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Season 1

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 28/Oct/11

Nick (a US Police Detective) and Hank (his Token Black Guy partner) investigate the disappearance of a red-hooded girl who wandered into the woods.

It turns out that fairytales are true. Luckily, the hero is descended from the Brothers Grimm, so he can see the monsters. Also, bullets kill them so no magic is needed.

There is actually a plot arc as well. The Police Captain is Samuel Adama the Tauron gangster from Caprica , and he has a secret agenda.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 2] Bears Will Be Bears
Shown 04/Nov/11

Goldilocks tells our Cop hero Nick that she and her BF broke into a big house in the woods. They tried on some clothes and stuff, but got caught by the homeowners ...

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 3] Beeware
Shown 11/Nov/11

Adelind ( Claire Coffee ), the blonde babe who tried to assassinate Auntie Grimm, is revealed as a Hexxon beast. But another Abnormal is killing off the Beasts, so Nick the Cop Hero is assigned to protect the blonde. Can he do his mission without letting his sidekick discover the truth.

Nana Visitor is the Queen Bee.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 4] Lonelyhearts
Shown 18/Nov/11

A woman's body is discovered, and the Detectives investigate. Their suspect is a Satyr, who can seduce women with relative ease. For some reason he then keeps them imprisoned against their will, which makes absolutely no sense but provides

The Reaper that our hero Nick shot in the pilot episode has a brother, who comes to town looking for vengeance. Luckily the Police Captain (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) hears of this first. He has an agenda of his own.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 5] Danse Macabre
Shown 08/Dec/11

A school's music teacher is found dead, eaten by rats. Detective Grimm and his partner Hank investigate. Everything points to the school's loner kid, who is also some kind of Pied Piper. Grimm sends the Big Bad Wolf to befriend him.

Home life is not easy for the detectives. Grimm's freezer packs up on him, so he gets a repair man. But the repair man is not a man. More of a weasel, who is terrified the Grimm will kill him.

Elsewhere, token black guy Hank gets asked to dinner by the blonde Hexen Beast, Adelind ( Claire Coffee ).

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 6] The Three Bad Wolves
Shown 09/Dec/11

Someone is trying to kill Hap, a Big-Bad friend of Monroe. Jamie Ray Newman is Hap's leather-clad motorcycle-riding sister. Grimm thinks she knows more about this than she lets on.

It turns out that the Blutbaden have a hereditary enemy - the Baurschwein.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 7] Let Your Hair Down
Shown 16/Dec/11

A couple of hikers meet a gun-toting redneck in the woods. He is just a farmer, but his cash crop is marijuana. Luckily, before you can say Get orf moi laaaand an Abnormal kills the farmer so it can steal his sleeping bag.

The cops investigate the killing, And discover links to a young girl's disappearance seven years earlier. Grimm suspects the girl was a Blud-Badd who has been living feral in the woods ever since. He takes Monroe out, to bond with her.

Grimm's partner Hank investigates the girl's disappearance. Claudia Christian is the child's human step-mother.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 8] Game Ogre
Shown 13/Jan/12

An ogre is on the loose. He was convicted of multiple homicides and sent to Pelican Bay in California, but he busted out. And he wants revenge on the cop who sent him there. Hank!

Nick the Grimm ends up the worse for wear. Do not worry about him, next week he will be on his feet again as if he was never injured to begin with. But while he is hospitalised, he relies on the Big Bad Wolf (Monroe) to help him.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 9] Of Mouse and Man
Shown 20/Jan/12

Nick the Grimm investigates a killing. His two suspects are a snake-man and a mouse-man. Will cliches abound?

Monroe gets a call-out for a clock repair. Unfortunately he has incurred the displeasure of the other monsters. And a Reaper may be on the way to sort him out.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 10] Organ Grinder
Shown 03/Feb/12

A homeless kid's body is discovered, drained of blood. Despite twin punctures on the neck, vamps are not to blame. It is sadistic organ-harvesters. A couple of homeless orphans named Hanson and Grace may be next.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 11] Tarantella
Shown 10/Feb/12

Amy Acker is a sexy spider-lady who kills before she mates. She has to eat three horny young men over a three-day period. Can Nick the Grimm save at least one of the victims in time?

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 12] Last Grimm Standing
Shown 24/Feb/12

Detective Grimm and his partner Hank investigate a double murder. The suspect is a missing ex-con, so they interview his parole officer (Nick Chinlund - Chronicles of Riddick ). The killings are linked to illegal cage-fighting.

The Vessen Prince (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is having yet more problems controlling his minions. But he is manipulative and ruthless when it comes to sorting them out.

Grimm has problems with his home-life. It is his anniversary coming up. Will he make it home in time to have dinner with his GF, or will he stick with his career and catch a murderer?

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 13] Three Coins in a Fuchsbau
Shown 02/Mar/12

A crew of robbers attack a jewellers shop. Their target is three magical coins. It turns out the coins have an empowering effect, due to an origin in Ancient Greek Mythology. However, the empowerment is addictive ...

Titus Welliver (the villainous MIB in Lost ) is a Vessen after robbers who want the coins. He claims to know about the Grimm's family. Can he be trusted?

Even the Vessen Prince (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is vulnerable to the coins' corrupting effect. Will he finally reveal his true nature in the Grimm's presence? Every other Vessen has done it so far. It is a wonder nobody has mentioned to the Grimm that each Vessen city has a Prince.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 14] Plumed Serpent
Shown 09/Mar/12

Someone is stripping copper from disused buildings, and incinerating rival thieves. The Grimm discovers that it could be a descendant of a Dragon.

The suspect's daughter ( Danielle Panabaker ) is a sexy, flirtatious Fire-dancer. She makes the Grimm's GF suspicious and jealous.

Poor old Monroe still has not been introduced to the fiance yet.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 15] Island of Dreams
Shown 30/Mar/12

Some Vessen junkies rob the local apothecary, killing the poor guy in the process. He should have taken the Grimm's advice to stop dealing.

The victim's sister Rosalie comes to town. Monroe comforts her.

Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) the blonde Hexen Beast uses magic to further her seduction of Hank the Token Black Guy. This has unfortunate consequences for the Token Oriental Guy, Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) ...

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 16] The Thing with Feathers
Shown 06/Apr/12

Nick the Grimm takes his GF away to a remote country cottage. A romantic and peaceful place to propose marriage, he plans.

Naturally, isolated locations like The Cabin In The Woods are used in horror movies. This is more like the Agatha Christie cliché: When the hero goes on holiday, he will have to use his detective skills from day one.

A local yokel wants to make a goose-woman grow a golden egg. The Grimm must protect the innocent.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 17] Love Sick
Shown 13/Apr/12

Two weeks ago in Grimm [Season 1, Episode 15]Island of Dreams Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) the blonde Hexen Beast used magic to further her seduction of Hank the Token Black Guy. This was on the orders of the Vessen Prince (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), who is after a silver key the Grimm possesses.

This had unfortunate consequences for the Token Oriental Cop, Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) ... He faints from eating inedible objects. The Grimm contacts Monroe and the apothecary, who try to cook up a cure. But will they make the connection in time?

The Vessen Prince has a run-in with his Cousin from Switzerland. The higher-ups are keen to get the silver key. Office Politics are quite violent for the Vessen.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 18] Cat and Mouse
Shown 20/Apr/12

A Vessen freedom fighter arrives from Europe. He is pursued by the ultimate modern rent-a-villain, Sebastian Roche ( Fringe ).

This is the biggest Arc story so far. The Vessen dictatorship in Europe is a bigger issue than ever now.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 19] Leave It to Beavers
Shown 27/Apr/12

The Grimm investigates the murder of a Were-Beaver by a Liche. One of the other were-Beavers is a witness, but he is too frightened to testify. Can the Grimm help persuade him to do the right thing?

The Grimm's GF invites Monroe over for dinner. How could this possibly go wrong?

The villain of the week calls his relatives in Europe for some backup. They send TWO Reapers - and one of them is the guy from Grimm [Season 1, Episode 4] Lonelyhearts.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 20] Happily Ever Aftermath
Shown 04/May/12

A rich couple get ripped off by a crooked financial advisor. The wicked stepmother refuses to help. A Faerie (or some other magical beastie) intervenes - is it the Godfather's doing? Detective Grimm investigates. This is a nice twist on the Cinderella story.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 21] Big Feet
Shown 11/May/12

A crew of crypto-zoologists are out looking for Bigfoot, but end up the victims in their own version of Blair Witch Project . A local rancher calls the lady vet (Grimm's GF), who gets a sample of the Bigfoot DNA ...

Monroe's cousin Larry is in town. This is not a coincidence. Monroe tells Grimm, but they cannot let Hank or the other cops find out. The problem is, Hank is a VERY good cop.

Grimm Grimm [Season 1, Episode 22] Woman in Black
Shown 18/May/12

A villain is after the magic coins from a few episodes ago. He knows three Seattle PD officers are involved, plus Munroe. But a middle-aged woman with Ninja skills ( Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio ) is after him. Is she a rival Vessen, or a Grimm?

Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) the Hexen blonde has an evil cat, and it scratches the Grimm's GF Juliette. Grimm tries to convince his GF by showing her the truth about his monster-hunting activities. Naturally she forgets her own suspicions (including the Vessen DNA!). Of course, she is suffering from the effects of Hexen poison ...






Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 1 ]
Shown th April 2017 [Wednesday]


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  • Season 2

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 1] Bad Teeth
    Shown 13/Aug/12

    Season 2 has an amped-up title sequence, with an expositionary voice-over. It seems there will be more emphasis on the supernatural conspiracy element, less on the police procedural aspects. This is so much better than a show like Medium , where the protagonist faced opponents who had no supernatural powers of their own.

    Our hero's mother is in town, and fills him in on some exposition. She was targeted for death by a cabal of Vessen, who wanted the coins for themselves. Worse, the Grimms also have to hide the magic silver key from the pilot episode. It is one of seven, and if they are all used then the Vessen Princes will control the world.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 2] The Kiss
    Shown 20/Aug/12

    A Vessen assassin arrives in town and attacks the Grimm. He takes out some FBI agents too. Naturally, the Feds start to investigate the Grimm.

    The Prince (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is less than happy about this interference. He contacts his cousin - rent-a-villain James Frain ( The Cape ) to see if he will admit responsibility. Then he goes after the Hexen Beast's mother, to get her to give him the cure to Juliette's mystery illness. But can she be trusted?

    The Grimm's mother confronts the Hexen Beast's mother. This will not end well.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 3] Bad Moon Rising
    Shown 27/Aug/12

    Some coyote-faced Vessen hillbillies kidnap a teenage girl. They plan to marry her off to her cousin. The Coyotals' leader is John Pyper-Ferguson (also the arch-villain in Alphas ).

    The girl's father (Mark Pellegrino - Lost, Supernatural ) reports her missing to his buddy Hank - the Grimm's partner. Hank has been getting psychiatric therapy. Since his poisoning by Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) the Hexen beast he has been able to see Vessen in their true form.

    Juliette the Grimm's wife has recovered from her coma, but with selective amnesia. She remembers Monroe, but not Nick the Grimm himself. Nobody thinks this is particularly supernatural, never mind actually getting Monroe's GF Rosalee to cure it. She does not even get a mention.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 4] Quill
    Shown 03/Sep/12

    A Vessen goes on a rampage, and the Grimm cops have to shoot him. They take their time to work it out, but he evidently has a disease that only affects Vessen.

    Monroe takes his GF on a picnic in the woods. Unfortunately, by strange coincidence the Parks manager is a Vessen too, and he got infected with the Pestilence.

    The Prince (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is warned that a Vessen hit-man is on his way. The interloper's job is to seize the silver key that the Grimm is holding.

    Juliette tries desperately to remember her fiance, to no avail. The best she can come up with is her encounters with terrified Vessen.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 5] The Good Shepherd
    Shown 28/Sep/12

    Nick the Grimm and Hank are called in to solve a robbery. Someone has embezzled $400,000 from the bank account of a Church. Reverend Calvin (a reference to John Calvin, inspiration behind Presbyterianism?) is the main suspect, but he gets an alibi from Kristina Anapau .

    The Grimm angle crops up eventually. The Rev is a Blutbad, and his flock are ... well, a flock of sheep-people. So, is he a sheepdog or a wolf in the fold? Monroe goes undercover as a hobo in search of salvation.

    The Vessen Hitman makes his play for the silver Key that the Grimm is guarding.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 6] Over My Dead Body
    Shown 05/Oct/12

    Monroe's piggie-killing ex ( Jamie Ray Newman ) is back in town. By incredible coincidence, she gets hired to kill a regular character!

    Hank protects the intended victim, while Nick the Grimm and the she-wolf try to track down the client.

    The Prince of the City (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) has a visitor - Alice Eve . She was last seen as the super-witch who mothered Klaus and his Uber-vamp siblings, The Originals . Here she is Vessen Royalty, intent on controlling the Prince's ambitions.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 7] The Bottle Imp
    Shown 12/Oct/12

    A hunter/survivalist type goes on the run with his nine-year-old daughter. Nick the Grimm knows they are a family of Vessen.

    Monroe fills in for his GF Rosalee in the herb shop. Unfortunately she puts dangerous chemicals into jars that are similarly labelled to the normal ones. Naturally, Monroe makes a mistake with someone's medication!

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 8] The Other Side
    Shown 19/Oct/12

    Nick the Grimm and his partner Hank are called to investigate a horrific murder. As always, it turns out to be Vessen-related. The victim is a High School pupil who is part of a very competitive General Knowledge contest.

    The Grimm's boss, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), gives his GF Juliette a lift home. But Renard is secretly smitten by lust. It seems there is something magical going on - and not in a good way. He goes to Monroe's herb shop anonymously, to get a cure.

    Meanwhile, Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) the former Hexen Beast is now in Austria. She meets up with rent-a-villain James Frain ( The Cape ), the Prince's half-brother.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 9] La Llorona
    Shown 26/Oct/12

    It is Halloween, and a child is abducted by a weeping woman. Luckily the child is Hispanic, which means that the Grimm find out about La Llorona - a ghost-woman who drowns children, re-enacting her killing of her own children. Like a female version of the Family Annihilator type of spree killer.

    A female cop from New Mexico helps the investigation. Coincidentally she is also a Vessen - a Hispanic one at that. What are the chances?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 10] The Hour of Death
    Shown 02/Nov/12

    A serial killer is on the loose. Much like Dexter , he is a vigilante who enjoys torture. Wow, this has become the new cliché. And although the perp starts by choosing the same victims as Olly in Arrow , the ante is upped when he chooses a recurring character for the climax of the episode.

    The perp knows police procedure. Will he be one of the regular cops? The Police have a new intern - just like in Beauty and the Beast (2012) ...

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 11] To Protect and Serve Man
    Shown 09/Nov/12

    Seven years ago, Hank caught a killer who claimed he was defending himself from monsters. Were the victims Wessen? Is an innocent man on Death Row?

    The shooter was a war hero suffering PTSD, and he claimed that the men he shot were flesh-eating monsters. The Grimm matches the description to that of the Wendigo. Did these Wendigos leave pits of rotting corpses lying around for the Grimm to discover?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 12] Season of the Hexenbiest
    Shown 16/Nov/12

    Munroe does not believe in professional confidentiality, and spills his guts to the Grimm. Despite the fact he knows that the couple are victims of witchcraft, he makes out that they are willing adulterers!

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) the witch-woman is back in town. She drops by the Captain (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), and gives him an ultimatum. Either he gets the magic silver key from the Grimm, or she tells Grimm who the local Royal is.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 13] Face Off
    Shown 08/Mar/13

    The Grimm turns into a jealous stalker. He spies on his ex Juliette, and confronts his Captain (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ). Will they team up to find a cure? Will the Captain (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) sell him out by giving Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) the silver Key?

    Adelind has yet ANOTHER evil plan up her sleeve!

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 14] Natural Born Wesen
    Shown 15/Mar/13

    A gang of Wessen bank robbers are breaking the key rule of maintaining the Veil. Yes, they use their monster faces while doing the robberies.

    By incredible coincidence, Monroe happens to be a witness. nick the Grimm and his partner Hank go in without SWAT backup! Typical of this kind of show, to totally fail at the Police procedural aspect of the story.

    Juliette starts to have waking nightmares.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 15] Mr. Sandman
    Shown 22/Mar/13

    The hunt is on for a Vessen with a South African accent. He has agonising pain in his eyes, caused by a horrendous parasitic infection. His only relief comes from drinking human tears, but this means infecting his victims - who then endure painful blindness and horrible death.

    Naturally, Nick the Grimm falls victim to the freak of the week. Just to add some jeopardy, he has only a few hours to get cured or the blindness will be permanent.

    It is noteworthy that the gore factor seems to have been pushed up a notch lately. Perhaps this is to differentiate this show from the more child-friendly Disney show Once Upon A Time .

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 16] Nameles
    Shown 29/Mar/13

    Nick the Grimm investigates an Unsub who cuts people in half with acid. It turns out that he kills the victims' characters in an online game first. Luckily, Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) the Chinese-American cop is an expert in computer games as well as English-language Literature and whatever else drives the plot.

    Juliette starts to halucinate about the Grimm. She goes to Monroe for help.

    The Captain (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) meets with a Wessen contact. But there is an assassin in town ...

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 17] One Angry Fuchsbau
    Shown 05/Apr/13

    Monroe's GF Rosalee is called up for jury service in a murder trial. Not only are the victim and the accused both Vessen, but the defence attorney is one as well. And he is using his Vessen powers to influence the jury. The cops join a plot to strip him of his powers, like they stripped Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) of her Hexen-beast-ness.

    There are a couple of problems with this. First is the coincidence aspect of a character doing jury duty. This is an unnecessary distraction, because the show is a Police Procedural and thus criminal trails are already part of the story. Secondly, despite the show's title being a reference to a classic film about justice, this follows the standard Police Procedural cliche of having the suspect be guilty and his lawyer cheating to help a guilty man go free.

