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Season 1

Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 17/Sep/12

This was created by Erik Kripke ( Supernatural ). It is a horrendous mishmash of survivalism, fascism and anarchism, with no solid moral or ethical footing.

The main story takes off 15 years later. The end of electricity meant the end of Government, and all the infrastructure and services it provided. The result is anarchy and a post-apocalyptic scenario. Of note, it is one of the few post-apocalyptic stories these days that does not involve zombies or an alien invasion. Thus, it is more accessible to a mainstream audience.

The local Militia turns up, led by Giancarlo Esposito (The Usual Suspects). They want to escort the scientist to the General. Unfortunately, the scientist's son is a murderous little git. The scientist gets killed in the crossfire, so the murderous thug gets taken in his dad's place.

The murderous teenage boy has a big sister, a more conventionally attractive version of Katniss in Hunger Games . She sets out to find her uncle, Mr Miles Matheson.

The Militia's boss, General Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons - The Cape ) has imposed gun control, to prevent crime and terrorism. This is ironic, since bullets are in short supply - apparently nobody can make home-loads, and there are no stockpiles in police stations or army camps. That said, people can now manufacture an infinite number of muskets and swords!

While en route to Militia HQ, Giancarlo and the boy meet a strange woman. By strange coincidence, it turns out she has a secret of her own.

Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 2] Chained Heat
Shown 24/Sep/12

Uncle Miles takes on a Bounty Hunter (C Thomas Howell - Amazon ). His niece is not keen on his murderous ways, but soon has to make life-and-death decisions of her own. They have to rescue a hot Latina babe, an ex-GF of miles,

Rebel fanatics want to revive the USA. Yes, they want to destroy the Militia - the only functioning Government - and replace it with ... what? Over-reaching Agencies run by big-spending politicians and Corrupt lobbyists? And what does the Militia do wrong? It conscripts young men from each village, so they can do public service for the public good. The Rebels respond ... by slaughtering the conscripts they claim they want to save!

The flashbacks show the young girl with her mommy ( Elizabeth Mitchell ), scavenging for food.

Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 3] No Quarter
Shown 01/Oct/12

Uncle Miles and his two babes reach the Rebel Scum HQ. But the heroic Munroe Militia, led by Mark Pellegrino ( Supernatural ), are en route to save the day.

We discover how Uncle Miles is such a murderous bastard. And in the flashback, we see him start to become a kill-crazy fascist. Since mommy dearest ( Elizabeth Mitchell ) will happily shoot an unarmed man in the back, the real mystery is why this is meant to be such a big deal.

The Nerd and the English woman have been seperated from the others. They stop off at the strange woman's house. She is still MIA, thanks to a mysterious intruder. But they get their first clue about the return of electricity.

Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 4] The Plague Dogs
Shown 08/Oct/12

The divided groups of protagonists meet up again. They are chased and besieged again, this time by a pack of hungry dogs. Luckily, the pretty-boy Militia spy is on the prowl again.

There is a storm coming, so Giancarlo and his prisoner get shelter. This despite the fact that their HQ is only an hours walk (3 miles) away. Strangely, despite being only a day behind them, the protagonists do not seem aware of any decline in weather conditions.

The murderous teenager has to make a decision. Will he finally do something good for a change?

It's Maggie the murderous English woman's turn to have a flashback. She remembers her last Skype-chat with her sons, who had terribly fake English accents. Later she reveals that you can apparently walk from Seattle to the East Coast, but the Militias control all the remaining sail-boats and steam-ships. Transatlantic travel is now virtually impossible.

We see how Elizabeth Mitchell ended up in her current predicament.

Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 5] Soul Train
Shown 15/Oct/12

Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) gets his prisoner to a town. The steam-train is almost working. It has only been FIFTEEN years!

The Latina babe meets local Rebel leader Hutch (Jeff Fahey - Lost ). He wants to blow up the train, killing everyone aboard. Yes, destroying the public transport network (and preventing the re-emergence of civilisation) is the rebels' main goal.

The flashbacks are Neville's. He used to be a wimp, pushed about by assholes. But after the blackout, he had to protect his wife ( Kim Raver ) and his son.

Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 6] Sex and Drugs
Shown 29/Oct/12

The insurgents must get the injured babe to medical attention. This leads on to a stack of Star Wars references. They have to call in on an old friend of Miles. The man is a gangster called Drexel, who is a cross between Lando Calrissian and Jabba the Hutt. He ropes them into his revenge spree against rival gangsters, the O'Halloran clan.

The flashbacks are of the overweight nerdy guy. He feels more self-conscious than ever when the end of civilisation highlights his lack of survival skills. This leads to problems in his marriage to a beautiful trophy wife.

Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 7] The Children's Crusade
Shown 05/Nov/12

The insurgents bump into a gang of Feral children.

The so-called villains this ep are the Militia recruiters who are doing everyone a favour by taking orphans off the street, and giving them a life and a career.

The mother ( Elizabeth Mitchell ) has flashbacks involving a DOD suit named Flynn, played by rent-a-villain Colm Feore ( Chronicles of Riddick ).

Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 8] Ties That Bind
Shown 12/Nov/12

Monroe sends Sergeant Strasser after the insurgent quartet. Miles recruited and trained Strasser, and claims the Sergeant is an even bigger psycho than he is! And Strasser has a secret weapon - the Latina babe's sister is his hostage.

This ep seems to encompass the character development of the subplots of the far superior post-Apocaylpse show, Defiance.

  • Two adult sisters who grew up together as children in the Apocalypse
  • Star-crossed lovers on opposite sides of a social divide
  • Lady Macbeth manipulating events to improve her husband's status
  • Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 9] Kashmir
    Shown 19/Nov/12

    The insurgents plan to infiltrate Philly. They get help from the local Rebel scum, who pledge allegience to the USA - whatever that means. Since General Monroe controls all Government services, he IS the President of what's left of the USA!

    Rebel leader Reed Diamond ( Dollhouse ) leads the insurgents into Philly through the subway tunnels. This is supposed to be creepy and suspenseful, but is nowhere near as good as the classic Polish film Kanal. However, as they run low on oxygen they start to halucinate.

    Elizabeth Mitchell cooperates with Monroe, who hopes to bring back electricity (and with it, civilisation). But she forgets that he no longer needs her - he has Conor O'Farrell ( Dark Skies ). But Monroe forgets something as well - the woman is so ruthless, she will kill for food!

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 10] Nobody's Fault But Mine
    Shown 26/Nov/12

    The insurgents are inside Philly, but they need a place to hide out. Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) is after them. But despite having never met until Revolution [Season 1, Episode 5] Soul Train, Miles seems to know a lot about Neville.

    Monroe has the hostages and the tech at his top-secret hi-security stronghold. Mark Pellegrino ( Supernatural ) is supposed to be in charge of security, while Sergeant Strasser is guarding the ladies. The insurgents must infiltrate, liberate and evacuate ...

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 11] The Stand
    Shown 25/Mar/13

    The Munroe Republic now has choppers. Not modern Blackhawks, but 1960s Vietnam-era Hueys with door-gunners. They don't even have kevlar vests or helmets, so they are vulnerable to ground fire. Worse, Elizabeth Mitchell has a local contact who builds his own rocket launchers.

    The Rebels want the return of the United States. But the only surviving Government member is ... Mr Flynn, the arch-villain.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 12] Ghosts
    Shown 01/Apr/13

    Mr Flynn is a more central character now. The flashbacks show his motivation in building the superweapon, to avenge the death of his son in Afghanistan. To further his current goals, he teams up with General Monroe.

    Miles offers to lead the Resistance, but he insists on recruiting his Militia officer corps buddies. He and the Latina babe go in search of Bill from Alphas .

    Flynn takes a team of gunmen to find Elizabeth Mitchell and her friends. Can Katniss take out a dozen stormtroopers armed with assault rifles?

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 13] The Song Remains the Same
    Shown 08/Apr/13

    Major Neville is sent on a secret mission, despite Flynn's misgivings about Neville's complete failures so far. This is unfair - Neville may be unlucky, but the key point is that he is a survivor! Even when his convoy is blown up, he manages to somehow be the sole survivor. Unfortunately, when he gets captured it seems everyone in the Rebel camp wants revenge for some petty personal grudge against him.

