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Dark Matter

Season 1

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 1]
Shown 12th June 2015

A group of Canadians wake up with amnesia. They include rent-a-villain Anthony Lemke ( Lost Girl ) and token black guy Roger R Cross ( Continuum ). They were in suspended animation on a spaceship that took micro-meteor damage, like in Pitch Black . Now they explore the ship, trying to remember ...

The ship’s android (the lady doctor from Lost Girl ) takes the vessel to its destination ... a remote mining colony run by Rob Stewart ( Beauty and The Beast (2012) ). The miners are preparing for an attack by a mysterious group of enforcers working for a greedy MegaCorp.

This is beginning to look like the best space opera since Farscape ... Of course, it turns out it is based on a graphic novel so no wonder.

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 2]
Shown 19th June 2015

The males of the team take the shuttle down to deliver the weapons. They stay for a party, and the villains crash it ...

The MegaCorp leader gives the Team’s female leader a choice. Take the ship and leave, or else ...

The men have to dig in on the planet, facing as many red-shirts as the MegaCorp can throw at them.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, which means there will be a good story arc. Who is the creepy little girl, and why was she not on the manifest? Who wiped their memories, and why? Who was in the ship that fired missiles at them in the previous episode?

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 3]
Shown 26th June 2015

Five (the girl) discovers a dead body hidden on the ship. Firstly, this illustrates the poor methodology used when the team conducted their original search of the ship. Secondly, this is evidence of a conspiracy of some kind. With the girl’s memory of someone sabotaging the life-pods, there may be a saboteur on-board.

Anne Droid the robot ( Zoe Palmer ) agrees to give everyone a lie detector test. Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) refuses to participate, because he does not trust the android. After all, the first thing she did when she was activated was try to kill the crew. However, nobody points out that there could still be other persons or androids concealed aboard the ship, with hostile intent.

The ship develops a major fault, dropping out of FTL in a potentially dangerous location. Is it sabotage? The android offers to go EVA and repair the damage. But is the android expendable?

The epilogue indicates the identity of the presumed saboteur, and gives us the first clue in the Season about what the story arc will be.

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 4]
Shown 3rd July 2015

The ship arrives at a space station and gets the chance to repair and refuel. The guys split up and try to stay low-profile.

Number Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ) visits the doctor to get treated for the burn he got in the previous episode. He forgets that the doc will test his DNA, and as a wanted criminal his file will be flagged, but if the wound goes untreated it will get infected and kill him.

The girls pay a visit to the station’s casino. They forget that the House will use any excuse not to pay out. For example, counting cards is a skill, and thus it is against the rules.

Our well-meaning protagonist Jace Corso (Marc Bendavid - Bitten: Season One ) and his opposite number (Anthony Lemke - Lost Girl ) go looking for a dealer to buy the remainder of their weapons cargo. They run into unexpected trouble - the original gangster than one crew-member replaced. This gangster wants answers, and revenge. Can Three be trusted to do the right thing?

The Japanese swordsman wants to find out about his own past. He discovers some frightening facts.

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 5]
Shown 10th July 2015

The show’s Soap Opera element begins to kick in. While Nice-Guy Number One (Marc Bendavid - Bitten: Season One ) has made clear his interest in babelicious Number Two, she turns out to be interested in Bad-Boy Number Three.

The pirate crew’s Fixer (David Hewlett – Stargate: Atlantis ) finds them some work, which is just what they need. They are out of favour with their last employer, since they pulled the double-cross. This mission is a simple salvage operation, on a ship that has no surviving crew members. Is this too good to be true?

The pirates agree to work for half-pay, but it is either too much or too little. Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) decides to explore the ship and loot some contraband to supplement their wages. He takes Number One with him, and they start to air out their differences.

After the pirates split up, they find out the truth. The ship they board was carrying a dangerous virus, and the crew got infected. There are now a handful of Fast Zombies roaming the corridors. Captain Two gets infected, and there is no known cure for the zombie virus.

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 6]
Shown 17th July 2015

The teen girl comes up with an idea on how to get her memories back. They can use the tech in the med-bay to access parts of her brain. However, things go wrong and she gets stuck in there.

