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Season 1

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 1] Lone Wolf
Shown Sep. 10, 2012

This is a Childrens BBC production with a supernatural theme - basically its Byker Grove with Werewolves, not unlike the teenage version of Being Human .

Maddy Smith ( Aimee Kelly ) is a teenage girl who lives with her parents on the Northumbria moors in England. Unfortunately they turn into wolves at every full moon.

The show has all the cliches of the school setting - jocks, mean girls, etc. Her best friends at school are the Token black Guy and a nerdy girl (she wears glasses) who has a Wall of Weird for werewolves. Strangely, Maddy gets to wear trousers as part of her school uniform, which is for the best considering how much running and climbing she has to do.

A new boy arrives at school - Rhydian Morris (Bobby Lockwood). The school bullies take an instant dislike to him, but the mean girls become obsessed with him. Maddy realises he is a werewolf too, but she does not realise that he is a foster-child and thus he has nobody to give him guidance. She accuses him of invading her pack's territory, even though he is only a teenager and thus has no legal right to choose his own abode.

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 2] Mysterious Developments
Shown Sep. 11, 2012

Rhydian (Bobby Lockwood) is having cravings for meat. His foster-family are vegetarians, and even the chocolate bars they give him are vegan. Luckily Maddy's parents insist she bring him over for dinner some time, so they can teach him a bit about controlling his transformations.

Maddy's best friend, the nerdy girl with glasses, claims to have taken a photo of a wolf in the forest. Her memory card gets stolen, and she goes crazy trying to find it. Then she decides to go out into the woods in the middle of the night in the hope of taking another photo of the wild carnivore. What could possibly go wrong?

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 3] Family Ties
Shown Sep. 17, 2012

The school kids have to do an art exhibition on the theme of family. Rhydian (Bobby Lockwood) complains that all this family-orientated stuff makes him feel left out because he is a foster kid. The truth is that Maddy ( Aimee Kelly ) is the only one with parents that look after her. Her friends and school-mates all get to walk around in the woods in the middle of the night, without any parental supervision. At least one of them is shown on-screen to have a deadbeat dad.

Someone trashes the art exhibition over the weekend. Rhydian is the main suspect. Maddy had to clear his name.

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 4] Cry Wolf
Shown Sep. 18, 2012

Maddy ( Aimee Kelly ) is under a lot of stress - her first transformation will be in a week's time. Rhydian tries to cover for her. But the nerdy girl gets a glimpse of Maddy's inhuman nature ...

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 5] Occam's Razor
Shown Sep. 24, 2012

The kids go on a school trip to the island of Lindisfarne. Rhydian wants to spend the night there. This is not a good idea! It is Maddy's first transformation, and without her parents around to help her ...

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 6] Maddy Cool!
Shown Sep. 25, 2012

Maddy ( Aimee Kelly ), embracing her Wolfblood nature, discovers she is a passionate disco-dancer. This leads her to hang out with the Mean Girl clique. They are only using her to lure in Dean, the new schoolboy who has replaced Rhydian as their

The ep title is a reference to a song that was famous before most of the cast were born! If anything, this is a refreshing break from the USA style of casting, where all the actors are ten years older than the characters they are pretending to be!

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 7] Dark Moon
Shown Oct. 1, 2012

Maddy ( Aimee Kelly ) and Rhydian have to submit samples for a blood test. The token black kid's mother is the lady doctor. She discovers they are both members of the rare AB Negative blood group, and thus they are possibly related. Naturally, it never occurs to her that they might be werewolves!

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 8] Wolfsbane
Shown Oct. 2, 2012

The nerdy girl wants to track and photo the werewolf in the nearby woods.

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 9] A Quiet Night In
Shown Oct. 8, 2012

Maddy ( Aimee Kelly ) and Rhydian discover a cache of stolen goods hidden in the woods. stupidly, Rhydian decides to start selling the stolen goods around the school!

The stolen goods are investigated by a Detective Inspector - a rank so high that they normally only bother with murder investigations and other serious crimes. The brand-name Sinclair is a very British name, compared to the American origins of real-life high-value branded goods.

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 10] The Call of the Wild
Shown Oct. 9, 2012

The lads at school are having a game of association football (AKA soccer). Rhydian's cat-like (!) reflexes mean he is the best goalie in the school! Even the school's alpha male thinks he has talent.

There is a homeless woman camping rough in the woods, spying on the kids. She is a wolfblood too - and she tells Rhydian that she is his long-lost mother.

Rhydian has to make a choice - try to fit in with the humans on the football team, or go wild in the woods.