    It is revealed that the electricity flow has been stopped by nanobots. They also seem to have interfered with the flow of time. For example, the rebels' mirror semaphore system allows them thirty minutes notice of the arrival of trucks. In other words, they can relay a message over thirty miles distance almost instantaneously. Worse, a replacement convoy manages to bypass the rebel spies entirely, but the rebels can walk the same distance on foot at almost the same speed as the Humvees!

    Monroe's policy of killing Resistance idiots only makes Miles Matheson's faction more powerful. This will backfire on him!

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 14] The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
    Shown 15/Apr/13

    Miles, Katniss and the Latina babe walk to Georgia, to prevent Munroe's man from detonating a suitcase nuke there. Unfortunately, the man in question is Miles' former protege. Luckily, the nuke has to be manually triggered when the man gets a radio signal from Munroe. Wouldn't it have been easier to have a radio dethonator?

    Elizabeth Mitchell and the beardy nerd stop off with some middle-aged lesbians. It turns out that the scientists who caused the blackout also used the nanites for medical purposes, to keep their own loved ones alive. And now they have to choose - are their loved ones worth the price of the blackout?

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 15] Home
    Shown 29/Apr/13

    Miles and his goon squad from Georgia continue to slaughter Monroe's conscripts. Their policy is to leave no survivors. Since Monroe conscripts all men aged 18-25, who will be left alive when Miles and his murder-squad take power?

    Monroe decides to lure Miles Matheson into a trap. He flies himself, Mark Pellegrino and a couple of conscripts to his hometown. Yes, his plan is to threaten to kill everyone Miles ever knew. This ep was directed by Jon Cassar , best known for 24. Miles Matheson does his predictable Jack Bauer routine, as a one-man army slaughtering Monroe's conscripts.

    The biggest twist comes at the end of the confrontation. Miles' old girlfriend has a revelation for Monroe. She never bothered to tell him when it might have done some good, but instead waits until it can make the most dramatic impact.

    Elsewhere, Elizabeth Mitchell and the beardy nerd cross the Mississippi and enter the Plains Nation. While passing through a town, Beardy sees his old wife - the trophy wife that he abandoned eleven years previously. It's a miracle that she survived so long, but she seems to have moved on.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 16] The Love Boat
    Shown 06/May/13

    Georgia sends reinforcements - Captain Neville and a Steam boat. They also have a mission. Monroe has a secret lab where a tech is weaponising Anthrax. The mission is to capture the scientist and make him work for the good guys instead.

    The rebel scum deliver even more holier-than-thou crap. Neville is meant to be a villain because he had no loyalty to Munroe - but neither did Miles Matheson, who is now MURDERING prisoners BECAUSE of their loyalties.

    That said, Neville is also portrayed as a villain because he would rather kill the scientist than let him get rescued by Monroe's men. Yes, all the tech has to do is give a sob story to Katniss, and she will commit mutiny to protect him!

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 17] The Longest Day
    Shown 13/May/13

    Monroe manages to get Predator drones operational. Yes, he combines aerial bombardment with a clean-up sweep by ground troops. This does terrible damage to the invaders, whose tactics seem as poor as his own.

    Charlie (AKA Katniss) gets trapped under rubble. Matheson and the Latina hang around, machine-gunning inept conscripts until they can save her.

    Neville has a public bust-up with his treacherous idiot son. But he is only angry because he loves him. Under attack, Neville goes to extreme lengths to save his unworthy offspring.

    Monroe may finally be winning the war, but his paranoia is getting worse than ever. He does not understand why he attracts more bullets than an officer standing beside him, or why an assassin would flee rather than hang around and risk getting caught in order to kill a random nobody instead of the Head of State!

    Elizabeth Mitchell snapped her leg as easily as if she were the cheerleader in Heroes . But she is now so desperate, she finds she has a cure. Medical nanites from the chip she pulled out of her dead son can knit the fractured bone as we watch. This would be a great thing to share with hill-billies. But she doesn't give a damn about helping anyone else - she only wants the power back so she can nullify Monroe's advantage.

