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Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 1-2] New Order
Shown 9 Jul 04

O'Neill is still in the credits, but still in cryo-sleep. Several months have passed, and Teel'c has begun to grow his hair back.

Carter and Teel'c go to the Replicator zone in the Asgard galaxy to find the time-freezing tech in the hope it will help O'Neill. They team up with Thor, but at that precise moment the human-form Replicators escape. Then the Replicators abduct Carter.

Back at the SGC, Daniel Jackson and boss-lady Doctor Weir (now a brunette Tori Higginson ) negotiate with the remaining Ghoul system lords against Baal. Lord Yu is still senile, and Camulus (Steve Bacic - Andromeda ) wants to claim sanctuary.

In Part 2, Thor and Teel'c pick up Daniel. They revive O'Neill, and return to the Asgard galaxy to fight the Replicators and rescue Carter. Since O'Neill still has the knowledge of the Ancients, he is able to create a prototype weapon to fight the Replicators.

The Humanoid replicator wants Carter. He is apparently not an anatomically correct sexbot, and his love for her is obsessive but ultimately platonic. He keeps her in the Kent family farm from Smallville , but she refuses to play along.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 1-2] Rising
Shown 16 Jul 04

This new show is set just after SG-1 ep New Order II. Daniel Jackson discovers Atlantis is in another galaxy. He and O'Neill go to wave off the explorers. The new show is basically StarGate: VGR.

  • Joe Flanigan as Maj. John Sheppard i.e. pilot (O'Neill lite/Tom Paris)
  • Torri Higginson as Dr. Elizabeth Weir i.e. Boss lady (Janeway),
  • Rainbow Francks as Lt. Aiden Ford i.e. Token ethnic (Harry Kim)
  • David Hewlett ( Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) as Dr. Rodney McKay (Sam Carter's rival Scientist)
  • Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan (Kes meets T'Pol)

    Other characters include a wee Scotty Doctor (Neelix) and a Colonel (Robert Patrick from Terminator 2 ).

    The people in new galaxy speak American English, and Alien Wraiths (Morlocks) are the Enemy. While Earthlings speak a variety of languages (including Russian), all the Aliens (in a new GALAXY) speak English.

    In Part 2, Wraiths capture Robert Patrick. The Tom Paris Clone sets out to rescue him with hi-tech ancient gear.

  • Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 3] Lockdown
    Shown 23 Jul 04

    Sam and Daniel, at the controls of the SGC's radar telemetry, help Russian astronauts aboard the ISS avoid wreckage of the Anubis ship. However, something eeevil is out there ...

    Months later, a top Russian test-pilot joins the SGC. He wants to join SG-1, but the new boss (Brigadier General Jack O'Neill) refuses to let a rookie on the team.

    Anubis is loose on the base, in spirit form. He can possess anyone he wants, and his goal is to escape via the Stargate. O'Neill decides to seal the SGC base. Everyone develops a healthy case of paranoia!

    The new chief medical officer is Doctor Brightman ( Alisen Downs ).

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 3] Hide and Seek
    Shown 23 Jul 04

    Carter's rival nerd guy McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) gets injected with the Ancient gene. As the Doctor points out, because they are in the Pegasus galaxy they do not need FDA approval. This is all a bit of a grey area, but nobody cares. McKay uses his new Ancient powers to activate a personal invulnerability shield. Unfortunately, he cannot switch it off. All this happens before the opening credits.

    A refugee kid discovers a secret passage in Atlantis.

    They discover a Ghosts of the Ancients creature.

    This is a typically boring ep full of flat characters, but the shield gizmo is well thought-out.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 4] Zero Hour
    Shown 30 Jul 04

    Jack O'Neill is snowed under by paperwork in his new job. USAF Intelligence officer Major Davis (Colin Cunningham - Falling Skies ) is around to brief him on all the new developments. Luckily the General gets a new admin assistant. The new guy is ex-CIA, recruited to the SGC by Hammond himself.

    O'Neill gives SG-8 permission to bring an Alien Plant back for further study. He should have refused, and ordered them to take it to the Alpha Site. After all, that is why they built an off-world facility. Anyway, the plant grows exponentially.

