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Avenue 5 (2020)

Season 1

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1, Episode 1] I Was Flying (29 min)
Shown 19 Jan 20

This is set aboard a spaceship taking some passengers on a luxury cruise of Jupiter. The Captain (Hugh Laurie - Stuart Little ) handles public relations when it comes to the passengers. The real work of running the ship is done by the engineers. Unfortunately the Chief Engineer has a nasty accident, so his assistant Billie ( Lenora Crichlow ) has to take over. The owner, a billionaire man-child named Herman Judd (Josh Gadd - Little Monsters (2019) ), is not amused.

An incident with the artificial gravity system pushes the ship off course. Instead of returning home in a few weeks, they will be stuck there for three years. A set-up not entirely different from classic UK TV comedy show Red Dwarf . The only difference is, Red Dwarf is really funny.

This was written and directed by Armando Ianucci , the British satirist responsible for 1990s shows like The Day Today. He is generally regarded as a comic genius, and yet this episode does not appear to have any actual humour. Perhaps if there were something he could actually be mocking.

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1, Episode 2] And Then He's Gonna Shoot Off... (28 min)
Shown 26 Jan 20

One of the engineers has a plan to get the ship home in six months, which is a big improvement on the current plan of three years. The billionaire man-child named Herman Judd (Josh Gadd - Little Monsters (2019) ) hopes for the best and never plans for the worst, so he just tells NASA to go to hell.

The ship has had a few fatalities. The plan is to eject the bodies into deep space. Unfortunately the ship is so big that it has its own gravity field, so the bodies start to orbit it.

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1, Episode 3] I'm a Hand Model (29 min)
Shown 02 Feb 20

The passengers have started to turn against each other. Well, they are rich selfish assholes so it was only a matter of time.

The billionaire man-child named Herman Judd (Josh Gadd - Little Monsters (2019) ) plans to get everyone home in rescue shuttles. Unfortunately the shuttles will only hold ten people at a time, so it will need five hundred shuttles

It has already been established that the Captain (Hugh Laurie - Stuart Little ) is basically an actor hired to handle public relations and the passengers. He never wondered why the rest of the bridge crew were so unrealistically attractive. It turns out that they are all models (including the episode's title character). The real crew are a bunch of grubby engineers, who look like the cast of Red Dwarf . This makes a lot more sense, considering how heavily automated the ship must be.

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1, Episode 4] Wait a Minute, Then Who Was That on the Ladder? (28 min)
Shown 09 Feb 20

The Captain (Hugh Laurie - Stuart Little ) gets to know the real crew - the engineers. They actually hit it off, so the ship might have a chance.

The ship's plumbing has a leak, and all the urine and faeces is squirted out into space. This might seem to be a good thing, if the pressurized jet pushes the ship back on course. Unfortunately the leak somehow means the ship will be irradiated, so the Captain must suit up for EVA in order to save everyone aboard. To be continued ...

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1, Episode 5] He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over (28 min)
Shown 16 Feb 20

The Captain (Hugh Laurie - Stuart Little ) fixes the sewage spew, with help from Lenora Crichlow . Yes, the cliffhanger led up to an anticlimax.

The main story of the episode is the celebration party. There is a professional stand-up comedian on board, a one-man entertainments crew to keep morale high among two thousand passengers for the next couple of years until they get home. Naturally it all goes wrong for him.

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1, Episode 6] Was It Your Ears? (29 min)
Shown 23rd February 2020

A pregnant woman gives birth to the first baby born in space. The Captain (Hugh Laurie - Stuart Little ) and Lenora Crichlow hear a strange unidentified beeping noise. Luckily Spike (Ethan Phillips - Star Trek: Voyager ) knows what it is - an oxygen beep. Somehow the ship is leaking air. Unfortunately the passengers will probably end up panicking if they find out.

Back on Earth, the Mission Control lady appeals to the US Government for rescue funding. The robot President offers trillions of dollars from the National Child Welfare fund. Unfortunately they will have to ditch five hundred passengers.

The senior ranks have finally realised that Herman Judd (Josh Gadd - Little Monsters (2019) ) is more of a liability than anything else. They plot to rid themselves of him. Can he prove his value to the ship?

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1, Episode 7] Are You A Spider, Matt?
Shown 1st March 2020

The Captain (Hugh Laurie - Stuart Little ) tries to keep the peace between Herman Judd (Josh Gadd - Little Monsters (2019) ) aqnd his rival, Patterson Joseph ( Timeless ).

Billie ( Lenora Crichlow ) has a genius idea. If stuff is ejected from the ship it will alter the trajectory, potentially putting it back on the original course. The only question is, why did she not realise this several episodes ago when the ship's course was affected by the sewage spill?

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1, Episode 8] This Is Physically Hurting Me
Shown 8th March 2020

The passengers prepare to jetison unwanted items. Some of them get the idea that they are on a reality TV show, and decide to jetison themselves instead.

The woman from Ground Control takes a shuttle up to the passenger ship. Her plan is to rescue Herman Judd (Josh Gadd - Little Monsters (2019) ). Unfortunately she did not realise that the shuttle only has one passenger seat, so if she sends Judd home then she will have to stay in his place.

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1, Episode 9] Eight Arms But No Hands
Shown 15th March 2020

The plan to eject stuff from the airlocks has a couple of hitches. One is that Matt Spencer (Zach Woods - The Heat (2013) ) has changed the codes to the airlocks. Since he has quit his job and gone into hiding, the other main characters must find him before they miss the window of opportunity.

The woman from Ground Control arrives on the shuttle. This leads to all the main characters fighting over the passenger seat.





Avenue 5 (2020)

Avenue 5 (2020) Avenue 5 (2020) [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th March 2020

Reviewed in our special supplement Avenue 5 (2020)

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