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Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 1] Fallen (1)
Shown 13-Jun-2003

Daniel is back, and Michael Shanks is in the main credits again! The bad news is, Daniel has amnesia. He cannot remember his own name, never mind the details of his career in SG-1.

SG-1 plans to destroy Anubis' new ship, a super-weapon with a massive cannon. It has a weak spot, an unshielded thermal exhaust port or something. The plan is for O'Neill and Carter to fly a star-fighter in. Meanwhile, Daniel Jackson and Jonas Quinn must beam into the enemy HQ.

Teel'c is assigned as liaison to Lord Yu, the System Lord that has made an alliance with the SGC. Unfortunately Lord Yu seems to be unreliable.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 2] Homecoming (2)
Shown 13-Jun-2003

Anubis wants revenge for the events of the previous episode. He has captured Jonas Quinn, and subjected him to the mind probe. When Jonas proves resistant, Anubis attacks his homeworld. Remember, Jonas is just a fill-in character for Daniel. And now that Daniel is back, there is no need for a spare exposition character like Jonas.

Daniel is hiding aboard Anubis' ship. He has a weapon an an isotope that makes himself invisble to the ship's sensors. However, he is still an amnesiac who has no memory of his combat skills - which were limited compared to those of the other characters. Despite this, he acts like a top-notch professional soldier.

Teel'c is still on Lord Yu's flagship. Unfortunately Lord Yu seems to be senile. They need another System Lord to make an alliance with the SGC. Can Baal be trusted?

Anubis sends his Jaffa troops to search the museum for ghoul artefacts. Carter and Teel'c go looking for whatever Anubis is after.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 3] Fragile Balance
Shown 20-Jun-2003

After the previous serious, arc-heavy episodes we get a light-hearted stand-alone one. The SGC plays host to a teenage boy who claims to be Jack O'Neill.

Daniel and Teel'c do some field work as MIBs, investigating stories from people who claim to have been abducted by an Asgard.

Carter and O'Neill give a briefing about their flight in the starfighter last week. Their audience is a dozen fighter pilots. Yes, the starfighter is being mass-produced and the SGC will have its own air support wing.

Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 4] Orpheus
Shown 27-Jun-2003

Teel'c gets a torso wound from a Jaffa's staff weapon, and makes a troubled recovery. After all, he no longer has a symbiote to help him heal. The real problem is his traumatised mental state.

Carter gives a scathing comment on the movie Signs . This may date the episode, but it is in character for her.

Daniel starts having psychic flashes every time he is near Teel'c. He discovers that Breytag and Ryac have been enslaved by Baal. They are in a prison colony that builds ships for the United Alliance of System Lords, which has gathered to fight against Anubis.

The prison colony is meant to be a bad place because the inmates are Jaffa who refuse to serve a new Ghoul overlord. However, is the SGC any better in its treatment of prisoners? After all, what happens to Jaffa POWs who get captured by the SGC? Is there an enormous prison camp for them somewhere on Earth?

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 5] Revisions
Shown 11-Jul-2003

SG-1 visits a world which was rendered uninhabitable. A small colony of survivors live in a paradise within a biodome. The dome is a forcefield, and the interior is a hologram. The inhabitants have their brains remotely plugged into a central computer called The Link.

Carter is given a tour by Christopher Heyderdahl. The actor later played her character's ex-husband in her next show, Sanctuary .

The team realise that things are changing in the town. However, none of the locals seems to notice anything is amiss. Has a villain hacked The Link and used it to mess with their memories?

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 6] Lifeboat
Shown 18-Jul-2003

The team explore a crashed ship that is full of lifepods. There is an energy blast, and the team get hospitalised.

Will Teel'c and Daniel survive? Teel'c seems relatively unaffected, because of his non-human physiology. However, Daniel has the personalities of dozens of people in his head. They take turns controlling his body. Well, at least Michael Shanks has something to do for a change - one of his main complaints that led to him leaving the show a Season ago.

The story is actually a very subtle analogy for the abortion debate. There are many lives within Daniel Jackson's body. They are there without his consent, and if they remain his health will suffer. However, if they are removed they will be lost forever.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 8] Enemy Mine
Shown 25-Jul-2003

A cliched Colonel named Edwards (Michael Rooker - The Walking Dead ), in command of SG-3, runs a mine for Naquita.