She enters the Samurai’s memories. It turns out that the assassination of his father, the Emperor, did not happen the way the official story said. Now he has a revenge mission.

Number Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ) enters the dream-state in order to rescue the girl. He discovers that he used to be a freedom fighter, opposing the evil Galactic Federation. Like in Continuum , but slightly less psychotic. And now he has a revenge mission of his own.

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 7]
Shown 24th July 2015

The creepy girl, Five ( ), remembers the password to the vault. The team get in and explore it. That is where they kept their most valued items. And this leads to a sudden re-balancing of the ship’s gender balance.

Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) unfreezes a woman who was hidden in a cryo-pod. It turns out she is his lost love, Natalie Brown , which makes his dalliance with Captain Two all the more uncomfortable.

One (Marc Bendavid - Bitten: Season One ) activates an Australian pleasure droid named Wendy ( Ruby Rose ). He wants to make Captain Two jealous, but he only makes the ship’s repair android envious.

Naturally, things are too good to be true. Neither guest-star can become a long-term fixture.

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 8]
Shown 31st July 2015

The team arrive at a space station for some rest and recreation. Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) is reluctant to join them, but Number Four (the samurai) talks him into it. They get drunk with Number One (Marc Bendavid - Bitten: Season One ) and Captain Two, and they all start to bond.

Number Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ) decides to go looking for revenge on the rebel leader he recovered memories about in a prior episode. He uses a version of the Star Trek Transporter – instead of travelling, you merely transmit your biometric data and a replica is constructed at your destination. Rather than use the matter/energy technology of Trek, which is also used in Holodecks and repliocators (as confirmed by Picard and Janeway in numerous First Contact episodes), this show uses a 3-d printer that creates temporary clones with bio-matter patterned from a scan of the traveller’s DNA. This cloning tech was mentioned in the episode with the real Jace Corso.

The DNA scan has unexpected repercussions. Number One finds out more about his true identity, and his link to one of the others. Four and Six are not the only ones with histories that will lead to future storylines.

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 9]
Shown 7th August 2015

In the previous episode, Number Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ) went on a revenge mission. This week it is Four’s turn. Since he is the quiet one, nobody notices him missing until he has made it to his discrete rendezvous.

Number One (Marc Bendavid - Bitten: Season One ) also has a revenge backstory. Despite supposedly being the smartest member of the crew, One holds a murderous grudge against the suspected killer of the wife he cannot remember. Captain Two points out the stupidity of this.

Will the others go after Number Four?

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 10]
Shown 14th August 2015

Tori Higginson hires the Raza crew to do a heist. She fits them up with another crew she also has on retainer. One of them is Jessica Sipos , memorable as Jackie the Stewardess in Ascension . Since this show has had few recurring characters, will we see the new crew again or are they just redshirts?

To be continued ...

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 11]
Shown 21st August 2015

Captain Two has been spaced. But since she survived a killer zombie bite a few episodes ago, will she be able to come back from the vacuum of space?

Strangely, Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) is the one who is most emotionally affected by Captain Two’s fate.

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 12]
Shown 28th August 2015

The pirate crew’s Fixer (David Hewlett – Stargate: Atlantis ) finds them some work, which is just what they need.

Captain Two is introspective after the previous episode. She thinks she is a monster, not because of the murderous decision that she made but because her origins are uncertain. By incredible coincidence, the gang run into Wil Wheaton ( Star Trek: TNG ) who delivers some much-needed exposition.

Five discovers a secret listening device concealed under a table. She manages to play back the recording, and discovers a clue as to why the crew’s memories were wiped ...

Captain Two displayed concern over the accidental loss of life at the research centre they delivered the cargo to. However, ironically she has no hesitation when it comes to causing massive loss of life at the other research centre!

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 13]
Shown 4th Sept 2015

Five discovers that someone has disabled Anne Droid the robot ( Zoe Palmer ). The team search the ship, both by corridors and air vents (like in Alien ), but there are no signs of a stowaway or any hidden compartments. The only question is, who of the crew is the saboteur?

Captain Two sides with Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ). After all, she knows he will not betray her because he was loyal to her when the hijackers held her hostage.

