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Under The Dome

Season 1

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 24/Jun/13

The town of Springfield, USA has an enormous glass dome dropped on it. OK, that was the plot of The Simpsons Movie . But the only thing different here is the name of the town.

A Military veteran turned debt-collector named Dale Barbie Barbara (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) comes to town, and gives a deadbeat an extra day to make the payment. But no good deed goes unpunished. He ends up getting trapped. Ironically, if he kept his eye on the road instead of the sheriff's car then he would have gotten out before things turned bad.

Hopefully the Sheriff (Jeff Fahy - Lost ) can keep things together. He and local fix-it man Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) have been stockpiling propane for some reason. Local journalist Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) had been nosing into this ...

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 2] The Fire
Shown 01/Jul/13

The inmates discover that the glass wall is a dome. But it is semi-porous, allowing water from a high-pressure hose to sweat through on the inside. Presumably it will thus allow air through. But it has not rained on the inside in weeks, so the place is a tinderbox. A fire would spread, and smoke will take its time to escape.

Local fix-it man Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) holds the town together. But does he have a villainous agenda of his own?

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 3] Manhunt
Shown 08/Jul/13

The psycho Deputy escapes. Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) organises a manhunt. What they intend to do when they find the Deputy is never really vocalised, but it is evident that they will kill him no matter what he says or does.

Big Jim's son Junior (himself suffering from some form of pressure-induced psychosis) tries to find a way UNDER the dome, using disused tunnels in the old cement factory.

The end result is that everybody starts to become suspicious of Barbie the stranger (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ).

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 4] Outbreak
Shown 15/Jul/13

The lady sheriff tries to stop a riotous assembly. But she falls ill, in an outbreak of meningitis. Unforunately, there is a limited amount of registration. Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) sends his son to guard the front door.

Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) noses into her house-guest's past.

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 5] Blue on Blue
Shown 22/Jul/13

The Dome starts acting up, attracting a massive swarm of butterflies. The Reverend hears the voice of God talking about MOAB, and the radio station picks up increased military chatter from the outside.

The military bus in the inmates' next of kin. But Barbie the leg-breaker (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) suspects that it is just a goodbye. He knows what M.O.A.B. means ...

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 6] The Endless Thirst
Shown 29/Jul/13

The water supply is compromised. Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) must negotiate with his farmer frenemie, Leon Rippy ( Alcatraz ).

The town has to make the shift to a barter economy. But people start by going shopping, then graduate to shoplifting, and then looting and rioting. The Sheriff gets Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) and Junior to help keep order.

The radio station crew discover static is jamming the airwaves. They try to triangulate the source. This could help solve questions about the Dome.

The teenagers try to fine more insulin. There is none at the Hospital, so they have to steal it from another patient.

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 7] Imperfect Circles
Shown 05/Aug/13

Leon Rippy ( Alcatraz ) tries a coup d'etat on Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ). After all, Leon controls the food and water within the dome. All Big Jim has to protect his propane supply is a padlock ... and a hunting rifle.

The Sheriff and her men are still after the thugs from the previous ep.

A pregnant woman starts to give birth prematurely. Barbie the debt collector (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ), Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) the redhead and the lesbian couple must deliver the baby.

The teenagers go in search of the nucleus of the dome. But as always, everything they find just creates more questions.

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 8] Thicker Than Water
Shown 12/Aug/13

Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) tries to seize the well from his rival, Leon Rippy ( Alcatraz ). Barbie the debt collector (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) has a plan.

Angie the teen girl is grieving, so her not-BF Junior takes Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) the redheaded woman to the Dome's nucleus.

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 9] The Fourth Hand
Shown 19/Aug/13

A mysterious femme fatale named Max is in town. Has she something to do with a mysterious new narcotic that is made using propane? And is that the reason Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) has a massive supply of propane sitting around?

Big Jim decides to suggest Gun Control. On a voluntary basis, of course. He bribes everyone with propane ...

The teenagers go looking for the nucleus. It seems to have something to do with their trances. And Big Jim's mentally unstable wife painted some pictures that predicted this ... before her suicide, eight years ago!

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 10] Let the Games Begin
Shown 26/Aug/13

Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) goes digging for Max's secrets. He discovers even more questions.

Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) tries to keep Max occupied. He becomes her champion in a new bare-knuckle boxing ring.