    Adelind is back in Vienna, to give The Prince (James Frain - The Cape ) the bad news.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 18] Ring of Fire AKA Volcanalis
    Shown 19/Apr/13

    A geologist takes some rocks from a nearby volcano. She gets barbecued, and the Grimm suspects a Wesen is involved. Hank is on holiday (ironically, in Hawaii), so he ropes the Captain (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) in to help. It turns out there is a demonic entity named Vulcanis …

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) is hiding her morning sickness, while searching for an Ally. She is introduced to a Gypsy Queen, who offers to buy the half-Royal baby ...

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 19] Endangered
    Shown 30/Apr/13

    Nick the Grimm pursues an alien responsible for cattle mutilations. Naturally, the Vessen are involved.

    Nick, Monroe and Rosalie must save a Vessen endangered species from a hunter who wants to collect their pelts.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 20] Kiss of the Muse
    Shown 07/May/13

    Nick and Hank stumble across a murder. The victim is a novelist, the killer is a painter, and the motive is a Muse. Unfortunately, she infects Nick and he becomes obsessed with her.

    Nick seems to fall foul of most of the monsters he encounters. Luckily, Hank is a competent detective and Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is helpful.

    Juliette's memory starts to come back, and she tries to have dinner with Nick. When this falls through, she goes to Monroe for the key to the trailer again.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 21] The Waking Dead
    Shown 14/May/13

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) is shacked up with the Prince (James Frain - The Cape ). But she has no allies she can trust. Someone is trying to sell her out to the highest bidder.

    Baron Samedi (Querns from Oz) is wandering around Portland, turning people into zombies. There is no obvious motive, it is almost as if he were building an army of the Undead. But what does he need an army for?

    Juliette orders Monroe to show her what she does not recall seeing from the end of Season One.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 2, Episode 22] Goodnight, Sweet Grimm
    Shown 21/May/13

    The Grimm and his friends have realised, from the massive rise in recent Missing Persons cases, that Baron Samedi is building an army. They set out to find it - but they may be walking into a trap.

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) plots to get her Hexen-beast powers back. But her identity is stolen by the old witch who was helping her.

    Season 3

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 1] The Ungrateful Dead
    Shown 25/Oct/13

    This starts with a quick recap of the climax of last Season, expertly edited so it flows as part of the story. Then we head into the resolution of the cliffhanger ...

    The gang have to contain and subdue the zombie army. Luckily, they have Hank and the local Police Department to help them. A pity the actual police Captain (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) did not think of this!

    Baron Samedi is tasked with flying the Grimm to Austria. Unfortunately, he never thinks to check if his venom has the same effect on a Grimm than it does on a mundane Human. If someone Hulks out, the last place you want them to do it is aboard a Learjet in flight!

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) is still plotting to get her powers back.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 2] PTZD
    Shown 01/Nov/13

    Hank and Monroe corner the zombie-juiced Grimm. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) brings the girls and the cure. He tells a witness that the suspect's name is Thomas Schirach - the name on the fake passport that Baron Samedi used for smuggling the Grimm to Vienna.

    Unfortunately, things do not revert to normal again. One of the thugs who the Grimm fought in the bar-room brawl ends up dying of his injuries in the hospital. The team must cover-up, in order to protect their friend. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) stole the CCTV drive, so there would be no video to help the investigators identify the Grimm as being Shirach. Unfortunately, this also means that the thugs who actually started the fight can now claim to be the victims!

    The Grimm's greatest flaw is his conscience. The detectives investigating the case are not a threat - one of them is the nerd from The Shield. However, the Grimm's greatest enemy is himself. He is willing to turn himself in for a crime he cannot recall, so he cannot give a confession or present a defence.

    Back in Europe, Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) continues working on the complex spell to get her powers back. And the Resistance apparently gives the villainous Prince (James Frain - The Cape ) a violent surprise. But can a major villain get written out so easily?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 3] A Dish Best Served Cold
    Shown 08/Nov/13

    Monroe takes Rosalie to a fancy new restaurant. Unfortunately, Blutbaden are exploding ... and the restaurant may have something to do with it.

    The Grimm is still upset about killing the thug in the bar-room brawl. But as Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) points out, he is only upset about killing someone who was not Wesen!

    Back in Austria, the Captain's agent investigates the witch-woman's disappearance.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 4] One Night Stand
    Shown 15/Nov/13

    A couple of teenage boys go swimming with some hot girls, and a monster tries to drown them. The cops investigate redneck water-nymphs.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) begins to suspect part of Adelind's plan. He also realises that car-bombing a VIP is not exactly subtle or low-key, and his network will draw heat from every counter-terrorism unit in the Western world as a result.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 5] El Cucuy
    Shown 29/Nov/13

    A vigilante Wesen is ripping the throats out of crooks. The Grimm investigates. How long has it been since he chased a HUMAN perp?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 6] Stories We Tell Our Young
    Shown 06/Dec/13

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) flies to Europe. He intends to meet up with the Resistance heads, who appear to be having their own Council meeting to parallel that of the Royals. Unfortunately, the rebels appear to have a few blood-feuds in their ranks. Worse, the Royals have sent the Verrat hunter-killer groups after them.

    The Grimm investigates an apparent case of Demonic Possession. A young boy's face contorts in a demonic fashion. The Grimm realises that the boy cannot be a Wesen. Unfortunately, the historical assumption has always been that the affected child is possessed by an evil spirit.

    Rosalie decides that it is safer for her to show her allegiance to the Wesen Council. She reports the child, in order to earn some brownie points. Since the Council operate independently of the Royals and the Grimms, they choose to operate according to their own rules.

    The Grimm's girlfriend is a trained veterinarian. This medical training makes her a useful person in the investigation. Yes, finally she is something more than a damsel in distress!

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 7] Cold Blooded
    Shown 13/Dec/13

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) meets with the new Prince, Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ). Meanwhile, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) and his co-conspirators have uncovered the rat in their midst.

    The Grimm and the other cops chase a crocodile man who lives in the sewers.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 8] Twelve Days of Krampus
    Shown 13/Dec/13

    The Captain's fellow conspirators finally gather together. They all agree that there is no other viable option, so they have to support him. His only problem now is that he must sort out the Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) situation.

    Teenage criminals are being abducted by a monstrous person in a Santa costume. It turns out that Krampus is real, and he eats the naughty children. The Grimm and his friends champion human rights, willing to consider executing Krampus rather than risk having him eat some thieving little scumbags next year. Would not it be better to keep him alive as a deterrent? After all, if kids knew he was real it would help the cops reduce the crime rates at Xmas time.

    Munroe gets the Grimm's girlfriend to help him put up his extravagant Xmas decorations. He wants to surprise Rosalie - but it never occurs to him that she has a Gremlins -style Xmas horror story.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 9] Red Menace
    Shown 03/Jan/14

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) meets with Adelind ( Claire Coffee ), then returns home ASAP. Yes, we are denied a dramatic confrontation with Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ). But the Captain is much needed back home, where he can micro-manage a murder investigation. This is the first time he has joined the Grimm and Hank on a call-out. But it turns out that a major witness is Russian, and the Captain happens to be fluent in that language!

    A Russian faith-healer is in town. He turns out to be Vessen, of course, and has the same powers as Rasputin. Unfortunately, someone is targeting him for assassination. But much like Rasputin, he is very hard to kill!

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 10] Eyes of the Beholder
    Shown 10/Jan/14

    The Grimm's girlfriend's buddy comes to stay. Both she and her abusive BF are Wesen, but neither suspects there is a Grimm so close at hand. Unfortunately, even though the buddy is the same breed of Wesen as Rosalie, nobody thinks of inviting Rosalie around as an icebreaker.

    A teenage boy witnesses a gangland murder involving baseball bats - like something out of Casino. The detectives investigate - for the first time, the Wesen is the victim instead of the killer! The cops encounter Hank's physiotherapist (she already rejected him).

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 11] The Good Soldier
    Shown 17/Jan/14

    A Manticore is bumping off employees of a local security company. It turns out that the rent-a-cops were part of the US military-industrial complex in Iraq. If it were not for the supernatural nature of the killer, this would actually work as a standard episode in a mainstream police procedural show.

    Rosalie takes Munroe to meet her family. Her mother is nice enough, especially when you consider she is asked to cater for a vegetarian Blutbad with whom her daughter is living in sin. But Rosalie's sister is a complete pain.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 12] The Wild Hunt
    Shown 24/Jan/14

    A speed-racing Wesen is killing and scalping tough-guys in uniform. He started in Mexico, and carried on right up the western seaboard of the USA. Now he is in Portland, so the Grimm and Hank must find him. It turns out this is a fearless warrior Wesen - in other words, with the same mentality as last week's Manticore, it seems.

    Since Munroe has met Rosalie's family, he decides to take things a step further. He asks her to marry him, and then invites his own parents over to meet her. Unfortunately, he hoped for the best and failed to plan for the worst. After all, there would be no drama without conflict.

