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Sleepy Hollow

Season 1

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 16/Sep/13

Sleepy Hollow was a tiny village in the time of the American Revolution. 250 years later the town is now a bustling metropolis with a hundred and forty-four THOUSAND inhabitants. It is policed by Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown - Highlander ) and Deputy Andy (John Cho - Star Trek: Rise of Darkness A Revolutionary-era insurgent awakes from a Rip Van Winkle snooze. It turns out that Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) was never a cowardly schoolteacher. He was really a hit-man working for George Washington and the Illuminati. He speaks with an English accent because he was Professor of History at Oxford. Unfortunately he was seduced by a Yankee witch, and swopped sides.

It seems there are two rival covens of witches in Sleepy Hollow. The Rebel witches support the USA. The Royalist (AKA Canadian) witches want to bring about Armageddon. Hmm. And they raised the Headless Horseman, who is one of the FOUR horsemen (of the Apocalypse). Icabod and a black lady Deputy must save the world!

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 2] Blood Moon
Shown 23/Sep/13

There seems to be a new trope these days - an unconventional male detective teamed with gun-toting female sidekick. One can look at Castle or the Jonny Lee Miller version of Sherlock, but it goes back to Mulder and Scully in The X-Files - and that started twenty years ago! The partnership in Sleepy Hollow is just the newest version of it.

The demon must unleash an army of darkness, until finally the Four Horsemen can walk the Earth. Luckily, the evil army will appear at the rate of one a week, making this just another Freak of the Week show.

This week's freak is a witch who was burned at the stake in Icabod's time. Of course, she has to be photogenic enough for the TV show. The result is a supermodel in the cliched Sexy Witch Halloween costume. Yes, despite the grim darkness this show is just the new Charmed !

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 3] For the Triumph of Evil
Shown 30/Sep/13

The Freak of the Week is the Sandman, a dream demon that punishes people for their perceived sins. It is targeting the people involved in Lieutenant Mills' childhood sighting of a demon. Predictably, she and Ichabod must enter her dreams and fight the monster.

Mills and Ichabod visit her sister, incarcerated in a home for the criminally insane. Her only insanity is in admitting she saw the same demon her sister saw, and her criminality involved stealing some camping equipment so she could sit out the apocalypse in the woods.

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 4] The Lesser Key of Solomon
Shown 07/Oct/13

Following on from the previous ep, the lady cop's sister Jenny has escaped from the asylum.

Some villains are after the escapee too, because she has access to a plot device. The bad guys are Hessians, part of the demon-worshiping cult.

Apparently, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) started the Boston tea Party as a distraction so he could steal the McGuffin from King George's German Mercenaries. None of this makes any sense, but then neither does the next episode so who cares?

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 5] John Doe
Shown 14/Oct/13

A young boy is discovered who had a run-in with the horseman of Pestilence. Everyone who come in contact with him develops a deadly plague.

Ichabod and his sidekick must discover what happened to the lost colony of Roanoake.

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 6] The Sin Eater AKA Join, or Die
Shown 04/Nov/13

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) is magically linked to the Horseman. The lady cop hunts for the only one who can seperate them - the sin-eater (John Noble - Fringe ).

The local Masonic brotherhood, led by James Frain ( Invasion ) abducts Crane and holds him prisoner. They have a plan of their own to get rid of the horseman.

The flashbacks are of Crain interrogating a suspect. The villain of the piece (Craig Parker - Spartacus, Legend of the Seeker ) is Colonel Tarleton - a reference to the terrible Mel Gibson film The Patriot.

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 7] The Midnight Ride AKA God, Honor, Fatherland
Shown 11/Nov/13

Paul Revere's Midnight ride was interrupted by The Horseman, and involved a graphic decapitation scene reminiscent of the Tim Burton film.

The Horseman targets the Freemasons, and comes after Ichabod. He wants his head back - and more, he wants revenge!

Treacherous Policeman Brooks (John Cho - Star Trek into Darkness ) is back, and turns out to have unrequited feelings for the lady detective. He even offers to help her catch the Horseman. Can he be trusted?

Abbie the lady detective takes Ichabod to a museum, where he corrects the mistakes that the tour guide is making. However, he is completely ignorant of the Sally Hemmings affair - presumably it happened a decade after he was put in suspension.

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 8] Necromancer AKA The Tempest
Shown 18/Nov/13

Ichabod wants to interrogate the Horseman. He gets Brooks to act as proxy. This leads on to a flashback involving Ichabod's not-then-wife Katerina, and her suitor - Ichabod's best buddy Abraham Von Brunt (Neil Jackson - Blade: the Series ). By strange coincide they ran into a group of leather-masked Hessians. This gives background as to how the Horseman was created, and what his motivations are. He is more than just an avatar for the angel of death.

There are more Hessian gunmen in town. The Police Captain (Orlando Jones - Evolution ) teams up with the detective's sister to take them on.

The historical anachronism of the week is that the magical writing is in 16th Century druidic script. Apparently they used it to hide something from Cromwell.

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 9] Sanctuary AKA Feast and Famine
Shown 25/Nov/13

A young lady billionaire goes missing in the Sleepy Hollow area. Ichabod and Mills track her to a remote country mansion that has been disused for 200 years. The owner was a friend of Ichabod's wife Katerina. He and his household disappeared mysteriously.

Ichabod and Mills are trapped inside the house, and hunted by a monster that has been lurking there for 200 years. Mills has visions of an African-American woman who used to run the household. It seems that she can see ghosts now.

The damsel in distress is Elena Gilbert, descended from the town's founding family. This, plus the backstory of warring covens, makes this all more than a little reminiscent of Vampire Diaries .

Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ) is invited to Thanksgiving Dinner by Abbie Mills' sister. However, he has family problems of his own. His ex-wife threatens to have his shared parental custody rights revoked if he does not spend more time with his daughter.

It is shocking to consider that this is one of the few US shows on TV these days with an ethnically mixed cast.

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 10] The Golem
Shown 09/Dec/13

Ichabod tries to find out what happened to his son. He calls in some backup - the sin-eater (John Noble - Fringe ). It turns out that a monsterous Golem has been activated, and will no doubt end up killing a bunch of people ...

Ichabod learns what happened to his wife, and why she had to go into sanctuary after she saved his life. It turns out that the supposedly Good witches were perhaps not as good as he first assumed. Shades of grey are beginning to emerge. Will this be developed in later episodes?

Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ) tries to have a quiet life with his daughter, but the demons know he has taken sides so one decides to hassle him.

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 11] Vessel
Shown 13/Jan/14

After the previous ep, the body-jumping demon is in the Captain's daughter. He is not a Denzel Washington fan, it seems - he has never seen Fallen .

The protagonists find a video of a possession - this leads to a flashback of Clancy Brown and the black girl's sister Jenny. They use LOTS of horror movie clichés, but despite being filmed on a TV show budget this episode is a lot better executed than many small-budget films are!