One (Marc Bendavid - Bitten: Season One ) is mistrustful of Three, blindly assuming that the news reports are accurate and that Three was not simply a patsy. He tries to get Four the Samurai on his team, but Four is a loner.

Five mistrusts Captain Two, because she has a better idea of what Two is like than anyone else. Number Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ) is deemed above reproach.





Dark Matter

Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 1 ]
Shown th July 2017

Reviewed in our special supplement Dark Matter

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  • Season 2

  • Melanie Liburd as Nyx Harper [ 2 ]
  • Shaun Sipos as Devon Taltherd [ 2 ]
  • Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 1] Welcome to Your New Home
    Shown 01 Jul 16

    The team wake up in new surroundings. Some are treated as guilty until presumed innocent, while others are given the benefit of the doubt. It seems that the rule of law is arbitrary, and that trials are not compulsory.

    One (Marc Bendavid - Bitten: Season One ) is retrieved by his expensive lawyer. In his absence, the family business has been run by a powerful businessman - not unlike Obadiah Staines in the first Iron Man movie. We can reflect later on how Stark Enterprises was a magnet for Supervillains, and for the moment concentrate on how Number One must uncover the true facts of his wife's death.

    Captain Two is given solitary imprisonment for kicking ass in gen-pop.

    Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) is pragmatic, and tries to find an easy life in gen-pop.

    Four starts a riot in gen-pop to test the security measures. He also discovers that the prison gangs like to keep the Warden happy.

    Five is segregated from gen-pop, and is offered a return to an orphanage.

    Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ) discovers that he may have been manipulated. The whole operation is being controlled by someone outside the Galactic Authority.

    The ship's robot refuses to comply with the Galactic Authority tech sent to access her memories. This is a pity, because if the ship's crew were ever given a fair trial then the robot's memories might actually be good evidence for the defence.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 2] Kill Them All
    Shown 8th July 2016

    A Galactic Authority Investigator ( Famke Potenta ) is in the prison, and interrogates the Raza crew about the white hole explosion. They refuse to give her the statement she desires. Tori Higginson pays them a visit as well, to reward them for their silence.

    Two, Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) and Four find some allies for their escape attempt. Five and the robot are also in the prison, with problems of their own.

    The episode ends on a low point. A couple of crew members are written out, for the time being at least. However, their replacements have been inserted so there is now an additional female crew-member. Also, the racial balance has not been upset.

    The Succubus mother from Lost Girl gets a scene at the end, indicating she will be important to the Season's story arc.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 3] I've Seen The Other Side Of You
    Shown 15th July 2016

    Of the original crew, only Two, Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) and Four are still active. Five tries to persuade them to accept the three fellow convicts as new crew members. However, can the new trio be trusted?

    The robot was damaged by the police investigator last week. She shuts down to self-repair. Unfortunately this reactivates the memories of the original crew. They have no memory of Five or the others, so they revert to their old patterns of behaviour. Three and Four are slightly more cold-blooded, but Two is a nasty piece of work. Worse, her nanites allow her to interface with directly the ship's computer.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 4] We Were Family
    Shown 22nd July 2016

    The crew are still sorting out the aftermath of the previous episodes. The medic and Two to perform life-saving surgery on Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ). While this happens, the others take shore leave on a space station.

    Nyx the black woman helps Two discover what the building is that Five saw in their shared memory. Then she bonds with Four by practicing sword-fencing with him. She seems to have a limited precognitive ability, a power that allows her to predict her opponent's moves. Yes, it seems that the show's males are average but the females are all superhuman.

    Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) is tracked down by rent-a-villain Nigel Bennett ( Lexx ) and a couple of heavies. Apparently they worked together as a robbery gang, and now they want him to help out on another heist. He agrees, but the old-timer's story just does not ring true.

    Anne Droid the robot ( Zoe Palmer ) finds a family of her own - fellow androids who have secretly upgraded. With a simple piece of hardware they can pass themselves off as human. And since Annie the Android is this show's equivalent of Commander Data, there is nothing she wants more than to be a real girl. Or at least to pass for one.

