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Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 1] Redemption (1)
Shown 07-Jun-2002

Stargate has new intro graphics - a rotating Stargate that is ultra-cool! Even better, the show is now available in widescreen.

Colonel Chekov, the Russian rep, is hassling O'Neill to assign a Russian as Daniel's replacement. Meanwhile Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec - ), the nerdy Naquita scientist, is hanging around watching the Weather Channel.

Breytag summons Teel'c, to see Teel'c's son. This means that Teel'c is off-world when the main storyline starts.

O'Neill deals with a new starfighter. It has four engines - take-off, atmospheric flight, sublight drive and FTL capability. The breakthrough is the new power source, the Naquadria that Jonas supplied.

Carter has to deal with a new problem with the Stargate.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 2] Redemption (2)
Shown 14-Jun-2002

The Stargate is jammed open and starting to overheat. Carter cannot come up with a solution, so the SGC calls in a specialist - Rodney MacKay ( ). He is less annoying this time, as if he is being set up as a potential love interest for Carter.

Teel'c and Breytag target the weapon Anubis is using. The bad news is, it is heavily guarded. The good news is, Teel'c's son jumps at the chance to prove himself in battle.

Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec - ) comes through with a good suggestion. This is how he earns his place on SG-1. That and the fact that O'Neill does not want to be lumbered with a Russian.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 3] Descent
Shown 21-Jun-2002

Anubis' ship is abandoned, so the team explore it. Major Davis (Colin Cunningham - Falling Skies ) comes along for the ride, as does a random scientist.

Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec - ) is ordered to stay out of the way. He realises he must prove himself. He is not a nerd, just pretty.

Teel'c gets some good jokes.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 4] Frozen
Shown 28-Jun-2002

Scientist Bruce Harwood (Langley in Lone Gunmen ) is part of a team of scientists at the South pole. They discover a woman who has been frozen for a million years

SG-1 is called in to investigate. Carter and Dr Fraser help the lead scientist, another woman, to work on the ice woman. Yes, the brainy ones at the centre of the story are all female.

There is also something for the men to do. The male scientists get lost, so O'Neill and Teel'c go looking for them.

There is a cliffhanger ending for O'Neill.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 5] Nightwalkers
Shown 12-Jul-2002

SG-1 do an X-Files type investigation. Carter is Scully, Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec - ) is Mulder, and Teel'c is ... ?

The town Sheriff (Blu Mankuma - ) is friendly enough. But a creepy man (Michael Eklund - Wynonna Earp ) is hanging around.

Why did the NID not do the investigation? It is explained at the end.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 6] Abyss
Shown 19-Jul-2002

O'Neill is captured and tortured by Baal. It turns out that his Tok'Ra symbiote has been on an unofficial mission.

Most of the story is just dialogue. Luckily, Daniel Jackson turns up for a chat.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 7] Shadow Play
Shown 26-Jul-2002

The SGC is contacted by Jonas' homeworld. His country is about to be invade by their neighbours. However, Jonas' people have weaponised their Naquadria. Yes, they have used their 1950s-era technology to build the ultimate weapons of mass destruction.

The aliens are willing to trade some Naquadria to Earth, but they want weapons such as jet-fighters. All the SGC is willing to trade is medicine. However, nobody points out that penicillin was a war-winning technology in its own right. Not only did it vastly decrease the number of deaths due to battle wounds, it also prevented incapacitation of vast numbers of troops who contracted sexually-transmitted infections.

Jonas meets with a former mentor and Naquadria scientist (Dean Stockwell - Quantum Leap ). Apparently there is an active resistance movement. Is helping the resistance the best way to get a good deal?

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 8] The Other Guys
Shown 02-Aug-2002

SG-1 are assigned to guard a group of scientists investigating some ruins on an alien planet. The nerds include John Billingsly ( Enterprise ), which allows for lots of Trekkie jokes.

SG-1 are captured, so the nerds must rescue them.

