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Season 1

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet [Season 1, Episode 1] Habeas Corpus
Shown 15/Sep/98

Written by the novelist Stephen Gallager , this is the best UK SF drama in a LONG time. Our hero (Jack Davenport - Pirates of the Caribbean ), a London cop, is to be best man at his friend's wedding. However, the night of the Stag do, their informant is murdered. The killer disappears, helped by the fact that he does not appear in photographs, mirrors or on videotape. Neither do his clothes, for some reason.

The groom-to-be disappears, and a group of Government Investigators (including Susannah Harker ) start asking questions about him. The hero has to choose which side he will take.

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet [Season 1, Episode 2] In Nomine Patris
Shown 22/Sep/98

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet [Season 1, Episode 3] Sub Judice
Shown 29/Sep/98

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet [Season 1, Episode 4] Mea Culpa
Shown 06/Oct/98

Ex-cop Jack Davenport ( Pirates of the Caribbean ) teams up with babe Susannah Harker and token black guy Idris Elba ( 28 Weeks Later ) to hunt vamps.

A 12-year-old boy knifes a Catholic priest. He displays other unnatural symptoms. Is he a vamp? Is it merely meningitis, or are paedophile priests on the prowl?

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet [Season 1, Episode 5] Terra Incognita
Shown 13/Oct/98

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet [Season 1, Episode 6] Persona Non Grata
Shown 20/Oct/98






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