. And when the others go off on field-work, she has to save Lena.

    Artie goes after Claudia, to stop MacPherson stealing anti-matter from Cern. Then they have to get from one end of the Warehouse to the other, avoiding MacPherson's boobytraps. Pete and Mykah find a shortcut!

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 2] Mild Mannered
    Shown 13/Jul/10

    Arty is still grieving the loss of his old frienemy, McPherson. But he seems to be haunted by the arch-villain.

    Pete and Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) go to a crumbling neighbourhood in Detroit, where someone is putting petty crooks into comas. Jewel Staite is owner of the local coffee-shop, so this is bound to be important to the plot.

    The artefact in question gives the user superpowers, and he copies his favourite comic-book superhero. Myka dresses in a slinky catsuit and becomes a superheroine to save the day.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 3] Beyond Our Control
    Shown 20/Jul/10

    Leena is having dizzy spells. She calls in Mrs Fredericks, who calls in Mark Sheppard ( Firefly, Medium ) and Yoko Ono.

    Somehow an artefact may have gotten loose in town. Arty blames Claudia for meddling with her Farnsworth walkie-talkie.

    Pete and Mykah discover why everyone in town hates them. The Warehouse's cover story is that it is an IRS branch. They have to search the town while posing as tax inspectors! But at least Pete meets a gorgeous lady veterinarian.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 4] Age Before Beauty
    Shown 27/Jul/10

    Pete and Myka recover Excalibur from a castle in Cardiff, even though there are no castles there in RL. Then they detour to Italy to investigate another mysterious event. An old woman turns out to be an up-aged teen fashion model. Someone stole her youth ...

    Myka ( Joanne Kelly ), fresh from being a superheroine in a skin-tight catsuit, now goes undercover as a gorgeous fashion model. She feels uncomfortable, because she was always a tomboy. Somehow this does not ring true.

    Claudia is trying to have a date with her new BF, Todd. Artie advises her just be yourself ...

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 5] 13.1
    Shown 03/Aug/10

    Claudia is trying to have a relationship with her new BF, Todd. But she is overcome by her work at the Warehouse. Fargo from Eureka is in town to upgrade the computer system. Yes, after four cast crossovers as different characters they have actually integrated the two shows into the same universe!

    The computer upgrade activates a backup AI, like Queeg from Red Dwarf S2 . This one was built by Hugo (Rene Auberjonois - Star Trek: DS9 ). The AI feels that the current Agents are not up to scratch, so it decides it would be better off without them.

    Pete and Myka are sent to retrieve the only man who can help - the real Hugo, who is now in a nursing home for the senile. Every former Warehouse Agent is evil, crazy or dead ... or all three.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 6] Around the Bend
    Shown 10/Aug/10

    Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) and Pete stake out a museum because an artefact may be linked to some robberies. Mrs Fredericks secretly orders Pete to let the suspect escape with the artefact. Artie and Myka must not find out ... The Regents suspect there is a traitor on the inside. AGAIN!

    Pete is helped by fellow Secret Service Agent Tia Carrere . He goes after his main suspect, the rent-a-villain Mark Sheppard ( Firefly, Medium ).

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 7] For the Team
    Shown 17/Aug/10

    Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) and Claudia head off to investigate a College wrestling team that is unexpectedly successful. Worse, the team is beset by a series of spontaneous human combustions. This is Claudiaís first field mission, but she proves herself. Eventually.

    HG Wells ( Jaime Murray ) offers to help out. Is she trustworthy?

    Pete stays at home with Artie, because he might be suffering side-effects from the previous mission. Artieís appendix has grown back again, so he needs the doctor ( Lindsay Wagner ) to remove it. It turns out that he has an ulterior motive towards the lady doctor. When complications arise, they have to call in the lady vet - Peteís would-be love interest.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 8] Merge With Caution
    Shown 24/Aug/10

    Myka and Pete ( Joanne Kelly ) get the weekend off. Myka goes to her class reunion, where she dresses to impress the Jock she tutored in Algebra. Pete is injured, so he stays in bed Ö with his hot GF!

