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Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 1] Avalon
Shown 12th October 2005

We open with the introduction of the new hero - Colonel Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder - Farscape ), USAF fighter-ace who led the Prometheus' fighter-squadron at Antarctica. General Landry (Beau Bridges - 10.5: Apocalypse ) gives him command of SG-1, then tells him that the veteran SG-1 team have all been re-assigned! Mitchell tries to talk them all round, but they are enjoying the fruits of victory too much.

Luckily, Valla ( Claudia Black ) turns up. She is the same old lusty, scheming bitch - and she has plans for Daniel. He is meant to go to Atlantis on the Daedalus. She forces him and the others to help her on a quest for the treasure of the ancients.

It turns out that the treasure belongs to Myrrdin, so they go looking for it in the caves under Glastonbury Tor. Only a matter of time before they started using the Arthurian myths.

To be continued in next episode.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 1] The Siege (3)
Shown 20th October 2005

Atlantis is under attack from the wraith fleet. Luckily Daedalus turns up, albeit without Daniel Jackson. They do have an Asgard Engineer, and the ship's commander is Mitch Pileggi ( X-Files ).

The Wraiths put up a good fight, but if they won then the show would be over.

Ford the Token Black Guy gets melded with a wraith. Yes, finally something interesting happens to him. He goes off in search of a plot arc, and hopefully he will find one.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 2] Avalon (part 2)
Shown 19th October 2005

We get to see the new title sequence. Lots of CGI, but the shots of the gate are not as shiny as in the last one.

. Our heroes have to face a series of tests before they can get the treasure. Next, they discover clues about the fate of the Ancients. Did they come long ago, from somewhere far, far away?

This leads Valla and Daniel to the next adventure, in an idealised version of a Medieval city. Luckily, while the locals write in the Ancient language, the communication devices translate all spoken language into English!

Back in the SGC we are introduced to the new doctor - Lexa Doig !

To be continued in the next episode.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 2] The Intruder
Shown 27th October 2005

The Daedalus takes a trip back to Earth. The Janeway-type woman has gone to visit General Landry (Beau Bridges - 10.5: Apocalypse ), and in typical Trek style she brought her entire senior staff. McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ), Sheppard and the scottish doctor are all aboard.

An unseen saboteur is killing off specific scientists and endangering the ship. It turns out the wraith have perfected an AI supervirus that works on American/Asgard computers!

We get flashbacks to the crew selection on Earth. Apparently Janeway's boyfriend was a doctor who looked just like Sam Carter's luuurve interest from the people-who-walk-through-walls place.

Like almost every other episode of Stargate, this was Directed by Peter DeLuise

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 3] Origin (3)
Shown 26th October 2005

Daniel and Valla are taken to see the Aurae. This would seem to be a smart move. After all, it seems that the Aurae (through their minions, the Priors) can literally raise the dead. What our heroes find is not what they were expecting. The Chief Priest is Julian Sands ( Warlock ).

The Aurae send a senior priest to Earth. They are interested in converting the entire Galaxy to their religion - and unlike the Ghouls, the Aurae really ARE godlike aliens!

Teelc's political rival, Gerak (Louis Gossett Jnr - Enemy Mine ), visits the SGC. He leads the traditionalist Jaffas, and is a genuine threat to the Human/Jaffa alliance.

The conclusion is a setup for the rest of the season. The humans all assure themselves that something more powerful than the Aurae must exist - in other words, they can still believe in Jeebus instead of becoming atheists.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 3] Runner
Shown 4th November 2005 [Friday]

Doctor Parrish (Jonathon Young - Sanctuary ) and Major Lorne (Kavan Smith - Supernatural ) are an Away Team from Atlantis. They discover a wraith that has been shot and mutilated. The only one who could be responsible is Ford, the Token Black Guy, who went MIA two episodes ago.

Janeway decides to send out a small search party to bring Ford back. Why they do this is unknown. They cannot cure him, they cannot capture him, and Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ) wants him dead. Of course, he is a threat to the Wraiths so not to humans, so this is an excercise in Friendly Fire!