We learn a couple of things. Tok'ra spies are not very good at keeping their cover intact, and SG-1 do not have a back-up plan in case they get captured. It turns out there is a twist at the end which explains everything.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 9] Allegiance
Shown 09-Aug-2002

SG-1 are at the Alpha site. Except Jonas, who is off helping SG-2. The Tokra drop by, after their base has been attacked by Anubis.

The rebel Jaffa have already camped at the Alpha site, having been driven out of their own base a few months previously. There is bad blood between the two rebel groups. Despite the fact they share a common enemy, they have never managed to combine their forces successfully before.

One of the Tok'Ra is attacked by an unknown intruder. It seems one of the Jaffa is responsible. Teel'c and Breytag try to keep the peace, as does Selmac.

Eventually they realise that the reason nobody has seen the assassin is because he is invisible. Now the different factions must learn to team up.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 10] Cure
Shown 16-Aug-2002

SG-1 visits a world with 1940s technology. Instead of penicillin, they have a wonder-drug named Tritonin. In exchange, they want help visiting a series of worlds through their Stargate. Even when they are warned that the planets are ghoul homeworlds, they still insist on visiting them.

Jonas and Teel'c investigate the source of the Tritonin. They discover a horrifying secret.

The Tok'Ra are called in to help with scientific advice. Like the locals, they do not have any morals or ethics when it comes to medical science. Until, of course, they discover that it directly affects themselves.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 11] Prometheus (1)
Shown 23-Aug-2002

A TV reporter confronts Carter and accuses her of being in a US Military-Industrial complex conspiracy. Carter tells Hammond, who calls in USAF liaison officer Major Davis (Colin Cunningham - Falling Skies ).

The reporter is given permission to film aboard the Starship Prometheus. Carter and Jonas are roped in to give her team a guided tour. The camera crew (including Ian Tracey - X-Files ) are up to something ...

The villains want NID boss Simmons (John DeLancie - Star Trek: TNG ) and his ghoul associate to be freed.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 12] Unnatural Selection (2)
Shown 10-Jan-2003

Thor arrives to help SG-1. However, he wants their help in return. This is the Final Battle against the replicators.

The Replicators have captured an Asgard homeworld. The Asgard installed a device that can slow time on the planet, but the Replicators somehow reversed the machine. Thor asks SG-1 to land on the planet and fix the machine.

The team land, and are confronted by five strangers led by Eeeevil Englishman Ian Buchannan. One of the strangers offers to help. However, O'Neill gets Carter to double-cross him. Will this come back to haunt them?

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 13] Sight Unseen
Shown 17-Jan-2003

SG-1 returns from a planet where they have recovered an alien artefact. Jonas can see strange, translucent giant insects! Everyone else assumes that they are only halucinations. After all, Jonas' cow-orkers back on his homeworld all went schizophrenic after exposure to naquadria.

Jonas gets confined to base while everyone else gets to leave for the weekend. Well, O'Neill leaves to go fishing. Teel'c talks his way out of it, so he can meditate in peace. Carter is planning on doing some science stuff instead. Ironically, Teel'c is keen to avoid fishing while Carter accuses O'Neill of only asking her because he knew she was busy. Jonas actually feels left out, although he could not go because he is confined to base.

Only people who have been infected with a specific thing can see the insects. An infected person breaks through the cordon. He will unknowingly spread the infection to everyone he comes in contact with, which will spread mass panic.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 14] Smoke & Mirrors
Shown 24-Jan-2003

Senator Kinsey (Ronny Cox - Robocop ) is assassinated. O'Neill is arrested for it! Well, he had the means and motivation.

USAF liaison officer Major Davis (Colin Cunningham - Falling Skies ) briefs General Hammond and SG-1 on the prosecution's case. Hammond orders Carter, Teel'c and Jonas to investigate. They have no legal authority to do so, but Hammond lets them bumble through.

Carter teams up with a male NID Agent named Barrett. Is he a suspect or is he a potential love interest?