    Pete and Myka end up trapped in the same body, thanks to Robert Louis Stevensonís Jekyll and Hyde bookends. This poses difficulties for the female agent, who is trying to get seduced by a sleazy pick-up artist. Even worse, the side-effect for this artefactís over-use (as with most artefacts) is a most horrible death.

    Artie and Claudia go after Laura Harris . Unfortunately she has Mata Hariís stockings, which makes any man desperate to please her. Of course, this means that the men are eventually going to kill in order to obtain the object of their desire. Claudia tries to keep Artie out of trouble. But heís as good as MacGuyver, and can teach her a trick or too.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 9] Vendetta
    Shown 31/Aug/10

    A US Government official is killed by an artefact. The guest-stars (and therefore, suspects) include Tia Carrere , Michael Brandon ( Dr Who ) and HG Wells ( Jaime Murray ).

    Artie's past is revealed. In the 1970s he traded antiques (artefacts!) to the USSR in exchange for political Dissidents (his relatives). But he cannot forgive HG Wells for her own misuse of artefacts.

    Claudia has a love interest this week - Todd from the hardware store. He wears glasses, so he must be a tech-geek like her. But as she stalks him, she discovers he has a mysterious past ...

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 10] When and Where
    Shown 07/Sep/10

    Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) and Pete use HG Wells' ( Jaime Murray ) time machine to jump into the bodies of their 1961 counterparts. Yes, they get to see life in the Mad Men era.

    Rent-a-villain David Anders ( Alias, Heroes ) is the main suspect. But Armin Shimmerman ( Star Trek: DS9 ) is around as well, as the boss ...

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 11] Buried (1)
    Shown 14/Sep/10

    The team go to Egypt to shut down Warehouse 2. Mark Sheppard is along to help out.

    HG Wells dresses the part as an English female archaeologist - Lara Croft: Tomb Raider style!

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Episode 12] Reset (2)
    Shown 21/Sep/10

    The team must uncover HG's evil plan, then defeat her.

    Mulder must sort things out with his GF.

    Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) makes a big career decision. Can someone just quit? The duo spent Season One trying to get reassigned back to Washington, to no avail.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 2, Special] Secret Santa
    Shown 07/Dec/10

    This is the Xmas Special, shown out of order. Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) is still part of the team, ignoring her actions in the previous episode.

    A Scrooge-like businessman (Paul Blackthorne - Dresden Files ) is harrassed by a supernatural Santa figure. Can the team save him?

    Claudia and her brother try to reunite Artie with his estranged father. This particular Scrooge (or Shylock, for his discomfort with Xian festivals) is Judd Hirsch (Numbers).

    Season 3

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 1] The New Guy
    Shown 11/Jul/11

    Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) has quit the Warehouse, so new Agent Jinks is recruited to replace her. He is an ATF agent with the ablity to tell if someone is lying. Unfortunately this superpower is only used in his intro scene, before the start credits. It is not really mentioned again. For example, when Pete tries to tell a joke, Jinks cannot tell if he is serious.

    Pete takes the rookie to Denver where people are dying in ways reminiscent to Shakespeare's plays. Luckily, Myka now works in her parents' bookstore - within walking distance!

    The Agents run into FBI agent Sally, who is a thorn in their side. There is also a mysterious villain in a wheelchair, masterminding things.

    Back in the warehouse, Artie and Claudia try to prevent a marital dispute between statues of Zeus and Hera.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 2] Trials
    Shown 18/Jul/11

    Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) has trouble adjusting to getting her old job back. She was only away a few months, but she still feels different. Pete treats her differently, for some reason.

    The duo go to Seattle, where people are regressing mentally through childhood. Micah has to deal with a teenage Pete and his issues.

    Claudia gets her first mission as Senior Agent when she takes Jinks to Boston. They have to get Typhoid Mary's knife. This is harder than it sounds. Also, Claudia has to overcome her own issues.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 3] Love Sick
    Shown 25/Jul/11

    Pete and Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) wake up with amnesia - but they are in bed together, naked. they spend the day re-tracing their steps, so they can find Jinks.