They go to a planet where the sunlight is highly radioactive. Shepherd and Tayla, supposedly military geniuses, get bushwhacked. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ), paranoid about everything, is the smart and sane one.

There is another one-man army running around the jungle. An afro-haired white man named Ronan (Jason Momoa - Game Of Thrones ). Is he friend or foe?

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 4] The Ties That Bind
Shown 3rd November 2005

Daniel and Valla discover that even after the bracelets are removed, the connection still remains. To break the link, they must make a deal with the man Valla stole them from - Wallace Shawn ( Princess Bride ).

He demands they retrieve another item Valla stole from him - which leads to a tour of the seedy underworld of the galaxy. Actually, it is nice to see a universe that is not fully militerised. It has only taken nine years to find people who work for a living!

One of Valla's frienemies is a smuggler, who wants his ship back. I made a few modifications myself, he tells us!

Back in the SGC, General Landry (Beau Bridges - 10.5: Apocalypse ) discovers that the Pentagon is slashing his budget. After all, the Ghouls have been defeated. The majority of investment will be in the Atlantis mission to the Pegasus galaxy, where there is lots of useful technology. The SGC is to be reduced to logistical support, and all day-to-day work is delegated to Walter the gate sergeant.

It turns out that the final link in the chain is Valla's original customers in the very first episode she appeared in. They are working for the Lucian Alliance, some Ferengi-like people who are being set up as another set of major villains.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 4] Duet
Shown 9th November 2005 [Wednesday]

The team are out on an away mission. They have some Marines along as redshirts. Sheppard and Tayla both carry belt-fed machine-guns, the kind of heavy gear that SG-1 would leave to Teel'c. Major Lorne (Kavan Smith - Supernatural ) carries a shoulder-launched missile for anti-aircraft duty. This heavy firepower comes in useful when a Wraith Dart attacks them.

In a transporter-type accident, McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) gets his body infused with the mind of one of the marines. Like the Steve Martin film where he gets Lily Tomlin in his body. Yes, it is a female marine voiced by Jamie Ray Newman ! Though she is not the butch tomboy type that guards Valla in the SGC. No, she is a girlie-girl!

They both get a love interest. With McKay it is a female lab-assistant person, for the Marine it is the Doctor!

Meanwhile, Shepherd keeps testing the skills of Ronan (Jason Momoa - Game Of Thrones ) the afro-haired white man. These skills seem to be endless, as he instantly masters all weapons and fighting styles - a real Marty Stu. He will be a useful member of the team, but has not decided yet. Also, he takes a liking to Tayla.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 5] The Powers That Be
Shown 8th November 2005

Daniel, Teel'c and Mitchell (Ben Browder - Farscape ) take Valla to a world where she was once a god. The locals still think she is a god, and she does not want to disabuse them of the notion.

Unfortunately, a Prior of the bad guys is due in town. Daniel decides the best way to turn the locals against the false gods is to start by exposing Valla. She knows that despite helping the locals (she gave them the notion of a fair trial, for example) she will be badly treated by them.

This is similar to last season's ep, It's good to be King. The differences are, Valla is treated less sympathetically than Mayborn, and the Prior is a far greater threat than a Ghoul and a few Jaffas. He is willing to poison an entire world, and let the locals all die if a single one of them refuses to worship his gods!

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 5] Condemned
Shown 16th November 2005

The Away Team land on a hi-tech world where the Stargate is on an island inhabited soley by convicts. This is a deliberate policy on the part of the Planet's leaders, which leads to the usual moralising.

Things get more complicated when the convicts use home-made cannons to shoot down the team's shuttle. They are reasonably well treated, but McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) must repair the ship and help the convicts escape.

A Wraith officer pays a visit. This one has a genetic abnormality that allows him to eat human food.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 6] Beach Head
Shown 15th November 2005

A Ghoul (Maury Chaykin - Nero Wolfe) arrives with a message of peace. The enemy have attacked a Jaffa world, and erected a forcefield. SG-1 must take their most powerful nuke, to destroy it. They even bring Sam Carter back into the front line!