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 11] Eolas
Shown Oct. 15, 2012

The wolf-people have a superpower called Eolas. It allows them to use all their senses at a supernaturally high level. But using it can bring out their feral side, and they can end up like Rhydian's mother.

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 12] Caged
Shown Oct. 16, 2012

The wolf-kids are hunted by a pro.

Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 1, Episode 13] Irresistible
Shown Oct. 22, 2012

Rhydian's younger brother arrives. Rhydian must make a choice - stay with his foster-family, or return to the wild. Unfortunately, he has an overprotective mother.






Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2014 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Wolfblood

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    Season 2

    wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 1] Leader of the Pack
    Shown 09/Sep/13

    Three months have passed from the end of Season One. It is a full moon. Maddie and her parents transform at home, where Maddie's school-friends secretly spy on them.

    Rhydian is back in town, but he is being chased by three werewolves from a rival pack. They are unkempt types, who refuse to integrate with the humans. Instead they walk around with yellow glowing eyes all the time.

    The kids all have to attend school classes again. Their school lessons reflect the themes of the story. First, Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ) tells the kids about soldiers returning from war, who had the symptoms of PTSD. Later they learn about Judo, and the principle of using an enemy's strength against them.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 2] The Girl from Nowhere
    Shown 10/Sep/13

    One of the wild wolfblood pack is still in town. She is a young girl, the same age as Maddie. The same size, too, so she steals Maddie's clothes. After all, she will need a school uniform in order to attend school.

    Rhydian introduces Maddie to the new girl. Her name is Jana, and she was friends with him. Unfortunately she has been exiled from her pack by her father.

    Jana has trouble fitting in at school. Among other things, she has trouble controlling the urge to wolf out.

    Maddie's parents are quite unhappy to have yet another wild wolfblood in the area. After all, they took long enough to take to Rhydian. However, Jana is a child who has been abandoned by her own family. This does not make Maddie's parents look like decent people.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 3] Grave Consequences
    Shown 16/Sep/13

    Liam, one of Jimmy's buddies, has news at school. His father, a farmer, has ploughed up an unusual skeleton. It looks to be half man, half wolf.

    Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ) takes the class along to the dig site. It turns out that the archaeologist in charge is a woman of the same age as him. Yes, he wants her for himself.

    Liam discovers a special kit of musket balls in his attic. They belonged to his ancestor, who killed the wolfblood two hundred years ago.

    It turns out that the skeleton would be an ancestor of Maddy. If the archaeologist tests its DNA, she could eventually make the link.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 4] Total Eclipse of the Moon
    Shown 17/Sep/13

    There is about to be an eclipse. The Wolfbloods will be affected by it, because it means a full moon in the middle of the day.

    Shannon gets picked to sing at a festival. Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ) is in charge, but then he seems to do everything in this town. Shannon gets stage fright, but Jana gives her a Wolfblood potion to calm her nerves. Of course, she gets addicted. Yes, this is all a metaphor for teenage drug addiction.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 5] Ancient Grudge
    Shown 23/Sep/13

    Jana's father is back in town. He wants Rhydian to rejoin their pack. Of course, he cannot afford to look weak in front of his minions.

    The Judo club still meets up every wednesday after school. The female PE teacher is very keen on getting the kids to participate. Well, at least there is now officially more than one staff member at the school. Jimmy is still the one in charge, and he uses Tom the Token Black Guy as his demonstration dummy. Tom gets Maddy to teach him a few fighting tips - a bit like the episode of Manimal , where the shape-shifter uses his knowledge of animals to teach himself kung fu!

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 6] The Mottled Poppy
    Shown 24/Sep/13

    The Wolfblood family kick Rhydian out of their home. Luckily he still has his foster-parents to live with. Also, he can hang around with Jana.

    The Wolfblood family go for a drive in the woods. Unfortunately they get lost, so they stop off at a pub. The friendly old couple who run the place invite them in.

    They have a werewolf hunter kit, like Liam's one in Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 3] Grave Consequences. Yes, there are a lot of werewolf-hunters in the area.

    Maddie borrows Shannon's laptop. Yes, it was inevitable that she would discover Shannon was spying on her. Worse, she sees the live feed from the camera still in her home and discovers that Rhydian is hanging out with Jana. As a result, Maddie feels betrayed by pretty much everyone she trusts.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 7] Top Dog
    Shown 30/Sep/13

    The school has an election for Class President. Jana the new girl decides to give it a try. Maddie is still angry at her, along with everyone else, so she decides to stand against Jana. Jimmy and one of the Mean Girls also stand for election.

    Maddie stands on the Privacy Platform. When this fails, she starts negative campaigning against Jana.