    A computer virus is hospitalising people. Artie teams up with his lady doctor love interest ( Lindsay Wagner ) and former Warehouse computer expert Hugo (Rene Auberjonais - Star Trek: DS9 ). Unfortunately Artie's friends may rekindle their relationship. Worse, they all get trapped with the infected people. Claudia has to track down the artefact herself, and quickly too if she is to save the others.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 4] Queen For a Day
    Shown 01/Aug/11

    Pete's Ex ( Jeri Lynn Ryan ) is getting married. Pete and Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) attend, to retrieve an Artefact. Unfortunately the wedding guests (off-duty members of the USMC) get brainwashed by the Artefact. They treat her like the Queen Bee of their Hive - nice casting, it refers to both her previous TV shows ( Dark Skies, Star Trek: Voyager ) ...

    Claudia and Mr Ashmore attend a US Civil War re-enactment. They play dress-up to blend in, but still get mistaken for time-travelling Trekkies. Seeing Claudia in a brunette wig reminds Jinxie of his sister.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 5] 3 . . . 2 . . . 1
    Shown 08/Aug/11

    The team investigate mass-killings in Pittsburgh. They discover that the artefact, the Horn of Joshua, was recovered by previous Warehouse teams ...

    Helena G. Wells joins the team (as a hologram). She tells of a case in Victorian London, when her assistant was Gareth David-Lloyd ( Torchwood ). They fight a villain who wants to prevent the First World War. How eeeevil!

    The Sixties team also had a run-in with the horn, which gives clues as to its whereabouts today.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 6] Don't Hate the Player
    Shown 15/Aug/11

    The team get an emergency call. Claudia's love interest, Fargo (from Eureka ) has got trapped in a VR Computer game. And if you die in VR, you die in reality. Especially in this case, since they drank tea from the teapot of Beatrix Potter. Yes, HG Wells wasn't the only Victorian novelista who turned eeeeevil!

    Artie and Jinxie (Aaron Ashmore) go to NYC. They got an emergency call from another old acquaintance, a lady FBI agent who is nosy about their work and previously threatened to arrest them. It turns out that a priceless painting is a deadly artefact. Can Artie steal it from the hi-security gallery?

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 7] Past Imperfect
    Shown 22/Aug/11

    Claudia and Aaron Ashmore recover a dangerous artefact. But they get mugged, and the only witness is a dog. Artie tries a mind-meld with the animal ...

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 8] The 40th Floor
    Shown 29/Aug/11

    The Warehouse bosses (including Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager ) are having a secret meeting on The 40th Floor of a skyscraper. Someone wants to assassinate them. Myka and Artie get trapped with them - the building is about to collapse.

    Pete and Claudia pursue the saboteur's accomplice.

    Mrs Fredericks (CCH Pounder) decides to torture a prisoner. Jinxie (Aaron Ashmore) disagrees with the tactic.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 9] Shadows
    Shown 12/Sep/11

    Every time a young woman gets angry at someone, that person is disentigrated by a nuclear zap. Only their shadow is left. Claudia and Myka investigate.

    Mulder and Janeway go back into their memories to discover the origin of the A-Z Tec company. It turns out that the enemy is super-villain Anthony Michael Hall ( Dead Zone ).

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 10] Insatiable
    Shown 19/Sep/11

    People are going insane with hunger. Pete thinks they are becoming flesh-eating zombies, but there is more to it than that. And naturally, one of the pair gets infected in order to increase the jeopardy level. Will the other one save their partner in time to press the reset button?

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 11] Emily Lake
    Shown 03/Oct/11

    The villain was after a computer file. The team go against orders to try to outwit the villain. His plans include corrupting an ex-Agent. The end features double-cross and heart-break.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Episode 12] Stand
    Shown 03/Oct/11

    The Season Villain gets into the Warehouse for the final confrontation. Can HG Wells solve the puzzle before the booby-trap kills a hostage?