Since it is a Jaffa world, the Jaffas send a fleet. Gerak (Louis Gossett Jnr - Enemy Mine ) is in charge, naturally.

Valla thinks the Ghoul is untrustworthy, and she is the expert at double-crosses. She also manages to come up with a plan that saves the day.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 6] Trinity
Shown 23rd November 2005

The team discover a planet that destroyed half the Wraith Fleet that attacked it. McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) thinks he can repair the weapon they used.

The weapon is unreliable - even the Ancients thought it was too risky. Is Rodney genius enough to repair it, or is he operating on pure ego?.

Sheppard interferes in local politics. Peter Woodward ( B5: Crusade ) is the Royal flunky who offers to help him. Meanwhile, Ronan (Jason Momoa - Game Of Thrones ) attempts to start a Communist uprising, in the hope that after a bloody and brutal civil war the world's society will be a permanent anarchy. Luckily, the civilisation is like most in this show - a planet-wide culture that consists of a single medieval village.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 7] Ex Deus Machina
Shown 22nd November 2005

Valla has gone and Sam Carter is back at the SGC again. Yes, Mitchell has the old SG-1 team back together again. Just in time, because there is mysterious goings-on in Virginia. Baal appears on Earth, and is using his contacts in The Trust to stay safe. Once he has established a public image as an Earthling there is very little the US Government can do against him. Unfortunately, the Jaffas want Baal captured, and are unwilling to go through a formal extradition procedure.

Gerak (Louis Gossett Jnr - Enemy Mine ) is using Baal as a central issue for his power grab in the council. Well, he has always been the main power there. It has only just been established, and on Gerak's terms. They have invented their own rules and traditions, such as the fact that outsiders are not allowed to address the council.

The end shows something of Baal's overall strategy.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 7] Instinct
Shown 30th November 2005

The Away Team arrive on a lo-tech world. It is so gothic, it is like something out of a Hammer Horror film. There is a monster in the woods ...

Our heroes go Wraith-Hunting. They discover a young woman ( Jewel Staite ), who is the first female Wraith they have seen. Yes,

Can the Doctor save her? The plan is to infect her with a retro-virus that will reactivate her digestive system. After all, her species is half-human.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 8] Babylon
Shown 29th November 2005

SG-1 go on an away mission on a Canadian-looking forest world. They do not bother to wear forest-pattern camouflage, and instead wear black jumpsuits that stand out Teel'c gets a belt-fed machine-gun instead of his usual staff weapon, while the others use P-90s instead of M-16s. Teel'c's plan is to meet some Jaffa who are led by Tony Todd ( Candyman ). These Jaffa are so rebellious, they have not served the Ghouls in five thousand years. Instead they await the return of the Ancients.

Mitchell (Ben Browder - Farscape ) treats the cautious patrol like a walk in the park, and loudly converses with the others. He gets captured by the Jaffas, who train him to fight to the death. Trial by combat is still their way of doing things. And despite being Airborne-trained, Mitchell is apparently not tough enough.

One of the Season's bad guys (William B. Davis - X-Files ) has tempted the Jaffas to join his side.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 8] Conversion
Shown 5th December 2005

Shepherd is infected with the retrovirus from the last ep. He shares saliva with Ronan (Jason Momoa - Game Of Thrones ) and Tayla, but does not tell anyone. As the disease progresses he understands how Ford felt.

Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ) has some UST with Janeway, but this goes out the window when he temporarily replaces Shepherd. Janeway seems to express feelings for the infected Shepherd, who seems to have something for Taela ...

Can the doctor save the day? I thought he was just a medic, not a scientist!

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 9] Prototype
Shown 6th December 2005

The Aurae try another beach-head. Carter takes SG-5 to investigate ... but the Stargate sends them to the wrong world!

SG-1 goes on the next mission. They discover a barely-concealed not-so-secret lab that contains a human male (Neil Jackson - Blade: The Series ) in stasis. They take him home to study him ...