    SG-1 goes off-world to investigate a planet formerly ruled by Anubis. O'Neill makes them wait until SG-3 is around to back them up. He has fourteen teams in the field, and everyone has to take a pre-arranged time slot to use the Stargate. SG-3 is now run by Colonel Reynolds, who is evidently the replacement for Colonel Edwards.

    Baal captures SG-1, and demands Camulus (Steve Bacic - Andromeda ) in exchange. Poor old Camulus defected to the SGC, but instead of being treated as an honoured guest he is treated as a prisoner. In fact he is lucky, since the SGC does not take ACTUAL prisoners. There should be a massive camp filled with thousands of Jaffa, but the SGC probably just kills anyone who surrenders to them.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 4] 38 minutes
    Shown 30 Jul 04

    A spaceship is trapped in the Stargate. The Nerd, Paris, the babe and TBG are all on the ship. The gate will shut down when it times out after 38 minutes, and everyone aboard will die. The result is an Apollo 13 type bottle show.

    The subplot, just to make things more contrived, is that Paris has a Wraith leech.

    Since McKay is aboard the stricken ship, Weir's head scientist is Kavanaugh the whiner. He confronts Weir/Janeway over her FUBARs. For example, she dresses him down in front of his team. This was very unprofessional of her, demeaning him in front of his minions in a way that will make his job (saving lives!) more difficult. The Military would never have tolerated such behaviour from an officer, but Weir is happy to make things up as she goes along.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 5] Icon
    Shown 6 Aug 04

    Daniel Jackson wakes up in his sick-bed, being cared for in a cabin in the woods. We then get a Flashback to three months previously.

    SG1 made contact with the Rand Protectorate. Rand has a rebellion by ghoul-worshipping fanatics.

    Daniel must help Matthew Bennett ( Battlestar Galactica (2003) ) and his counter-revolutionaries.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 5] Suspicion
    Shown 6 Aug 04

    Weir's senior officers think there is a traitor, because their away teams fall victim to several Wraith ambushes. Because the Earthlings had limited opportunities to be compromised, the assumption is it is Teyla ( Rachel Luttrell ) or one of the other Athosians. Their leader (Christopher Heyderdal - Sanctuary ) is unhappy about his people (including Agam Darshi ) being singled out.

    In a subplot, McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) and Zelenka work out how to open the hangar doors. A recon flight discovers a continent on the waterworld.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 6] Avatar
    Shown 13 Aug 04

    This episode is a bottle show. Teelc tests a computer simulation. This is a holodeck! Does anyone else have a bad feeling about this?.

    The game changes, and Teelc gets a pain-shock when killed. Unfortunately there is no failsafe, so he cannot leave voluntarily. And if the scientists try to remove him from the system, it will kill him.

    Luckily, Daniel helps.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 6] Childhood's End
    Shown 13 Aug 04

    The pilot, babe, nerd and TBG are on an away mission. Their pod runs into an EM field that takes out their electronics, and they are forced to crash-land. Luckily they are within walking distance of the stargate.

    Our heroes meet a clan of Under-24-year-olds who live like Robin Hood. They live in an Ewok village, and kill anyone over twenty-five years old. Well, technically they have to commit ritual suicide on their twenty-fifth birthday. They believe that this is why the Wraith have not attacked them in centuries. However, the newcomers will be scapegoated if and when the Wraith return.

    Rodney discovers the source of the EM field, and makes off with the ZPM that powers it. Of course, this leaves the village unprotected from the wraith. It also creates an unfortunate moral dilema. Should Weir put the safety of Atlantis above the safety of murderous primitives? Luckily for her she is a Canadian Socialist, which means that she has the moral compass of a Federation Captain like Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager rather than the US Military-Industrial Complex in Stargate: SG-1 .

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 7] Affinity
    Shown 20 Aug 04

    Teelc has moved into a new apartment off-base. It seems like a nice neighbourhood, but it seems to be a high crime area. For example, a group of skinheads drive through the area and pick a fight with a nerdy man who only wanted to park his car. They are not actual skinheads, because skinhead culture was co-opted by the gay community in the 1980s and this group is mixed-race in nature. Unfortunately, Teel'c's vigilante activities attract unwelcome attention. After all, his moves include a scene taken from Crocodile Dundee.