    Jimmy relies on bribery. However, Shannon still has her spy-camera. Unfortunately, this hi-tech approach makes Jana suspicious of her.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 8] Desperate Measures
    Shown 01/Oct/13

    Shannon still has the video files on her laptop. She carries the laptop around with her, and even after the encounter with the werewolf-hunters she still does not have password protection on it!

    Jana is obsessed with getting Shannon to delete her video files. It all becomes a bit childish, but they are in fact children so this is not actually unusual.

    Meanwhile, the other kids have their usual High School drama. They need money to buy expensive tickets to watch a sports match. Then the laptop and some cameras go missing. How long will it take for anyone to make the connection?

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 9] Dances with Wolfbloods
    Shown 07/Oct/13

    It is time for the annual school disco. Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ) has put the mean girls in charge. Predictably, they make a mess of it.

    Shannon is depressed because she deleted her folder of weird. Well, she never had a password so it is no surprise that she did not have backups either. Maddy tries to console her, but to no avail. Luckily, she has her talent as a singer to fall back on. Or rather, her ability to attract one of the boys in the music club.

    Jana is falling asleep in class. Presumably she has been thrown out of her caravan because she sleeps everywhere she can. Also, despite her wolfblood nature she is an incredibly sound sleeper.

    Shannon and the music boy go to the disco together. However, one of the mean girls wants the musician for herself. They conspire against Shannon.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 10] Fall of the Wild
    Shown 08/Oct/13

    Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ) takes the kids on a camping trip. Unfortunately the three Wolfblood kids are all scared of the campfire.

    Liam has found his ancestor's journal, which details an account of an encounter with a wolfblood. He does not realise that the creature is harmless, even though it quite literally did no harm. Instead he is convinced that werewolves are monsters.

    Next morning is the kids split into teams for a navigation exercise. Shannon and Jana team up with the mean girls. Jimmy and his mate ditch Liam, and head off with Tom. Liam gets stuck with Rhydian and Maddie, who talk him into leading them to the ancient wolfblood hideout.

    Liam falls down a hidden shaft, and gets trapped. Normally if little Timmy falls down a well then Lassie would go and rescue him. Now all he has to rely on is Maddie.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 11] Best of Both Worlds
    Shown 14/Oct/13

    Rhydian's mother is back in town again. She is not just there to see her son - she has news about the feral wolf-pack. Jana's father has been kicked out, so Jana must return to become the new leader.

    Jana realises she cannot stay at school, but she wants to take her new human-loving ways back to the pack. She persuades Rhydian's mother to pretend to be her own mother in order to fool Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ).

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 12] Going Underground
    Shown 15/Oct/13

    Jana's dad is in town, and he wants revenge on Rhydian. Yes, he cannot take responsibility for getting himself abdicated from his own pack. He is so brazen that he actually goes into the school in broad daylight. Luckily Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ), the main staff member, is around to get in his way.

    It is the night of the full moon, so Liam decides to go werewolf hunting. He manages to convince Jimmy and the others to join him. They crawl into the disused Wolfblood burrow. Well, they THINK it is disused.

    One of the Mean Girls gets a bit of character development. It turns out that she has been living with her grandmother because her parents were busy working abroad.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 2, Episode 13] The Discovery
    Shown 21/Oct/13

    Liam sends the footage to Dr. Rebecca Whitewood ( Effie Woods ). She comes looking for more info, careful to avoid Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ) who saw himself as her potential love interest last time.

    Maddie and her family have to take measures to stay safe.


    Season 3

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 1] Ulterior Motives (25 min)
    Shown 15 Sep 14

    It has been four months since the end of the previous Season, and everyone misses Maddie.

    The school has a careers fayre. One exhibitor is a woman who works for an international mega-corp named Segolia. She provides some exposition her company is secretly run by Wolfbloods, and they have given Maddie's family a new life in Canada. Amazing, since we were previously led to believe that Wolfbloods were few and far between. Maddie's parents implied that they did not know any others.

    The scientist woman from the previous Season is back. She lost her career when she publicly claimed that werewolves existed but was unable to produce any evidence to support her claims.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 2] Alpha Material (25 min)
    Shown 16 Sep 14

    It is safe for Maddie and her parents to return home. However, they are currently en route to Canada aboard a cargo ship. When they get there, they will start new lives with new identities.

    Rhydian does not want to wait the few weeks it will take for Maddie to return. He intends to travel to Canada himself somehow, then track Maddie down single-handedly. Not only is he impatient, he has no idea of the distances involved. Worse, nobody else bothers to explain it to him.