The sheriff and Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) the redhead uncover Jim and Barbie's secrets. Will they understand it was all for the greater good?

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 11] Speak of the Devil
Shown 02/Sep/13

Max goes after Barbie's girlfriend Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ). Yes, just as things were looking up for him, an inconvenient (possibly contrived) plot twist ruins his love life.

Max and Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) team up to go after Max. Unfortunately, they both ignore the fact that Max has been ahead of them the whole time. Luckily, everyone Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) meets ignores his awesome combat skills, even though that is about the only thing they know about him!

Junior decides to quit the kids' gang. After all, since his ex still hates him there is really no point. Unfortunately, the Dome creates a weather storm to punish everyone.

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 12] Exigent Circumstances
Shown 09/Sep/13

Things are getting iffy for Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ). People who should be grateful to him are turning on him. The military have footage of his encounter with the Rev, and they chatter about this on unsecured frequencies. He also discovers about the magic egg.

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1, Episode 13] Curtains
Shown 16/Sep/13

Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) has almost everyone in his jail. But Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) makes him an offer - let the others go, and Barbie will confess to all the killings. Will Barbie keep his word?





Under The Dome

Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2010 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Under The Dome

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    Season 2

  • High School science teacher Rebecca ( Karla Crome )
  • Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 1] Heads Will Roll
    Shown 30/Jun/14

    The Dome starts sending electromagnetic pulses. This attracts all ferrous metal near the perimeter, including cars and major appliances inside houses.

    As befits the climactic nature of a Season-changing storyline, certain cast changes take place. To make sure that the racial balance of the cast remains the same, it turns out that Rebecca ( Karla Crome , the token black girl from the final Season of Misfits ) is in town. She is the High School science teacher, which should come in useful.

    Will Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) and Barbie the hitman (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) sort out their differences with lethal finality? Barbie was about to be hanged on the town gallows. This is Chekovís gallows, of course - as in Anton Chekovís gun, not Pavel Chekovís Nuclear Wessels. Because it was quickly built by amateurs, will it work? Will the rope snap the victimís neck cleanly, and can a knife cut through a quarter-inch of thick rope in a single slash?

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 2] Infestation
    Shown 07/Jul/14

    Rebecca ( Karla Crome ) discovers the crops are infested with caterpillars. Worse, it starts to rain blood - well, to red acid.

    The local religious fundamentalist (who has not been seen previously) decides that it is the ten plagues of Egypt again, sent to test the people of the Dome. Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) also believes the plagues are a test - for him personally, as leader of the community.

    Can Jim and Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) work together to save the town?

    Junior tries to find out what happened to his GF. His creepy uncle helps.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 3] Force Majeure
    Shown 14/Jul/14

    Rebecca ( Karla Crome ) conducts a census of the population. She has realised what nobody else has - after last weekís infestation, there is not enough food for everyone. This is the reason she is supporting Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) as leader - he is willing to do what nobody else will.

    The teenagers try to find out who the girl newcomer is. It turns out that she has not aged since her photo appeared in the High School yearbook, two decades previously.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 4] Revelation
    Shown 21/Jul/14

    Rebecca ( Karla Crome ) inspects the local pig farm, and finds a porker that died of swine flu. Her plan is to create an epidemic that will kill the weak. So much for the census and the idea of deliberately choosing who will live or die. This is much more Darwinian.

    Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) teams up with Juniorís Creepy Uncle. Can they stop Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) in time? And if they do, then what? There is only enough food for a couple of weeks anyway. The logical step is to start executing criminals. Will Big Jim end up on his own gallows AGAIN?

    Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) should be helping Julia to save the townís great unwashed. However, a couple of things prevent him. Firstly, he realises that the school teacher is right. Secondly, he is off helping the teenagers discover who the new girl is. It turns out the egg that created the dome first arrived a quarter of a century ago. The original quartet of teenagers were Juniorís mother, her brother (the Creepy Uncle), psycho Lyle ... and the new girl.

    Junior tries to get answers of his own, from psycho Lyle. But Lyle is an even bigger psycho than Junior. This will not end well.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 5] Reconciliation
    Shown 28/Jul/14

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) is in the jail, awaiting a trial. Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) has appointed herself Mayor, without any proper procedure or election. She considers replacing the Sheriff with Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ), who comments on her changeability. After all, last episode she thought he was in league with Big Jim. About a week ago (every episode seems to be a single day, like Lost ) Big Jim framed Barbie for several murders, and tried to publicly lynch him. Now Jim might be for the long drop himself.

