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Early Edition
  • Season 1

                      1.1-110028-Sep-1996 Pilot

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 1, Episode 2] The Choice
    Shown 05-Oct-1996

    Gary must choose which one to save - wee girl or 747? Events conspire against the 747 - is it fate?

    The ending may be interpreted as a twist ...

    Alternatively, cynics might find it predictable. It depends on your Point of View.

  •                   3.1-310212-Oct-1996 Baby
                      4.1-410419-Oct-1996 The Paper
    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 1, Episode 5] Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog
    Shown 26-Oct-1996

    Chuck's uncle Phil repeatedly steals a dog from the Mayor [Norm from Alf ].

    The ep is about Political corruption. The crooks want to skim the State Lottery - but Gary and Chuck win it!

                      6.1-610502-Nov-1996 Hoops (a.k.a. Hoop Dreams)
                      7.1-710609-Nov-1996 After Midnight
    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 1, Episode 8] Gun
    Shown 16-Nov-1996

    Divorcee harrassed by violent ex-hubby.

    Their son plays with her revolver!

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 1, Episode 9] His Girl Thursday
    Shown 23-Nov-1996

    Reporter babe takes Gary's paper. It's the cat's idea!

                      10.1-1010907-Dec-1996 The Wrong Man
                      11.1-1111021-Dec-1996 Christmas
                      12.1-1211111-Jan-1997 Frostbit
                      13.1-1311225-Jan-1997 Mob Wife
                      14.1-1411301-Feb-1997 The Wall (1)
                      15.1-1511408-Feb-1997 The Wall (2)
                      16.1-1611522-Feb-1997 Bat Masterson
                      17.1-1711608-Mar-1997 The Jury
                      18.1-1811712-Apr-1997 Psychic
                      19.1-1911913-Apr-1997 The Cat
                      20.1-2011819-Apr-1997 Phantom of the Opera
                      21.1-2112026-Apr-1997 Faith
                      22.1-2212103-May-1997 Dad
                      23.1-23 17-May-1997 Love is Blind
                      24.2-120127-Sep-1997 Home
                      25.2-220304-Oct-1997 The Medal
                      26.2-320411-Oct-1997 The Wedding
                      27.2-420218-Oct-1997 Jenny Sloan
    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 2, Episode 5] Downsized
    Shown 25-Oct-1997

    Gary is called in to meet the man who sends the Special Delivery paper. This is for an annual evaluation, in case Gary needs to be sacked ... err, Downsized.

    Joey Clams from NYC is in town, to get his own newspaper delivey back.

                      29.2-620601-Nov-1997 Angels and Devils
                      30.2-720708-Nov-1997 Redfellas
                      31.2-820815-Nov-1997 March in Time
                      32.2-920922-Nov-1997 A Regular Joe
                      33.2-1021020-Dec-1997 A Bris is Just a Bris
                      34.2-1121210-Jan-1998 A Minor Miracle
                      35.2-1221117-Jan-1998 Romancing the Throne
                      36.2-1321324-Jan-1998 Walk, Don't Run
                      37.2-1421431-Jan-1998 The Return of Crumb
    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 2, Episode 15] Mum's The Word
    Shown 22nd February 2002 - Friday

    This is a remarkable episode for two reasons. Firstly, our hero tangles with a mystery that seems supernatural in origin. The Chicago Museum plays host to an Ancient Egyptian relic which may be cursed.

    A plague is unleashed on the city, possibly of supernatural origin. The victims are taken to the local hospital - Chicago Hope!

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 2, Episode 16] When Or Where
    Shown 25th February 2002 - Monday

    Our hero sees a beautiful woman, clad in 1940s clothes, just before he falls off a scaffolding and breaks his leg. Later, in his wheelchair, he sees the same woman again in an apartment across the road.

    The hero's bar takes on a new waitress - the spitting image of the 1940s woman. When the newspaper arrives it reveals what happened. The newspaper is dated to 1944, instead of tomorrow! The waitress is the grandaughter of the ghostly figure, and will fall victim to murder as did her grandmother.

