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Beauty and the Beast (2012)

Season 1

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 11/Oct/12

Gorgeous lady cop Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) and her relatively less attractive lady partner Tess investigate homicides in NYC.

Our heroine encounters a homeless guy who looks like a male model, and when his adrenaline levels peak he turns into the Incredible Sulk. The clunky backstory is that he was a Medical Doctor who joined the US Military after 9/11. Now her survives, still wanted by the Government. If you need help, if you can find him ...

The lady cop can fight - yep, the action scenes are actually quite good. That said, for the pilot episode the producers hired movie director Gary Fleder to push this up a notch. The rest of the Season might not be up to his high standards.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 2] Proceed with Caution
Shown 18/Oct/12

The pair of female cops investigate the case of a murdered ballerina. Does Victoria the understudy ( Elizabeth Blackmore ) know anything about it? Was it a serial killer? Will we get a decent whodunit? Since the ep was written by a pair of female writers, we can probably chalk it up to a Domestic Incident.

Once again, the nameless villains send an assassin after the heroine. She puts up a good fight - yes, the Second Unit Director knows his stuff. But what are the chances she will be saved at the last minute by the hero, who brutally slaughters the unsuspecting assassin? It is not as if that is EXACTLY what happened TWICE in the previous episode.

The only potentially interesting character is the English guy who does the CSI/Quincy stuff. But he is as empty as the second-rate Police Procedural plots that this show has given us. Perhaps this is a bit harsh, given that this is only the second episode of the show. However, the Producers know that a good start is vital, and usually put the best episodes at the start of their line-up. In other words - it will get worse before it gets better.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 3] All In
Shown 25/Oct/12

A Judge is assassinated in an apparent hit-and-run case. The lady cops go after a female suspect, involved in illegal immigration. But what are the chances this victim is the result of another Domestic Incident?

The English Medical Examiner gets an inspection. But nobody remembers that the beast-blood can be traced back to his lab.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 4] Basic Instinct
Shown 01/Nov/12

The Police Department is gearing up for their annual stick-ball game with the Fire Department. our heroine Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) is the new player, one of the token women. Since she is Princeton-educated and an apparent black-belt at kick-boxing, will she be the Mary-Sue of stick-ball too? This is just a filler B-plot, of course.

The Beast discovers a teenage boy beaten to a pulp in a dumpster. By strange coincidence, Beauty gets assigned the case. Is she the only detective in New York? And what are the chances this victim is the result of another Domestic Incident?

Beauty gets tracked down by the Men in Black, and is interviewed by Yuri from Nikita. It seems that the Beast has some terrible things in his past. So he decides to turn himself in to save Beauty.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 5] Saturn Returns
Shown 08/Nov/12

Our star-crossed lovers are still trapped in different worlds. Metaphorically speaking, that is. Beauty must cover up a vigilante attack that beast committed. He has become brazen ever since he met her. Beauty's partner and sister plan a secret surprise birthday party for her. She is not keen on birthdays (it is the anniversary of her mother's murder), but plays along with it for the sake of her friends and family. In other words, everyone she protects by lying to them.

The English pathologist has been cyber-dating, and now has a GF. She climbed Everest (twice!) and has a PhD, so Beauty feels inadequate in comparison. However, the English dude apparently has feelings for her. Strangely, this love-double-triangle is not fully explored, with revelations being overlooked in key scenes.

The Beast's geeky sidekick JT attracts some female interest of his own. A lady Professor asks him out for coffee. Will he break his own rule, and risk dragging her into his life of danger and subterfuge?

The police case this week looks like more domestic violence. A woman goes missing, and her fiance is the prime suspect. Then a Federal Marshall from WitSec appears - it is the Lycian Alliance guy from Stargate Universe: S2 . Much like the Beast, the missing woman lived her life on the run.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 6] Worth
Shown 15/Nov/12

Beauty's sister is temporarily out of town. But dad (Rob Stewart - Amazon ) is around, with his new wife-to-be ( Rachel Skarsten ). The budding bride is about the same age as Beauty, and has a few secrets of her own. To start with, she is still officially married.

A rich artist is found dead. Beauty and her partner Tess dress up to attend a fancy art exhibition. But was the killer's motive love or money? Was this yet another domestic incident?

Beast tries to express his feelings for Beauty. But every time he gets emotional, his inner Hulk takes over and he wakes up somewhere unusual (like the top of the Brooklyn Bridge). He also takes the risk of getting recognised in his old neighbourhood.

The English pathologist is happy to be Beauty's fake date. But what is really confusing is her feelings towards him. She seems strangely conflicted, ignoring the fact that he has a GF and she has the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 7] Out of Control
Shown 29/Nov/12

A Frat boy is brutally murdered near a college campus. Vincent has no idea of his whereabouts at the time.

The pathologist has an Intern.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 8] Trapped
Shown 06/Dec/12

Someone tries to kill a Justin Bieber type. Cat's partner Tess is assigned to protect him.

Vincent has flashbacks to his time in the Unit. Cat's mother was involved. Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) confronts her father (Rob Stewart - Amazon ).

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 9] Bridesmaid Up!
Shown 13/Dec/12

Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) has to go to her middle-aged dad's wedding to his child bride ( Rachel Skarsten ). But she has no date! Vincent is still a bit iffy, and the English pathologist is going with Cat's sister. Typical Soap Opera crap.

By complete coincidence, Vincent stumbles across an unreported killing. Cat investigates. By complete coincidence, the case involves a match-making Agency. Cat uses their services to try and locate a date for her dad's wedding. But she is completely resentful of the reality that being a lonely spinster is a BAD thing.

The English Pathologist is gaining more clues on the suspicious fellow who was in his lab ...

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 10] Seeing Red
Shown 24/Jan/13

Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) is hospitalised by her injuries in the previous ep. By incredible coincidence, her nurse is Vincent's ex-fiance! She claims she is being stalked. Is it Muirfield, or a psycho ex-patient?

