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The Cape
The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 09/Jan/11

This is the one-episode intro to the show. We meet the hero (the last honest cop), his partner, and their happy families. Mysterious hacker Orwell ( Summer Glau ) drops a dime on the greedy corporate boss (and his evil alter-ego, the super-villain named Chess).

Our hero is left for dead, rescued by the Carnival of crime. He re-invents himself as a superhero. His sonís favourite character is called The Cape, and the carnival give him a bullet-proof elastic-like Cape, So his choice of nom de guerre is easy to guess!

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 2] Tarot
Shown 09/Jan/11

Our hero is on the run from James Frain (a familiar villain from Invasion, True Blood ). He hides out with anarchist blogger Orwell ( Summer Glau ) and the Carnival of Crime (led by Keith David - The Thing ).

The villain plans to assassinate the only honest politician in town. Our hero must stop him.

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 3] Kozmo
Shown 17/Jan/11

A Russian escapologist (and mass-murderer) comes to town. He used to be a member of the Carnival of Crime, until they turned him in for being too bloodthirsty. And now he wants what he was promised - The Cape!

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 4] Scales
Shown 24/Jan/11

The Cape sets up gangster Scales (Vinnie Jones - Swordfish ) to take on the uber-villain. This is due to take place at the Mayor's party - aboard a moving train.

Worse, the Carnival of Crime intend to stage a dramatic heist aboard the train.

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 5] Dice
Shown 31/Jan/11

There's a new supervillain in town - Dice. She has the power to mathematically predict events, and thus influence the future - like the villain in an episode of Fringe .

Dice wants to kill the show's Arch-Villain, Chess. Will The Cape stand by and let his arch-enemy get murdered?

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 6] Goggles and Hicks
Shown 07/Feb/11

The Arch-villain hires a pair of expert assassins to kill The Cape . They set up a confrontation with gangster Scales (Vinnie Jones - Swordfish ) so they can get more info on their target.

Goggles is a hacker, who goes head to head with Orwell. Yes, it looks like the double-act can match the hero and his sidekick.

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 7] The Lich (1)
Shown 14/Feb/11

Creepy Death-looking MIB Tom Noonan ( Robocop 2 ) goes around dosing victims with zombie-dust. The Cape and the Carnival investigate, because they suspect this is linked to a mysterious super-villain - The Lich.

The Lich is planning to disrupt the Founders Day parade. Can The Cape get the corrupt police to actually do their job and protect the citizens?

Anarchist blogger Orwell ( Summer Glau ) investigates dodgy property dealings. It seems that a long-lost heir is still alive, so she sets out to right some wrongs. Illeanna Douglas is a helpful informant, and Orwell is too naive suspect things could go wrong ...

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 8] The Lich (2)
Shown 21/Feb/11

The Cape's only lead to The Lich is creepy Death-looking MIB Tom Noonan ( Robocop 2 ), who is now in police custody. The Cape contacts his widow, without revealing his secret identity, to get her Public Defender friend to get him access. Needlessly, since it turns out the widow could have done it just as well.

Anarchist blogger Orwell ( Summer Glau ) is doped to the eyeballs so the Lich can marry her. This drugged state allows her to remember why she hates her dad. Apparently it involves something happening to her mom in a room with a white door ...

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 9] Razer
Shown 28/Feb/11

Gangster Scales (Vinnie Jones - Swordfish ) hires an Aussie hitman to take out the Carnival of Crime. The Cape goes undercover as the hitman, in order to get fresh intel.

Orwell isn't involved much - she's still secretly traumatised after the events of the previous episode.

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 10] Endgame

Orwell has succeeded in exposing the MegaCorp's links with organised crime. Naturally, the billionaire supervillain tries to pass the blame. The Hoodlum named Scales (Vinny Jones - Swordfish ) is an obvious patsy. So is the head of the ARK police force - the Cape's old partner. However, the partner is the one who sold the Cape out in the first place.

The Cape's widow takes the job as the ex-partner's defence lawyer. She is a target of intimidation, so the Cape must team up with her sleazy boss to keep her safe.





The Cape

The Cape The Cape [Season 1, Episode 10]
Shown th October 2010 [Wednesday]

The Cape

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