                      40.2-1721718-Apr-1998 The Fourth Carpathian
                      41.2-1821825-Apr-1998 The Quality of Mercy
                      42.2-1921902-May-1998 Show Me the Monet
                      43.2-2022209-May-1998 Don't Walk Away, Renee
                      44.2-2122016-May-1998 Hot Time in the Old Town
                      45.2-2222123-May-1998 Second Sight
                      46.3-1 26-Sep-1998 Blackout
                      47.3-2 03-Oct-1998 Collision
                      48.3-3 10-Oct-1998 A Horse Is a Horse
                      49.3-4 17-Oct-1998 Lt. Hobson, USN
                      50.3-5 24-Oct-1998 Saint Nick
                      51.3-6 31-Oct-1998 Halloween
                      52.3-7 07-Nov-1998 Up Chuck
                      53.3-8 14-Nov-1998 Deadline
                      54.3-9 21-Nov-1998 In Gary We Trust
                      55.3-10 05-Dec-1998 Nest Egg
                      56.3-11 19-Dec-1998 Teen Angels
                      57.3-12 09-Jan-1999 Slippity-Doo-Dah
                      58.3-13 16-Jan-1999 The Last Untouchable
                      59.3-14 06-Feb-1999 Just one of Those Things
                      60.3-15 13-Feb-1999 Funny Valentine
                      61.3-16 20-Feb-1999 Number One with a Bullet
                      62.3-17 27-Feb-1999 Two to Tangle
                      63.3-18 20-Mar-1999 Fate
                      64.3-19 03-Apr-1999 Crumb Again
                      65.3-20 17-Apr-1999 Pinch Hitters
                      66.3-21 01-May-1999 Home Groan
                      67.3-22 08-May-1999 Play It Again Sammo
                      68.3-23 15-May-1999 Blowing Up is Hard to Do
                      69.4-1 25-Sep-1999 The Out-of-Towner
                      70.4-2 02-Oct-1999 Duck Day Afternoon
    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 3] Take Me out to the Ballgame
    Shown 09-Oct-1999

    Chuck [ Short Circuit ] is back in town.

    The main story involves a baseball player and a loan shark.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 4] The Iceman Taketh
    Shown 16-Oct-1999

    Gary conscripted into undercover cop work with Female Lt Bugati - they're after the jewel thief.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 5] Camera Shy
    Shown 23-Oct-1999

    A Photographer coincidentally arrives at locations with Gary. Then he photos a villain, amd is pursued for the film. Gary helps him.

    This would have been a good recurring character.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 6] Wild Card
    Shown 30-Oct-1999

    Patrick [a goof] accidentally interferes with Gary's plans to save people.

    Chicago must be a city with no homicides or fatal accidents!

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 7] Fatal Edition (1)
    Shown 06-Nov-1999

    Gary is arrested for murder. in flashbacks he is investigated by jerk reporter. There is a cameo by Miguel the photographer.

    The female detective has a cameo. Conor O'Farrell ( Dark Skies ) is the detective on Gary's case.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 8] Fatal Edition (2)
    Shown 13-Nov-1999

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 9] Weathergirl
    Shown 20-Nov-1999

    Gary romances a weathergirl [ Maria Pitillo ] who is bad at telling weather.

    Gary must save his sidekick's unlucky uncle repeatedly.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 10] Run, Gary, Run
    Shown 18-Dec-1999

    Gary relives the day 3 times to save Maria. In the end, walking is faster than cycling or taxi!

    Gary would get there quicker, only he stops for pointless arguments.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 11] Rose
    Shown 19-Feb-2000

    Gary and PI Crumb help amnesiac girl.

    This is a standard drama; the magic newspaper doesn't play big role. There are story twists - a very unlikely thriller plot.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 12] Snow Angels
    Shown 26-Feb-2000

    Chicago has a blizzard. The Original Boomer [ Battlestar Galactica ] is a Good Samaritan. Gary must save 17 lives.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 13] Gifted
    Shown 04-Mar-2000

    A teen girl [foster parented] is clairvoyant.

    The cat engineers meetings [there are lots of coincidences].

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 14] Performance Anxiety
    Shown 11-Mar-2000

    NYC branch gets subscription cancelled. He comes to stay with Gary, to redeem himself.

    Gary gets called in for an interview. Hobson [Devil's son] works for Angels?

    Money saves the day [it is a capitalist economy], but the moral is that do-gooders don't need a daily income. How do they buy food and pay the rent?

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 15] False Witness
    Shown 25-Mar-2000

    Miguel Diaz's younger brother is in a car thief ring.

    Gary must save him and help Detective Armstrong catch the ringleader.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 16] The Play's the Thing
    Shown 08-Apr-2000

    PI Crumb helps in a stageplay. The evil director (Tim Omundson - Xena: Warrior Princess ) is suspected of sabotage.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 17] Blind Faith
    Shown 22-Apr-2000

    Gary is blinded in an accident, but is helped by a Russian [new barman?]. They must save a wee boy from a burning building.

    This is a very basic lo-budget ep after prevous hi-concept eps [eg multiple Garys].

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 18] Occasionally Amber
    Shown 29-Apr-2000

    Chuck returns - as does the jewel thief. Detective Bugati is on the case.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 19] Mel Schwartz, Bounty Hunter
    Shown 06-May-2000

    Gary sees a court-ordered shrink.

    An accountant wants to be a bounty-hunter, Gary must save him.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 20] Time
    Shown 13-May-2000

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 21] Everybody Goes to Rick's
    Shown 20-May-2000

    1929, St Valentine's Day Massacre [filmed as black & white scenes].

    Modern day, and Crumb the PI is on an arson case.

    The title is a Casablanca Ref.

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 4, Episode 22] Luck o' the Irish
    Shown 27-May-2000

    Quigley [Henry Gibson] is jinxed. Gary must help other Oirish people - some illegal immigrant women [a collection of bad stereotypes].

    Early Edition Early Edition [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th June 2002 [Wednesday]

    Early Edition

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