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 11] On Thin Ice
Shown 31/Jan/13

Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) has to attend a shrink to assess her recovery. This means she gets to hang around the hospital, and discovers that Vincent's ex has a secret of her own.

The Detectives investigate the death of a billionaire's wife. Someone sabotaged her parachute, and Evan the English morgue dude thinks the killer is left-handed. It is because of the angle of the cut, he says. But the angle is irrelevant depending on the angle the parachute was at. Sloppy writing, but this kind of show will always fail as a police prodecural.

Evan tracks down Vince's sidekick, and asks to team up with him. Together they can investigate the mysterious case of the cross-species DNA. They exhume the body of the bike messenger hit-man who tried to kill Cat. Strangely, Evan does not recgognise him from the photofit image!

Of note, Evan is still dating Claire, the hot chick he met on-line. She is too good to be true.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 12] Cold Turkey
Shown 07/Feb/13

Vincent and his ex Alex ( Bridget Regan ) go away for the weekend. However, thanks to the wonders of continuity the events of previous episodes catch up with them. Vincent's DNA on the fiance's stalker means Muirfield is closing in on them. And the fiance's secret means the NYPD put her under closer scrutiny.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 13] Trust No One
Shown 14/Feb/13

Alex ( Bridget Regan ) tries to go on the run, but she is no good at keeping a low profile. She involves a journalist. Luckily Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) is the only Homicide detective in NYC, so she can destroy any evidence that links to Vincent!

Muirfield sends their female field-agent after Alex. Given how Vincent can take out their best men, how long will she survive? Will her recurring character shields save her?

This is the Valentines Day ep. Everyone's relationship is falling apart. Cat cannot trust Vincent not to run back to his Ex again. The English pathologist is suspicious of his too-good-to-be-true GF. Even Cat's police partner Tess is having problems in her affair with a married colleague.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 14] Tough Love
Shown 21/Feb/13

Cat's sister catches her kissing Vincent. However, being a nosy bitch she checks up on Vince - and discovers he is using a fake name. She calls Cat's soon-to-be-ex-partner Tess, and they stage an intervention.

The English meat-cutter gets approached directly by Muirfield. They know how cynical he is about the hybrid's motives, so they exploit his curiosity and desire for justice.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 15] Any Means Possible
Shown 14/Mar/13

Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) meets the new DA, Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy, the Indian scientist from Heroes ). He is investigating the Special Crimes Unit, and brings in a couple of trigger-happy investigators. Garrett (Ty Olssen - Supernatural ) makes his first appearance.

Vincent has to clear himself of the Captain's brother's killing. To do this, he must corner the loan shark responsible and terrify the poor man into making a suitably-censored, Monster-free confession to the DA. But Evan the English pathologist wants to get the low-down on the monster.

The Romance aspect of this show seems to be hotting up. After all, the couple have been dating for the last six months.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 16] Insatiable
Shown 21/Mar/13

Someone murders a petty perp, in a blatant copycat killing. The method (a historical weapon) is somewhat elaborate, unnecessarily so when you discover that the killer had other methods.

Vincent and JT prepare to fake Vincent's death by exploding the house.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 17] Partners in Crime
Shown 28/Mar/13

Cat's partner Tessa Vargas is a stickler for police procedure. Unfortunately, this means she is willing to let a wounded suspect bleed to death. And the problem is, the suspect she corners in the tunnels is Vincent!

Vargas easily ran down Vincent, and he nearly died when getting shot. But he quickly heals the bullet wound, and can outrun and overpower her quickly. Looks like getting shot does him some good!

Will Vargas keep her mouth shut? Vincent and Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) are not averse to killing cops. The body count in this show seems to rank alongside Supernatural !

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 18] Heart of Darkness
Shown 18/Apr/13

Vincent has moved in with Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ). But they are completely over-confident. Vargas knows they are together, but what about Cat's other friends, relatives and co-workers? Especially when Vincent uses his super-powers by jumping off the fire-escape into the public street!

Ethan is working with Muirfield - he does not trust them, but he wants to protect Cat.

The climax is predictable - as the DA's story arc becomes more central, Ethan becomes an unnecessary burden.

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 19] Playing with Fire
Shown 25/Apr/13

Ethan's guard from the previous ep tries to get info to Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ). This leads to a very confusing crime scene. Somehow gunshots went unreported, an SUV sat with the keys in the ignition and the engine running until it ran out of fuel, and all of this in an alley in a crappy neighbourhood near a police station.

It turns out that not only was Muirfield's lab complex within NYC, but they also have a whole server farm in the city too. Yes, Vincent was supposed to be hiding somewhere that Muirfield only had a token presence (hence nobody cared when Yuri from Nikita and his team went MIA). But it turns out that he was on their very doorstep all along!

Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) helps Cat infiltrate Muirfield's base. He is out to destroy them as well - so he claims. He wants her to help him hack their system. But what is his real agenda?

Cat may enjoy the man-beast's affections, but she does not really need him in a fight. She does a great job against a squad of SWAT troopers!

Finally, they sabotage the server room by setting it ablaze. Yes, despite being all-metal with almost no flamable material at all, it goes up like a stable filled with dry straw!

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 20] Anniversary
Shown 02/May/13

Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) wakes up to find Vincent watching her sleep. Romantic, or creepy?

It is the anniversary of Cat's mother's murder. She visits the grave, and bumps into Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ). Cat invites the DA to the commemoration drinks party with her little-seen sister and her father (Rob Stewart - Amazon ).

Someone shoots the Mayor. It looks like the shooter is somehow linked to the DA.

It also looks like Cat's mother may have faked her own death. Cat and the DA go looking for her. They end up at a remote farmhouse, where there are no cell towers (and thus, no phone reception). It is so isolated that Cat compares it to a set from a horror movie. But yet Vincent can magically appear there when Cat is in trouble!