    Meanwhile, his henchman Sasha Roiz ( Caprica ) takes over the Guest House, and attacks the Warehouse from the outside.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 3, Xmas Episode] The Greatest Gift
    Shown 06/Dec/11

    Despite the previous ep ended on a cliffhanger, this is a stand-alone that is not part of the main continuity.

    Pete spends Xmas alone looking after the Warehouse. He gets stuck in an alternate universe where he was never born - like in It's A Wonderful Life . Mykah got promoted at the Secret Service, and is now an office drone. Artie and Claudia are both in secure accommodation.

    Everyone's life is worse without Pete around ... Except MacPherson (Roger Rees), who never died and is now running the Warehouse!

    Season 4

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 1] A New Hope
    Shown 23/Jul/12

    When the Warehouse blew up, Pandora's Box was destroyed. And since it was the source for all Hope in the world, this is the start for Armageddon.

    Artie takes the team to Europe, where they must fight the Knights Templar (led by Brent Spiner - Star Trek: TNG ). But the team are taken out, one at a time, until Artie has to make a terrible choice.

    Claudia is still upset over Jinxie's death. She wants to use the Metronome to revive him. This may be the beginning of her fall to the Dark Side, making her the Evil Willow of the Season.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 2] An Evil Within
    Shown 30/Jul/12

    Claudia gets Janeway's permission to bring Jinxie back. But there are complications.

    Claudia plays dress-up, first as a sexy businesswoman and then as a sexy nurse. Artie does not approve - he remembers the warning that a great evil will arise. Luckily, nobody else is around when Brent Spiner ( Star Trek: TNG ) drops by for some help. The Vatican has discovered the Astrolabe has been used, and they want Artie's help to find it.

    Pete and Myka investigate incidents of mass hallucination. People perceive someone as being a shimmering CGI Cthulhu creature, and brutally beat it (i.e. the innocent victim) to death ...

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 3] Personal Effects
    Shown 06/Aug/12

    Last Season's arch-villain had a stockpile of artefacts. And with him out of the way, someone has looted it and started selling the stuff off. Our heroes must track the items down, before someone else gets hurt.

    Claudia and Jinxie investigate a pair of sunglasses that make the wearer invisible. Jinxie realises that something is wrong with him. He has a strange physiological bond with Claudia.

    Artie and Leena go after a pair of golf-clubs that belonged to that sport's equivalent of John McEnroe. Unfortunately for Artie, he has to keep the source of his own rage concealed.

    Myka and Pete go after a clay pipe that causes thunder-storms. But someone is using the thunder-storm pipe to rob banks!

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 4] There's Always A Downside
    Shown 13/Aug/12

    Pete and Claudia team up with Hugo (Rene Auberjonious - Star Trek: DS9 ). He got sent a bag of magical marbles, and his nephew took them to school. This is a high-end Grammar school, with a very competitive bunch of pupils. The marbles increase their ambition, making them ruthlessly single-minded.

    Myka and Jinxie investigate a shrink whose patients get cured overnight. They trace the cause back to a nearby bar, where a musician is crippled by other peoples' pain.

    Artie gets visited by Brent Spiner ( Star Trek: TNG ), who wants to track down the time-travel Astrolabe.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 5] No Pain, No Gain
    Shown 20/Aug/12

    Pete and Myka investigate an Ice-Hockey player who has magical healing powers. Unfortunately, Myka ends up pregnant.

    Artie and Jinxie go after whoever is stealing artefacts from the Warehouse.

    Claudia is being groomed by Mrs Fredericks as her replacement.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 6] Fractures
    Shown 27/Aug/12

    Artie goes on a date with the lady Doctor ( Lindsay Wagner ).

    Alice Liddell gets out of the Mirror again. She starts body-jumping, but she has a mission this time ...

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 7] Endless Wonder
    Shown 10/Sep/12

    Something is making peoples' bodies get taller, putting their lives in danger. Pete and Myka investigate a link to a pharmaceutical company. They meet a feisty sexy pharma-exec, who takes a liking to Pete. But just as they are investigating her, she starts to investigate them. Can they save the Warehouse from the Mega-Corp's lobbyists and lawyers?

