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Originals, The

Season 1

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 1] Always and Forever
Shown 03/Oct/13

This is basically a warmed-over version of the backdoor pilot from Season 4 of Vampire Diaries . Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) follows his sociopathic brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) to New Orleans, where they get involved in a witchy plot against the self-crowned King (a former protégé of Klaus).

The Salvatore Brothers' scenes have been cut from the ep, and a few flashback scenes (featuring the Originals' father) inserted.

The Mikaelson siblings lived in New Orleans for two centuries, and yet never developed a Louisiana accent. Instead, despite being Norse Vikings who lived in France and Italy for centuries during the Middle Ages, they speak in an upper-class English tone.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 2] House of the Rising Son
Shown 08/Oct/13

Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) arrives in New Orleans.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) tries to play along with Marsellus, but this is not easy because his sister Rebekah and his baby-momma Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) cannot sit still long enough to lie low.

Rebekah does not give a damn about Klaus' goals, she just wants to rescue Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ).

We get more flashbacks - this time on how Klaus met Marsellus and took him as a protege.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 3] Tangled Up in Blue
Shown 15/Oct/13

Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) has a plan to get Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) back. As always, it means manipulating everyone and sacrificing innocent people.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 4] Girl in New Orleans
Shown 22/Oct/13

One of the Witches takes Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) the werewolf baby-momma out into the Bayou for a pre-natal checkup. Unfortunately, nobody's plans run according to schedule.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 5] Sinners and Saints
Shown 29/Oct/13

Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) confronts Davina the uber-powerful teenage witch.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) hangs out with his old pal Marcel.

Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) looks after the baby-momma Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ).

Through their combined efforts, the Originals discover the truth behind the witches' plan.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 6] Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
Shown 05/Nov/13

The ep starts with a new voiceover by Rebekah ( Claire Holt ), while Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) recites A Poison Tree by William Blake.

Some ninja-looking dudes kidnap Sophie the Hot Witch. Their aim is to kill the unborn hybrid baby by exploiting her link with its mother Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ).

Klaus and Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) go after the witches, each in his own way.

The loose ends get tied up, and Rebekah gets the chance to leave town and make a clean break of it. But unfortunately Marcel has a plan of his own. Also, the woman who Klaus helps is an ungrateful bitch.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 7] Bloodletting
Shown 12/Nov/13

Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) the werewolf baby-momma is in the hands of an old friend - but this person is out to get even with Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ), whatever the cost.

Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) comes back to help Hayley. But Klaus has left such a legacy of mistrust that everyone assumes the worst of him ... and they are willing to side against him.

Marcel has his tame teen super-witch Davina de-compel Klaus' mole. It seems like he is gearing up for a war, even though Rebekah and Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) were willing to leave town.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 8] The River in Reverse
Shown 26/Nov/13

Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) confesses her sins to the Priest, thus narrating the events of the previous 24 hours.

Marcel's alliance-building in the previous ep has worked out for him. He knows about Klaus' plans for a hybid army. He has a double agent who can lead Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) into a trap, and the silver dagger as bait. He even has an army of vamps willing to doe for him. The last one is particularly useful, since Klaus is a hybrid - physically invulnerable, but with werewolf strength to match his vampire speed.

Back in the Bayou, Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) nurses Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) as he has fevered flashbacks.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 9] Reigning Pain in New Orleans
Shown 03/Dec/13

Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) moves into his new kingdom. Marcel plays along, as a loyal subject. To earn the loyalty of the other vamps, Klaus sends them out to kill the local werewolves, so Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) sends Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) and Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) to save them. As well as learning more about her family, they also discover more about their own.

Klaus has to meet the local Human authorities. But he will not bow to the Police when they demand protection money. This will not end well ...

Everyone Klaus helps is plotting against him. Hayley is ungrateful for Klaus protecting her. The teen super-witch Davina hears that Mad Agnes is gone, and assumes the witches are no longer a threat to her. And the Priest's niece Cami is still trying to out-maneuvre Klaus, to render his compulsion ineffective.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 10] The Casket Girls
Shown 14/Jan/14

Back in the heyday of pre-Civil War New Orleans, women did not need to work for a living. They were given free food and a place to live, with the work done by slaves - until Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) killed all the men and left the women wandering lost on the street. And that sums up the girlie rebellion of the episode.

