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Season 1

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 1] Summons
Shown 11/Jan/14

Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) is a professional model with an active sex life. She is also a werewolf, although she is so busy having sex that she forgets which nights have a full moon.

Back in Elena's hometown, a young woman is walking home through the woods. She strays off the path and is brutally killed. The killer is a rogue werewolf, a Mutt, and Elena's pack band together to track down the murderer. Unfortunately they need Elena's help - she may be the only girl, but she is the best tracker.

The problem is, Elena has a personal grudge that she deems more important than catching a murderer. The question that the episode hinges on is, will Elena put her Sex in the City on hold and go home to help her estranged family.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 2] Prodigal
Shown 18/Jan/14

Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) is now back home, with the rest of the pack. We learn a lot more about her backstory. It seems that female werewolves are not born, only turned when bitten. Worse, most females cannot survive the change. This means that Elena is not only the only female in the pack, she is to the best of their knowledge the only female werewolf in the world.

We also discover why Elena was in self-imposed exile in Toronto. A year ago she had to do a piece of work that turned into an action.

Another piece of exposition given is that werewolves need to consume lots more calories than humans. This explains why Elena was seen eating food in the previous episode. Seriously, it is incredibly rare to see a television character eating food, especially a slender-as-a-model actress like Vandervoort.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 3] Trespass
Shown 25/Jan/14

Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) and her ex-boyfriend Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) go looking for the murderous mutt. They go to a rave club, which happens to be the place he is looking for his next victim. He stands out - he is Number One from Dark Matter , so he should be familiar to audiences.

The werewolves are amateurish in their plan to take down the mutt. The boss wants the killer alive so he can identity the one who turned him. However, only two operators taking on the suspect while he is in a crowd of innocent bystanders is a recipe for disaster. What could possibly go wrong? Apart from innocent people getting killed, the cops getting involved, the suspect getting killed ...

Once the threat has been neutralised, everyone lets their guard down. Elena heads home for make-up sex with her boyfriend and a dinner party with her cousin. However, there is one thing they have all forgotten. They never found out who turned the killer, or what his motive was.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 4] Grief
Shown 01/Feb/14

Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) and her ex-boyfriend go looking for the NEW murderous mutt. They go for a run in the woods together, and it turns out that she likes to be the big spoon. This show was obviously made for a female audience - the protagonist is female, as is the town Sheriff, and there is a lot of male eye candy around. For example, Elena's ex is a natural man who does not shave his chest like a male model.

The Pack discover there is a conspiracy of Mutts. Someone has organised them into a crew, and they are padding their numbers by recruiting humans who are serial killers.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 5] Bitten
Shown 08/Feb/14

A drunken redneck has gone missing, and his truck is found abandoned near the mansion's grounds. The Sheriff organises a search party, so Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) and the others volunteer to help. Of course, if the killer has dumped the body in their grounds then they will be treated as if they are guilty until proven innocent.

The Mutts have a new target for their recruitment campaign - the convict from Slasher . Seriously, it is the same actor in the same setting. However, it may not be an actual crossover between the shows because this convict seems to have a different backstory. Specifically, he knew Elena during her childhood - before he got his conviction.

The flashbacks are of Elena's first encounter with Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ). She applied for a job as his office assistant, and they ended up as lovers. All straight out of a soft-core porn film. Technically it would be more of a bodice-ripper, because with a sole female as protagonist surrounded by male eye-candy it certainly seems aimed at the female audience. Clay is a massive slab of beefcake with great hair - on his head at least. He gets bare-ass naked for the camera, and he has no hair from the neck down. Seriously, he is a werewolf with no body hair. Elena is also as smooth as a baby's bottom - yes, we cannot claim sexism because she also shows her buttocks.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 6] Committed
Shown 15/Feb/14

Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) is back in Toronto, for the wedding rehearsal of her boyfriend's sister ( Natalie Brown ). She has to come with the mother of the bride, who may soon become her own mother-in-law. The woman is an overbearing helicopter parent, a female equivalent of Sheriff Pritchard in Second Chance .