    Artie works on finding out how the Mad Monk (Brent Spiner - Star Trek: TNG ) is breaking into the Warehouse. He is helped by Claudia and Jinxie, but this puts them at risk. Worse, there are other Warehouse assets who become suspicious.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 8] Second Chance
    Shown 17/Sep/12

    A steel-worker in small-town USA starts to rust. Pete and Mykah investigate. The mill-owner is a corrupt SOB who has driven the workers into going on strike. The trail also indicates the local gymn may be involved. For an ex-Marine, Pete's not in the kind of shape he ought to be.

    Claudia tries to save Jinxie from the artefact. Jinxie confronts his mother about his sister's death.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 9] The Ones You Love
    Shown 24/Sep/12

    The villain has sent artefacts to the loved ones of Artie's co-workers. Myka ( Joanne Kelly ) visits her pregnant sister ( Amy Acker ). Pete visits his ex-wife ( Jeri Lynn Ryan ). Claudia visits her brother.

    Mrs Fredericks takes Jinxie with her to the Vatican. They plan to confront the villainous priest and his minions. However, they uncover a terrible truth.

    The cliffhanger is a vicious one.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 10] We All Fall Down
    Shown 01/Oct/12

    Artie goes after another super-artefact that can kill the world. Not unlike HG's plan at the end of Season Two. If only she had thought of a Time Machine ...

    The mid-season cliffhanger is less vicious thank last week's one. It is all about scale - horror has to be on a human scale for people to care about the consequences.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 11] The Living and the Dead
    Shown 29/Apr/13

    Pete and Myka are sent out to discover an artefact that can save the world. They get help from an alcoholic professor (James Marsters - Buffy ) and encounter a shotgun-toting Polly Walker .

    Claudia and Jinxie venture into Artie's subconscious. But he is an a poor emotional state, thanks to guilt over his own actions, and resists their attempts to help him.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 12] Parks and Rehabilitation
    Shown 06/May/13

    Someone is using an artifact to kill people in a forest park. Pete and Claudia investigate.

    Myka and Jinxie stay at the warehouse to help Artie. He has been cleared by the Board, but still feels responsible for what happened.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 13] The Big Snag
    Shown 13/May/13

    Pete and Myka are messing around with artefacts, when they get sucked into a 1940s murder-mystery. They are in monochrome, and they have to adapt their skills to the 1940s way of doing things. Missi Pyle hires the duo (who are posing as a Private Eye and his intrepid girl Friday). Enrico Colantoni ( Veronica Mars ) pops up as a barman who has his own agenda.

    Artie goes on a field mission Claudia and Steve tag along, to keep Artie out of trouble. In contrast with the Pete and Myka story (which parodies 1940s film noirs), this parodies the 1970s car-chase subgenre.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 14] The Sky's the Limit
    Shown 20/May/13

    Pete and Myka investigate real-life magic on the Las Vegas circuit. Joel Grey ( Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous ) is an elderly magician who may have real powers. And unfortunately, to increase the suspense one of the Agents gets infected.

    Artie holds down the fort at the Warehouse. He has to deal with Lena's replacement - Kelly Hu .

    Claudia and Jinxie go to England to investigate deaths of Jockeys. The place names are authentic, but the context is completely wrong. They meet the Lord of Stratford while attending Watford racetrack. What??

    Polly Walker is back again. She manages to hop between continents almost at will. How come they never noticed her, she must have been on the same flight as them! Which makes us wonder - how do Warehouse Agents travel? There is no local airport, and their travel arrangements are always glossed over.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 15] Instinct
    Shown 03/Jun/13

    HG Wells ( Jamie Murray ) is working in a Police lab. Pete makes the mandatory reference to Dexter, another show that Murray played a manipulative villainess in!

    Someone is using a stone-age artefact - a Hyena's jaw-bone. The team tangle with a police detective who is a bit of a neanderthal.

