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Point Pleasant
  • Elisabeth Harnois as Christina Nickson
  • Grant Show as Lucas Boyd
  • Sam Page as Jesse Parker
  • Aubrey Dollar as Judy Kramer
  • Richard Burgi [ Starship Troopers 2 ] as Ben Kramer
  • Susan Walters as Meg Kramer
  • Dina Meyer as Amber Hargrove
  • Cameron Richardson as Paula Hargrove

    Season 1

  • Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
    Shown 19 Jan 05

    This is a supernatural teenager show, produced by Marti Noxon ( Buffy: Season 6 ).

    New Jersey: the lifeguard boy rescues a girl from the sea. She hangs out with his school pals. James Morrison [ Space: Above and Beyond ] is a NYC bigwig who knows her magical abilities. She's the daughter of Darkness, controls peoples emotions, has to choose between good and evil. There's Christian symbolism (the central character is named Christina).

    The cast is too pretty, they have no personality - it's more like Dawson's Creek than Buffy.

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 2] Human Nature
    Shown 20 Jan 05

    The pretty girl meets a young priest who's suspicious of her 666 birthmark. Her father's gofer, Boyd, comes to town posing as a rich guy. Dina Meyer is a manipulative vixen - which is very strange, since Marti Noxious wrote the episode!

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 3] Who's Your Daddy?
    Shown 27 Jan 05

    The female Damien can't contact her Dad (James Morrison). The creepy Satanist, Boyd, makes stuff happen (eg a RTA) to make the Damien babe angry.

    Dina Meyer is a scheming bitch. But none of the characters have the empathy that Buffy/Angel characters do.

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 4] The Lonely Hunter
    Shown 3 Feb 05

    The villain holds a dinner party with Dina Meyer , the doctor and wife, the Cop and wife - to sow dissent! Adam Busch [ Buffy: Season 6 ] is the villain's protege.

    Meanwhile, Christina makes friends with the Priest in Church. She has an admirer, an unknown potential killer ...

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 5] Last Dance
    Shown 10 Feb 05

    The Church window is smashed again. Boyd (the Satanist) holds a dance marathon (with a cash prize to tempt the locals) to raise funds. He has b&w flashbacks to his sin (at a 1950s Dance). Adam Busch is still his sidekick.

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 6] Secrets and Lies
    Shown 17 Feb 05

    Christina tries to find her mother via the hospital. Judy and her BF follow her, suspicious of her lies. But at least Xander and Willow had character!

    The parents' secrets and lies are also exposed.

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 7] Unraveling
    Shown 10 Mar 05

    Christina and Jesse leave town on a bus. The Doctor's wife is mentally unstable. Dina Meyer has second thoughts (the Doc's secret). The wife sees the ghost of her dead daughter - this isn't Buffy , it's The O.C meets American Gothic (but totally inferior on every level).

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 8] Swimming With Boyd
    Shown 17 Mar 05

    Christina and her pal try to kill Boyd. He gives exposition - the doc's wife is a latent Psi, and gets an MRI scan.

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 9] Waking the Dead
    Shown 19 Jun 05

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 10] Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Choked
    Shown 7th December 2005 - Wednesday

    This is one of the eps that wasn't originally screened in the UK on Channnel 4. That's a pity, because it's not nearly as bad as some of the earlier eps.

    Everything fits into place. Pretty much all the mysteries are answered. Well, the ones we care about, anyhow.

    Lucas Boyd [the villain, obviously inspired by Lucas Buck in the far superior American Gothic ] has his 1935 girlfriend back. He's completely distracted by her, letting his work take second place. She, OTOH, is an evil manipulative bitch who deserved what she got.

    Christina, hate-filled little bag of venom, will do whatever it takes. She's motivated by good aims, even if they are selfish, but very close to turning eeevil. In other words, she's reminiscent of Buffy Summers.

    The so-called good guys, AKA Team Vatican, have pawns in play. The local priest has discovered who the anti-anti-christ is. Also, there's an annoying hit-man on the loose. Other than Warren - I mean, Wez [Adam Busch].

    Finally, thanks to Dina Meyer we see what is on the mysterious videotape.

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 11] Missing (aka When the Cat's Away)
    Shown 14th December 2005 - Wednesday

    Christina and Jesse try to elope together. They're hunted by the footsoldiers of good and eeevil. However, it's destiny that is really pulling them apart.

    The crazy woman seems to know more than she should. She persuades the bed-bound man to get up and walk, though where he walked to will probably be revealed next ep.

    Civilians are going missing. The cops are mystified, but there's bound to be a perfectly supernatural reason for it all.

    Dina Meyer doesn't want her slutty daughter getting off with Lucas' henchman. Who can blame her?

    Lucas and his GF are still on speaking terms. He even manages to make peace with Christina. Kinda.

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 12] Mother's Day
    Shown 16th May 2006 [Tuesday]

    Christina finally meets her mother. Lisa Zane guest-stars.

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 13] Let the War Commence
    Shown th May 2006 [Tuesday]

    Point Pleasant Point Pleasant [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th May 2006 [Tuesday]

    Point Pleasant

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