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The 100

Season 1

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 19/Mar/14

A hundred years in the future, and Earth has been rendered uninhabitable by radiation. The human race survives aboard a space station named the Ark, where draconian laws are in place. All criminals aged over 18 are executed, so when the rulers decide to lower the population and explore Earth the only convict labour they can exploit is the under-18s. It does not hurt that the teenagers are all incredibly photogenic.

The protagonist is Princess Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ), daughter of the ruling elite who has been jailed for political reasons. The others are a mix of archetypes, with a few interesting characters thrown in. The ruler’s son has got himself arrested because he is the Princess’s best friend, or at least he was until his dad executed her dad.

The drop-pod goes slightly off-course, because the tech has not been used in a hundred years. The teenagers split into two groups. The heroine and a handful of archetypes (rebellious love interest, brunette love rival, comic relief stoners) go looking for food. The rest of them turn into a Lord of the Flies gang.

Back on the Ark, the Ruler (Isaiah Washington – ) has been incapacitated. The Princess’s mother ( Paige Turco ) tries to save his life. Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) is next in line of succession, and he enforces the law blindly. His wife ( Kelly Hu ) is Turco’s best friend, but he will not let that stop him. Turco is keen to present him as a villain, but the Ark’s resources will run out in four months time so he really has limited choices.

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 2] Earth Skills
Shown 26/Mar/14

The survivors get back to camp, and send out a rescue mission. Princess Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Finn the cool guy are going back to save their friend. They bring along the Ruler's son, plus Bellamy the Assassin (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and his sidekick Murphy (the stepbrother from Continuum ). Unfortunately, the locals have strung their victim up as live bait. But who or what are they trying to lure out?

Octavia the brunette love rival ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is left at the camp. One of Bellamy's goons is assigned to keep the boys away from her. Unfortunately she is a flirty little nympho, so putting her with dozens of immature criminal delinquents is a recipe for disaster. But at least she tries to help Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) reverse-engineer the transmitter cuffs so they can try to signal the Ark for help.

Back on the Ark space-station, a girl space-engineer named Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) gets suspicious. The drop-pod is missing, and the prison is on lockdown. The Princess’s mother ( Paige Turco ) must prove that Earth is surviveable, to stop Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) from culling two hundred citizens.

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 3] Earth Kills
Shown 02/Apr/14

Bellamy the assassin (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and his team go hunting for food. The local animals are mutated, and their meat is probably tainted with radioactivity, but it is a choice between taking a risk or starving to death. A pre-teen girl tags along, and the boss takes her under his wing.

They discover that the weather patterns have changed. Occasionally the area is prone to huge green clouds of mustard gas that cause severe chemical burns to any exposed skin they touch.

Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) and Octavia the hot chick ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) stay at base-camp, where they try to heal the gut-stabbed guy. He is in a lot of pain, but nobody gives him a belt to bite down on. His screams do not help camp morale.

This is only the third episode in, but recurring characters start to die. Yes, this show is actively working to create a genuine sense of jeopardy for the characters.

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 4] Murphy's Law
Shown 09/Apr/14

With one of the survivors murdered at the end of the previous episode, everyone thinks the Grounders are responsible. Then the murder weapon gets discovered – it is a knife that Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) claims he lost. Bellamy the Assassin (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) wants to maintain the status quo, but the Princess decides to tell the whole camp. Then she acts SURPRISED when the camp full of teenage degenerates forms a lynch mob!

Nobody except the Princess cares about the victim, and she only cares because she feels guilty about being mean to him. Everyone else had as much motive to kill the guy as the actual murderer. And poor old Murphy is an easy scapegoat because he has been a complete git to everyone. Of course, he only did this to enforce Bellamy’s rule – but even Bellamy is willing to go along with the mob in order to maintain his own position!

The real murderer is revealed, and pretty much gets away with everything. Murphy is aggrieved at being the victim of mob justice, and believes that the killer should be punished in the same way.

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 5] Twilight's Last Gleaming
Shown 16/Apr/14

The drop-pod lands, and Bellamy the Assassin (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) decides once again to put his own welfare ahead of the rest of the group. He has already inspired the teenage degenerates to embrace a philosophy of Whatever the hell we want. As well as sacrificing them by denying them all support from the Ark, he will also allow the Ark to sacrifice

Paige Turco has failed in her attempts to contact the kids. The deadline has passed, so now three hundred persons must be sacrificed so there is enough oxygen for everyone else. The Chancellor is unhappy about this state of affairs, and even Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) is reluctant to go through with it. But the Princess’s mother does just what her daughter did last episode – she leaks the info to the general public, potentially causing civil war. Like mother, like daughter!

Felix Gaeta ( BSG 2003 ) is lurking in the background as one of the Chancellor’s minions, His hair is greyed-up, but it is still him. Will he play a major part in developments, as he did on the Galactica?

The kids on the ground try desperately to signal the Ark, in a race against time. Will this have a downbeat ending worthy of Babylon 5 , or will it cop out like Star Trek ?

Also, nobody notices that Bellamy’s sister Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) gets lost in the woods ... where the Grounders are known to hang out!

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 6] His Sister’s Keeper
Shown 23/Apr/14

Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) finally realises that Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is still missing. He leads a small team to track her, and they follow her into Grounder territory. Unfortunately the Grounders start to pick them off, one at a time.

Bellamy has flashbacks to his upbringing with his sister, hiding her under the floor every time friendly guard Fulvio Cerce tipped them the wink. The old guy even got Bellamy a job as a trainee guard. However, the one time Bellamy indulged his sister's curiousity about the rest of the Ark, it ended predictably badly.

Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) and the Princess are left together back at the camp. How long will it take for Raven to work out what happened between her BF and the Princess?

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 7] Contents Under Pressure
Shown 30/Apr/14

Finn has been stabbed, so the Princess tries to patch him up. Unfortunately the knife was poisoned. The Grounder is a prisoner now, but he refuses to speak or acknowledge any words in English. Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) tortures him anyway, with the Princess's backing. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is the only person to object.

Luckily, the Princess can now ask her mother ( Paige Turco ) for advice because the radio link is fixed. With Mom kicked off the governing Council, Kate Vernon is eager to get the vacant seat. Yes, there is a hitherto-unmentioned political faction aboard the Ark. And with Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) visibly sickened by the 300 deaths he had to order, it now puts Ms Vernon as the main suspect behind the assassination attempt.

As grim as this show is, the bodycount could actually get much higher. Only a third of the Ark's population are going to survive the re-entry as they try to land on Earth!

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 8] Day Trip
Shown 07/May/14

The Ark gets word to the 100 about a supply depot nearby. The Princess and the assassin go looking for it.

The Conspiracy aboard the Ark get word to one of Bellamy's sidekicks. This is the problem with sending a gang of teenage reprobates - the bad guys can easily get leverage on one of them. And Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) knows about the Conspiracy, so he is an obvious target for house-cleaning.

Lincoln (Ricky Whittle - American Gods ), the Grounder, is still being held captive in the camp. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) tries to help him.

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 9] Unity Day
Shown 14/May/14

The Ark is preparing to send a military force down to wipe out Grounder resistance. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) wants to make a peace treaty, so she arranges a meeting for Princess Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) with the Grounders’ Princess, Anya ( Dichen Lachman ). However, she is nervous and secretly arranges for Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and some others to follow. But with Bellamy’s track record, can he be trusted not to mess it up?

On the Ark, the people celebrate Unity Day. The space stations all joined together for mutual benefit. But the Conspiracy use this as their opportunity to target the Chancellor for assassination. This leads to a climactic confrontation over the station’s drop-pod. As the villains rightly point out, two thirds of the population will have to be abandoned to the Ark so that the Elite can return to Earth!

Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ), the girl mechanic, has been hand-loading bullets using gunpowder. Strange she does not have a modern smokeless propellant like cordite.

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 10] I Am Become Death
Shown 21/May/14

The teenagers investigate the landing-pod’s arrival site. There is no sign of the Princess’s mother ( Paige Turco ), and there is no further contact with the Ark. Almost as if contact was cut at the station’s end.

Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ), last seen being exiled by Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ), returns to camp. He claims he was tortured by the Grounders, and his wounds support his claims. Unfortunately people start bleeding from their eyeballs. It appears the Grounders infected him with weaponised Ebola, to soften up the survivors before the big attack at dawn.

Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) the girl mechanic has gunpowder, and rocket fuel from the landing pod. She can make a bomb and blow up the bridge. Finn, her boyfriend, volunteers to deliver the bomb. Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) is playing up his hero act from last week, and thinks he is a good enough shot to detonate the bomb.

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 11] The Calm
Shown 28/May/14

We finally discover what happened aboard the Ark. Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) teams up with a typically insubordinate young tech. The good news is, they do not have to decide which section of the population to sacrifice. Can he find the Prez (Isaiah Washington - ) and Felix Gaeta ( BSG 2003 )? Not to mention the Princess’s mother ( Paige Turco ). It is nice to see character development for a character portrayed in the pilot episode as being a kill-happy fascist. A pity that nobody ever mentions his wife ( Kelly Hu ).

The kids decide to store all their meat in a smoke-hut. Unfortunately it all goes up in flames, but nobody suspects Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) of sabotage. The Hundred must send out hunting parties to get more meat.

The Grounders’ Princess, Anya ( Dichen Lachman ) kidnaps her counterpart. Somehow she knew that the blonde is the Hundred's medic. She wants the kids to heal her second in command, a teenage girl who was caught in the explosion last week. Either the kids heal the girl, or the Grounders will kill Finn.

The Grounders are a barbaric culture. They record their kills as scars on their shoulder - even the young girl has five of them. Leaving alone the issue of Child Soldiers (after all, the Hundred are under eighteen) there is the evidently massive mortality rate. And they expect the Princess to help them under duress, even though they will probably kill Finn (and the others) anyway.

Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ), the other typically insubordinate young tech, rigs the Hundred up some walkie-talkies so they can coordinate units. This means dismantling the aparatus they used for talking to the Ark, but they have lost contact with the Ark again anyway. Also, Raven is jealous of Finn and the Princess. She uses Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) to get her own back.

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 12] We Are Grounders - Part 1
Shown 04/Jun/14

Princess Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) is still a prisoner of Anya ( Dichen Lachman ). The Grounders will launch an all-out attack within 24 hours, so they have no need for prisoners. But the Princess discovers that there is something worse than Grounders out there - a tribe of cannibals called the Reapers. You know, kind of like the Reavers in Firefly .

Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) continues his revenge spree on the ringleaders of the lynch mob. Of course, he was bound to get caught sooner or later. His main target is Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ), with good reason. But with a Grounder attack imminent, this kind of in-fighting is wasteful and destructive.

On the Ark, the Prez (Isaiah Washington - ) has given up hope. Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) keeps Gaeta testing potential solutions, but the Ark will crash. Nobody mentions that this will, of course, cause an extinction level event. However, the Ark is made of a dozen different space stations and has a supply of rocket fuel aboard, to use on thrusters. Can anyone work out the blindingly obvious?

The 100 The 100 [Season 1, Episode 13] We Are Grounders - Part II
Shown 11/Jun/14

The kids try to evacuate, but it is too late. The Grounders have them surrounded, so it is a case of fight or die. The teenagers may have M16 rifles, and a magazine of ammo each (500 rounds split between twenty rifles) but they have no idea of basic infantry tactics. The Grounders are smart enough to draw their fire and make them waste their very limited ammo. Luckily, Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) managed to make some grenades and land-mines before she got injured. Princess Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) tries to help Raven build a new weapon, using the rocket fuel. Finn goes to the friendly grounder to get anti-coagulant for Raven. Will they all get to safety in time?

The kids’ infantry tactics may suck, but their improvised defensive ideas are pretty good. The Reapers and the grounders are bitter enemies, so the fight between the two groups is impressive. And using the rocket fuel as a weapon allows an impressive climax!

The adults aboard the Ark also get a conclusion, of sorts.

A couple of episodes ago, Anya ( Dichen Lachman ) mentioned The Mountain Men. And now we see why the Grounders were so afraid of them. The only question is, since they evidently knew about the 100 all along, why did they not get involved sooner?





The 100

The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 1 ]
Shown th May 2020

Reviewed in our special supplement The 100

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    Season 2

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 1] The 48
    Shown 22/Oct/14

    Princess Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and her friends are in Mount Weather. Yes, like Valhalla Sector in Jeremiah , some members of the military-Industrial complex have survived. Their security is terrible, as one teenage girl can outwit them single-handed, but maybe that is because they are not bad people. After all, most post-apocalyptic shows (especially The Walking Dead ) tend to portray the darker side of the survival instinct.

    Here, the bunker people have saved 48 of the 100 kids. The leader tells Clarke that her people are immune to the radiation, while his are not (so they must remain in the bunker). Could there be a link to the bunker peoples’ motivation for saving the kids?

    Lincoln (Ricky Whittle - American Gods ) the friendly Grounder is taking Bellamy’s sister Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) to safety. However, her wound is poisoned so he must trade for the antidote. Back at the lander module Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) is bleeding out, as is Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ). They have each other for company, if nothing else.

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and a couple of others are hiding out in the woods. A couple of Grounders survived the battle, so there is still danger. Luckily, the survivors from the crashed space station are in the area.

    The Prez (Isaiah Washington - ) is trapped on the final orbiting module. He has his son’s picture to keep him company, and the radio transmitter seems to be operational, but his air supply is running out.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 2] Inclement Weather
    Shown 29/Oct/14

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) the Princess investigates deeper into the Mount Weather facility. Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) and the others realise that getting three square meals a day is a good thing, But she is naturally paranoid. Especially when a patrol comes in with injured personnel. One has a gunshot wound that the doctor claims was done by an arrow. The other has radiation sickness that looks horrible to start with, but magically heals rapidly. Could their strange dialysis heart-plugs have something to do with it? And why has the Grounder Princess, Anya ( Dichen Lachman ), not been seen among the survivors?

    The station crew have decided to stay put. The Grounders are in the woods, crucifying search parties. Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and the other survivors want to go looking for Princess Clarke. Unfortunately, the boss decides to invoke the Exodus Charter criminal code – where all felonies get the death penalty. This made a certain amount of sense on the space station, where resources were limited, but none at all on the ground.

    Back on the space station, the Prez (Isaiah Washington - ) hears a baby crying. Someone has concealed one on the station, and probably forgotten about it. But since oxygen is running out and the Prez is still grieving from the loss of his son, can he trust his own senses? He has a plan to get Earthside again – there is a missile on a distant section of the station. But if he does a Sandra Bullock and crosses from station to station, then rides the missile to Earth (like in Gravity ) ... where will he land? He could end up anywhere in the USA (if he gets the correct continent!), up to three THOUSAND miles from the other survivors.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 3] Reapercussions
    Shown 05/Nov/14

    Princess Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) teams up with Grounder Princess Anya ( Dichen Lachman ) to escape. However, things are worse than they thought. We discover how the Reapers became so powerful, and where they get their daily supply of human flesh from.

    Lincoln (Ricky Whittle - American Gods ) the friendly grounder has been captured by Reapers. Bellamy’s sister Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) tries to team up with Nyko the medicine man (Ty Olssen - Supernatural ) and the Grounders to save him.

    Clarke’s mother admits she was the one who helped Bellamy’s crew escape. But the Acting Chancellor has to make an example out of her, or face open rebellion among the survivors. However, he has a captive Grounder and a plan of his own.

    Bellamy’s crew discover some Grounders. Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) gets used as bait. Finn is now a ruthless psycho, obsessed with getting Clarke back.

    The Prez (Isaiah Washington - ) makes friends with some desert nomads. But there are good nomads and bad nomads …

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 4] Many Happy Returns
    Shown 12/Nov/14

    The Prez (Isaiah Washington - ) encounters some desert nomads. Their family's situation turns out to be more complicated than it first appears.

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ), Finn and Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and the redshirts find one of the other crash sites. The sole survivor is in peril. But what will be the cost if they stop to help her? How many of their own people will they lose while trying to save her?

    Anya ( Dichen Lachman ) enslaves Princess Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ), despite their teamwork escaping the Vamps. Anya wants to take Clarke back to her village as a trophy. Clarke has other ideas, and the story so far has toughened the Princess up quite a bit. Unfortunately the bloodsuckers are still after them! Can they escape with their lives? After all, the bad guys already know that Clarke will head to her camp, which is where they found her the first time. This leads to an all-out slug-fest that technically qualifies as a mud-wrestling cat-fight but is nowhere near as glamorous as that suggests. And who will win the bloody and unglamorous catfight?

    Back at the camp, the Operations Manager (Gaeta from Battlestar Galactica 2003 ) and the trigger-happy Security sidekick are in charge. The Acting President Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) is off on his peace mission, but there is no sign of Clarke's mother for some reason. Despite being the highest-ranking leader, and the only Doctor in the camp ...

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) the babelicious mechanic is back on her feet again, assigned to help a friendly engineer to build a beacon. The guy builds her a special brace for her crippled leg, but despite his flirtations Raven is a mean-spirited bitch. This is regardless of the fact that everyone else has lost more than her.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 5] Human Trials
    Shown 19/Nov/14

    Finn and Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) find the Grounder village. They cause a distraction by setting the food-storage hut on fire. Since the neighbours feast on human flesh, cutting out the vegetarian option is not a good idea. Ironically, Stargate: Atlantis repeatedly mocked the idea of causing a diversion by blowing something up. The point is that the thing you burn as a diversion should be more valuable than whatever the enemy thinks they are protecting.

    The village’s leader is Nyko the medicine man (Ty Olssen - Supernatural ) who helped Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ). Will Finn help the villagers by getting rid of a few excess mouths?

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) makes it home, as do Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and his crew. But Clarke’s mother ( Paige Turco ) is in charge now, and she refuses to let them go out again to find their friends. Yes, she is willing to march them into certain death to save her daughter, but once the Princess is safe then the Queen clamps down on dissent.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 6] Fog of War
    Shown 03/Dec/14

    The kids are out in the woods again, exploring. Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Finn pair off, although she has doubts about his mental state. Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) make a good team.

    Clarke's mother ( Paige Turco ) trusts Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) again, which is lucky because Raven discovers that Mount Weather is jamming all frequencies. All except one, that is.

    Inside Mount Weather, however, the boss realises that his minions are plotting. They do not care about his long-term plans for integrating the 100's radiation-resistant DNA into the gene pool. No, they care more about themselves than about future generations.

    The Prez (Isaiah Washington - ) and his sidekick are locked in a cell and ordered to fight to the death.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 7] Long Into an Abyss
    Shown 10/Dec/14

    The Prez (Isaiah Washington - ) returns to base-camp and tells Clarke’s mom the news. Either they leave the forest and go to the desert, or they have to fight the barbarian Grounders. The Prez thinks they cannot win the fight: Clarke’s mom ( Paige Turco ) refuses to leave the 47 teenagers in Mount Weather.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) tries to help Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) with Lincoln (Ricky Whittle - American Gods ). Their knowledge of medicine is limited to say the least, as is their ability to safely incarcerate a criminally insane person. Can they cure Lincoln without killing him before he kills them? Nyko the medicine man (Ty Olssen - Supernatural ) lends a hand.

    Inside Mount Weather, the Doctor discovers that mere blood transfusions are not enough. They will need bone marrow transplants. The entire 47 will be used as involuntary donors, with no survivors. Unfortunately, nobody remembers that even if the Mount Weather staff could live on the surface they would still be surrounded by thousands of angry stone-age barbarians.