Back in the mansion, a biker Mutt drops by to challenge Jeremy the Alpha. It turns out that Jeremy is a vicious bastard. Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) always gets blamed for being a heavy-handed enforcer, but it seems that Jeremy is a controlling bastard. Perhaps this makes him a bit like Rick in The Walking Dead , insofar as the terrible situation forces him to act like a villain.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 7] Stalking
Shown 22/Feb/14

The Mutts call for a parlay. Naturally it is an ambush, but Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) and the others do not take enough precautions. As a result, they come off very badly.

Back in Toronto, Elena's fiance tracks down the man who filmed the wolves on the beach. It is only a matter of time before he puts it all together.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 8] Prisoner
Shown 01/Mar/14

Jeremy the Alpha has been stabbed with a poison blade. Luckily his henchman Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) has one of the mutts responsible in custody. Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) goes looking for the mutt's girlfriend. Between them, they are bound to find the name of the poison (and thus the cure).

It turns out that the Alpha was using his Consiglieri as a bodyguard. As a result, the complex banking details have to be sorted out. The Consiglieri's son goes to the big city to sort this out, and also seduce a beautiful woman.

The imprisoned mutt, Kane, is a tough guy who will not give in to torture. However, Elena discovers his one weakness. He loves his girlfriend ( Eve Harlow ) enough to protect her, which is more than Clay did for Elena. Yes, this episode certainly makes the wolf-pack look like villains - even more than last time.

Back in Toronto, Elena's current boyfriend is suspicious of the video he was given. It looks like the cameraman was a peeping tom spying on illicit lovers, and Elena's necklace is visible on the screen. This makes the boyfriend go looking for the cameraman again.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 9] Vengeance
Shown 08/Mar/14

The mutts call in a professional killer to help. He is Koenig, the pack's former enforcer. However, he is a stand-alone villain in a stand-alone episode. He was never mentioned before, and dspite being built up as such a major characater he does not play any further part in the story arc.

Kane's girlfriend ( Eve Harlow ) has a plan of her own. She persuades the serial killer to go after Elena for revenge. Her plan is to win his trust and get him to turn her.

Back in Toronto, Elena's BF confronts her cousin about her nocturnal activities. However the cousin has bigger problems to worry about. To start with, his girlfriend Rachel ( Genelle Williams ) is pregnant with a baby son - passing on the werewolf gene. Worse, the mutts may have him and his woman under surveillance.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 10] Descent
Shown 15/Mar/14

Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) and Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) get back to Toronto. It is the evening of Elena's big galley showing run by her lover's sister ( Natalie Brown ). Of course, the Mutts have been planning something special. This just leads up to a lackluster and anticlimactic confrontation.

Back at the big house, the Pack have recovered an ally who went missing. He claims that the Mutts tortured him and he escaped them. Will he lead them to the enemy base, or into a trap?

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 11] Settling
Shown 22/Mar/14

The Sheriff calls on the big house to warn the Alpha that a CSI team will soon descend on the estate. Luckily they will probably not go straight to the basement, which looks like something out of a torture porn film. The FBI has discovered a match between a fingerprint on the redneck's corpse and a serial killer on the run from the law. The bad news is, the killer has now crossed the border and is headed for Toronto.

Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) is in Toronto with her human boyfriend and her werewolf ex. The problem is, if the boyfriend discovers the truth about werewolves then by Pack law he will have to be killed in order to maintain secrecy.

Two of the Mutts go after Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ). He takes them on in the best fight of the show so far, and it certainly makes the show seem worthwhile. If they had more action like this earlier the show would have been a lot more watchable. The hard-hitting music score is reminiscent of something from Mutant X , but without the terrible wire-fu effects that made that show so hard to watch.

