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Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 1-2] New Order
Shown 9 Jul 04

O'Neill is still in the credits, but still in cryo-sleep. Carter and Teelc go to the Replicator zone to find Thor. Jackson and the boss-lady negotiate with the remaining Ghoul system lords against Baal.

In Part 2, they fight the Replicators to rescue O'Neill and Carter. The Humanoid replicator wants Carter [a sexbot?!].

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 1-2] Rising
Shown 16 Jul 04

This new show is set just after SG-1 ep New Order II. Daniel Jackson discovers Atlantis [in another galaxy]. He and O'Neill go to wave off the explorers [SG VGR].

  • Joe Flanigan as Maj. John Sheppard i.e. pilot [O'Neill lite/Tom Paris]
  • Torri Higginson as Dr. Elizabeth Weir i.e. Boss lady [Janeway],
  • Rainbow Francks as Lt. Aiden Ford i.e. Token ethnic [Harry Kim]
  • David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay [Sam Carter's rival Scientist]
  • Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan [Kes meets T'Pol]

    Other characters include a wee Scotty Doctor [Neelix] and a Colonel [Robert Patrick from Terminator 2 ].

    The people in new galaxy speak American English, and Alien Wraiths [Morlocks] are the Enemy. While Earthlings speak a variety of languages (including Russian), all the Aliens (in a new GALAXY) speak English.

    In Part 2, Wraiths capture Rob Patrick. The Tom Paris Clone sets out to rescue him with hi-tech ancient gear.

  • Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 3] Lockdown
    Shown 23 Jul 04

    Russian astronauts avoid wreckage of the Anubis ship. However, something eeevil is out there ...

    Months later, a Top Russian test-pilot joins SGC.

    They have to seal the SGC base. Everyone develops a healthy case of paranoia!

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 3] Hide and Seek
    Shown 23 Jul 04

    Carter's rival nerd guy gets an invulnerability shield.

    A refugee kid discovers a secret passage in Atlantis.

    They discover a Ghosts of the Ancients creature.

    This is a typically Boring ep full of flat characters, but the shield gizmo's well thought-out.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 4] Zero Hour
    Shown 30 Jul 04

    Jack has a new admin assistant [ex-CIA, recruited to SGC by Hammond].

    A Plant grows exponentially.

    SG1 goes MIA, and Baal demands Camulus in exchange.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 4] 38 minutes
    Shown 30 Jul 04

    A spaceship is trapped in the Stargate [an Apollo 13 type bottle show].

    The subplot, just to make things more contrived, is that Paris has a Wraith leech. The Nerd, Paris, the babe and TBG are all on the ship.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 5] Icon
    Shown 6 Aug 04

    SG1 makes contact with Rand Protectorate [Flashback 3 months].

    Rand has a rebellion by ghoul-worshipping fanatics.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 5] Suspicion
    Shown 6 Aug 04

    SGC thinks there's a traitor bevause they are victims of several Wraith ambushes.

    They discover a continent on the waterworld.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 6] Avatar
    Shown 13 Aug 04

    This is a bottle show. Teelc tests a computer simulation [holodeck! bad feeling anyone?].

    The game changes, Teelc gets a pain-shock when killed. There is no failsafe.

    Luckily, Daniel helps.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 6] Childhood's End
    Shown 13 Aug 04

    The pilot, babe, nerd and TBG crash-land.

    A clan of Under-24-year-olds live like Robin Hood. They live in an Ewok village, and kill anyone over 25 years old.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 7] Affinity
    Shown 20 Aug 04

    Teelc's vigilante activities attract unwelcome attention. He gets a lady friend [caucasian - Erica Durance ] with an abusive BF.

    Carter's BF [DeLuise] wants Commitment.

    This is part of the NID story Arc.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 7] Poisoning the Well
    Shown 20 Aug 04

    A Planet with 1918 tech believe they have developed superweapon to defeat Wraith.

    Alan Scarfe [ 7 Days ] Guest-stars. Scotty Doc gets love interest.