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 12] The Indispensable Man
Shown 20/Jan/14

Deputy Andy (John Cho - Star Trek: Rise of Darkness They discover that George Washington's bible contains clues to the location of his secret tomb. His secret stash is there, but they will need help getting it. Ichabod calls in backup - yes, The Sin-Eater (John Noble - Fringe ) is back again!

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 1, Episode 13] Bad Blood
Shown 20/Jan/14

Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ) attends his hearing, and pleads guilty to cover up for his daughter's demonic possession.

The Second horseman is rising - War. The heroes need a witch, and the only one they know is Katrina. They must rescue her from Purgatory, so they get back-up. The Sin-eater (John Noble - Fringe ) and the psycho sister are back!





Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4 , Episode 1 ]

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  • Sakina Jaffrey as Sheriff Leena Reyes
  • Matt Barr as Nick Hawley

    Season 2

  • Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 1] This is War
    Shown 22/Sep/14

    After a year, our friends are back. The horseman is still on the loose, but they have got magic weapons (consecrated bullets and Kali’s crossbow bolts). And despite losing Jenny, they have captured the Horseman of War.

    The McGuffin of the week is the key that Ben Franklin tied to a kite in a rainstorm in his experiments with lightning. Apparently it was magical, and can open the gateway to Purgatory. That way, a soul trapped there can be freed. Unfortunately, this means that Moloch the demon’s entire army of corrupted souls can be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. Luckily, one of those souls (Deputy Lee) still has free will.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 2] The Kindred
    Shown 29/Sep/14

    Our heroes decide to take the war to the enemy. Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) uncovers one of Ben Franklin’s magic scrolls. Ah, and to think last week Crane himself stated that he had hoped science would have triumphed over superstition! This particular scroll allows the goodies to create their own monster, a horseless headsman.

    Katrina is the horseman’s captive, like an unwilling participant in a Harlequin romance novel. She tells him whatever she thinks he wants to hear. However, it appears to work.

    The new sheriff is a real ball-buster. She puts the heroes back a few notches, so they now lack the advantages they gained over the course of Season One. Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ) is compromised as an ally, Jenny is back behind bars, and Crane loses his privileges as a Police Consultant. If things were too easy for the good guys, there would be no tension or conflict.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 3] Root of All Evil
    Shown 06/Oct/14

    Jenny got community service, thanks to Abbie pulling some favours in the court system. But she is still bitter about it. And things do not get better when she discovers that the new sheriff played a part in the fate of the girls’ mother.

    The Horseman of War uses his human guise as a lawyer to recruit new souls to his army. His weapon is a stash of magic coins, one of which made Benedict Arnold rebel against the slave-owning gang led by George Washington. The good news is the coins are silver shekels from Tyre - the thirty pieces of silver that Judas Iscariot received. The bad news is that it does not create treason, it only disinhibits the victim and allows them to act out their long-planned revenge. A bit like beer.

    Speaking of beer, Icabod gets carded in a bar. Nobody could seriously believe him to be under 21, although his beard may look like he is trying too hard to appear older. Worse, the Sheriff demands to see Icabod’s identification, despite there being no legal requirement to carry a national ID card at all times.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 4] Go Where I Send Thee...
    Shown 13/Oct/14

    A young girl goes missing. Sherlock - I mean, Ichabod - says the abductor is The Pied Piper.

    The freelancer is still around. The cops make a deal with him, even though they mistrust him. In fact, when he refuses to risk his life on a weekly basis for no pay then they decide to virtually double-cross him.

    It turns out that the Piper was a supernatural hitman who was hired by a rich colonial to murder a group of redcoats. Of course, the colonial double-crossed the killer, and his bloodline got a curse. Is the moral that all freelancers are untrustworthy, or just that one should only kill for free?

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 5] The Weeping Lady
    Shown 20/Oct/14

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) gets some help with his clothing from a young lady in the reenactors club. This leads to a misunderstanding, since his wife is nowhere to be seen. But worse, a murderous ghost called the weeping lady starts targeting the women in Crane’s life.

    Crane and Mills visit the Privateer. He even has his own boat! Not only does he save Abbie’s life with CPR, but he also lends them a magical weapon.

    The ghost is an anglicised version of La Llorona, but without the child-killing. It turns out she has a personal grudge against Ichabod, or more specifically against his wife Katrina. Yes, poor Ichabod discovers the hard way that yet again his loving wife deceived him.

    The Headless Horseman does his best to protect his betrothed. One cannot help feel at the least some pity for the poor creature, and perhaps that he and Katrina almost deserve each other.

    Also, despite the Season plot arc elements of this story (the Horseman of War gets chastised by Moloch and Death for being over-eager) this still has a Freak of the Week element, especially since it follows directly after the Pied Piper episode.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 6] And the Abyss Gazes Back
    Shown 27/Oct/14

    Abbie tries to help Ichabod to relax by teaching him Yoga. Unfortunately, despite allowing her to show a lot more cleavage than usual this activity fails to distract him from the memory of his wife’s betrayal.

    The son of the Sheriff (Clancy Brown - Starship Troopers ) is back in town, after his unit was mysteriously wiped out in Afghanistan. Abbie and Ichabod investigate when his local drinking buddies are similarly slaughtered. It turns out they were killed by a Wendigo!

    The privateer gets called in, because he has contacts in the local Shawnee tribe. Didn’t Abbie and Ichabod have their own contacts for the Dream-walker episode last year? It turns out that the Native American hunting party is now a biker gang.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 7] Deliverance
    Shown 03/Nov/14

    Henry (John Noble - Fringe ) uses the McGuffin from last episode to poison Katrina. The Horseman is not happy about this at all, but it is on Moloch's orders so there is nothing he can really do about it. The plan is to use the woman as incubator for a demon baby.

    This is the first time in weeks that the dynamic duo has managed to pull off a mission without involving the Privateer. Instead, they bring the new Sheriff into the loop - sort of. The Hessians are a terrorist organisation, even if they belong to the Hellfire Club, so fighting them is actually legitimate police business.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 8] Heartless
    Shown 10/Nov/14

    Henry (John Noble - Fringe ) summons a succubus who looks like Arielle Kebble . She prowls around the local nightclubs, finding people with a hidden desires and then sucking their life essence in the parking lot. In other words, she blends in well with the modern crowd.

    Abbie goes looking for the Buccaneer. He has a not-so-hidden attraction to her, so he is prime bait for the Succubus.

    The heroes go to kill the Demon by destroying her heart, which Henry has stored in a jar on holy ground. Yes, the poor demon is operating under duress, forced to gorge on and regurgitate soul energy from the victims. But the so-called heroes want to genocide the entire demonic species. On a similar note, while Katrina sees the good in Henry (she even sees the good in the Reality Television genre) she treats poor old Abraham worse than Abbie treats the Buccaneer.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 9] Mama
    Shown 17/Nov/14

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) is down with man-flu this week. Abbie calls in backup; her sister and the Privateer. When the Sheriff sends Abbie to investigate a string of mysterious suicides at the local asylum, she takes her sidekicks along.