Two Mutts also go after Logan the token black werewolf and his girlfriend Rachel ( Genelle Williams ). Logan puts up a very good fight, and takes them both down with minimum effort. Unfortunately an easy victory like this is generally a setup for a heart-rending death scene. Remember the male bonding in episode three that made the victim's death more impactful?

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 12] Caged
Shown 29/Mar/14

Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) has her work cut out for her. She has to escape from house arrest at Stonehaven, get all the way back to Toronto, defeat her childhood tormentor and torture info out of him, defeat the rest of the Mutts and free her beefcake love interest, Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ). Yes, even Jack Bauer would not be able to do all that in a single episode!

Elena's fighting skills put her above every other character in this show. She becomes a murderer, yet again, but for plot reasons allows some villains to live. After all, if she wiped them out single-handedly there would be no climactic battle next episode.

Bitten Bitten [Season 1, Episode 13] Ready
Shown 05/Apr/14

The Mutts have an army, and finally launch their all-out attack on Stonehaven. The Pack are down to five effectives, but they have some old bear-traps as well.

Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) spent many episodes pleading she did not want to be a killer. Here she shows no hesitation. If she had been that ruthless in the previous episode, the attack would have been prevented.

Just like 24, it turns out that this Season's villains are being manipulated. Yes, there is another Big Bad who is behind everything, and will no doubt be the main villain in Season Two.






Bitten Bitten [Season 3 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Bitten

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    Season 2

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 1] Bad Blood
    Shown 07/Feb/15

    Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) is on the revenge path, ever since the villains simplified her love life. She does not have time to sleep, although she makes time for some softcore porn scenes.

    The Alphas of the other packs blame Jeremy for the rebellion on his turf. After all, the mastermind was his own father. However, it turns out there was a second mastermind manipulating the first mastermind. Luckily our heroes quickly uncover the truth, thus providing more plot development in one episode than in all of Season One.

    Jeremy and the pack have two days to catch their enemy and rescue Rachel ( Genelle Williams ). The villain drives from Rochester (New York) to Baton Rouge (Louisiana) in no time at all. The heroes are soon after him, and take him back to Stonehaven in Canada. In real life this six thousand mile round-trip would take the better part of a week. Seriously, suspension of disbelief is possible when concerning lycanthropy, but not so much concerning conventional contemporary automobiles.

    A third team is after the villain. They have magic, and leave a symbol everywhere.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 2] Scare Tactics
    Shown 14/Feb/15

    Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) goes looking for answers to the riddle of the magic symbol. He gets pointed towards a witch-woman in Louisiana. This is near his old home, a trailer park where he first met (and was bitten by) evil Malcolm. He gets a chance to discover what happened to his parents.

    Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) confronts her dead lover's sister ( Natalie Brown ). They used to be friends, and the sister introduced the couple to each other. However, it is obvious that the car crash is just a coverup.

    Back at Stonehaven, the wolves are besieged by a magical force. The Witches are in town, and they deliver further exposition. They want evil Malcolm alive, so they can trade him to the arch-villain. However, the wolves need to hand him over to the Council of Alphas.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 3] Hell's Teeth
    Shown 21/Feb/15

    The Witches have Malcolm in their custody. The wolves have to go along with their plan to fight Alastair. We even get to see the bad guy in a flashback. He looks like a male model, just like the other characters in the show. Small wonder the witches seem sexually frustrated all the time.

    The Spanish pack turn up in search of their Alpha. Our so-called heroes have left him lying around, so they have to do a quick clean-up job and dispose of the body. This is nothing new for them - the stench of death in their basement must be incredible.

    The wolves and witches team up to ambush Alastair. Of course, he has backup - more humans who do not feel pain. Luckily the werewolves are all martial arts experts, which is much cheaper than transforming into wolves for the fight scenes.

    Alastair is after Malcolm because he wants the strongest werewolf. We get to see if this is true. Was Malcolm baiting Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) into attacking him last week because he was suicidal, or because he knew he could easily defeat her?

