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Trickster (2020)

Season 1

Trickster (2020) Trickster (2020) [Season 1, Episode 1]
Shown 7th October 2020

This is set in a First Nations community in Canada. The protagonist is a teenage boy who has a part-time job in a drive-through fast food joint. A kindly customer assures him that he is not one of the lazy ones, presumably a comment on the perceived lack of work ethics that Baby Boomers attribute to the Millennial generation.

The protagonist illegally makes and sells ecstasy, while his mother is an addict who has a large debt to her drug dealer. Yes, this is a pretty negative portrayal on rural life that emphasises poverty and drug addiction. This is a politically correct Canadian show, but the mainstream American equivalent would be a cross between Justified and Breaking Bad.

Trickster (2020) Trickster (2020) [Season 1, Episode 2]
Shown 14th October 2020

Jared (Joel Oulette - ) meets an old friend of his mother's ex-husband, who claims to be his real real father.

Maggie ( Crystle Lightning ) denies that the stranger is the real daddy. However, she is clearly upset. As with the last time she saw him, she has ways of dealing iwth skin-walkers.

The stranger is not alone. A group of other skin-walkers are in town, looking to catch up with him.

Trickster (2020) Trickster (2020) [Season 1, Episode 3]
Shown 21st October 2020

Maggie ( Crystle Lightning ) picks up her shotgun, and goes hunting in the woods. Her prey, the stranger, has eluded her. However, she meets up with her own long-lost mother instead.

Jared (Joel Oulette - ) is left alone with his mother's new boyfriend. It turns out that psychotic drug-dealers do not make good step-fathers, and Jared is evicted from his own home. This is not necessarily a good idea on the dealer's part, as he has a lot more to fear from police involvement than the teenage boy does.

Trickster (2020) Trickster (2020) [Season 1, Episode 4]
Shown 28th October 2020

Jared (Joel Oulette - ) has the house to himself now. Unfortunately, without an adult to run the place he ends up having to hang out with the girl next door.

Maggie ( Crystle Lightning ) is still out in the woods, bonding with her mother. Since they are both witches, they can cast a spell to summon Tricksters.

Wade is still on the run from the other Tricksters. Since Maggie wants to trap him, he has two sets of enemies in town. But it turns out that he cannot leave until he knows if his son is a Trickster too. The others seem to have evil intent for the witches - like what the hat woman's gang do to shining people in Dr Sleep .

Trickster (2020) Trickster (2020) [Season 1, Episode 5]
Shown 4th November 2020

Maggie ( Crystle Lightning ) still distrusts Wade, so she abducts him. It turns out that she might be great with a shotgun, but her skills with a crossbow are sorely lacking. Although the weapon is equipped with a telescopic sight, she does not bother aiming properly. Still, since the writer and the director are both female it is only natural for the most active character also to be female. She is hardly recognisable from her time as a junkie when we first met her a few episodes ago.

Jared (Joel Oulette - ) has trouble with his school friends. He shares his problem with the girl next door, who has been established as his love interest.

Trickster (2020) Trickster (2020) [Season 1, Episode 6]
Shown 11th November 2020

Jared (Joel Oulette - ) and Maggie ( Crystle Lightning ) are on the run from Wade. The bad news is, it is difficult to outrun someone who can turn into a crow. The good news is that grandma and the skinwalkers are following, in the hope of ambushing Wade.

Wade has a plan to get Jared, using shapeshifting and Jared's weakness for females.

The ending allows for a follow-up story.





Trickster (2020)

Trickster (2020) Trickster (2020) [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th November 2020

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