    A ghost is driving the inmates to suicide. Abbie’s mother’s ghost is implicated in the deaths. Will Abbie and her sister get closure?

    Katrina tries to kill Moloch, as she promised. But the magic necklace that she wears only lets her see Moloch’s glamour, not his true form.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 10] Magnum Opus
    Shown 24/Nov/14

    Abbie and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) get a clue for the weapon that can kill Moloch - the sword of Methusalah, from the Old Testament. Apparently the Templars hid it in a crypt a short ride from where Sleepy Hollow was built. Unfortunately, Henry (John Noble - Fringe ) has outsmarted our heroes. He sends the Headless Horseman to get the weapon first.

    Ichabod has more flashbacks to his friendship with Abraham Von Brunt (Neil Jackson - Blade: the Series ).

    Elsewhere, the sheriff sets up roadblocks to catch Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ). Abbie’s sister Jenny is trying to smuggle him across the border. If they had been smart, they would have done it before he was even noticed missing from the Asylum. Now, instead, they are facing the DWB factor - not to mention the fact they are both convicted felons, so the cops will be keeping an eye out for them anyway.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 11] The Akeda
    Shown 1st Dec 2014

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) fights the horseman again, and the outcome is the same as usual. However, the magical demon-killing sword has a curse - it claims the soul of whoever uses it. So the only one who can use it is someone whose soul is already sold - Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ). Yes, finally the Captain gets something important to do. However, when a recurring character becomes important it is usually part of a plot twist.

    Our band of heroes go against Moloch. Henry (John Noble - Fringe ) serves his adoptive father against the father who he believes betrayed him. Henry has to choose between his birth father (Crane) and his adopted one (Moloch).

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 12] Paradise Lost
    Shown 05/Jan/15

    Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ) and Henry (John Noble - Fringe ) are still in the title credits. However, after last episode’s events they play little part in this episode.

    The story takes off six weeks after the previous episode. Our heroes are still trying to wind down. Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) is sleeping in the library while his wife Katrina has the Sheriff’s old cabin to herself. By day he does research in the books while she talks with Abraham (Neil Jackson - Blade: The Series ), the Headless Horseman AKA the Horseman of Death AKA her ex-fiance.

    Crane and Abbie investigate a series of reports indicating demonic activity in a remote barn. They discover some cat-faced demons performing satanic rituals. They also gain an ally - a winger angel named Orion, who uses a Sikh Chakram (like in Xena: Warrior Princess ) to slay demons. He provides exposition - the demons were Moloch’s followers, but now they seek a new leader - the Horseman of Death.

    Katrina wants to hold Abraham to his word. Is he more trustworthy and honorable than the strange angel?

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 13] Pittura Infamante
    Shown 19/Jan/15

    Ichabod and Katrina are re-starting their relationship in the new Millennium. He takes her on a date to the local historical society. John Adams’ desk brings back memories of his wife Abbie ( Michelle Trachtenberg ). However, the painting (of a painter) is a life study ... In fact, it comes to life and starts bumping people off. Nice to see a stand-alone episode.

    Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ) comes back from the dead. This is not good for several reasons. There is still a warrant out for his arrest, so walking into the police station is a bad move. The only people who know he was framed are the ones who were there when it happened.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 14] Kali Yuga
    Shown 26/Jan/15

    The Privateer has a visitor - his godmother (rent-a-villainess Jamie Murray ). She wants him to steal a magical artefact from Colonel Knox's vault. Yes, before the Colonel had an impenetrable fort named after him, he built an impenetrable vault to house magical artefacts.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 15] Spellcaster
    Shown 02/Feb/15

    A villainous warlock is on the loose. He dresses like a Puritan, and calls himself Solomon Kent, an obvious reference to the Robert E. Howard character Solomon Kane . This particular character is now blamed for the Salem Witch-trials, and Crane’s wife Katrina has a family grudge against him. It turns out that he has insight into her powers, because she can access the same dark magicks as he can. Also, his own fall to darkness mirrors Crane’s own repressed rage.

    For some reason, everyone thinks Henry Parrish (John Noble - Fringe ) is dead, even though he was alive the last time they saw him. Instead he is just holed up in a low-rent motel somewhere.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 16] What Lies Beneath
    Shown 09/Feb/15

    Three workmen enter the city’s sewers and uncover a hidden tunnel. Despite the Fire Department and SWAT team turning up, Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) and Mills go in alone to investigate. A war correspondent tags along - he is also the brother of one of the missing men.

    The labyrinth was built by Thomas Jefferson, to hide a secret library. Crane gets the chance to clear the air with his former friend Jefferson, who has not been focused on before and will probably be unlikely to get more than a passing mention in future.

    Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ) asks Jenny for some help breaking his personal stuff out of the police evidence locker. She does not trust him - she is the only one to notice his witchy tattoos. He is after the Hellfire Club’s secret files.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 17] Awakening
    Shown 16/Feb/15

    Henry (John Noble - Fringe ) is back, with a plan to awaken the powers of local witches. He wants to create a coven, so he has developed a way to activate latent DNA in the population. A bit like the plot of Agents of SHIELD , but without the alien intervention backstory to explain how magic-users got special DNA markers.

    Ichabod's flashback of the week is to the cracking of the Liberty Bell. Apparently it was cast by the British Government with the intention of awakening the powers of local witches. Ichabod himself cracked the bell with gunpowder, on the orders of George Washington. It turns out that Washington reneged on his treaty with the witches, just as successive US Governments broke their own treaties with Native American nations.

    Henry cannot create his new coven single-handedly. He is only half-witch, so he asks his mother for help. She knows that witches are an oppressed minority, and agrees to help.

    Captain Irving (Orlando Jones - Evolution ) runs interference, Jenny keeps him occupied. The only weapon that will slow him down is the gorgon's head. Will she turn him to stone, or chicken out?

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 18] Tempus Fugit
    Shown 23/Feb/15

    Abbie is back in colonial times. Luckily they do not think of her as a witch and burn her, despite her wearing pantaloons instead of a skirt. Instead they think she is a runaway slave, and imprison her. Since slavery is one of the things that the Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, etc) wanted to protect, this show illustrates why the colonial rebellion was a bad idea.

    The villainess teams up with the Headless Horseman. He hunts Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) down, changing history in the process. But if Crane never ends up in suspended animation until the 21st century, Abbie will never go back and a paradox will be created. She has to magically undo the spell, so time is reset.