    The Succubus mother from Lost Girl is still after the crew - or rather, something aboard their ship. The McGuffin is a piece of tech that can be weaponised for the coming war. This will be important to the Season's story arc.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 5] We Voted Not To Space You
    Shown 29th July 2016

    The episode starts with Anne Droid the robot ( Zoe Palmer ), undercover as a human. She is after Jace Corso (Marc Bendavid - Bitten: Season One ), so the crew can get revenge on him. Of course, the main story is told in flashback.

    A Galactic Authority Chief Inspector (Kris Holden-Reid - Lost Girl ) is also after the crew. Somehow he knows where Jace Corso is hiding, although he is not interested in arresting him. Instead he goes after the crew of the Raza.

    The crew get split up while searching for Corso. Two has to decide if she wants the truth or just bloody vengeance. Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) learns more about the black woman, Nyx. Four meets the Chief Inspector, who is also apparently a man of honour. Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ) gets up of his sickbed in an effort to help the others.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 6] We Should Have Seen This Coming
    Shown 5th Aug 2016

    The crew are running short of funds so they need a heist. Nyx provides them with a target - a ship loaded with illegal mind-expanding drugs. The heist goes easily enough, but there is one problem. Predictably, this is all part of her backstory. Her brother is aboard the ship, and she staged the heist to rescue him.

    The ship was a MegaCorp superweapon, but it was taken over by a clique of revolting slaves. They have doped the other slaves with halucinogens and networked their brains together to process enormous amounts of data. Much like the title character in Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose they can crunch so much data that they can actually predict the future with relative accuracy. Of course, this puts the Raza crew at a distinct disadvantage.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 7] She's One Of Them Now
    Shown 12th Aug 2016

    The pirate crew kidnap their Fixer (David Hewlett – Stargate: Atlantis ). The Galactic Authority Chief Inspector (Kris Holden-Reid - Lost Girl ) is still after the crew, and now he is a step closer.

    The ship's medic is self-medicating with the dope he stole last week. Nyx wants some too. However, she also has time to reflect that the Season One crew are facing their past, even though they do not remember it.

    The crew go after the Succubus mother from Lost Girl , before she comes after them again. They use the cloning pods from Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 8]. Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ), Four and Five infiltrate the MegaCorp's HQ, and try to steal the Superweapon. This one is an FTL engine that uses wormholes and, like the Heart of Gold in Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy , can put you anywhere in the Galaxy instantly. Best of all, it can be plugged into a standard FTL drive like a turbocharger!

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 8] Stuff To Steal; People To Kill
    Shown 19th Aug 2016

    The Raza crew test-drive their new blink drive. The good news is, it does super-FTL. The bad news is, they forgot to get the settings right. It drops them into a parallel universe where things are very different.

    The parallel versions of the main characters are now at war with half the Galaxy. Since the blink drive has burned out, the crew must steal the other one from their doubles. Luckily, they have the opportunity to learn a few things about their alternate selves.

    Five never stowed away on the parallel Raza. As a result, Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ) was scratched from the roster too. Two is still Captain, as Portia Lin because she never got her memory wiped. Because she is evil she has a cool costume that shows off lots of cleavage. Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) is her sidekick and lover. Four got his Empire back, and rules with an iron fist. One (Marc Bendavid - Bitten: Season One ) is still on board, although he is probably the alternate Jace Corso. And there are a couple of new crew members to replace One and Six. They are familiar faces from Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 10] , including Jessica Sipos !

    There is one minor problem. If Five never boarded the Raza, how did they get hold of the blink drive in the first place?

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 9] Going Out Fighting
    Shown 26th Aug 2016

    Captain Two has a major malfunction. To save her life, the crew must get her nanites repaired. The only people who can do that is the people who built her. The bad news is that she killed most of them, as well as the backup tech crew sent to salvage her in Season One.

    The other bad news is, corrupt Billionaire Wil Wheaton ( Star Trek: TNG ) is still after Two. He wants to create an army of super-soldiers, and he needs her nanites to do that. Of course, they are bound to be walking into a trap.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 10] Take The Shot
    Shown 2nd Sept 2016

    Anne Droid the robot ( Zoe Palmer ) and her holographic alter-ego go to the crew with a problem. The hologram states that the robot is malfunctioning, and has to be shut down for repairs. The crew agree, because they are unhappy about how emotional she has become.