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 21] Date Night
Shown 09/May/13

Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) has been focusing on cases other than the vigilante. He pushed a major RICO case against the Mafia, and they have a hit out on him. Worse, he goes on the run with a medical condition of his own.

The DA gives Vincent what may be a cure. Vincent used to be a Special forces soldier. But without his superpowers, he gets his ass kicked by a Mafia thug. Luckily, his kick-ass GF is tough enough for both of them!

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 1, Episode 22] Never Turn Back
Shown 16/May/13

JT and Vincent never trusted Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ). And despite being a mega-rich Government official with a Mafia bounty on his head, his personal security was never something he paid attention to. That said, this is a man who leaves a murder weapon on public display in his own home. Yet he prosecutes killers for a living!

As the DA has been plotting against Muirfield, they have decided to pull in extra resources of their own. They have a middle-aged hitman with military resources, who makes a deadly impact and leaves the story with a cliff-hanger ending. Why was he not called in earlier? It took a whole YEAR to summon a man who could sort the Vincent mess out in 24 hours!

Vincent has taken the cure, and has lost his powers. The DA's cure has worn off, and his beast is unleashed. Can Vincent get his powers back in time for a beast vs beast battle? It will mean giving up his hopes of a normal life, but he must do it to save the woman he loves. Like Mick St John in Moonlight .

There is another plot thread now open. It turns out that Cat's father is not her actual father. Could Mommy have been playing with a Muirfield co-worker?





Beauty and the Beast (2012)

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Beauty and the Beast (2012)

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  • Season 2

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 1] Who Am I?
    Shown 07/Oct/13

    After the military-grade team disappeared with their victim, Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) used her First Aid skills to save the life of a wounded character.

    JT, as well as being a biologist, is now an expert computer hacker. Much like the way Chloe Sullivan in Smallville went from using Photoshop and Desk-Top Publishing for the High School newspaper to being a world-class computer hacker! Yes, JT has hacked the city's CCTV cameras and fed them through facial recognition software.

    After three months in the care of the mysterious military-grade specialists, Vincent reappears again. He is guarded by a couple of biker thugs with submachineguns, although they are such wimps that Lana - oops, Cat - can take them both out in unarmed combat! They take Vincent to meet the head of Muirfield. Not in a secure location, like a lab ... but in the most cliched of crime thriller locations - a deserted dockside warehouse!

    In his missing three months, Vincent was repaired and is now a proper super-soldier. Unfortunately, his secret handlers want him to concentrate on his work so they completely wiped his memory.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 2] Kidnapped
    Shown 14/Oct/13

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) and JT are looking for Vincent. Tess and Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) are also looking for him, with a much less trustworthy view of him, so it is a race.

    Vincent has a secret agenda, given by his mysterious handler. It involves a sniper rifle and a top-security inmate at Rikers island. Cat investigates, and Vincent abducts her.

    Cat learns a bit more about Vincent's agenda. His motives are not selfish - they involve clearing up Muirfield's mess.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 3] Liar, Liar
    Shown 21/Oct/13

    The freak of the week kills Vincent's FBI handler. Vin must track the killer himself.

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) and her team are spying on Vincent.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 4] Hothead
    Shown 28/Oct/13

    The freak of the week is a pyromaniac. Muirfield made him fireproof!

    Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) wants to catch the monster of the week, to test the defibulation cure before they try it on Vincent.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 5] Reunion
    Shown 04/Nov/13

    This time, a beast comes hunting for Vincent. He tracks Vincent's scent from the crime scenes to the houseboat, which he trashes. Then he tracks it to Catherine's apartment .

    Unfortunately, Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) is preparing for her ten-year High School Reunion. One of her pals is a TV reporter - who gets a glimpse of the beast's face.

    The beast turns out to be an old friend of Vincent and JT's. They have a lot of history together, and they hang out for old times' sake. Will it help Vincent get his memory back? And have Muirfield's modifications to their bodies and minds removed Vincent's pal's humanity?

    Naturally, the big climax is at the reunion itself.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 6] Father Knows Best
    Shown 11/Nov/13

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) confronts her biological father. This appears to be the theme of this episode - father/daughter relationships.

    Vincent only has two missions to go. His new target is a businessman who funded Muirfield 28 years ago. He got the first version of the supersoldier serum, the same as Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ), so the flatlining cure might work on him. Unfortunately, the job turns out to be a lot tougher than it seems.

    Vincent ends up on the run with the target's twenty-something daughter. He is still using the houseboat as his safe-house, even though last week's beast compromised it.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 7] Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
    Shown 18/Nov/13

    Cat's new-found birth-father invites her round for dinner. She brings Vincent, who can function as a human lie-detector.

    Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) looks after the 20-something daughter of last week's monster. Unfortunately, she has more in common with Vincent - just as Gabe seems a better fit for Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ). This does not become important until Gabe and the babe invite themselves to dinner too.

    Back at the office, Tess and JT try to decipher the Controller's voice. He is stupid enough to allow background noise that can be easily identified, thus allowing his location to be pinpointed.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 8] Man or Beast?
    Shown 25/Nov/13

    The Controller's best shot at getting Vincent and the Next-generation Beast female has been less successful than he thought. However, he has not got a getaway plan. I mean, at the finale of last Season he had a chopper and a SWAT team with nets and stun-guns - they took out two beasts at once! But now, he is just a lone man with a pistol.

    Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) insists on capturing the bomber, hoping they can use him as a witness against his boss. Unfortunately, unlike the FBI the Beasts are not very good at capturing prisoners alive.