    Clarke tries to negotiate with the barbarians. The adults did not think it was worth bothering – no wonder this Young Adult show always puts the teenagers in charge!

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 8] Spacewalker
    Shown 17/Dec/14

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) delivers the Grounders’ demands. They want Finn, so they can execute him for accidentally massacring a village full of civilians. Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) has another option – have Finn tried and punished by his own kind. But will the Grounders agree to it? Lincoln (Ricky Whittle - American Gods ) warns them that the Grounder leader would appear weak, inviting a coup.

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) and Clarke both blame Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ), although under the circumstances he is perhaps the sanest and most decent of the crew.

    Raven has flashbacks to the incident that got Finn thrown in the brig. It explains why she is so dedicated to him. It also illustrates the obsessive lengths that Finn will go to for a girl he likes. Had Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) known this, would he have trusted him with a gun?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 9] Remember Me
    Shown 21/Jan/15

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) blames Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) for what happened to Finn. Worse, Clarke blames herself. She sees Finn’s image everywhere, haunting her. Her guilt paralyses her, and she refuses to let Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) attempt to infiltrate Mount Weather.

    Nyko the medicine man (Ty Olssen - Supernatural ) and the Grounders take Finn to the village where the massacre happened, so he can be cremated with his victims. Clarke and a small delegation accompany the Grounder Commander, as part of the new alliance. But someone tries an assassination in order to disrupt the alliance.

    Back in Mount Weather, the nerds work out a way to hack into the communications system. But can they do it without getting caught?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 10] Survival of the Fittest
    Shown 28/Jan/15

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and the Grounder Princess try planning their next move, but Clarke’s plan is mostly to wait for Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) to work from the inside. The Grounder general is unhappy with this, and wants to kill Clarke. Things will never get better in this alliance if Clarke gets framed or shot at every single day. Worse, the bunker is right next door to an old zoo ... and one of the predatory exotic animals has thrived in the new forest environment. However, this is a great chance for her to bond with her opposite number.

    Back at the camp, the Grounders and the Guardians start training together. It is more like parallel play, because the Grounders have superstitions against using guns and refuse to fight the Guardians hand-to-hand. Only Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is willing to duel a grounder warrior, in the hope of earning their respect. This just makes it more apparent than ever that the teenage girl is actually played by an actress in her late twenties.

    The Prez (Isaiah Washington - ) is the only one who expresses any doubts about the alliance. He reasons that as soon as Mount Weather is taken out, the Grounders will wipe out the Sky People too. He chooses Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) as an ally, because the Grounders blame Murph for Finn’s actions. Will Murph join the Prez on his next madcap scheme?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 11] Coup de Grâce
    Shown 04/Feb/15

    The Mountain Men have somehow learned that Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and the Grounder Princess have formed an alliance. They send a sniper and spotter out to assassinate the girls. Unfortunately for them, their radiation suits do not double as ghillie suits so they have no camouflage. The Sky People, with their blood fusions and duct tape, have the ability to take one of them alive.

    First, Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) the Security Boss proposes torturing the prisoner for info. Clarke and her mother ( Paige Turco ) oppose torture on both moral and practical grounds. Then Clarke has an about-face, and decides to murder the man. The Security Boss has to side with Clarke’s mommy, because the man is more useful alive than dead. Finally, in this game of moral musical chairs, Clarke arrives at a compromise. Unfortunately, she has a problem with mathematics. She does not realise that if someone has limited oxygen, if they run they will use up more oxygen than if they walked.

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) is inside Mount Weather. He learns that they are not all military or scientific staff, and there is even a pre-school in the base.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 12] Rubicon
    Shown 11/Feb/15

    The sniper that Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) released tries to run the 24 miles (8 hours walk at 3mph) back to Mount Weather. However, since he uses oxygen faster when he runs ...

    The villains’ blood-sucking leader can now walk in direct sunlight. Yes, he is now the equivalent of Klaus Mikaelson from The Originals . Except that he has no superhuman powers, and the only thing that makes him unusual is that he can accomplish the bare minimum that any normal Grounder or Sky Person can do. However, there are OTHER Mountain men who have taken the treatment. One of them is sniper-trained, with all the camouflage and concealment skills that the other two lacked. To counter the secret Grounder army that Clarke bluffed the POW with, they want to take out the conference of Grounder leaders. Also, instead of a sniper rifle they have decided to use a missile. A shoulder-launched SSM could take out a mud-hut full of Grounder VIPs, but the villains decide to use a medium-range ballistic missile.

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) has the run of the mountain, blending in with the guards. He tells the wimpy kids that they should fight back, rather than get murdered one at a time. However, the kids were scary as a lynch mob when they attacked Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) last year but even when they outnumber the guards ten to one they are useless in a fight. The idea of killing the lady doctor, who is unarmed an unarmoured, never occurs to them.

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) gets Bellamy to rig the Mountain transmitter to a walkie-talkie, and crawl in an air duct Die Hard style, so Clarke can hear the villain’s plans. She knows about the missile ... but saving the VIPs will blow Bellamy’s cover, and until he gets rid of the acid fog they cannot risk losing him.

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) confronts Lincoln (Ricky Whittle - American Gods ) ...

    Murph and the other runaways get mugged by a man with an RPG-7. Yes, an anti-tank weapon with a single shape charge against a well-spread-out group with guns. Will anyone have the brains to just shoot the guy?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 13] Resurrection
    Shown 18/Feb/15

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) and the others try to dig the survivors out of the rubble. For a girl who spent her entire life under the floor or in a prison cell, she has become a real ninja! Paige Turco may be the new Prez, but she is also the only trained medical doctor on site. Except for Nyko the medicine man (Ty Olssen - Supernatural ), that is, but he does not really count. She goes into the unsafe ruins to save Thomas, and gets stuck there.

    The spotter is still in the high ground, and gives his position away by using a sniper rifle against the survivors. But Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and the Grounder Princess are nearby, so they try to track him down.

    Back in Mount Weather, the kids have barricaded themselves into the dorm. The villain sends in his riot squad, but the kids almost have a strategy. Luckily Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) is still wandering around in disguise. Also, there is a resistance movement led by Ian Tracey (the third actor re-used from Continuum , after Murphy/Theseus and Terry Chen).

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 14] Bodyguard of Lies
    Shown 25/Feb/15

    Bellamy’s messing around saving the kids has backfired. The security team, using all the technology and learning at their disposal, have increased their security. He cannot get access to the acid fog projector.

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is not a fool, and has worked out how Clarke escaped the missile. It is amazing how quickly the girl who lived under the floor has become an expert warrior and an arrogant stroppy bitch. Will Octavia keep her mouth shut, or will Lexa the Grounder Princess ( ) shut it for her? We learn why Lexa cares for Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) so much.

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and the half-dozen survivors stuck in the desert learn the hard way that they are stuck in a minefield. Strangely the mines are powerful enough to be anti-vehicle weapons (as opposed to toe-poppers that are used against infantry) but have such a low trigger setting that a man on foot can set them off.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 15] Blood Must Have Blood Pt.1
    Shown 04/Mar/15

    The teens are being hidden by dissidents in the bunker complex. The evil overlord has a new policy to clamp down on the dissidents. This involves room-by-room searches, and summary execution of anyone found hiding the kids.

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) and her engineer BF break into the hydro-electric dam and try to blow up the turbine generators. But they need to blow up all five in order for the plan to work. Meanwhile, Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) and a group of Grounders infiltrate the Reaper tunnels. They can cure the Reapers, but are the Grounders any more trustworthy?

    There is one issue that has yet to be addressed. The massive grounder Army has one goal - the release of the Grounder prisoners and the ending of the blood treatments. But since the Mountain Men have access to the Sky People’s bone-marrow, the blood treatments are no longer necessary. It would cost them nothing to release the Grounder captives.

    However, there is another issue: the only problem with the bone marrow is that there are not enough donors. It is surprising that the donation recipients recover from the operation so quickly, but that is not the problem. If the number of donors was greater than the number of recipients (i.e. if all Ark survivors provided a small amount of bone marrow) then the Mountain men would get what they wanted without further loss of life.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 2, Episode 16] Blood Must Have Blood Pt.2
    Shown 11/Mar/15

    Of all the alliance army, only Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) are left. However, they meet up with Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and his tiny band inside the complex.

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) and her BF have been captured and are next in line for the chopping block. Worse, Clarke’s mother ( Paige Turco ) and her band of Sky People are in enemy hands. They were last seen tending to the survivors at the grounder capital, Ton Dee See. The Mountain Men must have been patrolling at a great distance from their base, deep behind Grounder lines ... Or else the Sky people must have come to reinforce Clarke, and blundered into an ambush.

    Clarke and her team are too few in number to shoot their way in. The Prez of the Mountain Men is too well-protected, and even if he were killed his replacement would continue his scheme. When Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) offers the sensible route (non-lethal donations of bone marrow) will this be accepted? Will the nerd’s Mountain Girl friend get a blood donation to stave off radiation sickness? Will Clarke do the unthinkable, and wipe out the entire population of the complex? And what of the guards who have already taken the bone marrow treatment, and are thus immune to radiation sickness?

    Elsewhere, former Prez Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) and Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) run into further difficulties. They follow a drone out to sea, where they run into a mutated sea creature. How many lives of his followers will Jaha sacrifice?

    The final sequence introduces Erica Cerra (Deputy Jo from Eureka ), looking spectacular in a red dress and subtly acting even crazier than Jaha! This is a great setup for next Season.

    The 100

    Season 3

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 1] Wanheda: Part One
    Shown 21 Jan 16

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) went exploring, and discovered a secret nuke-proof bomb shelter. It had three months worth of food in it, which is just as well because he gets locked inside. This gives the local Skynet time to brainwash former Prez Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) ...