    There is a Moral choice; is it OK to test a drug on a terminal patient/POW?

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 8] Covenant
    Shown 27 Aug 04

    A US CEO reveals aliens' existence. An Asgard is guest star.

    NID Businessmen are officially called The Trust.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 8] Underground
    Shown 27 Aug 04

    They make a trade deal with the Genii [Colm Meany] for food - end up building nukes and attacking wraith mothership.

    They find vics cocooned for later feeding. Taking the victims will blow their cover, but leaving bullets and dead guards will keep them covert?

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 9] sacrifices
    Shown 10 Sep 04

    Ishta [ Jolene Blalock ] is captured by ghouls. Teelc plans a rescue.

    Meanwhile, his son is trying to marry one of Ishta's feminazi coven.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 9] Home
    Shown 10 Sep 04

    They discover a possible way to get home. The SGC representative is General Hammond - Guest Star Don Dixon [not O'Neill! They have the main set, but not the main cast].

    Janeway visits her BF [Carter's Alien ex]. The Babe is in LA clothes [shows more skin].

    The Major thinks everything's too perfect. They're trapped on Earth. Typical plot [ Farscape did it in S1, then parodied it], Godlike aliens.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 10] Endgame
    Shown 17 Sep 04

    The Stargate is stolen by The Trust, and used to NBC Ghoul planets. This naturally sparks Jaffa/Tokra bitterness.

    Carter and Daniel become field agents, while O'Neill does the desk work.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 10] The Storm [pt 1]
    Shown 17 Sep 04

    A Hurricane the size of N America is headed for Atlantis.

    They evacuate [small team stay to fix lightning-rod system] - Colm Meany sends Robert Davi [ Licence To Kill ] and a commando team.

    The Major does a Die Hard.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 11] Gemini
    Shown 21 Jan 05

    The replicator Carter offers help against Fifth. Can she be trusted?

    Carter and Teel'c deal with her. Daniel is not present [has he been abducted by Aliens?]

    O'Neill only appears briefly, doesn't interact with her. The O'Neill/Carter subplot is referenced but not explored or revived.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 11] The Eye (2)
    Shown 21 Jan 05

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 12] Prometheus Unbound
    Shown 28 Jan 05

    Hammond commandeers Daniel and Walter to join the Prometheus and rescue the Atlantis team.

    They discover a Ghoul's crippled ship, but a supertrooper hijacks the Prometheus.

    Daniel is left in a Dead Calm situation.

    Claudia Black guest-stars - which leads to lots of Aeryn Sun references.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 12] The Defiant One
    Shown 28 Jan 05

    Major Shepperd, the nerd and 2 random geeks in their late 30s visit a weapons platform, 15 hrs flight away from Atlantis.

    It's on an M-class planet [a desert].

    After they land and enter the ship they discover the crew may not be dead!

    This was Directed by Peter DeLuise.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 13] It's Good To Be King
    Shown 4 Feb 05

    SG1 go to rescue Mayborn before the Ghoul Ares gets him.

    Mayborn is King, due to prophecies on an ancient temple. Conveniently there is a time machine in some nearby bushes [where it has sat for 10 THOUSAND years].

    The ep's climax is when ghouls show up with Jaffa.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 13] Hot Zone AKA Lock Down
    Shown 4 Feb 05

    Nerd and TBG lead exploration. The team gets infected with a virus.

    The Tom Paris guy and the babe spar [she's finally in skimpies, but changes to Big suit].

    Atlantis is under strict quarantine. But one crewman breaks containment [mutiny!].

    Can they press reset button in last 5 minutes? Who made the virus?

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 14] Full Alert
    Shown 11 Feb 05

    Kinney contacts O'Neill re: the NID Conspiracy.

    He goes undercover [using 1980s surveillance gear].

    Daniel goes to Russia [he's bilingual].

    There is a Ghoul conspiracy to start a nuke war. This ep is well-written, and uses characters well.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 14] Sanctuary
    Shown 11 Feb 05

    A Superweapon destroys a Wraith ship.