    Big Jim is not the only one unimpressed with Julia as Mayor. The Sheriff gets accused of using excessive force, but under the circumstances his actions were reasonable. After all, Junior is still an official Deputy - and he is a kidnapper and murderer! Yes, this show has characters completely change their personalities and perform out-of-character actions in one episode, then have it all completely ignored in the next episode (a single day in screen time).

    Junior and the Creepy Uncle go looking for Mad Lyle. It turns out that the only way to destroy the Dome is to kill the four children who communicate with it.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 6] In the Dark
    Shown 04/Aug/14

    Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) decides to forgo the dictatorial style that Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) used. Instead, she wants to bog everyone down in due process by having a Plebiscite every time there is a major decision. She fails to see that this would actually work in Big Jimís favour - after all, he has been an elected official in the town for a decade or so. He knows how to give the people what they want. Julia, on the other hand, has not got her priorities in order.

    Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) and the creepy uncle get trapped in the tunnels. They go exploring, and discover the tunnels curve through space and lead to a cavern with a bottomless pit. Upstairs, Julia obsesses with saving Barbie. She ignores the bigger threats to the entire town, and gets Rebecca ( Karla Crome ), the only scientist in town, to make blasting explosives. Rebecca claims she only sided with Big Jim because she thought his heart was in the right place. But it seemed to this reviewer that SHE was manipulating him, not the other way around.

    Junior is sent home to protect the other children in case Crazy Lyle goes after them. They decide to recover the egg from the lake.

    The red rain has stripped the topsoil, turning it to dust. And the ensuing dust-storm will coat the dome, slowly suffocating the town. Well, they have a limited population, a lot of trapped air and enough vegetation to photosynthesise fresh oxygen, but Rebecca the scientist does not point this out. Luckily for Big Jim, the rising dust-storm is a blatant health-hazard in its own right. This allows him to whip up support among the mob, so they can McGuyver up an enormous windmill and then hose water through it.

    Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) discovers who killed Angie, and why. However, he is no longer interested in saving the town from the Dome. He is a survivor, and he can take whatever tortures the Dome throws at him. It never occurs to him that others - anyone who is not a Special Forces combat veteran - might not have such an easy time. Worse, his idea of Justice (he is Sheriff now, after all) is to hand the suspect over to Junior (a known murderer). Just as well for the so-called hero that there is nobody around to take a vote.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 7] Going Home
    Shown 11/Aug/14

    Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) tells Junior the truth about his creepy uncle. Junior does not believe him, so Barbie decides to recover the body as proof. What use is a sheriff if the town will not take him at his word? Anyway, Barbie abandons his post in the town and instead goes down into the mysterious (and unstable) tunnels again. He ends up going MIA.

    Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) gets Rebecca to lie to Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ), because without Barbie as sheriff she is useless. In all fairness, she was useless in the previous episode as well.

    Barbie wakes up in the Big City, where he wanders into a completely different subplot. His gangster boss, who loaned Barbie out to Max before the previous Season, now decides that Barbie owes him some payback.

    The Creepy Uncle, this Seasonís villain, has not been written out either. He goes looking for his sister (Juniorís mother, the precog).

    The teenagers are smart enough to work out that the tunnels are not on the blueprints so they must be a recent construction, and are in all likelihood linked to the egg and the dome. They send a camera-equipped helicopter drone down the shaft. The biggest shock is how much better at things these kids are than Julia and Barbie.

    Big Jim confronts Rebecca. While in previous episode she blatantly manipulated him, they both now act as if he was the bad guy and she was his dupe.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 8] Awakening
    Shown 18/Aug/14

    With Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) written off as dead, Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) takes responsibility as the new Sheriff. Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) is too obsessed with her loss to complain or insist on a vote or unilaterally appoint someone else. Perhaps this is for the best, because Junior would not be a good replacement. Big Jim starts handing out walkie talkies to recurring cast members so they can call the Sheriffís staff if and when there is a problem.

    Someone starts sabotaging things around town. It seems they are targeting the new Sheriff. Who is at the top of Big Jimís list of enemies this week?