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) obsesses with catching the Controller. She was happy enough when Vincent was taking out the stalker, the pyromaniac, the corrupt businessman and the hitman ... And nobody cares about the head of Muirfield, who was pretty much eaten alive. But the brains behind this cleanup operation is now cast as a villain, despite being the only one with an actual moral code and a plan to make the world a better place.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 9] Don't Die on Me
    Shown 13/Jan/14

    The FBI Internal Affairs investigator finds a spent 9mm round at the scene of the car crash. This proves that Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) is lying, and her dad must be lying too when he pled guilty to cover for her.

    Vincent is still wounded, and not healing properly. He cannot go to the hospital and blow his cover - or can he? Muirfield is gone, but has Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) buried all the DNA evidence from Season One?

    Tori has a couple of smart-alec lawyers blackmail her into giving them her dad's antiques store. What is so important about it? Cat investigates. Unfortunately, Vincent never takes prisoners so there is nobody to interrogate.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 10] Ancestors
    Shown 20/Jan/14

    FBI agent Dana Landon ( Elizabeth Rohm ) recruits Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) to go undercover in a group of expert thieves. They are planning a high-level heist in the New York area. The other hirelings are Irish-American mobsters.

    Some gun-toting thugs steal the collar from JT. He has made significant work tracing the skeleton - it seems to have the same beast DNA that Muirfield injected into its super-soldier volunteers. Vincent vows to track down the thieves. A pity he tends to kill everyone he meets, or he might find it easier to find out who hired the thieves.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 11] Held Hostage
    Shown 27/Jan/14

    FBI agent Dana Landon ( Elizabeth Rohm ) sends Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ), Tess and Gabe out to arrest Tori.

    The villains, an apparent gang of Russian mobsters, turn up. They want the collar, so they follow the cops to the station. For some strange reason, the uniformed male cops seem to have very long hair. How long will it take for the lady detectives to notice something is amiss?

    This seems disjointed, due to censorship of the violent scenes. It is almost nonsensical, because it is impossible to work out what happens to most of the villains. Which makes another question. What is Vincent's body-count? Has he filled the entire morgue yet, and is there a massive pile of rotting corpses concealed somewhere?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 12] Recipe for Disaster
    Shown 03/Feb/14

    FBI agent Dana Landon ( Elizabeth Rohm ) is still suspicious of Vincent and the others. This show is at its best when everyone is trying to keep huge secrets. If and when the lady Fed finds out, the writers will have to create a new nosy parker.

    JT gets summoned to a meeting with Frank Darnell (Colm Feore - Revolution ). Yes, finally we get to see a major rent-a-villain. But what is the life expectancy of the villains in this show? We have already seen one Big Bad put away this Season,

    Tori is feeling left out of Vincent's circle of friends. She tries to save JT. Luckily, Vincent is a trained doctor of medicine. Can Vincent give first aid and keep an injured person alive long enough to get them to hospital for a blood transfusion?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 13] Till Death
    Shown 10/Feb/14

    The FBI Agent's husband, Sam Landon (Tom Everett Scott - Z Nation ) wants to renew their vows. He books a chapel in upstate New York, and invites everyone along as witnesses-cum-security. But is it a good idea to have everyone who knows about Beasts in one remote location, all at the same time? That is how horror movies generally start.

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) discovers the villains were burning human bones. DNA testing (so quick it could only happen on TV) shows that the victims went to the same orphanage as Gabriel, when he was experimented on by Muirfield. Is he a patsy, or is he a supervillain (like he was in Season One)?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 14] Redemption
    Shown 17/Feb/14

    Vincent visits the local hospital, and runs into his old mentor - Dr Nicholas Markus (Christopher Heyerdahl - Sanctuary ). The mentor suggests Vincent come back as a doctor. But will he turn a blind eye to Vincent's spare-time Beast-related activities?

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) visits her father in prison. She is typically disrespectful of him, accusing him of killing innocent people - in truth, all he did was clear up Muirfield's mistakes. He may have helped set Muirfield up, but so did her mother (who she treats like a saint).

    The villain is targeting the kids from the orphanage who, like Gabe Lowen, were selected by Muirfield. They have the Beast gene, so JT's serum can activate it and turn them. What exactly was JT's PhD in again? Is it biology, or computing?

    Will there be a proper main villain for the Season? This show tends to kill off its impressive villains far to quickly, leaving the show to concentrate on the will-they won't-they angle of Cat and Vincent. When they got together at the end of Season One, we all knew they had to be broken up so they could find each other again in Season Two. Just like in Vampire Diaries and every other tweenager drama these days. It is only a matter of time until

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 15] Catch Me if You Can
    Shown 03/Mar/14

    This show tends to tie up its villains far too quickly, and this ep is no different. It starts with Vincent reporting that he has - off-screen - tracked and captured the villain. Unfortunately, he did not do it in time to prevent said villain from locating and turning another Beast. The good guys decide to turn the villain loose, hoping they can follow him to his new victim before it is too late.

    Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) repeatedly threatens to prosecute the villain on trumped-up charges. Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) repeatedly gives a holier-than-thou attitude, calling the villain a killer. But Vincent, the so-called hero, has a massive body-count. If the plot did not require it, he probably would not have even bothered capturing the villain this week.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 16] About Last Night
    Shown 10/Mar/14

    The Season's villain is safely behind bars. But as this show seems to prefer stand-alone episodes with a reset button, he escapes just in time to cause yet more havoc. His targets - a secret society of VIPs who financed Muirfield. Will he take down every potential Season Three villain in a single episode before Season Two is even over? Knowing this show, that is a definite possibility.

    Vincent claims the moral high ground. After all, the villain is committing mass-murder to get revenge. But Vincent himself is a vicious killer, who rarely takes an enemy alive.

    The core of the episode is Cat's relationship with Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ). Will she stick with him, or will she go back to Vincent? Well, what is the title of the show - Beauty and the DA?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 17] Arrested AKA Beast is the New Black
    Shown 02/Jun/14

    Our heroes wake up after their mid-Season hiatus. The two sidekicks have ended up in bed together. Vincent and Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) are in bed together too, when the cops burst in and arrest Vincent for murder. Only one murder, that is - his Season One slaughter spree was well covered up, but it seems he has been clumsy.