  • Nikki Reed as Betsy Ross
  • Shannyn Sossamon as Pandora
  • Zach Appelman as Joe Corbin
  • Lance Gross as Daniel Reynolds
  • Jessica Camacho as Agent Sophie Foster

    Season 3

  • Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 1] I, Witness
    Shown 01 Oct 15

    Abbie has finally gotten her dream job – she is a trainee Agent at the FBI. They did not move her across the country, she covers her old patch in Sleepy Hollow. It is a big town, population 144,000 (as opposed to the 25,000 in Haven ) but it has its own Chinatown and Chinese organised crime gang. What would the Founding Fathers think?

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) gives her a call to bail him out of jail. He has been busted for bringing a Sumerian tablet into the USA without a permit. How he managed to get on an airplane without a passport is not explained.

    The deadly duo must go monster-hunting again. There is a bloodthirsty killer on the loose, and it was last seen circa 1776.

    With Crane’s wife and son out of the way, the show has to fill those two roles. The new Wicked Witch is Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ), and Crane’s historical love interest is Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ). Naturally, the idea of Crane and Abbie the Cop to cross the Colour Barrier is a bit too advanced, despite the fact that the first interracial kiss was Kirk and Uhuru in Star Trek: TOS almost half a century ago.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 2] Whispers in the Dark
    Shown 08 Oct 15

    The dynamic duo get involved in yet another FBI case. This one is about a whistleblower who gets assassinated by a supernatural entity. The freak of the week is a shadowy ghoul that was once a colleague of Crane’s, before the evil English-speaking General of Occupied New York City bewitched him. Ignoring the fact that New York was a proudly British city until King George Washington exiled its loyal citizens to Canada after he crowned himself. But that is not the worst of this episode’s sins.

    The ghoul gives Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) the excuse to flashback to a dance-off at the residence of General Howe, where Crane blended in among unshaven and unkempt so-called officers (but not gentlemen). Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ) helped Crane escape, and fared better against the ghoul than Crane did. Unless there is a flashback in every single episode this Season, the chances are that she will be pulled from the deep-freeze herself. Ironic that Crane spent the last two seasons mooning over his wife, supposedly the love of his life, when it turns out that Betsy was his true love all along.

    Abbie has a love interest too. Her new boss at the FBI is an old flame from the FBI Academy. Well, they only graduated nine months ago and she is a rookie while he is a boss? Naturally, he looks like her birth-father probably looked like so the show cannot be accused of miscegenation!

    Abbie’s sister has a big strong man looking for her as well. It turns out he is a bounty-hunter from her buccaneering days. He wants an artefact that she recovered for Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown – Highlander ). Corbin’s son, a USMC war veteran, interferes. Somehow the boy managed to turn his USMC medic training (was he really a US Navy Corpsman?) into a Paramedic’s job at the local hospital. He must have some kind of magic helping him.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 3] Blood and Fear
    Shown 15 Oct 15

    Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) unleashes the next evil from her box, and this time it is a cursed knife. All she has to do is get a patsy to wield it for her.

    Abbie is assigned to investigate the knife-slayings. Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) recognises the modus operandi, and uses research to link it to the Jack The Ripper killings. Yes, every Speculative Fiction show has to mention Jack sooner or later.

    Crane had an encounter with the knife before. Not during the colonial rebellion, strangely enough. No, this happened when he was a schoolboy at Eton college in England.

    Elsewhere, Abbie’s sister and Sheriff Corbin’s son go after the artefact that was stolen from them in the previous episode. The bounty-hunter responsible gets ripped off by a con-woman, and the good guys get taken in by her as well. It turns out that Abbie’s sister was trained as a con-woman by Sheriff Corbin, which is a very unusual hobby for the man who trained Abbie to be a straight-and-narrow Deputy. Was this con-woman also trained by Corbin?

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 4] The Sisters Mills
    Shown 22 Oct 15

    Pandora unleashes yet anther evil from her box. This time it is the Tooth Fairy. Not a nice one like the one The Rock played in the Tooth Fairy Movie, but an evil one that walks backwards on all fours like a contortionist or a monster in a Japanese Horror film like The Grudge .

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) recounts how the Tooth Fairy, an ancient Middle Eastern demon, once plagued the children of New England. Paul Revere, the message-rider and second-rate dentist, was called in by Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ), Crane’s woman before he was married. Crane must now use his status as town historian to borrow Revere’s dentistry tools, and work out how to defeat the monster.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 5] Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Shown 29 Oct 15

    This is a follow-up to Bones episode Season 11, Episode 5: The Resurrection in the Remains, which makes absolutely no sense at all. Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) and Temperence Brennan compare notes on cases, while FBI agents Booth (David Boreanaz - Angel ) and Abbie have a lot in common. They were both friends of Sheriff Corbin ( Highlander ), among other things. Small world, huh? However, there is one small irony. In one episode of Bones (Season 9), Hodgins acknowledges that Sleepy Hollow is a TV show he regularly watches!

    The villain is a British General who Crane once served under. If the British military had magic at its disposal, the French would have been defeated at Yorktown and global democracy would have been secured. And whatever happened to the plotline about the conspiracy of Hessians?

    The flashbacks are to the rebel defeat at New York City. Crane went on a secret assassination mission, intent on using a noisy single-shot pistol while surrounded by enemy guards. In contrast, Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ) had a repeating crossbow that fires incendiary arrows!

    Abbie's sister Jenny tracks the female thief back to a former associate of Sheriff Corbin's. However, the man is a dodgy character who is under FBI investigation.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 6] This Red Lady from Caribee
    Shown 05 Nov 15

    Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) unleashes a wasp-demon from Trinidad. Predictably, there is a flashback to Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ) defeating it in 1776. Yes, she was a much better monster-slayer than Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) ever was!

    The wasp-demon attacks authority figures, drives them mad with paranoia, and eventually they expire. The first target is a Federal Judge, so the FBI investigate. Naturally, Abbie's boss (and ex-lover) becomes a target too.

    Crane and Abbie track Pandora to her lair, an ancient building that long predates Columbus' expedition. Much like the Templar prison that the Gorgon guarded last Season.

    Sheriff Corbin's son decides to make a deal with the artefact dealer, even though the man is under constant FBI surveillance. The idea is even dumber than it sounds, and a cursed artefact is accidentally unleashed on a recurring character.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 7] The Art of War
    Shown 12 Nov 15

    Jenny ripped off the art dealer last episode, and got infected by the magic stone. But the dealer wants it back, because he pre-sold it to Pandora's patron. Now, desperate for backup, he unleashes a monster from Pandora's Box.

    This time the Freak of the Week is a trio of Norse berserkers. Apparently it is unusual for TV shows to feature villains from European mythology, although in reality the berserkers were merely dangerous warriors and not demonic monsters from another dimension.

    The monsters seem unkillable at first. Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) suggests using a crossbow with arrows made of mistletoe. However, at the end of the day cold steel seems to work well enough. Yes, the monsters' hides are only impenetrable when the plot demands it.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 8] Novus Ordo Seclorum
    Shown 19 Nov 15

    Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) has returned, and brought her mummified demi-god husband The Hidden one (Peter Mensah - 300 ) with her. He is dismayed at the environmental damage that has been wrought, and he wants to purify the world's air and water again. Boo, hiss! That kind of Organic Conservationist ideology must be stopped!