Rebekah is angry at Marcel for teaming up with Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) again. This is in spite of the fact that SHE is the one who advised him to do that. After all, his only other choice was certain death. So she throws another stroppy fit, and plots against him. After all, why bother letting the town recover from its recent civil wars?

The witchling Davina is angry at Marcel and Klaus for protecting her from the Witches. Even though the Elders are dead, the coven members are still out to complete the harvest ritual - which involves cutting the young girl's throat! Of course, the young witchlet is murderously angry and incredibly powerful.

Cami the waitress is angry at Klaus and her uncle for protecting her from the terrible truths. She is a helpless pawn adrift in a world where witches and vampires constantly war. Her own brother was a victim, and her uncle helps save local humans from a similar fate. But she typically turns against those who helped her.

Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) the wolf-girl is bribed by the Witches to betray Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ). In exchange for the removal of her family's curse, she must help them obtain an item that will facilitate the Harvest ritual. Of course, this means betraying the Witchling as well.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 11] Après Moi, Le Déluge
Shown 21/Jan/14

The mini-mega-witch Davina is still a bitch towards Marcel, even though he is the one who helped her. She does not understand the concept of Quid Pro Quo, and not merely because it is Latin. She is slowly exploding with the four elements, so the city will eventually be destroyed by natural disasters of earthquakes, wind-storms, water-floods and fire-storms. The witches must finish the Harvest ritual, but Celeste's bones do not work. They have to use the bones of the First Witch, Esther.

Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) plans an alliance with Sophie Deveraux, the new Elder Witch. But who can be trusted?

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 12] Dance Back From the Grave
Shown 28/Jan/14

The effects of the Harvest ritual begin to get felt. A powerful witch-doctor starts sacrificing vamps.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) releases Thierry from the garden, as he promised. Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) continues her alliance with him, but he is a spineless weasel who will not even ask Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) for help when the witch-doctor starts trouble.

Marcel is almost useless, grieving the witchlet Davina. He tries to make up with Cammie the blonde bartender, and while she is a hypocritical bitch she still warms towards him.

Sophie the Witch is the only one who realises that the witch-doctor is linked to the failure of the Harvest ceremony. But nobody has a clue who is really behind this.

In a flashback to 1918, we discover that Marcel and Rebekah plotted against Klaus. And friendly witch Genevieve ( Elyse Levesque ) will play an important role in their plan.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 13] Crescent City
Shown 04/Feb/14

The Originals have finally worked out what is going on. Someone secretly hijacked the Harvest ritual, and used it to revive some powerful witches - ones who have a grudge against the Originals.

Sophie Devereaux's niece is revived, after the Harvest magic is released from the Haitian witch-doctor. Marcel sees this as a chance of getting his witchlet Davina back, but Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) prefers to use his typical methods. Both Cammie the bartender and Sophie the Witch already hate and fear him. Since Klaus never bothers with hearts and minds (except when torturing them) this will end badly for him.

Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) joins Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) at her Full Moon party. Since Marcel had Hayley's clan bewitched and their wolf-shifting reversed, they can only become human at the full moon. The fact not mentioned is that to activate their werewolf status, each one of them must have been responsible for a human's death. Anyhow, Rebekah goes off with a naked Cajun dude. Unfortunately, Genevieve ( Elyse Levesque ) is still out for revenge on her.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) confronts the person he suspects to be behind the wicked witchery.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 14] Long Way Back From Hell
Shown 25/Feb/14

Genevieve ( Elyse Levesque ) holds Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) and Rebekah ( Claire Holt ), weakened by magic and werewolf venom respectively. She links their minds and makes Rebekah relive the events of 1918, when Rebekah plotted to bring her father to hunt Klaus.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) discovers Sophie's fate, and gets a clue to the witches' grudge against the Originals. While Marcel and his daywalkers tear the city apart, Elijah and Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) try to solve the witches' puzzle.

The witches' plan is to destroy the Originals by turning them against each other. Can Elijah get to them before Klaus takes his terrible revenge?

