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Sea of Souls

Season 1

  1.   1- 1                 2 Feb 04   Seeing Double
  2.   1- 2                 9 Feb 04   Mind Over Matter
  3.   1- 3                16 Feb 04   That Old Black Magic

Season 2

  4.   2- 1                 8 Jan 05   Amulet
  5.   2- 2                15 Jan 05   Omen
  6.   2- 3                22 Jan 05   Empty Promise

Season 3

  7.   3- 1                 7 Jan 06   Insiders
Sea of Souls Sea of Souls [Season 3, Episode 2] Oracle
Shown 14th January 2006 [Saturday]

This is like the British version of Medium . Only it's not crap.

A pair of scientists at a university in Glasgow are investigating precognition. One of them, a thirty-something single mother, turns out to be a precog herself! She can touch things, and have convoluted visions of the future.

She touches a scarf, and has visions of a murder or 2. Investigation into the scarf's background uncovers illegal activity. Do the 2 scientists inform the police? No, they blunder about pointlessly.

Apart from the plot, part of the show's problem is the actors' lack of chemistry. They're competent, but not ... charismatic.

Sea of Souls Sea of Souls [Season 3, Episode 3] Sleeper
Shown 21st January 2006 [Saturday]

A young fellow has psychic powers. However, any time he is unconscious, bad things happen.

The ep budget seems quite big - a few stunts and so on. Even better, Bill Patterson has a much bigger role now!

Sea of Souls Sea of Souls [Season 3, Episode 4] The Newsroom
Shown 28th January 2006 [Saturday]

A hotel is haunted. The ghostbusters must discover why, and by whom.

Veteran character-actor Ronald Pickup plays the hotel owner.

As always, the sceptic never sees the supernatural events.

Sea of Souls Sea of Souls [Season 3, Episode 5] Succubus
Shown 4th February 2006 [Saturday]

Lucy Griffiths, later Marion in Robin Hood (2006) , plays Rebecca.

Sea of Souls Sea of Souls [Season 3, Episode 6] Rebound
Shown 11th February 2006 [Saturday]

A young woman falls prey to supernatural mischief-making. Is it a hoax, or a demonic attack?

One of the McGann brothers pops up as the girl's mysterious boss. Is he a demon, a high-level Magus, or a time-travelling alien from Galifrey?





Sea of Souls

Sea of Souls Sea of Souls [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
Shown th April 2006 [Saturday]

Sea of Souls

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