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  • Nick Frost ( Shaun of the Dead ) as Captain Henderson
  • Kevin Eldon ( Dead Set ) as Security Chief York

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 1, Episode 1] A Gift from the Glish
    Shown 12th January 2006 [Wednesday]

    In the wake of the return of Dr Who , the BBC delivers another scifi show. This time it is a comedy, shown late night on BBC2.

    It is the year 2151. The UK sends a spaceship, HMS Camden Lock, to meet alien races and attract investment in UK business. Unfortunately they run into some unfriendlies ...

    The obvious comparison is with Red Dwarf . However, this effort falls far short. It is more like The Office in space. There are no belly-laughs, no funny dialogue, just a very low-key feel. The ship's captain, a short fat beardy bloke named Captain Henderson (Nick Frost - Shaun of the Dead ), even looks a bit like Ricky Gervase! The theme tune is Colonel Bogey's March, not in the same league as Howard Goodall's song.

  • Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 1, Episode 2] Hello, Queppu
    Shown 18th January 2006 [Wednesday]

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 1, Episode 3] Weekend Off
    Shown 25th January 2006 [Wednesday]

    It is the weekend of the Officers' dinner, and the Cadets' party.

    Security Chief York (Kevin Eldon - Dead Set ) has to repair the female cyborg. The other two gofers visit a rocky planet that one of them accidentally bought.

    This leaves the David Brent lookalike Captain Henderson (Nick Frost - Shaun of the Dead ) alone with the Julie T Wallace lookalike Number Two.

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 1, Episode 4] Asteroid
    Shown 1st February 2006 [Wednesday]

    Two Alien species (including the long-haired guy from Mighty Boosh) have a territorial dispute over an Asteroid. Britain sends Captain Henderson (Nick Frost - Shaun of the Dead ) to act as mediator.

    Once Henderson messes it up, the aliens unite and declare war on the UK. Or all humans. Regardless, they go after Henderson's ship (HMS Camden Lock) first.

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 1, Episode 5] Clare
    Shown 8th February 2006 [Wednesday]

    The UK ship HMS Camden Lock is patrolling a backwater. The Danish are a superpower, and take the glamorous work.

    Captain Henderson (Nick Frost - Shaun of the Dead ) encounters Clare ( Sally Philips ), who is sailing round the galaxy single-handed, on an attempt to break the speed record. Unfortunately the solitude has driven her slightly loopy.

    Security Chief York (Kevin Eldon - Dead Set ), temporarily in charge, tests the crew's military readiness. But will they be capable of saving Henderson?

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 1, Episode 6] Assessment
    Shown 15th February 2006 [Wednesday]

    Captain Henderson (Nick Frost - Shaun of the Dead ) is warned that an inspection team is on the way. He knows the ship HMS Camden Lock will fail the inspection, so he gives up and hands control over to Kevin Eldon.

    The brutality of Security Chief York (Kevin Eldon - Dead Set ) leads the crew into mutiny.

    We get more exploration of the depth of Eldon's character. He has more in common with the chubby captain than is obvious - good traits, too.

    Season 2

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 2, Episode 1] Green Javelins
    Shown 18th July 2007 [Wednesday]

    HMS Camden Lock is chosen to join the UK's spaceship aerobatics team, the Green Javelins. You know, like the red Arrows but in space. Unfortunately, the Head Javelin has a romantic history with Henderson's female sidekick.

    Meanwhile, Security Chief York (Kevin Eldon - Dead Set ) builds a robot version of himself.

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 2, Episode 2] Artefact
    Shown 25th July 2007 [Wednesday]

    The HMS Camden Lock detects a strange object floating in space. Captain Henderson (Nick Frost - Shaun of the Dead ) and the others visit a nearby planet to solve the mystery. Henderson thinks it is like the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey ...

    Henderson, Number Two and Security Chief York (Kevin Eldon - Dead Set ) end up in a sadistic Reality TV show. They are hunted through the forest by Alien assassins, while being broadcast to people who enjoy lowest-common-denominator TV.

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 2, Episode 3] Admiral's Daughter
    Shown 26th July 2007 [Wednesday]

    An Admiral's daughter is passenger aboard the ship HMS Camden Lock. She is a bit of a scrawny bimbo, but the men all try to impress and seduce her.

    The bimbo is more interested in befriending some space-whales. Everyone else just wants to shoot them, because they are a nuisance.

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 2, Episode 4] Harvest
    Shown 1st August 2007 [Wednesday]

    The Psychotic Security Chief York (Kevin Eldon - Dead Set ) oversteps the line once too many, and gets sacked. Unfortunately, the Red Shiny Robots of Vortis then take over the ship HMS Camden Lock, and try to harvest the crew's minds.

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 2, Episode 5] Dreamgate
    Shown 8th August 2007 [Wednesday]

    Captain Henderson (Nick Frost - Shaun of the Dead ) and Security Chief York (Kevin Eldon - Dead Set ) confiscate an alien's Dreamgate, which allows him to invade other peoples' dreams. Naturally, they use this as an opportunity to see into everyone else's dreams, with hilarious consequences. At least, that is how this ep was probably pitched.

    Red Dwarf did similar stories, and did them so much better.

    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 2, Episode 6] Convoy
    Shown 15th August 2007 [Wednesday]

    HMS Camden Lock is tasked with protecting the ultimate WMD, a gun so big it can destroy a star. Unfortunately, some nasty aliens are after it. Worse, they may have a brainwashed stooge aboard the Camden Lock!

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    Hyperdrive Hyperdrive [Season 2, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th August 2007 [Wednesday]


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