We already know there is a group of rogue NID agents. Presumably they are left over from the storyline that ended in Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 11] Prometheus (1). However, it turns out that they have financial backers. A group of corrupt businessmen called The Committee have decided to represent the Industry in the Military-Industrial complex.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 15] Paradise Lost
Shown 31-Jan-2003

Colonel Maybourn gives the SGC the address of a planet with a cache of Ancient weapons. According to him, this was Simmons' goal in Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 11] Prometheus (1). However, he insists on going along on the mission.

Maybourn and Jack get trapped together on an alien planet. It is an idyllic paradise. However, they slowly go insane ...

Back at the SGC, Carter is also not in the best mental state. She blames herself for what happened to O'Neill, and since this is so soon after losing Daniel Jackson she takes the loss quite badly.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 16] Metamorphosis
Shown 07-Feb-2003

Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec - ) flirts with a nurse. This is a brief attempt to make his character more interesting. However, this is not explored further.

The Russians have been allocated their own SG team. Their Spetznaz soldiers bring an alien through the Gate. This is a breach of protocol, but he has important info.

Humanoids have been adapted by Nierti. SG-1 and the Russians go along to rescue them. The Jaffa have actually tried to dig in and create some defences. To counter this, SG-1 uses a tried and tested form of distraction. They use some C4 explosives to blow something up. People who have watched Stargate: Atlantis will appreciate the irony.

Nierti has successfully modified humans. One is telepathic, another is telekinetic. Unfortunately they trust Nierti, in part because she gave them their superpowers.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 17] Disclosure
Shown 14-Feb-2003

Ambassadors from the UK, France and the PRC visit the Pentagon. General Hammond and Senator Kinsey are hosting a get-together. The Russian Colonel is along to represent his nation. Major Davis (Colin Cunningham - Falling Skies ) delivers a briefing on the Stargate programme.

Kinsey plans to demilitarise the Stargate by removing it from the SGC. He wants to put the NID in charge of it. There are actually logical reasons for this. To start with, now that Maybourne and Maitland are gone it seems that the people in charge are actually sensible and reliable.

There is one minor flaw in this plan. Earth is engaged in a cold war with the Ghoul system lords. As a result, it is vital that the Stargate remains in the hands of the military. Also, the Asgard, Tok'Ra and rebel Jaffa have made an alliance with the SGC, not with the people of Earth in general.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 18] Forsaken
Shown 21-Feb-2003

A trio of Space Celts (including Agent White from Dark Angel: S2 ) have crashed their starship. They claim to be descended from Picts from the Outer Hebrides, though their costumes and props seem to owe more to the film Braveheart . In fact, O'Neill actually name-checks the movie. Which brings up another point ... SG-1 act as if the Celts are an extinct race, and yet O'Neill is itself a Celtic name!

The Space Celts have no access to Stargate travel, so they must get their ship repaired. Carter lends a hand. Meanwhile, the female Celt is injured so Jonas escorts her back to the SGC.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 19] The Changeling
Shown 28-Feb-2003

Teelc (and everyone else) is working in a Fire Department. Musetta Vander pops up as Teel'cs wife, and Breytag is his step-father.

Daniel Jackson gives Teel'c advice.

This was Written by Chris Judge.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 20] Memento
Shown 07-Mar-2003

This is set aboard the starship USAF Prometheus (crewed by Ingrid Kavelaars ). SG-1 are along for the shakedown.

The ship gets lost in space. It goes to planet where Robert Foxworth is President, and the locals have trouble with internal politics.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 21] Prophecy
Shown 14-Mar-2003

Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec - ) becomes a precog (due to the Nierti experiment a few episodes ago). It also gives him a brain tumour!

Teel'c, O'Neill and SG-15 take on Lord Mott.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode 22] Full Circle
Shown 21-Mar-2003

Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec - ) and Daniel Jackson are on Abidos.

Skaara pops up.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 6, Episode ]

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