    The flashbacks are of Elizabeth Mitchell when Miles Matheson first had her in custody. She refers to him as a monster - this is the woman who took out every airliner in the world, and who can get the hospitals and food production back again any time she wants. Her selfish and destructive urge for vengeance is portrayed as justifiable, while in reality she is the supervillain responsible for the whole world's suffering.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 18] Clue
    Shown 20/May/13

    Monroe's men take three weeks to get a full statement out of their prisoner. The Witchfinder General could have done it in less than a week, but it looks like Monroe's men are just amateurs. That said, the wench looks in pretty damn good shape considering. Her scars may be psychological, however.

    The regular and recurring characters meet in Georgia, a thousand miles from Monroe's torture cell in Philly. They get on a chopper and fly off to beat Monroe to The Tower. However, at their refuelling stop someone starts to bump them off, one by one. Yes, there is a traitor in the cast. At this point it becomes painfully apparent that the regulars and recurring characters have all worked for General Monroe at one time.

  • Miles was Monroe's top General
  • Bill from Alphas was one of Miles' best officers
  • Neville was Monroe's Head of Intelligence
  • Neville Jnr was an infiltrator, recently approached by one of Monroe's spies
  • Katniss was conscripted and branded, albeit unwillingly
  • The Latina babe spent weeks with Monroe, and told him everything

    Since the characters are all suspects, and all pretty unlikable (except for Neville, who we are apparently supposed to hate) we have nobody to root for. In other words, we just do not care.

    Elsewhere, Monroe has taken Flynn hostage. Predictable, really, since Flynn never had Monroe on a leash to begin with. They get to the Tower, but Flynn realises he is not really in control any more.

  • Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 19] Children of Men
    Shown 27/May/13

    Monroe gets into the Tower. Unfortunately, the Tower has its own guardians - they use 40mm small-arms, with explosive rather than less-lethal ammo.

    Elizabeth Mitchell ends up trapped with Monroe. She wants to kill him because of the death of her murderous son. In all fairness, she has killed as many people as him on a personal level, AND she is a supervillain of genocidal proportions if you include causing the blackout. Hopefully she will decide that she actually has something to live for - her daughter, Katniss.

    Miles has a plan to get into the Tower. It means exploiting the beardy nerd and sacrificing the Nevilles, but that never stopped Miles.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 1, Episode 20] The Dark Tower
    Shown 03/Jun/13

    Neville is in the hands of the Militia. But they can trust him more than their own boss, the paranoid sociopath Monroe.

    Monroe and Miles finally get a confrontation. But how will it end?

    Elizabeth Mitchell and the surviving goodies go for Level Twelve. Can they bring the power back? But what was Flynn's plan? Did he want to bring the power back, and restore the USA again? Would that make him a good guy - or would it mean that Neville was the good guy all along?

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    PAL - UK


    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 1 ]
    Shown th January 2014 [Wednesday]

    Reviewed in our special supplement Revolution

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    Season 2

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 1] Born In The U.S.A.
    Shown 25/Sep/13

    This Season is setting out to be less despicable than the previous one. It starts six months after the end of Season One, though we get flashbacks of the intervening months. Elizabeth Mitchell actually feels guilty about her part in Flynn's success. She is living with Miles and Aaron at her father's place in a small town in Texas. Miles discovers that the town is about to be raided by Reavers from the Plains Nations. Yes, he will have to fight people who are good in a fight, rather than the conscripted rookies he himself trained (badly).

    Neville and his son have made it back to Atlanta - or rather, the nearest refugee camp. There is no sign of Mrs Neville ( Kim Raver ), and her hubby is a broken man. But the US Military turns up, the biggest militia on the eastern seaboard commanded by the biggest Warlord now that Monroe is out of the way.

    Monroe himself is surviving as a bare-knuckle boxer under an assumed name. He is less famous than David Schwimmer, the last surviving Friend. But he is being hunted by Charlie ... and some bounty hunter types too.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 2] There Will Be Blood
    Shown 02/Oct/13

    Miles is imprisoned by the warlord. It turns out the villain is OTT evil, in a completely contrived way.

    Aaron's miraculous recovery may have a mysterious explanation related to the death of rats and crows ... This new mystery will replace Season One's nanobot-induced power blackout plot.

    Charlie goes after the Bounty Hunters who took Monroe. It seems the invaders want him alive, because he is their scapegoat for the nukes.

