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Invisible Man (1999)
  • Vincent Ventresca [ Prey ] as Darien Fawkes
  • Eddie Jones [ Lois and Clark ] as Charles The Official Borden
  • Shannon Kenny as Claire The Keeper Keeply
  • Paul Ben-Victor [ Daredevil ] as Agent Bobby Hobbes
  • Brandy Ledford as Alex Monroe
  • Michael McCafferty as Albert Eberts
  • Joel Bissonnette as Arnaud DeFehrn
  • Spencer Garrett as Jarod Stark

    Season 1

      1.   1- 1       401A      9 Jun 00   Pilot (1)
  • Invisible Man (1999) The Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 2] Pilot Part II
    Shown 9 Jun 00
    Shown 8th September 2001 - Saturday

    The protagonist, Darien Fox [the sidekick guy from Prey ], tries unsuccessfully to convince his estranged GF that he can turn invisible. A couple of MIBs kidnap him, on behalf of the US Government's Fish & Game Dept! This pretty much sets the tongue-in-cheek tone for the rest of the show.

    The villains are a couple of Swiss capitalists who want to steal the invisibility process and sell it to the highest bidder. Odd - you'd think that the highest bidder would be the good old US of A!

    Of note, the pilot double-ep has no title sequence.

    Invisible Man (1999) The Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 3] Catevari
    Shown 16 Jun 00
    Shown 15th September 2001 - Saturday

    Our hero is ordered to capture a rogue assassin, the Calavari, whose body fluids are toxic and can kill with a touch. However, it turns out that the Calavari is an Agency experiment, just like the Invisible Man.

    Also, our hero's invisibility skill means that he can freeze things that he touches. No, it doesn't make much sense to me, either.

    Invisible Man (1999) The Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 4] Ralph
    Shown 23 Jun 00
    Shown 22nd September 2001 - Saturday

    A VIP is assassinated by a well-camouflaged sniper, and the FBI claim jurisdiction. However, the killer accidentally shoots an endangered species of bird as well so our hero's bosses [the Dept of Fish & Game] get him involved.

    The only witness is a young girl. She will only divulge what she saw to her invisible best friend ...

    Tucker Smallwood [ Space: Above And Beyond ] pops up as a senior FBI agent. This episode was directed by Adam Nimoy.

    Invisible Man (1999) The Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 5] Tiresias
    Shown 7 Jul 00
    Shown 29th September 2001 - Saturday

    The guys investigate a blind man who claims to be a medium. His predictions are often followed by suicides. He predicts that invisible-boy will murder his own partner in a rage brought on by the quicksilver in his body. Will he kill himself to save his friend, or will he lose his mind and become a murderer?

    Invisible Man (1999) The Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 6] Impetus
    Shown 14 Jul 00
    Shown 6th October 2001 - Saturday

    Invisible Guy gets curious about his Doc, the babe codenamed The Keeper. He discovers her secret, another scientific project gone bad. That's the third, and this is only episode six!

    Invisible Man (1999) The Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 7] The Devil You know
    Shown 21 Jul 00
    Shown 13th October 2001 - Saturday

    Yet more shady goings-on at US Intelligence. The Boss [Eddie Jones - Lois & Clark ] is framed for second degree murder, and his job is usurped by a yuppie.

    The new boss plans to blackmail Fox into becoming an assassin, and wiping out people suspected of terrorism. Fox's sidekick asks Who's next? Saddam? Bin Laden? After September 11th, the answer may be different.

    Invisible Man (1999) The Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 8] Liberty & Larceny
    Shown 28 Jul 00
    Shown 20th October 2001 - Saturday

    Darien's boss decides that from now on, the use of the Quicksilver [and the counteragent] will be rationed. Darien rejects the idea and storms out. However, back at his apartment he meets his mentor [ Priscilla Barnes ], who wants him to work with her on a 2-man burglary.

    We see an interesting use of invisibility. Since light passes through him, he is undetectable to infrared beams.