    Teel'c makes friends with his neighbour, a young caucasian lady named Krista (Christopher Judge's real-life sister-in-law, Erica Durance ). However, there are a few red flags about her. She has terrible taste in men, and always sticks up for her abusive BF. And despite being in a dodgy relationship she uses Teel'c as her beast of burden, with an intro straight out of the porno movie cliche list. Despite this he still teaches her some deadly martial arts skills.

    Sam Carter's BF Pete (Peter DeLuise) wants Commitment. He gives her an engagement ring, and she takes forever to think it over. For some reason she assumes that her starter marriage will be a life-long commitment. It is ironic that a few years later she will educate the equally clueless McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) on relationship matters. Anyhow, Pete is a police detective so Sam needs his help in Teelc's case.

    This is part of the NID story Arc. They extort Daniel Jackson into translating some work for them.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 7] Poisoning the Well
    Shown 20 Aug 04

    The team visits a planet with 1918 tech. The planet's leader (Alan Scarfe - 7 Days ) believes they have developed a superweapon that is capable of defeating the Wraith. It is a drug that will render the user immune to the feeding process.

    The Scottish Doc visits to help develop the drug. He gets a love interest, his female counterpart.

    There is a Moral choice; is it OK to test a drug on a terminal patient or a Prisoner-Of-War? The POW is a wraith that the SGC team captured in a previous episode. He has been slowly starving to death in a prison cell for a few weeks. In contrast, the terminally ill patient is dying of natural causes and is willing to accept his fate if it means he can help the greater good.

    There is another moral choice. The population have to ask themselves how far they are willing to go in order to get a weapon that can defeat the wraith. Will they sacrifice half their population to save the other half?

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 8] Covenant
    Shown 27 Aug 04

    A US military-industrial contractor's CEO reveals the existence of aliens. One of the reporters covering the story is the woman who was involved in the Prometheus incident a few years ago. She gives Sam Carter the chance to make a public rebuttal. It seems that if Sam cannot convince the CEO to keep his mouth shut, they will have to fight it out in the news media. An Asgard is guest star.

    Sam takes the CEO to the Alpha site to show him a few things. Strangely, the senior officer there is only a Captain - despite the fact that the four-man SG teams are led by full Colonels! Does that mean that the Captain somehow outranks them?

    The CEO is a First Amendment Rights fanatic. However, a conspiracy of Businessmen is still running the rogue NID faction. They call themselves The Trust. Either he is linked to one of them, or he will be their next victim.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 8] Underground
    Shown 27 Aug 04

    Atlantis is running low on food, and it will be months before the new Athosian farms can produce a crop. Tayla takes the team to meet with the Genii, a group of Amish-like farmers. She introduces Sheppard to her friend Tyrus and his daughter, Sora ( Erin Chambers ), who looks to be about the same age as him. They make a trade deal with the Genii leader, Cowan (Colm Meany - Star Trek: DS9 ) for food.

    The Genii want more than the medicines that Sheppard is willing to trade. He shows them some C4, which they can use for clearing tree-stumps off de-forested land that they must adapt to grown extra crops. Weir is less than happy about selling weaponry. It turns out that, despite not having the ability to build hi-explosives like C4 the Genii have a much higher level of tech than they first let on. They conscript Rodney McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ), and he ends up building nukes in order to attack the wraith motherships. Of course, he designed an A-Bomb for his High School science fayre so this is totally within his reach.

    The team take a pod-jumper to the nearest Wraith hive-ship for some recon before they can develop a plan for the main attack. They find victims cocooned for later feeding, like in Aliens . Tyrus realises that taking the victims will blow their cover, but thinks that leaving bullet-holes and dead guards will keep them covert!

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 9] sacrifices
    Shown 10 Sep 04

    Teel'c is upset because his son is trying to marry one of Ishta's feminazi coven. Breytag conducts the ceremony in the SGC's base.

    Ishta ( Jolene Blalock ) is captured by the Jaffas of her arch-enemy, the ghoul Moloch. Teel'c plans a rescue. They only have one tritonin pill between them. Can they get more in time?