Can they keep the specimen secure enough to study? Will he be the secret weapon to defeat the Aurae? Or should they just slaughter him, like Daniel Jackson suggests.

Richard Wolsey (Robert Picardo - Star Trek: Voyager ), the manipulative bureaucrat, pops up with his own agenda.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 9] Aurora
Shown 14th December 2005

Daedalus discovers a derelict ship, so the Away team board it and look about. It is an Ancient vessel - and the crew are still aboard. They are in stasis, their minds linked to a VR machine.

Shepherd plugs into the machine, hoping to convince the Ancients to share anti-Wraith tech. The Ancients do not believe his story, of course.

The Wraiths have plans of their own, and want Earth as their new feeding-ground. Dr McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) has to help Shepherd. And Tayla manages to grasp technobabble well enough to stall Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi - X-Files ).

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 10] MoebiusAKA The Fourth Horseman (1)
Shown 13th December 2005

Gerak (Louis Gossett Jnr - Enemy Mine ) has a secret meeting with the Priors. He makes a deal with them, even though it may lead to a Jaffa civil war. We even get a cameo by Julian Sands ( Warlock )!

Colonel Barnes (Ty Olssen - Supernatural ) from SG-6 drops by the SGC to give some exposition. He falls victim to the Prior illness. The team has had outside contact, including a ceremony attended by General Hammond! SGC calls in the CDC, but it could become a National emergency.

Carter tries to find a cure, and build an anti-Prior gun. She gets help from one of the ascended - her love interest from a previous ep! It is the Sean Patrick Flannery character, although played by a pre-teen actor. He helps her as much as he can, but the sheer amount of knowledge is killing him and he can no longer ascend!

To be continued next episode.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 10] The Lost Boys (1)
Shown 21st December 2005

The Away Team go looking for TBG Ford. They get captured by him and his team of Wraith-hunters. Yes, he has a band of followers!

TBG Ford plans to attack the Wraith. This involves stealing C4 from Colm Meany's safe-houses. Unfortunately, his followers are amateurs.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 11] The Fourth Horseman (2)
Shown 16th January 2006

Carter needs a phial of Prior blood from William B. Davis ( X-Files ). Mitchell and Daniel visit Tony Todd ( Candyman ) to catch the Prior. Will the anti-Prior gun work?

Gerak (Louis Gossett Jnr - Enemy Mine ) has joined the Priors. Can Teelc and Breytag talk him out of it?

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 11] The Hive (2)
Shown 11th January 2006

The team run into serious trouble on the Wraith Hive ship. Trapped, they have no enzyme ...

McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) is their only hope. He takes the enzyme so he can escape. However, he then has to go cold turkey.

Shepherd discovers a lot about the Wraith. Every Hive ship has its own Queen, and they are getting territorial. Also, some humans actually worship the monsters!

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 12] Collateral Damage
Shown 17th January 2006 [Tuesday]

Mitchell (Ben Browder - Farscape ) wakes up on a world of English-accented caucasian people. After a night of heavy drinking, it looks like he murdered Anna Galvin .

It turns out that while the people and their furniture are identical to North Americans, they have one technological advantage. Ms Galvin perfected a memory-transfer device, a speed-learn system that DOESN'T require dissecting the donor's brain! This is the very device that SG-1 was on the planet to negotiate for.

Mitchell insists he is innocent, and demands a full investigation. The Emmissary (William Atherton - ) reluctantly concedes.

The result is Hitchcock meets Phil K Dick , while the director seems to have learned his trade on Battlestar Galactica (2003) . It is made by the same studio, so it is quite likely.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 12] Epiphany
Shown 18th January 2006 [Wednesday]

Major Shepperd steps through a mysterious portal, but cannot return. Ronan (Jason Momoa - Game Of Thrones ) gets upset at Rodney McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ), who disparangingly refers to him as Conan. Ironically, Momoa later played the title character in Conan The Barbarian (2012) .