    In the space of three months, Bellamy the Assassin (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) has wised up and been promoted. He reports directly to Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ), and commands a military patrol that drives around in a cool-looking jeep. Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) is on his team, despite being an alcoholic depressive. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is their scout, because she has a horse. Well, at least she does not have to worry about getting a constant fuel supply.

    The Grounders have a bounty on Clarke, whom they now call Wanheda. In the space of three months, Clarke has gone walkabout, gone brunette and gone lesbian. Well, hopefully that will boost the ratings a bit. In the previous Season she expertly fended off the Commander's advances, but now she seems very keen to do what she previously considered unthinkable.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 2] Wanheda: Part Two
    Shown 28 Jan 16

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) joins former Prez Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) on an insane quest. Well, in a post-Apocalyptic wasteland there is nothing better to do. They team up with the scavenger girl who robbed them in the desert last year. Yes, she knew a shortcut that would have saved them many lives. Also, she is still a kleptomaniac. However, Jaha has a secret - the City of Light is like the Cylon VR in Caprica !

    Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) lead a patrol to search for Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ). The bad news is, they get ambushed. The good news is, they make new allies. The worse news is, the Ice Nation are on the march. This is the most barbaric tribe of Grounders so far, and they are taking advantage of the power vacuum now the Mountain Men are gone.

    Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) gets his check-up from Clarke’s mother ( Paige Turco ). Then Nyko the medicine man (Ty Olssen - Supernatural ) arrives, wounded by the Ice Nation and in desperate need of a blood transfusion. The only place they can get him patched up is in Mount Weather. This means risking the treaty with the Grounders, even if it is only to save one of their own.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 3] Ye Who Enter Here
    Shown 04 Feb 16

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) is a guestage of Lexa. The plan is to exchange her for a treaty with the Sky People. Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) and Clarke’s mother ( Paige Turco ) go to the Alliance's capital. This is not the remote village set of 'Ton D.C., it is a skyscraper about two hundred feet high. The metal structure supporting the weight has survived nuclear war as well as a hundred years of wear and tear. Presumably the elevators no longer work, so everyone must go up twenty flights of stairs to get to the council chamber.

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) and Felix Gaeta ( BSG 2003 ) go to Mount Weather to loot some tech gear. Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) go along for security. They discover that the Ice Queen has sent an assassin to destroy the alliance. Will they get to the council chamber before everyone dies?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 4] Watch the Thrones
    Shown 11 Feb 16

    Lexa lets things boil over with the Ice Queen. Lexa fights her own battles, but the Ice Queen uses her own son as champion. The battle will be to the death - but whose death?

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) tries to take things into her own hands. What really matters is that she learns about the Grounders' selective monarchy. There is a reason the rulers are children - there is a special sub-species with black blood!

    One of Sky Crew decides to lead a rebellion. His plan is to murder as many grounders as he can. Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) goes along with this genocidal plan.

    To ratify the alliance with the Grounders, the Sky People hold an election. Unfortunately, the rebel leader is permitted to stand. If he wins the election, it does not matter if Lexa wins the duel or not. While the Sky Crew may seem more civilised than the Grounders, they are just more effective at getting what they want.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 5] Hakeldama
    Shown 18 Feb 16

    The new leader of Sky Crew is a genocidal idiot. He leads a half-dozen hardened killers to exterminate the friendly army sent to guard them. This will not end well for anyone.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) tries to reason with Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ). Unfortunately he blames her for leaving him in charge, with only her mother and Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) to shoulder the burden of adult responsibility.

    Former Prez Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) arrives back at the Sky Crew camp. He is unwelcome in the new regime, but they let him preach his religion. Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) is still walking wounded, but she is a prime candidate for a religious conversion.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 6] Bitter Harvest
    Shown 25 Feb 16

    The Ice Kingdom send Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Lexa a gift - the last of the Mountain men. This puts Clarke in a bit of a dilemma. She spent all of the previous episode preaching her new creed of blood must not have blood. Now she is confronted with a situation where she must deny herself revenge, or risk being revealed as a bloodthirsty hypocrite.

    The Dictator of Sky Crew decides to invade some farmland nearby. The problem is that there are already farmers living there. The Dictator sends Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and a murder-gang there to ethnically cleanse the Grounders.

    Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) sends Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) to warn the Grounders. What could possibly go wrong?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 7] Thirteen
    Shown 03 Mar 16

    Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) learns that he must locate the Thirteenth station, because that is where the AI's components are located.

    The flashbacks are to the original Space Station Thirteen, AKA Polaris. Back on Unification Day, they were the one Station that held off on joining up. Now we get to see their side of things - they were afraid that their murderous AI would take over the entire Station!

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) is still alive, but he is being interrogated by a madman who is obsessed with Polaris.

    Lexa is keen to follow Clarke's lead, and since Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) has switched to being exclusively lesbian relationships this Season they get to spend a lot of romantic time together. Lexa's head minion regards Clarke as being an inappropriate influence on the Commander. As always in Grounder politics, the first course of action is to assassinate one's opponent. And one way or another, TV shows never have long-term relationships.

    The Dictator and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) start to hunt for the Liberal in their midst.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 8] Terms and Conditions
    Shown 10 Mar 16

    Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) masterminds the resistance. Clarke’s mother ( Paige Turco ) is nowhere to be seen.

    The Dictator takes no responsibility for anything. He even blames Kane for handing Finn over to the Grounders. This ignores the fact that Finn was sentanced to be one of the Hundred with good reason.

    Gaeta (Alessandro Juliana - BSG2003 ) is still in camp, as the blacksmith - or chief engineer, as he calls himself. He is loyal to Kane, and gets roped into a crazy plan. Is Kane stupid enough to fall for an obvious trap, or will he manage to make a great plan and then mess it up in a completely different (but utterly avoidable) way?

    With the camp in political turmoil, Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) sits on the sideline and obsesses about finding the Thirteenth Station. To do this he needs more brains plugged into the City of Light. Unfortunately the Dictator has confiscated the brain-tabs. Luckily, Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) and Jaha can induce Jasper the alcoholic (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) into helping them.

    Last episode saw the end of the show's lesbian subplot. Now the showrunner decides to placate the LBGT community by playing up the show's token man-on-man relationship. However, as with most TV shows this relationship is set for some rocky times.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 9] Stealing Fire
    Shown 31 Mar 16

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) are guest-ages in the Capital, until a new Commander is chosen. Lexa's death sentance for any Sky-crew found outside Arcadia obviously does not cover them. Or Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ), who meets with Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) in an effort to save Arcadia.

    The succession is not primogeniture or democratic election. No, it is trial by combat! However, that does not make it a fair fight. The candidates are all children, and the eldest is a girl raised by the Ice Nation. Yes, the old Ice Queen is dead but a far worse one might soon take her place.

    The dictator of Arcadia has sentenced Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ), Gaeta (Alessandro Juliana - BSG2003 ) and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle - American Gods ) to death. Clarke’s mother ( Paige Turco ) pops up briefly to say goodbye. A small band of recurring characters have a desperate plan to rescue them. This is basically a rerun of what happened in Mount Weather in Season Two!

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 10] Fallen
    Shown 07 Apr 16

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) blames Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) for the events in the previous episode. Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) and his group are hiding out in a cave, trapped between the fascists of Sky Crew and the bloodthirsty grounder blockade. Monty tries to join them, but it could be a trap.

    The dictator of Sky Crew intended to turn Arcadia into a police state. However, he has wasted time by concentrating on Kane and allowing Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) to peddle his religion. Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) is trying to block out the woman in the red dress by reciting a certain poem by Edgar Allen Poe. She also gets Clarke's mother ( Paige Turco ) and Jasper the alcoholic (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) to help. Can she destroy the brainwashing chips before they turn everyone into zombies?

    Back at the Capital, the new Commander keeps Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) as her pet. She chains him to a wall, and forces him to watch as she takes long bubble-baths. In return, he helps her bluff at politics instead of just killing everyone.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 11] Nevermore
    Shown 14 Apr 16

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) take Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) to the other survivors. They decide to build the EMP and cure her. However, they do not bother to gag or blindfold her. As a result she constantly plays mind-games with them.

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) blames Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) for the death of her lover. Jasper blames Clarke for the death of his lover. The Grounder girl blames Bellamy for the death of her father. Lots of blame for Raven to throw around.

    Monty's mother tried to sell him out to Pike the Dictator. Now she is a henchwoman of the brainwashing AI. It certainly seems like her life expectancy is not getting any higher. Will our heroes kill her or cure her?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 12] Demons
    Shown 21 Apr 16

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and the others return to the main camp. Everyone seems to have abandoned the place, so all the tech is there for the taking. However, someone else is stalking the group. He wants to take revenge on Clarke and all her friends.

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) is enjoying life as the Queen's slave. Then he meets his previous girlfriend in the marketplace, and shows her a lot more trust than he would have a few weeks ago. Later, Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) shows up. How Jaha got there from the main camp, with still no sign of Chancellor Kane, is not explained.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 13] Join or Die
    Shown 28 Apr 16

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) takes the others to the most remote corner of Lincoln's map. Hopefully they will meet the final nightblood there.

    Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) and the execution party arrive at the Grounder capital. They must have taken the scenic route, because Jaha's army has beaten them there. The mass-murderer is thrown in prison with Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and Indra. How ironic that it is Kane himself who ends up getting the torturous punishment.

    The flashbacks are to the day before the Hundred were sent to Earth. The mass-murderer was recruited by Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) and Kane to give the Hundred a refresher course in survival skills. Murphy was a poor student, and Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) was the only one in the class who paid attention. This seems to be a bit of retro-fitting, to explain the complete disparity in their survival skills.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 14] Red Sky at Morning
    Shown 05 May 16

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and the prisoners stage their escape attempt. The bad news is, they are stuck at the centre of the enemy capital. The good news is, the temple with the AI's tech is nearby.