The Local Unas tribe hate humans, and want to prevent the mining operation. Luckily Daniel Jackson has remembered how to speak the Unas language. Daniel finally does some translating. The Unas are the only non-English speakers in the show!

This is a Daniel Jackson ep. O'Neill gets hospitalised, and Carter stays at the SGC to do a complete diagnostic of the Stargate.

Pentagon Liaison General Steve Williams ( Supernatural ) insists that the SGC obtain the naquita in order to build a new star destroyer. Daniel and his Unas pal Chaka begin negotiations with the local Unas. Meanwhile, Edwards and Major Lorne (later a recurring character in Stargate Atlantis ) fortify the mining camp.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 8] Space Race
Shown 01-Aug-2003

The Hebridean lizard-men ask Carter to help them with a starship race. She goes along as co-pilot cum flight engineer, in the hope of getting a look at lots of alien technology. The space is ends up giving the episode a Star Wars -esque feel. Also, it is nice to see Carter with something to do in an episode.

Teel'c works with her ground-crew. They end up investigating sabotage, and discover that the human locals are unhappy at being treated as second-class citizens. It sounds different when it is a white english-speaking male who complains about being denied promotion based on race.

O'Neill and Daniel try to negotiate for access to an ion engine they can study.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 9] Avenger 2.0
Shown 08-Aug-2003

This is a comedic episode about a recurring guest-star. Scientist Folger (Billingsly's pal) fancies Carter, and his female associate is jealous. However, he is something of a clutz in the lab.

To prove himself to General Hammond, Folger invents a computer virus to shut off Stargates. Hammond orders Carter to use it against a stargate on a world ruled by Baal. Unfortunately it then spreads across the entire stargate network.

To solve the problem, Folger must go to the infected DHD and fix it on-site. Carter comes long as his only protection, despite her being too valuable to risk and there being an entire base filled with professional soldiers. Folger compares them to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a reminder of Doctor Rushe's famous last words in Stargate Universe .

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 10] Birthright
Shown 15-Aug-2003

Some English-accented Jaffa babes are rebels against the System Lord Moloch. They need help getting new symbiotes - will they switch to tritonin?

Christopher Judge wrote this, which explains why the Amazons' leader, Ishta ( Jolene Blalock ) quickly becomes Teel'c's new love interest!

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 11] Evolution (1)
Shown 22-Aug-2003

Anubis has a new weapon - a cloned, genetically modified super-soldier. Teel'c and Breytag manage to take one out by distracting it until it does of a heart attack. Selmac helps Carter and Teel'c try to catch a live one.

Daniel actually has some archaeology to do for a change. He and Doctor Lee go to recover a Ghoul artefact from an ancient site in Honduras. The artefact is linked to the Fountain of Youth, which was actually associated with Ponce de Leon who explored Florida.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 12] Evolution (2)
Shown 09-Jan-2004

Daniel has been captured by Rebels, who are curious about the Ghoul artefact he recovered. Nobody knows what it will do, but if the rebels find out how to switch it on then something very bad could happen.

O'Neill goes into the jungle to save him. He is not doing it single-handedly, though - he has a CIA guide, an ex-Green Beret. Unfortunately the guide is Burke (Enrico Colantoni - Veronica Mars ), who blames Jack for his exile to a crappy job. This does not make sense, when the true facts are revealed. Not that it matters, because Burke is by far the best character introduced this Season (or possibly, ever).

Burke is carrying an M-16 rifle with an underslung M203 grenade launcher. However, O'Neill has a SG-1 issue P-90 sub-machinegun. A completely different weapon with different ammunition. So if one of them runs out of ammo, they cannot share with the other.

Meanwhile, Selmac goes undercover to infiltrate the Clone Trooper base. Carter and Teel'c come along as backup, and discover a lot more about Anubis' new army. Strangely, Selmac changes out of the indestructible armour at the first opportunity.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 13] Grace
Shown 16-Jan-2004

The USS Prometheus, helmed by Ingid Kavelaars , was lost in space in the previous Season. Their FTL engine was destroyed, and they would have to limp home at sublight. This would end up like Star Trek: Voyager . However, Carter has delivered the FTL engine from the Ghoul shuttle she stole in the previous episode. Now the Prometheus is returning home, over a series of jumps and cool-off periods.