Major Shepperd ends up in a peaceful paradise where the pre-ascended live. Unfortunately, there is a semi-invisible monster that cannot be destroyed. Not unlike the Monster of the Id in Forbidden Planet .

It turns out that time within the portal travels significantly faster. It seems that one second outside is one hour inside. That means a minute would be a two days, and an hour would be four months. Tayla later estimates it is only 250 to one, making one second into four minutes and a minute into four hours.

Dr Weir decides to lead the rescue mission personally. She never considers who will command the Atlantis mission if she gets herself killed.

Shepperd spends six months in the village of the happy people. He discovers that it is god-awful boring, because the locals have no ambition except to ascend. As a result they spend all their time meditating.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 13] Ripple Effect
Shown 24th January 2006 [Tuesday]

SG-1 comes through the Stargate. Then an IDENTICAL team come through!

Over a dozen SG-1 teams arrive each from a seperate universe. In some of them Carter is married, and one lacks Carter because she is on maternity leave! The replacement members include some familiar faces from much earlier seasons.

It is nice to see some great villains in this show.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 13] Critical Mass
Shown 25th January 2006 [Wednesday]

General Landry (Beau Bridges - 10.5: Apocalypse ) at SGC gets word that the Ghouls will cause Atlantis to explode. Can they get a message to Atlantis in time to prevent the explosion?

There are several suspects, all recurring characters. One is Jamie Ray Newman , the female Marine who was in McKay's body. Another is Cavanaugh, the one who complained about Janeway in Season One.

Will Janeway allow Ronan (Jason Momoa - Game Of Thrones ) the caveman to torture a suspect? They assume the poor man is guilty, even though there is no actual proof. Back in episode Stargate Atlantis [Season 1, Episode 5] Suspicion , they suspected that Teyla was a traitor. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) was reluctant to search her bag, and Sheppard baulked at the very idea of doing a strip-search. But now they are willing to go far beyond basic police procedures like searches.

Meanwhile, Teyla has her own subplot. Her matriarch is dying, and has named Tayla as her successor. They put a DNR (Do Not Resussitate) order on the matriarch, while Tayla and her friends perform a formal grieving ceremony. All this while the city has less than half an hour before it explodes.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 14] Stronghold
Shown 31st January 2006 [Tuesday]

Someone is brainwashing the Jaffa Council. Teelc and Breytag want to force all Jaffa to vote, although women will not all get a say and the age limit is not mentioned. Sounds like the nay-sayers have a point.

Baal is up to his old tricks. But he is pragmatic. He does not want to be worshipped, just to lead the war against the Aurae. Seems like the best man for the job!

Meanwhile, Ferguson (Reed Diamond - Dollhouse ) - Mitchell's best buddy from the USAF - is in hospital. Can they heal his lethal brain injury? Unfortunately he does not have the necessary Top Secret clearance.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 14] Grace Under Pressure
Shown 1st February 2006 [Wednesday]

McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) is trapped in a pondjumper that is slowly sinking to the ocean floor. He hallucinates that Sam Carter is in there with him, and she even flashes her bra to raise his spirits.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 15] Ethon
Shown 7th February 2006 [Tuesday]

Matthew Bennett ( BattleStar Galactica (2003) ) arrives from a planet visited in Stargate SG-1 [Season 8, Episode 5] Icon. The world has two warring countries, Rand and Caledonia. The Priors have arrived, and helped the Randians build a superweapon satellite.

SG-1 takes the Prometheus to destroy the weapons satellite. Carter is on the main ship, while Mitchell pilots a fighter. Teel'c serves as the fighter's co-pilot. However, they get more of a fight than they expected. Aurae tech beats Earth-Asgard tech.

The leaders of Rand, the bad guys who have sold out to the Priors, are a bunch of old men. For example, Ernie Hudson ( Ghostbusters ) appears as the General in charge of the satellite. In contrast, the leader of Caledonia is an attractive thirty-something woman. No subliminal message there, then.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 15] The Tower
Shown 8th February 2006 [Wednesday]

The Away team arrives on a world with a medieval society. The Royalty carry the gene that controls anti-wraith defences. In exchange for this life-saving service, they get food from the dirt-farming peasants.