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 4] Dead Meat
    Shown 28/Feb/15

    Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) has been captured by the villainous cult. They experiment on her, in order to get her wolf-blood. They also discover that she has super-hearing, even in her human form. Yes, it seems she has super-powers that the males wolves lack.

    The Pack and the Coven team up to find their missing members. The young witch communes with the kidnapped girl, while the older witch communes with the spirit of a dead woman. It is about time that this sausage-fest was able to pass the Bechdel test.

    While the Pack is doing everything in its power to locate the missing members, Logan the token black guy has found the enemy's compound. He does not bother to use his own phone, or that of a dead enemy, to call home and let everyone know. Instead he starts a one-man rescue mission in search of Rachel ( Genelle Williams ). Presumably the books that this show is based on were written in the Twentieth Century, in that long-distant era before mobile telephones were an everyday object. However, he could just find a landline and call for help on that. Instead, he leaves the others to look for him using necromancy!

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 5] Rabbit Hole
    Shown 07/Mar/15

    The lady doctor has injected herself with blood from Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ), and looks well on the way to becoming the second-ever female werewolf. Unfortunately this means she will go on a kill-crazy rampage. Elena takes the opportunity to get info on the villain's end-game. He even monologues her, albeit in a low-key and uncliched manner.

    The cultists try to brainwash Logan's girlfriend Rachel ( Genelle Williams ). In a technique straight out of Clockwork Orange they show her a movie, reminiscent of the one in The Parallax View. However, she is pregnant with a werewolf-cub so there is no guarantee it will work.

    The wolves and witches pair off in boy-girl teams to search for clues. This brings to mind the old quote Cats and dogs living together ... madness!

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 6] Nine Circles
    Shown 14/Mar/15

    Elena Michaels ( Laura Vandevoort ) is still the cult's prisoner. She tries to break out and kill everyone with her bare hands - or with a pair of baseball bats. Despite being a werewolf she relies on martial arts skills and superhuman strength, rather than turn into her wolf form.

    The cultists lock Logan up with his girlfriend Rachel ( Genelle Williams ). This is not a smart move on the villains' part. The happy couple may not care about helping Elena or the witches, since their main concern is to escape before the wolfpack arrives. However, they still have to take out the cult's defences in order to escape.

    The wolves and witches have split into teams of two. The big beefy blond man, Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ), is with the young brunette witch. They have three thousand acres of forest to cover. Do they actually have a plan, or will they just wander in the wilderness and hope for the best?

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 7] Bad Dreams
    Shown 21/Mar/15

    The witchling girl has a bad dream about Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) getting killed. She goes to Stonehaven to warn the pack. Unfortunately, there are visitors in town. The Council of Alphas want to make certain that Malcolm is dead, but they all have their own agendas. The Spaniard wants to pit Jeremy against the Russian, and the Russian is obsessed with killing anyone who threatens the pack's secrecy.

    Nick and the witch girl finish burning Aleister's stuff at his compound. On the drive home, the witch talks him into making a detour to a small town in Ontario. His mother lives there, and he has not seen her since his father took him away. Unfortunately this puts him at risk of exposure if she recognises him. Worse, he has been tailed by a thug working for a rival pack.

    Things get messy at Stonehaven. Once again there are multiple fatalities. This begs the question - how do they maintain the classical inetrior decoration when they must burn their blood-drenched rugs and furniture on a regular basis?

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 8] Dark Arts
    Shown 28/Mar/15

    Aleister faked his own death a few episodes ago, and has now possessed the body of the big blond beefcake, Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ). He could have saved himself some shoe-leather and done this a couple of episodes ago.

    The villain's plan is still to abduct Savannah the mini-witch. However, she is just a McGuffin and her magic is a means to an end. His final plan is not altogether clear yet.