    However, Rhydian has other problems. His mother and the wild Wolfblood pack are back. Not only do they not know what Canada is, they need to be shown what things like a sofa and stairs are. Their alpha has been shot, and they cannot risk taking the bullet out themselves.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 3] With Friends Like These (25 min)
    Shown 22 Sep 14

    The wild alpha is recovering from her injury. Her pack need to keep her fed in order to help her heal, and they think human food is not nutritious enough for her. As a result they start poaching in the farmer's field.

    The farmer's son, Liam, accuses Tom of being a poacher. Shannon gives him an alibi by saying that they are going out. Of course, this means breaking up with her real boyfriend and telling everyone that she cheated on him.

    Liam the farmer's son gets his own storyline. This is one of the strengths of this show - the fact that minor supporting characters get developed as individuals.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 4] Wolfblood is Thicker Than Water (25 min)
    Shown 23 Sep 14

    Rhydian discovers another wild wolfblood has arrived in the village. It is his father much to the disdain of his mother.

    The MegaCorp wolfblood helps the wild pack heal their alpha girl. She also secretly takes samples of their traditional herbal remedies. Yes, she is no more trustworthy than Rhydian's father.

    Liam the farmer's son feels the human hangers-on, Shannon and Tom, owe him for the blackmail they inflicted on him last week. They are unwilling to make any compromise, so he gives some gossip to the mean girls. They then let it slip in front of Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ). Naturally he goes to Maddie's cottage to find Jana.

    The MegaCorp girl accuses Rhydian's father of embezzling millions of pounds, which is unlikely because he dresses like a homeless person and should be living it up on an exotic island somewhere. His version of events is equally improbable. He claims he spent the last decade as an accountant for Segolia, until he discovered the money had been diverted into a secret project named Cerberus. When he informed his superiors, he was framed for embezzlement.

    This is a good setup for the Season arc.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 5] The Dark Ages (25 min)
    Shown 29 Sep 14

    The mean girls discover some family heirlooms that have wolf symbols carved into them. Instead of just assuming these are Stark props from Game of Thrones , the girls take them to Mr Jeffries the teacher (Mark Fleischmann - Being Human: Season 3 ). He identifies them as being from the Dark Ages, over a thousand years ago.

    The wolfbloods turn out to have been living in the area since the Viking era. In fact, since the Vikings were nicknamed the Wolves of the North it may be that the wolfbloods are descended from Norse berserkers. The modern-day pack want back their ancient ancestors' artefacts, regardless of the legal rights of the property owners - or the general public who might want to see the artefacts in a museum.

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 6] Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (25 min)
    Shown 30 Sep 14

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 7] Wolves Amongst Us (25 min)
    Shown 06 Oct 14

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 8] Dark of the Rune (25 min)
    Shown 07 Oct 14

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 9] The Cure (25 min)
    Shown 13 Oct 14

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 10] The Cult of Tom (25 min)
    Shown 14 Oct 14

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 11] The Suspicions of Mr. Jeffries (25 min)
    Shown 20 Oct 14

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 12] Cerberus (25 min)
    Shown 21 Oct 14

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 3, Episode 13] Moonrise (25 min)
    Shown 27 Oct 14


    Season 4

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 1] Captivity (25 min)
    Shown 08 Mar 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 2] A Long Way from Home
    Shown 08 Mar 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 3] Wolfblood Ultimatum
    Shown 15 Mar 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 4] Morwal (25 min)
    Shown 16 Mar 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 5] The Quiet Hero
    Shown 22 Mar 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 6] She-Wolf
    Shown 23 Mar 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 7] Sheep's Clothing
    Shown 29 Mar 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 8] Wherewolf
    Shown 30 Mar 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 9] Into the Wild
    Shown 05 Apr 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 10] The Wild at Heart
    Shown 06 Apr 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 11] Viral
    Shown 12 Apr 16

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 4, Episode 12] Protocol 5
    Shown 13 Apr 16


    Season 5

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 1] Brave New World
    Shown 27 Feb 17

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 2] The Once and Future Alpha
    Shown 06 Mar 17

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 3] The Dawnus Torc
    Shown 13 Mar 17

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 4] The Shadow in the Light
    Shown 20 Mar 17

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 5] Humans
    Shown 27 Mar 17

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 6] The Last Dark Moon
    Shown 03 Apr 17

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 7] Torn
    Shown 10 Apr 17

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 8] The One Who Sees
    Shown 17 Apr 17

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 9] The War with the Humans
    Shown 24 Apr 17

    Wolfblood Wolfblood [Season 5, Episode 10] United We Stand
    Shown 01 May 17