      9.   1- 9        408      4 Aug 00   The Value of Secrets
    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 10] Seperation Anxiety
    Shown 11 Aug 00
    Shown 10th November 2001 - Saturday

    A woman is being stalked by her ex-husband ... Hobbs! Darien gets called in to bail out his wayward partner, who thinks that his Ex's new BF is up to no good. He then discovers that Hobbs' paranoia might not be unfounded.

    The McGuffin is a lorry full of sniper rifles with heat-seeking ammunition. An illegal Arms Dealer is offering to pay less than ten thousand American dollars for each of them - a rediculously low amount!

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 11] It Hurts When You Do This
    Shown 18 Aug 00
    Shown 17th November 2001 - Saturday

    Hobbs recieves a blow to the head, and the resulting brain damage means he nas no short-term memory. Every time he wakes up in hospital he has no idea where he is or how he got there. As a result, he does some midnight exploring and discovers some unofficial operations going on. Also, his female roommate is a homeless girl who is being given the VIP treatment for some strange reason ...

    Strange how, for the second time in a row, Hobbs manages to stumble across villainy by sheer accident.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 12] The Other Invisible Man
    Shown 25 Aug 00
    Shown 24th November 2001 - Saturday

    Someone beats The Official [Eddie Jones - Lois & Clark ] half to death.

    It seems there was an earlier experiment to make an Invisible Man, but the subject is now invisible and insane. Worse, he is stalking Darien!

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 13] Reunion
    Shown 8 Sep 00
    Shown 1st December 2001 - Saturday

    Fawkes discovers his brother is still alive.

    Was The Official in a 1960s conspiracy?

    Fox is harrassed by a couple of clueless State Troopers. Luckily, his partner fobs them off by claiming that he and Fox are the US Government's Paranormal Investigators. This leads to a nice reference to X-Files and Psi Factor .

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 1, Episode 14] Cat And Mouse
    Shown 15 Sep 00
    Shown 8th December 2001 - Saturday

    Fox's partner Hobbs is hunted by agents of Red China. They blow him up in his car, and the Keeper expresses her extreme grief at his funeral.

    Hobbs is actually imprisoned in the Chinese Embassy, because they think that he is the Invisible Man. Yes, the CIA don't know about the project but the PRC does! Even worse, the PRC know that the Invisible Man shows up on infra-red even when he does not reflect light in the visible spectrum.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 15] Beholder
    Shown 22 Sep 00

    Fawkes is blinded by a hitman. He befriends a blind woman.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 16] Ghost of a Chance
    Shown 8 Jan 01

    Fawkes, Hobbs and the Keeper are seconded by Spy Game bureaucrat.

    They are sent to a Latin American country to pose as a ghost to convince the superstitious PM to remove his country's best defence system [ICBM!].

    An unknown enemy organisation also wants to undermine democracy, so it sends a femme fatale [who has a water-based superpower].

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 17] Flowers for Hobbes
    Shown 15 Jan 01

    A Mad scientist experiments with the Intelligence gene. Hobbs is infected. They have to choose between Intellect and friendship.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 18] Perchance to Dream
    Shown 22 Jan 01

    The Keeper is brainwashed by Will Wheaton ( Star Trek: TNG ).

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 19] Frozen in Time
    Shown 29 Jan 01

    This is sequel to previous ep, The Value of Secrets. The supercomputer babe seeks Darien's help [he gets horny and accidentally turns parts of himself invisible].

    Unknown enemies are kidnapping geniuses. The water-woman from the South American ep Ghost of a Chance is involved. They are a Survivalist Corp, with cryogenics technology.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 20] Diseased
    Shown 5 Feb 01

    Arnaud is selling a bioweapon. It gives Fawkes' gland the flu! He emits sick-silver!

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 21] The Lesser Evil
    Shown 12 Feb 01

    The latino mutant babe takes Fawkes to Chrysalis HQ. He meets evil boss [English], who tries to recruit him.

    The Official is sinister, and Fawkes must choose sides.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 22] Money for Nothing (1)
    Shown 23 Mar 01

    The team cheat at Arnaud's casino.

    Fawkes steals cash, and Arnaud offers counteragent for the cash.

    The Official cuts Fawkes off!