    Barbie asks his father for help, but the man is a hi-tech contractor for the Military-Industrial Complex. Luckily, Barbie meets a new ally. But who is trustworthy?

    Creepy Uncle helps his sister try to cure Mad Lyle.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 9] The Red Door
    Shown 25/Aug/14

    Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) gets interrogated by the Men in Black. They do not have the traditional business suits, just SWAT-team fatigues, but they do not follow the Geneva Convention or the Police rules of conduct.

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) starts negotiating with the MIBs. He wants to save everyone in the town, but will settle for just him and his son. In this respect he is no better that self-appointed Mayor Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ), who would happily trade the magical egg for Barbie.

    Rebecca finally gets told about the magic egg. Yes, nobody bothered telling her until now. However, she is not too upset about being left outside the circle of trust.

    On the outside, Barbie links up with his potential allies.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 10] The Fall
    Shown 01/Sep/14

    With Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) back, everything seems to be fine. Juniorís new GF turns out be to linked with him - her mother knew his father, which explains how she knew about the red door. It is all an incredible coincidence, but in a show like this that is hardly a surprise.

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) has his wife back, and he thinks he can repair her fractured mental state by going through with his deal with the MIBs. If he gives them the magic alien egg, he hopes the dome will disappear (and with it, her visions). Unfortunately he does not think things through logically. Barbie is more than happy to let the MIBs have the egg, and even to let Jim negotiate on behalf of the whole town. Some of the townsfolk are okay with Jim being in charge again, despite his plot to help Rebecca with the swine flu cull. After all, even Barbie admits that the Dome is barely habitable any more.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 11] Black Ice
    Shown 08/Sep/14

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) gets informed of his error in judgement, and is suitably put in his place.

    The Dome starts to spin, lowering the temperature inside. Worse, when it stops spinning it starts contracting. After all, without its power source it cannot maintain a habitat indefinitely.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 12] Turn
    Shown 15/Sep/14

    Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) takes the tame scientist to the Dome, and orders his father to return the magic egg. As soon as the Dome knows its power source is being returned, it ceases its harmful actions. Yes, the paranoid ramblings about the Dome having a mind (and plan) of its own may actually have a point.

    The girl who was revived from the dead is now returning to the dead, Since it was the egg and dome that revived her in the first place. Big Jimís wife paints a way to cure her, involving the two groups of four kids. Luckily, the ones from 25 years ago are all present inside the dome.

    The climax means that a few of the Chosen Ones are no longer functioning. And Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) seems less of a scumbag than he did before.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 2, Episode 13] Go Now
    Shown 22/Sep/14

    It is the end of the Season, so things must take a climactic turn for the worse. A hole opens where the girl disappeared, and there are more tunnels at the bottom. Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) and Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) decide to take everyone through the tunnels in the hope there will be another portal there.

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) finally has his mental breakdown. Losing his wife AGAIN, despite her constantly trying to leave him, has turned him into a blatant villain. He starts killing off recurring characters. Yes, the body count of this show is quite phenomenally high when you think about it.


    Season 3

  • The town shrink, Christine ( Marg Helgenberger )
  • creepy scientist Frank Whalley ( Broken Arrow )
  • the MegaCorp's head honcho (Eriq La Salle - E.R.)
  • Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 1] Move On
    Shown 25/Jun/15

    The new voice-over entry, narrated by Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ), mentions the risk of being trapped in an alternate reality. Unfortunately this clumsily-introduced plot device is ill-used. Unlike the Virtual Reality alternate timeline idea in Eureka: Season 5 We are shown from the get-go what is really happening, thereby removing any Matrix style surrealism. That said, for a scifi television show to succeed with a mainstream audience it must avoid alienating them. As a result, this must have been significantly dumbed down.

    The cliffhanger of the previous Season is brought to a climax. The story picks up a year afterwards, so all dangling plot-threads about Barbieís dad have been tied up. Barbie is leader of a Black Ops hit-squad. He is also sleeping with his boss, a twenty-something mixed-race woman. She is evidently the equivalent of Amanda Waller in Arrow , only with a sex life.

    Barbie and his new-found friends go to Chesterís Mill to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the fall of the Dome. The town shrink is Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ), who also played scientists in Species and the CSI series.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 2] But I'm Not
    Shown 25/Jun/15

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) is king of the town, policing the empty streets armed with a hunting rifle. The only threat to his alpha-male dominance is a stray dog. As well as being made to seem ridiculous, he is also made to appear villainous. But he was right all along - the magic egg was a curse on the town, and the inhabitants were all victims of an alien experiment.

