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Wolf Lake
  • Lou Diamond Phillips ( Bats ) as John Kanin
  • Tim Matheson as Matthew Donner
  • Graham Greene ( Defiance ) as Sherman Blackstone
  • Sharon Lawrence as Vivian Cates
  • Scott Bairstow as Tyler Creed
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Sophia Donner
  • Paul Wasilewski/Wesley ( Vampire Diaries ) as Luke Cates
  • Mia Kirshner as Ruby Wilder / Ruby Cates

    Season 1

  • Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 1] Meat The Parents
    Shown 19 Sep 01

    John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ) is a Police Detective/CSI who can visualise a crime scene. His girlfriend Ruby ( Mia Kirshner ) disappears, so he tracks her home to a small town named Wolf Lake. John Kanin goes to live there too, where ironically (and unknown to him) ... everyone else is a werewolf!

    Bruce McGill ( Quantum Leap ) is the Patriarch. Tim Matheson is the Sheriff.

    Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 2] The Changing
    Shown 26 Sep 01

    A teenage girl has her first transformation. Unfortunately it goes wrong, and she goes on the run. Worse, John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ) is listening on his scanner, and hears the Sheriff put out an APD. He assumes the missing girl is his missing girlfriend Ruby ( Mia Kirshner ), and interferes.

    Waitress Sophia Donner ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead ) is hanging out with High School bad-boy Luke Cates (Paul Wasilewski/Wesley - Vampire Diaries ). Unfortunately, he is dating Mean Girl Sarah Carter . Worse, Sophia's father (Tim Matheson) is the Sheriff.

    It turns out that a lot of first transformations, which take place at puberty, can go fatally wrong. There is a secret graveyard full of teen wolves who never survived their first transformation.

    Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 3] Soup to Nuts
    Shown 3 Oct 01

    Paul Wesley ( Vamp Diaries ) and his pack accidentally crash a truck. Sarah Carter is nowhere to be seen, but there is another hot blonde hanging around.

    The sheriff investigates, not least because his daughter tends to hang out with the main thug. It turns out the truck was hauling a dangerous corrosive chemical.

    John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ) gets the flu, so Graham Green ( ) gives him some soup. There may be peyote in it, because he starts to hallucinate about Ruby ( Mia Kirshner ). But then, who wouldn't?

    Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 4] Tastes Like Chicken
    Shown 10 Oct 01

    The Sheriff runs an AA meeting ... well, it is not alcohol they are addicted to. Unfortunately, one of the attendees has secretly relapsed, and is taking things even further. She has begun hunting humans, and has tupperware full of internal organs ...

    Luckily, the sheriff has now hired John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ) onto the team. Of course, the department has to remove any special info from the briefing materials before they give them to the new guy!

    The Boss (Bruce McGill - Quantum Leap ) collapses. His up-and-coming rival, the town's gangster, is doing his best to seduce Ruby ( Mia Kirshner ) into an arranged marriage. She is a stubborn bitch, but there is no other option ...

    Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 5] Excitable Boy
    Shown 24 Oct 01

    Last week there was a female wolf attacking people. This time it is a male. After escaping a bar-room scene reminiscent of The Accused, the alkie lounge-singer walks home and gets violated en route. She tells John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ) it was a wolf ...

    There are a couple of suspects from the bar. Tyler may be plotting an arranged marriage to Ruby ( Mia Kirshner ), but he seems to prefer the lounge-singer. And apparently the Mayor has a younger brother who runs the bar from a wheelchair.

    The werewolf community is particularly unforgiving towards this kind of thing, even when the victim is an ungulate. The perp would rather turn himself in to the State Police, and serve his time in a human prison. We get to see exactly how cold-blooded the Sheriff and Mayor can be.

    Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 6] Four Feet Under
    Shown 10 Apr 02

    The Mayor (Bruce McGill - Quantum Leap ) has been shot. Sheriff Tim Matheson and John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ) investigate.

    Someone takes a shot at the Sheriff. Will he break his promise to his dead wife and transform to heal himself?

    As the Mayor's daughter, Ruby ( Mia Kirshner ) has to make her final decision about her arranged marriage.

    Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 7] Leader of the Pack
    Shown 17 Apr 02

    Sherman (Graham Greene - Defiance ) narrates an extended flashback. He is being interrogated by his bowling team, including JC McKenzie from Dark Angel .

    Two redneck ARV brothers are on the rampage. It was the night of voting a new alpha male - and the two gay bandits hijack the event!

    John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ) has a female partner. Unfortunately, the lack of an Alpha Male in the pack has sent her into heat.

    Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 8] Legend of Lost Lenore
    Shown 24 Apr 02

    The title is a reference to The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ) rents a house from Sherman (Graham Greene - Defiance ). Unbeknownst to them, Lenore (a female recluse) is hiding in the basement. In a scene reminiscent of Ringu (and every bit as creepy) she wanders the house while he sleeps ...

    Sheriff's daughter Mary Elizabeth Winstead gets a BF, leading to predictable teen angst.

    Tyler (the bad lad) and his wife Ruby ( Mia Kirshner ) fight about her ex, John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ).

    Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 9] If These Wolves Could Talk
    Shown 1 May 02

    The guest-star is a Van Helsing naturalist, played by Holling Manners from Angel . He has captured a wolf, then gets help from Sherman (Graham Greene - Defiance ). His plan is to broadcast a live werewolf transformation online to 100,000 subscribers.

    The Mayor issues a Kill or capture order on her step-daughter Ruby ( Mia Kirshner ); Tyler the evil husband disagrees.

    John Kanin (Lou Diamond Philips - Bats ) gets chewed out by the Sheriff. He still thinks that Ruby was on the run from a Cult. Yes, all the clues he has seen have still not penetrated his thick skull.

    Wolf Lake Wolf Lake [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th January 2006 [Wednesday]

    Wolf Lake

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