    In the previous episode, the artefact dealer went to extreme lengths to get the magic stone back. It seems now that he may as well not have bothered. Pandora's husband could simply summon the magic stone's bearer to him. But by borrowing Pandora's Box in her absence without her permission, the dealer has pushed himself beyond the point she could tolerate his actions.

    The good guys stumble around looking for clues. Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) is able to give exposition, but to make for greater dramatic tension he can only give just enough info to make it interesting. It seems that, like Betsy Ross, Raul Revere was more deeply trusted by Washington than Crane was.

    Abbie's FBI boss blames her for everything bad that happens with the case against the artefact dealer. It is not as if there was much of a case against him in the first place. He was primarily accused of illegal import of foreign artefacts - something that Crane himself was accused of at the start of the Season. Also, with the town of Ferguson, Missouri in the news this year one must consider that Sleepy Hollow is the opposite. The rural population is mainly Caucasian, but the Police and FBI who run it are mainly African-American and other ethnic minorities.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 9] One Life
    Shown 05 Feb 16

    It is a month since Abbie went missing. Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) is obsessed with finding her, as is her boss at the FBI. Luckily for the show's gender/race balance they have another female African-American agent that they can just plug into place as Crane's partner. Both Crane and the lady Fed get messages from beyond the grave.

    Jenny and Joe Corbin the Sheriff's son go looking for a magic map. They have to steal it from the bounty hunter than Jenny annoyed a few episodes ago.

    In the flashbacks, Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ) turns out to be a much better spy than Ichabod Crane. However, even Crane is better than the eager young fool who tries to out-do them. Will they save the fool's life, or will they callously sacrifice his life in order to create a martyr for the cause?

    Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) has her mummified demi-god husband The Hidden one (Peter Mensah - 300 ) again. He is unhappy at being rescued, and wants his magicks back. This is the setup for the rest of the Season.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 10] Incident at Stone Manor
    Shown 12 Feb 16

    Jenny steals a memento from her estranged father (James McDaniel - Taken ). Joe Corbin distracts the old man, but uses his own real name so he might get tracked down when the old man catches on. Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) uses the memento to focus on Abbie, so he can astrally project himself into whatever location she is at.

    Abbie has been trapped in an alien realm for ten months. Not unlike Jemma Simmons in Agents of Shield , but for longer and with absolutely no companionship. She does not even have a football face like Tom Hanks in Castaway, so she plays chess with an imaginary Crane. More noticeably, Abbie's hair is now long and frizzy. She has not permed it - quite the opposite, because she has not had access to the hair-straightening facilities that middle-class African-American women seem to frequent. In other words, Abbie now looks like she does naturally without hair treatments and cosmetic makeup.

    The FBI woman has a new case - a murderous gargoyle. With Crane and Abbie indisposed, the B-Team of Jenny and Joe must help instead. Luckily they have Abbie and Crane's routine down to a tee, so they quickly finds out the details of the case. Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ) once saved the French General Lafayette from a gargoyle - a French gargoyle, mysteriously deployed by the English General Howe. Jenny is unhappy about being bossed about by the Fed, but this is only because she has issues about her father. Will Jenny's magical approach (holy water) work better than the Fed's practical method (quick-drying concrete)?

    Speaking of Betsy Ross, she is also the key to getting Abbie back from the other world. This proves once again that Katrina really shafted the Twenty-First Century by preserving Crane for two centuries instead of Betsy. She is a superior fighter, spy and all-round good-guy. Not to mention the shot of her in the credits wearing a cleavage-enhancing corset.

    Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) offers a deal to Crane and Abbie. After all, they still have the magic stone that her mummified demi-god husband The Hidden one (Peter Mensah - 300 ) used as the source of his power. He has summoned all the monsters in the world to Sunnydale/Smallville/Sleepy Hollow, but they will not obey him until he gets his mojo back. However, it turns out that the magic rock is not the only thing he can take magic from. No, he can pull it out of other Immortal beings.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 11] Kindred Spirits
    Shown 19 Feb 16

    The monster from Sleepy Hollow [Season 2, Episode 2] The Kindred is back, summoned by The Hidden one (Peter Mensah - 300 ). Unfortunately he is busy with his own agenda, going on a Son of Sam murder spree of courting couples due to the jealousy of not having a relationship of his own.

    The heroes have a couple of plans. The first is to use music to soothe the savage beast, They use a specially-built glass instrument that plays greensleeves.

    The backup plan is to activate a Bride of Frankenstein that Benjamin Franklin had thoughfully constructed in the 1700s. This patched-up zombie woman is called The Kindress - yes, her very name is an artificially patched-together construction!

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 12] Sins of the Father
    Shown 26 Feb 16

    The FBI's most wanted artefact smuggler is back in town. He is chased by a bloodthirsty ghoul. The flashback is to his time in the First Gulf War with Corbin, who unfortunately is not played by Clancy Brown.

    Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) is still bearing the brunt of the ill temper of her mummified demi-god husband The Hidden one (Peter Mensah - 300 ).

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 13] Dark Mirror
    Shown 04 Mar 16

    The Jersey Devil is on a kill-crazy rampage. The good news is, it is not a native creature so our heroes do not have to get help from Native Americans. In fact, the creature used to be a human alchemist - a man that Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) actually knew himself while serving as Ben Franklin's apprentice!

    One would think that Crane would be glad to see an old familiar face, even if the man was a rival they still have more in common with each other than anyone else currently alive. However, Crane seeks to antagonise this new potential friend and ally.

    On the bright side, we actually get some exposition. Once upon a time the humans were enslaved by gods. They rebelled with the help of The Hidden one (Peter Mensah - 300 ), then betrayed and imprisoned him.

    There is also a subplot involving Jenny and her boyfriend. He is apparently quite wealthy, due to his deceased father's savings. This also begs the question - what happened to the massive trunk full of money? A previous character had a literal warchest filled with a million dollars in cash. And since that guy was a criminal, and his entire crew were slaughtered by a supernatural monster, it would be wasteful just to leave the cash sitting around until the cops turn up to investigate the stench of disembodied mobster bits.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 14] Into the Wild
    Shown 11 Mar 16

    Abbie goes on a team-building weekend with her FBI colleagues. Rather than meet some new faces, she is stuck in a team with people she already knows - her boss-cum-love interest and the FBI woman who is now a fellow monster-hunter. They are hiking through the woods when they encounter a centuries-old monster. It is a good job that the other Feds did not find it first, or the massacre would be impossible for Abbie to cover up.