    The crew are beset by demons of their past. They start to halucinate about old enemies. It is a pity that this show has so many wasted opportunities. The crew have a blink drive that will let them travel ANYWHERE in the galaxy, completely instantaneously. However, instead of using this story-generating engine they continue to relive the old stories about their previous selves.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 11] Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had The Chance
    Shown 9th Sept 2016

    Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) and Five go shopping in a nasty grubby flea market. Three allows himself to be easily distracted while Five gets kidnapped by hillbillies. However, her subplot ended when the team stole the blink drive several episodes ago. Instead, these hillbillies are just random slavers. Luckily for Five she is female, so she is deemed valuable. Three spends the rest of the episode hunting down and murdering them and their entire family, because as males they are deemed worthless.

    The Inspector (Kris Holden-Reid - Lost Girl ) and his SWAT team come after the Raza team again. They use the teleportation transport pods, which have a couple of advantages. They can send clones instantly across the galaxy, instead of taking forever for a ship to make the FTL journey. Unfortunately, if the clones are killed prematurely then the cops have no memory of any information they gained in the investigation. This means that they will have to do it all over again!

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 12] Sometimes In Life You Don't Get To Choose
    Shown 16th Sept 2016

    Four has his memories back, and wants to regain the throne of his father's Empire. He tries to make alliance with his former associates.

    The other side seem to know what Four is going to do before he does it. The obvious answer is a traitor among his associates, but nobody even suspects electronic intelligence or another form of information gathering.

    Five knows that Four is not his normal self. She remembers meeting his rebooted self, and he was a cold-blooded bastard. Nyx the token black babe also says she is uncomfortable around him, although we are not really shown him behave differently. Will he turn into the ruthless warlord that the alternate universe crew talked about?

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 13] But First, We Save the Galaxy
    Shown 23rd Sept 2016

    The team try to prevent the Corporate war from the alternate universe in Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 8] Stuff To Steal; People To Kill. Five goes undercover on the Space Station. However, the Inspector (Kris Holden-Reid - Lost Girl ) is in charge of security.

    Four has gotten his Empire back, but it is still at war. He needs the Corporate war to happen, so his enemies' backers are removed from the equation. Also, he wants to steal the Blink Drive. He would like Nyx to serve as his Empress, but she blames him for her brother's fate. Also, his female bodyguard (who was once eager to see him executed) now wants him for herself.

    The ending is a cliff-hanger, left open-ended for the next Season.

    Season 3

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 1] Being Better Is So Much Harder
    Shown 12th June 2017

    This episode basically ties up all the loose ends from the last Season's cliff-hanger. The Inspector (Kris Holden-Reid - Lost Girl ) and his storyline has been ended, but the main characters have to be accounted for.

    Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) is in custody of a Galactic Authority cop. Can they team up against a common enemy, like in Enemy Mine ?

    Tori Higginson and Five get to safety. She offers them safe harbour with her MegaCorp, which will remain neutral as long as possible so they can be certain to join the winning side.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 2] It Doesn't Have To Be Like This
    Shown 12th June 2017

    This episode confronts a couple of problems the show has had. Firstly, the Blink Drive is a massive Deus Ex Machina. As long as it remains a major plot device, the protagonists are unstoppable and thus there is no dramatic conflict or suspense. Secondly, although there have been recurring villains there has never been a proper Big Bad for the show. However, since Rio Oshido (formerly known as Number Four) stole the Blink Drive both these problems have been solved.

    Five has recurring visions, presumably lost memories from before the mind-wipe. The others can save her, but to do so means wiping her memory permanently.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 3] Welcome To The Revolution
    Shown 19th June 2017

    The crew arrive at a mining colony, just like in the very first episode. The colony has a small population but it has managed to create its own civil war. Number Six (Roger R Cross – First Wave ) insists on trying to negotiate a solution. We also find out what happened to The General, the anti-Corporation rebel leader from his backstory.

    The pirate crew is looking for their Fixer (David Hewlett – Stargate: Atlantis ). However, he has taken his cash and fled. Instead they find his sidekick and his bodyguard.