    Back at the warehouse, there are localised earthquakes. Claudia must man up, and take on the mantle of Guardianship left vacant by her predecessor.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 16] Runaway
    Shown 10/Jun/13

    Someone uses an artefact to turn a prison wall into molten magma. The team investigate, helped by a US Marshall (Charlie Weber - Buffy: S5 ). It turns out he worked with Jinxie (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ), who acts very strangely towards him. Yet another reason to avoid office romances.

    The climax takes place in a parking garage flooded with magma. Unfortunately, being close to that size of a heat source would cause everyone's hair and clothes to spontaneously ignite. Their bodily fluids would start to boil ... But according to this, as long as you do not make physical contact you are okay.

    Artie tries to plan Claudia's 21st Birthday Party. But he starts hearing Beethoven's symphonies. Can they cure him by locating the appropriate artefact before he goes completely deaf?

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 17] What Matters Most
    Shown 17/Jun/13

    Pete and Myka go to the suburbs to investigate a DA's mysterious death. The tox screens show he received a lethal injection. It looks like the artefact punishes people for their guilty secrets. Naturally, one of the crew is its victim.

    Arty takes Claudia to NYC, to help a homeless teenager who went into a fugue state and started drawing hi-level equations.

    Jinxie and Kelly Hu have to do maintenance on the plumbing for the pink sludge. Naturally, slapstick occurs.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 18] Lost & Found
    Shown 24/Jun/13

    Artie, Pete and Myka team up with Polly Walker to find a pirates' treasure - like in The Goonies . Unfortunately it is guarded by the smoke monster from Lost .

    The McGuffin of this Season is The Philosopher's Stone (like in Harry Potter ). This means that the story also involves alchemists like Nicholas Flamel and Paracelsus (Anthony Stewart Head - Merlin ).

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 19] All the Time in the World
    Shown 01/Jul/13

    Claudia is bronzed, and she is beginning to crumble. Pete and Myka must retrieve the Philosophers Stone in time to save her. They must trust Polly Walker to lead them to her hubby (James Marsters - Smallville ) so they can confront Paraselsus (Anthony Stewart Head - Merlin ).

    Marsters and Head played uncomfortable colleagues in Buffy the Vampire Slayer , and once believed they were father and son. Here they play brothers!

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 20] The Truth Hurts
    Shown 08/Jul/13

    The team go after Paraselsus (Anthony Stewart Head - Merlin ) again, but he is the toughest opponent they have ever faced. He knows ways around all their methods and tech - after all, he was a Caretaker of the warehouse himself.

    Instead of having an inorganic AI with a robot avatar, the Warehouse has the opposite system. A human is plugged into the system, with control and awareness of everything that goes on. Paracelsus has seniority, so Mrs Frederick is declining rapidly. Claudia refuses to let Paracelsus win, though. As the next caretaker, she is the only one with a chance to save it.

    Myka goes in for a dental appointment. This is a cliffhanger, but it also gives Pete a moment of weakness. Will he give into temptation, and use an artefact to save her? After all, Claudia brought Jinxie back from the dead using the metronome. Is there something he can use?

    Paraselsus offers to help. But once we know what he is, Pete should know what to watch for. This cannot end well.

    Season 5

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 5, Episode 1] Endless Terror
    Shown 14/Apr/14

    Paraselsus (Anthony Stewart Head - Merlin ) goes back in time and changes history. Our heroes find themselves in an alternate universe.

    Pete and Mykah go back in time to Warehouse 9 in the Renaissance. Can they convince Warehouse Agent Rebecca Mader to help them?

    The Alternate Warehouse is an experimentation camp instead of a mere storage facility. The doctors are Lindsay Wagner and Hugo (Rene Auberjonois - Star Trek: DS9 ). The guards are Borg, commanded by Mark Sheppard.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 5, Episode 2] Secret Services
    Shown 21/Apr/14

    Claudia's personal history has been rewritten by Paraselsus' time-travel. Instead of a brother, now she had an elder sister. Unfortunately, the sister was turned into Carrie by a magical music-box. Claudia insists Artie walk her through his memories of that case.