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 15] Le Grand Guignol
Shown 04/Mar/14

Cammie nurses Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ), and we get an extended flashback to 1919. Strangely, it appears that at one stage in the city's history, the Queen of the werewolves was Creole rather than Cajun. Klaus and the other Originals have settled nicely into New Orleans. Everyone was happy, for a change. Then, while at a night to the Opera, their father Mikael (Sebastian Roche - Odyssey 5 ) pays a visit.

Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) and Marcel should get clean away, but return for the mini-witch Davina.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) hunts Celeste, to keep Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) safe. She is tougher than she looks ...

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 16] Farewell to Storyville
Shown 11/Mar/14

Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) is after Rebekah ( Claire Holt ), holding her personally responsible for the events of the previous episode. He is intent on Final Death-ing her. Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) tries to stay between the two of them. There are some flashbacks to their childhood, when their father abused Klaus terribly. Coll, Finn and their mother Esther ( Alice Evans ) are noticeably absent.

Marcel gets Cammie to help with the mini-witch Davina. The poor wee thing had a rough time of it while in the afterlife, and now she is back she has PTSD. Unfortunately, Marcel needs a powerful witch to rescue Rebekah and to cure the priest who got hexed. Genevieve ( Elyse Levesque ) is in charge of the Coven now.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 17] Moon Over Bourbon Street
Shown 18/Mar/14

Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) calls a meeting of the Powers in the French Quarter, and tears up Marcel's old rules which oppressed the werewolves and witches. He did not bother inviting the werewolves, because they are in the bayou and have no presence in the French Quarter. To correct this oversight, he has to throw a party.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) secretly offers a separate deal to the werewolves. He has his mother's moonwalker pendant, presumably the equivalent of a vampire's daylight ring. What the wolf leader sees (and Klaus apparently fails to see) is that the moonwalker spell would give the wolves the same strengths as Hybrids, but with none of their weaknesses.

Klaus is also rubbing shoulders (and other bits) with the new head witch, Genevieve ( Elyse Levesque ). He is a very forgiving person these days, although he previously forgave Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) for getting his hybrid army to rebel against him.

Marcel may be an outcast, but he is still in town. He tries to get a couple of fellow outcasts on his side - Thierry, and the mini-witch's Gay Best friend. Can they get the mini-witch Davina on their side again?

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 18] The Big Uneasy
Shown 15/Apr/14

Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) has signed the four powers to a Treaty. Head Witch Genevieve ( Elyse Levesque ) requests the right to hold a public ceremony, and Elijah ensures everyone attends to pay their respects. However, everyone seems to be planning a double-cross of some kind.

The Werewolves hold up their end of the deal with Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ). They want moonlight rings, and his wolf-clan may have the secret. He wants to keep Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) out of the loop, because she has a bond with Elijah.

The Witches have an extremist faction - the Harvest Girls. They want to sacrifice Genevieve to return their full power. After all, they did not care about the deaths of the Marceau sisters. Genevieve is keen to sleep with Klaus, but she would rather steal his mother's grimoire.

The Vamps are always grumbling about having to be nice to everyone. Marcel takes advantage of that, and plans to disrupt the Witches' ceremony. Of course, he never actually expects Elijah to punish him for the massacre.

The Humans do not ask for anything, except for the Witches to remove the hex on Father Kieran. Unfortunately, Genevieve decides to do the opposite of whatever she thinks Klaus wants.

Ironically, Klaus is the good guy of the episode. He makes sneaky back-room political deals, but this only strengthens the Treaty that Elijah can back only with good intentions. He attempts to make amends with Davina when the others shun her, and even forgives some (if not all) of those who wronged him. But in spite of this, others still treat him as a villain.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 19] Death with Benefits AKA An Unblinking Death
Shown 22/Apr/14

Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) has gotten the factions to sign up for his deal, but they have done it in name only. He has yet to realise that Klaus' back-room side-deals are the only thing keeping the peace. Elijah visits Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) and the werewolves. Unfortunately, someone takes the opportunity to bomb the wolf encampment. Hayley goes after Marcel.

Father Kieran is dying. Cami is distraught, going so far as to get the gay vamp to compel a doctor to perform 1950s-style Electro-Convulsive Therapy (electric shocks) on Kieran's brain. Marcel is exiled from the French Quarter, so he asks Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) to help talk sense into her.