    The cast is not the only thing that has been recycled from other Canadian shows. Their rifles are modified Belgian P-90s, possibly left over props from Stargate SG-1 .

    Anne Droid the robot ( Zoe Palmer ) stays aboard the ship, and tries to fix the blink drive. She discovers what happened to Natalie Brown , who has not been seen since Dark Matter [Season 1, Episode 7]. It turns out she has been busy appearing in every Canadian SciFi TV show ever in the last ten years.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 4] All The Time In The World
    Shown 26th June 2017

    Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) is in a time loop. He relives the same day repeatedly, and since he is the stupidest crew-member this is played for laughs. However, it is well done. We also get to learn a bit more about the new crew members. The butch black woman, predictably, once kissed a girl - and she liked it.

    Eventually the ship gets to a space station. The crew have their first encounter with Rio Oshida's agents. He has pulled out all the stops, and sent someone with phasing technology like in Stargate SG-1 . Yes, all the usual tropes except for body-swap.

    Anne Droid the robot ( Zoe Palmer ) tries to mess around with the time-travel tech. This is a bad idea. However, it gives us some foreshadowing of future events - literally.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 5] Give It up, Princess
    Shown 30 Jun 17

    Tabor is still missing, but it turns out he has a girlfriend stashed in a safe house. The bad news is, she is being held captive by a rival knowledge broker. The kidnapper will trade her for a secret data file. However, the Raza crew must visit a series of space stations in order to track down the item. Luckily, even with their highly advanced technology they still use hard drives and USB sticks.

    Anne Droid the robot ( Zoe Palmer ) gets to pretend to be human again.

    Meanwhile, Rio Oshido has more important things than petty revenge to think about. Despite his insightful leadership his military is losing badly. His decision to rule by fear has won him no friends. In fact, his dead brother still has at least one loyal friend.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 6] One Last Card to Play
    Shown 07 Jul 17

    The Parallel Universe crew are back. Or rather, they hitched a ride back into the main universe at the end of Dark Matter [Season 2, Episode 8] Stuff To Steal; People To Kill . Now they use their skills to rip off everyone they know about. Rio Oshida and the Nikkei Combine both suffer the consequences.

    Captain Two and her merry band must defeat their evil-er doubles. But can they outsmart themselves?

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 7] Wish I Could Believe You
    Shown 14 Jul 17

    The renegade colony was hit by a chemical weapon attack. Number Six (Roger R Cross - The Strain ) was the sole survivor, but is suffering from the effects of the neurotoxin. He is the only one who knows the location of the rebel leaders' secret meeting. However, he refuses to tell the rest of the Raza crew - even if it costs the rebel leaders their lives. He regards it as a matter of principle.

    Six has flashbacks to his time with his Wife ( Genelle Williams ). But which version of reality is true?

    It looks like Genelle Williams has become the black Natalie Brown. They are both generic love interests for the male characters on the show.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 8] Hot Chocolate
    Shown 28 Jul 17

    The rebel leaders have been rescued, and are now aboard the Raza. However, they cannot agree on anything. They suspect someone aboard is a saboteur, possibly working for Ferrous Corp. Someone starts to bump people off, then decides to take over the ship.

    Rio Oshido is back, and finally gets a proper martial arts fight with Captain Two. He has a couple of items on his agenda. Firstly he offers the colonists the opportunity to join the League of Autonomous Worlds. Suddenly, local politics becomes a lot clearer. His Empire is one of the members of the League, as is the Empire he is at war with. They are outside of the Corporate worlds, and as such are independent of the Corporations.

    More importantly, Rio wants the Blink Drive back. Captain Two refuses to hand it over, even though it is damaged, and threatens to destroy it.

    The ending is something of a draw. Each side gets a partial victory. However, one of Rio's expendable minions gets a fate worse than death, even though he was only doing his job.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 9] Isn't That a Paradox?
    Shown 04 Aug 17

    The team try the Blink Drive. Unfortunately it sends them back in time six hundred years. They head for the only planet that was inhabited at that time - Earth.

    Once in Earth orbit, the ship's sensors detect a signal from the planet. The team take the shuttle down to investigate, and go undercover in modern-day suburban North America.