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 9] Home
    Shown 10 Sep 04

    McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) discovers a possible way to get home. There is a world with a strange mist, and it contains enough energy to power the Stargate on an Intergalactic jump. He takes the crystal from the Atlantis stargate, and plugs it into the misty planet's one. This all seems too good to be true, but nobody wants to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    The gate opens, and the SGC welcomes the team back. Shepperd (head of security), Mckay (head of science) and Weir (head of everything) all abandon their posts in Atlantis. They all go back to Earth, in the hope that the Prometheus will deliver them back in a month or so. Who will cover their jobs for them over that month is not explained.

    The SGC's boss is General Hammond (Guest Star Don Dixon - Twin Peaks ). O'Neill is nowhere in sight. They have the main set, but not the main cast.

    Janeway AKA Weir ( Torri Higginson ) visits her love interest (Carter's Alien ex). Teyla the Babe ( Rachel Luttrell ) is dressed in Los Angeles clothes, so she shows more skin than usual.

    Major Sheppard thinks everything is too perfect. They get trapped on Earth. This is a cliched plot ( Farscape did it in S1, then parodied it), a mind-screw by Godlike aliens.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 10] Endgame
    Shown 17 Sep 04

    The Stargate is stolen by The Trust, and used to launch NBC attacks on Ghoul planets. Their weapon of choice is an improved version of a Tokra poison that kills ghoul symbiotes. Of course, it will also kill Jaffas who still host symbiotes. This naturally sparks Jaffa/Tokra bitterness.

    Carter and Daniel become field agents, while O'Neill does the desk work. They have to track down the former NID agents. Unfortunately, they are hiding out on Osiris' ship which is cloaked in orbit.

    Teel'c visits a Ghoul world ruled by Baal, in order to make contact with a Tokra contact ( Brandy Ledford ). She is in control of the garrison, but this will not remain true for long if her minions become suspicious.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 10] The Storm [pt 1]
    Shown 17 Sep 04

    A Hurricane the size of North America is headed for Atlantis.

    They evacuate, although a small team stay to fix the lightning-rod system. The Genii leader (Colm Meany - Star Trek: DS9 ) sends Robert Davi ( Licence To Kill ) and a commando team. The Genii Private who delivers the message is the late Corey Monteith, best known as the male lead in the TV show Glee.

    Major Sheppard does a Die Hard.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 11] Gemini
    Shown 21 Jan 05

    The replicator Carter offers help against Fifth. Can she be trusted?

    Carter and Teel'c deal with her. Daniel is not present. Has he been abducted by Aliens?

    O'Neill only appears briefly, does not interact with her. The O'Neill/Carter subplot is referenced but not explored or revived.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 11] The Eye (2)
    Shown 21 Jan 05

    Major Sheppard does a Die Hard against the Genii colonel (Robert Davi - Licence To Kill ) and a commando team.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 12] Prometheus Unbound
    Shown 28 Jan 05

    General Hammond (Don Dixon - Twin Peaks ) commandeers Daniel and Walter to join the Prometheus and rescue the Atlantis team. Presumably this is why Daniel was not around during the events of the previous episode. SG-3 go along to provide some muscle.

    They discover a Ghoul's crippled ship, but a supertrooper hijacks the Prometheus.

    Daniel is left in a Dead Calm situation.

    Claudia Black guest-stars - which leads to lots of references to Aeryn Sun (her character in Farscape ).

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 12] The Defiant One
    Shown 28 Jan 05

    Major Sheppard, McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) the nerd and two random geeks in their late thirties visit a weapons platform, fifteen hours flight away from Atlantis.

    They discover a distress signal from a Wraith ship that crashed ten thousand years ago. It is on an M-class planet (a desert). After they land and enter the ship they discover the crew may not be dead!

    Sheppard goes after the Wraith survivor, to stop it from making off with the puddle-jumper. He is out-matched one-on-one, so he has to use every dirty trick in the book. McKay is left protecting a dying colleague, while he denies his desire to go help Sheppard.