    In Austria, Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ) meets with the head of the Verrat. They interview Adelind ( Claire Coffee ), to see if she knows about Sean Renard's plans. But she is a professional lawyer, and thus an expert liar. However, she is also suffering from her pregnancy - her human womb holds a powerful Wesen baby.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 13] Revelation
    Shown 28/Feb/14

    Munroe's family situation has hit a critical stage. Can he make up with Rosalee and his parents? Another question also occurs to this reviewer. Munroe's first name is Eddie. He lets everyone call him by his surname because that is like a nickname to him. So why do his parents call him Munroe as well?

    The Serial Scalper has fled town - but he may be back. Like the sewer gator people, his type may hunt in packs. And killing a Grimm is their ultimate prize.

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) is about to give birth. Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ) sends the Verrat to take her into custody. Can Renard's supporters keep her safe?

    Even when the Grimm and Munroe realise what they are up against, they do not bother to call in backup - Hank and Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ).

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 14] Mommy Dearest
    Shown 07/Mar/14

    Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ), the detectives' uniformed backup, discovers that a female friend of his is being stalked by a monster from Filipino legends - the Aswang.

    Can the others bring Wu into the circle of trust? Not only do Hank and the Grimm know about Wesen, but Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is one!

    On the other side of the world, Adelind's pregnancy is reaching its final stage. Since her unborn child was able to kill a Verratt hit-man with telekinesis while still in the womb, what will it be capable when it is born?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 15] Once We Were Gods
    Shown 14/Mar/14

    An Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus is uncovered, containing an Anubis - a jackal-headed humanoid. A lady scientist (Amber from House M.D.) wants to x-ray it. Unfortunately, a Wesen extremist wants to steal the body from the museum. He is willing to kill people in order to get what he wants.

    Munroe and Rosalee agree with the extremist's sentiments, if not his murderous methods. This parallels American law with regards to the return of Native American relics and remains. However, for the Wesen there is an extra component - they want to conceal their very existence. Such concealment might be more difficult as human science constantly improves. However, when the Grimm plays a film of a Wesen wodging to his GF and Hank, he is the only one who can see it.

    Back in Europe, Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ) uncovers Captain Renard's spy. He is not the kind to hold out under torture, which means the more help he provided in hiding Adelind ( Claire Coffee ), the more of a threat he becomes.

    Adelind's baby now exhibits telepathy as well as telekinesis. It picks up on her fear that they need more fire-wood, and tricks the Resistance bodyguard into gathering a bundle of sticks. Will it be able to protect them if the Verrat hit-squad arrive?

    Finally, Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) is still in the asylum. His friends visit him, but can they help him to get well again?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 16] The Show Must Go On
    Shown 21/Mar/14

    The circus comes to town. Unlike a standard circus, which has wild animals trained to perform, this has trained performers who resemble wild animals ... Wesen! Unfortunately, a couple of attendees end up fatally mauled. The Grimm and Hank investigate.

    Munroe and Rosalee, still planning their wedding, take some time out to do some freelance investigating at the Carnival. They suspect one of the Wesen has gone off the rails, letting their animal side take over. Rosalee ends up on stage in a skimpy costume, expected to woge on command.

    Meanwhile, back in Europe, Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) and her bodyguard are still stuck in the woods. Rather than try to cross the Alps on foot with no survival gear, they double back and try to steal a car from their pursuers. They assume the vehicles are unguarded, and do not bother to check how many rounds are in a pistol. Someone learns the hard way that it is not practical to take on four gunmen if you only have three bullets!

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 17] Synchronicity
    Shown April 4, 2014

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) and her bodyguard run into a Verratt team who try to take them alive, rather than just kill them and take the baby. However, nobody counts on the Resistance contact being ... Mama Grimm ( Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio ). She realises that the Resistance has been compromised, and takes Adelind and the baby the one place she thinks is safe.

    Apparently a DC-3 twin-engine propeller-plane (with long-range fuel tanks) can fly from Switzerland to Portland, Oregon. It is hard to say what is more incredible – the distance involved, or the idea that in a post-9/11 world a cargo plane could cross into and out of Canadian airspace, into the USA, without anyone objecting to its lack of flight plan.

    Of course, since Portland is a Free City run by Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), the father of the magical baby, this is the first place the Verratt will look.

    There is no police investigation for the Grimm to get involved in this week. Instead, all he has to worry about is the fact that he has to be Best Man for Munroe and Rosalee's wedding. His worry is that somehow, the Wesen attendees will know that he is a Grimm. In fact, what gives him away when he sees the Wesen woge? After three years, we actually find out!

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 18] The Law of Sacrifice
    Shown April 11, 2014

    Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ) contacts the Verrat's man in Portland - FBI goon C. Thomas Howell ( Red Dawn ). They plan to move in on Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), and will kill anyone who gets in their way.

    The Grimm and the others start to formulate a plan. The whole gang is involved. Munroe's home becomes a safe house for Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) and the baby, while Mama Grimm is still her bodyguard. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) bluffs Prince Viktor, while Hank and the Grimm hang out in the background as security.

    As the episode title suggests, the story itself follows the theme of sacrifice. Mama Grimm had to fake her own death decades ago, leaving her own so to grieve her while he thought he was an orphan. Adelind and Renard are in a similar position - as long as they have the baby, the verrat will keep coming after them.

    This would make a great climactic battle, the Verrat invading the Resistance-protected Free City of Portland. However, the characters choose to skip the obvious tactics in order to needlessly prolong the Season's story arc.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 19] Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen
    Shown April 25, 2014

    The effects of the previous episode are still being felt. FBI goon C Thomas Howell ( Red Dawn ) is stalking Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), with the intention of assassinating him.

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) is distraught beyond belief at losing her daughter. She has no job, no home ... apparently she cannot ask to be re-hired by her old employers, or move into her deceased mother's old house. Instead she begs the Grimm for help, then crashes at Munroe and Rosalie's place. She is so desperate, she is even willing to phone Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ) and offer to work for him.

    A couple of Wesen try to gang-bang a hitch-hiker. Next morning, Nick and Hank get called out to the scene. Predictably, it is not the girl’s body they find.

    The whole Force is out looking for the young woman. She has the fighting skills of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , she is a trouble magnet when it comes to Wesen, but Munroe says she does not have a Wesen scent. There is only one obvious answer to what she is, but nobody works it out!

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 20] My Fair Wesen
    Shown May 2, 2014

    The Grimm gives Trubel a room for the night. He also ropes Munroe and Rosalee into helping teach her that not all Wesen are murderous monsters. However, most crimes he investigates these days tend to involve Wesen!

    A Wesen is controlling a gang of street-girls who shoplift from high-end clothing stores. One of the girls gets murdered by the boss, and the Grimm ends up investigating. Trubel takes it upon herself to interfere in the investigation. She physically assaults a witness, getting useful info which is inadmissable in court. Then she sets herself up as an undercover operator, a job for which she is ideal, but she is not wearing a wire and this the cops have no way of backing her up.

    The title of the episode is misleading - the theme is definitely Pygmalion, but it is Trubel and not one to the Wesen who is dressed up as a lady. She has the butch haircut of a young Olivia Benson, but can she scrub up as nice as Mariska Hargitay does?

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) moves into a new apartment that Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) has rented for her. It turns out that her mother's house was auctioned to pay back-taxes, and all her belongings (including her grimoires and magical items) are locked in a rented storage locker. Can she find what she needs?

    Trubel is such a Mary Sue character. She can out-fight Munroe and out-think Hank, neither of which Nick the Grimm has ever done. Her sudden appearance seems to be a back-door pilot. Will we see her get her own TV show next Season?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 21] The Inheritance
    Shown May 9, 2014

    Holling Manners from Angel is in town. He is dying, so he gets his sceptical son to help. The old man is a Grimm, and he has a trunk full of Grimm memorabilia - including one of the special silver keys last mentioned in Grimm [Season 2, Episode 13] Face Off. Unfortunately the Verrat Ahnenerbe are after him.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) sends Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) on a plainclothes assignment - keeping Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) under surveillance. Either on her own volition or under orders from Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ), she has decided to cast another spell on Juliette. The last time, she wiped the Grimm from Juliette's memory.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 3, Episode 22] Blond Ambition

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) is on a spell-casting spree. First she targets Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), but her real targets are Nick the Grimm and his girlfriend Juliette.

    Captain Renard is on Adelind’s tail. He knows she is up to something. Can he get to her in time? After all, the FBI Verratt goon (C Thomas Howell – Red Dawn ) is still after him.

    Season 4

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 1] Thanks for the Memories
    Shown 24/Oct/14

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) makes it back to Vienna. She trusts Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ), although she has absolutely no reason to do so. He has her where he wants her, and he needs to get the names of everyone in the Resistance who helped her. Yes, despite the Resistance risking EVERYTHING to get her to safety last Season, she could be their undoing.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is on his deathbed, and the doctors have given up on him. Worse, a mysterious Hexenbeast ( Louise Lombard with blonde hair) turns up at his bedside.