Shepherd and his thugs want to start a civil war. He ignores the fact that he only got a job on Atlantis because of his own bloodline, and that Janeway's rule on Atlantis is neither democratic nor meritocracy! Shepherd wants to give power to the uneducated barbarians. Yes, the most complicated device the farmers can use is a wooden stick - but he will entrust them with the mission of planetary defence!

McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) and the local flunky, Baldrick (no, not Tony Robinson) go exploring the the catacombs.

Peter Woodward ( Crusade ) is the Royals' court flunky.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 16] Off the Grid
Shown 14th February 2006 [Tuesday]

Someone has grown corn-on-the-cob that contains addictive properties. SG-1 go undercover to investigate. They wear civilian clothes, - Carter even shows some cleavage for the first time in nine years. Mitchell poses as a drug-dealer named Mister Shaft, and makes contact with the Lucian Federation. Then someone steals the Stargate, and leaves them stranded.

General Landry (Beau Bridges - 10.5: Apocalypse ) goes to Area 51 to interrogate the Ghoul prisoner (Maury Chaykin - Nero Wolfe). The poor unfortunate has been locked in solitary confinement and virtually starved. He will provide information in exchange for food.

Baal is up to his old tricks again. He wants to rebuild his empire. However, the Lucians have got more of an empire than he does. They track him down almost as quickly as the SGC does, and bring three warships to the fight. In comparison, the SGC has only got one starship in the Milky Way - a new vessel named the Odyssey.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 16] The Long Goodbye
Shown 15th February 2006 [Wednesday]

The Away team discover two escape pods, each containing a person in cryosleep. They take them back to Atlantis, and perform a mind-exchange. The female into Janeway's body, the male into Paris.

The two minds decide to duel to the death - they only control the bodies temporarily, so they go at it for all they are worth. Since they have the knowledge of the minds they inhabit, they fight their way through the city. Only Ronan (Jason Momoa - Game Of Thrones ) and Tayla have a chance of taking them down.

It is nice to see Janeway in kick-ass mode. Unfortunately it is not really her, just the person possessing her body. Bah!

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 17] The Scourge
Shown 21st February 2006 [Tuesday]

SG-1 escort a bunch of ambassadors around an off-world base, the Gamma site. Richard Wolsey (Robert Picardo - Star Trek: Voyager ) leads the civilians, and Tamlyn Tomita is the representative of the PRC. Her government is not happy, and feels it has been denied access to alien technology.

The Gamma site contains a series of scientific labs. One of the scientists is experimenting on mysterious insects that appeared on planets the Priors have visited. Unfortunately the safety protocols are inadequate. The bugs break out, and everyone has to run for it.

SG-1 takes the VIPs to safety at a backup site ten kilometres away. This is two hours walk, through a heavily forested area, and the VIPs are not dressed for hiking. Yes, the SGC did not bother to construct a road or even import some off-road vehicles. So how did they construct the buildings?

Luckily a couple of redshirts come along, and the bugs choose to kill the redshirts and completely ignore the regular characters. Wolsey asks Carter to give the VIPs a best-case scenario. She refuses, probably on principle as much as anything, and bombards them with depressing worst-case scenario. As a result, the Frenchman becomes depressed and mutinous.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 17] Coup D'etat
Shown 22nd February 2006 [Wednesday]

Atlantis is contacted by a Genii renegade (Ryan Robbins - Sanctuary ). He claims to be leader of a plot against Cowan (Colm Meaney - Star Trek: DS9 ). Can he be trusted?

The Genii know that Kolya (Robert Davi - The Goonies ) has gone missing, but do not know what his fate was. Apparently they blame Cowan himself, assuming that he took Kolya out for being a political rival.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 18] Arthur's Mantle
Shown 28th February 2006 [Tuesday]

Carter and Mitchell (Ben Browder - Farscape ) accidentally get phased. The scientist looking for them assumes they were miniaturised. Daniel eventually works out what happened - the same the the crystal skulls did to him several years ago.