    This was Directed by Peter DeLuise.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 13] It's Good To Be King
    Shown 4 Feb 05

    SG-1 talk General O'Neill into giving them permission to go through the Stargate to rescue Mayborn before the Ghoul Ares gets him. Colonel Carter is in command, with Daniel as brains and Teel'c as brawn. They have not yet selected a fourth member.

    Mayborn goes by the name of King Archon, due to prophecies on an ancient temple. Conveniently there is a time machine in some nearby bushes (where it has sat for TEN THOUSAND years). In order to operate it they need someone with the Ancient gene. Yes, they need O'Neill to do some field work again.

    The ep's climax is when ghouls show up with Jaffa. After all, this is an action-adventure show so they need action scenes to satisfy the fans' expectations.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 13] Hot Zone AKA Lock Down
    Shown 4 Feb 05

    McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) and TBG lead an exploration of the remote parts of Atlantis. They discover an old lab, and the team gets infected with a virus.

    The Tom Paris guy - Major Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) - and Teyla the babe ( Rachel Luttrell ) spar. She is finally in skimpies, but changes to a big baggy hazmat suit.

    Atlantis is under strict quarantine. But one crewman breaks containment (mutiny!). In all fairness, he can hardly be blamed for ignoring protocol. After all, Sheppard takes it upon himself to ignore Weir's direct order. Worse, Sheppard orders Sergeant Bates to likewise ignore the civilian chain of command.

    Can they press the reset button in the last five minutes?

    The episode leaves one question at the end - who made the virus? Presumably it was a certain set of villains who appear in Season Three .

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 14] Full Alert
    Shown 11 Feb 05

    Kinsey (Ronny Cox - Robocop ) turns up at O'Neill's house uninvited, just like Maybourn did a couple of Seasons ago. He has info regarding the NID Conspiracy, and agrees to go undercover. Unfortunately the SGC make him wear a wire, and they only use outdated 1980s surveillance gear.

    Daniel gets sent to Russia. Well, he is multi-lingual. The Russians assign a beautiful young woman to guide him around.

    Prometheus is launched again, at only four hours notice. Not exactly much use if they only get a twenty minute warning. Also, the military display a typical unwillingness to take prisoners, and a lack of concern for the hosts of ghouls.

    This episode is well-written, and uses characters well. There is a Ghoul conspiracy to start a nuke war. This underlines the reason why the Federation in Star Trek only deals with planets that have unified.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 14] Sanctuary
    Shown 11 Feb 05

    The Team are in a tight spot, pursued by the enemy. They fly to an unexplored planet. Luckily a Superweapon destroys the Wraith ship.

    The Team explore the planet, and discover a primitive society. They find a priestess who controls the population. Major Sheppard bonds with her.

    McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) is suspicious to the point of insubordination. One can hardly blame him. Clarke's Law states that any sufficiently advanced level of technology is indistinguishable from magic. The super-weapon is part of the local religion. Does this make the priestess any different from the Ghouls? Nobody would judge her, but she does not want refugees to settle on her world.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 15] Citizen Joe
    Shown 18 Feb 05

    Second week in a row, someone breaks into O'Neill's house. This time it is Joe the Barber (Dan Castelanetta - The Simpsons ), who holds O'Neill hostage.

    Joe tells O'Neill the high points of the last seven years of his life, intercut with FlashBacks to top episodes of SG-1's adventures. It turns out that Joe has been receiving visions of SG-1 missions, due to him inadvertently using a gizmo from a car boot sale. The result is an above average clip show.

    There is a bit of fan-wank. Joe writes his SG-1 visions up as short stories, but Hathor (regarded by many as the worst episode ever) gets rejected. The show-within-a-show Wormhole X-treme gets a mention, and there are even references to The Simpsons - though not the Homer line :-(

    The really shocking revelation is that for seven years O'Neill has been having visions of Joe's life - and he never thought it was unusual enough to mention it to anyone.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 15] Before I Sleep
    Shown 18 Feb 05

    The Team discover an old woman in cryosleep. She claims to be an alternate version of Dr Elizabeth Weir, and gives them a parallel universe account. It involves time travel - a reference to the SG1 story It's good to be King.