    Nick is still hooking up with Paige, the friendly witch. This leads on to a few gratuitous soft-core porn scenes, apparently shot with a female audience in mind. Given the soap opera nature of the show, is Paige being set up as a sacrificial lamb to make the story more of a tear-jerker?

    Jeremy has to take on Clay in hand-to-hand combat. Can the Alpha beat his own henchman? And even if he has the skill, can he do it before Aleister moves back to his own body?

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 9] Scavenger's Daughter
    Shown 04/Apr/15

    Rachel ( Genelle Williams ) has gone back to her old life. However, she has split up with Logan because she does not want the hassle. As a result he spends his time picking fights with strangers. He ends up getting involved in a Fight Club, where he meets up with a fellow mutt. However, despite being on the run from the pack for breaking the secrecy rule, Logan is still on Nick's speed-dial when it comes to important announcements.

    Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) and Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) go looking for Aleister's partner in crime. Nick and Paige tag along. They discover evidence of dark magic in her basement. However, they never consider that he might have set traps for them.

    Aleister's plan is a super-spell called The Undoing. It will destroy all magic in the world except his own. All the witches will die, and the werewolf curse will end. The good news is, nobody will ever need to change form again. The bad news is, they will be trapped in whatever form they are currently in. Worse, the werewolves begin to feel their bodies change uncontrollably.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 2, Episode 10] Fine Temporum
    Shown 11/Apr/15

    Aleister's spell is slowly ending magic. At the same time, his mother's spell is slowly killing him. Whichever one dies first will lose.

    The wolves and witches go hunting for the villain. They do so in a deserted shopping mall. There are a lot of human security guards who are under Aleister's spell. The wolves have no problem, moral or physical, with massacring them. After all, Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) murdered a uniformed police officer in the previous episode. Small wonder the pack has become so forgiving recently towards those who broke their secrecy rule. After all, when the pack is racking up such a massive body-count it is inevitable that the cops will investigate sooner or later.


    Season 3

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 1] Family, of Sorts
    Shown 12/Feb/16

    This Season starts some time after the end of the previous one. Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) has grown her hair long again, so at least six months must have passed. Jeremy the Alpha has a new plan to make his Pack stronger. They will remove the category of Mutt, so every werewolf in North America will have to decide: join the Pack and live under Jeremy's rule, or die. The truth is that Jeremy has always been a dictator, and the Mutts have always been treated unfairly for reasons that are not necessarily their fault.

    Someone tries to assassinate Jeremy. It turns out that his enemies have decided to go on the offensive. The Pack capture the shooter and torture him in the basement. Elena disagrees with this treatment, and a number of Jeremy's other policies. However, his policies are not very different from what he did in the previous Seasons. Elena's new-found conscience, however, seems completely out of character.

    A wild mutt from the Yukon seeks Elena out. He has broken a couple of big rules, but rather than keep a low profile and protect his family he deliberately seeks out Elena.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 2] Our Own Blood
    Shown 19/Feb/16

    Once again, the Pack is under siege from other werewolves. The last of the Spanish mutts is still in town.

    The Russian Alpha is back in town again. He has a secret agenda, concerning a certain Russian mutt.

    Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) tells Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) about the Russian mutt who claimed to be her father. Can he be trusted?

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 3] Right Behind You
    Shown 26/Feb/16

    Jeremy goes shopping at the harware store for supplies. Axes, shovels, quick-drying cement. On the way out he bumps into the lady Sheriff. The good news is, she is no longer sheriff. This means she is no longer bossy and nosy, and could be a love interest for him. The bad news is that he will now have to start brown-nosing her replacement.

    Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) tells Jeremy the truth about her father. Unfortunately this could all lead to a war between the two packs. Worse, Roman has called in reinforcements and they have surveillance skills.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 4] A Quiet Dog
    Shown 04/Mar/16

    Jeremy forces Roman and Sasha to have a sit-down. Can they sort out their differences amicably? After all, Jeremy has the printing plates to create an infinite amount of US currency for Roman. However, a blood feud requires more than mere money.