On one of the cool-off stops they are attacked by a mysterious alien ship. Carter tells the Captain to enter a pseudo-nebula in the hope the aliens cannot track them there. Carter is knocked out, and wakes up alone on the ship.

Carter is ever the scientist, and makes a plan for her own survival. Not unlike The Martian , although she never evokes the same pathos of hope that Matt Damon did. Perhaps the Chris Pratt character in Passengers might be a better example.

Carter is kept company by visions of her SG-1 team-mates, who provide her with inspiration to stay alive. Of course, as Daniel Jackson advises her they are only manifestations of her subconscious. Teel'c warns her that she might be getting mind probed, like in Farscape . Daniel theorises that the dust cloud could be alive, like in Star Trek: Voyager . Selmac points out that her life is empty and unfulfilled, and O'Neill reminds her that he is a safe bet as a love interest.

A creepy wee girl also appears. Carter does not recognise her, but she is vital to the storyline.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 14] Fallout
Shown 23-Jan-2004

Jonas Quinn returns to the SGC. His planet is about to explode. He and Sam must drill to the planetary core to save the world. Teel'c comes along for the ride.

Jonas has a love interest. But things are not what they appear. The result is like an episode of Star Trek about Transgender relationships. Can Jonas love a woman who has a secret snake?

Meanwhile, the Ghoul War (Anubis versus Baal) is taking place. The planet's naquadria deposits could change the balance of power.

Daniel Jackson is in the SG-1 team. He and O'Neill try to persuade the three countries on Jonas' world to work together. You know, put aside their differences and have a one-world government like in Star Trek . Unfortunately they cannot use the example of Earth. After all, the USA handles its international political issues by deying the very existence of the SGC and the Stargate!

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 15] Chimera
Shown 30-Jan-2004

In the intro we are told that Daniel's ex is a ghoul, and the lost city is still lost. He still dreams about her, although she is secretly manipulating him. Yes, just like Jonas in the previous episode he is unknowingly dating a ghoul.

Carter meets a new guy, and wears a cleavage-revealing dress to impress her. She is the only member of SG-1 to have never been married, and her previous love interests are all dead! He is David Deluise. As the surname suggests, he is related to the Producers, writers and directors. He makes her so happy that she starts to hum in the elevator. Her choice of ditty is the show's them tune!

Sam and Daniel both have somewhat stalkerish love interests. What will happen when the stalkers meet each other?

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 16] Death Knell
Shown 06-Feb-2004

Sam Carter and her dad are at the new Alpha site, when it is attacked by ghoul drones. They escape into the woods, but are pursued by the drones.

The rest of SG-1 come to the Alpha site to look for survivors. They bring a few redshirts along to back them up. The search area is over five kilometres in diameter, which would literally take an hour to walk across. With Sam hunted through the woods, she must MacGuyver up something to help her defeat the drone warrior.

The Tokra and the Jaffa blame each other. General Hammond and Selmac attempt to mediate, but the Tokra boss (Sebastian Spence - First Wave ) does not trust them. The alliance may be falling apart. After all, they have a common enemy but nothing else in common.

This was written and directed by Peter Deluise.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 17] Heroes (1)
Shown 13-Feb-2004

Saul Rubinek ( Warehouse 13 ) is a film director doing a documentary for POTUS. The idea is to have an archive for posterity. He is authorised to cover the SGC itself, but Hammond refuses to allow him access to info on any on-going operations. Instead he tries to interview the SG-1 members, but they are typically reticent to cooperate. Senator Kinsey (Ronny Cox - Robocop ) pops up to be interviewed.

Colonel Dixon (Adam Baldwin - Serenity ) takes the SG-13 unit off-world. Their friendly banter fleshes out their characters. Dixon carries a M-16xm203 rifle, while his minions carry MP5 sub-machineguns. Yes, a typically un-military mix of weapons.

SG-13 discovers the next clue to finding the Lost City. They call in SG-3 to guard the stargate. However, the ghouls have learned to build scout robots.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 18] Heroes (2)
Shown 20-Feb-2004

SG-13 and SG-3 are under attack by the Ghoul forces. O'Neill leads SG-1, SG-3 and SG-5 to the rescue. Of course, the Jaffas use human wave tactics but they also have air support and superior numbers. The SGC units are supposed to have great new body armour, but it seems like it is only at the testing phase and not issued to the staff.