    Alternate Weir travelled back in time ten thousand years, and met the Ancients who were the original inhabitants of Atlantis. They retreated back through the Stargate to Earth in order to avoid the Wraith. However, Alternate Weir secretly stayed to help change the timeline and save the next version of herself that stepped through the Stargate.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 16] Reckoning (1)
    Shown 25 Feb 05

    Baal and the System Lords negotiate to end their civil war. However, they learn the hard way that they must fight the Replicators.

    Teel'c leads the Jaffa against the System Lords, which is losing members in the face of the Replicators invasion. He and Breytag decide to lead a symbolic mission to capture the main temple of the false gods. But to get the other Jaffa to follow, they must get the assistance of the eldest Jaffa (Isaac Hayes - Escape from New York ).

    O'Neill and Selmac try to organise a strategy to delay the Replicators. However, if they get Baal to withdraw his fleet this means Teel'c and Breytag might have to face a stronger enemy force.

    Carter and Thor work on a scientific way to take on the Replicators.

    Daniel is tortured by Repli-Carter. Will he ascend?

    It turns out that Baal has a silent partner. We meet another old villain ...

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 16] The Brotherhood
    Shown 25 Feb 05

    After the events of the previous episode, there is a treasure-hunt to find an abandoned ZPM. They find a clue at a monastery. A couple of attractive lady librarians help them look. One of them becomes the love interest of Rodney McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ). The other is Laura Mennell .

    Robert Davi ( Licence To Kill ) also wants the ZPM. He leads a team to snatch it. It will not be much use to him, and he does not care about his people that are being held prisoner on Atlantis.

    Major Sheppard reveals he did a Mensa IQ test once! He implies he passed the test, although he did not bother to get a membership.

    Meanwhile, there is a problem back on Atlantis. They are buzzed by a wraith fighter that is conducting recon. Since their only trained fighter pilot, Sheppard, is away they scramble everything they have got. This means they use three shuttles, one piloted by the Scottish doctor whose only qualification is his genetic status. They lose one of the irreplaceable shuttles and its crew, but luckily the wraith ship self-destructs. Nobody bothers to investigate why this happened, which comes back to haunt them in future episodes.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 17] Reckoning (2)
    Shown 4 Mar 05

    Baal attacks the Jaffas' world, in order to sieze the super-weapon for Anubis. Yes, by incredible coincidence all plot-lines conjoin on the one world. Well, at least it is not Earth this time.

    Meanwhile, Sam Carter and her dad try to decode hieroglyphics. They want to find the superweapon and destroy it before Anubis can destroy all life in the galaxy. Yes, somehow Anubis escaped from his icy fate in Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 3] Lockdown . Baal secretly conspires with Carter to modify the weapon. Does this mean they will have a diplomatic agreement, like in Star Trek: TNG ?

    The Replicators attack the SGC. Repli-Carter does not lead the assault in person - she is busy interrogating Daniel Jackson. General O'Neill orders the evacuation of the base, then he and one of the Colonels go back to rescue Sergeant Siler and the enlisted men.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 17] Letters from Pegasus
    Shown 4 Mar 05

    The Wraith armada is closing in. McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) works out a way to open the Stargate to Earth long enough to send digital video through. The Token Black Guy videos everyone's personal message. This is a character intro for new viewers, and gives flashbacks to previous episodes. McKay's is particularly entertaining, as is Kavanaugh the whiner who lists all Weir/Janeway's FUBARs. Meanwhile, Weir herself personally takes the time to give condolence messages to the families of all the crew members who died under her command.

    The Wraith ships are stopping off en route, in order to harvest the human populations of nearby planets. Major Sheppard and Teyla the Babe ( Rachel Luttrell ) take a shuttle to observe the enemy ships. However, Teyla wants to save her dad's friend from the Wraith cull. She behaves like a petulant child, and refuses to accept Sheppard's authority even though he is the team leader.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 18] Threads
    Shown 11 Mar 05

    The Jaffas (Teel'c, Breytag and Isaac Hayes) have not destroyed the super-weapon. After all, it would be a great political bargaining chip. Anubis and the Clones attack their world in order to destroy all life in the galaxy and re-seed it in his own image.