    The mysterious teenage girl (Barbieís sister) persuades Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) to help her get the egg back. They write a sign on the Dome, and the MegaCorp makes a deal with Barbieís dad. After some clumsy exposition (the egg was the only one that arrived intact, in a shower of meteorites twenty-five years ago) Barbieís dad gets the egg and returns it. But what is the aliensí plan?

    In the dream world, everyone gets what they want. The teen boy gets revenge on the creepy uncle, who atones for his crimes. The teen girl joins a sorority, and the school slacker (who?) gets some girls. Even Junior turns up, but Barbie cannot explain how he not only found Juniorís body, but even saw his name on the memorial of the dead.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 3] Redux
    Shown 02/Jul/15

    The survivors have a town meeting. There are very few people left, but they know that Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) is the one who killed most of the missing people so the survivors are not keen on allowing him back into power again. He tries to whip them up into a lynch-mob again, but Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) and Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) decide to exclude him from the meeting. This is despite Jim saving the ENTIRE town, and the fact that Julia and Barbie have proven themselves to be incapable of organising an orgy in a whore-house.

    Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ) and her colleague are in town now, as regular characters this Season. It turns out that they were the first ones to find the egg, and have been cocooned since before the Dome came down. It is now established that the Dome will only tolerate one woman of colour at a time. Last Season the original and her replacement get killed off, so this one does not have much of a chance.

    Big Jim tries to talk some sense into Junior. Unfortunately, the kid is still crazy in the head. Jim decides to leave town and camp out in the woods. He leave Julia to her fate, surrounded by the Pod People. They were affected by the cocooning process, and the alien egg is still affecting their mental processes. This was apparently the purpose of the Dome, as we learn in a big pile of clunky exposition dropped into the middle of the episode.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 4] The Kinship
    Shown 09/Jul/15

    The recap voice-over is by Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ), indicating he is being acknowledged as the true hero of the story. He may be able to hide out from the Pod People, but he gets blind-sided by the mercenaries from outside the Dome. Yes, they finally sent a team inside! Like in an episode of 24 the previous villains (such as Barbieís dad) are being written out, and Frank Whalley ( Broken Arrow ) is revealed as the man behind the evil plan.

    Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ) furthers her own evil plan. She starts by working on Jim Junior, the most mentally unstable person in town. Flattery, promotion and seduction all work on him.

    Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) is the only one (other than Big Jim) who realises something is wrong with the woman in charge. But in all fairness, SOMEONE has to run the town. Julia and Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) discredited Big Jim, who was the best thing to happen to the town, and then ruled themselves out by being incompetent. But now Julia discovers that Christine used to work for Barbieís dad.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 5] Alaska
    Shown 16/Jul/15

    The ceiling of the town hall collapses. It looks like Junior is to blame, for taking out a column that was load-bearing. Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ) took his side, so she is tarnished by association. Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) investigates, and discovers all is not what it seems. Did the real engineer sabotage the beams, or is it an elaborate double-bluff by Ms Helgenberger?

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) and Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) try to force creepy scientist Frank Whalley ( Broken Arrow ) into making a deal.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 6] Caged
    Shown 23/Jul/15

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) and Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ) are caged by creepy scientist Frank Whalley ( Broken Arrow ).

    The wonder-kids are caged by Junior. The days of them being the chosen ones are long gone ... but it might explain the fact that they have not become brainwashed like the other pod people.

    Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) is also caged by Junior.

    Predictably, Whalleyís security team do not stand a chance against Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ). Only Julia has a chance of killing the alien woman. But will Julia pull the trigger when she gets the chance? After all, when a main character gets a bead on a henchman then they always pull the trigger, but when a main character is in someone elseís gun-sights then they always get taken alive.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 7] Ejecta
    Shown 30/Jul/15

    The creepy uncle takes his revenge on Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ). But will Junior save Christine and punish his creepy uncle?

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 8] Breaking Point
    Shown 06/Aug/15

    The Resistance sets about their plan. Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) takes the horny teenagers back into town on a recon mission. They discover the truth about the apocalyptic falling of the purple stars.