    Neville starts his plan of revenge against the invaders. Naturally, this involves him double-crossing people and concealing his true nature.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 3] Love Story
    Shown 09/Oct/13

    Elizabeth Mitchell comes to rescue Miles. But the raiders hardly needed a reason to besiege the town. And they have a secret ally ...

    Charlie and her new friend are still after Monroe. But the Bounty Hunter may not be as trustworthy as she thinks.

    Neville continues his plan to infiltrate the Patriots. He plays along with their story, that Munroe was responsible for nuking Atlanta.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 4] Patriot Games
    Shown 16/Oct/13

    Miles does not trust the Patriots. He investigates the Railway yard. Aaron's bug-swarm follows him.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 5] One Riot, One Ranger
    Shown 23/Oct/13

    Bass and Katniss arrive at the hick town. So do Jim Beaver ( Supernatural ) and some Texas Rangers. Can Miles find some allies?

    Tom Neville and the female Patriot VIP run into difficulties. The patriots have internal politics, and it looks like she is out of favour.

    The flashbacks are of Aaron and his fall to the dark side.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 6] Dead Man Walking
    Shown 30/Oct/13

    Bass is caught by the Texas Rangers, and faces the death penalty.

    Neville tries to save his son from the Patriot brainwashing camp. But who will save him from his son?

    The flashbacks are of Bass and his fall to the dark side.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 7] The Patriot Act
    Shown 06/Nov/13

    Patriot boss-man Zjelko Ivanich is in town. He knows the nanites are acting strangely, and thinks Rachel is controlling them somehow.

    The flashbacks are of Rachel's dad and his fall to the dark side. Will the others work out where

    Neville has his son back - but can he be trusted?

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 8] Come Blow Your Horn
    Shown 13/Nov/13

    Miles tortures (and presumably murders) a Patriot prisoner in order to get the location of Zjelko's workplace. The answer is obvious - it is the best-guarded building in the town. And despite the heavy security on the town's perimeter last episode, this week Miles and his women can walk in and out at will. Their plan is to kill everyone in the building.

    Zjelko is after Aaron. He sends search teams out, armed with automatic weapons. Ironically, even though Monroe is the only person who still uses a sword this Season they do not stand a chance against him.

    Neville offers a deal to the Patriot woman's husband.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 9] Everyone Says I Love You
    Shown 20/Nov/13

    The Patriots send their garrison out to catch Aaron. Aaron manages to confront the nannites' avatar. Unfortunately, because his ability to control the nannites is basically a superpower (and thus not condusive to good drama) it will have to be written out of the show.

    Neville is promoted and reinstated to the Patriots for his good service. He discovers a familiar face, and has to alter his plan to kill the Pez.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 10] Three Amigos
    Shown 08/Jan/14

    Miles takes Monroe to find his son. Blondie tags along, hence the episode title. They go to Mexico to meet Bass Junior (AKA Conor). He's a sight!

    Aaron goes walkabout to Oklahoma, as the nannites suggested.

    Katniss and Grandpa investigate some wagons the Patriots are bringing into town. Grandpa learns what a murderous cut-throat his granddaughter has become. Compared to her, he appears a well-intentioned (if misguided) do-gooder.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 11] Mis Dos Padres
    Shown 15/Jan/14

    Connor must choose between his biological father (former General, Sebastian Monroe) and the man who raised him Nunez (Joichem de Almeida, who has played similar drug barons in 24, Clear and Present Danger, Mariachi II ...). Bass has decided to redeem himself when it comes to his offspring. Unfortunately, Nunez is terrified of appearing weak. He would rather risk killing a valuable hostage than let a misdemeanour go unpunished.

    The fat nerd gets to Oklahoma, and discovers he has been sent to a ghost town. His ex-wife is also there - apparently she was more than just a trophy wife, she worked on his computer code while doing her own Masters Degree. Surely then she would be independently wealthy, and he would never have assumed she married him for his money (and thus abandoned her, believing she was better off without him).

    Charlie (AKA Katniss) and Grandpa discover the Patriots are building a new camp. Grandpa insists on investigating it, to save a friend of his.