    The ex-sheriff is bored with her everyday life. She decides to play at being Miss Marple, and keeps the Russian thugs under surveillance.

    Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) gets left to babysit the Russian Alpha's son. They work out why she was the first female werewolf. Her father and the father of her mother were both werewolves.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 5] Of Sonders Weight
    Shown 11/Mar/16

    This episode is about the clean-up of the previous episode, but it is not merely filler. The three plotlines are all on the same theme - the murderous lengths the werewolves go to in order to keep their secret.

    Jeremy has the injured ex-Sheriff in the warehouse office. He has to make certain she does not know about the wolves, and will not say anything to the police about the Russian gangsters.

    Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) and the Russian boy go looking for whoever the boy bit while in wolf form. Even though the bitten man will become a werewolf himself, they do not know him so they cannot trust him enough to let him join the pack. Just like the Sheriff, he is regarded as expendable.

    Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) patches up her father. This gives her the chance to confront him about her mother's fate. He admits that she was murdered by her father because she knew about werewolves. Elena herself was only turned because Jeremy was about to kill her on suspicion of having seen him turn.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 6] Rule of Anger
    Shown 18/Mar/16

    The Russians have sent in their most feared assassin - the Albino. He is only albino in his wolf form - his human form is a creepy old man. Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) and Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) go after him, to save a victim he is torturing. However, despite his unimposing presence he has great reflexes and a lifetime's worth of deadly skills.

    The consiglieri goes to visit his old friend, Rachel Sutton ( Genelle Williams ). She is mother of a werewolf cub, and the only human woman who knows that werewolves exist. Except for Elena's sister, who comes along for the ride. And the witches, one of whom pays them a surprise visit. Yes, it hardly seems fair that the ex-Sheriff fell victim to the secrecy rule.

    The baby's nursery is site of telekinetic manifestations. Is the child somehow responsible? Or is it the mother? And what are the chances of a werewolf randomly mating with an unmanifested witch.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 7] On the Brink
    Shown 25/Mar/16

    The Russian albino assassin is still on the loose. Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) corners him, but it is a trap. Even after the previous episode, Clay does not understand that the albino always has the upper hand.

    Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) invites her Uncle to the big house for smalltalk. Despite being at war, and despite having previously tried to kill Elena, the Uncle turns up and talks peacefully.

    Elena's sister has stolen the witch-wolf baby from Rachel Sutton ( Genelle Williams ). Her plan is to use it to lure the Russian Alphas into a trap. The witches and wolves have teamed up to get it back.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 8] Tili Tili Bom
    Shown 01/Apr/16

    The Russian albino assassin is still on the loose. Clay (Greyston Holt - Once Upon A Time ) and Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) go after him. However, he has a couple of surprises in store for them.

    Jeremy the Alpha tries to infiltrate the Russian HQ. He has to rely on a mole in the Russian ranks. But can the mole be trusted?

    The pretty-boy consiglieri was injured in the car crash. Can he take out two Russian thugs single-handed?

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 9] Shock the System
    Shown 08/Apr/16

    Jeremy is inside the Russian HQ. His plan was to take on the enemy Alpha in honorable single combat.

    Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ) has been appointed Alpha in Jeremy's absence. However, to confirm the appointment she has to earn the loyalty of the pack.

    Bitten Bitten [Season 3, Episode 10] Truth, Changes, Everything
    Shown 15/Apr/16

    The Russians have captured Stonehaven. They use the records to start tracking down the local werewolves, and then kill anyone who does not swear allegience to their Alpha. Fortunately for Elena ( Laura Vandevoort ), she did such a good job in the previous episode that none will betray her. As a result, a lot of recurring characters get wiped out.

    Elena has a final plan. She cannot fight the enemy, so she chooses to outwit him. This means destroying the Pack system, and changing the world. For some reason the witches decide to go along with this, even though they themselves might run into problems because of it ...