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Season One

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 1] Alpha Dogs
Shown 27 Oct 00
Reviewed 16th March 2002 - Saturday

In the near future, the US President is killed by terrorists. The country falls apart, the stock market collapses, and desperate measures are taken. The African-American Vice President hands over power to the African American head of the Joint Chiefs, and the USA becomes a police state run by the Pentagon. Colonel Devon (James Morrison - Space: Above and Beyond ) is assigned to hunt down and arrest opposition within the military.

Although the US military always relies on all its hi-tech weapons, the heroic rebels instead specialise in hand-to-hand combat skills. The token African American is a US Navy SEAL. The token female ( Scarlet Chorvat ) is a US Army Ranger whose only apparent skill is gymnastics. There are a couple of other white guys, the leader and a sort of comic-relief type. The leader, USMC Captain Dekker (Holt McCallany - The Losers ), is separated from his young son and thus has a personal goal.

This A-Team end up together in the William Jefferson Clinton Federal Prison. It is a dingy hole, but for plot reasons it is co-ed. Instead of executing these ultra-dangerous prisoners the evil fascist regime makes them duel each other. Thus they keep their fitness and martial arts skills at peak perfection. And it is all wire-fighting.

Naturally the team find a way to escape. Francoise Yip leads them to the Resistance. They take on the US Military, using fists instead of lethal firepower, and Dekker goes up against Colonel Devon.

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 2] The Chase
Shown 3 Nov 00
Reviewed 23rd March 2002 - Saturday

This is basically the new A-Team. The heroes do not use guns, instead relying on Matrix -style wire-fu, and never kill their enemies.

When a badly-planned mission messes up, the team carjack a feisty nurse. She bickers constantly with the nerdy one, so predictably she is intended as his luurve interest. The eeevil Colonel Devon (James Morrison - Space: Above and Beyond ) sends Dekker's old team after them.

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 3] Assassins
Shown 10 Nov 00

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 4] Enemy
Shown 17 Nov 00
Reviewed 6th April 2002 - Saturday

The squad head off on a sabotage mission with an assortment of newbies. Their plane crashes and they have to yomp through the woods. It turns out that one of the newbies may be a saboteur, bumping off the good guys one by one ...

One of the newbies is the token black guy's buddy, and they do some cliched Boyz in da hood bonding stuff ...

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 5] Freezone
Shown 24 Nov 00
Reviewed 13th April 2002 - Saturday

The Z-Team try to buy some special missiles - well, LAWs with funny paint. However, the money and missiles are stolen by a gang of face-painted ex-Marines. Dekker (Holt McCallany - The Losers ) recognises their leader, a kindred spirit. Both lost their wives, and Dekker begins to follow the Marine into insanity.

The team track their gear to a Mad Max -looking Barter Town place, run by a Master lookalike (Verne Troyer - Spy Who Shagged Me ).

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 6] Siege
Shown 1 Dec 00
Reviewed 20th April 2002 - Saturday

The AmeriKKKan Government cracks down hard on rebels in Seattle. They call in the EU's top counter-terrorist expert to help. Yes, we have a convenient euro-trash villain this week.

The Z-Team have to destroy the villain's HQ, an old destroyer moored in the harbour. Unfortunately the captured rebel leaders are being held aboard it, and one of them is a friend of Scarlett's.

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 7] Lone Wolf
Shown 22 Dec 00
Reviewed 27th April 2002 - Saturday

A freedom fighter named The Wolf manages to steal a secret new American toxin. The Z-team have to retrieve the toxin before eeevil Colonel Devon (James Morrison - Space: Above and Beyond ) does.

The nerd and the black guy discover that The Wolf is not who they expected. Meanwhile, the Z-Team babe gets in trouble with the military goons.

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 8] Return

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 9] Thieves

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 10] Livewire
Reviewed 11th May 2002 - Saturday

The Joint Chiefs hold a conference with the powerless senators of the former US Government. This is supposed to be the first step in the return to democracy. Yes, the USA will lose its fascist dictatorship and instead be ruled by lazy fat politicians. Hmm.

The Z-Team have heard that a bomb has been planted to kill the senators, so they infiltrate the conference centre. The guest-stars include a black woman to act as the token black guy's love interest.

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 11] Mind Game
Reviewed 18th May 2002 - Saturday

The Z-Team try to rescue a rebel planner from a brainwashing clinic run by Christopher Judge ( Stargate SG-1 ).

Freedom Freedom [Season 1, Episode 12] Ransom
Reviewed 25th May 2002 - Saturday

The Chinese babe is kidnapped by her ex-lover, an African-American gangster. The Z-Team have to infiltrate the gang, rescue the babe and retrieve the valuable data she was carrying.

This is the climactic episode. The McGuffin data will allow the undermining of the Military Junta and the re-uniting of the team's leader with his son. Also, the nerd gets a luurve interest and we get a showdown with arch-villain Colonel Devon (James Morrison - Space: Above and Beyond ).






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