    Jenny and Corbin Junior go to a black market auction. Someone has found a piece of Pandora's box, and is selling it to magic-loving criminals. Luckily Corbin has a spare million dollars - he must have gotten a refund on the camper van he bought for Jenny last week. The bad news is, Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) wants her box back. The good news is, Corbin is still a Wendigo so he has his own superpower.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 15] Incommunicado
    Shown 18 Mar 16

    A bunch of middle-aged men have a garage band. Unfortunately a smoke-monster sucks all the sound out of the room, like The Gentlemen in Buffy: Season 4 - with predictable lethal results. The FBI woman investigates - yes, somehow this, like so many other local deaths, is somehow a Federal case!

    The Hidden One (Peter Mensah - 300 ) has decided to stop messing about and kill the witnesses himself. However, the magic gadget that Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) has located turns out to be powerful enough to imprison the god! Unfortunately, Crane is trapped in the room with him. This could be one of the cliched Desperate Hours episodes that shows use as filler, but it is actually an important part of the story arc. On the outside, Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) and Abbie must team up to rescue their menfolk!

    Jenny and Corbin Junior team up with the FBI woman to defeat the monster. They get some advice from a local source of Jenny's - A Belfast gunman who is now a whiskey blogger. They bribe him with something called blood sausage, which is presumably the same as Black Pudding as served in Dublin. This would match his accent, which is certainly not a Belfast one. The Dublin food, knowledge of Banshees and County Clare indicate that he is just a Southerner pretending to be a Belfast man.

    The monster is a Banshee, and it is not just a Death Omen like in Real Life - I mean, in the legends. Our heroes arm themselves up like the winchesters in Supernatural , combining centuries-old iron railings with pump-action crossbows like in The Strain . However, they need the Banshee alive because Pandora needs its magic to free the imprisoned men. Luckily they have a couple of other sources of magic at their disposal. They still have the fragment of her box from last week, and Corbin Junior is still a Wendigo!

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 16] Dawn's Early Light
    Shown 25th March 2016

    The Hidden One (Peter Mensah - 300 ) treats Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) worse than ever, and she realises that spending thousands of years trying to free him was a mistake. But can Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) and Abbie trust her?

    The soap opera aspect of the show begins to get tied up. As Pandora's relationship falls apart, Abbie considers telling her own love interest the truth about magic. At least she and Jenny have made up with their father (James McDaniel - Taken ).

    Crane recounts how he was once left out of Washington's most important mission, the crossing of the Delaware river. It turns out that even Paul Revere and Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ) were allowed to participate. This is the last time Crane and Ross ever spoke, while she was finishing the original Star-Spangled Banner flag. Yes, we have gone a few episodes without US revolutionary history, so there are extra helpings of it shoehorned in this time.

    They go to Paul Revere's historic mansion in Boston. However, the flag is gone. Worse, they unleash its guardian - a tar monster from the American Revolution. It turns out that a certain rebel regiment was completely wiped out. The only survivors were deserters, one of whom was tarred (and feathered, no doubt) and turned into the guardian tar-monster. Yes, for the crime of avoiding a suicide mission a man was tortured to death and then turned into an immortal monster. In what way is this meant to make Revere and Washington look like good guys?

    The location of the flag has something to do with the American National Anthem. The words of the anthem are from a poem written about the War of 1812, which is the next clue. Crane completely fails to state that the tune is actually that of Anacreon, a British drinking song. However, one cannot really fault this show for its poor history when the episode is based on the concept that George Washington crossed the Delaware so he could go through a portal to another world and steal a magical superweapon.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 17] Delaware
    Shown 1st April 2016

    The Hidden One (Peter Mensah - 300 ) tries to destro the world by putting his magic hourglass on a mountain. Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) teams up with Jenny, Corbin Junior and the Feds to stop him. However, Corbin's wendigo side was not removed in the previous episodes. The good news is, Jenny's father (James McDaniel - Taken ) finally reveals the reason he left Abbie to be Sheriff Corbin's protege.

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) and Abbie try to recreate the crossing of the Delaware, by mimicking George Washington and Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ). It turns out that the river is linked to the River Styx, which is a short walk from the catacombs. They discover the remains of the expedition. Crane mis-identifies a fragment of a wooden boat as shrapnel. They discover the diary of Betsy Ross. She describes a political opponent (among Washington's handpicked men) as an Insurgent, while in truth it was she who was revolting.

    Crane finally discovers where Betsy Ross has been for the last two centuries.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 18] Ragnarok
    Shown 8th April 2016

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) and Abbie send Betsy Ross ( Nikki Reed ) down through the well. Somehow this will send her back to her own time, although Abbie did not reappear at the time she herself left. It would make more sense for betsy to accompany them, but then they would have a happy ending.

    Abbie gets some closure with Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown - Highlander ).

    Pandora ( Shannyn Sossamon ) was a pleasant ally, but Jenny's vengeful attitude ruins the alliance. Yes, there has to be a final battle. Crane recruits the Headless Horseman, and bribes him by giving him his head back. Surely this was destroyed at the end of Sleepy Hollow [Season 3, Episode 11] Kindred Spirits ...

    The episode could have been the perfect end to the show. However, the writers had to leave it open for yet another Season. There is a cliffhanger concerning a secret society founded by George Washington. ANOTHER one? Surely this was already covered by the Illuminati, a branch of the Masonic Order that both Washington and Crane were members of.

  • Janina Gavankar as Agent Diana Thomas
  • Jerry MacKinnon ( ) as Jake Wells
  • Rachel Melvin as Alex Norwood
  • Oona Yaffe as Molly Thomas
  • Jeremy Davies ( Lost ) as Malcolm Dreyfuss
  • Kamar de los Reyes ( Total Recall 2070 ) as Jobe

    Season 4

  • Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 1] Columbia
    Shown 06 Jan 17

    We last saw Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) months ago, getting into a mysterious limousine after being briefed about a Government organisation that investigates the paranormal. It turns out that the limo and the Men in Black were not from the Agency, and in fact belonged to Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies - Lost ), a billionaire who has his own agenda.

    Crane gets a new woman-of-colour partner. Instead of re-using the female FBI Agent who was brought in last Season, the Producers have created a new character entirely. The actress is Janina Gavankar , who has been in several other genre shows.

    Crane eventually teams up with the real secret unit, Agency 355. It turns out that all he has to work with is a couple of nerds in a library. Not so very different from the situation in Sleepy Hollow, although this time he has some assistants to do research for him.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 2] In Plain Sight
    Shown 13 Jan 17

    A dead body found dumped in the woods near Washington DC turns out to be that of a witch. The suspects are the other two women in her coven. They are centuries old, so Crane's time with General Washington overlapped with them.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 3] Heads of State
    Shown 20 Jan 17

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) decides to make his move to Washington permanent, and agrees to rent an apartment there. It has a very creepy closet, and the former tenant disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but the missing man was a musician so nobody thinks to investigate further. Token Black Guy tags along to help out, but only because he wants to spend time with Jenny Mills. Jenny does not give a damn about TBG, because she prefers butch, violent men, but this Soap Opera subplot is bound to go on for a few episodes.