    Tom Neville is unhappy with his lack of promotion at the White House. He wants to break into the Chief's files, as part of his plan. Meanwhile, his son wants payback for the tortures he underwent in the reprogramming camp.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 12] Captain Trips
    Shown 22/Jan/14

    The three amigos and Conor track Grandpa and Katniss to the secret Patriot camp. Blondie infiltrates, and tries to help her father. They realise that this is not a normal outbreak - the Typhus strain must be some form of bio-weapon, probably created and deployed by the Patriots themselves. Can Miles and the others find the cure in time?

    The flashbacks are of Neville and his wife, when their son fell ill two years after the apocalypse. A pair of local rednecks were hoarding food. Lady MacBeth has to step up and do the necessary ...

    This runs parallel to Neville's current predicament. His son, who enlisted under his real name, is in the Patriots' prison for espionage. Neville and his wife must break him out, compromising all their plans. But how stupid are the Patriots? If the lady's new husband is a mover and shaker, has he got the backbone to go with it?

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 13] Happy Endings
    Shown 29/Jan/14

    Munroe decides he needs an army to help him take on the Patriots. He takes his son and Charlie, and they walk to New Vegas. He used to cage-fight there, and he knows the best person to hire mercenaries from. Unfortunately the price is steep, so they have to rob the casino.

    Neville is given a mission too. Go to Texas, infiltrate the rebels, and kill Munroe.

    The Nerd and the Thinking man's Trophy Wife find the third member of their nano-code-writing team. He is a faith healer, unknowingly using the nano-tech to cure diseases. But will he agree to help them?

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 14] Fear and Loathing
    Shown 26/Feb/14

    Charlie tries to bust her colleagues out to the slave pit. Unfortunately, you just can't trust brigands these days. Munroe has to teach his son how to kill him.

    Miles, Neville and Junior set out to ambush a Patriot VIP.

    The faith-healer wants to save the Nano-tech. The trophy-wife wants to let it die. What will the nerd do?

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 15] Dreamcatcher
    Shown 05/Mar/14

    Aaron the Nerd wakes up, and discovers the Pulse never happened. They still have civilisation. Tom Neville is a famous Insurance Salesman, with his face on billboards. And all is right in the world!

    Aaron has no memory of the apocalypse; it has faded like a bad dream. But he still has an uneasy feeling. Then Katniss appears, in a brutal and unexpected fashion.

    The pre-Pulse versions of Miles and Bass that Aaron meets are in keeping with what we know about them, even though he never knew them himself back then. All in all, not a bad little view of the world that was.

    Because the Nano has Aaron trapped in a Matrix Scenario, can it corrupt him? After all, time would move at a different pace there. An AI like an android or the nano-hive would work in nano-seconds. A nano-second is a millionth of a second, meaning that the 1.7 seconds Commander Data refers to as very nearly an eternity in Star Trek: First Contact would feel like sixty years in human time! So the Nano can work on his fears and desires for what seems like a human lifetime, while only a few seconds would have passed in real life.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 16] Exposition Boulevard
    Shown 12/Mar/14

    Munroe and his team get back with the Mercs. They capture some runaways from the brainwashing camp. Munroe wants to kill the kids, but the locals want to return them to their families. Which way will Miles go - logic or emotion?

    The Secretary of State makes enemies of Neville and Truman, the Patriot Governor of Texas (Stephen Culp - ). The Governor has a flashback to his service in Gitmo, when the Government armada arrived. The US Secretary of Defence (Randall Flynn's boss) decided to get rid of the Veep, and take control of the Government. He believed the global electrical failure was a punishment from his god, an opportunity for evolution to help the survival of the fittest.

    Charlie's two love interests finally come face to face - Munroe Junior and Neville Junior. Which one will win?

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 17] Why We Fight
    Shown 19/Mar/14

    Tom Neville tries to form a partnership with Truman, the Patriot Governor of Texas (Stephen Culp - ). Unfortunately he then gets dragged in for interrogation by the Secretary of State. Yes, we finally get some closure for this particular story arc.

    The rest of Duncan's men arrive from New Vegas. The bad news is, the whole settlement was flattened by the Patriots. The good news is, now Munroe has the beginnings of a new army! And the first thing he does is to attack his largest target - the brainwashing camp.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 18] Austin City Limits
    Shown 02/Apr/14

    Mini-Neville leaves his dad, and joins the rebels. He teams up with Charlie and mini-Munroe, his replacement. This will not end well.