    Cat cannot talk a way out of this one, losing her cop badge on the street. She has to call in the rest of the team, so they can imitate cops (other than themselves). It seems Vincent was framed by someone who wanted to protect Cat from him, and who has good knowledge of law enforcement procedures. Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) is the main suspect.

    This episode is far above average for the show, concentrating on the characters and giving them a realistic problem to solve. Someone behind the scenes has certainly kicked the show up a notch. But how long will it maintain this quality?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 18] Cat and Mouse
    Shown 09/Jun/14

    Vincent has been framed for murder, so he goes on the run. Actually he is guilty, so it is not really a frame-up.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 19] Cold Case
    Shown 16/Jun/14

    Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) is still obsessed with getting Vincent, even though in doing so he has completely alienated Kat ( Kristen Kreuk ). He leaks info to a gangster type who is the brother of a Beast victim. Ironically the Beast who killed the victim was Gabe himself - Yes, Vincentís victims do not have any surviving relatives!

    Katís sister is in town, in a seemingly irrelevant subplot. She makes a perfect damsel in distress for the villains. Can Kat and Tess take out the gangsters? After all, a pair of 100-lb women against a pair of 200-lb men is a fair fight, right? And will the cops actually bother taking prisoners this time?

    It turns out that when Gabe killed the gangsterís brother, he left a witness. Yes, he killed the brother to prevent him testifying, but in doing so he created ANOTHER witness! Vincent certainly never left anyone alive.

    Gabe should not have opened this can of worms. Vincentís massive bodycount has been well covered-up for, but his own deeds (and his Beast nature) will come back to haunt him.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 20] Ever After
    Shown 23/Jun/14

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) and Vincent go to the friendly Fed who used their services, and call in that favour. He puts them in WitSec, and sticks them in suburbia. However, Cat has trouble adjusting. The air is too clean, the neighbours are too nice.

    Cat is in luck because someone gets shot dead. Yes, she risks her cover by playing Miss Marple and investigating. This is Justice she says as she interferes in an official police investigation. After all, she cannot uncover physical evidence or obtain official statements, or even testify openly in court herself. But everyone needs a hobby, even if it results in more homicides.

    Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) is an expert in homicides. Tess and JT track his cell-phone to the location he disposed of a body. Yes, his single accidental kill is treated as worse than all of Vincentís multiple slaughters. Poor Gabe, he is the most sympathetic character in the show. Part of the problem is he is the third Big Bad of this Season! Yes, the monsters burn through arch-villains like there is no tomorrow.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 21] Operation Fake Date
    Shown 30/Jun/14

    The FBI offer Vincent a deal - he will get his charges quashed, but only if he publicly turns himself in. Meanwhile, Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) is turning the heat up. One of Catís friends is a journalist who saw a Beast. Now she is a crusading fanatic, obsessed with uncovering the truth. Gabe leaks her enough to get he interested in Vincent. Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) tries to talk Gabe round.

    Vincent gets co-opted by some MIBs. They test his stats, and he discovers they are keeping Gabe under surveillance. Are they legit US Government agents, or are they another sneaky Muirfield-type group? Same thing, really. Is Gabe on their hit-list, and will Vincent offer to be their hired killer?

    Gabe gets pushy with Cat. After all, his Beast DNA is only repressed, not dead. Even with her police training, she still has the body-mass of a teenage Lana Lang. Now, who would win in a fist-fight between a man-beast and a teenage girl?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 2, Episode 22] Deja Vu
    Shown 07/Jul/14

    Gabe the DA (Sendhil Ramamurthy - Heroes ) has gone full beast again, although since he used JTís serum he has become a super-beast, the new and improved version. He starts bumping off people he thinks are Vincentís friends - in other words, a series of recurring players who barely know him. This almost provokes Vincent into attacking Gabe in public, but Tess and JT are on the job. Their plan is to tranquilise Vincent, even though they have a good opportunity to kidnap Gabe instead.

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) is reading the diary of Rachel, her ancestor. Their storylines parallel each other, but Cat must work out how to prevent history repeating itself. Rachelís plan was to cage the friendly beast and then try to trap the evil one. But Cat should realise that by setting a trap she is leaving Tess and JT vulnerable!

    Vincentís one hope is the Feds who tested him last episode. Yes, they were the original customers that Muirfield set up the super-soldier experiments for.

    Season 3

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 1] The Beast of Wall Street
    Shown 11/Jun/15

    Six months after the story was unnaturally concluded, and everyone has gotten on with their life. Well, sort of. JT has recovered from his near-death crucifixion, but has a slight limp and a fear of public speaking. The main characters have their old jobs back, but their relationship is still in a will-they wont-they phase. Luckily the Beast still has the safehouse-boat cum bachelor-pad that Beautyís dad gave him while he was a brainwashed FBI hitman.

    The Department of Homeland Security guys (the ones who did the Deus Ex Machina ending to last Season) expect Beauty and Beast to hold up their end of the bargain. This is basically what FBI Daddy wanted, but with the emphasis on investigating new monsters rather than just killing the pre-existing ones. Beast prefers to stick to his day-job, as 24/7 on-call trauma surgeon at the hospital he joined the US Military suicide squad in order to escape. Beauty agrees to moonlight for the Homeland guys, doing detective work for free in her spare time even though she is tired from being a NYPD Detective in her 9-5 day job. As a result they never get to see each other, except when Beauty is wheeled into the Emergency Room as a patient! Luckily that will happen quite a bit, so the romance can continue after all.