    The Headless Horseman is back. Instead of hanging out in Sleepy Hollow, he chases the US President's limo along the streets of Washington DC. It turns out he has not been summoned away from his home by the Season's villain, for a specific reason. Instead he is more of a tourist, and he wants POTUS's head as a souvenir.

    It seems the horseman's character has been rewritten. In the previous Season he seemed to have made peace with Crane, but now it turns out they are sworn enemies all over again. Alas, this is character regression instead of character development.

    Much like Crane himself, this show seems to favour progressive politics. POTUS is a woman, so the script was probably written before the US Election. Either that or the Showrunner felt that the horseman would seem like a good guy if he tried to save the world from Donald Strumpf.

    Crane has a flashback to a meeting with an obscure historical engineer named Benjamin Bannicker. In reality, the most important obscure engineer of the time was a man named Rittenhouse, but he is now famous for being the villain in rival show Timeless . Much like that show, this series has adopted a policy of emphasising historical contributions of African Americans. Unfortunately Bannicker chose to play the smallest role possible in the Revolution, and a result of his deliberate anonymnity was his obscurity.

    The key to discovering how to use the city's magical defences to ambush the Horseman is to obtain the lost journal of Bannicker. It turns out that it is in the hands of a rich collector - Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies - Lost ).

    This episode has a lot of exposition. Crane finally explains how he is over two centuries old. Unfortunately the Fed ( Janina Gavankar ) decides that because he withheld this info from her, he is not allowed to be near her or her daughter Molly again. This is unfortunate, because everyone knows she is the second witness.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 4] The People vs. Ichabod Crane
    Shown 27 Jan 17

    Jenny discovers what is in the creepy closet in Crane's new apartment. Well, what WAS in it. There was a spider monster, and it has abducted Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) himself. Unlike the creepy closet in the movie Mama , this one does not have a teleportation link with the monster's lair. That means the beast must have physically DRAGGED its victim all the way across the streets of Washington DC and out into the countryside. Its lair is in the US Army's Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

    The creature is the equivalent of the Despair Squid in Red Dwarf . Ichabod has visions where he is put on trial for Abby's death. The prosecutor is Henry (John Noble - Fringe ). The old trope is still true - die in a dream and you die in reality. Worse - the monster's telepathic link works both ways, so any injury to it will create a corresponding injury on Crane's body.

    The minions do some research about the monster's previous victims during the American Rebellion. George Washington wrote during the Valley Forge winter that These are the times that try mens' souls. He called in a specialist - Grace Dixon, his favourite former slave-girl - to defeat the Despair Spider with the fires of joy. It turns out that these were not metaphors. Jenny knows an ex-Marine who illegally sells explosives, and since the Homeland Security girl is also an ex-Marine she can help schmooze him.

    The minions break into the Smithsonian's archives to steal some more info. They should probably have their own legal right of entry, either because they are an official US Government Department or because the Federal Agent ( Janina Gavankar ) can get them a DHS Security pass. Also, surely this should be the Jeffersonian because it is in the same reality as Bones. Anyhow, they witness the Billionaire's demonic sidekick getting a mystical artefact.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 5] Blood from a Stone
    Shown 03 Feb 17

    Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies - Lost ) sent his demonic sidekick to get another one of the mystical artefacts. However, there is another player in town. A vengeful warlock also wants the artefacts.

    Agent Thomas ( Janina Gavankar ) has accepted that Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) should be a party of Molly's life. He has been recruited as coach of her girls' soccer team. His inspiring speech makes him reminiscent of The Rock's scene at the start of Fast & Furious 8 . However, Crane's grasp on history is somewhat lacking. Someone on the writing staff could have done a better job researching the origins of football.

    Team Crane has worked out that the Billionaire was linked to their previous cases. Crane and the Fed visit his office to question his henchman. Unforunately the warlock has also chosen that moment to pay a visit. Crane must protect the villain against their mutual foe.

    This kind of plot development, the initial exposure of the main antagonist, would be better done at the midpoint of the Season. However, this whole Season is a bit rushed - perhaps linked to the fact it is only half the length.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 6] Homecoming
    Shown 10 Feb 17

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) and his minions visit Sleepy Hollow to find the final part of the Philosopher's Stone. It turns out that the town is at a convergence of landlines, which explains why it is this reality's version of a Hellmouth. It is nice to see that they have actually used the stone's real name, unlike a certain movie series that used the US title of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone .

    The flashbacks are based on Washinton's secret journal, and it turns out that Benjamin Bannicker found and concealed the Philosopher's stone.

    The stone is in a vault, guarded by an ancient Egyptian archer. Luckily it is a terrible shot - Crane uses his minions as cannon fodder but the archer misses every single shot.

    The billionaire's plan is to use the Philosopher's Stone to give himself eternal life. The matter is of some urgency to him, because he sold his soul to a demon and thus will go to a Hell dimension when he eventually dies. The ceremony requires a lot of life energy. Ironically, George Washington himself planned the site of at least one battle so he could use the stone's magic for his own purposes.

    This kind of plot development, the final confrontation of the main antagonist, would be better done at the end of the Season.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 7] Loco Parentis
    Shown 17 Feb 17

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) is now part of Molly's life, chosen to perform her birthday party shopping and tutoring her in history. However, her birth-father arrives on the doorstep unexpectedly.

    Jenny Mills has the demon in her special underground chamber. Her plan is to test every weapon in her arsenal, brutally torturing him until she finds his kryptonite when he eventually dies. He is naked and defenceless - a gender-reversal would not be allowed. Luckily, he is a crossroads demon who can help her if she makes a deal.

    A werewolf kills a victim in Arlington cemetary. The beast eats its victim's heart - presumably a new trope inspired by Supernatural . And since it chose to eat someone on Federal land, it is now the Fed woman's job to investigate. What a coincidence!

    The flashbacks far predate Crane's lifetime. His research indicates that the werewolf was brought to Massachussets by the Pilgrim Fathers. It originated in the Black Forest in Germany - home of the brothers Grimm . Well, the show never really touched on Native American monsters and the threat they presented to European colonists (with the notable exception of the Wendigo).

    The werewolf abducts Molly. It plans to sacrifice her at midnight, when she legally turns to the magical age of eleven years old. How this is now a thing is never really explained. Luckily, the monster is stupid enough to be easily fooled when the girl uses the old I need to pee routine. Yes, this hell-fiend is out-smarted by a ten-year-old child!

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 8] Sick Burn
    Shown 24 Feb 17

    Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies - Lost ) is back in business. His next step is to re-make America according to his own wishes. A villainous Billionaire who wants to defeat the woman who won the popular vote in the POTUS elections, and wants to destroy the institutions of good government that made American as great as it has ever been? Wow, we can only wonder what the inspiration for this character was.