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) stays to guard the crippled kid, who is trying to hack the password-protected voice-recorder. They manage to contact the outside world.

    Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ) transfuses the creepy uncle with her alien-tainted blood. Her brainwashing technique includes a Cybock-style let me free you from your pain trope straight from Star Trek V . But will the heroes be able to evoke peoples' painful memories and return their real personalities?

    Christine orders her drones to start mining the amesthysts in the caves. Julia and Big Jim try to destroy the tunnels. Unfortunately, Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) and Junior are protecting the place and the slaves are kept underground there.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 9] Plan B
    Shown 13/Aug/15

    Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ) wants the Resistance wiped out. Last time, Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) and Junior took out the SWAT guards without help. Now, Christine takes no chances and sends her whole army.

    Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) tries to save Barbie ... by torturing him both mentally and physically.

    Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) goes after the pregnant alien woman. If he does not kill her, Christine will send her into seclusion with a dozen virgins.

    The horny teenagers get cornered. Luckily the creepy uncle is around to help them. But he has been pumped full of Christine's alien blood. Can he be trusted?

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 10] Legacy
    Shown 20/Aug/15

    The Resistance get pulled out by a SWAT team working for Aktion. Yes, the MegaCorp's head honcho (Eriq La Salle - E.R.) has decided to turn up in person. He wants Big Jim (Dean Norris - Medium ) to help him get a sample of blood from Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ), so they can make a cure.

    Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) plays along with Christine's plan. He plays good cop, bad cop with Junior so they can get the nerd kid to help. The Dome is calcifying, and the air intake will seal up. Only the survivors of the original four chosen ones can crack the dome and save everyone.

    The wheelchair nerd (yes, there are a lot of nerds these days) decodes expositionary videos concealed in the files the girl nerd sent him. Finally, we the audience know more than most of the characters do.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 11] Love is a Battlefield
    Shown 27/Aug/15

    Junior takes some men and goes hunting for the Resistance. Luckily, the Aktion CEO (Eriq La Salle - E.R.) needs a live subject to test the new cure on.

    Eva is put into confinement. After the sacrifice of the dozen maidens, her alien spawn is ready to emerge. Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) has to take care of her ...

    Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ) tries to talk the nerdy kid into helping. She tries the old Our species is friendly, we only came to Earth to escape an evil enemy ploy. But in a show like this, where the writers make each season up as they go along, this might actually be the main plot of the next Season.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 12] Incandescence
    Shown 03/Sep/15

    Barbie (Mike Vogel - Bates Motel ) and Julia Shumway ( Rachel Lefevre ) go after Christine ( Marg Helgenberger ). But she has cocooned the new Queen, so her usefulness to the aliens is at an end.

    Hector (Eriq La Salle - E.R.), the boss of Aktion, plans to save the world. Normally this would be a good thing, but his plan is to prevent the alien infestation from escaping by killing everyone in the Dome. It has already begun to calcify, and oxygen (which should be enough to last them for a month) is quickly running out.

    The Aktion SWAT team have M16-M4 rifles and full body armour. Despite this, they have no idea how to use the rifles properly Ė and the armour is completely porous to 9mm pistol rounds. They would be better off without it, in fact.

    Under The Dome Under The Dome [Season 3, Episode 13] The Enemy Within
    Shown 10/Sep/15

    The new Queen has emerged, and rules the horde with an iron fist. She will need an alpha male to breed with. Junior and his creepy uncle both volunteer to do their duty. After all, she looks like her mother Ö

    The horde throw the Resistance in jail. Yes, without the Aktion SWAT team as backup the rebels have not got a chance. It is a wonder how they managed to outwit Christine for so long, when you consider the new Queen takes them prisoner in about five minutes flat. Luckily she cannot kill them on sight because she needs to convince Joe to destroy the calcified dome before everyone suffocates.

    Finally we get the climax of the show. The survivors get quarantined by a man in military fatigues who looks like Captain Cregan from Sexy Victims Unit. He orders them to keep their mouths shut to avoid an alien panic. Instead, the cover story is that Aktion are to blame for everything. This is close enough to the truth for everyone to believe it.

    The show actually has a decent ending, thanks to the Networkís decision to end it after three Seasons rather than try to drag it out forever. Everyone gets what they want, in a way. It is also open-ended, so if someone wanted to make a sequel series they can take up where this one left off.