    Nick the ex-Grimm has a lot of explaining to do. The FBI investigate their rogue agent, found decapitated by his house-guest.

    Nick and Hank also have to hunt down the freak of the week, a squid-faced Wesen who sucks out peoples memories and then steals their identities. This is a great help for him in his job of industrial espionage. Trubel does some surveillance work, although she does not exactly try hard to blend in. Since her target has the skills of a professional espionage agent, this will not end well.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 2] Octopus Head
    Shown 31/Oct/14

    Trubel learns the hard way not to conduct amateurish surveillance operations on an expert in counter-surveillance.

    Nick’s bond with Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) is still active, although he does not understand it. He gets a brief view of what she is seeing, inside the castle dungeon.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 3] Last Fight
    Shown 07/Nov/14

    Nick gets his eyes checked out by the doctor, and she gives a scientific explanation that might cover some of his Grimm abilities. Apparently he has a hereditary condition which gives him extra sensors in his eyes, and thus can see things other people cannot.

    Renard’s mother ( Louise Lombard ) gets help from Rosalie and Munroe. She might be able to counteract Adelind’s spell ...

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) has a new friend in her prison cell. But can she trust him? She does not have much choice.

    The freak of the week is a Wesen boxer. Trubel goes undercover in the gymn, where suspects include the manager (Ron Canada – Star Trek: DS9 ).

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 4] Dyin' on a Prayer
    Shown 14/Nov/14

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) gets back to work at the Police Station. Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ), having been ducked by Nick, takes his suspicions to the boss.

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) continues her escape. Unfortunately, the castle has unexpected booby-traps and security measures.

    Nick and Hank investigate the death of a drunken wife-beater. He was a Wesen, but he was killed by something worse – a Golem! Trubel gets called in as backup, and to babysit the dead man’s stepson.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 5] Cry Luison
    Shown 21/Nov/14

    Budd the plumber drops by, in need of Trubel’s help. Predictably, she has to sort out his mess for him.

    Nick and Hank investigate a woman who is being driven insane by a wolf-faced man that only she can see. Is this Wesen-related, or is she being Gaslighted?

    Back in the dungeon, Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) continues her breakout attempt. However, her mommy-brain makes her easily distracted by crying baby noises.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 6] Highway of Tears
    Shown 28/Nov/14

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) confesses everything to Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ). He works out instantly what nobody else did: since the Resistance expected the baby to go to Brasil, the team who snatched it must have been working for someone else. And the obvious candidate, the most powerful and trusted (and far from Portland) is Nick’s mother!

    Nick and his girlfriend try to undo Adelind’s spell.

    People are being hijacked on a remote stretch of country road. It turns out that Wesen Thuggee cultists are to blame. Will Nick get his powers back in time?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 7] The Grimm Who Stole Christmas
    Shown 05/Dec/14

    Nick and Hank investigate some little trolls who love smashing up peoples’ Xmas decorations. It turns out that they are Wesen teenagers who hit puberty. The answer is to defeat them with fruit-cake!

    Trubel does some surveillance work on suspects in the hate crimes against Munroe and Rosalie. But with the East Coast Grimm's son in town, she is distracted.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 8] Chupacabra
    Shown 12/Dec/14

    Once again, if a Wesen contracts a certain medical condition then it becomes visible to mundane humans. This is not good news for Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ), whose sanity is hanging by a thread.

    Rosalee and Munroe might be able to cure the disease. Will they never get out of town long enough to enjoy their honeymoon?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 9] Wesenrein
    Shown 16/Jan/15

    Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) finally gets the introduction to Wesen. It seems to calm him down, but will he stay stable?

    Munroe is in the hands of the Wesen hate-group. The Grimm sends Rosalie to stay with his GF, who is concealing her Hexenbeast nature.

    This is one of the closest episodes yet to being a mainstream police procedural. The writer, Thomas Ian Griffiths, is best known for action-adventure films.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 10] Tribunal
    Shown 23/Jan/15

    The hate-group give Munro a kangaroo court.

    The Grimm and his team start working on the one suspect they have. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is very keen to get rid of the hate-group. His motives are obvious if unspoken. Not only are they a direct challenge to his reign as Prince of the city, but he is one of the half-breed Wesen that the hate-group are opposed to.

    Juliette learns a bit more about the Hexenbeast transformation.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 11] Death Do Us Part
    Shown 30/Jan/15

    Rosalee and Munroe finally get their honeymoon. The Grimm’s GF goes to the only friendly Hexenbeast she knows - Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ). Will their sneaking about together make the Grimm jealous?

    The freak of the week is electrocuting people in an old disused house. First it was the original owners, five years ago. The case was unsolved, but some ghost-facers (like in Supernatural ) go exploring the house and get in trouble.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 12] Marechaussee
    Shown 06/Feb/15

    A Wesen bounty hunter (Arnold Vosloo - The Mummy ) is in town, killing people who have broken the Wesen Council’s rules. They are generally low-level crooks and con-artists, no great loss to the world. However, because Nick once involved himself in the Council’s affairs he is now on the hit-list too. That fact that he actually HELPED the Council is ignored.

    Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ) comes to town, with Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) in tow. They want the baby, and they know Nick’s mother will not have gone far. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) knows their movements, of course, so they will not get one over on him again.

    Juliette starts to learn how to control her hexenbeast side. It could be a bit of a shock for Nick if she woged at the wrong time. Luckily, she now has a superpower so she can defend herself if she is attacked by Wesen. Also, it gives her a reason to go after Adelind - and the ability to face her on a level playing field.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 13] Trial by Fire
    Shown 13/Feb/15

    A couple of teenagers are working late in a department store when a Wesen arsonist burns it to the ground. The kids fall victim to the Backdraft effect, even though there was a closed door between the air supply and the fire.

    The Grimm and his team soon realise that an arsonist was responsible. The only one who has ever come close to catching the perp is the Bauerschwein arson investigator who the Grimm arrested three years ago. Nick and Hank get him a 48 Hours pass, on condition that he helps catch the killer. However, they need Rosalie’s professional help to create something to counteract the villain’s superpower - he can sweat potassium. Unfortunately, Munroe is less than happy to be working with the Bauerschwein who was convicted of murdering Hap, his best friend!

    Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ) keeps tabs on Captain Renard’s search for Nick’s mother and the Wesen baby. However, Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) has a quicker and easier idea - confront Juliette about it. Bad idea!

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 14] Bad Luck
    Shown 20/Mar/15

    Someone is hunting Rabbit-Wesen for their lucky left feet. Apparently it is a fertility symbol. Munroe and Rosalie go undercover at the local clinic. Despite Rosalie’s brother’s former trade in body parts, she is a humanitarian (although not in the sense that her husband is a vegetarian).

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) confronts Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ). Then she goes to meet Helena ( Garcelle Beauvais ), her old frenemy who is also Juliette's new mentor. Helena makes a deduction about Adelind and Juliette's condition: the swap was two ways, each got something of the other.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 15] Double Date
    Shown 27/Mar/15

    A male/female pair of robbers are mugging lonely men. The female seduces the victim, then the male does the armed robbery bit. Unfortunately one victim ends up dead ...

    The suspect is a worm-Wesen, reminiscent of the Worm Man in The X-Files . The Grimm and his team of expert investigators have forgotten a few things, such as the fact that worms are hermaphrodites, which would explain why the male and female have never been seen together at the same time.

    The cops send Munroe into harm's way as their decoy.

    Juliette does not want to stay at the home she shares with Nick. Instead she crashes at the Captain's place, which is perhaps unwise because of the repercussions of the attraction curse (AKA Love Spell) that Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) cast upon them in Season 2. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) needs some of Juliette's Hexen-blood to open his mother's spell-book, although he never remembers that Helena ( Garcelle Beauvais ) is also a local Hexenbeast.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 16] Heartbreaker
    Shown 03/Apr/15

    Juliette has moved out of Nick's place for good, and is currently living in the Captain's spare room.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) has no time for police work, instead concentrating on finding his missing child. The investigator he uses is playing both sides. The Royals have recalled Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ) and replaced him with a vicious closet homosexual. Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) will find no comfort here ...

    Nick and Hank investigate a death caused by extreme allergic reaction. The suspect (more of a patient zero) is a very attractive young woman. Unfortunately she is a Toad-Wesen, with no control over her abilities. In fact, she is as much of a victim as anyone.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 17] Hibernaculum
    Shown 10/Apr/15

    Nick and Hank investigate a woman who was frozen to death in her home. It turns out there are cold-blooded Wesen who need body heat to survive. They can steal it from humans, or share it in a big naked group hug. Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) and Munroe are called in as backup.

    Munroe has a flashback to the KKK-style tribuneral and attempted execution that he was victim of. This is the first time he has exhibited signs of PTSD, despite all he has been through. It looked as if Blutbaden were made of sterner stuff.

    Juliette goes after Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) for revenge. Her new Hexenbeast side is taking her over. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) gets some action, but he is still suffering from his wounds.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 18] Mishipeshu
    Shown 17/Apr/15

    Juliette is still adjusting to her Hexenbeast side. In fact, it is more like she is just lashing out at everyone due to frustration.