Despite several characters all swearing bloody vengeance on each other at the end of the previous episode, by the end of this one they are all on speaking terms (or more) again!

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 20] A Closer Walk with Thee
Shown 29/Apr/14

Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) has nightmares about his father, Mikael (Sebastian Roche - Odyssey 5 ). It turns out the Veil is weakening - he makes an off-screen call to Bonnie in Vampire Diaries to confirm this. Yes, in yet another cross-over to the original show (no pun intended) there is a vague reference to the Travellers weakening the walls of The Other Side.

The Harvest Girls are messing about with a séance so the mini-witch Davina can say goodbye to her BF (who was killed by Klaus). Unfortunately, they bring back Mikael's ghost. He says he will help them get revenge on Klaus, but he goes after Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) and her unborn child.

Hayley may be heavily pregnant, but she can still kick a full-grown bodyguard's ass. She confronts the human leader about the suicide-bomb attack. But the leader is fixated in getting Father Kieran's key back. Cammie looks for it - but she wants it for herself, because her family are the intended leaders of humanity in the French Quarter.

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 21] The Battle of New Orleans
Shown 06/May/14

Marcel makes his move against the Originals. He starts by interfering with the Crescent werewolves' attempt to get stones for moonlight rings. Then he tries to take the compound back. Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) fends off Marcel's entire Vamp army, while Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) goes after Marcel himself.

While the boys are left to play, Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) the werewolf princess guards Genevieve ( Elyse Levesque ) the witch. The human woman and her many brothers pop up to help.

Cammie researches in her uncle's secret archive, and discovers a double-cross in the offing. She leaves Hayley a lot of voice-mails, but does not bother to text her!

Several episodes ago this reviewer noted that the werewolf Queen was a Creole in 1919, while the new wolf-pack are all Cajuns. It turns out that there is actually a reason for that. The Cajuns are the Crescent Pack, but there used to be another pack - the Guerra pack. Presumably the Guerras included both Creoles and the Mafia types shown in prior episodes. Nobody has heard from them since Marcel wiped them out in the 1920s. But to coin a phrase, they haven't gone away, you know!

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 1, Episode 22] From a Cradle to a Grave
Shown 13/May/14

Despite the werewolves doing the majority of the damage last episode, it is the witches who make up most of the threat this time. Genevieve ( Elyse Levesque ) needs to sacrifice the baby, or she will be replaced with the fourth Harvest girl. Yes, the Power of Three (like in old-time TV show Charmed ) is not enough for them.

The third Harvest Girl, Davina, has her own agenda. With the Veil to the Other Side failing, she can bring back Mikael (Sebastian Roche - Odyssey 5 ). Since the only thing he feeds on is other vampires, and Marcel's army is still lying around bleeding from werewolf bites, the result is quite predictable.





Originals, The

Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4 , Episode 1 ]

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    Season 2

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 1] Rebirth
    Shown 06/Oct/14

    Season Two starts with a brief recap of the climax of the previous Season, in the form of a crudely worded parable told by Rebekah ( Claire Holt ). The wolves are in charge, with the Witches supporting them. The Originals are in seclusion, and the Vamps have been chased out of the Quarter. In other words, a complete turn-around from the beginning of the first Season. A pity that Elijah’s plan for beneficial rule by a council of representatives has gone so badly astray.

    Of course, Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) has a plan. It does not hurt him that new Wolf-Clan are such assholes that they turn everyone else against them. Even Davina is given cause to hate them.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 2] Alive and Kicking
    Shown 13/Oct/14

    Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) is venting her rage on everything around her. Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) takes her out to the Bayou, to see if she can reunite her clan.

    Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) tries to bond with Marsellus. There are flashbacks to Marsellus’ childhood, when Elijah took it upon himself to educate the child. However, Klaus got jealous and un-daggered their bloodthirsty brother, Coll. Naturally, things went downhill from there.

    The witches put their own agent into play, trying to gain Davina’s trust. They also send in a gang of werewolves, to take her off-guard. Naturally, she deploys her secret weapon. There are drawbacks to this; her weapon is no longer secret, and if someone takes her magic bracelet then she will be the weapon’s next victim!