    A political VIP dies under mysterious circumstances. Pete and Myka team up with another male/female pair of Secret Service agents. The other agents are acting strangely, almost as if they have taken their partnership to a new level.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 5, Episode 3] A Faire to Remember
    Shown 28/Apr/14

    Pete and Jinxie investigate a Ping at a Renaissance Faire, where a teleporting imp gave a rowdy customer an artefact-induced heart-attack. Suspects include the short blonde and the autistic guy from Alphas .

    Back in the warehouse, Claudia wants to use an artefact to bring her sister out of the coma. Myka, supposedly the more mature and down-to-earth of the two, offers to help her. It works - sort of. The sister gets better, and Claudia has to explain to her what happened. Meanwhile, Myka starts to act out of character.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 5, Episode 4] Savage Seduction
    Shown 05/May/14

    Pete's ex, the Latina veterinarian, drops by. She has a problem - her grandmother's TV set is haunted. It will not switch off, it just plays a Mexican soap opera (okay, Telenovela - more like a maxi-series). Grandma has got sucked into the TV show, and she is wearing the artefact (a broach) that made it happen.

    Pete's Ex and Myka also get accidentally sucked in. The ex becomes the mistress of the house, while Myka is the hot maid. However, they forget who they really are and think they are the characters in the show. Pete and Artie go in too, using a pair of magical cuff-links to retain their true memories.

    The entire cast speaks in Spanish, with English-language subtitles. Either it is aimed at a Spanish-speaking audience, or the SyFy channel appreciates that its audience is above-average intelligence and is not intimidated by having to read a few subtitles!

    Elsewhere, Jinxie takes Claudia on a mission to distract her from her sisterly obsession. They have to break into a Frat House and steal a duplication artefact. Claudia shows some cleavage to distract the guards, but Jinxie gets split into two halves - one is uber-gay, the other is a buzz-kill.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 5, Episode 5] Cangku Shisi
    Shown 12/May/14

    The team are still in a parallel universe, where Claudia's brother is a sister and Mark Sheppard is eeevil. Artie and Claudia go looking for her missing sister. They swiftly discover that Mark Sheppard ( Medium ) is responsible.

    Pete tries to avoid being alone with Myka, dragging Jinxie along to help. Then things revert to the standard situation of every climactic ep of the show: a scavenger hunt for long-lost artefacts while the villains do exactly the same thing.

    The villain's goal is to shift the Warehouse, creating a new one at Cangku Shisi in China.

    Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 [Season 5, Episode 6] Endless
    Shown 19/May/14

    The villain's actions in the previous episode mean that Warehouse 13 is closing and Warehouse 14 will open up elsewhere, with Claudia as the caretaker and a new team of locally-recruited agents. The current Agents must share their favourite moment as a Warehouse operative. Instead of using scenes from previous eps, like a standard clip show, we get entirely new scenes that allow us to see familiar faces again.

    HG Wells ( Jaime Murray ) favourite moment was when she took out Jack the Ripper. Rudyard Kipling was so jealous of her that he started writing rude poems about her in the mens' room at Warehouse 12. In a side-note, Myka somehow knows that HG has split up with her boyfriend from Warehouse 13 [Season 4, Episode 15] Instinct . She has now switched back to dating girls ...

    Thanks to Pete pressing the wrong button, Claudia once starred as lead tap-dancer in a Broadway musical routine. In the same flashback, we discover that Jinxie is not a fan of showtunes!

    Artie's favourite time was when he took a younger version of himself along.

    Jinxie and Claudia (assisted by HG) once did an Fantastic Voyage into Artie's bloodstream. Strangely, the human heart is brightly lit from the inside, and has such little turbulence that a SCUBA diver can swim around in it!

    Myka took on five female ninjas, but Jinxie points out that what she really loved was working with Pete.

    On a final note, where is Warehouse 14? The new team looks like Mixed-Race Americans, as opposed to ethnic Chinese. Maybe they are Canadians ...