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Tin Man

Season 1

Tin Man Tin Man [Season 1, Episode 1] Into The Storm
Shown 02/Dec/07

This is an updating of the Wizard of Oz . DG ( Zooey Deschanel ), a young woman in Kansas, hates small-town life and wants to travel the world. It's as if she doesn't belong there ...

Wicked Witch Azkadellia ( Kathleen Robertson ) rules the Outer Zone (O.Z.), and doesn't like the competition. She sends henchman Zero (Callum Keith Rennie - BSG 2003 ) to get her.

DG escapes to the OZ, where she meets Ewok-like Munchkin types. She teams up with scarecrow-like Glitch (Alan Cumming - GoldenEye ), spineless lion Raw (Raoul Trujillo) and Cain the Tin Man (Neal McDonough - ).

Tin Man Tin Man [Season 1, Episode 2] Search for the Emerald
Shown 03/Dec/07

The heroes get to Emerald City, and try to get an audience with the Mystic Man (Richard Dreyfuss - Jaws).

DG discovers her personal history and the reason for her adoption.

Tin Man Tin Man [Season 1, Episode 3] Tin Man
Shown 04/Dec/07

The team go South. DG has a flashback, and discovers the origins of the Wicked Witch.





Tin Man

Tin Man Tin Man [Season 1, Episode 10]
Shown th October 2010 [Wednesday]

Tin Man

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