    Miles and Bass take the kids to Austin, Texas. They have to save the Texas Government from the Patriot assassins. Texan targets include MC Gainey (Con Air), and the Mex-American Prez who sentenced Munroe to death.

    Aaron and his not-trophy wife arrive at the rebels' new camp.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 19] National Race AKA $#!& Happens
    Shown 30/Apr/14

    Miles and the others are heading home from Austin. They get chased by a Magnificent Seven of Texas Rangers, so Miles lets his friends walk while he leads the Rangers off. Unfortunately, he has to kill all the Rangers single-handedly. Despite shooting six of them without being hit himself, he has to go into melee combat with the last one. Texas Rangers use foot-long bowie knives instead of swords, and now Miles actually meets someone who can put up a decent fight.

    Miles ends up trapped in a basement with a belly wound and only a Hang on, Kitty poster for company. He has flashbacks to the mysterious encounter he had at the end of the first ep of Season 2. It turns out that he was being tested by the Nanotech ... they do not like him and have no intention of helping him. Ever since Aaron tried to kill them, they have tried to command him rather than obey his orders.

    Charlie gets confronted with an angry Tom Neville. He wants to know where his son is ... and despite claiming to feel bad about what happened, she decides to lie and draw out the confrontation. Naturally, this only makes things worse.

    Rachel and Monroe have to team up to look for Miles. They finally have a proper bickering session, airing all their grieviances.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 20] Tomorrowland
    Shown 07/May/14

    Truman, the Patriot Governor of Texas (Stephen Culp - ), gets a second chance from the President. He gets a new secret weapon (cannisters of mustard gas) and a five-day steam-train journey back to Texas.

    Aaron's wife can detect the mustard gas long before anyone in the rebel camp. She is also immune to its effects. Aaron has to conceal these superpowers from his friends, but she is manifesting other powers too. Worse, she is obsessed with lifestyle magazines from before the apocalypse.

    Truman decides that Tom Neville's services are no longer required. Unfortunately, Neville has accepted that he will not see his loved ones again - and he decides the Patriots are to blame. It is strange to consider that he needs any extra motivation to hate them, after everything they did to him previously.

    Munroe wants to steal the gas and use it against the Patriots, even if innocent bystanders get in the way. Miles wants to get Truman's Fiance ( Reiko Aylesworth ) on his side, as a spy and as ringleader of a local resistance movement. Munroe regards this as being weak (despite having a strategic goal, the return of the Republic) and blames Rachel for being a bleeding heart (despite knowing what a cold-blooded murderous bitch she is).

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 21] Memorial Day
    Shown 14/May/14

    The Patriots still have some mustard gas left. There is a massive container of it on the railway. Miles and Katniss set out to steal it.

    Munroe and Neville plan to steal the gas from Miles. They actually have a plan - to use it against Washington DC, where the Patriot HQ is. Unfortunately that is five days travel, and if the Patriots get word ahead then they would easily be able to halt the train.

    Rachel goes looking for Aaron and his not-trophy wife. She discovers them, and the truth about the dead rats a few episodes ago. The Nano-tech has a plan for rewiring the entire human race. But it also has a major flaw, that rachel intends to exploit.

    The Patriots are actually one step ahead of our heroes. Their plan to kill Texan President Carver, and to start a war between Texas and California, is much closer than anyone expected.

    Revolution Revolution [Season 2, Episode 22] Declaration of Independence
    Shown 21/May/14

    Miles and his crew plan to kidnap the President. Luckily they have M16s and apparently unlimited ammunition, which makes one wish for the good old days when they all used swords.

    Munroe has to make a choice. He can let Tom Neville kill the Prez, then rebuild his Republic while Texas and California tear each other apart. Or, he can risk his life helping Miles Matheson prevent the war. So which will he choose - his son or his best buddy?

    Can the rebels get the Prez to monologue them like the villain in the far superior show Revenge did? Luckily the Texans are convinced by next to nothing. Worse, they do not take prisoners.

    The show ends on a cliffhanger. The Nano-tech is still global, and still wants to control all humans. It recruits the surviving antagonists for the next step in its plan. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled so we will never see what happens next.