ORBzine - Haunted TV Review

  • Matthew Fox [ Lost ] as Frank Taylor
  • Russell Hornsby as Marcus Bradshaw
  • Lynn Collins as Jessica Manning
  • Michael Irby as Dante
  • John Mann as Simon
  • Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
    Shown 24 Sep 02
    Shown 3rd August 2006 [Thursday]

    The Doctor from Lost is a Police detective. However, things go bad and he has to become a PI instead.

    He's haunted by ghosts of his own, and encounters others on his cases.

    Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 2] Grievous Angels
    Shown 1 Oct 02
    Shown 10th August 2006 [Thursday]

    Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 3] Fidelity
    Shown 8 Oct 02
    Shown 17th August 2006 [Thursday]

    Women are being drowned in bathtubs. A Poltergeist might be responsible.

    The Hero discovers a book on ghosts, and as always in this kind of thing it conains accurate information.

      4.   1- 4        004     15 Oct 02   Abby
      5.   1- 5        005     22 Oct 02   Blind Witness
      6.   1- 6        006     29 Oct 02   Nocturne
      7.   1- 7        007      5 Nov 02   A Three Hour Tour
    Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 8] Nexus

    Frank is hired by his police shrink. She is being blackmailed by someone who stole her secret tapes of psychiatric interviews.

    Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 9] Simon Redux

    Frank investigates Simon's background. Unfortunately, although Simon is now a ghost he still cares about keeping his own secrets.

    Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 10] Last Call

    Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 11] Seeking Asylum

    Frank's pal died in an asylum. In order to investigate he goes undercover - he has himself committed. Naturally, since he sees ghosts he doesn't need to act much!

    Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 12] It's A Wonderful Afterlife

    This is an alternate universe story, as in the film It's A Wonderful Life. Here, we see what it would have been like if Frank had never lost his son.

    Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 13] 004
    Shown - never!!!

    This ep was written but never filmed!

    NTSC - USA



    PAL - UK


    Haunted Haunted [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th August 2006 [Thursday]


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