    Molly gets her mother and Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) to accompany her while she stalks cyber-celebrity Peter Pan (Robbie Kaye - Once Upon A Time ). Unfortunately the boy suddenly falls ill with a magical influenza that makes a fiery sigil apear on the victim's skin. Soon it is an epidemic across the the city.

    The research reveals another example of Black History. Paul Jennings, a slave in the White House, helped save people from Fire Flu during the War of 1812. He uncovered the fact that the vector for the magical illness was a pamphlet. The modern equivalent would be an Internet meme.

    It turns out that Jennings was part of the original Agency 355. The other members were Uncle Sam, Davy Crockett and Sacajeweya. They villainously conspired to protect America from the Ulster-Scots invaders and Tecumseh's Native American forces who wanted to prevent Manifest destiny.

    Molly needs a masculine influence in her life. Since her mother is a butch ex-marine turned Federal Agent, the logical choice is the even more butch, combat-loving Jenny Mills. The good news is, a healthy outdoors lifestyle that keeps her off-line is more in keeping with the simpler age that Crane often harks back to. However, when Jenny tries to teach her some mystical meditation skills poor Molly gets a vision of the future.

    As always with magical epidemics, one of the regular cast members is infected. Apparently we will not care if a bunch of Extras are wiped out, but we are meant to believe that a main cast member might be written out mid-Season.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 9] Child's Play
    Shown 03 Mar 17

    Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies - Lost ) uses a bed of nails for meditation purposes. He must be doing it wrong - he lets the nails break his skin, and bleeds quite noticeably. However, he manages to work out that Molly will be important.

    Molly spends some time with Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) in the Agency 355 HQ. However, the base's security system goes into lockdown and traps them inside. The nerds go looking for their predecessor, a Federal employee who retired in 2011. However, what they find does not encourage them about their future careers in the Agency.

    It turns out that Molly has inadvertently creates a monster based on her childhood imaginary friend - Mr Stitch. It attacks people she is frustrated with, and goes after her mother Agent Thomas ( Janina Gavankar ).

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 10] Insatiable
    Shown 10 Mar 17

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) embraces his apparent hipster vibe, and holds an appartment-warming party. His neighbours turn up, and it is obvious he is part of the gentrification of a crappy neighbourhood. Jenny is there, and mentions she has no intention of settling down. She might end up going back to her old life as a freelance Relic Hunter . After all, the type of guy she goes for is the type with a stash of supernatural goodies. Meanwhile, Token Black Guy has moved on from his interest in Jenny, and is going on a date with a hot girl who wants to see classic horror movie Onibabah . His snarky girl cow-orker seems to be jealous.

    Someone unleashed a hunger demon in the air vents of the US Government's office building. Team Crane are certain that Dreyfus is behind everything supernatural. They happen to be correct in this case, but that is just a matter of luck. Agent Thomas is still officially employed by Homeland Security, and has a huge caseload of regular crimes to investigate, but she goes to her boss and tries to get a warrant taken out on the villain.

    Crane has a flashback to his time as a British officer. The Bostonian rebels left behind a mystical Chinese puzzle-box for the good guys to find. It was a booby-trap that unleashed the demon and killed a lot of good men.

    The villain's plan is now clear. He created a Pestillence, now a Famine. Also, he has teamed up with the Headless Horseman. It seems he has taken up Moloch's old plan, and decided to raise his own team of Four Horsemen.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 11] The Way of the Gun
    Shown 17 Mar 17

    Agent Thomas ( Janina Gavankar ) takes Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) to see a theatre play based on the events of Valley Forge. Naturally he makes his feelings very publicly felt. Of course, this is a school play and Crane has spent several years in this century, but he still acts like it is his first time in the modern era.

    Team Crane has hacked the villain's laptop, and even though they cannot locate him they can still watch him via his own webcam.

    However, their own security is not perfect. The lockdown system only protects them from supernatural threats. A young athletic woman breaks in and steals a book. She is a brunette, just like every other female on the show except for Crane's dead wife.

    Crane has a flashback to 1780, when he was on a secret mission for George Washington. He and Benjamin Bannicker had to deliver a secret box to Maryland. They got chased by redcoats, and had to hide the box in a farmhouse.

    Crane and the Fed go to search the farmhouse. It is now a restuarant, and the stroppy woman who runs it is so deluded she somehow thinks that Michelle Obama is more famous than her husband Barry!

    It turns out that there is a third side involved in the battle. There is a splinter faction of the Masons known as Arma Mutata. They have magic, so there must be witches among their number.

    Jenny takes the nerds off to Sleepy Hollow, which is in upstate New York about four hundred miles from Washington DC. She uses them as bait, sending them off into the woods to get caught. When interrogated by the villains, they must acknowlegde their feelings for one another.

    The McGuffin this week is a magic flintlock pistol. Whomever gets shot by it will become the Horseman of War. The perfect candidate is Agent Thomas, the ex-Marine, and with her out of the way Molly will need a new parent. However, Crane is also a good candidate because the previous Horseman of War was his own son.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 12] Tomorrow
    Shown 24 Mar 17

    The episode starts with a glimpse of the future that Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies - Lost ) will have had created. Jenny teaches children that in the old world, there was always enough food to eat. This bears no resemblance to pre-Trump America, where the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. However, it is not inconcievable that things got a lot worse.

    Crane (Tom Mison - Lost in Austen ) has become the Horseman of War.

    Agent Thomas ( Janina Gavankar ) bonds with her future daughter. The idea of putting Abby Mill's Witnesshood in a child was creepy, but now there is an adult proxy.

    Henry (John Noble - Fringe ) is back, courtesy of the monster's goo from Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 4] The People vs. Ichabod Crane, and offers to help the Agency 355 team.

    Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow [Season 4, Episode 13] Freedom
    Shown 31 Mar 17

    Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies - Lost ), the supernatural equivalent of Donald Trump, uses the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to kidnap POTUS - who looks like Michelle Obama. Hmm, no obvious political bias in this show.

    Crane must take his team in and defeat the Horsemen before the US Military goes in and gets wiped out. After all, the US Presidency is an absolutist monarchy and the government of the USA depends on its undefeated military-industrial complex. The country apparently cannot function with a parliamentary system and a civilian regime. US Politicians would rather reign in Hell than serve in heaven. And on that note, Crane goes to Hell and makes a deal with the Devil.

    The nerds in Agency 355 dig up some historical records, and discover that Benjamin Bannicker hid some secret weapons in their office. He also invented the saying E Pluribus Unum, which he intended as a reference to a post-racial, post-identity politics America. Poor man, if only he knew how bad things would be two centuries later.

    Crane gets his final confrontation with his Henry. However, there is no mention of his link to the Headless Horseman.

    The show ties up its Season arc, and all major loose ends are tied up. However, there is just enough plot left for the show to continue should it be strung out for yet another Season.