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) discovers a backdoor into the City of light. She tries to hack the system. Despite being unaware of each others actions, if she and Murphy act simultaneously then they will destroy the AI.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and her team try to persuade the last Nightblood to become the new Commander. Unfortunately the girl is unwilling to take on the responsibility. Luckily she is also resistant to waterboarding.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 15] Perverse Instantiation, Part One
    Shown 12 May 16

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) has only one plan left - return to the Grounder capital and cure the Queen. Unfortunately, she does not know that one of her crew has been chipped. It could be Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ), who was supposedly cured, but both Jasper (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) and his sidekick Monty have been moody since their loved ones died.

    The Grounder capital is sparsely populated, so presumably the people have dispersed among the villages to spread the AI like a plague. Their HQ building has a functioning elevator, but the bad news is its winch is manually operated.

    A couple of episodes ago, Kane was extorted by a threat to Clarke's mother. Ironic that Clarke herself is now tortured by her mother. Worse, she is herself extorted by a threat to the mother that tortured her. Will Clarke show the same weakness that Kane did? After all, if Kane had held out then he would look like a villain but in the long run he would have prevented Clarke's suffering.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 3, Episode 16] Perverse Instantiation, Part Two
    Shown 19 May 16

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) takes it upon herself to put the Flame Chip in her head. The good news is, it can protect her from the AI while she searches for the kill-switch. The bad news is, it will only work while she has black blood pumped into her system. The good news is, she can now communicate with the former Commanders - so she can see her lost lover Lexa one more time. This is just fan-service for the hard-core lesbian fans who were so upset that Lexa got written out of the show. Well, Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle - American Gods ) did not get their happy-ever-after ending, any more than Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) and Finn did in the previous Season. Even poor Jasper (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) is in so much emotional turmoil that he wanted an AI to brainwash his pain away.

    Meanwhile, the tower is under siege. The survival of the human race depends upon Octavia and the mad dictator working together. Well, there would be no drama without conflict, and no suspense without the inevitability of everything going wrong at the worst possible moment.

    The 100

    Season 4

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 1] Echoes
    Shown 01 Feb 17

    The city is in turmoil because of the end of the City of Light. The Ice Nation decide to take over, and are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. This means besieging Sky Crew and Tree Crew.

    Back at Arcadia, the Asian boy has gotten over his mother's death thanks to getting lots of sex with his hot blonde girlfriend. However, Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) is still grieving and crippled, and Jasper (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) is still suicidal over the loss of his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) are still grieving over the loss of their own lovers. Yes, teen angst all round.

    The Ice Nation's King, Ronan ( Agents of SHIELD: S4 ), is on his deathbed. Command is now held by the leader of the Royal Guard. Like all the greatest warriors in this show, she is a beautiful young woman. Perhaps things would be better if they learned more mature arts like diplomacy, negotiation and compromise. The best solution would be one of marriages between the crews. After all, they will never trust each other - but perhaps the next generation will learn to live in peace.

    The AI's exposition at the end of the previous Season is confirmed. The remaining nuclear power plants around the world are going to overload. In six months time, there will be another armageddon. The adults are useless, so only the tweenagers will be able to save the world.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 2] Heavy Lies the Crown
    Shown 08 Feb 17

    The peasants still blame Sky Crew for what the City of Light did. Clarke's policy of blood must not have blood is ignored. One of the ambassadors wants to challenge King Ronan (Zach Magowan - Agents of SHIELD: S4 ) to single combat. This is very well timed, because Roan is still recovering from having a bullet extracted from his chest. Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) tries to negotiate a solution, but Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) prefers a more direct approach.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) try to save Sky Crew. Their plan is to repair the Ark and use it as a shelter. Unfortunately there is only enough room for Sky Crew, which means that the other twelve tribes will be sacrificed. Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) offers to help, but everyone still blames him for everything that went wrong. They ignore the fact that Clarke's mother was just as guilty.

    Bellamy and a handful of youngsters go to Ice Nation to scavenge a hydro generator that will provide water for the population. Unfortunately the Ice Nation did not execute their Sky Crew prisoners, and instead have allowed some to live as slaves. The smart thing to do would be to take the generator home, then get king Roan to order the release of the slaves. The other choice is to start a war with the Ice Nation in order to free a couple of dozen extra mouths to feed a few days before they would be released anyway. Not much choice at all, really.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 3] The Four Horsemen
    Shown 15 Feb 17

    The ark only has room for a hundred survivors, which means the other four hundred people must be abandoned. As defacto leader, Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) has been tasked with writing the list. However, she is reluctant to do so. Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) has found a potential safe haven. A prophetic cult-leader (John Pyper-Ferguson - Alphas ) built a survival bunker for his cult. But how come nobody has heard of them before? Are they the ancestors of the Grounders, or are they the new Mount Weather?

    Some Grounders arrive at Arcadia in need of medical attention. They are from the oil rig in the previous Season. The fish have started to die, killed off by radiation poisoning. This means the apocalypse will happen in two months time, instead of the six months that the AI had predicted. Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) does not want to waste valuable medication on dying children. Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ), ever the survivor, drops by to help out.

    King Ronan ( Agents of SHIELD: S4 ) sends Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) to find the magic Super-AI tablet. It has been stolen by a fanatical priestess, and may fall into the hands of the neo-Luddites who want to destroy all technology so the City of Light cannot rise again. Roan wants to prevent a civil war, but Octavia is an enthusiastic killer who would probably welcome such a war.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 4] A Lie Guarded
    Shown 22 Feb 17

    Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) hangs around playing practical jokes while everyone else is working to build a super shelter. Unfortunately he discovers the supposedly secret list she created last week. Do the workers have the right to know that their fate has been decided by a teenage girl? After all, as she freely admits her only authority comes from the fact that she is Kane's proxy. Luckily Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) is still around, helping out as an engineer.

    Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) tries to persuade Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) not to go around killing people all the time. However, he has bigger problems to worry about. Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Bellamy broke the treaty with King Roan ( Agents of SHIELD: Season 4 ). After all, Sky Crew have spent the last two weeks working to protect themselves - well, one in five of them.

    Clarke's mother leads another expedition, this one to the island where the AI was hiding. Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and his girlfriend come along as guides. The AI may be gone, but somehow the security drones are still active. Worse, Mama has brought the only black-blood with her. If the black-blood dies, they will have no source of blood to clone.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 5] The Tinder Box
    Shown 01 Mar 17

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) gets found by the anti-technology obsessive, who gets her to Arkadia so she can warn her friends. Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) takes a handful of sharpshooters to ambush the Ice Nation army. Her plan is to negotiate another peace treaty with King Ronan ( Agents of SHIELD: S4 ). Unfortunately, one of her minions has other ideas. He was a slave of the Ice Nation, and like all tweenagers he cares more about revenge for being forced to do chores than he does about safeguarding the future of the human race.

    Clarke's mother has locked herself in the bunker with Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) and another tech. The good news is, they make incredible progress. The bad news is, it is linked to the after-effects of the AI chip from the previous Season. Worse, the long-term effects may include fatal brain damage.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 6] We Will Rise
    Shown 15 Mar 17

    Clarke's mother is nowhere in sight this week. She delegates the piloting simulation to Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ), and in turn Raven's welfare is delegated to Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ).

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) take their last remaining barrels of rocket fuel to the island. King Ronan ( Agents of SHIELD: S4 ) and his bodyguards come along to help. Unfortunately, since Ice Nation and Tree Crew are at war the roads are not safe and they inevitably run into trouble.

    The token adult, Chancellor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ), tries to keep the law in the ruins of Arkadia. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is still recovering from her injuries, and is in no mental or physical state to back him up.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 7] Gimme Shelter
    Shown 22 Mar 17

    The black rain starts to fall. The token adult, Chancellor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ), tries to keep the law in the ruins of Arkadia. Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) goes out in a jeep to round up stragglers. One of them is Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ), who went walkabout in the forest.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) makes it to the island. Her mother has a potential cure, but she is at the human testing phase. They need a subject that they can expose to lethal levels of radiation, but the only expendable personnel are Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and his scavenger girlfriend. By incredible coincidence, another scavenger breaks in. Is he a starving loner who has not eaten in days and merely wants food and shelter from the black rain? Or is he a murderer obsessed with killing Clarke's friends? Well, when is the last time Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) actually met someone nice?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 8] God Complex
    Shown 29 Mar 17

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and her friends have taken the nightblood to the human testing phase. They do not bother with animal testing, or to request volunteers. Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and his girlfriend are deemed expendable. The only one who objects is Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ). Will Clarke become as bad as the Mount Weather crew?

    Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) discovers a clue to the true location of the bunker they looked for in The 100 [Season 4, Episode 3] The Four Horsemen. He goes back to the Capital in order to speak to the priestess. Chancellor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) abandons his position as leader of Arkadia, and tags along on the mission. Unfortunately, Tree Crew is still at war with the Ice Nation.

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) reluctantly accompanies Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) to a rave party in the woods. Since they are all about to die, their motto is now to do whatever the hell we want.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 9] DNR
    Shown 26 Apr 17

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and his girlfriend are left in the rocket silo with Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ). The visions of Erica Cerra persist, as the AI tech works in her head. She is dying from the brain damage, but she might go out with a bang.

    Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) promises everyone a life of safety in the new bunker. Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) is not the only one who realises this is just a return to the Ark society they fled, and decides to stay with the philosophy of whatever the hell we want.