    The monster of the week is a Wall Street stockbroker who got roofied by a mysterious supervillain. The monsterís personality was intensified, making him even more ambitious and competitive - and increasing his strength and speed to the Beastís levels. The Homeland guys do their own field-work, and their operation is so compartmentalised it is unlikely that anyone else knows much about their deal with Beauty and Beast. So if they both die, are Beauty and Beast off the hook? Or will it be a return to Season One, when they were vigilantes?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 2] Primal Fear
    Shown 18/Jun/15

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) continues to moonlight Ė police detective by day, unpaid Homeland Security agent by night. She investigates the courier who delivered the super-medicine that saved JTís life. However, she is not the only one looking for him. A guy with electrical powers (like Brandon in Mutant X ) is looking for the cure, and will torture people to death to find it. And since the only supply is in JTís bloodstream ...

    JTís partner Tess, the lady cop, takes him to the shooting range for her brotherís birthday party. It must be a boring party without any alcohol, although they do not care about safety anyway because there are no ear defenders or goggles. The birthday boy states his intention for going for a promotion, which would make him Catís boss. JT learns that, predictably enough, the serum in his bloodstream has made him a better shot.

    Can Vincent the Beast defeat the electrical guy? This becomes even more urgent when the villain takes the hospital hostage. And will Vincentís non-beast side, the life-saving doctor, pull through?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 3] Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat
    Shown 25/Jun/15

    The Homeland Security agent was killed by a super-sniper. Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) and her partner Tess are thrown off the case. Homeland Security agents Carol ( Natasha Henstridge ) and Bob (Alan Von Sprang - Earth: Final Confict ) are in charge now. Cat and Vincent team up with them to catch the killer.

    Catís partner Tess is up for the Captainís job.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 4] Heart Of The Matter
    Shown 02/Jul/15

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) and Beast visit a Couples Therapist (Artie from Warehouse 13 ) and recount their most recent adventure in flashback.

    A dodgy rich man, Marshall Zalman (Stephen McHattie - ) is in line to get an organ donation from one of the people given the super-power serum. He is thus the main suspect, since he has the means and motive to use the serum on people. What will his wife Belinda ( Emily Swallow ) and Dr Glenroy (Saul Rubinek - Warehouse 13 ) do?

    JT is under a lot of stress, since he has now developed super-powers of his own. His girlfriend is under stress too, because of her new job as Police Captain. She has to cover for Cat, despite the Beast crimes that got her previous BF (her boss) fired. Also, both the English pathologist and Gabe the DA were killed in Beast-related incidents. Nobody has replaced those characters, meaning the Police procedural aspects of the show have been badly neglected.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 5] The Most Dangerous Beast
    Shown 09/Jul/15

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) thinks she is being stalked by Carol ( Natasha Henstridge ). It is obvious that she is being lured into a trap, but why?

    JTís healing factor means he no longer needs his spectacles. He certainly looks different Ė less intelligent, more weasel-like.

    JT and now-Captain Tess Vargas work as a team, conducting an illegal search without a warrant.

    The Beast is working for the NYC hospital's outreach programme, giving free treatment to a hillbilly in the rural area upstate. Unfortunately Bob (Alan Von Sprang - Earth: Final Confict ) is lying in wait for him.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 6] Chasing Ghosts
    Shown 16/Jul/15

    Multiple persons have been infected with the super-powers. Someone is trying to build an army of super-soldiers.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 7] Both Sides Now
    Shown 23/Jul/15

    A hitman is after Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) and Beast. He shoots up the hospital. Strange that Beast still has a job there, since there have been multiple violent crimes on the premises since he first arrived.

    Cat and Beast decide to lure the assassin out. They flee to Niagra Falls as a fake elopement. Unfortunately, one of them refuses to fake a wedding because of a childish obsession with having the perfect wedding. Yes, Beast is the group's Ted Mosby!

    Captain Tess has pulled a lot of strings to get Witness Protection for both Heather (Cat's sister) and JT (Tess's boyfriend). However, they are a pair of ingrates who ditch their bodyguards for temporary convenience.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 8] Shotgun Wedding
    Shown 30/Jul/15

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) and Beast finally have the perfect wedding. But there is a complication. The villainess who was beaten into a coma in the previous episode escapes. She obviously did not have a skull fracture, because she head-butts a victim. And since Cat does not have her knuckles bandaged due to fractures or dislocations, the beat-down last episode could not have been as brutal as it looked.

    Is Captain Tess so amateurish that she will leave a suspect handcuffed to a radiator while a murderous superhuman is closing in? Is Tess's boss so unprofessional that he will give her a dressing down in front of a room full of her subordinates?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 9] Cat's Out of the Bag
    Shown 06/Aug/15

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) decides that beast-hunting is no longer her problem. She decides to leave it to the Department of Homeland Security. After all, THEY were the ones who called her. And since DHS are already chasing Liam the terrorist for breaking through security at the airport, it is in everyoneís interests at the NYPD to turn the case over to the Feds. Thus, Tess (AKA Captain Vargas) gets to cover her own ass, career-wise.

    Beast and JT decide that Cat is wrong. After all, if she stops investigating beast-related crimes then this will be just another police procedural. This raises an interesting issue. Mainstream TV shows seem perfectly happy to accept a level of Magical realism, as opposed to full-blown fantasy or horror. The protagonist can be a Medium or a vampire ( Moonlight ) or an Immortal ( Forever ) as long as they only solve crimes that are committed by mundane criminals. The same is true for Science Fiction elements such as a supersonic car or bike or helicopter ... But the moment the premise is taken to the next step, where the magic or technology becomes widespread enough for villains, and even civilians, to use it then the story must address the consequences of the technology or magic. At this point, the setting becomes full-blown Speculative Fiction.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 10] Patient X
    Shown 13/Aug/15

    Liam the super-Beast is still in town. Not content with killing off the previous villain, he now sets out to kill off all her test subjects. Since JT was once infected with the serum, he will be on the hit-list too.

    Liam has an American accent. So why did he need to take an airplane across the Atlantic to reach the USA?