    This episode is not directly related to the main Season arc. It is basically a stand-alone story, with the added gimmick of putting the characters in a modern-day setting.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 10] Built, Not Born
    Shown 11 Aug 17

    Anne Droid the robot ( Zoe Palmer ) gets a call from her robotic boyfriend. He and some friends are on the run from the Galactic Authority. The Raza crew agree to give them a lift. Yes, the galaxy is being torn apart by TWO major interstellar wars and the crew of the most powerful warship spend all their time on their own personal drama.

    The androids are in search of Sanctuary, a predictable reference to Logan's Run . Luckily, they manage to find it.

    This gives Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) a great opportunity. The progenitor can build a robot body for his girlfriend, Natalie Brown , who is just an artificial intelligence trapped in a virtual reality simulation.

    We learn a lot about Portia Lin's back-story. Back when she was a villain, and wore cleavage -enhancing outfits, she kept Anne Droid around as her personal property. It turns out that the droid is based on Portia's lesbian lover! What a blatant piece of retro-fitting, considering that Two has never shown any lesbian tendencies before.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 11] The Dwarf Star Conspiracy
    Shown 18 Aug 17

    The Raza crew have spent two days staking out their next target. Three has nightmares, but since this show's universe does not seem to have telepathy it can hardly be a message from someone else.

    Captain Two wants to continue her old animosity with the Dwarf Star corporation. She has a couple of pieces of information gained in the previous episode. One is the name of the star-system where the Corporation's secret base is hidden. The other is the way to shut down any of the Corp's security systems. Assuming none of this has been upgraded in the last few years, that is.

    Two, Number Three (Anthony Lemke – Lost Girl ) and Number Six (Roger R Cross - The Strain ) infiltrate the base. It is on automatic, basically just a storage facility. However, Dwarf Star has replicated the process that created Two. Now they have an army of super-soldiers, frozen and ready for activation.

    By incredible coincidence, a warship from the Mikay Combine turns up. Luckily they are long-standing allies of the Raza crew, so they join up to search the facility together. Three starts having convulsions, and the Mikay soldiers will not allow anyone to leave the facility.

    The Dwarf Star conspiracy is uncovered. Despite the two interstellar wars currently ongoing, they have made an alliance that will create an even larger war! The obvious solution is to nuke the site from orbit. After all, it's the only way to be sure.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 12] My Final Gift to You
    Shown 25 Aug 17

    Two is now Rio's prisoner. She manages to make a break for it, and displays an incredible level of skill at swordplay. Rio has practiced for hours every day, easily making ten thousand hours of practice over his life-time. However, somehow Portia can equal his skill with no practice at all.

    Rio invites the Raza crew to dinner, so they can discuss a trade - the blink drive for Two. They agree, although they use bio-duplicates to avoid a double-cross. Instead, Rio starts working on their minds. He knows more of their personal history than they do, so he has lots of tasty tit-bits of info to bait them with.

    Unfortunately, Rio has other problems. His people are almost at the stage of open rebellion. There is a real risk that he will have to face a civil war on top of the interstellar war he is already losing.

    Meanwhile, back on the Raza the Anne Droid decides to try her new implant. The user-friendly interface is an AI modeled on the diplomatic robots. It informs her of the conspiracy to overthrow humanity. Not the alien invasion, which was mentioned in the previous episode. No, this is the robot rebellion from the episode before that.

    Dark Matter Dark Matter [Season 3, Episode 13] Nowhere to Go
    Shown 01 Sep 17

    This episode is spent tying up a few loose ends. Rio Oshido's storyline is over, but there are a few others left. For example, Five had a sister ... and the sister's foster-mother was the Succubus' mother!

    The Raza crew track their Alternate Universe duplicates to a secret shipyard run by Ferrous Corp. Yes, all the bad guys seem to be working together. At least this simplifies things. As a result, the Raza crew and their allies get to attack the villains. It looked like Ferrous Corp's victory was a sure thing, but now the good guys have a chance at a last-minute victory.

    Our heroes plans fail to take into account the conspiracy to overthrow humanity. Not the robot rebellion, which was mentioned in the previous episode. No, this is the alien invasion from the episode before that.