    Chancellor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) try to pull a double-cross on King Ronan ( Agents of SHIELD: S4 ). Unfortunately, Ice Nation have planned ahead.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) tries to find a peaceful solution. Unfortunately King Ronan no longer trusts her. Or maybe the writers just want a climactic battle for the Season finale. Sky Crew need a champion for the great duel, but they will not be allowed to use guns. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is off playing farmer's wife - well, she does the farmer's work while her new lover is the man-wife.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 10] Die All, Die Merrily
    Shown 03 May 17

    The thirteen clans send their champions for the final melee, a winner-takes-all fight to the death. King Ronan ( Agents of SHIELD: S4 ) represents Ice Nation, and Octavia's most recent lover represents his own tribe. The scariest contestant is Luna from Float Crew, the last surviving black-blood, who also volunteers to fight. Since her tribe is extinct, she plans to let the entire human species die. And since she was trained from birth in the deadly arts, she is probably the best fighter there.

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is Sky Crew's champion. In part this makes sense, because she is the only one with martial arts skills. Lincoln (Ricky Whittle - American Gods ) may have trained her, but all this means is she is as good as an average warrior. She has long been accepted as the greatest warrior in the thirteen tribes, but now this is shown to be a false assumption. In the previous episode she killed three attackers single-handedly, but now we are supposed to ignore such unlikely deeds and write them off as luck. Her new strategy, as the former girl under the floor, is to hide somewhere and let the others fight it out.

    Chancellor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) watch the events from the throne room. It is a bit like watching election results come in, and they await things gradually taking a turn for the catestrophic. Will any of the clans cheat?

    Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) and Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) do not trust the Grounders. This is unfair, because if Luna and Roan have become vicious killers it is only because they have seen sadism and betrayal at the hands of Sky Crew. While Kane and Bellamy stay upstairs, the rest of Sky Crew mysteriously disappear from the proceedings.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 11] The Other Side
    Shown 10 May 17

    Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) is the defacto Chancellor again. Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and her mother ( Paige Turco ) have both sided with him. Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) is the only one who objects, so Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) is assigned to guard his cell.

    Chancellor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) and Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) are locked out and left to die. They have nothing to do but stall the grounders and wait.

    Jasper the nerd (Devon Bostick - Being Erica ) and his followers have adopted a live for the moment approach. They have started to die off, due to radiation poisoning and overdoses of recreational substances. Monty the Korean kid has to live with the knowledge that not only are his friends dying around him and there is nothing he can do, but that they would rather be dead than hang out with him.

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) is still humanity's last, best hope. She is alone in the AI bunker on the island, very far away. The AI personality in her brain, Erica Cerra , is joined by Gaeta (Alessandro Juliana - BSG2003 ). Well, at least now she has an alternative perspective.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 12] The Chosen
    Shown 17 May 17

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) gives Sky Crew a hundred places in the bunker, despite their duplicity. Chancellor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ) and Clarke's mother ( Paige Turco ) try to organise a lottery to pick the survivors. Jaha (Isaiah Washington - ) stirs up trouble, as usual.

    As always, any time there is a vital mission to save humanity it is entrusted to a group of teenagers. Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) are joined by Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and his girlfriend. The plan is to get to Raven's bunker, and use the space rocket. They have gone to a lot of trouble to perfect the night-blood injections, but that whole idea seems to have been for nothing.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 4, Episode 13] Praimfaya
    Shown 24 May 17

    The Grounders and Sky Crew are in the bunker. Despite having a lot of seasoned adults as leaders, Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) - a teenage girl who is okay in a fight - is the de facto leader of the human species.

    On the island, Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) gets the tweenagers to prepare the space rocket. Naturally there are still lots of problems to be fixed. Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and Monty have to go get extra oxygen bottles. Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) are sent to a signal tower to get the space station working by remote. The space rocket is on a countdown, so anyone who lags behind gets left behind. Of course, everyone forgets that Clarke is a nightblood (and thus potentially immune).

    This would be a great place to end the show. In fact, like all good shows it should have ended after Season Three. However, that would be too much to ask for. The good news is, the epilogue takes place six years later. This means that the actors will be able to play closer to their real ages. On the other hand, we now get yet ANOTHER group of bad guys. Yet again, they have never been mentioned before.

    The 100

    Season 5

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 1] Eden
    Shown 24 Apr 18

    The story starts with the flash-forward from the epilogue of the previous Season. Then it goes back to the Priamfiya incident, and gives us the highlights of the five-year period.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) was alone on the dehydrated Earth for several months. However, she found a survivable habitat in Shadow Valley, formerly known as the Shenandoah valley. Also, she found a teenage girl to shack up with.

    After five years on the arc, the space crew have all matured a bit. Echo and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) have shacked up, for example. The exception is Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ), who has regressed as a character. Once again he is in self-imposed exile.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 2] Red Queen
    Shown 01 May 18

    We get to see what happened with the Grounders and Sky Crew in the bunker for five years. Despite having a lot of seasoned adults as leaders, Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) - a teenage girl who is okay in a fight - was the de facto leader of the human species.

    Cooper ( Kyra Sagorsky ) staged the inevitable Sky Crew revolt against the Grounders. Octavia's response was to abolish the tribal system, and to create a single tribe named Wun-Cru.

    The final twist is that Octavia's society is based around the rules of (Mad Max Beyond) Thunderdome . This episode's title has a dual meaning. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is the Queen of Wun-Cru, red with the blood of those who broke her rules. But the Red Queen was also the antagonistic AI that ruled an underground bunker full of murderous perils in Resident Evil .

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 3] Sleeping Giants
    Shown 08 May 18

    After everything in the previous Seasons, the world had literally run out of villains. Luckily, a spaceship arrives with some new ones. Perhaps they are not antagonists to start with, but Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) starts to murder them so they become antagonistic by default.

    Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) is yet another matriarch with male cannon-fodder. She sends her goons, a crew of murderous space-convicts, into the woods to catch Clarke.

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) and his crew access Diorosa's spaceship, and check the ship's log in order to discover her back-story. Somehow the woman got to be a Colonel in the US Navy Seals. This is strange, because Colonel is an Army rank and not a Navy one.

    Bellamy takes his team down to save Clarke. He even has a plan.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 4] Pandora's Box
    Shown 15 May 18

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) offers Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) a deal. Can they dig the vault out?

    As always with this show, a matriarch decides that there are not enough resources to share. This leads to the inevitable double-cross. Once again, a couple of Matriarchs will battle for the end of the world. Like Rick and Neegan in The Walking Dead (S8) , but with attractive women instead.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 5] Shifting Sands
    Shown 22 May 18

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) leads her army towards Shadow Valley, by the shortest and most direct route possible. Unfortunately that takes them through the desert. Worse, the desert is now infested with vicious parasitic worms.

    Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) cannot get her ship's missile systems on-line. She orders McCreery and the Pilot to interrogate Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) and Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ). Predictably, McCreery's strategy is torture. The Pilot has another idea. After all, he was the one who tried to tell Diyosa that the human species was now down to just over a thousand people.

    Can Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) find the rest of Bellamy's crew? Can they drive to get a warning to Octavia's army before Diyosa blows it up?

    Clarke's mother is Diyosa's hostage. The convicts needed a doctor because they have a lot of cases of the Black Lung. Yes, space-silicosis is a thing. No wonder Diyosa's men are revolting when we consider they were being worked to death in a mining operation that lacked Twentieth Century health and safety provisions.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 6] Exit Wounds
    Shown 05 Jun 18

    Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) bombards Wun-Cru ... with food instead of missiles. This is a great strategic move when it comes to establishing dominance, and it is obviously Kane's idea. The next step is to encourage defectors. After all, the convicts do not have the skills to build farms and grow food. Yes, Diyosa needs Wun-Cru ... but rather than just make a deal with Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ), she just wants to cream off what talent she needs and then leave the rest to die.

    Octavia still holds a grudge against Echo, even after five years. Since this sets Echo up as the perfect defector, she is also the perfect person to play both sides. If she can get a USB drive to Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ), they can upload Monty the nerd's computer virus and stop Diyosa from using orbital surveillance.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 7] Acceptable Losses
    Shown 19 Jun 18

    Cooper ( Kyra Sagorsky ) is Octavia's most fanatical follower. She is the one doing all the dirty work, and claiming that Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is behind it all. Now she has weaponised the sand-worms.

    McCreery and a henchman go after Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ). Unfortunately, Murphy is not as dumb as they think.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 8] How We Get to Peace
    Shown 26 Jun 18

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) is reluctant to assassinate Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ). Instead they choose to target her enabler, Cooper ( Kyra Sagorsky ). This seems hypocritical at best.

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) tries to trade McCreery back to Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ). Unfortunately she has other plans.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 9] Sic Semper Tyrannis
    Shown 10 Jul 18

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) has to move directly against Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ). He does not need to use lethal force, because he has Monty's toxic food supplement that will non-fatally paralyse any victim. A pity they could not have used this on Cooper. It would have appeared less suspicious, and allowed an impressive character to come back in future episodes.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 10] The Last
    Shown 17 Jul 18

    Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) may be gone, but McCreery has her notebook. It contains all her plans of how to fortify and defend the valley, so he now has a serious advantage.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 11] The Dark Year
    Shown 24 Jul 18

    We get a flashback to the terrible events in the bunker that have haunted everyone who survived there for five years. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) adopted extreme measures to keep everyone alive, and enforced it with lethal violence.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 12] Damocles (1)
    Shown 31 Jul 18

    Wun-cru have fallen victim to McCreery's ambush. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) are pinned down by sniper fire.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 5, Episode 13] Damocles (2)
    Shown 31 Jul 18

    McCreery must face the consequences of his actions. He refused to accept Octavia's surrender when he had the chance. Now his defences are overrun, and his own surrender is not likely to be accepted. Instead he activates the doomsday device that Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) rigged up when she first arrived.

    Originally twelve hundred humans went into the bunker, and after Octavia's rule as Bloodreina eight hundred of them made it out. Combined with the three hundred convicts, that made a total of over a thousand humans still alive. But after the pointless war, only four hundred remain. Yes, Octavia and Diyosa waged a war that killed over SIXTY PERCENT of the human species. The so-called heroes are just as bad, and encouraged the bloodshed.