    Nick and Hank join a lady deputy sheriff in a homicide investigation. A school janitor has been murdered, and a native American teenager is the only suspect. He has been communing with the woodland spirits, and one of them has the power of possession.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 19] Iron Hans
    Shown 24th April 2015

    A hitchhiker is mauled to death near the woods. Nick and Hank take Monroe as their tracker, and they discover that Jeff Fahy ( Lost ) is running a coming-of-age camp for teenage Wesen boys.

    The Royals discover that Juliette is in jail. They realise that she is Nick’s greatest weakness.

    Despite knowing that Juliette is a Hexenbeast, Nick did not bother to move Aunt Marie’s trailer to a new location. Nor has he created any kind of backup, like when Jenny Calendar scanned all Giles the Watcher’s magic texts into the computer in Buffy: Season One (circa 1997). That was never alluded to in any other episodes of Buffy, which is a pity because it would have made research and exposition a lot quicker. But Nick did not scan any of his books, even to create e-books he could share with Trubel, and now they are a complete vulnerability.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 20] You Don't Know Jack
    Shown 01/May/15

    Nick, Hank, Munroe and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) get to the caravan, but it is too late. They manage to salvage a few books and weapons – the ogre gun, for example. They move the stuff to the basement of the spice shop, although it will not necessarily be any safer there.

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) helps Rosalie to cook up a Hexenbeast surpressor. This involves exhuming Adelind’s mother, and boiling down her internal organs. But will it work? And will Juliette want her Hexenbeast supervillain powers surpressed?

    Someone is cutting up hookers and stealing their internal organs. It turns out that the victims are Wesen, and the killer’s pattern pre-dates the Jack the Ripper killings by at least a century.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is still suffering from night terrors, waking up in unusual places. He calls on the neighbourhood hexenbeast – Garcelle Beauvais .

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 21] Headache
    Shown 08/May/15

    Juliette refuses the cure, preferring to stay as a supervillain. Nick does not take things any further, letting her run wild in the city despite still having keys to his house. He could always have the locks changed, but all he does is hide his photos of her. In all fairness, Nick and Hank have bigger problems for the moment.

    Finally the detectives start to link Captain Renard’s behaviour with the recent Jack The Ripper murder spree. It seems that when he returned from the dead, he brought something with him. It is slowly possessing his soul, and will eventually control him permanently.

    While Nick concentrates on Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), he is blissfully unaware of the Royals’ plot. Despite Portland being a Free City, the Royals bring in a huge hit-squad to ambush a certain Grimm. They make at least one mistake – they ignore the warning signs indicating that the Grimm may not be acting alone. But for story reasons, the Grimms do not function as a proper team.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 4, Episode 22] Cry Havoc
    Shown 15/May/15

    Nick is notably upset after the climax of the previous episode. However, he actually has a plan. They actually have enough to frame Prince Kenneth for a decapitation he DID NOT commit (as opposed to the one he DID commit).

    Once Kenneth is dealt with, the Grimm marshals his forces. The non-combatants (Rosalee, Adelind and Budd) hide out in Budd’s house. Hopefully Budd's wife and kids are okay with all these uninvited guests. This leaves everyone else to stage a full-scale attack on the Royals’ local (rented) castle. The Grimm's army consists of Nick, Hank, Munroe, Trubel and even Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ). A pity that, despite building up contacts in the Wesen community for the last four years, Nick does not have any friendly Vessen to back him up in a fight.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is sitting this all out. His father is cast in the role of arch-villain, so it is probably just as well. But the Captain has other problems. He is in the frame for the recent killing spree – well, one of them, anyway. If only there were a convenient patsy he could fit up for the murders.

    Nick gets his final confrontation with Juliette.

    Season 5

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 1] The Grimm Identity
    Shown 30 Oct 15

    Nick the Grimm wakes up and the loose ends from the previous Seasons have all disappeared. Trubel has been kidnapped, and the dead bodies (and body parts) have all been cleaned up. There is no proof of what went down.

    Nick blames the female FBI Agent who tried to recruit Trubel in the previous Season. He starts to stalk her, including confronting her at her workplace – FBI HQ!

    As hinted at in the previous Season, the FBI Agent turns out to be part of a Wesen conspiracy. Not like the Royalty and the Rebels, who made up the main plot in previous Seasons. Not like the Wesen Council, who acted independently and had their own agenda. No, this is a different conspiracy – and they are at war with ANOTHER unnamed conspiracy. Is this all getting a bit too convoluted?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 2] Clear and Wesen Danger
    Shown 06 Nov 15

    Nick tells Hank, Munro and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) about the two conspiracies fighting a secret war. When he takes them to the crime scene it has all been cleaned up, just like his house. They choose not to tell Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), despite him being the best-informed person they know. That said, we do not know if he has even heard about the defeat of his father and the victory of his allies in the Rebellion.

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) has delivered her second child, and they are released from the hospital. They stay at Nick’s place for the time being. Since she is now a main character as opposed to a Guest Star, and since Juliet (and Trubel) have both been written out for the time being, she may be Nick’s new love interest.

    With Nick off duty for the moment, Hank is assigned a new partner. Hank and the new guy investigate an accountant. The suspect is a great embezzler but a sloppy killer. Is he Wesen? Well, the easy way to tell would be to ask the Captain. But Hank calls Nick in, and leaves the Captain out of the loop until the Federal Marshals turn up to extradite the suspect to California for an outstanding warrant.

    The killer leaves the same symbol as one of the gangs in the previous episode, meaning that he was connected to them. It turns out he may have been stealing money to finance their operations. So what is the endgame?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 3] Lost Boys
    Shown 13 Nov 15

    Weeks have passed since the last shot of the previous episode, because Nick’s house is sold and he moves himself and his new family out. They move into a safe house, an apartment with well-constructed defences. The changes in set as well as cast (and plot-line) indicate that this, like Season Four of every TV show, is a Jump The Shark Season.

    Nick goes back to work, helping Hank investigate a woman’s death. The death was seemingly accidental, but the woman had been reported as a missing persons case two years previously.

    It turns out there is a small family of Wesen orphans living in the woods. They need medicine, and by incredible coincidence the easiest place to steal it from is Rosalie’s shop. Yes, despite the size of the city of Portland the two plotlines overlap.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) gets a polite heads-up from his Resistance allies about the fate of his father. Now Cousin Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof - Angel ) will take the throne, and be all-out for revenge. Also, we the audience discover who is keeping Trubel prisoner.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 4] Maiden Quest
    Shown 20 Nov 15

    Nick and Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) are living together, and they are actually settling down quite nicely. They have more chemistry than Nick ever had with Juliette, which is quite shocking. Especially since Adelind is responsible for everything bad that ever happened between Nick and Juliette. However, now Adelind is de-fanged again she is tame and almost boring. She is still undecided about trying to get her old job back as a high-powered attorney.

    Elsewhere, the Wesen Mafia conduct an ancient ritual. Three amateur hitmen take a contract on the life of a sleazy nightclub owner. Their payment is the hand in marriage of the boss’s daughter, Madeline Zima . However, another Wesen is protecting the target. Nick and Hank have to work out what is going on before the ever-expanding pile of bodies hits the ceiling.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 5] The Rat King
    Shown 04 Dec 15

    Trubel is back, and needs Nick to get her to hospital. She has multiple fake IDs, and a motorbike that James Bond would be proud to own. Nick's curiosity is intrigued, but not enough to put a 24-hour guard on her. He also tells the Hospital staff that she is an undercover cop, but he never bothers to inform Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) of the situation. Luckily, it seems that Trubel was working for Renard's friends in the Resistance.

    The freak of the week this time is a Rat King. This is a creature formed when a colony of rats merge together. With normal brown rats, only their tails merge. However, with Wesen rat-people their entire bodies merge to create an enormous rat-like biped the size of Godzilla !

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 6] Wesen Nacht
    Shown 11 Dec 15

    Trubel is well enough to get released from hospital. She starts to fill Nick and Adelind in on what has been going on. They learn slightly more about the secret war between the FBI/Resistance cell and the Wesen extremists.

    The secret war hots up, as the Wesen extremists launch a violent attack on local shops. The businesses they target are all owned by members of the local Wesen community. This is an effort to terrorise potential opponents within the Wesen. When Nick and Hank put things together, thanks to the 4-slash symbol being tagged at the crime scene, they have to tell Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) about everything they already know about it. It is good to have him on-board again, even if he spends more time with the Mayoral candidate's campaign than he does cordinating with the Resistance.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 7] Eve of Destruction
    Shown 22 Jan 16

    Rosalie finally contacts the Wesen Council. It turns out that they knew about the four-stripers all along. The villains are called the Black Claw, and they have been responsible for inciting riots worldwide. The Council is about to take action against them. Yes, the Council is about to have a meeting to debate about having a vote on a resolution to condemn the ...

    Nick finally debriefs Trubel about her missions. The Rebels have been actively fighting the Black Claw on several continents, and Trubel has been an International trouble-shooter. What the Black Claw's objective is, nobody knows, but the Rebels have run out of Royals to fight so they have started a new war anyway.