    Carter and O'Neill await Daniel's return. He is on a vision quest, in a 1950s Diner with the Ancients. Cheerful stranger George Dzunda ( ) drops by to narrate Anubis' attack. After the expensive CGI SPFX-intensive previous episode all this week's space battles take place off-screen.

    Jacob meets Sam's BF Pete (Peter Deluise), but is not overjoyed at him. It turns out that Jacob has bigger things to worry about. Sam is worried that Pete is moving too fast, and begins to have cold feet about the relationship. After all, they have been going out for a few months and now he wants to buy a house and some dogs. She wants to turn to O'Neill, but he is busy because he has a GF! And finally there is a happy ending ...

    Next Season, Ben Browder ( Farscape ) will be Commanding Officer of SG-1!

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 18] The Gift
    Shown 11 Mar 05

    The Wraith are six days away, but Teyla ( Rachel Luttrell ) has nightmares about them already. Luckily there is a shrink on the station. She is a babe, and it turns out that McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) is secretly seeing her. He implies it is in a romantic way, although anyone who knows McKay would find this unlikely.

    It turns out that Teyla has a recessive gene. Not an Ancient one like the pilot, though. The Scottish doctor investigates how she got it, and discovers the secret origin of the Wraith species.

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 19] Moebius (1)
    Shown 18 Mar 05

    Daniel attends his lady mentor's funeral. There is no sign of her BF from Season One. Her niece compares him to Indiana Jones , and gives him access to her notes.

    Daniel uses the notes to locate a time and place where they can find a ZPM. SG-1 use their time machine to steal Ra's ZPM from Ancient Egypt. This causes a time shift!

    In an alternate future, USAF Intelligence officer Major Davis (Colin Cunningham - Falling Skies ) is sent to round up the SG-1 team. Alternate Carter and Daniel are nerds, Jack is retired (on a boat named Homer) - they are a trio of losers! Carter gets to parody her Reproductive organs on the inside line, and wears glasses to make herself look nerdy.

    General Hammond (Don Dixon - Twin Peaks ) heads the investigation - a vidcam was found with SG-1 info on it. Doctor McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) is head scientist at the USAF unit that is equivalent to the SGC.

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 19] The Siege (1)
    Shown 18 Mar 05

    Rodney McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) and a team go to a defence satellite to ambush the Wraith. Zelenka tries to talk him out of it. After all, Rodney knows more about Atlantis than anyone so he is certainly not expendable.

    Christopher Heyderdal ( Sanctuary ) guest-stars. Not as Todd the Wraith, but as a native ally of the Atlantis crew. He tries to talk Doctor Weir out of setting up a self-destruct device. However, if the Wraith recover the Stargate or the knowledge of the Ancients then Earth itslef would become vulnerable.

    Major Sheppard and the others go on a hunt for a Wraith spy. It is open-ended (sort of). The Season Finale is next episode ...

    Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 20] Moebius (2)
    Shown 25 Mar 05

    The alternate SG-1 is led by O'Neill and Major Kowalski (Jay Acavone - ). Daniel and Carter manage to tag along. Unfortunately they commit the main tactical error of Star Trek: TOS by separating the commander from the ship. Worse, O'Neill is the only one with the Ancient gene so he is the only one who can fly the ship.

    They are captured by Teel'c, who is still the First Prime of Apophis. The survivors must escape and restore the timeline.

    Back in ancient Egypt, they are befriended by a peasant (Alessandro Juliani - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ).

    The ending is the alternate version of the previous double episode, Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 17] Reckoning (2) .

    Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 20] The Siege (2)
    Shown 25 Mar 05

    O'Neill sends US Marines as reinforcements from Earth. As a result of the SG-1 episodes storyline, the SGC have a ZPM and can dial Atlantis from Earth. The Marines have brought naquita-enhanced nukes, an improved generator that can power the city's defence chair, and some rail-guns that have a range of 250 kilometres. Best of all, Starship Daedalus is en route and will arrive in four days time.

    But like Dracula , the Wraiths Commanded Armies, centuries before you were even born! They know all the old tricks! The defenders face fighter-strafing and kamikazes, infiltration troops, etc. They need help from their arch-enemies the Genii!

    There is a cliffhanger ending (though it is not as good as Blake's 7 or The Others ) ...

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