     23.   1-23        422     30 Mar 01   Money for Nothing (2)
     24.   1-24        423      6 Apr 01   It's a Small World
    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 1, Episode 2 ]

    Invisible Man (1999)

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  • Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 2, Episode 1] Legends
    Shown 13 Apr 01
    Shown 15th December 2001 - Saturday

    The Agency is no longer part of the Bureau of Fish & Game, they are now the investigative branch of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. To earn their keep they have to investigate a double-murder on an Indian Reservation. The only witness, a village Elder, claims it was the Wendigo - the Native American term for Bigfoot! Fox, his partner and the Keeper head out into the woods along with the Reservation's sheriff, in search of the killer. Did you ever wonder what animal the quicksilver gland came from?

    The climax is somewhat reminiscent of the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke is captured by the Wampa ...

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 2, Episode 2] The Camp
    Shown 20 Apr 01
    Shown 5th January 2002 - Saturday

    The Agency has a new Field Agent - a babe named Alex Munroe. The team investigates a fertility clinic, and Hobbs and Alex pose as a married couple.

    The villains are running an operation similar to Manticore in Dark Angel .

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 2, Episode 3] The Importance of Being Eberts
    Shown 27 Apr 01
    Shown 12th January 2002 - Saturday

    The Agency, now under the auspices of the Dept of Health & Human Services, has been hacked. If the hacker isn't caught the Agency will be compromised, so they plan to prevent this by shutting down the entire Agency. The computers, the production of counter-agent, everything.

    The Boss's nerdy sidekick, Ebertz, is sent along with Hobbs and Foxx. He's a computer expert and he can take care of himself. However, something is amiss. An unknown person is helping the hacker, and Hobbs suspects it is Ebertz!

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 4] Johnny Apocalypse
    Shown 15 Jun 01

    The Agency save a 12 year-old boy named Alan from Chrysalis. His hormone level is linked to explosives in his bloodstream.

    Somehow, Darrien can contact and meet the Crysalis boss very quickly!

    Eberts is reliable, useful - the writers are finally developing his character.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 2, Episode 5] Going Postal
    Shown 22 Jun 01
    Shown 26th January 2002 - Saturday

    The episode starts with Fox, Hobbs and the babe Agent undercover in the US Post Office. Hobbs starts blasting away at assailants, but when the SWAT team arrives there is no sign of any shooters except Hobbs. Hobbs is taken to a shrink, and the whole story is told in flashback - three times!

    The babe's POV shows us a weird comical caricature of Fox and Hobbs. Hobbs' POV is a wonderful Film Noir parody. Fox's POV is widescreen buddy-cop movie!

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 2, Episode 6] Brother's Keeper
    Shown 29 Jun 01
    Shown 2nd February 2002 - Saturday

    Fox has a medical problem, so the Keeper injects him. The personality of Fox's brother Kevin, developer of the gland, somehow asserts itself. The personality is complete with memories!

    Kevin is the only real expert on the gland, and arch-villain Deveraux [who is now permanently invisible] needs his help. However, Kevin is less than expert at actually using the gland. Also, Kevin's relationship with the Keeper is rekindled.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 2, Episode 7] Insensate
    Shown 6 Jul 01
    Shown 9th February 2002 - Saturday

    Fox returns to his apartment and finds he has an intruder [Armin Shimerman - Star Trek: DS9 ]. The stranger is sensory-deprived, apparently the result of an experiment by Fox's brother, Kevin. When he discovers that Kevin is dead, the stranger shows Fox a US Government Asylum filled with botched experiments.

    However, the thugs running the Asylum discover that someone is taking an unhealthy interest in them. Fox and Hobbs end up in conflict with the rival agency.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 8] Den of Thieves
    Shown 13 Jul 01
    Shown 16th February 2002 - Saturday

    Fox goes undercover as a thief - well, more of a double-agent since he really was a thief. He is hired by some terrorists to help them obtain parts for their new super-weapon. However, he gets arrested and thrown back in prison - where some old enemies are waiting for him.

    While Fox continues his undercover role in prison, Hobbs and Munroe carry on the work on the outside.