    The Rebels have a new weapon - a Hexenbeast assassin woman named Eve. Guess who she used to be?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 8] A Reptile Dysfunction
    Shown 29 Jan 16

    Nick and Hank investigate a killing at a lake. The blame is pinned on a mythical lake monster, but a local Wesen is a far more likely suspect.

    Nick meets with Trubel's boss, who explains what is going on. He is now working for a secret agency of the US Federal Government, which is apparently fighting a secret international war with the Black Claw. How this relates to everything in the previous Seasons is still not explained.

    Perhaps it would have been better if the Showrunner had limited Grimm to three Seasons, then started another three Seasons of a spin-off show about breakout characters like Trubel and her team. After all, Joss Whedon said Never name your show after the main character, and his later shows had names associated with the teams or their settings.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 9] Star-Crossed
    Shown 05 Feb 16

    Trubel uses facial recognition software to link a suspect to assassinations in three different cities. This is bad for two reasons. Firstly, the Federal Agency that she works for is apparently so under-staffed that they must employ their Field Agents as part-time back-room techs. Secondly, the suspect is now in portland, Oregon! Since they are under-staffed, the boss wants Nick to get his crew involved. Nick sends Munroe in undercover, to attend the Wesen hate-group's recruitment rally. They talk about Wesen rights and solidarity, but they will not tolerate dissent!

    Nick and Hank are back hunting the freak of the week. This time it is a Wesen who is crucifying humans as part of an ancient pagan sacrifice. This sounds like the kind of thing the Black Claw would be involved in, but it is actually just a Bull-headed Wesen following his personal beliefs. This time the obscure pagan rite is a rain-summoning ceremony.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 10] Map of the Seven Knights
    Shown 12 Feb 16

    Monroe's uncle, a book-dealer from Germany, comes to town. He has some Grimm books, and the Black Claw are after him. Luckily Trubel has access to a database of all known Wesen, so they can track suspects more easily. Unfortunately nobody thinks of doing this proactively, so the cops have to play catch-up after the killings get started.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is busy with his own subplot. The Mayoral campaign is taking up all his time. Luckily, he knows about all the rival candidate's criminal indiscretions.

    It turns out that the book dealer's hoard rivals the collection in Aunt Marie's trailer. Also, we get a return to the silver keys storyline that was forgotten about by the show's writers several years ago.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 11] Key Move
    Shown 19 Feb 16

    Grimm and Monroe go to Germany, where they explore the woods in search of an old church crypt. Unfortunately the local Wesen do not seem to like Grimms very much.

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is involved in the Mayoral candidate's campaign, which is about to climax with a major public appearance. As a result, Renard delegates the search for a skilled Wesen assassin. Can Hank and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) save the assassin's target? And how long will it take them to realise that the two cases might be linked?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 12] Into the Schwarzwald
    Shown 04 Mar 16

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) has his cops tear the area apart, but the assassin slips through their net. He does not get past Juliette, who engineers an accident that hospitalises him. The amazing thing is that not only does Meisner not keep Renard up to date, but that the hotel does not tell the police that a dangerous suspect is in their care. However, Renard has a new plot-line that discards everything he previously did.

    Back in Germany, Nick the Grimm and Monroe explore the crypt. However, the locals are out to stop them. Will this the Grimm Keys plotline finally get tied up?

    Rosalie and Adelind hang out in the magic shop. They even start to bond a little. Then, by amazing coincidence, an old acquaintance that Rosalie has not seen in many years drops by.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 13] Silence of the Slams

    Nick and Hank are back to investigating the freak of the week. A violent Wesen gets his face peeled off. It turns out that a professional mask-maker has taken it to make a Wesen face-mask for a human wrestler. However, the mask now imbues its human host with Wesen characteristics.

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) corners the person he suspects of being behind the assassination. She actually makes him a quite tempting counter-offer.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 14] Lycanthropia

    This week a couple of people are killed in an animal attack. Monroe identifies the Wesen involved as a Lycanthrope - a Blutbad with a genetic disorder that makes it transform at the full moon. Luckily, Rosalie has a sedative and a crossbow that can be used as a delivery system. One hopes that Nick has officially listed Monroe and Rosalie as Confidential informants, so that they can be covered both legally and financially for all the unpaid work that they do as part of active police investigations.

    Juliette does some follow-up work on the assassination. She is a week behind Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), but comes to the same conclusion.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 15] Skin Deep
    Shown 01 Apr 16

    A young woman is approached by a shady man who claims to be a professional photographer. He lures her to his studio alone, and promises to get her a top modelling career. Later her friend discovers her dead body. This could be an episode of a mainstream police procedural, except for the fact that the cause of death was rapid and extreme aging!

    The Wesen is sucking the youth out of victims, and selling it to a Doctor who specialises in rejuvenation treatments. Of course, catching the doctor would be practically impossible because nobody who buys illegal substances for cash would be stupid enough to advertise the stuff on television adverts! of course, the Doctor is overdosing on his own product, so this may explain his erratic behaviour. As always, Rosalie gets sent undercover to investigate.

    Juliette has a row of Alias -style wigs, but now she takes disguise a step further. She uses her hexenbeast skills to cast a disguise spell, and go Skin Deep undercover.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 16] The Believer
    Shown 08 Apr 16

    A Wesen (William Maprother - Lost ) is publicly Woging as part of a Christian Evangelist stage show. The Wesen council have turned a blind eye to this, probably because they were all murdered by the Black Claw terrorists. However, he has other problems to worry about. Unfortunately a rival group of Christians have an alternative plan for getting the devil out of him.

    Juliette has briefed Nick and his whole gang about Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ). He has been co-opted by Black Claw, and they plan to make him the Mayor of Portland. In all fairness, Renard has already mentioned the idea of a mayoral campaign to Hank and Nick, but now they know more about the campaign than he himself does! Now Nick and Hank must keep Renard distracted while Juliette conducts a secret operation.

    Juliette uses her Hexenbeast spell to go undercover as Renard - or should that be, under the covers. She is already intimately familiar with the man's body because she was his lover in previous Seasons. Unfortunately for her he has a new lover now, and Juliette must be convincing as Renard in order to pump her for information.

    Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) starts to show unusual symptoms, presumably side-effects of a Wesen bite he got a few episodes ago.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 17] Inugami
    Shown 15 Apr 16

    A teenage boy is abducted and killed by a Wesen dressed as a samurai. The suspect's lawyer is Cary-Hiro Taganawa ( Mortal Kombat ).

    Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) helps with the investigation. However, he has been having bad dreams - possibly an undiagnosed side-effect of his Wesen injury.

    Nick knows that Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) has secretly recovered her hexenbeast powers. He waits until she is out of the house at a job interview with her old law firm, then sends Munroe and Rosalie in to explore the secret catacombs under the safe house.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is still caught in the Black Claw honeytrap. It seems they may have his daughter, who was last seen in the hands of the Rebel leader Meisner.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 18] Good to the Bone
    Shown 22 Apr 16

    Nick and the team investigate a bad samaritan - someone who kills those who are already dying. The killer is Wesen, because he sucks the bones out of the victims. This is one of the most gruesome episodes of the show, because of the horrendous nature of the victims' injuries.

    Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) has started to cough up hairballs, and even faints at work. However, he never bothers to tell the Grimm or even ask Rosalie for help. In fact, he happily goes along with Nick and the team on a dangerous stakeout.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 19] The Taming of the Wu
    Shown 29 Apr 16

    Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) is being stalked by Black Claw. What nobody realises is that Wu was infected when the lycanthrope attacked him a few episodes ago.

    The Rebel boss Meisner is back in town. He checks out the safe house he left Renard's daughter at. This ignores the fact that Eve checked the computer records in the previous episode and already knew about the girl's fate. It seems that the secret agency is not good at communicating info to its key staff. Worse, Trubel has never learned the value of capturing enemies alive for interrogation.

    Renard's daughter has considerable superpowers, and wants her mother Adelind to come and live with them. With telekinesis and telepathy, you do not want to be around when she throws a hissy fit!

    Hank is still dating the Wesen woman who originally turned him down. Even with Black Claw stalking Wu and suborning Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), it never occurs to him that this is too good to be true. After all, his last love interest was Adelind in Season One!

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 20] Bad Night
    Shown 06 May 16

    Adelind gives in to Black Claw's demands. Actually, it is debatable who is actually in charge, because Adelind's daughter is probably the most powerful Wesen we have seen so far. But Adelind is not smart enough to play along and outsmart the villains. She wears her reluctance openly, and thus will bring more scrutiny from her handlers.

    Nick the Grimm is enraged that Adelind took his child. This was her choice, of course, but Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) gets the blame for everything. Everyone seems to give Adelind a bit of leeway because Black Claw had her child, but nobody realises that Renard was under the same pressure. Obviously he must have taken it upon himself to go undercover alone, and destroy Black Claw from the inside. While getting them to help make him the Mayor, that is.