    The 100

    Season 6

  • The leader, Russell Prime (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf )
  • Jacqueline ( Sara Thompson )
  • The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 1] Sanctum
    Shown 30 Apr 19

    The survivors have arrived at Planet Alpha. Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) lead an away team down to the surface. There are no people in sight, but they run into some automated defences. It turns out that the planet has a strange astronomical phenomenon and the team managed to arrive at exactly the wrong time. Just like in Pitch Black (2001) .

    Back on the ship, there is a lot of unfinished business. The survivors may have spent 120 years in cryo, but their issues from the previous Season never got a proper resolution.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 2] Red Sun Rising
    Shown 07 May 19

    After the previous episode's cliffhanger, we get a flashback to the original settlers 263 years ago. Yes, the colony has had two and a half centuries to make scientific progress.

    The ship gets boarded by pirates, who lock most of the crew in the canteen. Since it is a prison ship, that area was designed to keep the convicts locked inside. This is not a good thing, because they have unfinished business. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) blames Kane for trying to negotiate a peace deal with Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ), but everyone else blames Octavia for being a murderous bitch.

    Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) unfreezes the one person who has already hijacked the ship - the heavily pregnant Colonel Diyosa. Things get bad for the pirates, who did not actually kill any of the crew, but they should not have armed themselves with lethal weapons.

    The Away Team chain themselves up, in order to minimise the harm they can do when the halucinations take over. Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) lists every mistake Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) has made, and the lethal consequences of everything she does. He does not have enough time to list everything, so he limits himself to the times she endangered himself personally. Ironically, when she starts to halucinate she is only a danger to herself. Strangely, Murphy seems to be the only one who is immune to the halucinations.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 3] The Children of Gabriel
    Shown 14 May 19

    The locals have emerged from their bunkers. Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) decides to surrender and trust them, which is probably a good move considering how the previous Season went. The leader (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) interviews Clarke, but first he allows one of the young women to hang out with Monty's son. Yes, the tweenager who has spent his entire life locked in a starship with nobody for company but his now-dead parents. And he never thinks to keep his mouth shut about all the massacres that Clarke and all her friends participated in.

    What Clarke does not bother to ask about is the local situation regarding the black-bloods and red-bloods. Yes, she never enquires about local politics in any form.

    The local Resistance movement makes a move on the landing craft. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is still a murderous bitch. She makes the heavily pregnant Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) seem like the voice of peace and reason.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 4] The Face Behind the Glass
    Shown 21 May 19

    Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ), despite being still heavily pregnant, is hired to rescue a black-blood girl from the local Resistance movement. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) is also a prisoner, and plans to escape.

    The leader (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) conducts a public ceremony for some of the black-bloods. None of the 100 have bothered to ask why black-bloods are so important to the society, or why some of the red-bloods have staged a violent rebellion against them.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 5] The Gospel of Josephine
    Shown 28 May 19

    Rather than ask questions, the 100 decide to break into the mysterious temple. They creep around in the private area, and discover all the secrets. Nobody has noticed that one of their own is acting out of character.

    Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ), despite being still heavily pregnant, goes after the leader of the rebels. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ), so recently her arch-enemy and now her new partner, wants revenge on the rebel leader for being nice to her. No good deed goes unpunished.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 6] Memento Mori
    Shown 11 Jun 19

    A few episodes ago, Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) revealed that he had memorised all the terrible things Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) had done in the story so far. Now this comes in useful, as he gives a masterclass in how to manipulate everyone. His agenda actually makes sense. Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) wants to murder everyone, which is pretty much the direction this show seems to go in. However, Murphy is a survivor and his plan will actually keep most people alive. Except for those who willingly choose to sacrifice themselves, of course.

    It is well-established that the Commander, a black-blood with a chip in their head, can commune with the personalities of the previous commanders. The current Commander, the teenage girl, is now haunted by the Worst Commander. The others were a bunch of barbaric murderers, so he must be pretty awful if they fear him. He somehow got rid of the others, so the show does not have to bring back the actors previously killed off. Anyway, nobody even considers that the local black-bloods might have a similar situation, where the host's personality can survive the implantation process.

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) was seriously injured by a time-quake. The time particles have made her hand wither in extreme old age. Colonel Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) takes the leader of the rebels to look for a cure.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 7] Nevermind
    Shown 18 Jun 19

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) wakes up, trapped in her own subconscious. Erica Cerra was able to preserve her, so once again multiple personalities can co-exist.

    Jacqueline ( Sara Thompson ) argues that multiple personalities in one body will result in a stroke and a fatal brain haemorrage, and wants to fight Clarke to the death for possession of the body.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 8] The Old Man and the Anomaly
    Shown 25 Jun 19

    Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) and Octavia ( Marie Avgeropolous ) make the rebel take them to the Old Man. They have to go to the heart of the anomaly, which appears to be temporal in nature.

    Josephine refuses to accept a compromise. For some reason she insists on keeping Clarke's body. She gets Murphy and his girlfriend to build an EMP.

    Maddie, under the influence of the Evil Commander, wants to murder all of the Primes. Well, that has been standard operating procedure for the so-called heroes. Even without the Evil Commander's influence, this is basically an extension of what Clarke and Blodreina taught her.

    Abby ( Paige Turco ) wants to bring back Kane (Henry Ian Cusick - Lost ). She converts a volunteer (Greyston Holt - Bitten ) into a black-blood, then tries to implant a chip of Caine's personality. This is the prototype for the process that will bring peace to the new world.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 9] What You Take With You
    Shown 09 Jul 19

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) makes a plan to restore Clarke. He takes Jospehine with him into the woods, to get help from the Children of Gabriel. Unfortunately the revolting rebels do not trust strangers.

    Gabriel tries to help Octavia ( Marie Avgeropolous ) recover her memories of what happened in the anomaly. Instead, she gets tortured by her guilt about her time as Blodreina. It all started when she killed the man who murdered Lincoln, and she became a villain in his image.

    Abby ( Paige Turco ) succeeded in bringing back Caine ( ) in the body of a volunteer (Greyston Holt - Bitten ). Unfortunately Caine is still a bloody know-it-all, and sides with Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ). They wake up Indra ( Adina Porter ), another grown-up who has been busy with a bigger role on a different TV show. Yes, this show has an excuse for letting the tweenagers run everything - the adults are all in suspended animation. Anyway, Indra reminds Caine that they are all mass-murderers but he decides that they must not do things the same way they used to. Instead, he wants to destroy the peace deal with Sanctuary. Of course, this will mean the Primes have to use violence and coercion instead of allowing people free will, but who cares?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 10] Matryoshka
    Shown 16 Jul 19

    Abby ( Paige Turco ) and Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) hand themselves over to the Primes, who throw them in a cell with the other prisoners. They will be publicly executed at dawn the next day. Once again, Murphy gets the blame for everything.

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) saved Josephine, who is still in Clarke's body, from the Children of Gabriel. Now the two women in the same body must work together to get to Gabriel.

    Echo ( Tasya Teles ) and some of the locals have a plan to help the others escape. They can assassinate the Chief of the Primes, Russell (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ).

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 11] Ashes to Ashes
    Shown 23 Jul 19

    This episode was directed by Amanda Tapping . Guest Star JR Bourne played one of her love interests in Stargate SG-1 .

    Abby has to make more hosts for the Primes. Yes, Kane's stupid sacrifice and betrayal was for nothing. The only difference is that the Primes now have the upper hand, and have no real incentive to keep their end of the bargain.

    Echo ( Tasya Teles ) is held prisoner, about to be converted into a host. She tries to talk her way out of it, and we have a flashback to her first kill as a trainee assassin for Ice Nation.

    Russell (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) sends Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) out to get Josephine back.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 12] Adjustment Protocol
    Shown 30 Jul 19

    The good guys fight for control of the space ship. Abby ( Paige Turco ) has become a host, and is possessed by Russell's wife. Can Clarke defeat her own mother?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 6, Episode 13] The Blood of Sanctum
    Shown 06 Aug 19

    The good guys fight for control of the colony.

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) has to decide what side he is really on.

    The 100

    Season 7

  • Anders (Neal McDonough – Arrow )
  • Bill (John Pyper-Ferguson - Alphas )
  • Alaina Huffman
  • The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 1] From the Ashes
    Shown 20th May 2020

    This takes place directly after the end of the previous Season. The Primes have been defeated, but now Wuncru have to hold everything together. The Children of Gideon want to kill the Disciples of the Primes, and those Disciples demand the immediate release of their deposed Boss, Russell Prime (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ). Also, the ex-convicts who used to serve Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) have now been brought down to do manual labour for no money or reward.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) is still the self-appointed boss of Wuncru. She stands in judgement over Russell. Does he deserve to die, because of the many deaths he caused? Because Clarke is a mass murderer, as are most of the regular characters. Even Abbie, Clarke's mother who was killed by Russell, was the one responsible for killing her own husband. But Clarke's famous saying used to be Blood must not have blood, and now she is about to ignore that in order to take personal revenge.

    Elsewhere, Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train ) is dragged off by an invisible force, into the temporal anomaly. This is a way of writing him out of the story for most of this Season. Ricky Whittle complained about racist treatment by a producer on this show, and it appears that Morley was a victim of similar prejudice.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 2] The Garden
    Shown 27 May 20

    Octavia ( Marie Avgeropolous ) is sucked through the anomaly, and finds Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ). Because the anomaly has made time travel differently for them, Diyosa is no longer six months pregnant. She gives birth, and names the baby girl Hope.

    It is amazing how these two career-women settle down so quickly into domestic bliss. They spent an entire Season as arch-enemies, one as a former Special Forces colonel turned leader of a convict army, the other as the bloodthirsty warlord of a nation of cannibals. Now they shack up to raise Diyosa's daughter Hope together, although Octavia is an Auntie and not a second Mommy so the two women clearly do not have a sexual relationship. They live together for a decade in this sexless all-female family.