    The villains are terrorists who are plotting to build an EMP device, something dangerous enough to take down airplanes. After 11th September 2001 this may be too close to reality for some people.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 2, Episode 9] Bad Chi
    Shown 20 Jul 01
    Shown 23rd February 2002 - Saturday

    Fox hurts his back, and his doctor the Keeper orders him to get acupuncture. However, the acupuncturist takes Fox hostage by inserting remote-activated electrified needles into his pressure points. She forces him to steal some antique acuptuncture needles from a museum.

    The Agency realise that Fox has gone rogue, so they call in Agent Munroe. Fox requests more counter-agent, so the entire Agency stakes out the handover. However, Fox realises that the only way to overcome the pain of the electrified needles is by descending into quicksilver madness!

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 10] Flash to Bang
    Shown 27 Jul 01

    Lady Lake (the Crysalis agent) bugs Darien.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 13] Germ Theory
    Shown 3 Aug 01

    The Keeper is infected with Quicksilver bacteria, and gets the Rage. All the unit end up infected!

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 12] The Choice
    Shown 10 Aug 01

    The team save Brandy Ledford 's infant son. But Starke, boss of Crysalis, wants him back. Starke's wife tries to defect ...

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 13] Immaterial Girl
    Shown 17 Aug 01

    Fawkes sees a spectre haunting a woman whose mom disappeared.

    Christopher Neame [ B5 ] is a scientist.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 16] Father Figure
    Shown 24 Aug 01

    The team go after a defected US assassin - Fawkes' father?

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man [Season 2, Episode 15] A Sense of Community

    The Agency's budget has been taken by a rival organisation, the mysterious Agency of Sequestered Seclusion.

    Our heroes investigate, but bite off more than they can chew. They wake up in The Community, more than slightly reminiscent of The Prisoner . The place is filled with CCTV cameras, patrolled by miniature helicopters, and even the salutes and the signpost font seem familiar. Inmates include a John Steed dress-alike and Hobbs' ex-partner.

    Meanwhile, the Agency has problems of its own. The Keeper's equipment, all rented, is repossessed by the bailifs!

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 16] The Three Phases of Claire
    Shown 14 Sep 01

    Armin Shimmerman is in prison. The Keeper is kidnapped, and gets injected with an insanity drug. Fawkes gets the Quicksilver madness.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 17] Exposed
    Shown 28 Sep 01

    The Secret Weapons Research Unit is after Armin Shimmerman - an amnesiac evil genius.

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 18] The Invisible Woman
    Shown 4 Jan 02

    The Chinese have an invisible woman. Is she a defector or a terrorist?

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 19] Mere Mortals
    Shown 11 Jan 02

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 20] Possessed
    Shown 18 Jan 02

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 21] Enemy of My Enemy
    Shown 25 Jan 02

    While interrupting a Crysalis operation, Fox is struck by lightning. He wakes up in a hospital bed with complete amnesia. The Agency tries to track him down and recover him, but so does Crysalis!

    Fox is stuck in a situation where he does not know who to trust. Crysalis tell him that they are the CIA and that he works for them. The other recurring villain, Arnaud the Permanently Invisible Man, tells Fox that they are genetically engineered brothers.

    Crysalis have the gland, and intend mass-production.

    The keeper acts tough [no Brandy Ledford this ep].

    Invisible Man (1999) Invisible Man (1999) [Season 2, Episode 22] The New Stuff
    Shown 1 Feb 02

    Clare cures Darien's madness with Renault's formula.

    He quits The Agency, joins FBI.

    Chrysalis uses invisible Locusts to attack crops.

    This is the last ep of the series.

    Vega$ Las Vegas [Season 1, Episode 7] Pros and Cons
    Shown 10th Nov 2003

    Vincent Ventresca and Paul Ben-Victor [I-Man] visit the casino. They are compulsive gamblers.

    Other stars are Wayne Newton [ Licence To Kill ], James Caan [ Rollerball ] and Nikki Cox [STTNG].

    Vega$ Las Vegas [Season 2, Episode 21] Hide and Sneak
    Shown 25/Apr/05

    The Vitales (high-spending gamblers) seem to be yuppie vampires.

    Delores' Amish cousin turns up to sow his wild oats.