    The good guys start to prepare for the final battle. Wu manages to get his lycanthropy under control. Nick shows Trubel the magic stick. Hank finally gets suspicious of his too-good-to-be-true girlfriend.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 21] Set Up
    Shown 13 May 16

    Hank gets arrested for murder. In all fairness, he did not kill the victims - it was Nick's doing.

    There is an entire Precinct house full of Wesen cops, all loyal to Mayor Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ). They never question his motives for giving them positions of power. After all, in his old job as Police Captain he could easily have promoted them all. However, it seems that Black Claw has strong grassroots support among the Wesen. The only way to defeat them will be a genocidal attack on all Wesen opponents.

    Nick catches Rosalie's ex-boyfriend, a known Black Claw associate. They get Munroe to torture Hank's location out of the poor guy. Yes, Renard certainly looks like the good guy these days.

    Black Claw makes a counter-strike against Meisner's forces. Yes, for a super-secret Government Agency it seems remarkably weak and vulnerable.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 5, Episode 22] The Beginning of the End
    Shown 20 May 16

    Nick is in jail for the night because he got violently angry over the death of Meisner, someone who he barely knew. The Black Claw plan to have him transferred to North Precinct, the Precinct House that is full of Wesen and loyal to the terrorists. Unfortunately the villain has made one minor mistake. He puts all his forces in one place, where the Grimm and his allies can wipe them out.

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is not doing a very good job of playing both sides. A viewer could be mistaken for thinking that he is actually a loyal minion of Black Claw. Either that or it is just terrible writing.

    Renard's daughter is actually the most powerful character in town. And thanks to Renard's lack of parenting, she is under Adelind's influence. She may have targeted Renard's Mistress, but will she attack Nick or will she save him?

    Season 6

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 1] Fugitive
    Shown 06 Jan 17

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is now cast as the main antagonist of the show. This is about as subtle as the Taelons after Season One of Earth: Final Conflict .

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) is a happy little home-maker, doting on her children. She was much more interesting when she was a vicious lawyer. Her high point was when she was Renard's lover, but she went downhill when she traded him in for Nick.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 2] Trust Me Knot
    Shown 13 Jan 17

    Hank and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee - No Ordinary Family ) arrest Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) for the murder of his girlfriend. They know he did not do it, but they want to have leverage on him so they can coerce him into making a deal.

    Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) refuses to give Renard an alibi, even though she knows he is innocent. However, she is more than happy to do Nick a favour. She casts a spell so Nick and Renard are bound together in mutual agreement. If she can get Renard off on his charges, he will drop the charges against Nick. Yes, everything will revert to the good old days where they were all friends and solved a new crime every week.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 3] Oh Captain, My Captain
    Shown 20 Jan 17

    Nick gets Juliette to cast the face-changing spell on him and turn him into Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ). This means the main actor, David Guntioli, gets relatively little screen time this week. That is because he is also director of this episode.

    Nick's mission is basically to press the reset button. Not only does he want himself, Hank and Wu reinstated in the Police department he also wants to make Renard step down as Mayor and become Police Captain again. Yes, and entire Season arc of plot development is to be wiped away.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 4] El Cuegle
    Shown 27 Jan 17

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is not happy that he is back as a Police Captain again. Even worse, he has to work with the team he was recently at war with.

    The Grimm and his friends have another freak-of-the-week to deal with. Yes, it is back to business as usual. This time it is a baby-stealing Nosferatu lookalike.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 5] The Seven Year Itch
    Shown 03 Feb 17

    A strange Wesen emerges from under the local park. It is an enormous insect that can shape-shift into a human being. Strangely it needs to steal a man's clothes, Terminator style, but later on can shapeshift into the image of a man wearing clothes.

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) has his own subplot, entirely unconnected to the main storyline. He is being haunted by the ghost of his old friend Meisner.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 6] Breakfast in Bed
    Shown 10 Feb 17

    The Grimm and his partner investigate a killing. The suspect locks himself in his room and nails his windows and his door shut. When questioned, he screams that he wants to keep something out. The well-trained police detectives make the deduction he's afraid of something getting in ...

    A sleep-snatching Wesen is responsible. The guys send Monroe in undercover as bait, just like in the good old days.

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) gets a visit from a Black Claw operative. Their agenda is still the same, and since Renard is the sole survivor the burden is on him. However, he is also a loose end who knows too much. Will he be redeemed and help defeat Black Claw?

    Juliette and Rosalee research the magical symbols that the magic stick has inspired. It turns out they are astronomical.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 7] Blind Love
    Shown 17 Feb 17

    Rosalee books a romatic getaway with Monroe. She invites all their close friends along, which is most of the regular characters. Unfortunately, one of the hotel staff is the son of a Wesen that Nick arrested. He drugs the regulars, and the result is something out of Midsummer Night's Dream . They all fall in obsessive love with each other.

    The only one who is unaffected is Rosalee, who is pregnant so she did not drink the poisoned wine. Now she and Sergeant Wu, the two most sidelined characters in the show, must somehow save the day.

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) looks after his daughter while the baby-momma Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) is away. The bad news is, she gets kidnapped by his rival. The good news is, she is the most powerful character in the city. The unfortunate kidnapper learns the error of his ways.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 8] The Son Also Rises
    Shown 24 Feb 17

    Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) looks into the mysterious symbols his daughter drew while the baby-momma Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) was away last week.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 9] Tree People
    Shown 03 Mar 17

    The team all share notes on the mysterious creature that appeared in Eve's mirror. All except Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ), who they never even think of involving.

    A couple of rednecks go out into the woods to drink beer and shoot deer. They run into a monster that is a combination of the Ents from Lord of the Rings and the creeper vines from Evil Dead .

    This is a good old-fashioned freak-of-the-week episode, and stands out as probably the best episode of the show overall. The performance of the guest-star, a drunken redneck who has seen a monster.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 10] Blood Magic
    Shown 10 Mar 17

    The cops investigate a series of animal attacks that turn out to be Wesen-related. There are some senile Wesen in town, and by definition they are much more dangerous than usual. Luckily, the Wesen community has a secret way of policing its own community. There is a mercy-killer who takes care of the worst medical cases.

    Much like the previous episode, this story is unusual because the killer is sympathetic. However, when human bodies start to pile up the cops must investigate. And when a human bystander is accused of murder, they have no choice but to get involved. As always, Monroe gets used as bait.

    In the subplot, Eve is obsessed with confronting the skull-faced monster that appeared to her in her mirror. She works out that mirrors can be portals to another universe, and she borrows some books of Blood Magic from Adelind. But will she be stupid enough to open a portal and venture through into a hell dimension without backup?

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 11] Where the Wild Things Were
    Shown 17 Mar 17

    Nick follows Eve through the looking glass. They end up at a Stonehenge type place in the middle of a forest. There are humans running around with stone-age technology, and they are being hunted by Wesen who are permanently woged. For some reason, everyone there speaks German. Of course, since Nick and Eve did not bother to prepare neither of them speaks much German, and Nick only has a single magazine for his pistol. Worse, they have decided to kill the green skull-face when they do not know his powers, his agenda or even his name. What could possibly go wrong?

    With Nick away, Adelind persuades the others to give Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) all the info he needs to bring him up to date. It turns out they have been keeping him out of the loop since Grimm [Season 5, Episode 11] Key Move, which was before he was co-opted by Black Claw.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 12] Zerstörer Shrugged
    Shown 24 Mar 17

    Rosalie uses the Internet to translate the inscription. The good news is, she discovers the villain's plan. The bad news is, the whole thing was a trap. Worse, the villain wants to follow Nick and Eve back to their home reality.

    Nick, Hank and Wu go hunting for the villain. He arrives like the Terminator - naked at midnight - and kills a man to take his clothes. Well, he would stand out a lot more if he still looked like Skeletor from Masters of the Universe .

    Monroe helps Eve and Roselie do the research. They work out that the Wesen world is a hell dimension, and the villain is the equivalent of the devil. Just like the current storyline in rival show Vampire Diaries . Instead of a pitchfork (a trident or a tuning fork) this version of the Devil wields the biblical Staff of Moses, which somehow found its way into his hands.

    Trubel is back in town. Just as well, because they desperately need the backup. Shockingly, nobody even considered calling her for help. She also gives some exposition - the Black Claw organisation has somehow been destroyed, so at least last Season's terrible storyline is over.

    Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz - Caprica ) is the odd one out. He babysits Adelind ( Claire Coffee ) and her children, in the basement of the Cabin in the Woods that the monster in the show's pilot episode kept his victims in.

    Grimm Grimm [Season 6, Episode 13] The End
    Shown 31 Mar 17

    This is the end, not merely of the half-length Season but of the entire show. Just like Vampire Diaries , a similarly themed show about a team of supernatural characters who protect their town from magical creatures. However, the two shows took entirely different approaches to their conclusion.

    The Green Skeletor hits the police station, Terminator style. Before anyone makes a South Park reference, no it is not a woman named Maria Schriver.

    Eventually Nick the Grimm inadvertently leads the monster to his secret hideout, and the surviving characters face it in a fight to the death.