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 3] Every Mother's Son
    Shown 20/Oct/14

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) get a dinner invite from their mother Esther. This leads on to a series of extended flashbacks featuring the original Esther ( Alice Evans ). Klaus discovers the reason his father Mikael grew to despise him.

    Marsellus tries to get Elijah on his side, by sending his new apprentice to help. After all, the vamps need an Original on their side, if their faction is ever going to recover.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 4] Live and Let Die
    Shown 27/Oct/14

    The Witches order the werewolves to chase Marsellus and his vamps out of the city. Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) agrees to train the newbie vamps in combat skills.

    Out in a Cabin in the Woods , Mikael (Sebastian Roche - Roar ) tries to teach the mini-witch Davina some fighting skills too. But she does not know that her BF has his own agenda. He is even keen to double-cross his own Matriarch.

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) is smart enough to work out Davina’s plan. He takes Cami on a road trip to get revenge on the mini-witch. While there is only one white oak stake, Klaus still has the pain-dagger that successfully immobilised him in last Season. Will it be enough? And will this apocalyptic confrontation actually result in any fatalities? If it does, the show will come to a premature end (see Beauty and the Beast for the results of premature climax). But it Klaus lets his vanquished enemies live YET AGAIN to seek revenge on him, he is not the character everyone feared and hated so much in Vampire Diaries .

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 5] Red Door
    Shown 03/Nov/14

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) thinks that Tunde’s blade of infinite pain is enough to put Michael down for good. As a result, he does not bother to kill the evil SOB. However, he forgets that Michael is obsessed with strength and with soaking pain, so the weapon is essentially useless against him. Worse, Klaus gives the white oak stake to Cami. Talk about overconfidence!

    Klaus finally works out who Davina’s boyfriend is. And Davina herself, with all the magic going on, will work it out eventually.

    Meanwhile, Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) is being interrogated by his mother Esther. She gives him flashbacks of his first love - the village’s doppelganger ( Nina Dobrev ). Naturally, the girl came to a sticky end, drained of blood. Elijah remembers that Esther did it, to use the doppelganger blood for her ritual. But she claims that it was his own thirst for human blood that ended the girl’s life.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 6] Wheel Inside the Wheel
    Shown 10/Nov/14

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) goes to confront his mother Esther and demand she release Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ). She gives him a memory of the time he met his father; his birth father, that is.

    Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) wants to rescue Oliver, who is about to be executed for betraying the witches. She goes to the only wolf who did not buckle down under the Guerras or the Witches. Unfortunately the local wolf is not interested in helping his former friend, but he has a new friend from out of town who volunteers to help instead.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 7] Chasing The Devil's Tail
    Shown 17/Nov/14

    Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) is back with his brother, but he is still in a coma. Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) needs to find some herbs to heal him. Papa wolf tags along, to bond with his hybrid offspring.

    Cammie teams up with Marcel and Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) to trap Finn.

    Davina and Cole are still hanging out, united against a common foe.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 8] The Brothers That Care Forgot
    Shown 24/Nov/14

    Esther is closing in on Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) and the baby. Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) goes to save his family, but did Esther’s torture damage him more than anyone realises?

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) stays with his imprisoned siblings, intent on turning them to his cause. Cole is more than willing to fight his control-freak of a mother. Finn, on the other hand, knows that there is something worse out there than Esther; her sister Daria, who cursed their bloodline!

    Camille discovers why Finn was paying such attention to her. He did not think of her as a potential lover, more as a sister.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 9] The Map of Moments
    Shown 08/Dec/14

    Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) is back. Her mother Esther wants to transfer her into a human body, so she can live the life she always wanted to.

    Cole offers to help derail Esther's plan. Unfortunately, we learn in the flashbacks that Rebekah took sides with Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) and that resulted in Cole getting daggered.

    Mikael (Sebastian Roche - Roar ) is off killing werewolves in the forest, searching for the reborn elder wolf who cuckolded him. He is a bit late, but at least it keeps him out of his kids' way. Unless he makes a deal with Esther ...

    Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) finally tells Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) about the deal she made with the Werewolves.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 10] Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire
    Shown 19/Jan/15

    Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) is left in Cami’s care, while Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) looks after the city. The Brothers may have dealt with their mother Esther, but they still have one parent and an errant sibling to deal with. This unruly brother, Finn, uses magicks to disrupt a vampire/werewolf peace talk by trapping them together in a lock-in. The vamps are then magically induced into a hunger frenzy ...

    Cole’s double-dealing with Rebekah is exposed. However, since he is the only on who can save her it makes no sense to have him locked up with the feeding-frenzy vamps. Especially when he lacks the common sense to cover the bleeding cut on his forehead!

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 11] Brotherhood of the Damned
    Shown 26/Jan/15

    Cole is bleeding and trapped in the zone with Marcel and the starving vamps. Worse, Marcel has a werewolf bite. He starts to hallucinate, remembering his time as a Harlem buffalo soldier in the First World War. Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) acted as an embittered, abandoned parent.

    Klaus has to run damage control. He and Davina have to find Finn and take down the spell, but Finn has a plan of his own. He traps his three siblings in a psychic chat-room, so he can learn the secret they are hiding.

    Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) is about to get married. But before they can go through with it, she has to let the werewolf shaman give her a truth potion. Unfortunately, this will expose the secret she shares with Klaus.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 12] Sanctuary
    Shown 02/Feb/15

    Finn has Marcel, and starts working on him. Of course, Finn is smart enough to put the clues together without Marcel cracking.

    Cole gets Davina to help locate the kidnapped vamps. But is he going to rescue them, or will he join his brother again?

    Rebekah, trapped in a human body in a mystical prison, has trouble with the people running the place. But she discovers there is something worse - a telekinetic entity that lives in a century-old coffin. Is it on her side, or will it turn on her?

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 13] The Devil is Damned
    Shown 09/Feb/15

    Finn wants the ingredients for a locator spell. He wants Marcel to get blood from Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ), and Cole to get blood from Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ).

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 14] I Love You, Goodbye
    Shown 16/Feb/15

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) insists that the happy Werewolf couple use his family compound as venue for their wedding. The werewolves who swore allegiance are invited, and the ones who refuse to swear are decapitated. All is well ...

    Cole has been cursed by Finn, and is now dying. He calls for Rebekah to help him. After all, she is trapped in her new body and will not be able to return to the old one until Cole can reverse his spell.

    Finn is already dead, but his OTHER sister performs magic rites on his body. They have a common enemy - Esther’s sister, their aunt Daria the Wicked Witch ( Claudia Black ). She wants the Mikaelson baby ...

    Strangely, this show must score quite highly on Minorities Bingo. Three members of the whiter-than-white Viking clan (Esther, Finn, Rebekkah) has body-jumped and are now played by African-American actors. Also, there is an openly homosexual relationship between a werewolf and a vamp - they kiss, which some viewers deem relatively shocking when it happened on The Walking Dead but seems to be accepted by this show’s audience.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 15] They All Asked For You
    Shown 09/Mar/15

    Rebekah still does not know who her host body is. Some local witches want to kill her - but is it the Vamp spirit or the Witch host that they hate?

    Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) go after Finn. However, their prodigal sister has her own plans to save him - or at least, his his host body.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 16] Save My Soul
    Shown 16/Mar/15

    Rebekah’s host body may be reasserting itself. Witch children have gone missing, and the Witches blame her. Luckily Marcel and Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) are around to protect her, but for how long? She only has her blackouts when she is alone.

    Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) invite their long-lost sister over for brunch. She tells them a sob story about how she was mistreated by their aunt, Daria the Wicked Witch ( Claudia Black ). Two of them fall over themselves in sympathy, but Klaus is a cynical bastard.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 17] Exquisite Corpse
    Shown 06/Apr/15

    Marcel teams up with Finn’s former host, who is the husband of Rebekah’s host. Unfortunately the witchy pair still have a lot of chemistry, and the husband cannot be trusted.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 18] Night Has a Thousand Eyes
    Shown 13/Apr/15

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) takes his prodigal sister to meet their mother Esther. They both have reason to hate her, so this should be a bonding moment. However, the mother is smart enough to see what they are both capable of.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 19] When the Levee Breaks
    Shown 20/Apr/15

    Daria the Wicked Witch ( Claudia Black ) finally appears. Her plan involves possessing a small crowd of people.