The director (Saul Rubinek - Warehouse 13 ) is frustrated at being shut out of a vital part of SGC history. He delivers great speeches that mirrored contemporary US Iraqi war issues. Can he convince Daniel to hand over the videotape of the battle? After all, the SGC prefers to cover things up and conceal the valour of their members. Will the glorious dead get the intellectual equivalent of an unmarked grave?

NID investigator Wolsey (Robert Picardo - Star Trek: Voyager ) tries to get to the bottom of what happened. Hammond and SG-1 are typically reticent to cooperate.

This all leads up to the tragic leaving of one of the SGC team. The obvious suspect would be Colonel O'Neill, who has been a bit-player in the Season so far.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 19] Resurrection
Shown 27-Feb-2004

The Feds summon SG-1 to Los Angeles. They have discovered a rogue NID cell led by the son of a Nazi war criminal. Someone killed thirty-two staff members at the NID base. The only survivors are the German leader and a mysterious young woman named Anna ( Kristen Dalton ) who seems responsible for the massacre. Anna seems to be a tweenager, but it turns out that the actress was in her late thirties at the time. She has visions - perhaps a reference to her previous show, Dead Zone .

O'Neill is on sick leave. The team are helped by Carter's pseudo-ex, the lead law enforcement officer. No, not Pete (David Deluise). This one is Agent Barrett of the FBI.

This was written by Michael Shanks and directed by Amanda Tapping. Their characters also take the lead as the investigators. The two prisoners are different takes on Silence Of The Lambs. The dangers include a murderous ghoul and a UXB countdown.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 20] Inauguration
Shown 05-Mar-2004

The new POTUS, Henry Hayes (William Devane - ), is briefed by the head of the Joint Chiefs (James McDaniel - Taken ). VP Kinsey (Ronny Cox - Robocop ) and NID Investigator Wolsey (Robert Picardo - Star Trek: Voyager ) help out, and we get to see some clips of previous shows.

It is evident that Kinsey and Wolsey have a point. The world's security is entirely reliant on the SGC, which itself is dependent on SG-1. A tour of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan would last a few months, while SG-1 has been on its tour of duty for six or seven years!

Wolsey also illustrates the fact that the plots are quite repetitive. SG-1 and their love interests are regularly brainwashed by aliens or bring home an alien artefact that has negative consequences. Worst of all, when they mess up they are not punished. There is no accountability.

The General's defence of the SGC is basically It is a tough job, and they are doing their best. If this were true, he would want SG-1 rotated out of deployment and new units introduced and trained up.

Wolsey realises that Kinsey might be working with the renegade NID faction. Well, it is not difficult to work out because Kinsey boasts too much.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 21] Lost City (1)
Shown 12-Mar-2004

This is Part 2 of the Kinsey arc.

SG-1 goes looking for another Alien Oracle Device. O'Neill is less than happy at the thought of having the ancients' archive downloaded into his brain again.

Doctor Weir ( Jessica Steen ), a female diplomat, takes over the SGC. Unfortunately this was Kinsey's idea, so it is bound to turn out bad for the SGC.

Breytag brings a warning. Anubis will attack Earth in a few days time. Yes, POTUS has demilitarised the SGC at exactly the wrong time. Kinsey (Ronny Cox - Robocop ) does not believe the warning, but Doctor Weir and POTUS both take it seriously.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode 22] Lost City (2)
Shown 19-Mar-2004

We get the climax of the Senator Kinsey arc. He and POTUS bunker down in the Oval Office, where they are advised by General Hammond and the real-life USAF Chief Of Staff. It turns out that a single Ghoul mothership can take out an entire USN super-carrier group in less than five minutes.

O'Neill starts talking gibberish again, although from the context Daniel is able to work out what he means. Luckily he became a crossword obsessive in the previous episode, and now he subconsciously fills out the answers with the address of the Ancients' outpost.

Breytag and Teel'c have found a ship and a pilot. O'Neill leads them to an Ancient outpost on another planet.

Kinsey (Ronny Cox - Robocop ) gets all the way from the Oval Office to Cheyenne Mountain in double-fast time. His plan is to get off-world to the Alpha Site. Yes, he wants to abandon the world.

Thanks to the USS Prometheus, we get the climax of the Lost city Anubis Arc.

Stargate Stargate SG-1 [Season 7, Episode ]

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