    Even though the case was handed over to the Feds last year, Captain Tess orders the SWAT team to protect JT her ex-BF.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 11] Unbreakable
    Shown 20/Aug/15

    Liam is back. He has ties to a family of wealthy philanthropists.

    The original MegaCorp storyline was tied up years ago, now they might tie up the beast bloodline story too. After all, there is nothing that this show does better than tie up storylines prematurely.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 12] Sins of the Fathers
    Shown 27/Aug/15

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) is obsessed with the idea that Liam has an evil plan in mind for his relatives. It never occurs to her that he might have a more positive motivation. Perhaps he wanted his familyís descendants to be successful, and he is happy for them instead of insanely jealous. In a different world, perhaps, but in this one the simplistic motives always win out.

    Cat needs backup, and asks her father for help. He asks to be broken out of prison so he can be hands-on with the mission. Naturally, Cat is dismissive of his good intentions. However, all he wanted to do was to fight the same kind of inhuman monster that is now menacing Cat and her friends.

    Tess starts helping JT do the things on his bucket list. If they do not capture Liam (alive!) and synthesise a cure from his blood, JT is a goner. Tess has other things to worry about as well. NYPD Internal Affairs is investigating Cat, since Liam tipped them off.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 13] Destined
    Shown 03/Sep/15

    NYPD Internal Affairs is still investigating Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ). Liam tipped them off in the previous episode, and they have finally realised that she was assigned to a vast number of unsolved homicides. The murders are mostly Beast-related killings, and her lover was responsible. Tess was Cat's partner at the time, so her name is on those cases too. However, since she has been promoted to Captain she is presumed above suspicion. They assume that she is not a corrupt cop and accessory to multiple homicides, although that must mean she is an incompetent dupe in their eyes.

    Department for Homeland Security are on Beast's trail too. The agents who hired him at the start of the Season were presumably acting off the books, because the Agency's Director has no access to any files they had on Beastliness. Can Cat and Beast persuade them to let Beast assassinate Liam for them? After all, that is what her father would have wanted. Funny how they justify all the killings that Beast comitted, but condemned Cat's father for ordering a few of those kills.

    Will Cat and Beast finally get married? Because this show is more soap-opera than action thriller, this all-important plotline must be tied up!

    Season 4

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 1] Monsieur et Madame BÍte
    Shown 02 Jun 16

    Two months have passed since the end of the previous Season. Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) has taken off to spend a holiday in romantic Paris, and we all remember how badly that turned out in Smallville . However, this time she has brought her superhero love interest along. After all, it is their honeymoon.

    Back in New York, JT discovers that a blogger has discovered the Homeland Security coverup. After all, there has been a mountain of dead bodies over the past few years, and more of them have been caused by Vincent and Cat than by the villains!

    Peter Wingfield ( Highlander ) is a big game hunter, and he is after Vincent the Beast as his next target. This is not just a hobby for him - there is a five million dollar bounty on the Beast. The hunter is set up to be a villain, not only torturing and killing humans but also smuggling endangered animals. However, he turns out to be less dangerous than Cat. Yes, in the days of #BlackLivesMatter we get yet another show that glamourises police violence.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 2] Beast Interrupted
    Shown 09 Jun 16

    JT discovers that someone has hacked the Homeland Security computer files. He joins a few clues together that lead to a socialite heiress to a Billionaire who owns a chain of hotels. Yes, she is basically a pastiche of Paris Hilton. Not even a parody - she is played straight, as a nice girl who uses her family's wealth for good causes. Specifically she has helped the Federal Witness Protection program. Apparently they are underfunded, so she allows them to use a hotel as a safe house.

    The villains of the week are simple gangsters who want to kill the witnesses. They have no interest in Vincent or the Beasts, so this is not a story arc episode. Instead we go back to the crook-of-the-week story of Season One. Captain Tess plays decoy in order to lure out the bad guys.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 3] Down for the Count
    Shown 16 Jun 16

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) gets transferred to the Department of Homeland Security. The Feds do not officially notify the NYPD, so Cat has to tell her buddy-cum-boss Captain Tess personally. The good news is, Cat now has DHS resources to solve the big case Tess is working on. The bad news is, Tess and the NYPD will be cut entirely out of the DHS investigation.

    Captain Tess has lost her best detective, and she has other things to worry about as well. She plans to move into a new place with her boyfriend JT. However, JT is still packing his stuff after five weeks. Also, he has not told her that he turned down a promotion at work. Yes, it looks like she is being written out of JT's love life as well as Cat's professional career. In other words, the character might not be around much longer. This is a symptom of Season Four Decay, because all TV shows start to go downhill in the fourth Season.

    Cat's goal is to find out who put the five million dollar bounty on the Beast. The main suspect is an international Arms Dealer. He has links to something called Fight Club , but this is not the empowerment movement from the 1999 movie. It is a sporting club that has an all-female section. Yes, when Cat sends Vincent in so he can go undercover as a fighter she ends up having to do her own fighting in the ring instead. The audience are treated like criminals because they like watching the sport, yet we the television viewers treat it like entertainment so we are no better.

    Vincent attacks the suspect's bodyguards. Does he take them alive, or add them to his enormous bodycount? Also, if the Arms Dealer is not the one who set the bounty, and in fact has no clue to the existence of Beasts, then by revealing Vincent's Beast nature they will have started an arms race. Do they really need more people interested in creating super-soldiers?

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 4] Something's Gotta Give
    Shown 23 Jun 16

    Cat ( Kristen Kreuk ) and Vincent go to meet an accountant who wants to testify against the Russian Mob. This is Cat's day-job, but Vincent must take time off from his career to help her. She does not appreciate this, which says a lot about her priorities. The soap opera continues because she thinks she might be pregnant. They get a taste of what it could be like to have children when they invite the accountant's wife and pre-teen sons to hide out in Cat's appartment.