    In the modern day, the grown-up Hope brings Echo ( Tasya Teles ) and a techie dude back home with her. When they travel through the anomaly, it sends them far forward in time. Luckily they are able to ascertain a few facts.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 3] False Gods
    Shown 03 Jun 20

    A couple of tweenagers try to fix the reactor unsupervised, rather than wait for Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) to check it out. They mess it up, and the reactor starts to overheat. When it hits 1500 degrees fahrenheit, it will explode. Luckily there are a couple of night-bloods around, and their relative imunity to radiation may allow them to repair it.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) has sentenced Russell Prime (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) to death. However, she lets him pick the method himself. Instead of the classic choice of Old Age, he goes for the spectacular option of burning at the stake. This seems a deliberate choice for rabble-rousing. Meanwhile, Wuncru go on strike when they discover the truth about Maddie, so there are fewer guards available to keep the peace.

    Alaina Huffman and the convict crew are living in a tent city. Well, Clarke burned the palace to the ground instead of using it for construction material. Raven recruits a crew of welders to help repair the reactor. Of course, she regards them as being expendable. After all, she was mistreated by them when they captured her a couple of Seasons ago. Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) also gets stuck in the reactor, although his nightblood might help protect him.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 4] Hesperides
    Shown 10 Jun 20

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) discovers that she is wanted by the soldiers from the other side of the anomaly. Luckily, Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) hacks the helmet computer of one of the dead ones that Echo ( Tasya Teles ) killed. It turns out that the anomalies are wormholes, and there is a network of half a dozen. Like in the other Canadian SciFi show, Stargate: SG-1 .

    Russell Prime (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) has been sentenced to death. His followers barricade themselves into the tavern, and threaten to kill themselves if Russell is not released. Indra sends Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) in to talk sense into them.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 5] Welcome to Bardo
    Shown 17 Jun 20

    Echo ( Tasya Teles ), Gabriel and Hope get through the wormhole to Bardo. The place is run by Anders (Neal McDonough – Arrow ), who is a self-proclaimed prophet for a god they call The Shepherd. Unfortunately Echo and Hope are leaving a trail of dead bodies behind them, so it is only a matter of time before they are discovered.

    The good news is that Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) befriends her interrogator. The bad news is that she gets called in to talk down Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ). Yes, we finally find out what happened to him.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 6] Nakara
    Shown 24 Jun 20

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and her team are trapped on an ice planet. They need to find the dialing device so they can activate the stargate - oops, wormhole. They crawl into a cave that is reminiscent of one in Empire Strikes Back . Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) has PTSD for all the people she killed this Season, but nobody else cares about anything.

    Nikki ( Alaina Huffman ) and the convict crew have stolen the Sanctum's entire armoury, fifty weapons and two thousand rounds of ammo. They want revenge for Raven sacrificing their friends.

    Russell Prime (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) tries to form alliances and manipulate everyone from his prison cell.

    Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) is held in much more humane conditions than Russell. However, her ten years on the punishment world have not dulled her skills. She mercilessly slaughters a pack of guards. Yes, she is as kill-crazy as Echo ( Tasya Teles ).

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 7] The Queen's Gambit
    Shown 01 Jul 20

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) has to bring food to Russell Prime (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ), and gets talked into a game of chess. The stakes are high, as Russell offers to prevent a forthcoming attack. Meanwhile, Evari holds a re-uniting ceremony so that the Children of Gabriel can bond with their former families.

    Anders (Neal McDonough – Arrow ) is strangely forgiving, even though the four kill-crazy women massacred twenty-five of his warriors. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) and Echo ( Tasya Teles ) get to share a cell, so they can grieve for Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) together. Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) and her daughter Hope also share a cell, so there is lots of emotional dialogue. Just as well the episode's director is Lindsay Morgan , which explains why Raven does not have any scenes in this episode. The female gaze is not about Strong Women, which is something the Male Gaze favours ... instead it is about the soft, touchy-feely stuff. This would all be a lot more convincing if they had not slaughtered twenty-five strangers.

    Nikki ( Alaina Huffman ) and the convict crew stage their coup. Well, that is what she does best.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 8] Anaconda
    Shown 08 Jul 20

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) finally meets The Shepherd (John Pyper-Ferguson - Alphas ). This leads on to an extended flashback,` featuring his daughter as the main character. It turns out that the true fate of Becka ( Erica Cerra ) was different from what we were previously led to believe, and the first Commander was the Shepherd's daughter. It turns out that she is the one who invented the Wuncru language, which she did as a childish hobby. Why everyone else chose to learn and speak it is not explained.

    Nikki ( Alaina Huffman ) and the convict crew hold innocent people hostage. Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) and Russell Prime (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) are handed over, as distraction until Indra can stage a rescue.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 9] The Flock
    Shown 15 Jul 20

    We get to see what happened in Sanctum before Clarke arrived. Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ), Echo ( Tasya Teles ), Diyosa ( Ivana Milicevic ) and her daughter Hope all agree to serve Anders (Neal McDonough – Arrow ). They are trained in all the fighting arts, although they already have a certain set of skills so they can skip ahead of the basic recruits.

    In the armoury is a bio-weapons section. Yes, the Disciples have reverse-engineered the weapon that the alien invaders used against the original inhabitants. But can the bloodthirsty weapon be trusted with this knowledge?

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 10] A Little Sacrifice
    Shown 05 Aug 20

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and her team finally made it through the correct stargate a couple of episodes ago. We have also caught up with the doings of the other four. Will they finally make peace with The Shepherd (John Pyper-Ferguson - Alphas ) and the Disciples? After all, the Disciples merely want to defend whatever remains of the human race from alien invaders. Anders (Neal McDonough – Arrow ) showed the women what the aliens would do to anyone who defied them.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 11] Etherea
    Shown 12 Aug 20

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) was last seen in a grenade explosion while standing next to the stargate. Nobody except the audience seem to have realised that the stargate was open at the time. Yes, he and his hostage were not incinerated by the explosion. They were simply blown through the portal, and wake up on an alternate world.

    This becomes one of those Enemy Mine stories, where the two enemies have to work together to survive. They follow in the footsteps of The Shepherd (John Pyper-Ferguson - Alphas ), who arrived on the same planet after leaving Earth. Unfortunately the nearest stargate is at the top of a mountain, so the pair take months to climb up.

    Elsewhere, Russell Prime (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) stages his next step in the coup against Indra. He will kill anyone who poses a threat to him, including Maddie.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 12] The Stranger
    Shown 19 Aug 20

    Murphy (Richard Harmon - Continuum ) kneels for Shade Header (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ), thus making himself useful. Nikki ( Alaina Huffman ) and the convict crew do likewise, for selfish reasons.

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) has likewise bent the knee to The Shepherd (John Pyper-Ferguson - Alphas ). Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and the others accuse him of betraying them, but - like Murphy - he has the best interest of others in his heart. It is a false equivalency to compare the Shepherd to the Shade-head.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 13] Blood Giant
    Shown 09 Sep 20

    The Shepherd (John Pyper-Ferguson - Alphas ) defeats Shade Header (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ), and leaves Mulligan ( Elysia Rotaru ) in charge of the prisoners. . Then he takes Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) off to find the Flame. Unfortunately the mysterious Red Sun toxin, which has not been mentioned since the start of Season Six , makes a sudden reappearance.

    Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) is portrayed as a sell-out because he embraces the Shepherd's ideology. True, the Shepherd is a collectvist while Clarke and her tweenage murder gang value indivisualism. However, this is not communism against libertarianism. Clarke only cares about herself and her friends, who will be dead within one human lifetime. The Shepherd cares about saving the entire human race, which means his plan is a long-term one. All Clarke can offer is a nihilistic live-for-the-moment philosophy.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 14] A Sort of Homecoming
    Shown 16 Sep 20

    The Shepherd (John Pyper-Ferguson - Alphas ) maroons the tweenage psychos on Earth, then heads home to plot with Shade Header (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ). Yes, Bellamy (Bob Morley - Road Train AKA Road Kill ) was sacrificed in vain.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) decides on everyone else's behalf that they should settle Earth again. Yes, the flora has somehow returned - even though it was sterilised by multiple nuclear armageddons. It would certainly be a better homeworld than Sanctum, where the Red Sun toxin runs rampant. However, how many of the inhabitants are still alive? The Children of Gideon were killed by Shade Header, as were the Disciples of the Primes. Now the Shepherd has wiped out the Wuncru defectors. So Sanctum's population is so low, it might not be enough to repopulate anyway.

    Shade Header comes through the stargate in an invisibility suit. Of course, he has no intention of helping the Shepherd. Yes, he is a more straight-up villain with a more classic motive. He just wants to reign by blood and fear.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 15] The Dying of the Light
    Shown 23 Sep 20

    Maddy turns herself over to the Shepherd (John Pyper-Ferguson - Alphas ), so he can save the human species. However, once she starts to get her memory back she decides to be awkward and change her mind.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) make a deal with Shade Header (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) to unite against their common enemy. Yes, this is exactly how far Clarke will fall. She never even starts to hold herself accountable.

    The 100 The 100 [Season 7, Episode 16] The Last War
    Shown 30 Sep 20

    The Final battle is about to take place. The disciples discover they have not been training to defend the human species from alien invaders, but rather to defend themselves from other humans. This nightmare scenario is just what Shade Header (JR Bourne - Teen Wolf ) was hoping for.

    Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) made a very poor impression on the godlike aliens, and it looks like they will exterminate the human species. Somehow Raven ( Lindsey Morgan ) is now the heart and soul of the group, because she felt bad about locking some convicts in a nuclear reactor during a meltdown. Can she convince the aliens that humans are good, and that the likes of Clarke and Shade Header are anomalies?