    The Team go to a primitive society, and find a priestess who controls it.

    The Major bonds with her. But McKay is suspicious ...

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 15] Citizen Joe
    Shown 18 Feb 05

    Dan Castelanetta [ The Simpsons ] holds O'Neill hostage.

    There are FlashBacks [this is an above average clip show] using a gizmo from a car boot sale.

    They mention Wormhole X, and there are even Simpsons References [though not the Homer line :-(]

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 15] Before I Sleep
    Shown 18 Feb 05

    The Team discover an old woman in cryosleep. She gives them a parallel universe account, including time travel (a reference to the SG1 story It's good to be King).

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 16] Reckoning (1)
    Shown 25 Feb 05

    Baal and the System lords fight the Replicators.

    Teel'c leads the Jaffa against the System Lords. Isaac Hayes [ Escape from New York ] is the eldest Jaffa.

    Carter and Thor take on the Replicators. Daniel is tortured. Will he ascend?

    We meet another old villain ...

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 16] The Brotherhood
    Shown 25 Feb 05

    There's a treasure-hunt to find an abandoned ZPM at a monastery. The scientist gets a love interest. The Major reveals he did the Mensa test too!

    Robert Davi also wants the ZPM.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 17] Reckoning (2)
    Shown 4 Mar 05

    Baal attacks the Jaffas' world, while Sam and her dad decode hieroglyphics.

    The Replicators attack the SGC.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 17] Letters from Pegasus
    Shown 4 Mar 05

    The Wraith armada is closing in. MacKay works out a way to open the Stargate to Earth long enough to send digital video through. The Token Black Guy videos everyone's personal message. This is a character intro for new viewers, and gives flashbacks to previous episodes. MacKay's is particularly entertaining, as is the whiner who lists all Janeway's FUBARs.

    The Major and the Babe take a shuttle to save her dad's friend from a Wraith cull.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 18] Threads
    Shown 11 Mar 05

    Apophis, Baal and the Clones attack the Jaffas (Teel'c, Breytag and Isaac Hayes).

    Carter and O'Neill await Daniel's return (he's on a vision quest) with George Dzunda.

    Jacob isn't overjoyed at Sam's BF. O'Neill has a GF! And finally there's a happy ending ...

    Next Season, Ben Browder ( Farscape ) will be CO of SG-1!

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 18] The Gift
    Shown 11 Mar 05

    The Wraith are 6 days away, and Tayla has nightmares about them. There's a shrink on the station (a babe), MacKay is secretly seeing her. It turns out that Tayla has a recessive gene (not an Ancient one like the pilot, though).

    Cavanaugh is a nay-sayer.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 19] Moebius (1)
    Shown 18 Mar 05

    Daniel attends his lady mentor's funeral (a niece compares him to Indiana Jones ). There's no sign of her BF from Season One.

    SG-1 use a time machine to steal Ra's ZPM from Ancient Egypt. This causes a time shift!

    Carter and Daniel are nerds, Jack is retired (on a boat named Homer) - they're a trio of losers! Carter gets to re-use her Reproductive organs on the inside line, and wears glasses.

    Hammond heads the investigation - a vidcam was found with SG-1 info on it. Dr MacKay is head scientist at the SGC.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 19] The Siege (1)
    Shown 18 Mar 05

    MacKay and a team go to a defence sattelite to ambush the Wraith.

    The Major and the others go on a hunt for a Wraith spy. It's open-ended (sort of). The Season Finale is next episode ...

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 20] Moebius (2)
    Shown 25 Mar 05

    The alternate SG-1 (including ) are captured by Teel'c. They must restore the timeline.

    The ending is the alternate version of the previous double episode.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 20] The Siege (2)
    Shown 25 Mar 05

    O'Neill sends troops from Earth. But the Wraiths Commanded Armies, centuries before you were even born! They know all the old tricks! The defenders face fighter-strafing and kamikazes, infiltration troops, etc - they need Genii help!

    There's a cliffhanger ending (though it's not as good as Blake's 7 or The Others ) ...

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