    JT covers Vincent's ass when a group of bloggers start pushing online conspiracy theories about Beasts. He dresses up as one of the Men in Black , flashes a Homeland Security badge at them, and tries to scare them about the War on Terror.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 5] It's a Wonderful Beast
    Shown 30 Jun 16

    A team of sharpshooters are after JT and Tess. Vincent tries to rescue his friends, but gets wounded. He passes out briefly, and wakes up in an alternate universe. This is a rip-off of It's A Wonderful Life , not unlike the one Lex Luthor ended up in when he was engaged to Kreuk's character in Smallville .

    The alternate universe is one where Vincent and Cat never met in Season One. Cat is now married to the English pathologist, while JT is hiding Vincent from Muirfield. Luckily, Cat's biological father is still willing to help.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 6] Beast of Times, Worst of Times
    Shown 07 Jul 16

    The DHS Boss has narrowed down the list of suspects behind the sharpshooters. They were part of a US Army hit-squad sent by Vincent's former commander. It turns out that he wiped out Vincent's original unit single-handedly back in Iraq, when it was first discovered that the Beasts were unreliable as super-soldiers. Now Vincent must infiltrate the officer's base and access the computer server. Hopefully the officer will have put all the details about his illegal murder-squad on the army's mainframe, where all kinds of Law Enforcement agencies could get it. Also, this does seem reminiscent of the house-cleaning that Catherine's biological father performed when he was in the FBI.

    JT gets a job offer from a top bio-research company. Captain Tess is certain it is a trap, so she sends JT along as bait and she performs surveillance.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 7] Point of No Return
    Shown 14 Jul 16

    Vincent is on the run from DHS as well as the bounty hunters. Cat has to run interference, and slow the new DHS Agent-in-charge - Kerry Duffy ( Karen Cliche ).

    Vincent decides to go on the offensive. He sets a trap for the bounty hunters, and catches Kane (Tahmoh Penikett - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ). Luckily our hero has some truth serum in his medical supplies. The bounty hunters are being sent by Greydall, a Blackwater-style freelance military unit like the villains in Jericho . In order to find out who hired Greydall, Vincent applies for a job with the Boss - Peter Braxton (Marc Singer - Beastmaster (1981) ).

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 8] Love is a Battlefield
    Shown 21 Jul 16

    Greydall send Vincent on a mission. He is partnered with a hitwoman, Dianne Vaughn ( AnnaLynn McCord ), and they have to pose as a married couple.

    Cat also goes undercover at the DHS, and tries to convince her new boss that her marriage with Vincent on the rocks. For some reason the new boss is Karen Cliche - apparently she has been replaced for some reason.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 9] The Getaway
    Shown 28 Jul 16

    The journalist woman is still harrassing Cat. She has a line on Vincent, and wants to expose the DHS coverup and the Beast conspiracy.

    Kane (Tahmoh Penikett - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ) is out of hospital and back on the Greydall team. Vincent gets called in for their next mission. The client wants them to capture the Beast of New York City. It seems that the Boss (Marc Singer - Beastmaster ) is happy to keep billing the client while concealing what he knows about Vincent!

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 10] Means to an End
    Shown 11 Aug 16

    Vincent undergoes a series of tests for Greydall. After all, DHS is still looking for him because of the man he killed. One of many, that is. Anyway, Captain Tess has washed her hands of Vincent and his beast problems. Cat must pitch in, stealing evidence from the NYPD evidence vault. JT and Heather go undercover as a married couple, in an attempt to deceive Greydall and get the upper hand.

    It seems that the Boss (Marc Singer - Beastmaster ) has been trying to get a Beast on his team so he can defend against another Beast. Well, that is logical because of the super-soldier arms race. So logical, in fact, that it was already used in the plot of Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 3, Episode 8] Shotgun Wedding .

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 11] Meet The New Beast
    Shown 18 Aug 16

    The team have a new plan - catch the evil Beast and make a deal with Homeland Security. As they freely admit, this is a direct duplication of what they did in the previous Season. This illustrates the reason that every show should be automatically concluded at the end of Season Three. otherwise the story will run out of steam and start to repeat itself.

    Greydall's client was a corporation that bought what remained of Muirfield. The new beast is an experiment gone wrong, a super-soldier with invisibility powers. Yes, Vincent has truly met his match this time.

    The villain is after the last surviving employee, a scientist who has some specialised anti-Beast weaponry. Yes, finally someone can actually fight back for a change.

    Cat's sister gets involved with the attempt to help Cat and Vincent escape. However, her boyfriend the pretty-boy paramedic has his own agenda.

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 12] No Way Out
    Shown 25 Aug 16

    Cat's career is as good as over. However, JT sells his computers to raise bail money for her. Now they must find the super-beast, but without Vincent's help.

    Vincent is locked in a secret Federal prison, where he is interrogated by a military type. This leads on to some flashbacks, but this is not just a clip show.

    Somehow, Vincent deduces who the villain is. This is completely opposed to the exposition received in the previous episode. Rather than tell the Feds he just escapes and teams up with his friends again. They try to take on the villain themselves. Somehow, he manages to elude them - even though they include two ass-kicking NYPD detectives!

    Beauty and the Beast (2012) Beauty and the Beast (2012) [Season 4, Episode 13] Au Revoir
    Shown 01 Sep 16

    Cat and Vincent try to protect the last victim. He is an Arab Prince who financed the new super-soldier experiments, and supplied his own bodyguards as test subjects. The villain's plan is to bomb the Prince's motorcade when he arrives in the city. Can our heroes save the day? Will there be a climactic fight, Beast versus Beastmaster , or will the villain be disappointingly incompetent?

    The show's Soap Opera element is also very important. Cat's sister was spending a lot of time with JT. Will she end up with him, or will she reunite with the paramedic and let JT reunite with Captain Tess?