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) teams up with the only person he really has anything in common with - his cruel stepfather Mikael (Sebastian Roche - Odyssey 5 ). They must retrieve ingredients for a spell, get Davina to perform it, then corner and kill the witch.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 20] City Beneath The Sea
    Shown 27/Apr/15

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) has succeeded in alienating his most vital allies - his own siblings. Even those who feared and hated Mikael saw the value in keeping him alive even longer.

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 21] Fire with Fire
    Shown 04/May/15

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) is in a coma as a result of his siblings turning on him. Daria the Wicked Witch ( Claudia Black ) makes her play on him, showing him visions of her past. Their mutual loathing for Mikael is a starting point. She then points out that his daughter will have wildly uncontrollable magical powers, combined with the werewolf tempers of both its parents. All the witch wants is the child’s powers, while Klaus wants parental custody.

    Meanwhile, the witches are too busy with their own coven politics to care about what the evil super-witch gets up to. Daria created a vacancy at the top by killing the Matriarch ( Meg Foster ) . The new favourite is Finn’s former host. But he has forsaken magic, and recommends Davina for the job!

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 2, Episode 22] Ashes to Ashes
    Shown 11/May/15

    Davina offers herself as the new leader of the Covens. The locals are unhappy about the idea, due to her alliance with their oppressor, Marcel. She points out that she is the most powerful witch they have, and the only one who can defy the Mikaelsons. How lucky they all are that Daria the Wicked Witch ( Claudia Black ) never thought of putting herself forward as a candidate. After all, she was the one who created the vacancy by killing Meg Foster .

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan - Ben Hur (2006) ) goes after the people he feels betrayed him. First Marsellus and his crew, then Elijah (Daniel Gillies - Captivity ) and Rebekah ( Claire Holt ). Finally he takes on the entire werewolf army.

    Originals, The

    Season 3

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 1] For the Next Millennium
    Shown 08/Oct/15

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 2] You Hung the Moon
    Shown 15 Oct 15

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 3] I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans
    Shown 22 Oct 15

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 4] A Walk on the Wild Side
    Shown 29 Oct 15

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 5] The Axeman's Letter
    Shown 05 Nov 15

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 6] Beautiful Mistake
    Shown 12 Nov 15

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 7] Out of the Easy
    Shown 19 Nov 15

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 8] The Other Girl in New Orleans
    Shown 03 Dec 15

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 9] Savior
    Shown 10 Dec 15

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 10] A Ghost Along the Mississippi
    Shown 29 Jan 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 11] Wild at Heart
    Shown 05 Feb 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 12] Dead Angels
    Shown 12 Feb 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 13] Heart-Shaped Box
    Shown 19 Feb 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 14] A Streetcar Named Desire
    Shown 26 Feb 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 15] An Old Friend Calls
    Shown 04 Mar 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 16] Alone with Everybody
    Shown 01 Apr 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 17] Behind the Black Horizon
    Shown 08 Apr 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 18] The Devil Comes Here and Sighs
    Shown 15 Apr 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 19] No More Heartbreaks
    Shown 29 Apr 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 20] Where Nothing Stays Buried
    Shown 06 May 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 21] Give 'em Hell Kid
    Shown 13 May 16

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 3, Episode 22] The Bloody Crown
    Shown 20 May 16

    Originals, The

    Season 4

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 1] Gather Up the Killers
    Shown 17 Mar 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 2] No Quarter
    Shown 24 Mar 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 3] Haunter of Ruins
    Shown 31 Mar 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 4] Keepers of the House
    Shown 07 Apr 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 5] I Hear You Knocking
    Shown 14 Apr 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 6] Bag of Cobras
    Shown 28 Apr 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 7] High Water and a Devil's Daughter
    Shown 05 May 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 8] Voodoo in My Blood
    Shown 12 May 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 9] Queen Death
    Shown 19 May 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 10] Phantomesque
    Shown 02 Jun 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 11] A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken
    Shown 09 Jun 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 12] Voodoo Child
    Shown 16 Jun 17

    Originals, The Originals, The [Season 4, Episode 13] The Feast of All Sinners
    Shown 23 Jun 17