Teel'c and another team, SG-3, go to visit Tony Todd's Jaffas. Teel'c has two P-90s, but the troopers all have M-16s. They carry tritonin supplies with them, which is useful because without it the Jaffa would have to rely on ghoul symbiotes. Which begs the question - if these Jaffa have been renegades for five thousand years, where did they get the symbiotes from?

Someone with a cloaking device has attacked Tony's people. The killer is a renegade named Olmak. Teel'c gets a cloaking device of his own, and goes hunting the killer.

SG-22 is called in to give backup to SG-3. Mitchell goes along to help Teel'c. This leads on to some nice interplay between the two.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 18] Michael
Shown 1st March 2006 [Wednesday]

Connor Trinneer ( Enterprise ) is an amnesiac who survived capture by the Wraith. The rest of the crew try to help him integrate - except Ronan (Jason Momoa - Game Of Thrones ), who is always looking to pick a fight.

He has vivid dreams. All is not as it appears.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 19] Crusade
Shown 7th March 2006 [Tuesday]

Valla ( Claudia Black ) turns up again. This time she is in Daniel Jackson's body. Thus Daniel hardly appears in the ep, and the lady doc, Lexa Doig , has not been seen for months.

Valla has been in the Aurae universe, living in a small medieval town. She is pregnant by an unknown cause ... Teel'c compares this to Darth Vader (!), whereas Mitchell (Ben Browder - Farscape ) has been reading sex-free Victorian versions of the Arthurian legends.

The Aurae crusade has begun. The villagers spout propaganda similar to Dubya's Jingoism. Michael Ironside ( Starship Troopers ) is the boss of the village, both corrupt and devout!

In the SGC there is some political wrangling, as foreshadowed in Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 17] The Scourge. The USSR wants its Stargate back (it was taken as spoils of war from Berlin in 1945!), and join forces with the PRC.

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 19] Inferno
Shown 8th March 2006 [Wednesday]

The Away team visit a world where the locals have some Ancient tech. A shield generator, and a starship. Also, the lead scientist is Brandy Ledford , and Rodney McKay (David Hewlett - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) gets to work with her!

The planetary supervolcano is about to erupt. Janeway tries to evacuate the locals, though she seems unfamiliar with the concept of nuclear winter and the local politician thinks it is a con so the Earthlings can steal the starship.

Meanwhile, a Wraith hive ship is en route to Atlantis.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode 20] Camelot
Shown 14th March 2006 [Tuesday]

SG-1 discovers a medieval village named Camelot, where Arthur once lived. It is on an alien planet, the villagers all speak English. The head man is John Noble ( Lord of the Rings ), and Katharine Isabelle is one of the villagers. The buildings look just like the ones in the Aurae galaxy ... And there has been no technological innovations within fifteen hundred years!

Mitchell (Ben Browder - Farscape ) and Daniel Jackson must fight a holographic knight and retrieve Merlin's Ancient-killing weapon (the Holy Grail).

Carter and Teel'c join the USS Odyssey en route to the Supergate. Can they stop the invasion?

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode 20] Allies (1)
Shown 15th March 2006 [Wednesday]

Last ep we discovered that a Wraith hive ship was en route to Atlantis. Well, it arrives - and one of the inhabitants is Michael (Connor Trinneer - Star Trek: Enterprise ). He told his Queen about the retrovirus the humans tested on him - and she offers a truce with Atlantis. The retrovirus is the superweapon that can reverse the population imbalance. But can the Wraith be trusted?

The Doctor develops a crisis of conscience. By converting Wraiths into human form, he is turning them into potential victims for the other Wraiths. But is this any worse than the alternative? As it stands, the Wraith already kill existing humans and are themselves killed by the Atlantis crew. The new plan is to basically let the Wraith kill each other, thus sparing the victims and the Atlantis crew.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 9, Episode ]
Shown th March 2006 [Tuesday]

Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Season 2, Episode ]
Shown th March 2006 [Wednesday]

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